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One of Every Color

Chapter 18

Monday, September 23rd, 2019.  6:48  a.m.




The first thing Phoenix recognized when he woke up was a Time Force Power Ranger action figure.


He stared at it for a long time, not comprehending.  He didn't even understand how it was that he'd recognized the cheap toy so quickly and with such certainty.  But sure enough there it was: a red, plastic beacon of justice, standing at the head of four other multi-colored heroes. 


Phoenix's natural reaction was to reach for it, but when he did so the slight shift of his body made him aware of another startling discovery.  He was lying on his back in an unfamiliar bed, something warm and soft pressed against his ribs.  A tiny body with an equally faint heartbeat moved against him.  When he tried to push himself up to better see what it might be, a wet tongue caught him on the chin.


"Pess…?"  Phoenix blinked lazily at the familiar red Shiba Inu.  He couldn’t help but smile.  "How long have you been there?" he asked, reaching down to scratch behind the dog's pointed ears.  He had grown up wanting a dog, and waking up to the fuzzy companion rekindled his childish nostalgia.  "More importantly…where's your master?"


Pess tipped his head to the side, adorably attentive.  When Phoenix repeated his question, the dog's ears twitched, and he hopped suddenly off the bed.  His curled tail wagged happily as he all but pranced out of the room through a half open door.


Phoenix sighed and relaxed against the mattress once more.  As he wiped Pess's morning kiss from his chin, he took a moment to better study his surroundings.  He had been laid out on a single-sized bed, his jacket and socks shed.  The room itself was oddly familiar, if not…a little smaller than he seemed to remember.  The Red Ranger wasn't his only pint-sized company; the walls were lined with tall shelves, each full of carefully positioned action figures and hand-painted statuettes.  Several of them Phoenix recognized as Steel Samurai incarnations and enemies, while others appeared much older. 


It's Edgeworth's collection, he realized at last.  He pushed himself up on his elbows as he gradually became more aware.  This was his room.  Larry and I forced ourselves in here one day after school and messed everything up.  He glanced to the far corner, where a tall dresser had once marked the Villain's Lair.  I remember this place.


Phoenix's gaze swiveled back to the nightstand, and he finally picked up the crimson hero.  "I remember you, too," he recalled aloud.


Thunder rumbled in the distance.  Now that he was fully awake, Phoenix had an easier time comprehending his full surroundings.  The storm must have finally hit overnight, he thought as he slowly climbed to his feet.  A quick glance out the room's only window showed rain coming down in sheets.  The thick clouds made it difficult to tell what time of day it might have been.  Did I sleep all night?  DidEdgeworth look after me?


Forgetting that he was still holding the action figure, Phoenix slipped out of the room to investigate.  His hair was mussed, and his eyes felt sore and swollen from crying.  I must have fallen asleep.  But then where….


The side bedroom opened out directly into the living room, where Miles was easy to spot.  He was stretched out on the same couch they had occupied together the night before, lying on his side and facing the back cushions.  He was still wearing his black vest and magenta pants; both were hopelessly wrinkled from having been slept in. 


Was he watching over me?  Phoenix felt his throat grow tight at he approached.  I was such a mess last night.  I wonder what he….  "Are…you asleep…?" he said quietly.


Miles snorted and rolled onto his back.  He wasn't alone--after leaving the bedroom, Pess had hopped up onto the sofa with him, and was nestled happily between his master and the back of the sofa.  "Hm?"


"Hey…."  Phoenix grinned weakly, but the rest of his greeting was cut short when he saw Miles's face--he looked absolutely haggard.  "Are you okay?" he asked instead.


Miles rubbed his eyes.  "Yes," he replied faintly, as if afraid of lifting his voice too high.  He waved his other hand at the kitchen before letting it fall to his chest.  "I finished the bottle."


Phoenix glanced in the direction of his half-hearted gesture.  Oh, the whiskey.  He was drinking before I got here, too.  He lowered his voice to a near whisper.  "Is it bad?"


"I've had worse."  Miles sighed, moving his fingers over Pess' coat.  He didn't even seem aware that he was doing it.  "Good morning."


"Yeah."  Phoenix shifted awkwardly on his feet.  "Sorry for being such a hassle.  I didn't mean to pass out on you…."


"It's all right.  You needed the sleep, didn't you?"  Miles looked about to say more, but then his eyes lowered.  "What is that?"


Phoenix frowned, and it took him a moment to remember he was still holding the toy.  "Oh!  Uh, it's yours."  When Miles extended his hand Phoenix slipped the Power Ranger obediently into it.  "Found it in your old bedroom.  I remember that one--it's the one I gave you, isn't it?"


Miles turned the figure about to get a better look at it.  "Yes…" 


Phoenix smiled wistfully as he recalled that day.  "They were putting them in the kids' meals of one of those fast food joints all year.  You wouldn't stop complaining about how your dad hated those places, and wouldn't take you out enough to collect them all."  He scratched the back of his neck.  "But I lived on that junk, so I had a ton of them.  I gave you the red one so you'd have one of each."




"Man, I can't believe you still have it…."  Phoenix chuckled, but fell quiet again when he noticed the strange, distant face Miles was making.  "Something wrong?"


"No…."  Miles handed it back.  "It's nothing."


He pulled his knees in, making room at the end of the sofa.  Taking it as an invitation, Phoenix set the toy down on the nearby coffee table--next to the glass he'd left there earlier--and took a seat.  I wonder what he was thinking about just now.  "Did you sleep at all last night?" he asked.


"A little."  Miles gave Pess a nudge, urging him off the sofa.  Not put out in the least, Pess hopped down and disappeared back into the bedroom.  "I'm more concerned about you.  Are you feeling any better?"


"I think so."  Not liking that he couldn't see Miles' face from his new position, Phoenix scooted closer to lean against Miles' knees.  "It's just been such a long week, and I was so afraid we'd…."  He swallowed hard--remembering the night before drew all those same emotions to the surface.  "…we'd end up hating each other."  I haven't felt that stressed in a while.


Miles stretched his shoulders, and settled.  "You should know better by now."


Phoenix smiled grimly at his easy answer.  Has it really only been a week? he thought incredulously.  Just over eight days ago none of this had happened.  No mob daughters, no verdicts, no Saturday night….  He lowered his eyes, watching Miles' hand rise and fall with his chest as he breathed.  It's so hard to imagine that only a little while ago, I would never be touching him as easily as this.


Miles pushed at Phoenix's knee with his foot to get his attention back--he had been silent for some time.  "You still there?"


Phoenix shook himself.  "Yeah.  I am."  He chuckled, reading more into the remark than Miles probably meant by it.  He turned, and folded his arms against Miles' knees.  "Are you?"


Miles stared back at him blearily.  He really did look pale and hung over.  "What does it look like?"


"Listen, Edgeworth…."  Phoenix licked his lips as he built up his courage.  "I know this is still the worst time, but I have to say it anyway."  His smile was thin and a little crooked.  "Remember back in your car, when you said…it wouldn't be so bad, being more than friends?"


Miles' tired eyes opened a little wider.  "I remember."


I don't want to give this up.  The Miles Edgeworth he was looking at now was exhausted, and grumpy, and probably even a little ill, and yet Phoenix couldn't imagine any other person he would have rather awoken to.  Maybe I'm still being an idiot, but even this much is everything to me.  I think I might even….


Phoenix took a deep breath.  He was still dissatisfied with the distance, and decided suddenly to remedy it.  He unfolded his arms and pushed Miles' knees apart.


Miles' jumped at the abrupt movement.  "H-Hey--"


Phoenix ignored his startled protest--he crawled forward, pushing Miles' hands out of the way so he could stretch out over the man's body and between his thighs.  He lowered himself to Miles' chest with a quiet sigh.  That's better.  Even after sleeping together he felt as if he had missed something, not being able just to lie with him like this.  It helped that his sofa was actually wide enough for it. 


"I don't think it'd be so bad, either," Phoenix murmured, his head pillowed against Miles' silk cravat.


Miles hummed in irritation, shifting enough that he was comfortable with Phoenix's weight pressing down on him.  After an awkward moment he rested one of his hands against the back of Phoenix's neck.  "Are you sure this is what you want?" he asked, sounding downright cautious again.  "I don’t know what you're expecting of me."  His fingers moved slightly through Phoenix's limp hair, not unlike the gentle attention he'd paid Pess only a few minutes ago.  "I can be a great lover, Wright, but I'm a horrible boyfriend."


Phoenix pursed his lips, but he couldn't stop himself from chuckling.  "You're bragging again," he scolded lightly.  Not that he could complain too much--from what he'd experienced already, it was the truth.


"I'm being serious," Miles protested.


"I know, I get it."  Phoenix closed his eyes.  Miles probably didn't realize just how great a comfort those gentle fingers against his scalp really were.  If he could touch Phoenix with such simple, casual intimacy, then most of his expectations had already been filled.


Maybe I'm just easy to please.  Phoenix pushed himself up on his elbows, his eyes thinning happily with the slight friction of their bodies.  Or maybe it's just him.  Whether this works out or not, I couldn't possibly regret it any more than if I never tried.  He tilted his chin, and without even the slightest hesitation Miles tipped his own head to meet him in a kiss.


"Mmph--" Phoenix pulled abruptly back with a soft, choking sound.  "Geez, Edgeworth, your breath reeks. How much did you drink last night?"


Miles slumped against the couch with an annoyed groan.  "You're lucky I don't throw you off," he grumbled.


Phoenix snickered.  He really hadn't meant to ruin the mood like that, but Miles was kind of…cute…when he was being teased.  The way he pursed his lips was too much like a child's pout.  Still smiling, Phoenix started to undo Miles' cravat.


The prosecutor offered no protest.  "What are you doing?"


"This."  The fabric was surprisingly easy to loosen, and once Phoenix had tugged it free he tilted his head to press a gentle kiss to Miles' freshly exposed throat.


Miles swallowed hard--it was easy to tell, with the two of them pressed so close together.  His fingers resumed their subtle movements at the base of Phoenix's skull.  "I don't get it," he confessed.


"I don't have to worry about your bad breath this way," Phoenix teased.  He was in a good enough mood for both of them, or so he told himself, and to prove it he kissed Miles again.  By now he felt as if he was really getting used to his new partner, at least in so much that he no longer felt as awkward acting on his own.  Whatever Miles bragged about, he wasn't entirely inexperienced himself.  In each soft, moist kiss he did his best to convey all the affection a sentimental fool like him had to offer.


He must have done something right; Miles sighed quietly as his fingers curled at Phoenix's neck, and his legs shifted slightly against the body pressed between them.  "You're not in top shape either," Miles finally managed to retort.  "Your face is all puffy."


Phoenix smiled grimly.  From crying, I'm sure.  His shoulders crept up a little in embarrassment.  "Sorry.  I didn't mean for you to see me like that…."


"No, I'm…."  Miles paused, considering his answer before he continued.  Phoenix couldn't help but wonder if what he came up with was the same as how it started.  "It's all right.  I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time."


"You didn't," Phoenix assured.  There was still a lot to worry about--he cringed on the inside at the thought of facing the reporters that were probably swarming at his office--but he didn't want to get into that again.  Miles was so inordinately accommodating when he was tired, and he had the feeling he could come to enjoy taking advantage of it.  He began to undo the buttons of his shirt so that his lips had more freedom.


Miles lifted his other hand, and Phoenix worried that he was about to be halted.  It wouldn't be too much of a surprise, considering their relative states.  But Miles' reach only made it as far as Phoenix's shoulder, and instead of pushing him away, he moved the backs of his fingers in a light caress up and down Phoenix's arm.  Despite being such a simple gesture, it felt like an invitation.


It's kind of nice.  With renewed confidence Phoenix continued with the buttons, until he could press his lips to the gentle rise of Miles' collar bone.  "Your head…doesn't hurt too badly, does it?" he asked hesitantly.


The almost guilty tone in his voice gave away his less than pure intentions.  Miles snorted quietly, but instead of some smart retort he shifted again, rubbing Phoenix's hip deliberately with his thigh.  It sent a little shiver of excitement through him that Phoenix he hadn't anticipated.


"I've had worse," Miles repeated.


Then, it's okay if we….  Phoenix felt his cheeks flush as fresh energy bubbled in his stomach.  His fingers fumbled a bit before getting their rhythm back, and he struggled to finish undoing the buttons on Miles' shirt and vest.  Remembering how good it had felt to him, he spread his hand up and down Miles' bared chest in a firm caress.


Miles' head fell to the side, his breath quickening just slightly.  To Phoenix every reaction was like a victory; Miles had been so confident and in control of their last encounters.  It was new, and strangely exciting, to have their roles reversed.


I wonder how he usually would do it, Phoenix couldn't help but think as he grew bolder, sucking gently at Miles' soft throat.  Back at my placehe seemed surprised, when I asked him to be on top.  Is he usually not, with his other lovers?  He smirked.  Or maybe it's all his pink underwear making me think that way.


Phoenix licked his lips, steeling himself.  Guys aren't so different, right?  He pushed further down Miles' body and lowered his head, giving Miles' left nipple a wet, suckling kiss.


Miles gasped softly.  His knees bent higher as his body arched slightly against Phoenix's warm mouth.  It was a better reaction than Phoenix had hoped for, and the quiver in Miles' voice when he spoke next made it even better.  "You seem to have gotten the hang of things..."


"It's not that hard to figure out," Phoenix retorted.  Determined to exploit his every advantage--he figured he would need to, to keep up with Miles--Phoenix stayed where he was, paying Miles' chest close attention with his lips and tongue.  Miles squirmed, and pawed at his back with anxious, yet still restrained fingers.  His every sigh only encouraged Phoenix more.


As confident as Phoenix was, it didn't take long for Miles to convince him once more which of them was better adapted to their situation.  Miles wrapped his legs firmly around Phoenix's waist.  The tight embrace of limbs would have been enough to make Phoenix's pulse rise anyway, but then Miles began to move, rocking them together with the urgings of his taut thighs.  It was only a slight motion but the feeling of Miles drawing him in so insistently made Phoenix's mouth go suddenly dry. 


I can feel him.  Phoenix gulped.  Miles was already growing stiff with arousal--he could feel it, rubbing against his abdomen as the prosecutor pressed their bodies together.  With a shudder Phoenix's limbs responded without him.  He pushed himself higher, so that when Miles' thighs tightened again they were flexing against his sturdy hips.  Phoenix groaned as his body tensed and began to move along with the slow rhythm already between them.


Trembling fingers pulled at his shirt.  Phoenix drew it hastily over his head, and once he was free of it finally caught a fresh glance of Miles' flushed and excited expression.  Forgetting all his teasing from earlier, Phoenix fell into welcoming arms and drew a long, jaw-aching kiss from his waiting mouth.


Phoenix's heart was pounding.  Now that he wasn't so concerned about this being their first time, he felt so much more free to explore the surge of raw emotion Miles' stern hands and clever lips drew from him.  His swollen groin ached in the confines of his denim jeans with every over-anxious movement of his hips.  It didn't help that Miles was still trying to pull him in tighter, not to mention the strained murmurs that were beginning to escape them both. 


I want him.  Phoenix shivered, shoulders hunching as their tongues rubbed, sending another pulse of satisfaction through him.  I want to make love to him like he did me.  Finally he pulled back for a long gulp of air.  I want to know what he felt when he wasinside me.


Phoenix braced a hand against the sofa as he forced himself to sit back and breathe properly.  "Can we…?" he huffed.  "Right here…?"


Miles' eyes widened.  He was breathing just as hard, and Phoenix almost moaned aloud at the sight of him, stretched out on the sofa with his hair fanning out, shirt open and legs splayed.  Phoenix was embarrassed by how erotic he found it.  "I mean…."


"Not on this furniture," Miles replied.  He took a deep breath as he sat up and shed his shirt and vest.  "But the guest room's right there."


Phoenix glanced to the room he'd spent the night in.  "Oh…right."  Nearly giddy, he pushed off the couch and grabbed Miles' hand to pull him after.  "So let's go."


Miles stumbled a little as he was pulled upright, but he was close on Phoenix's heels as they retreated into the bedroom.  "You really are in a much better mood," he commented dryly.


Phoenix stopped next to the bed, turning around to meet Miles in another kiss.  "You make it sound like a bad thing."


"No …I'm glad."  Miles reached down to undo his comrade's fly.  "Though, you never answered my question."


"Huh?"  It was difficult trying to think straight at this point, but Phoenix could at least help Miles with his pants as well.  "You mean, if this is what I really want?"  He laughed.  "You're still asking that?"


"There's more to 'being together' than just this," Miles reminded him.  He pushed Phoenix's jeans past his hips so that they fell the rest of the way to the floor.


Phoenix followed suit.  "You think I don't know that?"  Once they'd both kicked the garments away he paused in the final step of their undressing to give Miles another kiss.  "You may think you're a hard person to get along with," he told Miles seriously.  "But you're really not that bad, Miles Edgeworth.  Do you honestly think it's so strange that I'd want to be with you?  We've already been friends all this time."


"It's not that," Miles tried to reply, but he was having a hard time--Phoenix kept interrupting him with his lips.  "I just mean, that we--mmph, stop that."  He pushed at Phoenix's chin.  "I'm trying to talk."


"Can't we worry about that later?"  Phoenix ran his hands up and down Miles' back, enjoying the contact of so much bare skin.  "I want to be with you.  Isn't that enough?"


Miles's face screwed up, his posture a struggle of maintaining some kind of authority and just leaning into Phoenix's touch.  He finally gave up with another deep sigh.  "All right.  We'll…see how it goes."


Another victory.  Phoenix grinned around yet another kiss, but when he started to urge his friend to the mattress Miles stopped him.  "Hold on," the prosecutor told him.  He took hold of Phoenix's hips and turned them around so that his back was to the bed.


"Huh?"  Phoenix glanced around.  Come to think of it, if this is a guest roomhe probably doesn’t have any lubricant or anything on hand.  "Should we go somewhere else?" he suggested.


"This is fine."  Without warning he dragged Phoenix's boxers down.


"Whoa--"  Phoenix hadn't expected that, nor when Miles gave him a push, forcing him to sit on the edge of the bed.  Maybe he won't let me be on top after all.  He gave a little shiver as the cool morning air licked his exposed skin.  "Hey, Edgeworth--"


He was quickly cut off; instead of pushing him further onto the bed Miles was lowering to his knees as he pulled Phoenix's garment the rest of the way off.  Phoenix licked his lips.  "What are you doing…?"


"Don't play coy," Miles chided.  He tossed Phoenix's boxers aside, and braced a hand against the man's thigh as he leaned down, drawing his tongue along Phoenix's erection.


"Ahh--"  Phoenix shuddered, and grabbed without thinking at Miles's broad shoulders.  "W-Wait…"


"I'm just getting you ready," Miles told him.  "Don’t squirm."


Phoenix bit his lip.  He did his best not to move as he watched Miles take him into his mouth.  It wasn't easy; the feeling of growing harder still within the heated suction of Miles' lips and tongue quickly drove him crazy, making his muscles burn with restraint. 


"E-Edgeworth…."  Phoenix groaned quietly as his toes curled against the floor.  He couldn't be sure of everything Miles was doing, except that every rub of his tongue made him quiver with pleasure.  God, that feels amazing.  When his breath began to catch he clenched his hands against Miles' shoulders and pushed.  "S-Stop, I'm--"


Miles obeyed, and didn't have time to wipe his mouth before Phoenix curled over him for a hungry kiss.  Only a few days ago Phoenix had been reminded of what he'd been missing all this time, and now his body was more desperate than ever to experience it again.  Thankfully, Miles didn't make him wait.  Together they stripped him out of his briefs as they climbed onto the bed.


"Shouldn't we have something…?" Phoenix suggested as he bounced lightly on his knees.


"It's fine," Miles assured.  He stretched out on his stomach and spread his legs a little wider.  "Don't worry about me."


Phoenix thought he detected an "I'm used to it" in his tone, but he was too overcome with desire to question or be jealous.  He shivered as he crawled over Miles' body.  I still can't believe this.  I hopeI'll be enough for him.  Apprehension finally crept up on him as he positioned himself.  Last time he did most of the work, but now….  "I'll…I'll go slow," he promised.


Miles must have heard the uncertainty in his voice.  Without a word he reached back, giving Phoenix a gentle squeeze.  Phoenix was embarrassed, but grateful, as Miles guided him forward.  Once he was sure of the angle he took a deep breath and pushed slowly into his waiting partner.


The clench of hot muscle around him was greater and more satisfying than Phoenix had anticipated.  He couldn't even make a sound at first--his breath was suspended in his throat as he was fully enveloped.  He could feel Miles tense beneath him, and heard his thin murmur as his body stretched to accommodate the intrusion.  But Miles made no complaint, and even pushed back against Phoenix's hips.  Spurred on by that subtle encouragement, Phoenix began to move.


"Edgeworth…."  Phoenix's voice loosened in low moans as he gained momentum.  He found soon enough that, despite his best efforts, he couldn't match the slow pace Miles had followed with him.  His body was too anxious, and his heart beating too fast, for that kind of reservation.  As he shifted up on his knees for better leverage Miles followed perfectly to match the different position.  They were moving together with such ease Phoenix was convinced they could have been lovers for years before now.


With a deep groan Phoenix sped up.  As his thrusts grew harder, more fevered, he was taken in by the sight of Miles' rocking with him.  He stretched his arms, drawing his hands firmly down the length of Miles' muscular back.  The thick swell of Miles' voice made Phoenix wish he could see his face, but it was almost just as thrilling to imagine what it might have looked like. 


Phoenix couldn't remember making love to someone like this, with such strength and abandon.  His limbs were aching and his breath a hard, shallow gasp, set in time with the squealing complaints of the bedsprings.  And just when he was sure he couldn't go on any longer Miles thrust back hard against him.  The clamp of hot flesh around him, when he was mostly senseless with pleasure, broke down whatever strength he might have had left.  His fingers dug into Miles' hips as his body shuddered with the unexpected force of his climax--desperate to keep them together a while longer, to draw out that fiery perfection until they were both spent and near collapse.


Miles shivered.  His skin was clammy with sweat, making his hair stick to his cheeks and neck as he gasped for breath.  After long moments of regaining clarity his fingers clenched against the bed sheets, and he slowly pulled away from his still recovering partner.  "Fuck…" he hissed softly. 


Phoenix leaned back on his heels.  He couldn't remember hearing Miles swear like that, but he wasn't in control of his own breath yet to be able to ask if it was a good sign.  Once Miles had flopped wearily onto his stomach, Phoenix gathered his own strength, and heaved a long sigh as he stretched out on his side next to him.  "Edgeworth….?"


Miles groaned as he stretched his back and shoulders.  "I didn't know you…had that in you," he mumbled into the pillow they shared.


Phoenix grinned--that, he was fairly sure, was a compliment.  He leaned closer to press a kiss to Miles' shoulder, since he couldn't reach his lips at the moment.  "Neither did I."  That was amazing.  Thoughhe's got to be just as sore as I was, last time.  Wondering if he could maybe help that a little he reached down, gently rubbing the small of Miles' back.


Miles flinched, but soon relaxed again.  He turned his head to face Phoenix.  "Thanks."


He still looks so tired.  Phoenix kissed him softly.  I'm sure…that couldn't have helped his hangover any.  When Miles kissed him back he was reassured somewhat, and kept up his light massage as he nibbled lazily at Miles' lips.


"So?"  Phoenix smiled, turning his face against Miles' neck.  "Do you believe me now?"


"Mmm…."  Miles moved his arm enough so that he could brush his fingertips against Phoenix's chest.  "All right," he murmured.  He shifted onto his side.  "Let's try."


Phoenix sighed quietly, deeply relieved, and leaned forward for another long kiss.  They stayed there, curled together for many long minutes, trading simple affections as the rain continued to pour outside.  At long last Phoenix flopped onto his back as Miles pulled away.


"What a week," Phoenix laughed, closing his eyes.  "I can't believe it…" 


The mattress shifted, and Phoenix quickly glanced back--Miles was sitting on the edge of the bed as if ready to leave.  He frowned.  "Are…you going?"


"I have to."  Miles turned enough to see the other.  "I have work today."


"Work?"  Phoenix pursed his lips in disappointment.  It would have been nice, to stay a while longer….  "After all that, you still don't get a day off?  Call in sick."


Miles smirked, but there was something oddly pained in his expression.  "I can't--there's still a lot of work to do.  And…something important."


What's that mean?  Phoenix pouted, but he knew it wouldn't be fair of him to ask anything more of his friend.  "All right…."


Miles considered him for a long moment, and then twisted, leaning down to offer a soft kiss to Phoenix's lips.  "You can stay here and sleep, if you want," he said.  "Help yourself to the shower, have some breakfast.  I'll leave the spare key on the table so you can lock up on your way out."


Phoenix's eyes widened a little--it was a strange thought, that he could move around Miles' house like that so easily.  "Should I feed Pess while I'm at it?" he joked.


Miles rolled his eyes, and hesitated a moment before continuing.  "You know…." He glanced away almost shyly.  "I usually take my lunch break around noon.  You could…come by the station."


Is he inviting me to lunch?  It would have been easy to tease him, but Phoenix was too pleased by his offer to risk him rescinding it.  He really meant it.  He really wants us to try.  "All right."


"Good."  Miles gave his shoulder a squeeze and pushed to his feet.  "Then I'll see you later."


"Yeah…."  Phoenix grinned, and when he waved his hand Miles caught on and tossed his boxers to him.  "See you later."


Miles was smiling faintly when he left, closing the door quietly behind him.  It reassured Phoenix inordinately as he settled back in the bed he'd woken up in.  Instead of putting his boxers back on, he just used them to wipe up a bit before curling up under the blankets.  I'll change the sheets before I go, too, he decided.  He was just tired enough not to care about it quite yet.


Something jostled the mattress, and Phoenix peeled his eyes open again curiously.  He was met with a pair of paws and an adorable canine face.  "Pess?"  Phoenix grimaced.  "You weren't watching, were you?"


The dog tilted his head, curious and innocent as always.  He was standing up on his hind legs with his paws braced on the bed as if begging.  Phoenix sighed.  "Are you asking to come up?  I don't mind."


He patted the mattress, and instantly Pess hopped up to join him.  He settled back into his position at Phoenix's side with his head on his paws.  "Little mutt," Phoenix said as he gave him a pat.  But he really didn't mind--it was nice, having a warm body near by.


Next time, it'll be Edgeworth, he promised himself.  I'll tie him down to the bed if I have to.  He let that thought entertain him as he drifted off back to sleep.




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