Episode 4

Turnabout Goodbyes


"It's been, what, 15 years?"


"About that, yes."


"15 years is a long time to wait..."


"You can't imagine how much I've suffered..."


"You... suffered?"


"And now... the perfect opportunity presents itself."


"At last... I shall have my revenge!"




"... Merry Christmas."



December 25, 10:08 AM

Wright & Co. Law Offices


Maya:                     Hey, hey, Nick!

                                Do you know if there's any good waterfalls around here?


Phoenix:                 Waterfalls...?

                                Dare I ask why?


Maya:                     Duh, Nick!

                                Isn't it obvious?

                                I need a waterfall to stand under! Preferably a freezing one!


Phoenix:                 ...

                                Oh... Is that part of your spirit medium training?


Maya:                     Of course! Except, I've been slacking off lately...

                                I need to brave the elements and be forged anew under the rushing spring waters!


Phoenix:                 Umm... Okay...

                                I don't know about any falls per se, but Gourd Lake is pretty close...


Maya:                     Oh. Darn.


Phoenix:                 Sorry, but them's the breaks. Couldn't you just take a cold shower or something?


Maya:                     ...

                                Good idea!


Phoenix:                 (So much for the rushing spring waters...)


TV:                          Next in the news...

                                A large, unidentified animal was sighted at Gourd Lake!

                                The town is buzzing with excitement!

                                Locals are calling it "Gourdy" in a tip of the hat to Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.

                                Though its namesake, Nessie, proved to be a hoax... locals are confident their Gourdy is the real deal.



Phoenix:                 *yawn*


                                Can't they show real news for a change?


Maya:                     Nick?

Phoenix:                 ?


Maya:                     The water pressure's kind of low in that shower.


Phoenix:                 ...

                                You want more pressure, huh?

                                Why don't you go down to the fire department and have them spray you with the hose?


Maya:                     ...

                                Good idea, Nick!


Phoenix:                 (Apparently, E.S.P. is no aid in detecting sarcasm...)


TV:                          We interrupt this program to bring you a special news bulletin!

                                Strange occurrences continue at Gourd Lake... But this time, it's murder!


Phoenix:                 (Gourd Lake again?)


TV:                          The body of a man was found in the lake early this morning.

                                A suspect was apprehended. Sources inside the police department revealed... that the suspect's name is Miles Edgeworth, age 24.

                                Edgeworth was an up-and-coming prosecution attorney, known for his skill and connections.

                                He was guaranteed a long and rewarding career... has he thrown it all away?


Phoenix:                 (...?)


                                What's going on!?

                                Edgeworth would never do something like--


Maya:                     Nick?


Phoenix:                 Yipes! M-Maya!


Maya:                     The fireman yelled at me when I called him.


Phoenix:                 We've got bigger things to worry about than that!

                                They arrested Edgeworth!


Maya:                     What? You mean, the prosecutor?


Phoenix:                 Yeah, he's a suspect... in a murder!


Maya:                     Whaaaaat!?

                                When? Where? Whom? Why? How?


Phoenix:                 I-I don't know!


Maya:                     Let's go find out, Nick!



Talk (Maya)


                > What to do?


Phoenix:                 Well, what should we do?


Maya:                     What do you mean?

                                Let's investigate!

                                We should talk to Mr. Edgeworth, and check out the crime scene!


Phoenix:                 (You're right... We need more information! Save aimlessness and confusion for later!)


                > Any ideas?


Phoenix:                 Well?

                                Got any good ideas?


Maya:                     Not really.

                                I do my best thinking when I'm standing underneath a waterfall.





                > Window


Phoenix:                 Looks like it's cleaning day again at the hotel across the way.

                                I hear they're planning a second branch outside the city.

                                I can see the bellboy, getting the angle of that screwdriver in the drawer just right.


                > Poster


Phoenix:                 Maya brought in a poster of the Steel Samurai the other day.

                                We had a big fight over whether to put it up or not.

                                I know she's just waiting for a chance to sneak it up on the wall.


                > Bookshelf


Phoenix:                 Difficult-looking legal books stand in a formidable row. They mock me.

                                I tried reading one, and it made my head hurt.

                                When I closed it, it slipped out of my hand. Then my foot hurt too.


                > Desk


Phoenix:                 Mia's desk.

                                If we had more clients, I would probably sit here more often.

                                Lately, I've been spending more time on the couch, watching TV.


                > Plant


Phoenix:                 Mia's favorite plant.

                                Its name is "Charley."

                                Maya's gotten the knack of watering it lately.

                                Charley's been perking up these days.



Present (Maya)


                > Attorney's Badge


Phoenix:                 You know, I think it's developing a nice luster.

Maya:                     I'll look at your badge later, Nick. We've got work to do!


Phoenix:                 (I suppose you're right...)


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Maya:                     Nick! If we don't hurry Mr. Edgeworth will get the death sentence!!!


Phoenix:                 Whoa! O-okay! Let's go check things out.



December 25

Detention Center

Visitor's Room


Maya:                     You know, Nick...

                                We've all been in here one time or another, haven't we?


Phoenix:                 I guess it comes with the territory.


Maya:                     I'm not sure it's something we should mention to too many people...



Phoenix:                 ...

                                Hey! Edgeworth! Come back!


Edgeworth:            What are you doing here!?


Maya:                     Nick, I don't think he's in a very good mood.


Phoenix:                 Well, he is in detention.

                                Were you in a good mood when you were in here?


Edgeworth:            So, you've come to laugh at the fallen attorney?

                                Then laugh, laugh!

                                Well? Why aren't you laughing?


Maya:                     Nick...

                                Should we be laughing?


Phoenix:                 Nah. It's a trick. Laugh and he'll get mad... or burst into tears.


                                We don't have so much free time we can spend it coming down here to laugh at you.


Edgeworth:            ...

                                Yes you do.


Phoenix:                 (Actually, he's right.)


Edgeworth:            ...

                                I hoped you wouldn't come. I didn't want you to see me.

                                Not like this.


Phoenix:                 (Hey, I didn't want to see you either, believe me.)





                > Guard


Phoenix:                 The guard monitors the visitor's room.

                                He hasn't moved an inch since I came in. A real pro.

                                Or maybe he's just nervous with Edgeworth in the room.


                > Camera


Phoenix:                 Smile for the camera...



Talk (Edgeworth)


                > What happened


Phoenix:                 Edgeworth.

                                Tell me what happened.


Edgeworth:            ...

                                Why should I?

                                What are you going to do about it?


Maya:                     Duh!

                                We're going to help you, that's what!


Edgeworth:            ...!


                                Help me? You?

                                Don't be ridiculous.


Phoenix:                 Sorry...?


Edgeworth:            You're a novice! You've only been in three trials!


Phoenix:                 H-hey!


Edgeworth:            Sure, you got lucky and won all three...

                                But your luck's bound to run out some day!

                                You need real skill, Wright. Experience!


Phoenix:                 ...


Maya:                     Nick! He's insulting you!


                                Why am I always the one who has to get angry!?


                > Gourd Lake


Phoenix:                 The murder took place at Gourd Lake, correct?


Edgeworth:            Yes... late last night.


Phoenix:                 The lake is a long way away from your offices and the court...

                                Why were you down there?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                I see no need to tell you.


Maya:                     M-Mr. Edgeworth!

                                You... you didn't really...?


Edgeworth:            ...



Maya:                     Huh?


Edgeworth:            I went to see Gourdy.


Maya:                     "Gourdy"?

                                What's that!?


Phoenix:                 I'll... tell you later.

                                (Why won't Edgeworth talk to us?)



Present (Edgeworth)


                > Attorney's Badge


Edgeworth:            Your attorney's badge...?


Phoenix:                 Edgeworth.

                                Let me defend you.


Edgeworth:            ...

                                Hah! Hah hah!

                                Good one, Wright.

                                But I'm not that hard up. Not yet.


Maya:                     Wh-what do you mean by that?


Edgeworth:            Me? Trust a wet-behind-the-ears lawyer with only three trials under his belt? Never!


Maya:                     Wh-what!?


Edgeworth:            My case is near hopeless, Wright.

                                Every defense attorney I've talked to has turned me down.


Phoenix:                 What?


Edgeworth:            Simply put, they were afraid they'd lose.

                                It occurred to me that it might be my fault that they lack confidence.

                                After all, I did get every single one of their clients declared "guilty."


Phoenix:                 I don't believe it!


Edgeworth:            Regardless, I don't want you involved in this.

                                You in particular I cannot ask to do this.



Talk (Edgeworth)


                > Did you do it


Phoenix:                 Edgeworth... this is really hard for me to ask...

                                But... you didn't do it, right? Right?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                Think what you will.

                                I have only one request.


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Edgeworth:            Stay out of this case.


Maya:                     Why!?

                                B-but Nick is trying to help you!


Edgeworth:            I know...!

                                I know that!

                                But I don't want your help, okay?


Maya:                     !!!

                                Why not?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                Look, just go away, and leave me alone!


Maya:                     Nick...

                                Mr. Edgeworth did it, didn't he.


Phoenix:                 Maya! Let's go investigate elsewhere.


Maya:                     But, Nick...



December 25

Gourd Lake Park



Maya:                     This is where it happened?


Phoenix:                 Yeah. Gourd Lake is in the middle of this park.


Maya:                     I can see some police walking around in there.


Phoenix:                 Questioning people, probably.


Maya:                     Hey! Isn't that Detective Gumshoe over there?


Gumshoe:              Well, pal!?

                                There's enough of us here! Anyone found anything?


Police:                    S-sorry, sir...



Gumshoe:              Idiot!

                                The trial's tomorrow!

                                We need clues, on the double!


Police:                    B-but, sir..

                                There weren't any clues... that's why we arrested that attorney, Mr. Edgeworth!

                                It's clear, sir. He's the one who--


Gumshoe:              Shaddup!

                                Just you try saying that again!

                                I'll... er... I'll make you sorry if you do!

                                I mean... just, get outta my face, pal!


Police:                    Y-yes, sir!


Maya:                     Detective Gumshoe's kinda scary today!


Gumshoe:              Recruits... peh!




Maya:                     Eek!


Gumshoe:              Hey, you're that Harry guy! Harry Butz!


Phoenix:                 Wright! Phoenix Wright! (Will he ever learn my name!?)


Gumshoe:              And just what are you doing here, pal? Investigating!?


Phoenix:                 Huh? Um, well, yes.

                                I suppose.


Gumshoe:              Well, I'm here to help! Ask me anything you want!

                                Bring it!


Maya:                     He seems different than usual. I wonder what's up?


                                Mr. Edgeworth hasn't actually asked us to defend him yet...


Gumshoe:              Huh!?

                                Oh? Y-you don't say...





                > Trees


Phoenix:                 I feel winter's chill from the bare leaf trees today...


                                What is it about winter that turns people into poets?


Maya:                     I don't know, but my toes are starting to feel numb.


Phoenix:                 (Yes... my poetry has that effect on some people.)


                > Sign


Phoenix:                 The sign says "Gourd Lake Nature Park." This place is full of families picnicking on the weekend.


Maya:                     But... no waterfall.


Phoenix:                 Not many picnickers come here for spiritual training, Maya.



Talk (Gumshoe)


                > What happened


Phoenix:                 Detective Gumshoe?

                                Do you know what happened here?


Gumshoe:              Huh? You don't know, pal?


Phoenix:                 No...


Gumshoe:              Wow, okay, Mr. head-in-the-fluffy-pink-cloud Lawyer.


Phoenix:                 Head-in-the... huh?


Gumshoe:              Never mind, I'll tell you.

                                It happened last night, about 15 minutes after midnight.

                                There was a boat out on Gourd Lake.

                                In that boat were two men.

                                One of those men shot the other with a pistol.


Maya:                     And... the shooter was Mr. Edgeworth?


Gumshoe:              A cop who arrived on the scene arrested him.


Maya:                     How did he get there so fast?


Gumshoe:              Well...

                                There was a witness.

                                When the report came in, we raced to the lake.


Phoenix:                 A witness?


                > Edgeworth


Maya:                     You don't think Mr. Edgeworth is a... murderer!?


Gumshoe:              Absolutely not!

                                It's impossible!

                                I don't care if there's a witness either! I don't believe a lick of it!


Maya:                     R-right! Who cares what the witness says!


Phoenix:                 (I care!)


Maya:                     ...

                                You really believe in him, don't you, Detective?


Gumshoe:              Course I do!

                                But... the police are pretty sure he's the killer.

                                Nobody's even really taking this investigation that seriously.


Maya:                     Oh no!


Gumshoe:              After all the help Mr. Edgeworth has been to us...

                                Hard to imagine that no one's standing up to take his side.


Maya:                     Well, at least you are, Detective. At least you are.


                > Defense Request (Not Visited Edgeworth)


Maya:                     Do you know who will be Mr. Edgeworth's defense attorney in tomorrow's trial?


Gumshoe:              He hasn't got one yet.


Maya:                     What? The trial IS tomorrow, isn't it?


Gumshoe:              Well, I don't know the whole story...

                                But apparently no one he's been talking to will take the case.


Maya:                     W-why not?


Gumshoe:              Mr. Edgeworth won't tell me!

                                When you guys showed up, I figured he'd asked you to defend him.


Phoenix:                 U-unfortunately not...


Gumshoe:              Well, pal, then you got a job to do! Help out Mr. Edgeworth!

                                Prove that badge you wear isn't just some fancy piece of metal!

                                Prove it to me, pal!

                                Show me you're an attorney!


                > Defense request (Visited Edgeworth)


Maya:                     I-is it true?

                                No one will take Mr. Edgeworth's case?


Gumshoe:              Yeah...

                                He's a bit of a celebrity.

                                If you defended him, and lost, your reputation'd be sure to suffer.

                                What's more...

                                The case against him is... well, it's pretty solid.


Phoenix:                 (I suppose it would be if they have a witness.)


Gumshoe:              Hey! Pal!

                                Don't tell me you're going to turn your back on him too!?

                                Remember the Steel Samurai!

                                Mr. Edgeworth helped you get your client declared innocent!


Phoenix:                 I... I know.

                                I went to Edgeworth. I tried.

                                He really doesn't want us to represent him.

                                Especially not us, he said.

Gumshoe:              What!?

                                W-well, that doesn't make any sense, pal!

                                You should have heard him talking about you after the Steel Samurai case!

                                He kept saying "Wright, Wright, Wright" over and over.


Maya:                     ...


                                I'm not sure that's a good sign.


Phoenix:                 Neither am I...


Gumshoe:              Why wouldn't he want your help?

                                I don't get it.


                > The witness


Phoenix:                 Who was the witness?


Gumshoe:              Er, sorry, pal.

                                That's confidential.

                                Anyway, the witness saw everything, apparently.

                                I'm sure they'll turn up at the trial tomorrow.


Phoenix:                 Was there only that one witness?


Gumshoe:              Yep. It was pretty cold out on the lake last night.

                                And, it was Christmas Eve after all.

                                Still, we're being thorough.

                                You never know when you're going to turn up another witness.

                                That's why we're here today, checking things out.

                                So far, we're coming up empty...


Maya:                     Oh! It's Christmas today! I'd forgotten.

                                What are you getting me for Christmas, Nick?


Phoenix:                 Talk to Santa.



Present (Gumshoe)


                > Attorney's Badge


Gumshoe:              That badge!

                                You're showing that to the wrong guy, pal!

                                You gotta show that to someone who needs it!




Police:                    Detective Gumshoe, sir!


Gumshoe:              What? Find something!?


Police:                    Um, no, sir. Not yet.

                                But there was a call from the precinct. They want to hold an investigation briefing...


Gumshoe:              A briefing?

                                Right! I'm off!


                                Sorry, pal.

                                I guess you heard. I gotta go.

                                Any last things you want to ask me about before I head back?


>>> The autopsy report


                Maya:                     Well, yes.

                                                Do you have any information on the victim...?


                Gumshoe:              Sorry...

                                                They haven't worked up the autopsy report yet.

                                                I'm still waiting for it myself.


                                                Say, if you get the time, drop by the precinct!

                                                We can talk more there, pal!


>>> How to get in touch with you


Phoenix:                 You're not coming back, Detective?


Gumshoe:              Erm... Probably not, pal.


Phoenix:                 So, what should we do if we have something to talk to you about...?


Gumshoe:              Ah, right.

                                Here, I'll show you how to get to the precinct. Come down and see me anytime.


Detective Gumshoe gave you directions to the police station.


Phoenix:                 Oh, hey! Detective Gumshoe!


Gumshoe:              W-what!?


Phoenix:                 Um, we're like to take a look around the park.

                                Can we walk around?


Gumshoe:              Yeah! No problem, pal. You got my permission.


Maya:                     You know, Nick.
                                I think there's something to be said for talking to people when they're busy.


Phoenix:                 Yeah. They don't have time to think about not giving you information...


Maya:                     Right!

                                Now, let's get investigating!



December 25

Gourd Lake

Public Beach


Maya:                     Wowsers!

                                This is "Gourd Lake"?


Phoenix:                 Yup.

                                I'm not sure it warrants a "wowsers," though.


Maya:                     Hmm. Probably not.

                                But hey, look at that snack stand!


Phoenix:                 "Samurai Dogs"...?


Maya:                     I wanna Samurai Dog!


                                I bet they're great!

Phoenix:                 With a name like Samurai Dog, how could they not be?


Maya:                     They're a little behind the times, though.

                                The kids are all into "The Pink Princess" now.

                                I mean, like, y'know!?


Phoenix:                 (Nope.)





                > Hot Dog Stand


Phoenix:                 A hot dog stand. It's closed...

                                The Christmas fringe looks a little half-baked.

                                The banner reads "Samurai Dogs"...

                                Somebody needs to redecorate.


                > Lake


Maya:                     Wow. Gourd Lake is really big.


Phoenix:                 Yeah.


Maya:                     Say, Nick.

                                Why is it called "Gourd Lake"?


Phoenix:                 Oh.

                                Well, a long time ago, they used to grow some gourds here.


Maya:                     Whoa! No way!

                                I was sure it was because the lake looked like a gourd when viewed from above!

                                You know, like an hourglass shape?


Phoenix:                 Well, it is shaped like a gourd, actually. But that's just a coincidence.


Maya:                     Oh.



                > Trashcan


Phoenix:                 The trashcan is empty.

                                At least the place is well maintained.


                > Signpost


Phoenix:                 Huh... I almost didn't see the signpost.

                                "Left - Boat Docks"

                                "Right - Exit"


                > Bench


Phoenix:                 A lineup of plastic benches.

                                I guess the idea is you buy a dog and eat it here.

                                I doubt anyone would sit here and eat on a day like this.

                                Except maybe Maya... if she had a Samurai Dog.


                > Poppers


Maya:                     Huh. Someone left one of those poppers here. You know, you pull the string...


Phoenix:                 ... and it goes "pop." Yeah, I know the ones. You see them a lot around New Year's.


Maya:                     Hey, Nick! It might be a clue!

                                Let's take it.


Phoenix:                 C'mon, admit it. You just want to pop it, right?


Maya:                     Was it that obvious?


Phoenix:                 (A popper... hmm.)


>>> Leave it


                Phoenix:                 Nah, let's leave it.


                Maya:                     Aww, listen to your inner child a little, Nick!


                Phoenix:                 (Maybe if your outer child would be quiet for just a moment, Maya!)


>>> Take it


Phoenix:                 I suppose it couldn't hurt.

                                Huh? Where'd it go?


Maya:                     I already put it in my pocket.


Popper put in pocket.



December 25

Boat Rental Shop


Maya:                     Nick... what is this place?

Phoenix:                 A boat rental shop.

                                Closed for Christmas it seems.

                                I guess a murder taking place on one of the boats won't be good for business, either.


Maya:                     Boats... I've never ridden on a boat.


Phoenix:                 Really? Well, how about we go out on one when the trial is finished?


Maya:                     Hey, good idea!

                                You bet!





                > Boat Rental Shop


Phoenix:                 A small boat rental shop.

                                Doesn't look like anyone is around.

                                They're probably closed because it's Christmas.


                > Boat


Phoenix:                 There are some boats floating at the dock.

                                Was one of these boats used in the murder, I wonder?


Maya:                     Nick?


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Maya:                     I changed my mind. I don't really want to go for a boat ride.


                > Woods


Phoenix:                 There's more forest off that way.

                                I doubt I'd find any helpful clues in there.



December 25

Gourd Lake Woods


Maya:                     I like it here, Nick.

                                Look... someone's camping!


Phoenix:                 They've got guts, camping at the scene of a murder.


Maya:                     Hey, hey, Nick!

                                If they were camping here last night, they might know something about the murder!


Phoenix:                 (That's true...)

                                Good call, Maya. Let's go talk to them.





                > SUV


Phoenix:                 This SUV has seen better days.

                                It's dented all over.

                                I can't believe anyone would drive their car down here.


                > Cooker


Maya:                     Hey, Nick!


Phoenix:                 What, don't tell me you're hungry again?


Maya:                     No, no.

                                I was just wondering, why are camping pots and pans made of aluminum?


Phoenix:                 ...

                                They didn't talk about that in any of the law books.


Maya:                     So, there's no law saying they have to be made of aluminum, then!


Phoenix:                 (I'm not having this conversation...)


                > Blanket


Phoenix:                 There's some food and magazines on the sheet.

                                It takes a pretty tough skin to camp in this cold.


                > Sign


Phoenix:                 The sign says, "No Camping."

                                Funny place to pick to pitch your tent.


Maya:                     Wait, what if the sign said "No Setting Tents on Fire"?


Phoenix:                 ...

                                I don't think they have signs like that.


Maya:                     Oh...


                > Trees


Phoenix:                 The trees grow quite thick here.

                                Further back, the trees fade into the shadow where the sunlight can't reach them.


                > Camera (Without Popper)


Maya:                     Hey, Nick.

                                Check out this camera!


Phoenix:                 Yeah... what's with the big mic and the box on top, I wonder?

                                It looks like some sort of automatic system for taking a photo when a noise is heard.


Maya:                     Wow! Hey, let's see if it works!


                                "Hi, I'm Nick!"


                                Maybe I'm not saying it loud enough.

                                "YO! I'M NICK!!!"



                                "NIIIIIIIII...... IIIIIIICK!"


Phoenix:                 Will you stop that?


Maya:                     I think it's broken, Nick.


Phoenix:                 D-don't kick it!

                                (It must not be set up to respond to voices.)


                > Camera (With Popper)


Phoenix:                 This camera has a mic and some sort of attachment.

                                It must take pictures when triggered by a noise.


Maya:                     Wow! Cool!

                                Let's try it out!


                                "Hi, I'm Nick!"


                                Maybe I'm not saying it loud enough.

                                "HEY! I'M NICK!!!"




                                ... IIIIIIIICK!


Phoenix:                 Will you stop that?


Maya:                     Maybe it's broken?


Phoenix:                 D-don't kick it!

                                Maybe it isn't set to respond to voices?


Maya:                     Well what then?

                                I know!


Phoenix:                 The party popper...?




klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik


Maya:                     ...

                                Yep. It responded.


???:                         Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

                                Hey, you! Git your hands offa' that!


Maya:                     Eeek!


???:                         What in the Sam Hill...!?

                                Look what ya done now! There goes a whole roll of film!


Maya:                     Ah? Wha... huh?



???:                         Sorry's nice but it don't pay my bills! Y'all know how much a roll of that film costs!?


Maya:                     I-I'll pay you back!


??:                           What were ya'll thinkin' settin' off a party-popper in a place like this!?


Maya:                     Uh... well...


???:                         What!

                                Don't try to play stupid with me just 'cause you think I'm some country bumpkin!

                                Yeah, I know how y'all Yanks think!

                                "I say, those southern folks talk with that exaggerated drawl, why they must be dumb!"

                                Well let me tell you, just because I might be dumb don't mean we all are!


Maya:                     N-Nick, help!


???:                         And who are you, now? Her chaperone?


Phoenix:                 Yeah, uh, no, rather, uh... we're sort of... friends?


???:                         Just' figure out what y'all are gonna say and say it for bejeezum's sake!

                                Gawd, I'd rather sit through one of papa's drawls than listen to you stutter all day.


Phoenix:                 (Oh boy...)

                                (I guess we should pay her for the film...)


???:                         Watch it!


Phoenix:                 Yes ma'am.

                                (On second thought, I'll pay later...)


Maya:                     I'm really sorry!



Talk (???)


                > What happened/Your name


Phoenix:                 Umm...


???:                         What!?

                                Can't ya see I'm changin' the film on my camera here!

                                Someone--I'm not namin' any names--but someone used up a WHOLE ROLL.


Maya:                     Sorry...


Phoenix:                 (That didn't work...)

                                (I wonder if I have anything to show her that would get her attention...)



Present (???)


                > Attorney's Badge


Phoenix:                 I, er, this is my badge.


???:                         Huh? Aren't badges supposed t'be all shiny and impressive? You a cop or something?


Phoenix:                 Umm... I'm a lawyer.


???:                         Wh-what!?

                                Y'all ain't gonna try and pull one o' them lawsuits on me over that film now?

                                Cause I'll have y'all know I'm a fighter and I wrassled meaner lookin' things'n you!


Phoenix:                 N-no, that's not it at all.

                                We're here investigating a murder that took place here, on the lake.


???:                         A murder...?


                                Sounds cool!

                                Why didn't y'all say that in the first place! Go ahead, ask me anything ya like!


Phoenix:                 (Finally! Some cooperation!)


???:                         You too. Y'all can come out of hiding now. I won't bite. Hard.


Phoenix:                 (Come to think of it, where did Maya get to?)


Maya:                     S-sorry...

                                I-I was feeling a little overwhelmed. The culture gap and all...


???:                         Never you mind, honey. I kin talk Yank for ya if... ahem... if it pleases you?


Maya:                     Th-thanks. I think I'll be okay.


Lotta:                      Great then! I'm Lotta, Lotta Hart, but y'all can call me Lotta!

                                I'm here photographing meteor showers for a research project.

                                Mighty pleased ta meet ya!



Talk (Lotta)


                > What happened


Lotta:                      Oh yeah, when was that murder, anyway?

                                I ain't seen much television lately.


Phoenix:                 It happened late in the night on Christmas Eve.


Lotta:                      That so? Christmas Eve?


Phoenix:                 A man on a boat was shot...

                                Did you see anything?


Lotta:                      Well, lemme see.

                                A boat, ya say?

                                I reckon I mighta seen one... not sure though.

                                Y'all gotta remember I've been watching this here lake for a good three days now.

                                I seen enough boats to choke a mule. Kinda hard to remember which I seen when.


> Lotta


Maya:                     So, what is it you do, Lotta?


Lotta:                      Huh? Me?

                                Hah hah. Y'all don't really want to know that, do ya?

                                Actually, I'm a research student at Country U., right in the heart of the heartland.


Maya:                     Wow! Neat!

                                Nick! She's a research student at a university! Country U.!


Phoenix:                 Uh... so I hear.


Maya:                     So, when did you come up here?


Lotta:                      Hmm, lemme see... I guess it was 'bout three days ago.


Phoenix:                 What are you photographing?


Lotta:                      D-didn't I tell y'all that already?

                                Meteors! Yep, meteor showers!


Phoenix:                 (Falling stars...?)


                > The camera


Maya:                     That's quite a camera you have there.


Lotta:                      Y'all better know it! It's German-made. A genuine Solingen!


Phoenix:                 (Isn't that where they make knives...?)


Maya:                     Umm...

                                So, what's that device you have stuck to the camera?


Lotta:                      Huh? Device?


Maya:                     It started moving all by itself when I fired my party popper...


Lotta:                      Oh that? That triggers the shutter whenever it detects certain sounds.

                                It's programmed to pick up loud noises right now.


Maya:                     A programmable camera! Neat!


Lotta's Camera added to the Court Record.



Present (Lotta):


                > Attorney's Badge


Lotta:                      So yer a lawyer, huh?

                                Tell the truth, yer badge is a lot more impressive than you are.


Maya:                     Hah hah!


Phoenix:                 *glare*


Maya:                     Hah... hah... oh.



                > Lotta's Camera


Phoenix:                 Lotta?


Lotta:                      Yeah?


Phoenix:                 So, your camera... it triggers on loud explosion noises?


Lotta:                      Ayup.


Phoenix:                 Actually, the victim in the case we're researching--he was shot with a pistol.


Lotta:                      A pistol...?


Phoenix:                 Right. Now wouldn't a gunshot make a similar noise to our party popper...?


Lotta:                      I guess it would.


Phoenix:                 Your camera... didn't get a picture of the murder, did it?


Lotta:                      ...


                                Y'all are pretty bright!


Phoenix:                 Huh?

Lotta:                      I see what yer sayin'...

                                Tell ya what, I'll have a look-see at my film.


Phoenix:                 It would have been a photo taken late last night...


Lotta:                      I checked 'em once, don't remember if there was anything on 'em though.

                                But what if I got sumtin'! I could be a witness to a genuine murder! Yeehaw!

                                I'll go check that film. Y'all come back now, y'hear?


Maya:                     She went inside her SUV.

                                I guess we should come back later...





> Camera


This camera is rigged to respond to noise.

But it only responds to loud noises... like a party popper.



December 25

Police Department

Criminal Affairs


Maya:                     ...

                                Looks like Detective Gumshoe isn't here.


Chief:                      Something wrong, Miss?

                                Hmm? Turning yourself in?

                                Okay, what did you do? Shoplifting? Larceny? Public indecency...?


Maya:                     N-no! None of those things!

                                We're looking for Detective Gumshoe... is he around?


Chief:                      Gumshoe?

                                Oh yeah.

                                He's in a meeting right now.

                                I don't think he'll be out any time soon.


Maya:                     Okay, we'll come back.


Chief:                      You do that.

                                Oh, and go straight home and stay out of trouble.

                                No more shoplifting, you got that?


Maya:                     ...

                                Do I look like a criminal or something?




Maya:                     ...

                                I guess Detective Gumshoe is still in that meeting.


Gumshoe:              Hey!

                                Thanks for coming down, pal!


Maya:                     Detective Gumshoe!


Gumshoe:              We just finished the meeting. For better or worse...


Phoenix:                 (I get the feeling we're in for some bad news...)





> Poster


Phoenix:                 A poster of a female police officer...

                                Wait, no. That's the latest "Babes in Uniform" calendar. My bad.


> Chief


Phoenix:                This must be the chief of the detectives here.

                                He's glued to his computer screen.


Chief:                      Wha...!?

                                "Gourd Lake...!'

                                "Gourdy sighted"!!!

                                I don't believe it!


Phoenix:                 (Shouldn't you be reading something more important...?)


> Detective


Phoenix:                 That must be one of the detectives.

                                He's mumbling something to himself.


Police:                    "All right, hands on the wall, all o' you..."

                                "Don't even think about escaping! I got eyes in the back of my head!"


Phoenix:                 ...

                                He must be doing image training for arrests.


> Desk


Phoenix:                 These are the detectives' desks.

                                There are computers and files on each one. Funny, they're a lot tidier than I expected.

                                I guess the detectives don't spend a lot of time at their desks.



Talk (Gumshoe)


                > The victim


Phoenix:                 Do you know anything about the victim yet?


Gumshoe:              No, no...

                                Still can't I.D. him.


Maya:                     Has Mr. Edgeworth said anything?


Gumshoe:              Not a word.


                > The meeting


Phoenix:                 So, how did the meeting go?


Gumshoe:              I can't tell you, pal! You're a lawyer!

Phoenix:                 T-true...


Gumshoe:              ...


                                I don't know what to believe anymore.

                                Sure, Mr. Edgeworth's human like you or me.


                                I get the feeling that if he'd done something wrong, he wouldn't go hiding it.

                                That's just the kind of guy he is.

                                Why can't anyone else see that?


Maya:                     So, they think that Mr. Edgeworth did it...?


Gumshoe:              Well, the trial's starting tomorrow, as scheduled.


Maya:                     I see...


Gumshoe:              ...


Phoenix:                 Umm... hey, in the end you did tell us about the meeting!


Gumshoe:              ...

                                Don't go telling anyone else, pal.


Phoenix:                 Y-yes, sir!


Gumshoe:              And... do me a favor!

                                Stand by Mr. Edgeworth!

                                He needs help, and you're the ones to help him!

                                I'm sure he's got some reason why he won't talk to us.


Maya:                     Thanks, Detective Gumshoe.


                > Trusting Edgeworth


Maya:                     Detective Gumshoe...

                                How come you trust Mr. Edgeworth so much?


Gumshoe:              Well, I'd think that was obvious.

                                We got a strong working relationship, us two.

                                We trust each other, and that's how it works.


Maya:                     A "working relationship"?


Gumshoe:              See, Mr. Edgeworth always gets his defendants declared "guilty" every time.

                                Yeah, his methods might be a little extreme at times.

                                But... there's a reason!

                                He trusts our investigation, see? He trusts us to get the right man!

                                That's why I work extra hard, pal.

                                We've got to earn that trust he places in us.


Maya:                     I see...


Gumshoe:              Mr. Edgeworth is a man you can trust...

                                And you have my word on that!


                > The autopsy report


Phoenix:                 I was wondering, did you ever get that autopsy report?

Gumshoe:              Oh, that?

                                Yeah, I made a copy for you.


Added Autopsy Report to the Court Record.


Phoenix:                 Thank you.


Maya:                     ... Nick?


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Maya:                     Can you show me that photo of the victim?


                                That face...!


Phoenix:                 Someone you know?


Maya:                     I... I don't know.

                                I just have this feeling that I met him somewhere a long time ago.




Present (Gumshoe)


                > Irrelevant Evidence

Gumshoe:              Sorry, I'm drawing a blank right now.



December 25

Gourd Lake Woods


Lotta:                      Hey y'all!


Maya:                     Lotta!


Lotta:                      Wait up a sec! We got bingo!


Maya:                     Bingo...?


Lotta:                      My automatic camera took two pictures last night!


Maya:                     Hey!


Lotta:                      This is them. Take a look!


Phoenix:                 Wait...!


Lotta:                      See? See? He's shooting him with that pistol!


Phoenix:                 I-it looks like that, yes.


Maya:                     But you can't really tell who that is shooting.


Lotta:                      Yeah, well there was enough fog out there last night t' strangle a bullfrog.

                                But, y'know...

                                Seeing these photos reminded me of something.


Maya:                     What...?


Lotta:                      I saw the murder happen. I'm a witness!


Maya:                     Whaaaaaaa!?


Phoenix:                 A-are you serious!?


Lotta:                      Course!


Phoenix:                 (How do you forget... never mind.)


Lotta:                      Y'all reckon I should tell the cops?


>>> I reckon so


                Phoenix:                 I... reckon so!


                Lotta:                      What's that?

                                                Now don't y'all go tryin' to mock my accent!

                                                I'm a sensitive lady!


>>> I reckon no


                Phoenix:                 I... reckon no!


                Lotta:                      What's that?

                                                Now don't y'all think y'all can pull one over on me just because you speak the lingo!

                                                I know enough to know that when you see a murder, you'd best tell the cops!

                                                It's my obligation as a citizen!


Lotta:                      Hey, so, I'm off to talk to the cops.

                                Y'all can have this photo.



Phoenix:                 W-w-wait! Lotta!


Lotta:                      What?

                                Can't y'all see I'm kinda busy?


Phoenix:                 T-Tell us what you saw, too! Please?


Lotta:                      Nice try, honey, but I wasn't born yesterday.

                                I'm a witness, and that means I'm on the side of justice, and that means the cops!

                                I'd sooner eat the south side of a north-bound skunk than tell you!


Maya:                     L-Lotta!


Lotta:                      Don't let it get your skivvies in a bunch. Friends today, enemies tomorrow!

                                Or was that the other way round? No matter. I'm gone!

                                Hey! Maybe they'll let me do some testifying! Hot darn!


Maya:                     She left...


                                Well, that's one more witness. What do we do now, Nick?


Phoenix:                 (Well, if she saw something, there's not much we can do about it.)

                                (The question is: what exactly did she see...?)

                                (I guess we'll find out in the trial tomorrow.)


Lake Photo added to the Court Record.





                > Camera


Phoenix:                 An expensive-looking camera faces the lake.

                                Next to it is a large microphone and a blue plastic sheet.

                                Hmm. Looks like a computer is attached to the camera.



December 25

Gourd Lake

Public Beach


Maya:                     Looks like the police have given up their questioning.


???:                         Hey!


Maya:                     Aah!

                                N-Nick! I think Santa's mad at you!


???:                         Long time no see, Nick.


Maya:                    Nick... you know Santa? Wow... Nick and St. Nick... Hey! I see the connection!


Phoenix:                 Don't be ridiculous!


???:                         Dude, it's me!


Phoenix:                 L... Larry!

                                What are you doing here!?


Butz:                       Isn't it obvious?

                                I'm working my day job!

                                I sell Samurai Dogs! Want one?

                                Gotta get money for dates, you know. My girl Kiyance deserves the best!


Phoenix:                 (K-Kiyance...? Not another model, I hope...)


Butz:                       Oh, Kiyance's a fine, fine woman, Nick.

                                It was her idea that I wear this costume! She was all "You go girlfriend!" Y'know?

                                She bought this costume for me!


Phoenix:                 That... that's great, Larry.


Maya:                     Wow! A Santa costume! She must be really nice!


Butz:                       Whoa! Cute!


                                Who's she?

                                She's not your...?


Phoenix:                 Not my... what?

                                N-no, she's not!


Maya:                     I'm his partner, Maya Fey.

                                I'm, uh, the little sister.


Butz:                       Sister...?


                                Wow, Nick, must be tough.

                                Working nine to five, having to take care of a little sister...


Maya:                     N-no, I'm not Nick's sister, I'm my older sister's little sister...


Butz:                       Huh.

                                Sounds great!


Phoenix:                 (Don't worry, Maya, he's not listening...)





                > Hot dog stand


Phoenix:                 I can't get over the Samurai Dogs...


Maya:                     The "Original" Samurai Dogs, no less.


Butz:                       Hey, man, whoever calls their product the "original" first wins!


Phoenix:                 Why don't you add "world-famous" to the sign?


Butz:                       Hey, good idea!


Phoenix:                 (What have I done...?)


                > Benches


Maya:                     Hey, Nick, benches!

                                Let's take a break... maybe have a dog?


Phoenix:                 I think not.

                                It's too cold to sit and eat hotdogs out here!


Maya:                     Wimpy city boy!

                                You should try standing under a freezing waterfall some time!



Talk (Butz)


                > What happened


Phoenix:                 Hey, Larry.

                                There was a murder here last night...

                                You work here. Have you heard anything?


Maya:                     Nick, you're wasting your time.

                                Last night was Christmas Eve!

                                He was with Kiyance, obviously!

                                He wouldn't have been standing out here in the cold!


Butz:                       Oof!


Maya:                     ?


Phoenix:                 I think what you just said caught him off guard, Maya.


Butz:                       N-no, it's just... Kiyance's not in town right now.

                                She... she's in Hawaii on a photo shoot.


Phoenix:                 (A model. I knew it.)

                                Well, anyway, there was a murder here on the lake. The trial's tomorrow.


Butz:                       Huh. Neat.


Phoenix:                 The defendant is Edgeworth. Miles Edgeworth.


Maya:                     Um, Nick?

                                Why would Larry know Edgeworth...?


Butz:                       Whoa, Nick!

                                You don't mean THAT Miles Edgeworth!? Old Edgey!?


Phoenix:                 Yeah. He's a murder suspect.


Butz:                       Wh-whoa! Murder?


Maya:                     Huh? You know Mr. Edgeworth, Larry?


Butz:                       Yeah! Of course!

                                Edgey was in the same class as us in grade school!


Maya:                     Whaaaaaaaaat!?


                > Samurai Dogs


Maya:                     Umm... umm... tell me about the dogs!


Butz:                       Huh? Oh, you mean the Samurai Dogs?


Maya:                     W-why are they Samurai Dogs?

                                I... I mean they kind of look gourd-shaped.


Butz:                       Oh, well originally, they were Gourd Dogs! Y'know, like "guard dogs"?


Maya:                     Ouch...


Butz:                       The Samurai thing was Kiyance's idea. Oh, she's my woman, y'know.

                                She was all "change the name and you go girlfriend!"

                                She made me that banner!

                                Man, the kids can't get enough of those Samurai Dogs!


Maya:                     Erm...

                                Something about that just seems... wrong.


Butz:                       Oh, and guess what?

                                We're getting a ton of customers here at the lake, what with the big news!


Maya:                     The "big news"...?


Butz:                       Yeah! Gourdy!


Maya:                     G-"Gourdy"...?


                > Edgeworth


Maya:                     So, Mr. Edgeworth was your classmate, Larry?


Butz:                       Yeah, Nick, him, and I used to hang out all the time.


Maya:                     Wow... I never knew.


Butz:                       Don't get me wrong. He's always been kind of a stick in the mid.

                                Studying all the time, trying to "be like his father."


Maya:                     Like his father...?


Butz:                       Yeah. Edgey's pop was a famous defense lawyer back in the day.


Maya:                     Wow.


                                You said "defense lawyer"?


Butz:                       Yeah.


Maya:                     Wait a second! But Mr. Edgeworth is a prosecuting attorney!


Butz:                       What? Edgey's got a proboscis on his knee!?


Maya:                     No, no--he's a "prosecuting attorney."

                                That's like the total opposite of a defense lawyer!


Butz:                       ...


                                Go figure!

                                He always used to talk about defending the "weak" who were "unable to defend themselves."

                                Man, he used to go on and on about man's duty to society and all that. What a bore!

                                I wonder what changed his mind, though?

                                Do you know, Nick?


Phoenix:                 ...


Maya:                     Nick...?


                > Gourdy


Maya:                     Umm... what's "Gourdy"?


Butz:                       Huh? You mean you don't know?

                                It's here, in this very lake! A giant, mysterious monster! Gourdy!


Maya:                     A... monster?


Butz:                       Yeah.

                                Check it out. This is an article from yesterday's paper. There's a photo!


Maya:                     Wow!
                                It's r-really real!


                                A monster! A real monster!


Phoenix:                 Um... yeah.

                                (It's probably just a log or something... right?)

                                Hey... there's a quote here from the person who took the photo.

                                Hmm? What's this?

                                "I set the camera to automatic, and when we got into the frame..."

                                "I heard a loud 'bang'! Like an explosion...

                                followed by the sound of something slipping into the water..."


Maya:                     I wish I could have seen it!


Phoenix:                 (Why would there be a sound like an explosion...?)


                                Could I borrow this article from you?


Butz:                       Sure, no problem.
                                That'll be one million dollars!


Maya:                     O-one million...?


Phoenix:                 (Grow up, Larry.)


Gourdy Article added to the Court Record.



Present (Butz)


                > Attorney's Badge


Butz:                       Huh? Oh, that's your attorney's badge, isn't it?

                                Dude, you really helped me back in that trial.

                                S-sorry, I can't really pay you.


Phoenix:                 (Cause you blow it all on "Kiyance"...!)


Butz:                       But... you can have all the dogs you want!


Maya:                     R-really!?


Phoenix:                 Larry...

                                If you let her at your dogs, you won't have any left for the other customers.


Butz:                       Hey, no problem. If that's what makes her happy, y'know?


Phoenix:                 (How many times do I have to remind you that it was ME who got you off the hook!)


                > Lotta's Camera


Butz:                       Whazzat?


Phoenix:                 It's a camera. You take pictures with it.


Butz:                       Huh?


Maya:                     L-Larry! You mean you don't know what a camera is?


Butz:                       C-course I know! Hey, you're looking at a bona fide junior high graduate!

                                I was talking about the weird contraption on the camera!


Phoenix:                 Oh, that.

                                Well... it's hard to explain. Just forget about it.


Butz:                       Well don't go showing me it, then! Geez!


                > Autopsy Report


Phoenix:                 Hey Larry, you know this guy?


Butz:                       Who's this?


Phoenix:                 I don't know. That's why I asked you.


Butz:                       Who's this, Maya?


Maya:                     Well...


                > Lake Photo


Butz:                       W-what's this?

                                You know, my eyes have been getting pretty bad lately, Nick...


Phoenix:                 Actually, the photo's blurry, Larry.

                                It was taken last night.


Butz:                       Last night...?


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Butz:                       Sorry, Nick.

                                I don't know much about that. I'm just a simple vendor of Samurai Dogs, dig?



Wright & Co. Law Offices


Maya:                     ...


Phoenix:                 What is it?

Maya:                     Oh.

                                Nothing... just, something's been bothering me.


                                Could you show me that autopsy report once more?





                                I-I remember now!

                                This guy!

                                This is a lawyer that was at the office Mia worked at!

                                I met him once when I went there to hang out with Sis!


Phoenix:                 That office...?


                                You mean Grossberg's office?


Maya:                     Right! That guy!


Phoenix:                 (That was the last name I expected to come up...)

                                (Maybe I should go talk to him... for old time's sake.)



Talk (Maya)


                > What to do


Phoenix:                 Well, what should we do?


Maya:                     Hmm...

                                The police have pretty much made up their minds that Mr. Edgeworth did it.

                                And Mr. Edgeworth won't tell us anything.

                                I guess we could go look for clues down by the lake?


Phoenix:                 Right.


                > Any ideas


Phoenix:                 Well? Penny for your thoughts?


Maya:                     Thoughts...


                                Yeah, why won't Mr. Edgeworth tell us anything?

                                And... and...

                                And why did he refuse to ask for our help?

                                What a jerk!



Present (Maya)


                > Autopsy Report


Maya:                     Nick...

                                This person was a lawyer at Grossberg's office.

                                Let's go talk to him! Mr. Grossberg, I mean, not the dead guy.



December 25

Grossberg Law Offices


Phoenix:                 It's been a while since I was here last.

                                Mr. Grossberg is out as usual.


Maya:                     Hey, Nick. Look at the wall.


Phoenix:                 (That painting is still missing...)

                                (Mia must have known about the deal with Mr. Grossberg and Redd White...)

                                (She kept track of all of White's extortion and blackmail rackets.)




Grossberg:             *Ah-HHHHEM!*


Phoenix:                 (Ah, that old familiar clearing of the throat!)


Grossberg:             Ah hah! You're Mia's... something, are you not?


Phoenix:                 I was her understudy, yes. Phoenix Wright.


Grossberg:             Ah ha! And you, you're Mia's... something too, are you not?


Maya:                     Her little sister, yes!


Grossberg:             You've grown!

                                You've come to look a lot like your sister, you know?

                                It takes me back.

                                "Ahh... the days of my youth... like the scent of fresh lemon..." you see.


Phoenix:                 Um, Mr. Grossberg, sir?


Grossberg:             Hmm...?

                                Ah, yes. I beg your pardon. Of course you came here to discuss something.

                                What is it then? Something the matter?





                > Bookshelves


Phoenix:                 Expensive-looking mahogany bookshelves, filled with expensive-looking books.

                                Hmm... funny... They don't look like they've ever been read.


Maya:                     Well then let's take them back to our office! He won't miss them!


Phoenix:                 Uh, we don't need them.


Maya:                     Then, can we take that wooden bear?


Phoenix:                 (Hmm. It is kind of cute.)


                > Desk


Phoenix:                 A solid mahogany desk.

                                The wood's been polished to a deep luster.


Maya:                     Hey, Nick! I want a desk like that in our office too!


Phoenix:                 I don't know. I don't think I'm ready to sit at a desk like that yet.


Maya:                     Huh?

                                I meant for me!


Phoenix:                 You'd better start saving your allowance, then.


                > Plant


Phoenix:                 An expensive potted plant.

                                No idea what kind of plant it is, but it's probably the most expensive one available.


Maya:                     I think our Charley is cuter.


Phoenix:                 Right. He's a really cute... plant.


                > Table


Phoenix:                 A table for clients.

                                Hmm... an elegant ebony case, and if I'm not mistaken, that lighter's made of solid gold.

                                Even I can tell someone here's got money to burn.


Maya:                     We should put things on our client table too.


Phoenix:                 I'm not really into smoking.


Maya:                     We could put out candy, or gum.


Phoenix:                 Classy...


                > Wall


Maya:                     Why is the wall there a different color?


Phoenix:                 A big painting was hanging there until recently.


Maya:                     Huh.

                                What happened to it?


Phoenix:                 Uh... well, he gave it to someone.


Maya:                     I bet he gave it to some romantic interest! Love blooms eternal, Nick!


Phoenix:                 Uh... yeah.



Talk (Grossberg)


                > What happened


Phoenix:                 There was a murder last night...


Grossberg:             A murder?


Phoenix:                 You haven't heard...?


Grossberg:             I, er, just got up, you see.


Phoenix:                 Well, Miles Edgeworth shot someone with a pistol.


Grossberg:             Edgeworth!? What!?



Phoenix:                 Well, the identity of the victim is still unknown.


Grossberg:             T-this is terrible news indeed!


Phoenix:                 (I guess he hadn't heard anything...)


                > That painting


Phoenix:                 Mr. Grossberg? Whatever happened to that painting?


Grossberg:             Oh, yes...

                                I do not think it shall be ever coming back home to this office.

                                I can't exactly claim it as stolen...

                                I suppose it's my just desserts.

                                Old, bitter desserts.



Present (Grossberg)


                > Attorney's Badge


Grossberg:             You've really grown up in the past few years, my dear!

                                How proud Mia would be if she could see you now!


Maya:                     She said she was more worried about me than anything.


Phoenix:                 Aww, just go on and take the compliment, will you?


                > Lotta's Camera


Grossberg:             So, this camera on the lake takes a photo whenever it hears an explosion sound?


Maya:                     That's what she said.


Grossberg:             And it just happened to be set up at the beach, pointing out on the lake?


Maya:                     Yes... she said it was to photograph "shooting stars."


Grossberg:             Hmm. Shooting stars... explosions... what's the connection?

                                I'd be suspicious of this witness of yours.


                > Lake Photo


Grossberg:             So this is the moment the crime took place, eh?


Phoenix:                 Yes.


Grossberg:             You can't really say for sure that's Edgeworth.

                                I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.

                                Not sure at all...


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Grossberg:             Er... my apologies.

                                I'm not sure I can help you with that.


                > Autopsy Report


Grossberg:             Hmm? Strange...

                                I feel as though I've seen this man somewhere before!




Phoenix:                 Did you remember!?


Grossberg:             He was a lawyer! Here, in my office!

                                That's Hammond!

                                Robert Hammond!


Maya:                     Mr. Hammond...?


Grossberg:             And you say this is the man Miles Edgeworth shot?



Talk (Grossberg)


                > Robert Hammond


Phoenix:                 Who is this Hammond guy, anyway?


Grossberg:             Mr. Hammond...

                                He was the defense attorney in that case...


Phoenix:                 "That case"...?


Grossberg:             Yes, the "DL-6 Incident."


Phoenix:                 "DL-6"...?

                                (Why does that sound so familiar?)


Grossberg:             Perhaps you remember?


Phoenix:                 (I'm sure someone mentioned it during the trial for Mia's murder.)


Grossberg:             That was the incident where the police were so at a loss they used a spirit medium.


Maya:                     ...!

                                Wait... you don't mean?

                                Was that medium my mother?


Grossberg:             Yes, my dear.

                                The spirit medium, Misty Fey, your mother, contacted the spirit of the victim.

                                But... the case was a loss. No conviction was made.


                > The DL6 Incident


Grossberg:             The DL-6 Incident, yes...

                                Happened 15 years ago. A very strange case, indeed.


Phoenix:                 They never caught the criminal, right?


Grossberg:             Correct.

                                Misty Fey used her powers to talk to the spirit of the late victim.

                                Her testimony led to charges being laid against one man.

                                But Mr. Hammond won the case and the suspect was declared innocent.


Maya:                     ...

                                And the police blamed my mother, calling her a fraud.

                                You were the one who helped her out then, right, Mr. Grossberg?


Grossberg:             Er... y-yes. Yes, quite.


Maya:                     Thank you!


Grossberg:             N-no... please.

                                D-don't mention it.


Phoenix:                 ...


                                (Never thought I'd hear that name again...)


Maya:                     But wait...

                                What does that case have anything to do with Mr. Edgeworth?


Grossberg:             It had everything to do with Mr. Edgeworth, my dear!

                                The victim in the DL-6 Incident was none other than his father, Gregory Edgeworth!


Maya:                     Wh-what!?

                                His father!?


Grossberg:             ...

                                If you want to know more, you should ask him yourself.

                                Show him this... I'm sure he'll talk to you.


Maya:                     Wait...

                                This is a photograph of my mother!


Misty Fey's Photo added to the Court Record.



Present (Grossberg)


                > Misty Fey's Photo


Grossberg:             Misty Fey.

                                Mother of Mia and Maya Fey.

                                Show this photograph to Miles Edgeworth.

                                He'll have something to say to you then.



December 25

Detention Center

Visitor's Room


Edgeworth:            What's this?

                                I was hoping you'd gotten my message the first time.


Phoenix:                 Edgeworth, what about your defense?


Edgeworth:            ...!

                                It's no concern of yours.


Phoenix:                 (Guess he hasn't found anyone yet.)



Talk (Edgeworth)


                > What happened


Phoenix:                 Can I ask you about the murder?


Edgeworth:            Wright.

                                I'll ask you again, just leave me alone.


Phoenix:                 ...


Edgeworth:            Please try to understand.

                                I'm not doing this to prove I'm tough, or because I look down on you.

                                I just don't want you anywhere near this case. Understand?


                > Gourd Lake


Phoenix:                 Why did you go to Gourd Lake?


Edgeworth:            I have no intention of telling you.


Phoenix:                 Nor, apparently, would you tell Detective Gumshoe.


Edgeworth:            !


Maya:                     Detective Gumshoe was really worried about you!


Edgeworth:            ...



Present (Edgeworth)


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Edgeworth:            What's that?

                                I'm not in the mood for idle banter, Wright.


                > Attorney's Badge


Edgeworth:            Your attorney's badge...?

                                I can't say I really want to see one of those right now.


                > Autopsy Report


Edgeworth:            ...

                                I'm sorry.

                                I can't think of anything I want to say about that.


                > Lake Photo


Edgeworth:            Hmph...

                                Who would have thought there'd be a photo...?


Phoenix:                 Edgeworth... Did you shoot him?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                What do you think, Wright?


Phoenix:                 I don't think you're the kind to point a gun at anyone, no.


Maya:                     So you didn't shoot him?


Edgeworth:            No, I didn't. It wasn't me.


                > Misty Fey's Photo


Edgeworth:            ...!


Phoenix:                 Edgeworth?


Edgeworth:            It's only been a matter of hours since you last visited.

                                Yet you've made incredible progress in your investigation.

                                I'll admit it, I'm impressed, Wright.

                                You were always single-minded in your work, though.

                                Once you start on something, you always see it through, don't you?


Phoenix:                 About the "DL-6 Incident"...


Edgeworth:            Right... DL-6.

                                I didn't want you to find out about it.

                                That is why I refused your offer to defend me.

                                I'm sorry if it sounded like I thought you weren't up to the job.

                                I just wanted to keep you away from DL-6.


Phoenix:                 So... do you still think it would have been better for me to stay away?


Edgeworth:            I don't know.


                                I see no point in hiding anything from you now.

                                Very well.

                                Ask whatever you like, and I will answer to the best of my abilities.



Talk (Edgeworth)


                > The DL6 Incident


Edgeworth:            The "DL-6 Incident"... was when my father died.

                                Right before my eyes...

                                He was shot and killed, and I saw it all.


Maya:                     ...!


Edgeworth:            My memories from that time are... foggy.

                                I suppose it's a self-defense mechanism.

                                In any case, a suspect was arrested... a man.

                                It's pretty clear he was the only one who could have killed my father.

                                The spirit medium they used to talk to my late father said the same thing.

                                It was an attorney by the name of Robert Hammond that cleared the suspect's name.


Phoenix:                 And Hammond... is the victim in the Gourd Lake murder?


Edgeworth:            Correct.


Maya:                     Umm...

                                That spirit medium... that was my mom.


Edgeworth:            What? You mean you're...?


                                It's strange.

                                I thought that terrible incident was about to end, and now... this.


Phoenix:                 "About the end"?


Edgeworth:            The DL-6 Incident happened 15 years ago.

                                15 years ago... on December 28.


Maya:                     December 28?


Edgeworth:            The statute of limitations on the case runs out in three days.


Phoenix:                 What!?


Maya:                     Um, Nick?

                                What does that mean?


Phoenix:                 When a case's statute of limitations runs out, legally, the case never happened.


Edgeworth:            Three days now, DL-6 will be closed... forever.


                > The suspect


Maya:                     What happened to the suspect? The one who got off innocent?


Edgeworth:            I don't know...

                                He disappeared from public view. Nobody knows where to.

                                If he's still alive, he'd be about 50 years old now.


Phoenix:                 (I guess I can understand why he'd go into hiding...)

                                (It'd be hard to live a normal life after being a murder suspect in such a big case.)


                > Your father


Maya:                     Umm... so, was your father a lawyer?


Edgeworth:            He was...

                                Gregory Edgeworth.

                                He was quite famous at the time, apparently.


Maya:                     So, you were sort of trying to follow in his footsteps.


Edgeworth:            ...

                                I'd rather not talk about it.




Phoenix:                 ?


Edgeworth:            It pains me to ask you this now...


Maya:                     I know! You want us to defend you!


Edgeworth:            Yes... will you?


>>> Of course we will


                Phoenix:                 Ah, who could have guessed this day would come?


                Edgeworth:            Not me.


>>> Of course we won't


                Phoenix:                 Sorry, charley!

                                                No way!


                Edgeworth:            Wright...


                Maya:                     Nick...!?



                Phoenix:                 H-hey, don't look so serious, guys!

                                                I was kidding!

                                                Just a little joke!


                Edgeworth:            There was nothing little...


                Maya:                     ... or joke-like about it!


                Phoenix:                 (I thought it was funny...)


                Maya:                     Nick! Do it over!


                Phoenix:                 Yes, Your Honor.

                                                How could I refuse you, Edgeworth?


                Edgeworth:            Thank you, Wright.


Phoenix:                 This is my chance to finally pay you back.


Maya:                     Pay him back...?


Edgeworth:            Pay me back?

                                For what?

                                I don't remember ever doing anything for you.


Phoenix:                 Never mind... I guess you don't really need to know.


Edgeworth:            Huh...

                                My letter of request. Please give it to Detective Gumshoe.


Edgeworth's Request put in pocket.


Phoenix:                 Well, I guess we should...


                                W-what's that?


Maya:                    E-earthquake!


                                It's a big one!


                                I-it's calming down...


                                Whew... that was scary!


Phoenix:                 ...?

                                Huh? Where's Edgeworth?


Maya:                     ...


                                He's on the floor in a ball, shivering.

                                I guess he doesn't do so well with earthquakes.


Phoenix:                 (I've heard of running, but curling up in a ball?)


Maya:                     Well, I guess we're done.

                                Mr. Edgeworth doesn't seem like he's going to stand up any time soon.

                                Let's go, Nick.


Phoenix:                 Uh... right.

                                We have to give Edgeworth's letter of request to Detective Gumshoe.



December 25

Police Department

Criminal Affairs


Maya:                     ...

                                Not a Gumshoe in sight.


Police:                    If you're looking for Detective Gumshoe, he's in the questioning room.

                                Apparently, an important witness turned up.

                                He'll be in there a while.


Maya:                     Lotta Hart... it has to be.

Phoenix:                 Uh oh...




Gumshoe:              What's going on here!?


Maya:                     Eek!


Phoenix:                 W-what's wrong, Detective?


Gumshoe:              This wild lady comes in here just a while ago...

                                Says she came to "talk to y'all after hearing what Mr. Wright had to say"!

                                What's this all about, pal!?


Phoenix:                 (Lotta Hart...)


Gumshoe:              Why are you going around finding more witnesses!?

                                You want to give Mr. Edgeworth the death sentence, pal!?


Phoenix:                 N-no, not at all...

                                Just... I mean, she did see something. There's nothing I can do about that.

                                I can't go around covering up evidence!


Gumshoe:              Er...

                                You trying to say something about the way I do my job?


Phoenix:                 No sir!



Talk (Gumshoe)


                > Lotta's testimony


Phoenix:                 So... what did Ms. Hart say?


Gumshoe:              She says she saw Mr. Edgeworth fire the pistol.

Maya:                     What!?


Gumshoe:              She even had a photograph to prove it.


Phoenix:                 Right.

                                I saw it too...

                                But you really can't tell from the photo who it is shooting.


Gumshoe:              That's why she said she's going to enlarge the photo.

                                She said "it'll drop the quality a mite, but should let us see who's who!"


Maya:                     She can do that!?


Phoenix:                 (Okay, so there's going to be an enlarged photograph that shows Edgeworth in the act.)

                                (Great. Just great.)


Gumshoe:              In any case, she's going to be the one testifying tomorrow.


Maya:                     Huh?

                                What happened to the other witness?


Gumshoe:              Well...

                                Apparently, there was a cancellation.


Phoenix:                 (A "cancellation"...!?)


                > Tomorrow's trial


Gumshoe:              I'm afraid tomorrow is going to be life or death for poor Mr. Edgeworth.

                                We got a witness who says she saw the very moment of the murder.

                                And we got a photo taken when the shot rang out.


Phoenix:                 (I'd say that sounds like a pretty unwinnable case...)

                                (But wait... What did Mia used to say?)

                                (If he's innocent, there's got to be something I've overlooked...)


                > Edgeworth


Gumshoe:              It sounds like Mr. Edgeworth is going to ask the state to assign a public defender.

                                I was just asked to file the paperwork.

                                But you still got time, pal!

                                Go talk to him again, for me, please!

                                You have to convince him!

                                You have to make him let you defend him! Please!

                                I know you're the only one who can do it, pal.

                                You're the only one who can save Mr. Edgeworth!



Present (Gumshoe)  


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Gumshoe:              Hey, pal, there's only one thing I want to see from you!

                                And that's a letter of request from Mr. Edgeworth for you to be his defense attorney!


                > Edgeworth's Request


Phoenix:                 Look what I got.


Gumshoe:              ...

                                Hey, you did it, pal!

                                Glad I waited till the last minute to file those papers!

                                I'll rip 'em up and start new ones for you!


Phoenix:                 Thanks, Detective.

                                Well, see you in court tomorrow, then.

Gumshoe:              Good luck, pal.


                                You guys feel that earthquake a little while back?

                                I was worried!


Maya:                     Worried?

                                We're fine! I've lived out here my whole life. I'm pretty used to them by now.


Gumshoe:              Oh, I wasn't worried about you two.

                                I was worried about Mr. Edgeworth!


Phoenix:                 (Oh, right...)

                                He did seem to over-react a little, not that you mention it.


Gumshoe:              Yeah, well, I'm not surprised. It was a pretty big quake.

                                I'm going to go check on him.

                                You two go eat and get your rest for tomorrow's trial.



Maya:                     ...

                                I wonder what it is with Mr. Edgeworth and earthquakes?


Phoenix:                 I wonder...

                                He was never that scared of them when he was in school.

                                (Then again, I was only in the same class as him for 4th grade.)

                                (He transferred to another school after that.)

                                (I wonder what happened to Edgeworth...)

To be continued.



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