This walkthrough is for those that bought GS4 and want to play through it, but have a limited understanding of Japanese.  It's a combination of the case descriptions I already made, and an FAQ on Gamefaqs (by Rokkuman, rtsmarty, Bolt Storm, and jamar).   It's not a straight translation, and there's no way to really go about the explanation without giving you the answers, so it won't feel like playing a real PW game, I'm afraid.

If you're looking for instructions on basic gameplay, check the Gamefaqs link posted above.  This is just an extension of that FAQ with some extra translation notes to help those without Japanese knowledge understand the choices they're making.


Turnabout Street Corners


The case opens with three different crimes being committed - a theft, a hit and run, a murder.  Are they all connected?

Day 1

Two months have passed since Odoroki's first case, and he's hit rock bottom.  But early that morning he receives an urgent phone call from Phoenix, and heads for Wright & Co. Law Offices.  There he meets Minuki, Phoenix's daughter, whom he met in court during his previous trial. 

-Talk to Minuki about all options.  If you show her your attorney's badge she'll make it vanish for a second and send Odoroki into a panic.

Minuki explains to Odoroki that they're not in a law office: she runs the "Wright & Co. Talent Agency."  Minuki works as a magician, while Phoenix works as a pianist that doesn't play the piano.

Speaking of Phoenix, he's nowhere around.  Minuki leads Odoroki to the Hikita Clinic, where Phoenix has been admitted after being hit by a car the night before (he's miraculously quite fine).  He's under the care of a familiar "doctor" with grabby hands... 

-Talk to Phoenix about all available options.

Odoroki isn't that glad to see Phoenix, and is even less thrilled when he's "hired" to find the hit and run driver (as in, "please find him, not that I can pay you").  He marks the place of the accident on a map and gives it to Odoroki.

-Map is added to Court Record

-Present lawyer badge to Phoenix

Odoroki doesn't want to do it, but Phoenix also promises him that there's another client that needs his help.  He should be waiting for you at the Office.

-Move back to Wright & Co.

Odoroki and Minuki go back to the office, where they meet Mugitsura Yatabuki, a noodle vendor. 

-Talk to Mugitsura about all options.  Two more will be added - talk to him about those, too.

Mugitsura explains he specializes in miso ramen, a favorite of Phoenix and his assistants for many years.  But it turns out it's not the services of a lawyer that Yatabuki needs: his entire noodle cart was stolen the night before.  He can't do business without it.

Minuki admits that she has a problem as well - her panties were stolen.  That's right, her panties were snatched out of the office by an unknown assailant.  Add her to the list of "clients".

-Move to Mugitsura's place, the third option (you can go to the park first, this is just what I did)

-Investigate the ramen bowl on the ground.  Bowl will be added to court record.

-Investigate the building next door (Ukari clinic) and the police car.

-Talk to Mugitsura about all options, and he'll talk more about how his cart was stolen.

-Present ramen bowl to Mugitsura and talk some more.

Next to Mugitsura's place is the Ukari Clinic, a rather well off establishment with a police patrol car parked in front.  The police won't let them investigate inside.  But the garage dor is slightly open.

-Move to Ukari Garage.

Odoroki sneak into the garage.  There they discover a bright green sports car, missing it's left mirror.  It seems that this car might have been the one that hit Phoenix the night before.

-Investigate Car - make sure you check the pink cell phone on the ground, and the tailpipe.

Shoved inside the tailpipe of the car are Minuki's missing panties!

-Cell phone and panties are added to the court record.

But they're not just ordinary panties - they're "magic."  Minuki explains that she uses the oversized panties in her show, as they're the vacuum of space from which she can draw out any object.  Well at least they found them.

-Investigate where the mirror should be.  Minuki will ask if you have any evidence that correlates.  You don't yet, so pick the bottom option.

-Move to Mugitsura's, then to the office.

-Present panties to Minuki.  Talk about all options.

-Move to Ninjou Park (should be the second option).

Odoroki and Minuki head to the scene of Phoenix's accident.  The street turns out to be between Ninjou Park and the main house of the Kitakitsune Clan - a family of yakuza.  The front of the yakuza building is covered in paint, and the park is swarming with cops.  Odoroki is immediately apprehensive, but they meet Koume Kitaki (aka broom lady), who is willing to give them some information. 

-Talk to Koume about all options.

Koume epxlains it was her family that discovered Phoenix after his accident.  After offering her sympathy, she reveals that a murder took place in the park the night before.  Oh, and she also had a pair of panties stolen.

A young woman is staring at the park, and Minuki offers her a flyer.  She wanders off.

-Examine the park sign.

-Examine trash can.

Odoroki discovers a rearview mirror in the nearby trash can (a green one), and some slippers. 

-Pick option 2, the mirror.  Mirror is added to court record.

-Present mirror to Koume.  Then talk to her some more.

Odoroki wants to visit the scene, but the police there don't let him in.  Detective Ema Skye shows up and insists to him only cops are allowed.  She heads off once more.

-Move to Mugitsura's, and then the garage.  Investigate the car again.  This time, pick the top option and present the mirror to Minuki - the mirror belongs to this car.

-Move to Hikita clinic.  Talk to Phoenix about all options and present to him Minuki's panties and the car mirror.

-Move to Wright & Co.

Odoroki and Minuki return to the office, where they are met with the young woman again. 

-Speak to the woman about all options.

-Present lawyer badge to Minami.

She introduces herself as Minami Namina.  She's engaged to the first son of the Kitakitsune Clan, Takita Kitaki.  It turns out he is the one who the police have arrested for the murder in the park.  Minami hires Odoroki to defend him in court the next day.  Thrilled to have an ACTUAL client, he quickly accepts.  Minami gives him a note indicating him as Takita's lawer.

-Minami's letter entered to court record.

-Move to Detention Center.

Odoroki tries to meet with Takita at the detention center, but he's sent away.  Takita is still in questioning.

-Move to Ninjou park

Odoroki and Minuki return to the park, armed now with Minami's note indicating them as Takita's lawyers.  The police are still skeptical, but then a man in a purple coat rides up on a motorcycle.  Odoroki is momentarily stunned silent when he realizes the man looks just like his former mentor, Kirihito.  But the man seems to appreciate Minuki's attention to him, and he escorts the two of them past the guards to the actual crime scene before leaving.

At the scene, they find Mugitsura's missing noodle stand.  It's surrounded by blue tarps, and there's a police statue wrapped up where a person would normally stand to pull the cart along.  They're not able to do much investigating, though, as detective Ema Skye shows up. 

-Talk to Ema about all options.

Apparently she only recently returned from studying scientific investigation techniques in America (Europe, in the American version).  When Odoroki tries to ask her anything she ignores him, busy instead chomping down snacks.  But she does mention being disappointed that "someone" isn't a lawyer anymore.

-Try to investigate anything and Ema will stop you.

-Minami's letter discarded from Court Record

-Move to Hikita Clinic.

-Talk to Phoenix about all options.

Phoenix explains that the Kirihito look alike is actually his brother, Kyouya Garyuu.  He also seems to recognize their description of the detective.  He tells Odoroki to find a white powder hidden under a hat in his office to give to her (Odoroki: "It had better not be drugs...").

-Move to Wright & Co.

-Investigate Hat.  Fingerprint powder added to court record.

-Move to Ninjou park, then the crime scene.

-Present fingerprint powder to Ema.

-Talk to Ema about all options.  In the first line, present Mugitsura's profile when prompted (the noodle cart belongs to him).

Ema warms up to the pair when she realizes they "work for" Phoenix, and offers them the autopsy report. 

-Autopsy report aded to Court Record.

The victim is Teruo Ukari, surgeon of the Ukari Clinic Odoroki and Minuki tried to visit earlier.  He was shot once in the right temple, and the body was discovered slumped over the noodle cart as if he were trying to pull it along even while dead. 

-Examine short sword.  Short sword added to court record.  Examine the sword to prompt a fingerprinting session.  You know what to do!

-When prompted, select Takia's profile (guy with the tuft of orange hair).  The fingerprints are his.

-Examine the trash can and find Koume's panties.  Panties added to Court Record.

-Examine noodle cart.  Yatabuki-ya added to Court Record.

-Move to Detention Center

The pair then head for the detention center, hoping to meet Takita before visitation is up.  He turns out to be a young punk of a kid who looks like a fox.  But Odoroki doesn't have the chance to talk to him, as he's already in a fight with his father: a very large, intimidating man in a cute yellow apron.  Takita insists that he's not afraid to stand trial and doesn't care if he's declared guilty.  He also accuses his father of being a loser and a weakling.  Before Odoroki can get a word in, Takita is hauled off, as visitation is over.

On the way out, Takita's father (Tsunekatsu) takes Odoroki aside, and assures him that Takita really is a good boy.  Odoroki promises to see Tsunekatsu's son set free.


Day 2

Court begins, and standing at the prosecutor's desk is Minuki's "prince" from the day before: Kyouya Garyuu, prosecutor.  He's one cool customer, and early on in the proceedings adopts the nickname "odeko-kun" for Odoroki ("Mr. Forehead").  The Judge is pleased to see him, as apparently Kyouya has been busy with his band lately, and hasn't been showing up in court as much.  But Kyouya assures him all is well.

Rather that start out with a description of the crime, Kyouya suggests they hear from Takita himself, who is prepared to tell the court his motive.  The Judge allows it, and Takita takes the stand.  He declares in the loudest way possible that Dr. Ukari was a quack and everyone should be glad he's dead. 

-Press all of Takita's statements.

Apparently, six months ago Takita was involved in a fight with a rival family, the Katagi.  He was shot in the chest, and the bullet became lodged dangerously close to his heart.  He underwent surgery at Ukari's clinic and thought everything was all right.  But just recently he had another checkup, and it turned out that the bullet was still inside him.  Ukari never completed the surgery at all, and never gave any indication that Takita wasn't completely healed. 

Not that the bullet scares him, or so he claims.  He says that part of being a man is being prepared to die at any time.  Kyouya taunts him, applauding his spirit - after all, with the bullet so close to his heart, chances are he could probably drop dead at any time.  That shuts Takita up at last, and the Judge dismisses him from the stand.

-Takita's medical records added to the court record.

The first witness is called: Kyousaku Kawadzu, a third year science student at Yuumei University (sound familiar?).   In his testimony, he says he was coming home from shopping when he cut through the park, and saw the victim with the noodle stand facing down the defendant.  Takita shot him straight on a with a pistol, and then panicked and ran away.  The pistol, which bears no fingerprints and was shot twice, was recovered from the scene.

-Pistol added to the court record.  It's a heavy .45 caliber handgun.

-Present autopsy report at statement 5 - that Kawadzu was shot "straight on."

According to the autopsy report, Ukari was shot through the temple, thus making it impossible for Takita to have shot him straight on.  Kawadzu amends his testimony: when he saw Takita with the gun, he called out to the pair for them to stop.  Ukari then turned his head towards him, distracted, and that's when Takita shot him.

The objection is squashed, and Kawadzu moves on to his second testimony.  He says Takita threw the gun down right after the shot and ran away.

-Present pistol at statement 5.

If Takita ran away right after the shot was fired, he wouldn't have had time to wipe off fingerprints.  He and Kyouya are back and forth over the possibility of the defendant wearing gloves, and at what point he might have taken them off.  Odoroki suggest there might have been something else Takita was holding at the scene.

-Choose option 2 when prompted.

-Present the small sword.

The sword bares Takita's fingerprints - maybe he was brandishing THAT at the doctor instead of the gun.  But Kyouya calmly points out that Odoroki just proved that either way, Takita intended to kill Ukari.  Odoroki is in trouble.

Kawadzu moves on to testify about what happened after the shot - he remained at the scene to call the police on his cell phone.

-Press all statements.

Odoroki isn't able to gain any new ground.  The Judge asks him if he wants to continue.

-Select the top option - not to continue.

The Judge is about to hand down the verdict, when suddenly Minuki screams.  Standing with her behind the bench is a tall, dark figure holding a knife!  The court goes nuts, except for Kyouya, who doesn't seem phased at all.  The man demands that trial be recessed for the next twenty minutes or Minuki will be in trouble.  Just before the pair disappears seemingly into mid-air, Minuki manages to tell Odoroki to come to the defense lobby.

Court is recessed, and Odoroki charges back into the defense lobby, there discovering Minuki safe and sound.  He's nearly reduced to tears as he curses the yakuza for such underhanded tactics.  But Minuki calms him down, and assures him everything's fine.  With a little bounce, out from behind her pops a tall wooden mannequin with a cape and a hat - the "dark figure" that had supposedly kidnapped her.  It was a trick all along.  The doll, "Mr. Hat", is a prop she uses in her show.

Odoroki yells at her, saying there are some things you just can't do, especially in court!  But Minuki scolds him, accusing him of breaking his promise to Tsunekatsu (that he'd set Takita free).  She was just buying them some time.  She then explains to Odoroki that, according to what her father told her, Odoroki has the same power she has: the power to "see through" people and read their body language, thus indicating when they're lying.  In the same way that a poker player learns to read other players and their "tells," so too can Odoroki use his "power" in court to determine when a witness is hiding something.  Unlike Minuki, his power comes from his bracelet.

And that's the reason why Phoenix has never lost a poker game - he always had Minuki with him.  She could read the other player, and would let Phoenix know when he or she was bluffing.  She insists it's not cheating since it's not like she can see the cards themselves.  Odoroki isn't quite sure about that, but he listens to Minuki's explanation a to how he can use his power in court.  She claims that whenever Kawadzu is unsure of his testimony, he fingers the pages of his book.

Court resumes, and though the Judge is confused to see Minuki perfectly fine, Kyouya seems to have known all along.  The Judge asks if Odoroki wishes to hear the testimony again.

-Select option 1 - yes

-Press statement 3, that Kawadzu called the police on his cell phone.

Odoroki feels a reaction from his bracelet. 

-Press the swirling bracelet icon to open the Minuku System, and zoom in on Kawadzu's fingers.  When you see him begin to finger the pages, press the button at the top of the screen (soko da!).  It should pause his testimony.  Make sure the fingers are still moving and the button again to present.

-Select the first option, and then the first option again, when prompted.

Odoroki points out to Kawadzu about his nervous habit.  He speculates that Kawadzu hesitates because he never called the police on his cell phone, because Odoroki himself has it - the one he discovered it in Ukari's garage. Kawadzu confirms nervously, but Kyouya covers him, saying there's no way they could know when the phone was dropped.  Unless Odoroki has proof.

-Select first option

-Present car mirror

Since the phone was discovered beneath the tire of the car and wasn't crushed, it couldn't have been there very long - in fact, it could only have been left there the night of the murder, just after Ukari's car was used to smash into Phoenix.  Kawadzu couldn't have had his cell phone to call the police like he said he did.

Kawadzu admits that he left the scene after the murder, and used a payphone to call the police.  He revises his testimony.

-Press statement 4 about how Kawadzu clearly saw the noodle stand.

He mentions the noodle stand, and the "Yakibuta-ya" lettering across it.  The Judge asks if this is an important point.

-Pick the last option, and then the last option again, when prompted.  Kawadzu revises his statement.

-Present the noodle stand at the revised statement.

Odoroki quickly points out that the letters on the stand should read "Yatabuki-ya" - Kawadzu read it backwards.  Kawadzu's testimony was that he was to the left of Ukari and the noodle stand, as Ukari was shot in the right temple when he turned to face him.  But the only way for him to have misread the lettering would be if he was standing on the RIGHT of the stand, where the lettering was reversed.  The Judge asks Odoroki to show where Kawadzu was on the map.

-Select the trash can to the stand's right.

If Kawadzu was standing to the right of the victim, it's possible that Ukari never turned his head as at all, as Kawadzu himself would have had a clean shot to his right temple.  Kyouya asks if Odoroki is accusing Kawadzu of the murder. 

-Pick the second option - Kawadzu is guilty of some other crime.  The Judge asks for proof.

-Present Minuki's panties.

That night, Minuki's panties were stolen, and she chased the criminal in the direction of Ukari's garage - where they found the panties AND Kawadzu's cell phone.  Not only that, but if Kawadzu was standing to the right of the noodle stand, he would have been right next to the park's trash can.  The Judge asks why that's significant.

-Present Koume's panties

What happened to be in the trash?  Take that - it's more panties!

Kyouya: "...Just how many pairs of panties are you keeping in your pocket?"

Odoroki: "...This is the last one."

Kawadzu admits that he stole the panties.  But he swears he's not a pervert.  He went to Minuki's show a while ago, and saw her act.  Her panties are magic - they defy physics!  As a devoted student, it was his duty to uncover the secrets of the mysterious panties.

The Judge declares that the witness is no longer credible.  He dismisses him from the stand and decides he can't declare a verdict at this point.  Both sides need to investigate more.

Court is adjourned!

Tthe pair return to the office, where they meet briefly with Minami. 

-Talk to Minami about all options.

She thanks them for their hard work.  But she's still worried about Takita - they're supposed to be married next month, after all.

-Move to Denetion Center.

They then make their way to the Detention Center, where they AGAIN fail to meet with their client.  But Kawadzu is there as well, having been arrested for his panty-filching.  Apparently he's been grabbing them from all over town.

-Talk to Kawadzu about all options.

-Present Minuki's panties.

Though Kawadzu lied about his phone and his position at the crime scene to cover up his other crime, he stands by his testimony: Takita threatened Ukari, and when Kawadzu cried out to them, Ukari turned his head and was shot.  He promises to uncover the secret of the panties someday.

-Move to Mugitsura's.  Talk to him about all options.

-Examine the Ukari clinic doors and sign and talk to him again.

Odoroki and Minuki find Mugitsura, thinking he'll be glad to know that his noodle cart is safe.  But he's as upset as ever, since the cart is part of a crime scene now and he still can't conduct his business.  He remarks that Ukari is in his way even in death!  When Odoroki probes this statement further, Mugitsura admits that he and Ukari knew each other.  In fact, Mugitsura used to be a doctor as well.  But his small clinic couldn't compete with Ukari, whose clinic had strong connections to the mafia which kept it well off.  Two years ago Mugitsura was forced to close shop entirely, falling back on the noodle stand for his living.

-Move to Ninjou Park.

-Present Koume her panties

Odoroki and Minuki return to the Kitaki home, and try to give back Koume's panties, but she says they might as well keep them. 

-Talk to Koume about all options.

She tells them a bit about Minami: she's not thrilled about her engagement to Takita.  It seems she was very insistent in coming on to him.  It's a bad time, since the family is in need of money - clean money, and a lot of it.  She doesn't explain further than that.

-Move to the detention center.

Odoroki & Co. are FINALLY able to meet Takita in detention.  At first he mistakes them for Minami, and gets grouchy when it turns out not to be her. 

-Talk to Takita about all options.

He still insists he's not at all worried about getting convicted, since it's all part of the "manly" yakuza lifestyle he enjoys.  In fact, it's rather bad ass of him.  When asked about Minami, he mentions that she seems to have something in her past she'd like to forget.  He loves girls like that who need protecting.  Makes him more manly.  He's also pissed off at his father, Tsunekatsu, who is trying to make their family turn to honest business.  He views giving up the yakuza lifestyle as the actions of a coward.

-Present either the gun or the sword.

-Talk to Takita about the new option.

Odoroki asks Takita directly if he killed Ukari, but Takita is surprisingly uncertain.  He remembers facing him down, and running away afterwards, but the middle part is a bit hazy.

-Move to Ninjou Park.

Just outside they find Kyouya's motorcycle, and then Kyouya himself, surrounded by squealing fan girls.  He explains that his bike won't run because the tailpipe is stopped up.  Car or motorcycle, an engine can't run if the tailpipe is blocked.  He fixes the problem and leaves.

-Investigate the trash can again.  Green slippers added to court record.  Investigate it in your court record, noting the pattern on the bottom.  Make sure also to check the toe print on the inside, and dust the print.  Finally, check the lettering: it says Ukari Clinic.

-Move to the crime scene.

-Talk to Ema about all options.

Back at the crime scene, Ema is in a bad mood.  She complains about Kyouya being so careless and annoying.  She also mentions that Kyouya is the one who got Phoenix's lawyer badge taken away from him, but when Odoroki tries to get more information out of her, she tells him he ought to ask Phoenix himself.

Ema then shows off her latest science kit for taking footprint molds, though she's been having some trouble with it.  When Odoroki expresses interest she's all smiles and lets the two of them help.

-Pick the footprints by the trash can.  Click the footprint to fill it with goo.  Then, click around with the hair dryer until it's dry.  The print will peel up, and then you have to move the roller up and down over the print until it's covered in ink.  The ink will make an impression, and you'll be prompted to select who you want to compare the print to.  Pick Kawadzu's to make a match.

-Talk to Ema again, last option, to do the whole thing over again with Takita's prints, and then the footprint next to the noodle cart.

With Odoroki's help they make molds of the three different footprint sets around the scene: one belonging to Takita, one to Kawadzu, both where they should be.  But there's a third footprint, right next to the noodle car and pointing away from it.  It has a strange leaf pattern in the middle.  Ema asks if you might know who it belongs to, because she doesn't have a sample to match.

-Pick the top option, then present the green sandal.

It's a match, but they still don't know who the slippers belong to.  Ema acknowledges that this means the Ukari Clinic must have something more to do with the case, and she gives Odoroki a letter that will let him investigate there.

-Ema's note added to Court Record.

-Move to Hikita Clinic.

-Talk to Phoenix about everything.

He admits that it was Kyouya he lost to seven years ago (Kyouya was only 17 at the time, but hey, he was taught in American, land of child-lawyers).  He was then disbarred for having forged evidence.  He won't say if he really forged the evidence or not, leaving it up to Odoroki's judgment.  After their last experience in court together, Odoroki isn't sure what to believe.

-Move to Mugitsura.

Thanks to the endorsement of Detective Skye, Odoroki and Minuki are given permission by the officers there to check the inside of the clinic.

-Move to the inside of the Clinic

The waiting room has dozens of pairs of Ukari slippers, and also several stacks of noodle bowls.  Off to the side is a pair of blue girl's sandals.

-Investigate all three items.

-Blue sandals added to Court Record.  Investigate the sandals and take the toe print.

-Investigate the door on the left.

They hear a thudding sound from the back office.  They take a peek inside, and find Ukari's office to be a total mess, as if someone has broken in.  There's a lamp on the floor that has been unplugged, and there's a red mark on the cord. 

-Investigate the lamp.  Lamp is entered into evidence.  Make sure you check the broken bulb and the red mark on the cord.

-Investigate the safe on the back wall.  Two numbers have already been pressed in.  Minuki asks if there's some way they can figure out the other two.

-Pick option 1 (yes, there is!) and select the fingerprint powder.  Dust the whole screen and blow away the dust like you would any other fingerprint.  Press 5 2 to open the safe.

-Investigate the hole in the back, and the documents. 

There's a bullet sunk into the back of the safe that Odoroki pries out, as well as several hospital documents.  Inside they find Takita's medical chart and X-rays, taken before and after his surgery - they clearly show that the bullet is still inside him, and thus are evidence of criminal malpractice.  Even more surprising, they find Minami's name on the chart listed as the head nurse in charge of his case.  She knew all along that he had a bullet still in him.

-Bullet and Takita's Xrays are added to the Court Record.  Examine both.

-Move back to the crime scene.

-Present blue sandals to Ema.  When prompted to offer something to compare the toe print to, present the green slippers.

Ema determines the same person wore both sets of shoes.

-Move to Detention and talk to Takita about all options.

-Present blue sandals.

Takita confirms that the blue sandals belong to Minami.  In fact, he's the one that bought them for her. 

-Present Takita's X-rays.

Takita then admits that he and Minami met at the clinic while he was recovering.  She complained often about her job, and Takita offered to take her away from it all.  She then asked him to marry her right then, and he agreed.  Takita doesn't seem to understand what this all means: Minami asked him to marry her even knowing there was a bullet still lodged in his chest.

-Move to Mugitsura's.  Minuki will suggest showing him Takita's X-rays, so do so.  Talk to him about all options.

Mugitsura is deeply moved to be useful as a doctor again.  But he grows deadly serious and explains that Takita is even worse off than they thought.  The reason Ukari didn't remove the bullet had to have been because he couldn't - Mugitsura admits that even he wouldn't have been able to complete such a surgery, as the bullet is stuck very close to the heart and surrounded by major blood vessels (specifically, the aorta).  Even the slightest mistake would rupture the vessels and kill Takita instantly.  He even sympathizes with Ukari, and the helplessness he must have felt when confronted with such an operation.  He tells Odoroki that whoever this X-ray belongs to only has about six months left to live.

Odoroki is shocked, and admits that the X-ray is already six months old.  It's a miracle Takita is even still alive.  Mugitsura says they should forget the trial and get Takita help as soon as possible, but there's nothing they can do.  The trial has to finish.


Day 3

At court the next day, Phoenix shows up, claiming he had nothing better to do.  He's interested to see how Odoroki fares.

Minami is called first to the stand.  She says that she didn't come forward with her testimony sooner because she loves Takita, but she can't go on hiding the truth.  Takita told her about how he stole the gun from his family's collection, and that he was going to make that quack doctor know what it felt like to have a bullet in his chest.  Since the family's guns are safely guarded, no one but Takita could have gotten it and used it in the murder.

-Press statement five about Takita being "the only one" who could have gotten the gun.  Select the second option, and then present Minami's profile.

If Minami really did speak to Takita after he removed the gun, she could have stolen it from him herself.  They were engaged after all, and Takita would do anything for her.  But Minami insists that she has nothing to do with Ukari.

-Present Takita's X-ray that has her name on it.

Minami then admits that she was involved in the case before.  But she doesn't have any reason to go back to Ukari now.

-Present Minami's sandals, which place her at the clinic.

Minami breaks down a bit, revealing her true nature: she doesn't really care about Takita after all.  Having worked with Ukari she knew Takita was going to die from the bullet and didn't care enough to tell him.  But that doesn't mean she killed anyone.  In fact, she went to Ukari to warn him that Takita knew the truth and wanted him dead.  That's how her sandals ended up at the clinic.

Odoroki questions why she left the clinic without them, in that case, and at first Minami can't answer.  But Kyouya rescues her, suggesting she merely mistook another patient's shoes for hers, and wore those.  Minami hastily agrees.  She begins new testimony and insists that she's not hiding anything.

-Present the X-ray at statement 4, that she had no reason to go to Ukari other than to warn him about Takita.

Odoroki feels a reaction from his bracelet.  The Minuku Bracelet appears at the top of the screen. Minami revises her statement to say that even if she did have a hand in covering up Takita's condition, that was half a year ago.  She had no reason to go to Ukari now, after all this time.

-Use the Minuku System at the new statement, and focus on Minami's ring.  When it moves, present it.

-Present Takita's medical reports (the original ones, not the X-ray).

Takita just had a physical recently, revealing the bullet.  That's what started the whole incidence in the first place.  Takita was heated up because of that, and if he found out after all this time that Minami had been lying to him, she would be next on the Yakuza hit list.  Minami admits that she went to the clinic the night of the incident, hoping to get and destroy the documents incriminating her before Takita could get to Ukari.

Minuki is impressed with Odoroki's power, having caught onto a tell that not even she noticed.  But Minami insists that nothing else happened at the office while she was there.  She tried to get the reports from Ukari, but he thought that she'd been sent by the Yakuza, and refused to give up a thing.  She gave up, and that was it. 

-Present the bullet at this new statement.

Something DID happen at the office.  All they have to do is check the striations on the bullet to see if it matches the Kitaki gun: since the gun was under strict guard up until the night of the murder, it would prove that the bullet could only have been shot within a very specific window of time.

Kyouya is taken aback, and has to admit he's impressed.

Court adjourns for 30 minutes while tests are run on the gun and bullet.  The Judge reports that the bullet indeed matches the Kitaki gun.  Odoroki then accuses Minami of being the murderer - other than Takita, Minami was the only one who could have used the weapon that night.

Takita leaps onto the stand, confessing to the murder all over again to protect his lovely girlfriend.  But Minami is dismissive of him, laughing off his concern.  Stunned, he steps back again.  Minami continues to deny that she shot anyone.

Kyouya interrupts, suggesting that if Minami really did go to Ukari, and the safe was open, why didn't she take the chart which incriminated her so horribly?  Odoroki suggests that she was prevented somehow, and that's why she had to return to the scene the next day - she was the one he and Minuki heard in the office when they were there the day before.

Kyouya then brings the case back around to the shooting event at the park itself.  Whatever happened at the clinic doesn't change that they've already determined Kawadzu saw Takita shoot the doctor. 

-Press Minami's statement 5, and select the 3rd option.

Odoroki suggests maybe the shooter was somewhere else, and Kyouya challenges him to show where.  He even air guitars the penalty up higher than usual (yes, you can air guitar a penalty). 

-When shown the map of the scene, point to the cart itself.  Odoroki is asked if he has proof someone hid in the cart.

-Select option 1 - yes you do!

-Present the green slippers.

The slippers made a strange print pointing away from the cart.  Only someone climbing out of the cart could have made it.

But wouldn't Ukari notice if there was someone in the cart?  Kyouya argues there wasn't even room in a noodle cart for a person to hide. 

-Present the noodle bowl you got at the beginning of the case.

If someone took all of the bowls out of the cart, there would easily be room for a small woman like Minami.  In fact, all the bowls are already in Ukari's clinic.

The Judge admits that Minami seems to have opportunity and motive for the murder.  He asks for her to testify again. 

-Minuku statement 5, and watch her hand at her neck.  Present it when it pulls at her scarf.

Odoroki points out that Minami reaches for her scarf when she mentions Ukari, and asks that she remove it.  Minami refuses, but the Judge backs Odoroki up, and she has no choice.  Removing the scarf reveals a red mark around her neck. What caused it?

-Present the lamp with the mark on its cord.

Minami has no choice but to admit it: when she went to Ukari, she had Takita's gun.  She ordered Ukari at gunpoint to open the safe and give her the incriminating documents.  But just as the safe was opened he turned on her, knocking her to the ground.  Though the gun went off, Ukari wasn't hit, and he strangled her unconscious with the lamp cord.

And that's just it - strangler her UNCONSCIOUS.  The mark on her neck is proof of that, proof Odoroki himself insisted she present.  So if she was unconscious, there's no way she could have snuck into a noodle cart and shot Ukari in the park.

The Judge agrees, but then Kyouya interferes, and asks for her to stay on the stand a while longer.  Grinning, he claims he "just wants to know the truth."  Maybe they don't know what happened after Minami fell unconscious, but if you think about it logically, there's only one answer that makes sense.  Having immobolized Minami, what would Ukari have done next?

-Present the Yatabuki-ya cart.

Ukari shut the safe up, and stole Mugitsura's noodle stand.  He cleared it of the noodle bowls and shoved Minami and the gun inside, and dragged it to the park. What was he intending to do?

-On the map, point to the river.

His intent was to cast Minami in the river.  But on the way he ran into Takita, brandishing his short sword.  As they argued, Minami must have woken up inside the noodle cart.  When she heard Ukari about to tell Takita the truth - that she had been helping to deceive him all along - she panicked, and found the gun.  Just as Kawadzu called out, she fired.  Since Kawadzu was to the right of the noodle cart Ukari turned his head right, and that's how Minami hit him in his right temple.  After Takita ran and Kawadzu left to call the police, she slipped out and dumped her slippers in the trash.

Minami congratulates him on a charming story, but there's one big problem: Ukari had a car.  A sports car, even.  True it had been in an accident earlier, but the car wasn't damaged enough that it couldn't still drive.  If Ukari really did go through the trouble of taking a body to the river, why would he steal a noodle cart instead of just using his car?

-Pick option 2 - Ukari's car wouldn't start.

The Judge asks for proof that the car wouldn't start.

Kyouya tells Odoroki to consider very carefully.  Consider ALL the evidence he's obtained during the case.

-Present Minuki's panties.

Just before the murder took place, Kawadzu stole Minuki's panties and hid them in the tailpipe of Ukari's car.  They remained there until Odoroki and Minuki discovered them the next day.  So from the time just after Phoenix's accident until the next morning, Ukari's car wouldn't have started.  After all, the engine wouldn't run with a stopped-up tailpipe, just like Kyouya had said.  He had no choice but to steal the cart.

Minami shrieks, and is defeated.  She admits to everything.  She even hired Odoroki from the no-name law office thinking there was no chance in hell he'd be able to prove Takita innocent.  She's taken away, and Takita is declared not guilty.

In the lobby, Minuki congratulates Odoroki on a job well down.  Takita, however, is not so thrilled, and he gives Odoroki an earful for getting his lovely fiancÚ locked up.  But then Tsunekatsu shows up, and scolds Takita for being foolish.  Just as they're about to get into it again, Odoroki steps in. 

-Present Takita's X-rays.

Odoroki reminds Takita of his condition, and how serious it really is.  Tsunekatsu isn't trying to "go straight" because he can't handle being a yakuza.  They found a doctor, best in the world, that would be able to handle Takita's operation.  But it was their yakuza lifestyle that got Takita wounded so badly in the first place, and Tsunekatsu refused to resort to that to get the money needed for the operation.

Takita is momentarily stunned, but he's back to normal quickly.  He calls his father a bunch of names and storms out.  But Tsunekatsu is satisfied, and believes that Takita will understand once he's head of the family.  He gives Odoroki his heartfelt thanks.

Minuki suggests they go back to the office.  They make a great time.  Odoroki is hesitant, but he agrees.  After all, he still wants to know just what happened to Phoenix those seven years ago, and what the secret is behind the power he and Minuki share...


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