Turnabout Goodbyes

-- Day 2 - Trial --


December 26, 9:44 AM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 2


Phoenix:                 Karma...?


Edgeworth:            That's right, Manfred von Karma. He's the best prosecutor there is.

                                He hasn't lost a case in his 40-year career.

                                He is a god of prosecution, Wright! A god!


Maya:                     Not a single case?


Edgeworth:            He'll do anything to get a guilty verdict, anything.


Phoenix:                 Hmm. Sounds like someone else I know, Edgeworth.


Edgeworth:            Hmph.

                                You don't understand.

                                I mean he'll really do anything. Manfred von Karma is a man to be feared.


Phoenix:                 (That's quite a claim coming from someone who forges evidence...)


Edgeworth:            He taught me what it really means to "prosecute."


Phoenix:                 Wh-what!?


Edgeworth:            Just picture a prosecutor as vicious as me... multiplied by a factor of ten.


Maya:                     Ugh...

                                So... so was he your teacher, then, Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth:            Something like that...


Maya:                     And now he's trying to get you found guilty!? What a creep!

                                Oh, wait...

                                Maybe he's planning on losing on purpose to help you out!


Edgeworth:            Not a chance...

                                He hasn't lost once in 40 years. 40 years!

                                He's as ruthless as me, times twenty!


Maya:                     That's pretty ruthless...


Edgeworth:            Like I said. He's a god among prosecutors.


Phoenix:                 (I guess that's something like Mia was to me.)

                                (Speaking of Mia...)

                                Um, Maya?


Maya:                     Uh huh?


Phoenix:                 We could really be using Mia's help right now... don't you think?


Maya:                     Oh...


Phoenix:                 ?


Maya:                     I can't.

                                Sorry. I tried, I really tried, but I couldn't reach.


Phoenix:                 You couldn't "reach"?


Maya:                     I think it's because I haven't been training.

                                My powers are weak again...


Phoenix:                 Oh man, what bad timing!


Maya:                     I'm really sorry.

                                I'll try my best!


Phoenix:                 I hope so!


Edgeworth:            What are you whispering about?


Phoenix:                 O-oh, it's nothing.

                                Well, it's time. Let's head in...



December 26, 10:00 AM

District Court

Courtroom No. 3


Judge:                    Court is now in session for the trial of Mr. Miles Edgeworth.


Phoenix:                 The defense is ready, Your Honor.


Karma:                    ...


Judge:                    Erm, Mr. von Karma? Is the prosecution ready?


Karma:                    ...


                                You seriously think that I would stand here were I not completely prepared?


Judge:                    R-right, my apologies!


Phoenix:                 (He's even got the Judge scared!)


Judge:                    Very well, your opening statement, please.


Karma:                    ...

                                Decisive evidence...

                                A decisive witness...

                                What else could possibly be required?


Judge:                    Ah... er, nothing of course. That should be fine.

                                The prosecution may call its first witness.


Maya:                     What's with this guy? Is he royalty or something?


Phoenix:                 How am I supposed to fight against this!?


Karma:                    I call the detective in charge of this case, Detective Dick Gumshoe.


Phoenix:                 (Okay, Gumshoe's first... Let's see how this goes.)


Karma:                    Describe the incident. Now!


Gumshoe:              Y-yessir!


Phoenix:                 (Detective Gumshoe looks nervous...)


Gumshoe:              Er, please take a look at the map.

                                The murder happened late Christmas Eve, around midnight.

                                There was one boat in the very middle of the lake.

                                There were two men on the boat.

                                Now, there happened to be a woman camping here on the edge of the lake.

                                At 12:10 AM, she heard two pistol shots.

                                Then the boat started to move.

                                It went towards the boat rental shop.


Karma:                    Hmm.


Overhead Map added to the Court Record.


Karma:                    Testify to the court about your arrest. Now!


Judge:                    W-w-wait! Mr. von Karma...


Karma:                    Yes?


Judge:                    Actually, I'm the one that's supposed to be handling these proceedings...


Karma:                    Wrong. There is only one thing you need to do here.

                                You will slam down your gavel and say the word "guilty." That is your role!


Judge:                    Y-yes, of course. You're quite right.


Phoenix:                 (No he's not!!!)




-- The Arrest of Edgeworth --


Gumshoe:              A man called into the station around 30 minutes after midnight.

                                We headed to the scene of the crime as fast as we could.

                                That's where we found Mr. Edgeworth.

                                Now, I didn't suspect him of anything at all.

                                But... the next morning, a body was found in the lake.

                                So we had to arrest Mr. Edgeworth.


Judge:                    Hmm... I see.

                                Very well...


Karma:                    Begin your cross-examination, attorney. Now!


Judge:                    ...




-- The Arrest of Edgeworth --


Gumshoe: A man called into the station around 30 minutes after midnight.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 You received a call from a "man"?


Gumshoe:              Er... yup.


Phoenix:                 But you said there was a woman camping there?

                                She was the one who heard the two gunshots, right?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                That woman and the "man" who called in the report are two different people, obviously!


Phoenix:                 Different people?


Karma:                    There were two witnesses!


Phoenix:                 (Urk!)


Karma:                    Their testimonies were quite similar however.

                                Today I've summoned the woman who was camping.


Phoenix:                 (The woman who was camping... Lotta Hart.)


Karma:                    What happened next, Detective?


Gumshoe: We headed to the scene of the crime as fast as we could.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 How long was it between receiving the report and your arrival at the lake?


Gumshoe:              Er, well... I'd say it was about three minutes.


Phoenix:                 That's pretty fast!


Gumshoe:              Our motto for the month is "get there quick."


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Detective! You will refrain from casually revealing department secrets!


Gumshoe:              Y-yessir!

                                Sorry, sir!


Karma:                    Do that, and you'll be able to look forward to your next salary review.


Gumshoe:              So much to look forward to, these days...


Karma:                    This is no time for daydreaming! Continue!


Gumshoe:              Y-yessir!


Gumshoe: That's where we found Mr. Edgeworth.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 What was Mr. Edgeworth like when you saw him there?


Gumshoe:              Well...

                                From what I saw, he looked pretty relaxed. Not like a murderer at all, really.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Detective! The court requires the facts, NOT your opinion!

                                How many years have you been on the force!?

                                Facts only, Detective! Hard, cold, objective facts!


Gumshoe:              Y-y-yessir!


Phoenix:                 (Man, he's got his share of objections...)


Gumshoe: Now, I didn't suspect him of anything at all.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Why didn't you think he was suspicious?


Gumshoe:              You should know!

                                We have a deep, trusting relationship with the prosecutors.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Detective! The court isn't interests in your musings!

                                "Deep"? "Trusting"? Poppycock!

                                I've never heard so many flippant comments from an active detective on the force!


Gumshoe:              Mmph!


Phoenix:                 (Detective Gumshoe doesn't look so good...)


Karma:                    Continue! Now!


Gumshoe: But... the next morning, a body was found in the lake.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Did you find any clues on the body?


Gumshoe:              A single bullet was recovered from the body.

                                He was shot through the heart... fatally.


Karma:                    Judge! Here's the bullet...

                                It didn't strike bone, so its shape is well preserved.


Judge:                    Very well. The court accepts this bullet into evidence.


Pistol Bullet added to the Court Record.


Gumshoe: So we had to arrest Mr. Edgeworth.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 W-why is that?


Gumshoe:              Well, we found the murder weapon in the boat.


Phoenix:                 The murder weapon...?


Gumshoe:              A pistol.


Judge:                    Detective Gumshoe...

                                That is a vital piece of information. Please revise your testimony.


Gumshoe:              Right! S-sorry, Your Honor.


Gumshoe: The murder weapon we found in the boat was decisive evidence.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 What about the pistol made it "decisive evidence"?


Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...


Phoenix:                 (Ack! He has the same evil laugh as Edgeworth...)


Gumshoe:              There were fingerprints on the pistol found in the boat.

                                They were clear prints from Mr. Edgeworth's right hand.


Phoenix:                 Wh-what!?


[Crowd muttering]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                So Mr. Edgeworth's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon!?


Gumshoe:              Y-yes, Your Honor.


Karma:                    Judge!

                                This is the weapon in question.


Judge:                    A-accepted into evidence.


Pistol added to the Court Record.


Maya:                     Nick.

                                Doesn't it seem like Detective Gumshoe is being a little vague?


Phoenix:                 I bet von Karma is feeding him lines!

                                His testimony's probably filled with landmines just waiting for me to press.


Maya:                     What do we do?


Phoenix:                 Grit our teeth and press, I guess. What else can we do?


Maya:                     Well said, Nick!

                                You're the man!




Karma:                    Members of the court...

                                We now have the pistol used in the murder, and the bullet found in the body!



Gumshoe:              Y-y-yessir!


Karma:                    Was the bullet found in this body fired from this pistol?


Gumshoe:              Yes. The ballistic markings on the bullet match the pistol.


Judge:                    Hmm...


Maya:                     Hey, Nick!

                                What does he mean, "ballistic markings"?


Karma:                    Shocking!

                                To imagine someone here does not know something as basic as ballistic markings!


Maya:                     N-Nick! He's glaring at me!


Karma:                    Tsk... very well, I'll explain.

                                Actually, Judge!

                                You do it.


Judge:                    Eh? M-me?


                                Erm, ahem.

                                Ballistic markings are like the "fingerprints" of a gun.

                                The barrel leaves distinctive marks on each bullet it fires.

                                You can examine these "ballistic fingerprints" to see which gun fired the shot.

                                It's quite accurate.


Karma:                    Indeed.

                                This leads to one, inevitable conclusion: the bullet found in the victim's heart... was, without a doubt, fired from this pistol.

                                This pistol which, as you may recall, was covered in the defendant's own fingerprints!


[Court mutters]


Judge:                    O-order! Order!


Phoenix:                 (This is bad...)

                                (This makes it look like Edgeworth did it!)


Karma:                    Well, Judge?


Judge:                    I'd say it's almost decisive, yes.

                                Honestly, I could declare a verdict at this point.



Karma:                    You wish to hear the witness speak, no doubt.

                                Very well.

                                I am somewhat fatigued, and so I will take a brief break.

                                I will call me witness after the recess.

                                Which will last ten minutes.



Judge:                    Y-yes?


Karma:                    What are you doing? A ten minute recess! Now!


Judge:                    B-but, wait, I...

Karma:                    Just bang your flimsy gavel and get on with it, man!


Judge:                    Y-yes!

                                Ahem. This court will take a ten minute recess.


Phoenix:                 (Who's running this court, anyway!?)



December 26, 11:09 AM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 2


Phoenix:                 Edgeworth! What's going on here!?

                                Your fingerprints were on the murder weapon!


Edgeworth:            Uh... hmm...


Phoenix:                 And that foggy photo makes one thing clear...

                                The only one who could have shot that man was the person in the photo!


Edgeworth:            True...


Phoenix:                 Was that you in the boat?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                Yes. It was me.


Phoenix:                 What!?


Edgeworth:            But... you must believe me. I didn't shoot him.


Phoenix:                 Th-then who did!?


Edgeworth:            I... don't know.


Phoenix:                 You don't know!?

                                Weren't you right there!?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                I heard a gunshot from very close by.

                                Then... the other man fell from the boat.

                                I can't say why, but...

                                I thought, at the time, that he had shot himself!


Phoenix:                 Y-you mean it was a suicide!?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                That's the only explanation I can come up with.


Phoenix:                 Huh...

                                (How am I going to convince anyone of that!?)

                                Say, Maya?


Maya:                     Huh? Wh-what?


Phoenix:                 Any progress with Mia?


Maya:                     Oh...

                                Sorry. It's no good.


Phoenix:                 Ugh...


Maya:                     I know...

                                I'm not good for anything, am I, Nick?

                                If I can't call my sister, I might as well not be here, right?


>>> No, I need you here.


                Phoenix:                 No, of course not, I need you here!

                                                I can see you're always trying to help out.

                                                Even if you don't actually help... it's the thought that counts, right?


                Maya:                     It's okay Nick, you don't have to make me feel better.


>>> Yeah, you're useless


                Phoenix:                 Um, well, actually...

                                                (You don't know law, you don't have any trial experience or techniques...)

                                                (Yeah, you're pretty much useless... but I can't say that!)


                Maya:                     It's okay Nick. You don't have to say anything. Your face said it for you.


                Phoenix:                 (Whoops!)

                                                N-no, o-of course we... I'm sorry.


Maya:                     It's okay, Nick.

                                I don't know anything about trials, or defense...

                                What's more, I'm a spirit medium who can't even contact spirits...


Phoenix:                 Aww, everyone has their off days!

                                I mean, I've just been getting lucky lately...

                                But you never know when my luck is going to run out!


Maya:                     Really...?


Edgeworth:            W-w-whoa! Wright!

                                Don't jinx this case any worse than it already is!

                                It's bad for my heart...


Phoenix:                 Oh? Oh! S-sorry...





Judge:                    Court is back in session.

                                Mr. von Karma, call your witness.


Karma:                    Yes.

                                Will Ms. Lotta Hart take the stand?

                                Lotta Hart, you are a research student at a university?


Lotta:                      That I am.


Karma:                    Good. Begin by telling us what you saw the night of the incident.

                                And don't add anything trivial or subjective.



Lotta:                      ...

                                Y'all need to learn some manners.


Karma:                    UNDERSTAND?


Lotta:                      Y-yeah, I understand, I understand!


Judge:                    Er... very well.

                                Your testimony, please.




-- Witness's Account --


Lotta:                      It was Christmas Eve, just after midnight, I reckon.

                                I was in my car.

                                I heard this "bang" come up from the lake.

                                When I looked out the window, I saw two gents in a boat.

                                Then there was another "bang"...

                                There wasn't nary a thing on the lake but that boat.



Karma:                    Enough.


Lotta:                      Huh?


Karma:                    Judge!

                                She happened to take a photo of the incident!

                                This is that photo.
                                Accept it as evidence.


Judge:                    W-well! This is a surprise!

                                This looks like... the very moment of the murder!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    O-order! I will remove you from the court if I do not have order immediately!


Karma:                    As the witness testified, she looked at the lake when she heard the shot.

                                There were no other boats on that lake!

                                So, the man in the boat with the victim must have been the one who shot him...

                                Yes. It was the defendant, Miles Edgeworth!!!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order! Order...! I will have order!


Karma:                    ...

                                Well, Judge?


Judge:                    The evidence is... decisive.

                                I have very little doubt about this case.

                                Very well, this court finds the defendant...


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                W-wait! Your Honor!

                                I haven't cross-examined the witness yet!


Karma:                    A cross-examination?

                                We have photographic proof! We question can there possibly be?

                                This photo is worth a thousand words... and they all read "guilty!"

                                You lose.


                                Do you claim to hand found a contradiction in her testimony?


Phoenix:                 ...!


Karma:                    Very well. If you have to, you may cross-examine the witness.

                                You will only flounder and ask meaningless questions!

                                You will fail to find anything!

                                And then, I will have you held in contempt of court!


Maya:                     Uh, Nick... contempt...?


Phoenix:                 "Contempt of court," you know?


Maya:                     I... guess I understand.

                                Well... what are you going to do?

                                Do you really think there was a contradiction with the facts in her testimony?


>>> I think there was


                Phoenix:                 I... think I noticed one little thing...


                Maya:                     Wow, I'm impressed, Nick! I didn't notice anything!

                                                Right! Let's take him on!


                Phoenix:                 Y-yeah...

                                                (I got a bad feeling about this...)


>>> I think there wasn't


                Phoenix:                 Honestly, I found nothing.


                Maya:                     I dunno, I thought her testimony was strange.

                                                She was so vague about everything!


                Phoenix:                 I bet von Karma probably fed her her lines.


                Maya:                     But...

                                                But if you don't cross-examine her, the judge will...


                Phoenix:                 He'll bang down that "flimsy gavel" of his and declare Edgeworth guilty.


                Maya:                     I guess we'll just gave to bluff it.


                Phoenix:                 But if we mess up... contempt of the court.


                Maya:                     Hey, if we lose we'll be held in public contempt!


                Phoenix:                 Er... right.


Phoenix:                 I understand...

                                I will cross-examine the witness!


Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                Very well!


Judge:                    I pray for your sake this isn't a waste of time.




-- Witness's Account --


Lotta: It was Christmas Eve, just after midnight, I reckon.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 "Just after midnight," you say?

                                In other words, it was no longer Christmas Eve... but Christmas Day!


Lotta:                      Huh? Uh, yeah, well, yes.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                I know you want to find contradictions, but really!


Phoenix:                 Mmmph.


Judge:                    I hope your next contradiction is a little more relevant to this trial.

                                Witness, continue your testimony.


Lotta: I was in my car.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Why were you camping there, anyway?


Lotta:                      I'm a research student at my university.

                                I was taking pictures to use in my research.


Phoenix:                 (What research? This all sounds suspicious...)


>>> Hold back


                Phoenix:                 (I think I'll let that one slide for now.)


>>> Press further


                Phoenix:                 Ms. Hart.

                                                Could you be more specific about your "research"?


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                What does the witness's motive in camping by the lake have to do with this case!?

                                                The answer is "nothing"! I object to this line of questioning!

                                                Objection sustained!


                Judge:                    W-w-wait, now, I'm the one who says that!


                Karma:                    Well, then say it already!


                Judge:                    Objection sustained.


                Phoenix:                 (Thanks for nothing, Your Honor...)


Lotta: I heard this "bang" come up from the lake.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 So, you weren't looking at the lake at that time?


Lotta:                      Nope.

                                I looked after I heard that noise.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                She's said that already!

                                I asked you to find "contradictions"!

                                Not leisurely chat with the witness!


Phoenix:                 (Urk...)


Lotta: When I looked out the window, I saw two gents in a boat.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Could you clearly see the two men?


Lotta:                      Just look at the picture! Clear enough for you?


Phoenix:                 (Uh oh...)


>>> Hold back


                Phoenix:                 (I think I'd best let that one slide...)


>>> Press further


                Phoenix:                 Wait a second!

                                                I wasn't asking you about the photo!

                                                I was asking if YOU saw the two men!


                Lotta:                      Uh, yeah, well, of course...


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                The witness has testified that she saw them! There's also a photo!

                                                You'd best look elsewhere for your precious contradictions!


                Phoenix:                 (He jumped in quick... He's hiding something!)


Lotta: Then there was another "bang"...


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Were you watching the very moment the shot rang out?


Lotta:                      Well, yeah, sure...


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                You're asking meaningless questions! Meaningless!

                                "Contradictions," Mr. Wright. Not meaningless babble!


Phoenix:                 (von Karma, I think I hate you.)

                                (He's trying to keep me from talking to the witness...)

                                (To what end...?)


Lotta: There wasn't nary a thing on the lake but that boat.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Are you sure about that?


Lotta:                      Yeah, sure as a country gal can be!


Phoenix:                 (That sounds pretty sure.)


>>> Hold back


                Phoenix:                 (Lotta seems pretty sure of herself.)

                                                (It'd better not forge blindly ahead here.)

                                                (Still... this whole thing stinks.)


>>> Press further


                Phoenix:                 How come you're so sure?


                Lotta:                      Well, heck, I scanned the whole lake.


                Phoenix:                 ("Scanned the whole lake"?)

                                                (It almost sounds like she was more interested in the lake than the boat...)

                                                Ms. Hart... you--


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                Mr. Wright!

                                                The witness has answered the question in full.


                Phoenix:                 Mmph!


                Karma:                    No need for further questions! Objection sustained!


                Judge:                    U-uh, that's what I'm...


                Karma:                    Sustained!


                Judge:                    Y-yes, of course.


                Phoenix:                 (Oh great...)


Phoenix:                 (Th-there weren't any contradictions in there!)


Maya:                     Sorry, Nick. If only my sister were here...


Phoenix:                 (Maya's really taking this hard.)




Judge:                    Enough!

                                I think we've heard all we need to hear, Mr. Wright.

                                It seems you are unable to find a contradiction in the testimony worth noting.


Phoenix:                 B-but, Your Honor!


Karma:                    You keep your promise!


Judge:                    Mr. Wright.

                                I am afraid that I will have to penalize any further outbursts...

                                By holding you in contempt of court!


Karma:                    And if that happens, you'll have to leave the courtroom immediately!



Phoenix:                 Uh... uh huh.


Maya:                     Nick...!

                                Lotta's testimony is fishy, Nick! Real fishy!


Phoenix:                 I... know what you mean.


                                If I can't say anything, what can I do?


Judge:                    I believe we've covered the evidence sufficiently to make a decision.


Karma:                    Then, pass your judgment!


Judge:                    Very well.

                                Mr. Miles Edgeworth, please take the stand.




Judge:                    Wh-who was that!?


Maya:                     It... was me.


Phoenix:                 (Maya!)


Judge:                    I-is something wrong?

                                D-do you need to use the facilities?


Maya:                     No, I do not!

                                Lotta Hart!

                                Your testimony stinks!

                                It's unclear whether you were actually looking at the lake!

                                It's highly doubtful that you actually saw Mr. Edgeworth!

                                Tell us the truth!

                                This is a matter of life or death!


Lotta:                      ...!


Maya:                     Lotta!

                                Did you really clearly see Mr. Edgeworth that night!?

                                Did you see him fire that pistol!?


Judge:                    You will stand down!

                                The court does not acknowledge the defense's outburst!


Maya:                     Answer me, Lotta!


Lotta:                      What's the big idea, treating me like some kind of criminal!?

                                I saw him! I swear it!

                                I saw Edgeworth...


Karma:                    OBJECTION!



                                Declare the defense in contempt of court!


Judge:                    Y-yes... yes, of course.

                                I'm sorry, but you WERE warned.

                                Guard! Escort Mr. Wright out of the courtroom!

                                He is in contempt of court, and must leave.


Phoenix:                 (No...)





Maya:                     I-I was the one who made the outburst, Your Honor!

                                Nick is innocent!


Karma:                    Hah!

                                What's the difference?

                                All the remains is for the guilty verdict to be declared!

                                Isn't that right, Mr. Phoenix Wright?


>>> Right


                Phoenix:                 (Dammit, he's right...)


                Maya:                     N-Nick! There must be something we can do!


                Phoenix:                 I... don't think there is.

                                                The cross-examination is over already!


                Maya:                     B-but... but didn't Lotta just say she saw him?

                                                She did, Nick! She just said that she saw Mr. Edgeworth!

                                                She didn't say that in her testimony, did she?


                Phoenix:                 ...!

                                                Y-you're right!

                                                Your Honor!


>>> Wrong


                Phoenix:                 Wrong!


                Karma:                    What!?


Phoenix:                 Did you hear what Ms. Hart just said?

                                She said she clearly saw Mr. Edgeworth!

                                That was not in the testimony!

                                That changes her testimony, and I have a right to cross-examine her again!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order! Order!

                                Order! Order! Order!


Karma:                    You're in contempt of court! It's too late for wild claims!

                                Judge! Sustain my objection!


Judge:                    ...


                                I'm sorry, Mr. von Karma, but I cannot.


Karma:                    What!?


Judge:                    Ms. Lotta Hart has made a new testimony.

                                The defense does have a right to cross-examine her again.


Karma:                    B-but he is in contempt of court!


Maya:                     No, I am!

                                If you're going to arrest someone, arrest me!


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Very well.

                                Maya Fey!

                                You will leave the courtroom immediately.


Maya:                     Nick!

                                I did what I could...

                                You have to do the rest! Good luck!


Phoenix:                 M-Maya...!


Karma:                    Peh! I care not for this melodrama!

                                Listen well, Mr. Wright!

                                I do not tolerate badgering of my witnesses!


Phoenix:                 (I'm running out of time...)

                                (I'd better find a contradiction in here or else...)


Judge: Mr. Wright! Begin your cross-examination!




-- That Last Statement --


Lotta: I saw it as clear as day. The man on the boat was Mr. Edgeworth!


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Well, what about the other man?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                You cannot expect to be allowed to blithely ignore your promise, Mr. Wright!

                                I believe you claimed there was a contradiction in the witness's testimony!

                                Well, find it!

                                If you can!


Judge:                    Mr. Wright, I have to assign you a penalty.


Phoenix:                 (Damn...!)


Phoenix:                 (That's it...?)

                                (Uh oh. I don't know if I can find anything in that...)

                                (What will Maya say?)


Lotta: I saw it as clear as day. The man on the boat was Mr. Edgeworth!


                > Present: Lake Photo


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                Got you.

                                Got you, Ms. Hart!



Lotta:                      Wh-what!?

                                You got what?


Phoenix:                 Look at this photograph.


Lotta:                      The photo I took...?


Phoenix:                 The very same.

                                There's something I want you to see in this photo... it's quite clearly visible.

                                The fog, Ms. Hart.


Lotta:                      So... so?


Phoenix:                 This picture was taken with professional, high quality film, correct?

                                Yet even it could not capture the faces of the men on the boat!

                                Yet you claim you saw Mr. Edgeworth!



Lotta:                      Whut!? Wha--!!


Judge:                    Mr. Wright has a point!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                That's why I told her not to say that in her testimony! Please!


Phoenix:                 Yet, now she has said it, Mr. von Karma.

                                How could you possibly see Mr. Edgeworth!?

                                Explain yourself!


Judge:                    Ms. Hart.


Lotta:                      What!

Judge:                    Could you see the defendant that night?


Lotta:                      O-of course! I said I could and I meant I could!


Judge:                    Then, please testify as to the circumstances of your sighting.


Phoenix:                 (I did it!)

                                (I finally found a hole in von Karma's carefully vague testimony!)




-- How Edgeworth Was Seen --


Lotta:                      Yer right. It was a cold night, and the fog was thick as grits.

                                So, once I was finished setting up my camera, I got back in the car.

                                Still, I brought my binoculars with me.

                                When I heard that noise out on the lake, I looked with my binoculars.

                                See? No problem!



Judge:                    Hmm... You used binoculars?

                                Very well.

                                You may begin your cross-examination, Mr. Wright.


Phoenix:                 (This one'd better be good!)




-- How Edgeworth Was Seen --


Lotta: Yer right. It was a cold night, and the fog was thick as grits.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 So? How could you see Edgeworth!?


Lotta:                      Now, just hold your horses for a second!

                                You hasty Yankee types'd never find a gal where I'm from.


Judge:                    Defense attorneys have trouble with that as it is.


Phoenix:                 (Nobody loves me...)


Lotta: So, once I was finished setting up my camera, I got back in the car.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Your "camera"...?


Lotta:                      Yeah. It's got an automatic...


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                The issue we are concerned with here is Ms. Hart seeing Mr. Edgeworth!

                                The camera has nothing to do with this at all!


Judge:                    Objection sustained.


Phoenix:                 (Argh! He's not letting her answer any of my questions!)


Lotta: Still, I brought my binoculars with me.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 "Binoculars"?


Lotta:                      Yeah, binoculars.


Phoenix:                 Yesterday, you mentioned that you were out looking for shooting stars, correct?


Lotta:                      Well... yeah.


Phoenix:                 Wouldn't you need a telescope, not binoculars, for that?


Lotta:                      ...!


Phoenix:                 I've got doubts about your camera, too! Was that really to take pictures of meteor showers?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                The camera is irrelevant to this case!


Phoenix:                 You can't say that for certain!


Judge:                    Hmm... Mr. Wright.

                                Is the camera really relevant to this case?

                                If you believe it is, you may continue with this line of questioning.


Karma:                    But know this!

                                If you find nothing with this, there will be consequences!


Judge:                    Well, Mr. Wright?

                                Do you wish to press further about the camera?


>>> Back off


                Phoenix:                 Okay, Your Honor...

                                                I withdraw my question.

                                                (I have to remember who I'm dealing with!)

                                                (I bet von Karma wants to trap me so he can put me in contempt!)

                                                (I think I'll hang back for now and see what happens.)


                Karma:                    Hah!


>>> Press further


                Phoenix:                 (This is make-it-or-break-it time!)

                                                The camera is of utmost importance, Your Honor.

                                                It is, perhaps, the key to this entire case!

                                                Therefore, I will continue my line of questioning!

                                                (Wow! Maybe I went a little overboard there...)


                Judge:                    Very well!

                                                Ms. Hart! You will testify to the court about this camera!


                Lotta:                      Yeah, yeah, I hear ya.


Lotta: The camera was set up to take pictures of a meteor shower.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Ms. Hart.

                                What made you choose that lake to photograph meteors?

                                You know the fog gets thick on that lake. It's not very suited to stargazing.


Lotta:                      Yeah, well...

                                Y'see, I...

                                I guess I wasn't thinking too straight! Har!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Mr. Wright!

                                I will not have you badgering my witness because of her challenged intellect!


Lotta:                      Now wait a minute!


Karma:                    Continue your testimony. You were saying how it was that you saw Edgeworth?


Lotta:                      Grr...


Karma:                    No unnecessary comments, please.


Lotta: When I heard that noise out on the lake, I looked with my binoculars.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 If there was a heavy fog, how would binoculars change that at all?


Lotta:                      What do you mean?


Phoenix:                 Even binoculars can't see through fog!

                                But... you say you clearly saw him?


Lotta:                      Er...

                                I did... yeah.


Karma:                    Enough!

                                There is no room for doubt in her testimony!


Phoenix:                 (Hmm. She sounded pretty doubtful to me.)

                                (But... I have to find a clear contradiction first.)


Phoenix:                 (I don't care how many von Karmic objections I get...)

                                (I'm going to find a hole in this testimony if it's the last thing I do!)


Lotta: The camera was set up to take pictures of a meteor shower.


                > Present: Lotta's Camera


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                You were photographing shooting stars? That's a lie!


Lotta:                      S-says who!?


Phoenix:                 I saw the camera you set up yesterday.

                                It was pointed directly at the lake!

                                You have to point a camera upwards to take photos of the stars, Ms. Hart!


Lotta:                      Ooof!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Mr. Wright! What are you driving at?


Phoenix:                 The witness was not at the lake to photograph shooting stars, Your Honor!


Lotta:                      ...!


Judge:                    W-well then, what exactly was she photographing?


>>> I don't know


                Phoenix:                 Well... that I don't know.


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                What the witness takes photos of is entirely her business!

                                                This has nothing to do with the case!

                                                Not to mention that you can't even show us another reason why she might have been there.

                                                Mr. Wright...

                                                If you are out of material, I suggest we end this mockery of a cross-examination.


                Phoenix:                 (Uh oh... I can't let the trial end like this!)

                                                (I have to show them something!)


>>> Show evidence


Phoenix:                 Your Honor!

                                Take a look at this...

                                What was Ms. Hart trying to photograph at the lake?


>>> Show wrong evidence


                Phoenix:                 Well, Your Honor?

                                                What do you think?


                Judge:                    I... think I'm confused.


                Karma:                    Wrong again, Mr. Wright. So very wrong.

                                                You can't get through this one with your weak bluffs!


                Phoenix:                 Y-Your Honor!

                                                Enough playing around! Here's the real evidence!


                Judge:                    "Enough playing around" is my line, Mr. Wright!


                Phoenix:                 Uh...


>>> Show right evidence: Gourdy Article


Phoenix:                 Ms. Hart.

                                This is what you were trying to photograph!


Judge:                    What's this? A newspaper article?


                                Ah, the sighting at Gourd Lake...


Phoenix:                 Well, Ms. Hart?


Lotta:                      I... I never heard of no lake monster! You got proof or something?

                                Let's see you prove that I was down at the lake trying to photograph this "Gourdy."


>>> I don't have proof


                Phoenix:                 Well, I don't have proof...


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                Bah! Your ineptitude is entertaining, Mr. Wright, but enough is enough!

                                                I've had enough of baseless claims made without a hair of evidence to support them!


                Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                                Well all right, if that's how you want to play... I'll show you evidence!


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright! Are you sure about this?


                Phoenix:                 (I'm sure sick of that smarmy prosecutor putting me down!)

                                                (Or... did he taunt me so I'd get mad and make a mistake?)


>>> I have proof


Phoenix:                 I have it! Proof!


Judge:                    Hmm...



Judge:                    Very well, let's see it. And... no joking around this time, please.

                                Here is the proof that the witness was trying to photograph Gourdy, the lake monster!


>>> Show wrong evidence


                Phoenix:                 Here's my proof!

                                                It's simple!


                Judge:                    ...

                                                If it's simple... then why have you so obviously made an error, Mr. Wright?


                Phoenix:                 Urk...?


                Lotta:                      What's that!?


                Karma:                    Go home.

                                                Consider a career change.


                Phoenix:                 (Gah!)

                                                (How can they so casually toss aside this eviden...

                                                Oh. Whoops. Wrong evidence.)


                Judge:                    Luckily for you, I'm in a patient mood, Mr. Wright. One more time, please.


>>> Show right evidence: Gourdy Article


Phoenix:                 The proof is in this article about Gourdy the lake monster!


Lotta:                      ...!


Phoenix:                 According to this article...

                                When Gourdy breaks through the water, it makes a loud noise!

                                Which is why you set up your camera with that microphone!

                                You had it set to respond to loud noises!

                                And that's how you got this picture when the pistol fired!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                I see...

                                I, too, thought it was a little strange.


Phoenix:                 (Yeah, sure!)

                                Well, Ms. Hart?

                                You were camping there to try and take a photo of Gourdy, weren't you?


Lotta:                      ...


                                Not bad. Are all you lawyers this smart?

                                So, smart boy, I was down there trying to photograph Gourdy, you got me.

                                So what?


Phoenix:                 Huh...?


Lotta:                      That don't change what I saw, does it?


Karma:                    Exactly!

                                What you just used several precious minutes of our time to prove...

                                is nothing more than that the witness is an idiot who thinks monsters exist!


Lotta:                      H-hey!


Karma:                    But, as she so succinctly said, so what!?

                                It changes nothing!


Phoenix:                 (Not true!)

                                (You were hiding the whole thing about Gourdy for some reason, I know it!)

                                (But what could it have been...?)

                                (Whatever it is, I'm getting to the bottom of this!)


Judge:                    Ms. Hart.

                                Why did you hide the fact that you were searching for Gourdy from the court?

                                Please revise your testimony.


Lotta:                      ...

                                Right. Fine, I'll testify.

                                It won't change nothing, though.


Phoenix:                 (Something will change... it has to!)

                                (And I'm going to spot it!)


Karma:                    ...




-- Lotta's New Testimony --


Lotta:                      Actually, I'm not a research student at a university.

                                I'm an investigative photographer.

                                Imagine what a scoop it'd be if I got a picture of that monster!

                                That's why I was camping by the lake.

                                But, that's all I was hiding.

                                When I heard the "bang" I looked right straight out at that lake.

                                There wasn't much else to look at, so I just watched that boat the whole time.

                                Then I saw a flash, near one of the men's hands, and I heard another gunshot.

                                I was looking right at that boat, the whole time, cross my heart and hope to fry.



Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Well, Mr. Wright. You may cross-examine the witness.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                The witness's testimony is unchanged from before!

                                Whether she is a research student or a photographer has no bearing on this case!

                                There is no need to waste more of our time with another pointless cross-examination!


Judge:                    Er... hmm.


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                I claim the defense's right to cross-examine the witness, Your Honor!

                                (von Karma's up to something, I know it!)

                                (He doesn't want me to cross-examine her because... why? Was there a contradiction?)


Judge:                    Very well.

                                You may begin the cross-examination.

                                You seem sure of yourself, you must have something in mind.


Karma:                    Hah! That would be a first.


Phoenix:                 (Hah hah, very funny.)


Judge:                    You understand that this is your last chance at a cross-examination, Mr. Wright?

                                If there is no problem with the testimony this time, we will let the witness leave.

                                I will announce my verdict at that time, Mr. Wright.



Phoenix:                 Yes, Your Honor.




-- Lotta's New Testimony --


Lotta: Actually, I'm not a research student at a university.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Then what manner of person are you!?


Lotta:                      I'm not sure I'm high-faultin' enough to be called a "manner" of anything.


Lotta: I'm an investigative photographer.




Phoenix:                 An "investigative photographer"?


Lotta:                      Yep.

                                You get your photo, and sell it to the press. It's the kind of business.

                                Hey, I was taking pictures at my sister's graduation last year...

                                N' guess what!


Phoenix:                 Umm... what?


Lotta:                      There was a yoofoh just a' hanging in the sky!


Phoenix:                 A "yoofoh"...?


Lotta:                     You know, an "Unidentified Flying Object? A yoofoh!

                                That's when I had sort of a revelation.

                                I know I should become an investigative photographer!


Phoenix:                 I... I see.

                                (Kind of a shaky basis for a career...)


Lotta: Imagine what a scoop it'd be if I got a picture of that monster!


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Is "Gourdy" really all that newsworthy?


Lotta:                      Heck yeah! They even had him up on the TV!


Phoenix:                 (I'm not sure that appearing on the local news "rumor of the month" show qualifies.)

                                (Last month's show was "Bigfoot Sighted on Acorn Hill," I believe.)


Lotta:                      Hey! They also had a picture of him in the newspaper! For real!


Judge:                    Mr. Wright.

                                This is one fight I do not believe you can win.

                                Let's keep moving, shall we?


Phoenix:                 Yes, Your Honor.


Lotta: That's why I was camping by the lake.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 That's why you put the automatic sensor on the camera?


Lotta:                      Yep. Borrowed it from a friend at a university.

                                It analyzes every sound it picks up, and when it gets a "bang!"...


Phoenix:                 It snaps a shot.


Lotta:                      Yep.


Phoenix:                 So, how many pictures has it taken so far?


Lotta:                      The only time the camera triggered was that night.


Phoenix:                 (Hmm...)


Lotta: But, that's all I was hiding.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 I think it's time you told us why you felt you had to hide your true purpose at the lake.


Lotta:                      Heck, if word got out what I was up to, the lake'd be swarming with competitors!


Phoenix:                 Competitors...?


Lotta:                      Yeah! Second-rate shutterbugs trying to steal my scoop!


Phoenix:                 Ah...

                                Is that the only reason you were hiding the truth?


Lotta:                      W-well, actually...


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Mr. Wright! I'll not have you asking questions with no relevance to this case!


Phoenix:                 (Whatever you say, von Karma. I know you told her to keep quiet.)


Lotta: When I heard the "bang" I looked right straight out at that lake.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Exactly what sort of sound was it?


Lotta:                      Well, I never heard one before so I can't say for sure... but it sounded like a gunshot.

                                It was a lot sharper a sound than I would have expected.



Lotta: There wasn't much else to look at, so I just watched that boat the whole time.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 There wasn't "much else to look at"?


Lotta:                      Yep.


Phoenix:                 (I dunno. If she heard a bang... and she thought Gourdy was out there...)

                                (I kind of doubt she'd waste any time looking at a boat.)


Lotta:                      What? What did I do now?

                                What're you giving me that look for?


Phoenix:                 (Definitely suspicious... Maybe it's time for some evidence...)


Karma:                    Witness! Continue.


Lotta:                      Hold your hushpuppies, pops, I'm getting there.


Lotta: Then I saw a flash, near one of the men's hands, and I heard another gunshot.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Was there nothing on the lake but the boat at that time?


Lotta:                      Huh? Wait, so you're thinking maybe he was shot from some other place?

                                I don't think so, nope.

                                The lake was smooth as glass, and nobody was on the shore, neither.


Phoenix:                 (Hmm...)


Phoenix:                 (I'd better find some sort of contradiction in this testimony...)

                                (I won't be able to beat von Karma any other way...)

                                (There has to be something!)


Lotta: There wasn't much else to look at, so I just watched that boat the whole time.


                > Present: Gourdy Article


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                Ms. Hart!

                                Were you REALLY looking at that boat!?


Lotta:                      W-what's with you!?

                                Course I was looking at it!

                                It was the only thing out there! Any normal person'd be looking at it!


Phoenix:                 I agree, any normal person would.

                                But you are far from normal!


Lotta:                      Wh-what!? Y'all wanna step over here and say that!?


Phoenix:                 You were camping at the lake to take a picture of Gourdy!

                                Think about it--

                                What would you do if heard a loud noise?

                                You'd be scanning the lake for any sign of Gourdy, that's what!

                                You wouldn't give the boat a second thought!


Lotta:                      Aah!


[Crowd mutters.]


Judge:                    Order! Continue, Mr. Wright!


Phoenix:                 You testified that you were watching the boat through binoculars!

                                However, you wouldn't need binoculars to watch that boat!

                                You needed them to search for Gourdy... and that's what you were doing!


Lotta:                      ...!




Phoenix:                 Well!?


Lotta:                      Hmph...

                                Well, now that y'all mention it...

                                I did sort of take my binoculars and kind of scan the lake a bit...

                                I mean, Gourdy might be out there, n' all...


Judge:                    M-Ms. Hart!

                                A-are you saying that you were NOT watching the boat, then?

Lotta:                      ...

                                S-sorry, y'all.

                                I wasn't fibbing, really.

                                I was, just... I thought y'know, I could witness to a murder n' all!

                                I kinda got excited.

                                I was sure I was watching that boat... till now.


Judge:                    ...

                                This... this is totally uncalled for--


Lotta:                      B-but hey!

                                You got the photograph!

                                You got proof!


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Still, we can't see who is shooting who in this.


Lotta:                      Right! Right!

                                That's why I took the photo n'...


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Witness... That's enough.

                                You've had a long day. Shut your pie-hole.


Lotta:                      Sh-shut my what!?


Phoenix:                 (What was she going to say?)

                                (She took the photo... and what?)

                                (Wait a second...)


Gumshoe: She even had a photograph to prove it.


Phoenix: But you really can't tell from the photo who is shooting.


Gumshoe: That's why she said she's going to enlarge the photo.

She said "it'll drop the quality a mite, but should let us see who's who!"


Phoenix:                 (She enlarged that photo!)

                                (Why won't von Karma let her show it?)

                                (I've got a hunch!)

                                (I bet that enlarged photo shows something bad for von Karma!)

                                (This is my chance!)

                                (If I'm wrong, though, it'll mean prison for Edgeworth... or worse.)

                                (What should I do!?)


>>> Wait and see what happens


                Phoenix:                 (If this is a trap...)

                                                (I'd better hold back and see how things go.)

                                                (But... if I wait now, the cross-examination will be over!)

                                                (Can I really risk that!?)


                >>> Do nothing


                                Judge:                    This hereby ends the cross-examination of Ms. Lotta Hart.


                                Karma:                    And none too soon. That was a flagrant waste of my time.


                                Judge:                    Mr. von Karma, do you have anything to add?


                                Karma:                    I stated everything I need to when this trial began.

                                                                Decisive evidence.

                                                                A decisive witness.

                                                                What else could possibly be required?


                                Judge:                    Nothing, of course.


                                Phoenix:                 (Oh, no! I should have pressed further!)


                                Judge:                    This court sees no reason to further prolong the trial.

                                                                Nor is there any more time to decide the case against the defendant.

                                                                This case is extremely clear. I see no room for mis-interpretation of the facts.

                                                                This court finds the defendant, Mr. Miles Edgeworth...


                                                                The accused will surrender to the court immediately,

                                                                to be held pending trial at a higher court within a month from today's date.

                                                                That is all.

                                                                The court is adjourned!


                >>> Rethink position


                                Phoenix:                 (I have to fight now or I could lose everything!)


>>> Make her show the enlargement


Phoenix:                 Ms. Hart! Look at this photograph.

                                You enlarged this photograph, did you not?


Lotta:                      Y-yeah! I did!


Phoenix:                 Why has that enlargement not been presented to the court!?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                B-because it does not exist!


Lotta:                      What're y'all talking about!?

                                You were the one who told me not to show it in court in the first place!

                                You old fool!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    What's the meaning of this, Mr. von Karma!


Karma:                    Er... erm...


Phoenix:                 Ms. Hart!

                                Show the photo to the court!

                                Show us the enlargement!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                The prosecution objects to the submission of this evidence!


Judge:                    Objection... denied.

                                The witness will show the enlargement to the court.


Lotta:                      Here it is.


Judge:                    Hmm. We still cannot see who is firing in this.

                                It could be the defendant... or maybe it's not.

                                Regardless, I'll accept this as evidence.


Lake Photo added to the Court Record.


Karma:                    Happy now, Mr. Wright?


Phoenix:                 Hmm...

                                (There has to be something!)


Karma:                    You asked for the enlargement, you got the enlargement.

                                And little good it has done any of us!

                                That's why I requested she not show it!


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                I suppose this means the cross-examination...


Karma:                    Is over! Obviously!


Judge:                    Then, I would like to close the cross-examination of Ms. Lotta Hart.


Karma:                    And none too soon. That was a flagrant waste of my time.


Judge:                    Mr. von Karma, do you have anything to add?


Karma:                    I stated everything I need to when this trial began.

                                Decisive evidence.

                                A decisive witness.

                                What else could possibly be required?


Judge:                    Nothing, of course.

                                Then, I believe it is time for me to declare my verdict.


Phoenix:                 (Wait... it's not supposed to go like this!)

                                (There has to be a clue in this photo... somewhere!)                    

                                (This is bad! Real bad! What should I do!?)


>>> Wait and see


                Phoenix:                 (Uh oh... think of something!)

                                                (No good...  guess I'll just sit back and see how this turns out.)


                Judge:                    Very well! Allow me to state my verdict.


                Phoenix:                 (Oh, no! I should have pressed further!)


                Judge:                    This court sees no reason to further prolong the trial.

                                                Nor is there any more time to decide the case against the defendant.

                                                This case is extremely clear. I see no room for mis-interpretation of the facts.

                                                This court finds the defendant, Mr. Miles Edgeworth...


                                                The accused will surrender to the court immediately,

                                                to be held pending trial at a higher court within a month from today's date.

                                                That is all.

                                                The court is adjourned!


>>> Show other evidence


                Phoenix:                 W-wait!

                                                Your Honor, this evidence...


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                I believe we have spent enough time talking about evidence!


                Judge:                    Hmm... indeed.     

                                                We have heard opinions on every piece of evidence but this enlargement.

                                                I see no point in retracing our steps.


>>> Object to the enlargement


Phoenix:                 Your Honor!

                                There is something decidedly strange with this enlargement!


Judge:                    W-what might that be?


[Crowd mutters.]


Judge:                    Mr. Wright...

                                You will show the court what you mean! What about this photo is "strange"?


Phoenix:                 (Okay... here goes nothing!)

                                (I show the judge what's strange about this photo.)


>>> Show wrong evidence


                Phoenix:                 Here, Your Honor!


                Judge:                    Where...?

                                                Mr. Wright, I understand you're in a tight spot.


                                                You have nothing to gain by making baseless claims of faulty evidence!


                Phoenix:                 Y-Your Honor! Nevermind that... my, my finger slipped!

                                                Please let me show you again!


                Judge:                    Hmm...


>>> Show right evidence


Phoenix:                 Here, Your Honor!


Judge:                    The shooter...?

                                I'm not sure I understand.

                                What about the shooter is strange?


Phoenix:                 Look at the hand holding the pistol, Your Honor!


Judge:                    The hand...?


Phoenix:                 That hand directly contradicts another piece of evidence!


Judge:                    This man's left hand does what...!?


Phoenix:                 Let me show you.

                                I'll show you the evidence that left hand contradicts!


>>> Show wrong evidence


                Phoenix:                 (Hmm... I'm not sure this warrants a "take that!")

                                                (I'd better think this one through!)


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright, please hurry up. We haven't got all day.


                Phoenix:                 Y-yes, Your Honor! Right away!


>>> Show right evidence: Pistol


Phoenix:                 The evidence is clear.

                                The man in this photograph is holding that pistol in his left hand.


                                The prints on the murder weapon were from Edgeworth's "right hand"!


                                The man shooting the pistol in this photograph...

                                Is not Mr. Edgeworth!!!


[Crowd mutters]




Judge:                    Now that everyone in the courtroom has quieted down...

                                I would like to reconvene this court of law!

                                Mr. Wright.


Phoenix:                 Yes, Your Honor.


Judge:                    You have given us definitive proof today.

                                We now know that it was not Mr. Edgeworth who fired the pistol that night.


                                This leaves us with a rather large problem.

                                If Mr. Edgeworth didn't do it, then who shot our victim?


Karma:                   Precisely!

                                As we have seen, there were no other people on the lake that night!

                                Who but the defendant could have shot the victim!?


>>> Ms. Hart


                Phoenix:                 Who else but the witness, Ms. Lotta Hart!


                Judge:                    Wh-what!?

                                                Do you have proof of this!?


                Phoenix:                 (Proof-shmoof! Always with the proof! Oh... wait, I do need proof, don't I.)


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright! I'll have you remember this is a court of law!


                Phoenix:                 (Uh oh. The judge is mad.)


                Karma:                    Let me ask again!


>>> Larry


                Phoenix:                 (Wait, wait--I can't do that.)

                                                (Sacrifice one friend to save another? What's the point!?)


                Karma:                    Well, Wright!
                                                Your answer!


>>> The victim himself


Phoenix:                 There is only one explanation remaining!

                                The man who shot the victim was none other than... the victim himself!!!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                So... you are saying that the victim committed suicide?


Phoenix:                 Yes, Your Honor. I can think of no other explanations.


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Indeed, that does seem to be the only remaining option.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                I'm so very, very sorry, Mr. Wright.

                                But suicide is out of the question.

Phoenix:                 Wh-what!?


Karma:                    An examination of the victim's wound reveals the distance at which he was shot.


Phoenix:                 The... distance?


Karma:                    The victim was clearly shot from further than a meter away!


Phoenix:                 A meter! Th-that's three feet!


Karma:                    There is no way it could have been suicide!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                Mr. von Karma! Are you sure of the accuracy of your data!?


Karma:                    Of course! I had already considered the possibility of suicide, you see.


Autopsy Report updated in the Court Record.


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                I see.

                                Very well, allow me to state my opinion.

                                Considering the situation, the shooter had to be the defendant, Mr. Edgeworth.


                                The prints on the gun reveal that the shooter was not Mr. Edgeworth.

                                This is a conundrum.

                                Therefore, I would like to suspend proceedings for this trial for the day.

                                The court orders the defense and the prosecution to further investigate this matter.



Phoenix:                 Yes, Your Honor.


Karma:                    ...


Judge:                    That is all.

                                The court is adjourned.



December 26, 1:15 PM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 2


Phoenix:                 Whew, that was a close one.


Edgeworth:            ...


Phoenix:                 Hey!

                                Don't you have anything to say!?


Edgeworth:            No. I have yet to be declared innocent, Wright.


Phoenix:                 Well, yeah, but...

                                What happened out there on that lake, anyway!?

                                If he didn't commit suicide, then who...?

                                The shooter was about a meter away, too!


Edgeworth:            ...


                                Don't give me that look!

                                I did not kill him!


Phoenix:                 I was just kidding around.


Edgeworth:            Hmph.


Phoenix:                 Look...

                                I'm going to go check on Maya.


Edgeworth:            Oh...



Phoenix:                 What?


Edgeworth:            Tell her something for me.


Phoenix:                 What?


Edgeworth:            ...




                                Tell her to watch what she says in court.

                                That's all.


Phoenix:                 (Yeah, I'm sure she'll be happy to hear you say that, Edgeworth. Jerk!)


Phoenix:                 I requisitioned a transcript of Lotta's entire testimony.

                                I thought it might give me some ammunition for the trial tomorrow.

                                Of course she didn't see the shooter...

                                So the only part of her testimony that stood was the "bang" she heard.


Lotta's Deposition added to the Court Record.


To be continued.



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