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This section is for winners and finalists from CR's Original Character contest, 2007.  If you would like your entry removed from this archive, please email Croik and I will take it down.

If you want to submit an original character without it being involved in the contest, please back up and fill out the application there.


Winner of CR's Original Character Contest 2007, Sprite Division

Entrant's Name: Officer V.C.

Character's Name: Jian "Jen" Lin

Age: 22

Occupation: Lawyer (primarily Defense Attorney)

Brief Physical Description: Young Chinese woman with black hair decorated with ornamental hair ribbons. Wears a gold-trimmed black coat over a red shirt, and black pants.

Brief Personality Description: Strict, straightforward, smug and sly, she's not very friendly and tends to be a bit mean and judgemental. Jen can prove her client innocent within the first day of trial using psychological tactics (this is especially the case of there isn't enough evidence to provide to the judge). If there's no task at hand she'll loosen up a bit and do things like go to a rock concert or a bar.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): N/A.

Brief Background: She lived in China until she was 10, in which her family moved to the United States. Since her father and her uncle were lawyers, she felt the same sense of justice as they did (especially when they defended a good friend of hers), and decided to go into the profession and take the defense's stand instead of the prosecution (such as her uncle). Despite her tough ways in court, she rides a motorcycle, she likes children, she listens to popular music, and she takes up kendo.


Runner Up of CR's Original Character Contest 2007, Sprite Division

Entrant's Name: Starshock12

Character's Name: Regal Wright, Takashi Naruhodou, 成歩堂

Age:  23 years of age

Occupation:   Attorney at law, part-time musician

Brief Physical Description:  Regal measures 6 feet 2 inches, weighs 152 lbs. Has scarlet eyes, an albino (white hair), and he is moderately lean and fit.

Brief Personality Description:   Regal is shy in private discussions, but is outgoing and has a sense of passion when speaking in public (courtroom). He's bestowed with an occasional sense of humor. This youth was always embarrassed in front of women, but has a truly kind heart. He rarely has a timid side, nor does he show his anger in public.

Connection to cannon characters:  Phoenix Wright's son (he begins his Attorney career after the timeline of Gyakuten Sayban 4), in love with Ema Skye (although their personality are bipolar in many ways).

Brief background:  Regal became an attorney for the simple fact that he was inspired from his father's career accomplishments. His sense of justice always triumphed over greed and misery, even in life and death. Regal's continuous determination of peace and hope for the innocent strives him farther than most other defense attorneys, who nowadays only work for money.


Croik's Choice in CR's Original Character Contest 2007, Sprite Division

Entrant's NameAlison Down (Mast3r Riku)    

Character's NameJapanese  Konsato Nouta/"Otaku-kun" (Family name, first name/"Nickname")  English  Marc Attacca

Age: 16

Occupation:  Student/Fanboy

Brief Physical Description:  A boy with a small, almost feminine, body. He has brown hair, which hangs over his  right eye a little, and blue eyes. He can be easily mistaken for being younger. He wears a  simple grey/black t-shirt, which has the "Kyouya G" symbol on it. He also wears simple black jeans, and sneakers.

Brief Personality Description:  Most times, he's optimistic and happy-go-lucky. Although, if certain things are brought up, he'll blush as red as a tomato. He's bad at bluffing, and anyone could see through him without a Minuku System. He's usually seen carrying his Kyouya scrapbook around with him.  Nouta can be slightly naive at times. He's also a devoted Kyouya and Garyuu Wave fanboy, having all of their mechandise.

Connection to canon characters:  Garyuu Kyouya's devoted fan? (His stalker?)

Brief BackgroundNouta comes from a normal family, living iwth jhis mother and older sister. Ever since Garyuu Wave was founded, he's been a fan. He has all of the 20 albums GW has released.  Nouta loves going to Anime conventions and concerts, and is even given the nickname "Otaku-kun" by other fans. It has been said that Nouta has a replica of the trademark Kyouya jacket, and some people say he has a real one given to him by Kyouya himself. If you ever need to know something about Kyouya or Garyuu Wave, he's the guy to go to!

Extra! Name Meanings


-"Konsato" is the japanese romanization of "Concert" which is obviously connected to him
is the combination of "no" ("of", "__'s" It makes things posessive, okay?) and "uta" ("song"). So altogether, his name means "Concert's Song", or "Song of Concert". Although it makes no sense, it fits in with the music theme of his name.
-"Otaku" is the equvialant of a fanboy


-'Marcato'  in music terms is 'Marked, emphasized', He's very to the point about his love for Garyuu Wave.
-'Attacca' is an instruction meaning to attach (Proceed to the next section
without pause). He's attached to his fandom! Yes?


Other Finalists from CR's Original Character Contest 2007

Entrant's Name: Morurie

Character's Name: Kohle Bergmann

Age: 28

Occupation: Unemployed, though previously a private investigator.

Brief Physical Description: Fairly tall man With broad features, though a slender face,  Usually with a blank or tired expression. His dark brown hair is wild and messy, but not much else stands out.

Brief Personality Description: Rather stoic and aloof, not easily freaked out, though gets nervous when people talk to him, and is a fairly trustworthy person. He's actually a little loud and obnoxious around people he's used to, even with a straight face. He's absolutely terrified of cats, so much even stuffed dolls of them make him fidgety.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): None? Phoenix, maybe?

Brief Background: A simple man of German decent, Kohle used to work as a private investigator in the countryside, where he was raised. He was fired after his last case for suspecting a supposedly innocent teenage girl, whom ended up admitting to the crime later.
Soon after he moved to Los Angeles to find a better job, and immediately after his Father is accused of poisoning his Mother, Though the time of death is before Kohle leaves, and he is later suspected aswell.

Entrant's Name: EliteGamerX
Character Name:  Bishop King / Taizou Kenji / Roi Trépas (alt.: Roi Eveque)
aliases: "Checkmate" King, "Prosecuting King of Death"
Age:  DOB/DOD: 1961-2022; deceased at 61
First Appearance (1980s-2000): 21 years old
Second Appearance (2017-): 58 years old
Occupation:  Prosecutor (1981-2000; 2017-2021)
Brief Physical Description:  A tall, Caucasian man clad in a dark suit.  Despite his age, he appears to be in his 30s.
Brief Personality Description:  Bishop King is a firm believer in the "true spirit of justice", and an outspoken critic of the current 
justice system (as of PW3).  He believes true justice cannot be fulfilled through rules that are set in stone, nor can one man 
decide the fate of another.  King follows a personal honor code - he will never, under any circumstances, manipulate the law for 
personal gain or fame, a lesson he learned when he began his career. He despise Manfred von Karma for using illegal methods 
to maintain his 40-year 
record, and (for a short time) tries to keep Franziska from going down the same path.
As a psychic, he could see/read people's thoughts, determining their innocence. With this ability, he can save or condemn his 
clients (they're not ALL innocent of their crimes!) by using "the truth" to gather the necessary evidence.  As the last surviving 
member of his family, he has spent his entire life trying to build a legacy for the entire world to remember.
Despite his "cold, anti-social" personality, he has a heart of gold and will selflessly help those in need.  This may have led to his 
failing health 20 years ago.  Even though he continues to be in great physical pain (due to his ailment), he hides his pain 
underneath a carefree facade.
Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Bishop King has worked alongside Manfred von Karma, Damon Gant, and 
Winston Payne during his first run as prosecutor.  During this time, he has been pitted against Gregory Edgeworth on a number 
of occasions.  There's also a possibility that he may have worked alongside with (if not only met with) Lana Skye and Mia Fey 
after his first retirement. However, the time and place of such a meeting is not known.
He appears to be on good terms with the Judge's family, as well as the police department.
Brief Background:  A psychic who became a prosecutor to bring people to justice.
During the 1980s, he became famous in the world of law for winning many high-profile cases.
His skills earned him several nicknames throughout the years, including "Checkmate" King and "the Prosecuting King of Death".
However, his psychic powers placed a strain on his body.   His condition began to worsen, and he was forced to retire in 2000.  
In the years that followed, his legacy was overshadowed by  Manfred von Karma's 40-year perfect streak and the 
"Legendary Duo".   To the rest of the world, "Checkmate" King was nothing more than a fading memory, and he fell into 
In order to escape his depression, King has attended nearly every court proceeding following his first retirement.  Witnessing 
von Karma's defeat to Phoenix Wright gave him the strength to "rise from the ashes" once more, using Wright's fame to 
springboard his own into history.
Bishop King returned to the prosecutor's bench in 2017, determined to restore the prosecution's reputation by defeating 
Phoenix Wright and rebuild his legacy. To do this, he must separate him from his friends, the source of his "power". By 
taking them out of the equation, King intends to humiliate Wright and expose him as a "fraud".  Unbeknownst to everyone, 
King's fate has already been sealed. Having "abused" his powers 20 years ago, the damage inflicted on his body is irrepairable. 
Even with his medication, King isn't expected to live past 60...
Will he be able to achieve his own "legendary" status before he's taken into Death's cold embrace?
Name Origin:
(JPN/FRN name references found on http://www.freedict.com)
USA: Bishop King & "Checkmate" King (nickname) = 
Bishop, King, Checkmate: Chess references.
JPN: Taizou Kenji =
Taizou: Taken from "taishoku" (fading) and "izou" (legacy).
Kenji: means "public prosecutor".
FRN: Roi Trépas/Roi Eveque = 
Roi: means "king".
Trépas: means "death. ("King of Death"...get it?)

Eveque: means "bishop"; supposed to be a alt. French version of "Bishop King".


Entrant's Name:   Viewtiful Starman

Character's Name: Charles Pénombre

Age:  29

Occupation:  Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description:  Wears a dark blue suit, with a black shirt and a white tie underneath.  Wears a hat, and sunglasses that obscure his eyes.  Has black hair and although they aren't normally visible since he almost never takes off his sunglasses, he has blue eyes.

Brief Personality Description:  Charles Pénombre is a strange prosecutor who speaks in an informal and vaguely condensing manner, laughs creepily and smiles so much that it's almost impossible to tell whether he's sincerely happy or not.

He puts a lot of emphasis on doing his job to reveal the truth and is quite harsh and judgmental to liars.  As such, he gets very annoyed when he thinks people are deceiving him.  While he doesn't ever directly lie to another person, he isn't against glossing over smaller truths as long as he thinks it will help towards revealing the "ultimate truth" in a case.

He has a strange habit of speaking in RPG terms as if he was a narrator or dungeon master, and although he doesn't look it he's a huge fan of RPGs and videogames in general.  Is very fluent in l33t.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable):  Has past experiences arguing on an internet forum with Sal Manella and considers him somewhat of a rival.

Brief Background:  Up until the age of 10, Charles lived a fairly easy life.  He was spoiled and sheltered from the outside world, but his parents had a lot of money and he was as happy as he could be.  That is, until his parents were murdered.

He was suddenly thrust in to a much less coddling family of relatives, who were able to cheat him out of a large amount of money he should have inherited.  He ended up living the rest of his childhood in a harsh world where people were lying to him all the time, and began to resent liars and the lies his parents had told him to (in their minds) protect him.

This slowly twisted his mind as he grew up, and caused him to develop the fixation he has on the truth he has today.  He eventually decided to become a prosecutor so he could expose criminals who tried to lie their way out of punishment.


Entrant's Name: Matt Palmateer

Character's Name: Zetsa Bernard

Age: 26

Occupation: Prosecutor

Brief Physical Description: A man of a fairly average build. Almost always in a costume rather than a suit.

Brief Personality Description: An eccentric man who is very interested in anime and video games, unfortunately, he is more interested in those than his actual job.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): He was Franziska's replacement while she was in Japan.

Brief Background: When Franziska left for Japan, the majority of her workload fell to Zetsa, but because of Zetsa's laziness towards work, quite a few of these cases were lost to the defense. He is always threatened with firing by his superiors, however, this is not due to his ever growing loss
record, but is caused moreso by his refusal to wear a suit to court. Has been held in contempt 8 times on account of the extravagance of his costumes.


Entrant's Name:  Kaul  

Character's Name: Primera Marshall

Age: 25

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Brief Physical Description: As you can see on the picture, she is thin, with black hairs and eyes. She is very tall too, almost as tall as a man. Something else that can’t be seen on the picture is what she cary under her poncho : a winchester and a .44 revolver she always keep on her.  The scratch on her cheek is a reminder of her first encounter with de Killer.

Brief Personality Description:  Primera is shy, really shy, and shyness is a sin when you are a recluse bounty hunter. To hide her shyness and protect herself from others, especially cops and prey, she talk as less as possible, and act all smart and superior to intimidate them even more than she is herself.  But she is a great friend to have, joyfull and trustworthy, once she knows you enough to be confident, and shows her real self.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): She is Jake and Neil marshall’s cousin.

Brief Background: When she was a child, she was admirative of Jake and Neil, probably because they were the brothers she didn’t have. Thanks to Jake, she decided she would become a cop, and, thanks to Neil, she thought of becoming a prosecutor too.  As she grew older, she saw them less and less, and now, it has been more than five years since the last time she had any news of them. This mean she don’t know about the SL-9 incident and Neil’s death, while Jake doesn’t know about what happened to her father...

Being a total fan of westerns, just like her two cousins, she is a fan of weapons too, thanks to her father.  Her father, Jessie Marshall, vice-president of a powerful weapon manufacturing company, died four years ago, murdered by no-one else than Shelly de Killer himself.  She is the one who discovered her father’s dead body.  Being a rooky policewoman at the time, she already knew who de Killer is, and that his card, being his signature, meant that the police would put so much efforts trying in vain to arrest de Killer, they would never find who paid for her father’s assassination.

This is why she took the card and kept it existence for herself, hoping the police would then find the real murderer. She would, maybe, reveal the existence of the card when needed, to break the suspect’s alibi. But the police didn’t find anything, it seems that, while the murderer had
to know him personnally, no one close to him had any reason to want him dead.

Since then, she always carry de Killer’s card with her.  With no suspect, the case was classed in no time, and Primera was fired a few days later, after her illegal access to sensitive information concerning de Killer and the existence of the card she hid were discovered by her

She then became a bounty hunter, chasing criminals for money, her main goal being to find de Killer before the police, and then have a little chat with him.  She got close to him more than one time, but she never managed to find him. Finally, it is him who found her, telling her to stop chasing him if she wanted to live, and leaving a reminder on her cheek. After this encounter, she didn’t change her mind anyway, and she is still after him.

Primera recently heard of de Killer’s implication in Juan Corrida’s murder, and, as you read this, she just reserved a room in the Gaterwater hotel, not knowing yet how much trouble she is about to get in...

Entrant's Name: Nathan Blades  

Character's Name: Dean A. Test


Forensic Scientist, and Assistant Prosecutor (kinda like how Maya Fey was Phoenix's Assistant Defence)

Brief Physical Description:
Black, British-Caribbean. Taller than average, around 6ft 2. Has a slightly skinny build - much to his distaste - so he hides it in a wide, knee-length lab coat; usually white. Tends to vary general clothing and hairstyle often. Currently, he has settled with cornrowns and a light T-Shirt.

Brief Personality Description: (This is assuming we are using the American PW world, and not the Japanese version.) His unorthadox appearance and light-hearted attitude to even the most dire of situations often means he isn't taken very seriously. He even makes threats with a grin! However, a strict upbringing more or less forces him to a very correct and polite manner of speaking. In the occasions when he becomes stressed and excited (which is surprisingly often), his manner of speaking reverts to a much more slang-based East London accent.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): He moved to Amerca after living in England for 23 years to take up a job oportunity as a student teacher at the academy that Ema Skye attended. He's taught her several times, but hasn't actually met her personally. Not much later, he was headhunted by the DA office for his remarkable knowledge and skills in forensic science; and now does occasional detective work for Prosecutors, including the likes of Mr. Edgeworth, and Ms. Von Karma.

Brief Background: Dean Test is a London boy, born and bred. His family have all been scientists previously; from chemists to astrophysicists; but he's the first to attemt be a forensic scientist. Even though he comitted himself to his profession, he often spent more time out on the streets with his 'gangsta bruddas' than in university; much to his parent's annoyance. So they sent him to America, in the hope of getting him to focus on his academics, and to make a name for himself.

While on the stand, the 'pulse' design on his shirt would look more drastic if he's losing, or flatline if defeated!

Entrant's Name:  SilentBobX

Character's Name: Lt. Luis Byrde.

Age:  26 (JFA Timeline)

Occupation:  Navy Prosecutor.

Brief Physical Description:  Messy hair, Glasses, about 179 cm tall. Wears a formal
Navy Attire.

Brief Personality Description: A stern and very intimidating man. He takes great
pride in being in the Navy. He has good judgment when
handling cases, but with his one track mind, he can
make some mistakes.

Connection to canon characters (if applicable): Luis and Maggey Byrde are cousins.

Brief Background: Luis Byrde is lieutenant in the Navy. He has taken up prosecuting and has run many Naval related cases. His record would be spotless except for one loss. He was forced to handle a case where a good friend of his was the suspect of a murder. Knowing it impossible for his friend to commit such an act, Luis decided lose the trial on purpose to set his friend free. But unfortunately tragedy struck, and Luis’ friend committed Suicide soon after the Not Guilty Verdict was declared. Distraught with the events, Luis blamed himself for cooperating with the Defense, and decided to take a break from prosecuting.

Years later, Luis was in the audience of the Steele Samurai Case and saw how Miles Edgeworth and Phoenix Wright worked together at the end of the Trial. Luis Disapproved of their actions, and thought no good could come from cooperating with the defense in a trial. After witnessing the Skye and Engarde Trial’s, Luis decided to take up Prosecuting again, so that he may face Phoenix Wright, and show him and Edgeworth that battles in the courtroom must be fought alone.

Thanks for entering, everyone!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, direct them to courtrecord @ gmail dot com