Global Studios is in trouble again when another one of their action stars ends up dead, and the newest Nickel Samurai is the suspect.  But this time it's not just the life of defendant Matt Engarde in Phoenix's hands, but Maya's as well!  Phoenix's old rival returns in one of the series' most dramatic cases.


Date:  March 20th through 23rd, 2018
Defense Attorney:  Phoenix Wright
Prosecutor:  Miles Edgeworth
Defendant:  Matt Engarde
Victim:  Juan Corrida
COD:  Strangulation.
MW:  A scarf.
Guilty:  Shelly de Killer
Hired by:  Matt Engarde


Day 1

The case begins with Phoenix, Maya, and Pearl enjoying dinner with Will Powers at Gatewater Hotel.  They're his guests to a special show being put on by Global Studios to celebrate the Nickel Samurai having won the title of "Hero of Heroes" at the third annual Grand Prix.  After an action show and dinner the Nickel Samurai is expected to hold a press conference in the hotel lobby with some important announcement, which Will has gotten everyone tickets for.

Will slips off for a second, and when he comes back they all go to the lobby.  Before the show can start an announcement is made that the conference has been canceled, and that the police would like everyone to stay put for a while.  Global Studio's own Wendy Oldbag shows up (dressed in suit) and confirms there's been some kind of incident.  Maya insists that Phoenix check it out, but she's approached by one of the hotel Bus Boys saying she has a phone call.

As Maya goes off Phoenix and Pearl head for a hallway past the ballroom, and find Detective Gumshoe arguing with Lotta Hart.  Phoenix learns from Gumshoe that another action star, Juan Corrida (who plays the Jammin' Ninja) has been murdered, and his rival, the Nickel Samurai himself, is suspected.  Gumshoe doesn't let him hang around, though, so he and Pearl meet back with Will.  Will hands over a two-way radio that the busboy gave him, telling him to give it to Phoenix when he came back.  There's a man on the other line who declares he's kidnapped Maya.  Not for ransom--if Phoenix wants Maya back alive, he has to defend Nickel Samurai actor Matt Engarde in court and get him acquitted.  He assures Phoenix that Matt is innocent, and that he only has two days to set him free.  Or else!

Phoenix immediately tells Gumshoe about the kidnapping (despite being instructed otherwise by the kidnapper), and as he begins his investigation Maya wakes up trapped in a wine cellar.  She briefly meets her kidnapper (who looks a lot like that bus boy...) and learns he is "de Killer."

Day 2

The next morning Phoenix and Pearl meet with Matt at the detention center.  After some convincing Matt agrees to taking Phoenix as his lawyer.  He claims he was sleeping in his room when the murder took place--when Phoenix points out he should have been preparing for his press conference, Matt claims he knows nothing about it.  He didn't have anything to announce.  The police's strongest evidence against Matt, in addition to having a poor alibi, is a button that was found on his clothing: a button from the Jammin' Ninja's costume, covered in victim blood.

Because of the unusual circumstances Pearl suggests Phoenix use the magatama on Matt to make sure he really is innocent.  No psycho locks appear and Matt assures, "I haven't killed anyone."

Phoenix returns to the hotel and meets Matt's manager, Adrian Andrews, but she, Lotta, and Oldbag all pop up psycho locks and he doesn't get much out of them.  After talking to Gumshoe, however, he learns that it was Adrian who found the body.  Cause of death hasn't been established but a photo of the crime scene shows a knife stabbed through Juan's chest.  The room shows signs of struggle, but Phoenix takes into evidence one undisturbed glass of tomato juice and an empty guitar case.

They're interrupted by a beeping noise, and Gumshoe warns Phoenix that whenever he hears that sound Franziska von Karma somehow shows up (and gives him a whipping).  He tries to sneak off but Franziska gets him, and gives Phoenix the usual "I'll beat you this time spiel".  Phoenix gets away and speaks to Will some more, who shows him a tabloid article about Matt's manager.  Apparently she's been having secret meetings with her client's main rival, Juan.  Very scandalous.

Armed with new evidence Phoenix goes back to pick the psycho locks.  Oldbag tells Phoenix she saw Matt coming out of Juan's room just before the murder, and Lotta admits she was hanging around the hotel hoping to snap photos of something scandalous.  Adrian still won't talk so Phoenix meets with Gumshoe at the police station

It turns out the knife in Juan's chest has Matt's fingerprints all over it.  Gumshoe starts to tell Phoenix about Juan's former manager, Celeste, but is interrupted by Franziska and then again by Edgeworth!  Edgeworth is back.  Franziska calls him a coward for running away, and Phoenix tells him it would have been better if he hadn't come back.  But Edgeworth assures him he has no intention of standing up in court.  He just wants Phoenix to know that he won't be able to win his case alone.  There's something Phoenix doesn't understand yet.

Edgeworth gives Phoenix two pieces of important information.  The first is about Celeste, Juan's former manager.  The two had recently cut off their marriage engagement when Celeste killed herself.  Juan found the body, and it's suspected that he might have concealed Celeste's suicide note and will.  The second piece of information is about Adrian.  Adrian has a dependant personality--her cool, calm exterior is simply an act that covers up the fact that she can't function without support from someone else.  She was very close to Celeste, and after Celeste died attempted suicide herself.

Phoenix takes the new evidence and confronts Adrian (who was in the process of being coached by Franziska, it seems).  She admits that the scandal about her was true; she was trying to get close to Juan, in hopes of getting the will off of him.  This makes her a prime suspect for killing Juan for the same reason.  She makes Phoenix promise not to tell anyone about her attempted suicide, as she'd rather die than let people know.  Phoenix quickly agrees.  Just before he leaves he notices that Adrian has been swirling a strange card with her fingers while she's been talking.

Back at the office Pearl calls Mia, who has some news about Maya.  Apparently Maya summoned Mia shortly after she was kidnapped, leaving her a note about what had happened.  Maya is safe but very hungry.  Unfortunately Mia has no information about where she's being held, but at least now you have psychic communication.

Day 3

The next morning Phoenix goes to court (with Mia summoned by Pearl), and before it starts gets another call from the kidnapper, who tells him he's giving Phoenix "a gift."  It becomes obvious right away what he meant when Franziska doesn't show up behind the prosecutor's bench.  It's reported that she was shot (in the shoulder) on her way into court.  Miles Edgeworth steps up to take her place.

Gumshoe takes the stand first.  He's about to lose his job again because of what happened to Franziska (poor Gumshoe).  He tells the court that the real cause death was strangulation, from a scarf discovered around his neck.  The knife was stabbed in his chest after he was already dead.

Edgeworth is totally on his game.  For every contradiction Phoenix raises, Edgeworth has a perfect explanation.  Even Mia is impressed, and at this rate there's not much keeping him from getting a guilty verdict.  He tells Phoenix that he spent the last year really thinking about what it means to be a prosecutor, and the answer he found is just what he's showing today.

Oldbag is called to the stand, throwing Edgeworth off for a moment.  She testifies to having seen Matt leave Juan's room just before the murder, but after some pressing it turns out she actually only saw the Nickel Samurai leaving (Déjà vu).  Phoenix argues that if the criminal was wearing the Nickel Samurai costume when he killed Juan, Matt's fingerprints wouldn't have been on the knife (since the costume has gloves).

Photos of Lotta's are introduced into evidence.  One of them shows the Nickel Samurai leaving Matt's room, as testified, but Phoenix points out a big problem: the costume doesn't fit right, especially around the pant legs.  Someone else had to have worn the costume to put the blame on Matt.  Phoenix insists that Adrian take the stand, and again Edgeworth is a step ahead--she's already waiting in the prosecutor's lounge.

Adrian testifies to having found the body.  She had a glass of tomato juice with her, and when she discovered the body set it down and forgot about it out of shock (the undisturbed glass Phoenix took into evidence).  The empty guitar case is called into question.  Evidence in the room suggests it was opened after the murder took place, but there aren't any fingerprints on it.  Phoenix argues that the reason the case was found empty was because there was actually another Nickel Samurai suit in it.  Adrian used that suit to sneak out of the room after the murder.

Adrian admits there was another suit.  Juan was planning to wear it himself at the press conference.  Juan was bitter about having lost the Hero of Heroes award to Matt, and he intended to defame him by pretending to be the Nickel Samurai at the conference and make a faulty confession.  Juan apparently had some secret about Matt that would have ruined him forever.

Adrian killed Juan with the scarf, then stabbed him with the knife Matt had used at dinner to incriminate him.  She dressed up in the Nickel Samurai costume and even took Juan's bloody button to stick on Matt's pants later.  If Matt only wanted Juan dead there was no reason to stab him and risk getting blood on himself, so the button could only have been planted evidence.

Adrian is cornered, but she suddenly exerts her right not to testify.  Phoenix realizes that she's hiding something, probably because of Franziska's coaching the day before.  But with Adrian refusing to confess or testify the Judge has no choice but to suspend the trial for another day.  Phoenix objects desperately--Maya's kidnapper said Maya would be dead if he didn't get Matt acquitted that day--but the Judge refuses.

Edgeworth surprises everyone with an objection just before court is adjourned (Mia: "I can't read Edgworth at all this time.  Who's side is he on?").  He asks Adrian to testify about the juice she left in Juan's room, reasoning it couldn't possibly incriminate her.  She agrees, admitting that the tomato juice bottle pictured in the crime scene photo is the one she poured the juice from.  When she first entered the room she thought Juan was just asleep, and she poured the juice for him, not for herself.  Phoenix objects: if Juan had a knife through his chest, there's no way she could have thought he was still alive and calmly poured the juice.

Adrian clams up; again the Judge tries to adjourn for the day, and again Edgeworth objects.  Edgeworth declares that he can explain why Adrian won't testify, and despite Adrian's pleas presents the report of her attempted suicide (Edgeworth: "I don't care if this witness wants to die, but I will get the truth out of her now.").  Phoenix is shocked by his callousness.  Edgeworth explains that Adrian is weak, and is only keeping silent now because Franziska ordered her to.  He demands that she testify now, or they'll have no choice but to let Matt go free.

Adrian finally confesses to trying to frame Matt.  She really did think Juan was asleep when she came in, and when she realized he was dead took Matt's knife and stabbed him with it.  Just like Phoenix said, she slipped out of the room in the Nickel Samurai costume and planted the bloody button on Matt.  But she's still adamant that she didn't kill Juan.

There still isn't enough evidence to convict or acquit anyone, so the Judge finally calls for the court to be adjourned.  Phoenix is beside himself when Edgeworth speaks up again, asking Adrian about the card she's been spinning all this time (same card Phoenix noticed).  She hands over a small card with a pink seashell design on it.  Edgeworth flips out, calling her an idiot, and marches out of the courthouse.

After leaving court, Phoenix meets up with Gumshoe.  Now that Gumshoe's been fired (again) he wants to help Phoenix.  They go to visit Franziska in the hospital, who doesn't seem to care that she almost got Adrian blamed for murder.  Edgeworth, likewise, is unrepentant for presenting the evidence Adrian was so desperate to hide (Edgeworth: "In court, I'm gambling with my life.  I expect each witness to do the same.")  But Edgeworth does explain the card.  For years the police have been after a professional assassin, Shelly de Killer, who leaves cards with a seashell design at the scene of his murders.  Adrian must have picked it up without thinking.  This means that Killer must have killed Juan, but Edgeworth still believes Matt was the one that hired him.  He gives Phoenix a letter so that the police at the hotel will let him continue investigating.

Phoenix takes a short stop at the detention center, and Matt asks Phoenix to feed his cat Shoe for him.  He visits Matt's house and finds the cat, but there's already a butler there (who looks suspiciously like the bellboy...) who assures them all is fine.  Phoenix notes a locked door on one of the house before he goes.

Back in Juan's room, Phoenix discovers that Juan has a love of bears.  Fans send him all sorts of bear dolls and toys all the time.  He gets a call from Killer who agrees to let Maya live another day, because he needs the acquittal as much as Phoenix does.  Their conversation is interrupted by static, and Gumshoe guesses there's some strong interference in the room.  He gets an electric wave detector (from his elementary school days) and they scope out Juan's room.  With it they're able to find a small transmitter inside one of Juan's many bear dolls, attached to a video camera.  It was set to record the night of the murder.  Gumshoe takes the camera, saying he'll do a trace on whoever bought it, but it's already late in the evening and chances are it's too generic a camera to track down.

Edgeworth shows up then, and says that he'll take the bear the camera was planted it.  It's a special brand name bear made in Germany and rarely imported, so it should be much easier to trace.  Phoenix goes to the police station and finds out the prosecution has a new witness, who turns out to be Will Powers.  He can't tell Phoenix what he saw, but he does shed some light on Juan's former manager Celeste.  Shortly afterwards Gumshoe calls Phoenix up with the news that the German bear was purchased by Matt.  Whatever the magatama says, it's not looking good for Phoenix's client!  He goes back to the detention cell.

Phoenix confronts Matt with the evidence, and finally the real Matt is revealed.  He flips his hair back to reveal three scars on his face (and pulls a wine glass out of nowhere >.>).  He admits that he hired Killer to kill Juan, because Juan was planning on ruining his career with Celeste's last will.  It's partly his fault that Celeste killed herself, and if that got out, it would ruin his reputation.  He tells Phoenix that he doesn't trust anyone, not even Killer.  But hey, it's not like Phoenix can do anything about it.  There's Maya to consider, after all.

Edgeworth shows up, and they return to the police station.  I love just about everything he says in this case so here's a short transcript:

Edgeworth: That's not something I can answer for you... Wright... Only you can decide where to go from here. One year ago... At that time, I didn't truly understand what a "prosecutor" was.  And that is why... I had to leave the Prosecutor's Office. I felt that I couldn't stand in a court of law until I knew what a prosecutor really was. And now, Wright... It's your turn.

Phoenix: My... Turn?

Edgeworth: What is this thing called a "lawyer"? What can you do as one? You must find the answer... And you must find it on your own.

Phoenix: I'm a lawyer... But to fight for someone who is clearly a killer... Matt Engarde... That man is really... Argh!

Edgeworth: It doesn't matter who, every person deserves a proper defense and a fair trial. Isn't that the basis of our judicial system?

Phoenix: "Proper defense"? But what exactly is that? Is it where a lawyer forcibly and blindly gets an acquittal through shouting and trickery?

Edgeworth: ...*sigh* Ironic that you of all people should say such a thing. Isn't that exactly how you have fought for your clients up until now?

Phoenix: Uh... W-Well, that may be true, but... But that's... That's because I've beloved my clients to be innocent from the bottom of my heart!   But if I were to get Engarde an acquittal... That... That isn't a proper defense at all! I became a lawyer because I thought... I thought I could save people who were in suffering and in pain... But... When I look at this mess we're in... I can't even protect the person closest to me. Even if I win the case, I still lose in the end... I just don't know what to do!

Edgeworth: ... Wright. Would you get a hold of yourself? You have it all wrong.

Phoenix: Huh?

Edgeworth: We aren't some sort of heroes. We're only human, you and I. You want to "save someone"? That's something easier said than done, wouldn't you say? You are a defense lawyer. You can't run away from that. You can only fight. That's all you can do.

Phoenix: People like you and Franziska von Karma are always using all you have to pin me down. You fight to the very end, even when you  know the truth is not with you. But I'm not like you. I can't fight for a false verdict -- for a man I clearly know to be guilty!

Edgeworth: ... Franziska... She fights for herself. The only thing she fights for is her perfect win record. That's all.

Phoenix: And!? Isn't that the same as you!? Isn't that why you ran away a year ago? Because your precious win record was destroyed!?  You are so petty!

Edgeworth: ... I see... Now I understand why you despise me so. However, you are mistaken.

Phoenix: What do you... ?

Edgeworth: Thanks to you, when you sealed off my path to a perfect win record... I began to realize the error of my ways. I realized that such things as a perfect win record were meaningless.

Phoenix: I don't believe you. Are you saying that's why you left the Prosecutor's Office? But then, why? Why are you here now?

Edgeworth: The answer to that... is something you will find out on your own. I have faith you will see it before the verdict is read tomorrow.  But if you can't, then you will be powerless to change the ending of this story.

They're interrupted by Killer on the radio, and Phoenix demands to know why Killer wants a murderer like Matt acquitted.  Killer says it's part of his "after service."  He prides himself on the strong bond of trust between him and his clients, so having his own client be convicted of murder would be a strike against his honor.  Just before the transmission ends Phoenix hears a familiar cat meow, and he finally puts it together--Matt's butler was Killer.  He must be keeping Maya at Matt's house!

He tells Edgeworth, and they rush with the police to Matt's place.  The two of them break down Matt's locked door (so macho!) and find a secret room connected to the wine cellar Maya was being held in.  But Maya's gone, and all that's left is another bear toy, and a picture of Celeste with a note from Maya on the back.  The note says that Phoenix had better get Matt convicted, or she won't forgive him.

The police leave to chase down Killer, and Phoenix returns with the picture to the detention center.  Adrian finally tells him the entire truth.  Celeste used to be Matt's manager, a long time ago, and they were seeing each other as well.  But then Matt broke her heart when he dumped her, and she eventually became the manager of his rival, Juan.  She and Juan were very happy and planned on getting married, until Matt interfered.  He bragged to Juan about having had Celeste before him, and seeing it as an attack on his pride Juan broke off the wedding.  Celeste was heartbroken again and couldn't take any more, so she killed herself.  Adrian was devastated and attempted to kill herself as well.  But when she learned that Juan might still have Celeste's last words, and intended to spread them over the media (to get back at Matt), she was outraged.  She hated both men and their stupid rivalry which had cost Celeste her life.  So she got close to Juan, saying she wanted to help him get back at Matt, when in reality she wanted to find Celeste's letter and destroy it. 

But then she found Juan had been murdered.  She immediately thought Matt had done it and looked for the will but couldn't find it, so she decided to plant the evidence.  She didn't really think of it as "framing" anyone because she was positive Matt was guilty.

Phoenix goes back to the office, and all but passes out from exhaustion.

Day 4

Phoenix is awoken by a nightmare and heads to court, along with Pearl/Mia.  He gets a call from Gumshoe, who is helping the police look for Killer, but they don't have any leads.  He asks for Phoenix to stall for time in court, because if they're able to recover Maya on their own, Phoenix can just let Matt get convicted.

Edgeworth addresses the court, declaring that they're certain Killer is the one that killed Juan.  However, he still intends to prosecute Matt as the one who hired him.  First up to the stand is Will Powers.  He testifies that a while before the murder (Phoenix remembers him leaving the table for a while) he went to see Matt, to congratulate his fellow Nickel Samurai on his award, but Matt was busy talking to a hotel busboy with stitches on his face.  Matt, who is usually very stingy, gave the busboy a HUGE tip.  Not only that, but when Will passed the same hall later on a bathroom break, he saw the Busboy at Matt's door.  He was handing Matt a bear toy.  Phoenix presses an uncovers yet again that it was the Nickel Samurai Will saw the Busboy give the bear to, but the first time (the tip) was definitely Matt.

Phoenix presents the bear he found at Matt's house, even knowing it's probably going to implicate Matt further.  Edgeworth speculates that the assassin was asked to retrieve that particular bear from Juan's room after the murder, but when the police showed up Matt couldn't be caught with the bear on him, so he gave it to Killer to take to his home.  Phoenix argues that it could have just as easily been Adrian that accepted and planted the bear, and the judge calls a recess.

During the recess Mia leaves Pearl for a while, and when she comes back has some clues as to Maya's whereabouts.  Phoenix passes them on to Gumshoe, and they head back into court.

On the stand, Adrian explains that the bear taken from Juan's room is actually a puzzle with a hidden compartment on the inside.  It's where Juan was keeping Celeste's will until the show that evening, and only Juan and Adrian know how to open it.  When Adrian opens it for the court she reveals Celeste's will, which is read to the court: it details how Matt used Celeste and then intentionally sabotaged her engagement.  The court goes wild and demands a guilty verdict.

Gumshoe calls Phoenix on his phone, asking for a little more time, so Phoenix chucks his phone across court to Edgeworth.  Edgeworth hangs up on Gumshoe but helps Phoenix stall by asking for 30 minutes to check the authenticity of the will.  During the break Phoenix and Edgeworth get another call from Gumshoe, who says Killer left behind some important evidence that he's rushing to the courthouse.  But then they hear a crash and the call is disconnected.  Without knowing where Gumshoe was there's no way to get the evidence in time, but then Phoenix remembers Franziska's transmitter she planted on him.  Edgeworth calls her up and then they both head back into court.

The will is proven to be a fake (Juan wrote it himself) but that's still enough of a motive for Matt to want him dead.  Edgeworth proposes one final witness, albeit a rather unusual one.  He calls to the stand Killer, via Phoenix's two-way radio.  Phoenix agrees, and they ask Killer who hired him.  He tells them it was "Adrian Andrews."

Edgeworth objects of course, saying that's not the same name Killer gave him earlier.  Then it's Phoenix's turn.  With Killer's testimony he can easily get an acquittal for Matt, but he decides to go on with the cross examination (Phoenix: "Edgeworth could have gotten a guilty verdict at any time up until now, but he didn't.  If I push for an acquittal now, it'll be like I betrayed him.  I can't do that").  Through the questioning Killer makes one mistake--he calls Adrian "he".  Phoenix immediately points out that Adrian is (quite obviously) a woman, so there's no way Killer could have met her.  Phoenix also points out that there's no way Adrian could have hired the hit, because if she'd gotten that bear puzzle, even if only for a moment, she would have taken the will out and destroyed it, as she wanted to all along.

Killer catches on that Phoenix is arguing the other side, and demands the trial be brought to a close.  Edgeworth relents and has no more questions.  The Judge, confused as always, asks Phoenix what he thinks the verdict should be.  At this point in the game, the player is allowed to choose guilty or innocent.

Either way it doesn't matter, because just then Franziska bursts into the court with the recovered evidence wrapped in Gumshoe's coat (he's fine).  The three pieces of evidence are a pistol (probably the one used to shoot Franziska), a bellboy uniform, and a video tape.  None of these things can prove Matt did it, so the Judge refuses to admit them into court evidence.

Mia lays it out for Phoenix as she sees it: the only way to get Matt convicted is to make him want a guilty verdict and confess, or convince Killer to let Maya go by getting him to retract his contract with Matt.  Phoenix is given one last chance--he can't submit any new evidence, but he asks that he be able to present a single piece of evidence to someone relevant to the case.

Phoenix shows Killer the video tape that was just recovered.  He plays a bluff and tells Killer that it was recorded from the camera Matt hid in Juan's room, set to record the murder itself.  Matt doesn't trust anyone, so he needed to have insurance in case Killer turned on him.  Killer, outraged by the break in trust, declares that Matt is no longer his client.  In fact, he's just found himself a new target.  He assures Phoenix that Maya will be returned safely.

Matt's not looking so hot by now.  The Judge asks Phoenix one more time just which verdict he's after, and it's up to the player to choose.  If Phoenix picks Guilty, he'll admit he can't fully defend a guilty client and give Matt up.  If he picks Innocent, Matt will break down and confess (being in prison is better than being killed by a hit man).  Either way Maya is returned safely, and everyone has a tearful reunion.  Mia tells Phoenix that he answer he had in mind and was about to say before Franziska burst in...that's his answer.  That's what being a defense lawyer really means to him.

Franziska shows up, pissed off at Phoenix for celebrating his loss.  This prompts Edgeworth to finally explain his real motives for disappearing a year earlier:

Edgeworth:  For my own personal victories...and for guilty verdicts... I used every dirty trick in the book. And so my win record remained spotless. But... A man appeared and stood fast against that selfish me. I fought him in my usual manner, and tasted my first defeat.  I felt like I had lost everything because of that. And then... It was my turn to sit in the defendant's chair. And I was that person I called my "enemy"... I couldn't forgive myself for all that had happened. So I left the Prosecutor's Office. And I left that note... "Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth chooses death"...

Franziska:  Hmph, as well you should have. A prosecutor who has shamed himself with defeat should crawl into a hole and die!

Edgeworth: ...But that was not what happened. After I left the Prosecutor's Office, I finally came to realize something.  And it was in that moment of clarity that everything began to change.

Franziska: Wh-What foolish nonsense...

Edgeworth: We prosecutors use anything we can to attack the defendant.  But every time we did so... No matter how desperate the situation, instead of giving up like most people, that man would hold strong with his undying faith. And then, before I knew it... I began to trust in that man as well.

Franziska:  Wh-What!? You trusted your enemy!?

Edgeworth:  It doesn't matter how many underhanded tricks a person uses... The truth will always find a way to make itself known.  The only thing we can do is to fight with the knowledge we hold and everything we have.  Erasing the paradoxes one by one... It's never easy... We claw and scratch for every inch. But we will always eventually reach that one single truth.  This I promise you.

Pearl:  The "truth"...

Edgeworth:  Yes. That's the reason why prosecutors and defense lawyers exist.  But I'm sure you knew that already, didn't you, Wright?

Phoenix: ...

Edgeworth:  That's why you couldn't forgive me; this man who went into hiding. Isn't that right? This man who only had his sights set on "victory", who ran away into the night...

Pearl:  Ah! Is...Is Mr. Edgeworth right, Mr. Nick...!?

Phoenix:  (You really let me down...) When you disappeared, I felt...betrayed. The reason I decided to become a lawyer to begin with...was because I believed in the things you said to me, all those years ago... And betrayed your own words. That's year ago, I made up my mind. I decided that the Miles Edgeworth I knew had died... At least, that's what I told myself.

Franziska:  You pathetic fool! I don't want to hear the wretched whimpering of a disgraced loser! A Von Karma is someone who is destined to be perfect! Miles Edgeworth... You are no longer worthy! You are no longer worthy of being a Von Karma! And neither am I!  It's over.. It's all over!

Franziska leaves her whip behind and storms out.  Maya is reunited with everyone, and they all go out to dinner.  But Edgeworth leaves after a while to go after Franziska, and confronts her at the airport.  He returns her whip, and as Franziska flies back to America, she promises to prove herself against Phoenix someday.



Case 4 of PW2 really began with the death of Celeste, who had at one point been a manager to both Matt and Juan.  She never left a will or any kind of suicide note.  But no one knew this, and Juan exploited the rumors.  Many people believed that Juan had stolen Celeste's last written words, and Matt in particular believed he knew what they said.

Matt and Juan continued their long rivalry after Celeste's death.  It was finally clear who the favorite was after the yearly Grand Prix, in which Matt's Nickel Samurai was named "Hero of Heroes" over Juan's Jammin' Ninja.  Juan decided it was time to make his move.  He consulted with Matt's manager, Adrian Andrews, who also had a grudge against Matt.  Together they plotted to hold a false press conference, and Juan, dressed as Nickel Samurai, would reveal Matt's history with Celeste to the public and ruin his good image.  Adrian was horrified at the thought of Juan using Celeste's memory in such a way, and decided on her own that she would retrieve this so called "will" and destroy it.  Meanwhile, however, her secret meetings were discovered by the tabloids and spread by as some kind of secret love affair.

The scandal alerted Matt's attention, and soon after he started spying on Juan using dozens of small video cameras, by hiding them in bear toys he sent anonymously.  He spied Juan slipping his fake will into another bear toy and, guessing its contents, decided to act.  A week before the action show he'd scheduled to star in he sent an email to hit man Shelly de Killer asking for a hit against Juan Corrida.  They arranged time and place. 

Just after the action show, Matt ate dinner with Adrian and then told her he would be sleeping in his room.  But he slipped out just as Will Powers came looking for him, delivering his fee for the hit to Killer himself (who was at the time dressed as a bellboy).  He went back in his room.

Killer entered Juan's room under the pretense of delivering a bottle of tomato juice.  He strangled Juan with a scarf, in the process spilling water onto Juan's guitar case.  He then left his trademark seashell card, found the bear toy with the will, and left.  All of this was caught on tape by Matt's cameras, and Will spotted the bellboy delivering the bear to Matt's room.

Meanwhile, Adrian came to check on Matt.  She found him asleep and then went to Juan's room, to see if he was awake for the conference.  She found him slumped in his chair and, thinking him unconscious, poured him a glass of tomato juice.  When she came closer she realized he was dead, and thoughtlessly left the glass behind.  She immediately knew Matt had to have been responsible.  She quickly returned to Matt's room, retrieving the knife he'd used for dinner, and stabbed it into Juan's dead body (so that Matt's fingerprints would be on it).  The blood dripped onto a button from Juan's Jammin' Ninja costume which she decided to plant on Matt to strengthen the evidence against him.  But when she peeked outside, ready to go back to the room, she noticed Lotta and Oldbag hanging around.  To keep from being implicated she dressed herself in the spare Nickel Samurai costume Juan was keeping for the conference.  She tried to find Celeste's will but couldn't, and in the end simply snuck out, and was spotted by Oldbag (not to mention Lotta's camera).

She planted the button, and when the police showed up, blame went instantly to Matt.  Matt quickly handed off the toy bear with the will back to Killer to leave at his home, which he did.  Killer then went about kidnapping Maya to use as ransom to get Phoenix's help.