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One of Every Color

Chapter 12

Saturday, September 21st, 2019.  6:38 p.m.




Once dinner was finished, Phoenix washed the dishes while Miles helped clean up the table--except for the Steel Samurai cups.  Those they carried with them, along with what was left of the wine, into Phoenix's living room.  Miles took a seat on the sofa, and Phoenix in a low, denim-covered chair nearby.  As he'd promised, Miles spoke first.


"The birth certificate I got from Hotta Clinic, and the DNA test we conducted, both returned positive results," he related to Phoenix, turning his wine cup in his hands.  "The baby that died in the fire was Chassie's son, and Jack Hoff was the father.  If nothing else it proves her story that they were lovers."


"It still doesn't make any sense," Phoenix murmured.  "Why wasn't the baby with its mother?  Did…did he take it from her?"


Miles shrugged.  "Who knows?  They certainly didn't fight for custody in any legal manner--there's no record of it.  And she still hasn't responded to our questioning."


"She would never forgive Mr. Hoff for what he had done to her," Phoenix recalled from his conversation with Urami the other day.  "She would never leave him alone."  He didn't just dump her, he took their son with him.  Phoenix's insides twisted in mixed disgust and sympathy.  "She didn't go to the duplex that night just to get back together with Hoff," he finished aloud.  "She went for her baby."


"That doesn’t explain why she lied," Miles said.  "Not only did she have an alibi, it cancels out her motive."  He took a sip of his wine.  "Even back then I wasn't heartless enough to argue a woman capable of murdering her own child."


"'If I can't have him no one will'?"  Phoenix shook his head.  "Chassie's not exactly a model of innocence, but I don't believe she could have done that.  I know it's not saying much, but…she and Urami have been so protective of each other.  I just can't imagine Chassie turning against someone she loved…."


Miles watched him with a stern eye.  Though he was much harder to read than Phoenix figured himself to be, he could guess what he was thinking this time, even before he said it.  "You really think you know this woman?"


"I know, it's stupid."  Phoenix sighed.  He didn't expect Miles to really understand, no matter how close they got.  "But she's my client, and I believe in her.  I really do."


Miles continued to stare at him with his typical scrutiny, and Phoenix thought he was about question again, but then he appeared to change his mind.  "Either way it's still impossible for her to have started the fire, given the timeframe," Miles admitted.  "You probably won't have anything to worry about for Monday."


That's right….  Phoenix's mood sobered as he watched Miles look away.  In the end this is still good news for me, but it means Edgeworth has lost his case.  "I'm sorry," he said quietly.


"Hm?"  Miles drew his gaze back.  "What do you have to be sorry for?"


Phoenix set his cup aside on the short living room table.  "I know what's going to happen, if I win this case," he explained.  "It'll be bad for you, won't it?  Coming back after so long, only to lose an important trial….  An appeal for a murder, in fact.  I know it's not good for your reputation, or the district…."


"It's not.  But what else can be done?"  Miles finished off what was left in his own cup and set it aside as well.  "I made a mistake, and I'll pay for it like all the rest."


His saying it like that only made Phoenix feel worse.  Deciding to be upfront--and feeling empowered by the buzz of the alcohol--he pushed out of his chair, and moved to sit next to Miles on the sofa.  "I wish there was a way around it," he told Miles seriously.  "The last thing I want is for you to--"


"Wright."  Miles took his hand, squeezing it gently between them as he had the day before in his car.  "Don't apologize," he said in an equally stern tone.  "If you had put our friendship above that woman's life, you wouldn't be fit to continue as a lawyer."  He smiled grimly.  "And I would have hated you for it.  So don't worry about me."


Phoenix's posture relaxed.  "So…we're okay?" he asked, his fingers curling around Miles' tightly.  "I guess if we don't hate each other by now, not much else could do it."


"No, it doesn't seem likely."


Phoenix glanced down to their joined hands.  Maybe now's the right time, he thought, and his heart began to beat a little faster.  We've done all we can for the case.  We're allowed tohave some time to ourselves….


He licked his lips, and was working up the courage to initiate when Miles' coarse fingertips drew a path along his cheek.  Phoenix shivered, tilting his head into the offered kiss.  It was as enticing as he remembered, just like the first time they'd kissed only two days ago.  They shifted on the sofa to try and face each other without bumping knees.  It was a little awkward, but certainly not as difficult as the car seat had been.


Miles pulled back first.  "You're really all right with this?" he asked, watching him closely.  "If you've really never been with another man before, you might not be…."


"There isn't really any other way of knowing, is there?" Phoenix said lightly, despite the nervous tingle in his stomach.  He kissed Miles again, more deeply, letting that little tremor of hesitation and pleasure spread through him.  I did love Ayame, he told himself as he pressed his hands to Miles' chest.  But this feels just as good.  I canbe both, can't I?


The harder kiss must have won Miles over.  His hands slid to Phoenix's shoulders, holding him tightly as his lips parted.  Phoenix easily followed suit.  The first touch of Miles' tongue against him made him tense, but he soon relaxed again, welcoming and even sucking gently at Miles' warm mouth.  When Miles murmured softly, he couldn’t help but reply.


Phoenix's breath ran out, and he pulled back slightly for a huge gulp of air.  It's been a while, he thought, cheeks deeply flushed.  I'm probably rusty.


Before he could lean in once more Miles pushed against him, and it didn't occur to him to resist.  When he realized where Miles wanted him he gulped, drawing his legs up so he could stretch out along the short sofa.  There wasn't enough room for both of them, but Miles was able to half sit on the cushions near Phoenix's hip, and from there leaned over him.  The sight of Miles staring down at him, already as breathless and disheveled as he was, made his toes curl excitedly.


"Edgeworth…."  Phoenix pulled him down into another hungry kiss.  His hands rubbed up and down Miles' ribs, eager to map the contours of his toned body--it was new for him, and he hoped to teach himself to embrace that fact.  Thanks to Miles' position his legs were also in reach, and Phoenix's explorative caress easily found his thigh.  Only half aware of his actions, Phoenix kneaded his fingers into the taut muscle.  Miles' immediate reaction made him shiver all over again--the prosecutor slid further down the sofa, making it easier for Phoenix's massage to reach him, which in turn urged Phoenix's chin up so they could continue their heavy kisses. 


The sensation of sudden vulnerability only made Phoenix's hands bolder.  He curled one against Miles' back as the other continued its curious travel up the inside of Miles' thigh.  Instinctually, he thought he knew what he was doing.  But when Miles groaned against his mouth, and he could feel the man growing hard with arousal beneath the pressure of his fingers, he flinched abruptly and drew his arm back.


Miles shivered.  When their kiss ran out he braced a hand against the sofa to sit upright once more.  Phoenix stared up him sheepishly, and again his foolish mouth worked without him.  "It startled me."


Miles quirked an eyebrow, but he was finding it difficult to look bemused and catch his breath at the same time.  "It doesn't bite."


It was a good thing his face couldn’t have gotten any redder.  Phoenix shifted, hoping Miles wouldn't notice his own growing excitement and decide to tease him in retaliation.  "I'm not so sure about that…."


As if to prove--to Miles and himself--that he'd gotten over his brief intimidation, Phoenix rubbed at Miles' knee.  If they could just keep going, he could get over those differences and enjoy this time they had.


Miles glanced at his hand, watching it thoughtfully.  After a moment he reached out, but the goal of his fingers were the buttons on Phoenix's blue shirt.  He undid each slowly, taking the time to part the fabric further over Phoenix's chest whenever he was able.  The deliberate attention spread goosebumps along Phoenix's skin.


"You'll let me know, right?" Miles asked, running his hand over Phoenix's chest once he was finished with the buttons.  "If you want to stop."


Phoenix started to answer, but when Miles' caress deepened to a massage he lost his train of thought momentarily.  Miles' hands were rough and wide, and they somehow discovered every sensitive patch of muscle his torso had to offer.  "I was…just startled," he tried to reply smartly.  "Maybe I haven't been around like you have, but it's not like I'm a virgin, you know."


"When you say it like that," Miles protested, "you make me sound easy."


"Well, you're the one that was bragging the other night…."  Clever hands slithered to his abdomen, skating along the hem of his pants, and Phoenix couldn't suppress a shiver.  That feels good….


Miles smirked as he returned his attention so Phoenix's chest and shoulders.   "So, if you're not a virgin," he asked, sounding downright playful, "how many lovers have you had?"


Phoenix snorted.  "It only takes one to lose that title, you know."


"Ah, one it is."


"Wait, that's not what I--"


Miles shut him up with a kiss.  Even after he pulled back Phoenix was tempted to correct him, but then wet lips found the tender underside of his throat, and he lost all inclination.  What does it matter anyway?  He's still more experienced than me.  He was getting slowly caught up in Miles' unexpected vigor, letting it ease away his misgivings.  As Miles kissed a path down his throat he tilted his head back, and even surrendered a strained murmur.


Miles turned his wrist, and his fingers came unexpectedly together to pinch Phoenix's left nipple, causing him to jump with a tiny noise of surprise.  But even if Miles was only teasing him, he couldn't ignore the tiny tremors of pleasure left in the action's wake.  He squirmed.  "H-Hey…."


"This sofa isn't very comfortable," Miles complained.  He continued to rub the spot he'd just pinched with his thumb.  "There's no room."


"There's…ah…."  Phoenix swallowed hard and tried to keep his wits.   "The bed…?"


Miles paused, and Phoenix didn't realize until he felt how still Miles had gone that his suggestion carried heavier implications than he'd intended.  Not that he could take it back now.  "It'll be more comfortable," Phoenix tried to reason.


Miles pushed up on his hands just enough to see Phoenix's face, as if he could judge from his expression what he was thinking.  His usually cool eyes seemed to brighten with mixed trepidation and hope.  "If…you want to."


I didn't say we have to sleep together.  Phoenix pushed Miles back so that he could sit up as well.  Is that…even what I want?  That's got to be too fast.  Geez, some first…er, non-date.  Even as he was thinking this, he kissed Miles again.  "Yeah."


Wait, what did I just agree to?


Phoenix didn't have a chance to reconsider, as by then Miles was pushing to his feet, pulling his friend quickly after.  We can just make out some more, it's not a big deal, Phoenix assured himself along the way.  He worked his shirt the rest of the way off, now that it was slipping from him anyway, and when Miles noticed he began unbuttoning his own as well.


Not a big deal.  Right.  Phoenix's mouth went a little dry as Miles stripped out of his shirt; he had never given it much thought before, but Miles was rather well toned for a lawyer.  "Do you work out?" he asked abruptly.


"Not as much as I should," Miles replied.  Amused by Phoenix's staring, he drew the man's hands to his chest.  "I jog by here all the time in the morning."


"You do?"  The thought of Miles out running past his building while he was probably still curled up in bed made Phoenix smile.  Still getting used to his like-gendered partner, he used the opportunity to explore the uncovered skin with curious hands.  I never imagined touching him like this.  Well, except maybe last nightI thought about it.  Just a little, though. 


"You should come with me sometime," Miles suggested, urging him step by step to the bed.


"I have a hard enough time waking up in the morning already," Phoenix chuckled.


His calves hit the bed, and Phoenix hesitated only a moment before sitting down on it.  Though they should have had another hour before sunset the sky was thickly overcast, and the night-like darkness was suddenly daunting.  As if they might really….


A hand on his shoulder urged him back, and Phoenix drew his legs up on the bed as Miles crawled after him.  He hadn't anticipated how different it would be from the sofa, now that Miles was stretching out fully over his body, his weight pressing him into the mattress.


It was almost unbearably warm.  As they kissed their bare chests rubbed together, sending Phoenix's pulse another notch higher.  He clutched at Miles' back, which only increased the hungry fervor of his lips, and Phoenix surprised himself by responding with equal voracity.  He may have been new to men, but he certainly wasn't a virgin--whatever Miles teased him for--and all the kissing and panting and scraping was reminding his body of one painful truth.


It's been too long.


He hadn't made love to another person in years.  He didn't exactly regret it, but he certainly wasn't satisfied with it, either.  Having someone pressed so tightly to him, wrapped up in warm, sweat-moistened limbs--it was like being in some dream he couldn’t understand how he'd forgotten.  The fact that it was Miles only made everything more surreal.  He could barely breathe without gasping, let alone think straight.


Phoenix arched his back instinctually, using his knees to prod Miles' legs further apart--Miles made a tiny sound of surprise at the back of his throat as he complied.  By bracing himself on his hands Miles rested more of his weight against Phoenix's hips.  The added pressure against Phoenix's by now throbbing groin sent another tremor of pleasure through his veins, and he dug his heels in, using the leverage to rub up against him.


Miles groaned against his mouth.  He rocked against Phoenix in turn; this time, the feeling of stiff flesh pressing against Phoenix's abdomen didn't make him recoil.  He welcomed it, along with the hot, biting kisses Miles seemed intent on spreading over his jaw and ear.


It's been too long, and I want more than this.


Phoenix knew he was getting carried away.  His hands trembled as they plunged between their moving bodies, fumbling at the button on Miles' pants, then his own.  But his usually hesitant mind was staying silent when faced with so much desperation.  The sound of Miles' voice, so low and so near his ear, heightened every sensation impossibly, until he couldn't make enough sense of his limbs to keep removing their clothing.


Miles lifted himself up abruptly, arms straight out and shoulders hunched as he stared down at the other.  "Wright…?"


"Let's keep going," Phoenix said breathlessly, rubbing at Miles' sides as if that might convince him.  "Please, let's just keep going."


Miles gulped visibly; he looked as flushed and lust-struck as Phoenix felt, but was fighting it in favor of reason.  "Are you sure?"  He shifted his weight, beginning to slide his pants down.  "We don't have to…do this all now, you know…."


Phoenix licked his lips.  If not now, when?  He pushed up on one arm, wrapping the other around Miles' neck so he could hold him still for their mouths to meet.  I decided I'm not taking anything for granted anymore.  Least of all, you….


Miles hummed between them.  His voice was strained, still debating, but Phoenix won him over with sheer enthusiasm.  His elbows buckled, and together they flopped back onto the mattress.


As twisted together as they were, removing pants became something of an ordeal.  It took Miles a while to even realize he was still wearing his shoes, as well.  Together they kicked and struggled with the attire, half chuckling to each other until all that was left was their underwear.  Phoenix laughed.  "So it's true."  He plucked at the waistband of Miles' briefs.  "Pink."


"Fuchsia," Miles corrected, giving his nipple another smart pinch.


Phoenix swatted at his hand, and rolled to the side of his bed to reach into a low drawer.  I've never done this, but I'm not an idiot, he thought, digging about for a familiar tube.  He had only ever used it for…personal exercises.  As he returned to Miles with the lubricant his mood finally began to grow more serious.  We're really going to do this.  I can't believe it, but…I do want to. 


Phoenix stretched out on his back once more.  Miles was sitting on his heels, noting the brand name on the tube Phoenix offered him.  As he watched him, Phoenix felt a new swell of admiration for his comrade.  In the dim light he looked amazing, in a way he had never considered another man's body to look.  He recalled their first kiss, how confident and forceful Miles had been, and how much it had excited him.  He couldn't help but wonder now what it would be like, being made love to by someone that strong and in control.


Phoenix licked his lips as Miles finished his survey and started to crawl over him once more.  Before the prosecutor could return to their previous position, he stopped him by pushing at Miles' thighs with his feet.  "Wait."  The joints of his fingers nearly locked with tension as he reached down to pull his boxers off.  "Edgeworth, I want you to…."


Though seemingly surprised, Miles didn't question him again.  "All right."


Miles helped pull Phoenix's last article of clothing off--Phoenix was oddly grateful that he didn't glance down right away.  It was embarrassing enough, finally being fully naked in front of him.  Those concerns were forgotten when Miles slipped out of his own underwear.  Phoenix couldn't keep his eyes from snapping immediately downward; they widened at the sight of Miles' bared form, and his mouth went quickly dry again.  Can I really do this?


Miles's expression was a careful mix of amused bravado and understanding.  Moving slowly, he positioned himself between Phoenix's knees, leaning closer until his hardened erection pressed against that of his partner.  He closed his long fingers around them both, rubbing them gently together.  The feeling of Miles' rough fingertips against his sensitive skin, of blatant arousal brushing his own, lifted a thick moan from Phoenix unlike any sound he could remember making.


Miles leaned over him, his own breath catching as he stroked them.  He kissed the corner of Phoenix's parted lips.  "I'll take good care of you," he promised softly.


Phoenix murmured again, clumsily meeting Miles' lips in an anxious kiss.  He bent his knees along Miles's sides, shivering in excitement and anticipation.  When Miles let go of them he nearly whimpered in disappointment, only to find Miles was guiding his own hand down to them instead.  He didn't need to be asked to resume the slow motion on his own.  It made the knot in his chest tighten that much more to know that he was the one bringing them pleasure.  When Miles sighed thickly, his eyelids fluttering, he knew he had caused it, and it thrilled him beyond description.


Phoenix was so caught up in watching Miles' face that he didn't realize what the other was doing until two fingers, slick with cool lubricant, slid to the cleft of his ass.  He flinched, but managed to hold himself still as they pressed gently into him.  It was the most bizarre sensation of intrusion he could have imagined, and his stomach twisted as Miles rubbed and stretched him from the inside.


"I'll go slow," Miles whispered, and his voice, coupled with the touch Phoenix was still offering them both, wore away at any lingering discomfort.  Phoenix even began to appreciate those clever fingers that were paying him such attention, and the prelude they represented.  He gradually relaxed.


"It's okay," Phoenix gasped.  "I trust you."


Miles kissed him, which was the response he was hoping for.  Once the fingers were carefully withdrawn, and Miles applied the lubricant to himself, there was no more time for stalling; Phoenix took in a deep breath as steely fingers curled against his waist, repositioning them with his hips raised slightly off the mattress.  His own hands were shaking, and he pressed them against the wall above his head to keep them steady.  I can do this.


"Are you ready…?"




As he'd promised, Miles entered him slowly.  It was so much better and so much worse than his preparations had been.  Phoenix's back arched and his jaw locked as he was filled.  All he could think in those first moments of penetration was that Miles was simply too thick, and too much for him to handle.  When his voice loosened it was in a thin sound of pain.


Miles was breathing hard somewhere above.  Just as slowly he pulled out once more, flooding his partner with relief.  He kneaded his thumbs into Phoenix's hips.  "Relax," he murmured hoarsely.  "It'll get better."


"I'm…I'm trying," Phoenix replied through his teeth.  He took in a long breath of air and tried to do as he was told.  When concentrating elsewhere didn't work he reached down, giving himself a few light strokes to remember how it had felt when Miles touched him.  It'll get better.  Just trust him.


Miles thrust into him again, a bit faster and at a slightly different angle.  It still hurt, but not as much, and that alone was enough to make Phoenix feel better.  He spread his knees wider and bent them so his heels dug into Mile's waist.  "K-Keep going…."


Miles groaned softly as he continued, and he was soon moving in earnest.  As Phoenix got used to the feeling of Miles rocking into him, he finally was able to appreciate the man's control.  His hands were strong, holding him firmly off the mattress so each stroke was met with the least resistance; his pace was steady, deep, and intoxicating; everything about him was as confident and powerful as he'd hoped.  The pain of being stretched so unfamiliarly soon gave way to the intimacy of their rhythmic intercourse.  And when Miles began to pump harder even that was forgotten, leaving only a hot sting of echoing pleasure.


Phoenix shuddered and moaned loudly; every time his voice lifted, Miles thrust into him with greater urgency, and he spurred him on until he started growing hoarse.  Whatever the difference in partner and position, it was still the thrilling scrape of heated bodies that Phoenix remembered.  He quickly found that even his slight readjustments helped guide Miles more effectively to where his body ached most, and he cast off any remaining inhibitions as they moved together.  He even returned his hands to the wall, pushing against it so he could meet Miles' pistoning hips.


That last thrust did Phoenix in; his hips jerked, and his legs tightened against Miles' sides as a fiery climax shot through him.  His thick cry was soon echoed as Miles buried himself deep and also came.  Phoenix gasped softly at the feeling of thick, hot fluid.  His hands lowered from the wall to instead clutch at Miles's arms and shoulders, any part of him that he could reach.  They were both shaking, exhausted and panting after each fleeting breath.


Miles regained his composure first.  With a quiet sigh he pulled out, lowering Phoenix's hips to the mattress.  The resettling made Phoenix moan again with fresh pain and remaining pleasure.  Miles moved away, and for a moment Phoenix worried he would leave the bed entirely, but then Miles was at his side again, kissing him between each needed intake of air.


Weary as he was, Miles' lips were weak and uncommonly tender.  Somehow those lazy affections were just as intimate as their love-making had been, in the mind of the fatigued and still tingling Phoenix.  He tipped his chin back, sometimes reaching Miles' mouth, sometimes missing, until they both ran out of energy.


Miles sank against the mattress.  "Are you all right?"


"I'm…"  Phoenix stretched, and winced as his hips and back stung.  "…sore."


Miles' sigh was almost a breath of laughter.  "I'm sorry.  But it was your first time."


"I know."  Phoenix groaned softly.  Now that the euphoria was wearing off it did hurt, but in a tired, satisfying kind of way.  Maybe that was only because Miles was still next to him, though.  He had a feeling it would be much worse by the time he tried to go to bed that night.  But until then….


"It's all right."  Phoenix turned his head to better face Miles.  "I'm fine."  He smiled.  "It felt great."


Miles smiled back--it wasn't dramatic approval, but he seemed more than pleased with Phoenix's answer.  He leaned in for another kiss that was eagerly granted.  "You should take a shower," he suggested.  "Clean up.  It helps, believe me."


Only something as enticing as a hot shower could have persuaded Phoenix to leave the bed at that moment.  "All right.  That does sound good."  He shifted his hands beneath him and sat up with another strained murmur.  "What about you?"  He reached down to rub Miles' shoulder, feeling inordinately sentimental and just wanting to touch him some more.


"I should probably get going," Miles admitted hesitantly.


"Go?"  Phoenix frowned.  "You could…spend the night, if you wanted."


Miles' eyes thinned, charmed by the gesture.  "I know, but I shouldn't.  My car looks out of place out front as it is.  If it's there all night, someone will notice."


Phoenix snorted, not in much of a mood for his bragging--even if it was the truth.  "Well, okay."  He knew it was childish of him to want Miles to stay, but he couldn't help himself.  As affectionate as he'd felt for him before, it didn't compare to what he felt now.  The intimacy of their actions wouldn't leave him nearly as easily as the pleasure or even the discomfort would.


Miles must have read his disappointed expression, as he pushed himself up and kissed him.  "I'll call you tomorrow," he promised.  "All right?  I'm not running out, I'm just trying to be practical."


"It's all right--I understand," Phoenix quickly assured.  Now that he thought of it, Miles had been handling this affair of theirs with remarkable maturity all along, and the least he could do was follow suit.  The promise did make him feel better, at least.  "I'll talk to you tomorrow."


"Good."  Miles hesitated, and kissed him one last time, with greater passion.  Phoenix shivered, thinking that he could maybe detect in his lips some of that same attachment he felt.  It reassured him more than the words.  They separated at the same time, and as Miles gathered his clothes together, Phoenix stood and headed for the bathroom.


He paused at the door, watching Miles as he wiped off with a corner of the bed sheet and tugged his underwear back on.  The pink--fuchsia--made him smile all over again.  "Hey, Edgeworth."


Miles glanced up.  "Yes?"


"You…."  Phoenix blushed, and forced the words out.  "You were…really good."


Surprised by the compliment, Miles' cheeks reddened as well.  He smiled almost shyly.  "So were you."


More pleased than words could convey, Phoenix grinned, and retreated to the bathroom before he could ask Miles to stay over again.



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