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The contest is over, but you can still read the entries below!

Winner and Judge's Choice of CR's Original Character Contest 2007, Fanfiction Division

Entry: Follow The Fool (Excerpt)
(The full fic is already featured in CR's fanfiction section)

Entrant's Name:  Can'tFakeTheFunk

Character Name: Gunther Hertz (Ace Attorney)

Age: 29

Occupation: Defense Attorney currently practicing law in Hamburg, Germany

Brief Physical Description: Tallish, with long blond hair that he wears in a ponytail, and stubble on his face that grows into a small goatee on his chin. Wears a black military-style coat with golden fringe/embroidery, a gray striped vest and white ruffled shirt beneath it, and a crimson cravat around his neck. Has a bunch of “medals” on his chest, though they don’t really mean anything—he just likes how they look!

Brief Personality Description: Quite jovial and friendly. Very energetic and flamboyant, tends to act rather “foolish” (particularly from Franziska’s point of view) and use… more ‘eccentric’ language and metaphors than most people do in their everyday lives. Still, though he acts silly and quite eccentric, is intelligent and actually quite a competent defense attorney—though he’s got a fairly poor win/loss record due to the fact that he often takes the cases of obviously guilty people. After all, the law entitles them to proper defense, does it not? Has a slightly more serious and sober side, though even then he’s rarely without a grin on his face.

Connection to Canon Characters: Has faced Franziska von Karma in court at least 42 times. Has lost 41 of those times. Though she can hardly stand his jovial, ‘foolish’ nature, he seems oddly fond of the young prosecutor and certainly respects her talents as an adversary.

Brief Background: There’s nothing really special about Gunther’s background—he decided he wanted to be an attorney in order to defend those who needed it (including the guilty), went to law school, and became a lawyer. Started prosecuting around the same time as Franziska von Karma, has gone against her in court multiple times (and until recently, has never won). His reasons for becoming a lawyer? Well, that’s one of the few things he keeps to himself.


Runner Up of CR's Original Character Contest 2007, Fanfiction Division

Entrant's Name:  MoronSonOfBoron

Entry:  Turnabout Investigation

Character's Name:  Marin Marshall

Age: 27

Occupation: Police Inspector   

Brief Physical Description:  Skin of a light milk chocolate hue with dark eyes and hair. Features are a marked mix of southeast Asian and caucasian, giving her a defined structure and lean build. A buxom lady, if a bit on the short side. 

Brief Personality Description:  Marin's razor wit and sharp mind let her confidently project herself in many situations. She has a bit of a frank disposition that catches people off guard. A bit of a cynic, her awfully dim view of humanity in general is a driving philosophy in her investigations. 

Connection to Canon Characters:  Colleagues with Ema Skye, a forensic investigator in the police department. Marin and Ema share a common thread in the SL-9 case - Marin is in fact the daughter of Neil's cousin, and despite their relative distance the family was brought together over his death. 

Brief Background:  Born of mixed ethnicity, her mother was a cousin of late prosecutor Neil Marshall. Marin was a teenager at the time of Neil's death, and it is speculated the event inspired her to study criminology and eventually join the police force as an inspector.

Marin is reputed to have/had a lot of boyfriends, which has lead to some of the older members of the force to jokingly compare her to retired legendary investigator Angel Starr.


Other Finalists from CR's Original Character Contest 2007

Entry:  Amos Sharpe

Entrant's Name: Sarah Bruno  

Character's Name: Amos Sharpe

Age: Likely somewhere above sixty. I doubt that 'interestingly old' would really apply here.

Occupation: Prosecutor.

Brief Physical Description: Mr. Sharpe is something of a short, stocky build; you could say his appearance was inadvertently inspired by John Hammond from Jurassic Park [the crazy scientist who tried to put his finger in a baby velociraptor's mouth. I'm sure you know him]. Mr. Sharpe doesn't stand taller than five and a half feet total and in relation seems vaguely chubby; however he is within a healthy weight range, although it is packed along a smaller frame. He is clean shaven and white-haired, though with a receding hairline. He walks with a limp and therefore carries a sophisticated cane in his right hand. He tries to avoid suits when he can but dresses formally still.

Brief Personality Description: Mr. Sharpe is a slightly odd -- he does enjoy the power of imagination and uses it to answer any question he doesn't firmly know the answer to. This conveys that he is a warm, social, if not strange character... which is entirely true. He takes life as it comes and is therefore happy with his age. He also takes a lot of things as challenges instead of yes or no questions, including his job. As a prosecutor he strives to challenge the opponent, not to necessarily defeat them. This may possibly be too brief but it is Amos Sharpe in a nutshell.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Very little. Likely knows very few only in passing. For instance, his short trial against Phoenix Wright as seen in the following fanfiction, and he met Edgeworth maybe due to both being prosecutors. It is a small world, I suppose.

Brief Background: Generally uneventful. He became a prosecutor at forty and so is well-acquainted with his profession. He never married and of course has no children. He harbors a secretly primitive and yet manly side which involves cutting his own firewood, rolling in the forest floor instead of showering in the hope he will smell pine fresh (it succeeds!), and sharing punches to the stomach with close friends -- traditions that started at a very young age. He was raised with the idea that he shouldn't take very much too seriously and that things should always be seen in a positive light.


Entry:  Rise of a New Edge

Entrant's Name:  Arnaud VIÉ

Character's Name: Newt Prower

Age: 21

Occupation: Defense attorney

Brief Physical Description: Not very tall (approximately 1m70), quite large (80 kg) and not very muscular. Brown and short haired. Usually wears dark suits.

Brief Personality Description: Loner, not very interested in living among other people but, paradoxically, interested in understanding their ways of thinking. Convinced that he can understand someone much faster than everyone else, and interested in law, he became a lawyer. Usually determines whether someone is guilty or not simply by talking to him, and then accepts or refuses to defend him. Detached to any consideration of perfection or honor, he does not feel in a very different way after losing or winning a trial; however he does his job as well as he can because as he had been raised in a great respect of life, he doesn't want to feel responsible for ruining a client's life.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Stepson of Miles Edgeworth's mother.

Brief Background: Born and raised in England, traumatized by his mother's death when he was 3 years old and raised by his father until this one met and married Miles Edgeworth's mother. Newt had thus been raised by a stepmother who knew a lot about law and told him many stories about Justice. Fascinated by all these stories, he decided to study law and become Edgeworth's rival when he'd be older. While he was studying law, he also -unofficially- studied psychology.

The story takes place immediately after Edgeworth left Prosecutor's office in 2017. It's my idea about what happened during his gap year (it fits in PW 1 and 2 's universe, I don't know if the next ones will contradict this theory :-p )


Entry:   Prologue to a Turnabout

Entrant's Name:  Sailacel Minamino

Character's Name: Kiridashi Kamisori


Assistant prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: Looks a few years younger than she is, often smiling, approximately 5' 6". Often wears 'gothic' clothing (ex. dark colors, shirts that resemble corsets, etc.) Red hair often tied into pigtails, pale blue eyes.

Brief Personality Description: Cheerful, easily excited, Once she starts talking, it's difficult to get her to stop.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Appointed to be Miles Edgeworth's assistant by Lana Skye. Whether or not Lana was merely trying to play a joke on Edgeworth is as of yet unknown.

Brief Background: One of Edgeworth's many (if she and Wendy Oldbag are any indication) admirers, Kamisori is a forensics scientist, having graduated from college
with an almost perfect GPA--a fact that stuns anyone who talks to the somewhat airheaded girl. But like most Gyakuten Saiban characters, Kamisori has the side she presents to the world and the side she presents when she has no other option. This other side (often only seen in court) is of a cold, calculating Kamisori who waits until the opposing side is at their weakest before striking. She has been known to study the transcripts of cases Edgeworth has prosecuted, and she has a paralyzing fear of the dark.

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