Evidence sprites ripped from NDS rom.  (Contributions by Bolt Storm and Mikker)

Generic Evidence
Apollo's Lawyer Badge Apollo's Bracelet Photograph Autopsy report Generic note Generic white envelope    
Turnabout Trump
Grape juice bottle Crime scene photo Phoenix's phone Blue Cards Red Cards Shadi's hand (backs) Shadi's hand (front) Table photo
Shadi and Phoenix Victim photo "Phoenix's" locket Bloody Ace Phoenix's business card Phoenix's Memo    
Turnabout Corner
Area Map Noodle Bowl Car Mirror Slippers Strange fabric Magic Panties! Wright Talent Agency Flyer Wright & Co. Everything Office Flyer
Wright & Co. Everything Office Flyer (jp) Alita's note Alita's note (jp) Fingerprint Powder Noodle Cart Plum's Bloomers Wocky's shiv Kitaki handgun
Wocky's medical records Stickler's phone Science kit Slipper bottom Ema's note Ema's note (jp) Sandals Bullet
Wocky's charts Wocky's X-ray Expensive Lamp Crime Scene        
Turnabout Serenade
Earpiece Snackoos Lyrics Crime Scene Photo Crime Scene Overview Klavier's keys .45 caliber revolver Lamiroir's crest
Burnt guitar Audio Mixer Luminol Video tape Remote Switch Incendiary Device IT'S ON FIRE!! Incendiary Device 2
Stage diagram Murder article Murder article (jp) Cocoon Sample Borginian Newspaper Morning Paper Morning Paper (jp) Burnt remains
Klavier's Autograph              
Turnabout Succession
Valant's show ticket Letter to Trucy Vera's business card Vera's business card (jp) Ariadoney clear nail polish Figure painting Pufferfish Painting Momotaro painting
Momotaro painting 2 Letterbox Red Envelope Red Envelope (jp) Poison detection spray Drew's coffee mug Small frame X-ray machine
Sample Sample Spark's business card Spark's business card (jp) Ripped up business card Journal page Journal page (jp) Crime scene photo
Magnifi's instructions Magnifi's instructions (jp) Syringe Magnifi's Journal Gramarye Pistol IV bag IV bag Magatama
Mr. Hat Gramarye Stamp Photo of Thalassa Zak's confession Zak's confession (jp) Yellow envelope Yellow envelope (jp) Golden Snackoo
"Roots" Snack "People" Snack Wocky's OG Cracker