Turnabout Goodbyes

-- Day 2 - Investigation --


December 26

Detention Center

Visitor's Room


Phoenix:                 Maya!


Maya:                     Hey! Nick, it's you!

                                I'm glad Mr. Edgeworth made it through the day okay.

                                It's a relief...


Phoenix:                 Hey.

                                Why'd you do that, anyway?


Maya:                     ...

                                I don't know.

                                I... just knew I had to do something.

                                I know I'm not the lawyer my sister was...


                                I'm sorry.


Phoenix:                 Well, you did save the trial...

                                Just, behave from now on, okay?


Maya:                     O... okay.



Talk (Maya)


                > Questioning


Phoenix:                 Have you been questioned yet?


Maya:                     No... not yet.

                                Detective Gumshoe was just here now.

                                He said "seeing as this is your first offense, we'll let you go after questioning."


Phoenix:                 Whew...


Maya:                     Oh, and he wanted me to get bail money ready.

                                You can pay for me, okay?


Phoenix:                 Huh? How much?


Maya:                     I don't know. I guess they'll send you a bill or something.


Phoenix:                 (Why do I picture giant bales of money every time I hear the word "bail"?)


                > Mia


Phoenix:                 Any luck with Mia...?


Maya:                     None...

                                I can't get through to her at all.

                                I tried... I really did!

                                I don't know what to do...


                                I think I probably shouldn't have stopped my training.


Phoenix:                 (Hmm... she sounds like she really did do her best.)

                                (I should check and see if there are any waterfalls in the local area...)


Maya:                     I wonder if I'll ever see my sister again...



Present (Maya)


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Maya:                     Sorry...

                                I'm fresh out of ideas.


                > Attorney's Badge


Maya:                     It must be nice, Nick.

                                You can just show that to anyone and say "I'm a lawyer!"

                                But, spirit mediums, well...

Phoenix:                 I dunno, with your clothes, I bet at least some people would recognize you...


Maya:                     But these are medium-in-training clothes...

                                I wonder if I'll ever be a proper medium...


                > Lake Photo


Maya:                     Isn't that the enlarged photo Lotta was talking about?


Phoenix:                 Uh huh.


Maya:                     Huh...

                                It's nice and big... but you can't really see the faces any clearer, can you?


                > Misty Fey's Photo


Maya:                     My... mother.



Phoenix:                 (Now that I've shown her the picture, I'm not so sure it was the right thing to do.)

                                (No... I'm pretty sure it was the wrong thing to do.)


                > Gourdy Article


Maya:                     I want to see Gourdy, too!


Phoenix:                 If he really exists.


Maya:                     Well, I'd say a photograph is pretty good proof!

                                Once this trial is over, let's get some fishing poles and go down to the lake!


Phoenix:                 (Even if there is a monster in that lake, fishing poles sound like a BAD idea...)


                > Pistol Bullet


Maya:                     So the markings on this bullet and the barrel of the pistol are matched?


Phoenix:                 Hey, I'm surprised you remembered that!


Maya:                     How could I forget after von Karma rubbed it in so much?

                                So, which of these are the ballistic markings?


Phoenix:                 I'm... not really sure.


                > Pistol


Maya:                     Mr. Edgeworth's prints are on this pistol, aren't they?

Phoenix:                 Yes... the prints from his right hand.

                                But they must have gotten on there some time other than the shooting.


Maya:                     What? Really!?


Phoenix:                 (The shooter used his left hand, after all...)



December 26

Gourd Lake Park



Phoenix:                 There are fewer than there were yesterday, but the cops are still around in the park.

                                I wonder if Detective Gumshoe is here today?





                > Trees


Phoenix:                 I feel winter's chill from the bare leaf trees today...

                                There's a lot of trees here. I guess that's why they call it a "nature park."

                                It's quite pretty when the cherry trees along the lakeside blossom in spring.

                                Today... it's just cold.


                > Sign


Phoenix:                 The sign says "Gourd Lake Nature Park."

                                This place is full of families picnicking on the weekend.

                                It's a little cold for picnicking these days, though.



December 26

Gourd Lake

Public Beach


Phoenix:                 Haven't seen Larry around today at all.

                                Probably off paying through the nose on a date with the lovely Kiyance...





                > Lake


Phoenix:                 The famous Gourd Lake...

                                Its green waters stretch out on both sides...

                                It's a pretty big lake, really.



December 26

Gourd Lake Woods


Phoenix:                 Hey, Detective Gumshoe!


Gumshoe:              Hey, pal!

                                The trial today, it, er...



Phoenix:                 Yes? What about the trial?


Gumshoe:              Well, I was going to say "good show," but it wasn't really all that...

                                Though you did save Edgeworth, I guess...

                                I just wasn't sure how to thank you... you know?


Phoenix:                 Er... thanks.





                > SUV


Phoenix:                 I don't think Lotta takes very good care of her SUV.

                                It's covered with dents.

                                I can't believe anyone would drive their car down here.


                > Cooker


Phoenix:                 I wonder why she brought a camping cooker with her?

                                There's a convenience store right up the street...

                                I guess she wanted to get into the outdoor spirit.


                > Camera


Phoenix:                 Lotta's camera is staring out at the lake, as usual.

                                Even a notice like me can tell that camera must cost a pretty penny.

                                I hope she doesn't leave it out here to get stolen.



Talk (Gumshoe)


                > Tomorrow's trial


Phoenix:                 Detective Gumshoe?

                                Any idea what strategy von Karma is planning for tomorrow?


Gumshoe:              It sounds like he's bringing in another witness!


Phoenix:                 Another witness!?

                                Oh, right, he said something about that in the trial today...


Karma: There were two witnesses!


Phoenix:                 I was wondering who that other witness was!

                                Er... who was it?


Gumshoe:              S... sorry, pal.

                                As much as I'd like to, I'm not as liberty to divulge that information.


Phoenix:                 (Right...)


                > Prosecutor Edgeworth


Phoenix:                 Oh, right... I wanted to ask you something about Edgeworth.


Gumshoe:              What's up?


Phoenix:                 Is he afraid of earthquakes? I never heard anything about that before.


Gumshoe:              ...

                                Mr. Edgeworth doesn't talk about himself too much, see.

                                But there's one thing that's clear as day...

                                Him hating crime the way he does...

                                And him becoming a lawyer...

                                And him being scared of earthquakes...

                                It all started with that incident.


Phoenix:                 The DL-6 Incident?


Gumshoe:              Yep, that's the one.

                                Fifteen years ago... when he saw his father shot before his very eyes!

                                He still feels the pain now, you can see it in his eyes.


                > Maya Fey


Phoenix:                 I wanted to talk to you about Maya Fey...


Gumshoe:              Huh? She's not out on bail yet?

                                That's strange.

                                I told 'em to let her go as soon as they had their report written up.


                                I don't know what would have happened in that courtroom today if it weren't for her.

                                Seeing her getting dragged out by the bailiff...

                                I'll be honest with you, pal. I shed a tear or two.

                                Edgeworth, he was so moved I saw his lip trembling.


Phoenix:                 Really!?

                                (Cold-as-ice Edgeworth!?)


Gumshoe:              He was really grateful for what she did, you know.

                                I'm going to head back to the station.

                                I'll get the report on Maya and get her out of there as soon as I can.


Phoenix:                 Thank you.

                                Oh, wait!

                                Umm... I was wondering, how much is bail going to be?


Gumshoe:              Don't worry about that.

                                Mr. Edgeworth is posting the whole amount.


Phoenix:                 What? Edgeworth...?


Gumshoe:              Didn't I tell you?

                                He's grateful to her for what she did.

                                Alright, pal. Well don't forget to go pick her up, okay?


Phoenix:                 (Hmm...)

                                (Maybe I can get Edgeworth to pay this month's rent, too...)



Present (Gumshoe)


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Gumshoe:              Sorry to disappoint you, pal.

                                I'm drawing a blank.


                > Attorney's Badge


Gumshoe:              I think it's a little early for you to be proudly waving that thing around.

                                You can be proud of yourself when you get Mr. Edgeworth declared innocent, pal!


                > Lotta's Camera


Gumshoe:              That woman really took us for a ride, didn't she?

                                Claiming she was a witness to a murder and all...


Phoenix:                 Still, if it weren't for her photograph, Mr. Edgeworth wouldn't have made it today.


Gumshoe:              Oh, huh, really?


Phoenix:                 (Umm... you were at the trial, weren't you, Detective?)


                > Autopsy Report


Gumshoe:              Robert Hammond...

                                He was the defense attorney in the DL-6 Incident trial.

                                He's the one who got the sole suspect off the hook.

                                I wonder what Mr. Edgeworth thinks of him. Not much, I'd wager.


                > Lake Photo


Gumshoe:              I don't care who you are, no one can tell me that that's Mr. Edgeworth!

                                I mean, come on, it doesn't look like him at all!


Phoenix:                 But Edgeworth has admitted he was on the boat.


Gumshoe:              Then he's the one being shot, then!


Phoenix:                 He seemed fine in court today...


Gumshoe:              ...

                                Details, pal, details!

                                Whose side are you on, anyway?


Phoenix:                 (All I'm saying is we have to respect the evidence...)


                > Pistol Bullet


Gumshoe:              Yep, it was fired from the murder weapon, without a doubt.


Phoenix:                 From a meter away... so it would have to have been from someone else on the boat.


Gumshoe:              Hmm...


Phoenix:                 What do you make of this, Detective Gumshoe?


Gumshoe:              Hey, making something of things is your job!


Phoenix:                 Er... right.

                                (Since when do lawyers have to do detectives' work for them!?)


                > Pistol


Gumshoe:              Maybe you should tell me why Mr. Edgeworth's prints were on the weapon, pal.


Phoenix:                 Huh? How should I know!?


                > Lotta's Deposition


Gumshoe:              Now, she heard two gunshots, right?


Phoenix:                 But wait...

                                Look at the Court Record!

                                According to this, the murder weapon was fired three times!

Gumshoe:              What!? How's that possible!?


Phoenix:                 Where was the third shot fired?


Gumshoe:              I wonder...

                                Maybe it was a practice shot or something?



December 26

Detention Center

Visitor's Room


Maya:                     Hey, Nick!

                                You finally came!

                                They just finished the paperwork, I'm free to go.


Phoenix:                 Free at last, eh?


Maya:                     Those interrogators were really mean!

                                They were like "okay, what did you do THIS time?"

                                Like I was some kind of criminal! Can you believe it?


Phoenix:                 Well, they let you out in the end, didn't they?


Maya:                     Mmm...

                                Oh, that reminds me...

                                Thanks for bail.


Phoenix:                 Thank Edgeworth.


Maya:                     Huh?


Phoenix:                 He posted bail for you.

                                Said he was grateful for what you did.


Maya:                     Mr. Edgeworth did that...?


                                I have to make it up to him!

                                We've got to win this case, Nick!



Talk (Maya)


                > What to do


Phoenix:                 What do you think we should do next?


Maya:                     We're kind of lacking in the clues department.

                                We could go to the park and look for Gourdy.


Phoenix:                 ...


Maya:                     I-I was kidding!


Phoenix:                 Still, is there are any clues out there, the park's as good a bet as any.

                                What do you say? Shall we head down there?


Maya:                     Sure!


                > Any ideas


Phoenix:                 Have you noticed anything lately?


Maya:                     Hmm...

                                You know, I did notice one thing while I was here in detention.

                                It's really pretty comfortable here. It's warm, and they keep it very clean.


Phoenix:                 I meant have you noticed anything about the case...?


Maya:                     Well...

                                Not much more than that, no.


Phoenix:                 (She's probably still upset about Mia. I should leave her alone.)



December 26

Wright & Co. Law Offices


Phoenix:                 ...

                                Sure is quiet here with nobody around.


                                I have to get Maya out of that detention cell soon!




Maya:                     Ahh! Fresh air! I gotta say, freedom feels great.


Phoenix:                 Behave yourself in the courtroom tomorrow, okay?


Maya:                     Heh heh heh.

                                Misbehaving's much more fun.


Phoenix:                 It's not going to be so much fun when Edgeworth refuses to pay your bail again.


Maya:                     ...

                                Right. I'll behave.


Phoenix:                 (Oh dear...)



Talk (Maya)


                > What to do


Phoenix:                 Well, what should we do?


Maya:                     I don't know! I've been in detention this whole time.

                                I think I'll let you decide what we should do. Deal?


                > Any ideas


Phoenix:                 Well? Any thoughts you want to share?


Maya:                     Well, I was detention all day.

                                I think I'd like more time to think.


Phoenix:                 (Poor Maya, she probably thought about Mia the whole time she was in there...)



Present (Maya)


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Maya:                     Don't waste time showing me things! We have to get cracking on this case!

                                You know the enemy has more tricks up his sleeve! He's bringing in another witness!



December 26

Detention Cell

Visitor's Room


Phoenix:                 Looks like Edgeworth is in questioning.


Maya:                     Let's come back later.


Phoenix:                 Guess so...



December 26

Grossberg Law Offices


Phoenix:                 Apparently, Mr. Grossberg is on vacation today.

                                Well, I guess I can come back tomorrow if I need anything.



December 26

Gourd Lake Park



Maya:                     There aren't many cops around today, are there?


Phoenix:                 They're probably back at the precinct, working up the case against Edgeworth.


Maya:                     Mmm...


Lotta:                      Hey y'all!


Maya:                     Hey, it's Lotta!


Lotta:                      Y'all really did it today...


Phoenix:                 Wh-what did we do now?


Lotta:                      Naw, I'm not complaining!

                                See, I did a little thinking. A little... self-reflection, you might say.

                                I realized that bein' a witness is a mighty big responsibility.

                                But I just went up there and started blabbing any old thing that came to mind.


Phoenix:                 Lotta...


Lotta:                      So, you see, I want to make it up to y'all.


Phoenix:                 "Make it up"...?



Talk (Lotta)


                > Today's trial


Phoenix:                 What did you think of the trial?


Lotta:                      To be honest, I was doin' it half just to say I'd been a witness...
                                Even though I didn't really see anything.

                                I kinda convinced myself I had though....

                                I'm sorry, I know I caused y'all a lot of trouble.


Maya:                     Well, memory is tricky, vague little thing.


Lotta:                      Yeah, I sure know that now.

                                I'll be fine the next time I witness a murder!


Maya:                     Right!


Phoenix:                 (You mean the FIRST time you witness a murder...)


                > Gourdy


Phoenix:                 What about Gourdy?


Lotta:                      Right!

                                Well, the way I figure, the trial's only stoking the flames of Gourdy fever!

                                I'll get my exclusive photos and rocket to stardom!


Maya:                     All right, Lotta!

                                You go, girl!

                                I wish I could be an investigative photographer too!


Phoenix:                 (Finish your spirit medium training first!)


                > Making it up


Phoenix:                 Lotta, what do you mean by "making it up to us"?


Lotta:                      Well, ya see...

                                Actually, I got a bit of information for you.


Maya:                     What!?


Lotta:                      That von Karma didn't want me to say nothin' about it.


Maya:                     Wh-what information!?


Lotta:                      Now we're getting to the heart of it!

                                See, I reckoned we might be able to do ourselves a little "exchange".


Phoenix:                                 E-"exchange"?


                                I thought this was to "make it up to us"...?


Lotta:                      Right!

                                I propose a little exchange, to make it up to you!


Phoenix:                 ...


Lotta:                      What!?

                                Information don't come cheap, my friend!


Maya:                     Uh...


Lotta:                      Hey!

                                I see you thinking "my, how unsophisticated these southern folks are"!!!

                                It's written all over yer face!

                                Let me tell you, most southerners are WAY more sophisticated than you...

                                I'm just the exception, okay?

                                Well, what'll it be? We gonna deal, or not!?


Maya:                     Wh-what should we do, Nick?


>>> No deal


                Phoenix:                 I'm sorry...

                                                But I've no intention of dealing with you!


                Maya:                     Nor do we have any money, anyway!


                Lotta:                      You guys make a fine team, you know that?

                                                And I can tell you don't have any money, just look at those clothes!


>> Deal


                Phoenix:                 (We don't have any other leads so I don't think we have a choice here...)

                                                Okay. How much?


                Lotta:                      Huh?

                                                You completely off your rocker?

                                                I may not be sophisticated, but I'm not trying to rob the poor!


                Phoenix:                 Huh?


Lotta:                      The only fair exchange for information is... information!

                                Listen good--

                                What I need from you is information about Gourdy!


Maya:                     Whoa-whoa-whoa!



Phoenix:                 B-but Gourdy doesn't...

                                I mean, Gourdy might not exist!


Lotta:                      Then bring me proof that shows he don't!


Phoenix:                 Uh...


Lotta:                      I'll be keepin' watch from the car, okay?

                                You see something, y'all come to me first, got it?


Phoenix:                 O-okay...


Lotta:                      Right! See y'all later!


Phoenix:                 ...


Maya:                     Okay, Nick, let's get hunting!


Phoenix:                 H-hunting? You don't seriously mean...


Maya:                     Gourdy? I sure do!


Phoenix:                 What about Edgeworth!?


Maya:                     We're searching for Gourdy for him, Nick! Don't you get it!?


Phoenix:                 (Okay... and how exactly do we search for a make-believe monster...?)

                                (Maybe we can find a monster myth specialist?)



Present (Lotta)


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Lotta:                      Yep, I'd have to say I know exactly squat about that.


Phoenix:                 (It's painfully easy to know when something doesn't catch Lotta's interest...)


                > Lotta's Camera


Lotta:                      I'm thinking I should up the sensitivity of my camera mic.

                                Y'all just be sure y'all don't sneeze or nothing when you're in my part of the woods!


Phoenix: Right...


                > Lake Photo


Lotta:                      I'm glad I did that enlargement.


Phoenix:                 No kidding.

                                If we didn't have that, Edgeworth would be in prison now, or worse!


Maya:                     There's never a lack of drama when you're on a case, is there, Nick?


Lotta:                      What, are you always on the verge of horrible failure like this!?


Phoenix:                 Umm...


Lotta:                      Careful or the stress'll send you to an early grave.


Phoenix:                 (Thanks for the cheerful message of support!)


                > Gourdy Article


Maya:                     Umm... uh...

                                You know, I was wondering...


Lotta:                      Yeah?


Maya:                     What if you get a picture of Gourdy... and it turns out like the enlargement did?


Lotta:                      Y'all crazy!?

                                A blurry picture like this doesn't make a hit story!

                                I need a picture that screams "I am Gourdy! Hear me roar!"

                                I can't turn something like this into the paper! What kind of fool do y'all think I am?


Phoenix:                 (The kind of fool that would turn a blurry picture in as evidence in a murder trial?)

                                (Not to mention claiming she saw something she didn't see!)



December 26

Gourd Lake

Public Beach


Phoenix:                 Wh-what's that?


Maya:                     Th-the Steel Samurai, Nick.

Butz:                       Yo! Maya!


Phoenix:                 Larry!
                                What the heck is this!?


Butz:                       Oh, it was my girl Kiyance's idea...

                                She was all "if you like, put this here, it would be, like, really cool!"

                                Dude, she gave it to me along with the banner!


Maya:                     Wow!

                                That's really impressive she could find those for you!


Butz:                       Well, she knows a lot of people.

                                And that show's finished now, so she got 'em for free.


Phoenix:                 Right...





                > Steel Samurai


Phoenix:                 Doesn't that Steel Samurai look a little out of place? I mean, it's so huge...

                                I guess it's good advertising.


Maya:                     ...

                                Something about this Steel Samurai just doesn't work for me.


Phoenix:                 Huh? Really? It looks pretty well made to me.


Maya:                     Hmph. Still a novice, aren't you, Nick.


                                True connoisseurs like Cody and me don't fall for this kind of stuff.


Phoenix:                 (These Steel Samurai fans are obviously in a league of their own...)


                > Flags


Phoenix:                 Those flags look sadly out of place here.

                                Flapping listlessly back and forth in a cold wind under a cold sky...


Maya:                     I dunno, I think it kind of gives the place a festival atmosphere.

                                It reminds me of the "War of the Eyeglasses!"


Phoenix:                 ...?

                                The war of the what!?


Maya:                     Huh? What?

                                You mean, you don't know the War of the Eyeglasses?


Phoenix:                 What the heck is it?


Maya:                     Our local fair used to do it ever summer... Huh, I guess we were the only ones.


Phoenix:                 (I ask again, what the heck is it!?)


                > Compressor


Maya:                     What's this machine?


Larry:                      That? That's a compressor.

                                I use it to fill up that balloon there with air.


Maya:                     Huh, neat.


Larry:                      Just got it repaired yesterday! Man, what a drag that was.



Talk (Larry)


                > Edgeworth


Butz:                       Yo, Nick!

                                What happened with Edgeworth?


Phoenix:                 Well, we made it through the first day in court all right...

                                I don't know how good our prospects are from here on, though.


Butz:                       Huh.


Maya:                     Hey, Larry, did you know Edgeworth's secret weakness?

                                He's terrified of earthquakes!

                                He acts like a little boy!


Butz:                       Huh?

                                That's weird.

                                I don't think he was ever like that in school.


Maya:                     No? Really?


Butz:                       Well, we were only in the same class for a year.

                                He transferred schools pretty quickly...


Maya:                     Transferred?


Phoenix:                 (Right... when the DL-6 Incident happened.)

                                (Doesn't look like Larry knows about it, though.)


                > The big samurai


Phoenix:                 Hey, Larry.

                                What was that big... thing up there before?


Butz:                       Huh? Oh, the big guy?

                                I've had that for about a month, yeah.

                                It's a big hit with the kids!


Phoenix:                 Why wasn't it here yesterday?


Butz:                       Huh? Huh!? Oh... right.

                                Th-the compressor was busted.


Maya:                     Compressor?


Butz:                       Yeah-- it's that little unit by my hotdog stand.

                                That what I used to put air in the Steel Samurai!

                                It broke a little while ago so I sent it in for repairs.


Maya:                     Oh.

                                And here I thought you'd inflated it by yourself.



Present (Larry)


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Butz:                       Sorry, Nick.

                                I don't know much about that. I am a mere seller of hotdogs.



December 26

Police Department

Criminal Affairs


Phoenix:                 (Detective Gumshoe's not here...)


Police:                    Gumshoe's at the scene again today.


Phoenix:                 Huh? Oh, really?


Police:                    He's a live wire that one.

                                Got into a fight with the chief for not following protocol...


Phoenix:                 (Not following protocol...?)

                                (I bet he wouldn't help them build the case against Edgeworth...)




Gumshoe:              Hey there, pal.

                                What's up? You look out of sorts.

                                Wait... you didn't go and do something that's going to hurt Mr. Edgeworth's case again!


Phoenix:                 What do you mean, "again"!?


Gumshoe:              Whatever, have a seat, pal.

                                I'm here for you if you need anything. Besides money, that is.



Talk (Gumshoe)


                > The investigation


Phoenix:                 How is the investigation proceeding?


Gumshoe:              It's not, really.

                                We have another meeting coming up...

                                We're supposed to talk about Mr. Edgeworth's motive...


Maya:                     His motive?


Gumshoe:              See, Mr. Edgeworth's father died in the DL-6 Incident...

                                And the guy who got the lone suspect declared innocent was the victim in this case...

                                Robert Hammond.

                                They're saying that's why Mr. Edgeworth shot him.


Phoenix:                 (And Edgeworth never talks about his past...)

                                (I bet they'll drag that out and hit him with it in court tomorrow, too...)


Maya:                     Poor Edgeworth...


Gumshoe:              I gotta admit, it doesn't look good, pal.


                > Gourdy


Maya:                     Say, Detective Gumshoe.

                                Do you know "Gourdy"?


Gumshoe:              The monster down in Gourd Lake? Not personally, no.


Maya:                     Well... we're looking for him.


Gumshoe:              Huh!?

                                Are you out of your minds!?


Maya:                     Eeek!


Gumshoe:              You got time to go wild monster hunting!?

                                How about doing a little questioning for me then!?


Maya:                     Oh...

                                Detective Gumshoe is scaring me, Nick.


Phoenix:                 I told Detective Gumshoe about the deal with Lotta.


Maya:                     Nick! Try telling him sooner next time!


Phoenix:                 Er, sorry.


Gumshoe:              ...

                                I see, pal.

                                Sorry for shoutin' at you.



                                I, Detective Gumshoe, will aid your search for Gourdy!


Maya:                     H-huh!?


Gumshoe:              I'll loan you one of newest secret weapons for finding evidence!


Maya:                     Really!?


Gumshoe:              You can take whichever one you like!


                > Secret weapons


Maya:                     Okay, give us the goods!


Gumshoe:              Hold on now, everything in due time. First, let me show 'em to you!

                                These are our best and brightest!

                                Introducing Secret Weapon No. 1: "Missile"!


Maya:                     M-M-Missile?


Gumshoe:              He's a K-9 police dog, still in training!

                                Missile! Missile! Here, boy...


Missile:                  Woof.


Gumshoe:              Here he is.


Maya:                     Hey, he's cute!

                                Look, Nick! Cute dog!


Phoenix:                 (A cute dog...)

                                (And this will help us... how?)


Missile:                  Woof.


Gumshoe:              Next, Secret Weapon No. 2... A fishing pole!

                                Here, this is my own personal pole.


Phoenix:                 Detective Gumshoe... we're looking for a monster...


Gumshoe:              Yeah!


Phoenix:                 How are we supposed to catch a whole sea monster with a fishing pole!?


Gumshoe:              Never know 'til you try, pal!


Phoenix:                 ...!


Gumshoe:              Okay, this next one is the last one.


Phoenix:                 (No, please, I'm already overwhelmed by our choices.)


Gumshoe:              Secret Weapon No. 3! A metal detector!



Phoenix:                 Detective Gumshoe... we're looking for something alive.


Gumshoe:              Right!


Phoenix:                 How are we supposed to find it with a metal detector!?


Gumshoe:              Hey, you never know! It might have been eating soda cans!

                                Well, which will it be!?


Maya:                     Umm...

                                I can't make up my mind, Nick. They all seem so perfect!


Phoenix:                 I can't make up my mind, either... for the totally opposite reason.

                                (Oh well, I suppose it can't hurt to borrow one of them.)


>>> Borrow Missile


Phoenix:                 Can we borrow Missile?


Gumshoe:              Sure thing, pal. Be good to 'im!


Missile:                  Woof.


Maya:                     He's sooooo cute!


Phoenix:                 (Oh boy...)


Borrowed K-9 unit Missile from Detective Gumshoe.


> Secret weapons (2)


Phoenix:                 Detective Gumshoe, can we borrow one of the other things?


Gumshoe:              Hmm? Yeah, sure, pal!

                                But I have to take back the last one I lent you, department policy.

                                Well, take your pick. Which will it be?


>> Borrow the fishing pole


Phoenix:                 Can we borrow that flimsy-looking fishing pole?


Gumshoe:              Sure thing, pal.

                                Oh, if it breaks, be sure to dispose of it properly, okay?


Phoenix:                 Er... right.


Borrowed Fishing Pole from Detective Gumshoe.


>>> Borrow the metal detector


Phoenix:                 Can we borrow that metal detector?


Gumshoe:              Sure thing, pal.


Phoenix:                 I'm not sure what we're going to find with this...


Gumshoe:              Remember: you're hunting for a monster. Anything is possible. Anything!


Borrowed Metal Detector from Detective Gumshoe.



Present (Gumshoe)


                > Missile


Gumshoe:              Missile is a big star in criminal affairs.


Maya:                     Why's he named "Missile"?


Gumshoe:              Huh... now that you mention it, I'm not sure.

                                But I hear he's aptly-named, for what it's worth.


                > Fishing Pole


Gumshoe:              It's funny, one day I woke up and I wanted a fishing pole.


Maya:                     Do you like fishing?


Gumshoe:              I've never gone.

                                I just wanted one so bad, I went out and bought it.

                                I've never used it, actually.


Phoenix:                 (Must have been one of those mid-life crisis things...)


                > Metal Detector


Gumshoe:              As you can see, it's a metal detector.

                                We use it to look for bullets in the ground.

                                If you can find that monster with it, all the better!


Phoenix:                 (I'm not so hopeful...)





                > Chief


Phoenix:                 This must be the chief of the detectives here.

                                He's glued to his computer screen.


Chief:                      Wha...!?

                                Rook to Bishop 7...


                                I don't believe it!


Phoenix:                 (He must be playing chess on the computer...)


                > Detective


Phoenix:                 That must be one of the detectives.

                                He's mumbling something to himself.


Police:                    "Don't do anything rash! Why jump...?"

                                "... You have every reason to live!"


Phoenix:                 ...

                                He must be doing image training for talking down a potential suicide.



December 26

Gourd Lake Woods


Lotta:                      Hey y'all!

                                Well? Y'all find anything out about Gourdy?


Maya:                     Umm... no, nothing.


Lotta:                      Well, keep moving!

                                It gets cold out here at nighttime.


Maya:                     It is a little chilly...

                                I... I think I have to sneeze!


Lotta:                      Whoa! N-no you don't! No sneezing!


Maya:                     Whaaa-cho!


klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik


Maya:                     ...


Lotta:                      I told y'all NO SNEEZING!

                                See, I set the camera to respond to things a little softer than a "bang."

                                It's trigger on one of von Karma's finger snaps now!


Maya:                     Oh... I'm sorry.


Lotta:                      Yeah, well, sorry's nice but what about my film!?


Maya:                     Nick... pay the lady.


Phoenix:                 (*sob*)




Maya:                     Mmm.

                                Okay, Nick, this looks like a good spot!


Phoenix:                 A good spot... for what?


Maya:                     Time to do some fishing!


Phoenix:                 (She's serious...)


                                What are you going to use for bait?


Maya:                     Oh...


Phoenix:                 Yeah. "Oh."


Maya:                     Mmm...


Phoenix:                 I figured something like this would happen.

                                We should have brought Missile along with us, too. At least then we'd have bait.


Maya:                     ...!!!

                                N-Nick...! How could you!


Phoenix:                 I'm kidding! I'm kidding!


Maya:                     Hmph! Some jokes are better left untold.


Phoenix:                 (Oof! She hit me!)


Maya:                     Okay...

                                Watch this, Nick!


Phoenix:                 Just try not to reel in any empty cans or boots, okay?


Maya:                     Here we go!

                                Ack! M-my leg!




klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik

klik klik klik klik


Lotta:                      Hey!

                                Wh-what are you doing!


Maya:                     Sorry, Lotta...


Lotta:                      Don't tell me y'all are on some film company's payroll!


Maya:                     Nick, pay her.


Phoenix:                 (Dear, dear...)



Talk (Lotta)


                > What happened


Lotta:                      I learned something in today's trial, that's for sure.

                                Testifyin' is serious business!

                                That's why I decided not to talk about that case any more.


Maya:                     Huh?


Phoenix:                 Whoa--didn't you say you had information about the case!?

                                Tell us that, at least!


Lotta:                      Like I said...

                                I'll trade it for the dirt on Gourdy!


                > Gourdy


Maya:                     What are you going to do if Gourdy doesn't exist?


Lotta:                      I'll quit being an investigative photographer.


Maya:                     What!?


Lotta:                      After all, I only have one photo to my name so far...


Maya:                     Was it a good one?


Lotta:                      You bet... a yoofoh!


Maya:                     A y-yoofoh...?


Lotta:                      Anyway, if I can't get a career-making photo this time around...

                                Then that's it! I'll quit and go back to school.


Maya:                     Huh? So you really are a university student?


Lotta:                      Yeah, well, I'm takin' a break for a bit.


Maya:                     Right...



Present (Lotta)


                > Lotta's Camera


Lotta:                      I gotta do what I gotta do to get me a picture of Gourdy!

                                That's why I raised the sensitivity of my mic.

                                Just... watch yourself from now on, okay?


Maya:                     Sorry, sorry!


                > Missile


Maya:                     Hey, Lotta!


Lotta:                      Oh, cute!

                                He yours?


Maya:                     He's a K-9 police dog! His name's "Missile."


Lotta:                      Huh.

                                K-9s are the ones they use to sniff for things, right?

                                I wonder what Gourdy smells like...


Maya:                     Hmm...

                                I hadn't thought about that.


                > Fishing Pole


Maya:                     Lotta, wait...

                                For catching Gourdy...


Lotta:                      A fishing pole!?

                                Are you out of your doggone mind!?


Maya:                     Yes! I mean... yes, it's a fishing pole!


Lotta:                      Huh.

                                I never thought of that! Good luck!


Maya:                     Thanks!


Phoenix:                 (I don't believe it...)


                > Metal Detector


Maya:                     Hey, Lotta, look at this: It's a metal detector!


Lotta:                      I know what it is.


                                I'm not sure that's going to pick up Gourdy, though.

                                Unless he's been eating people's watches or spare change or something.


Maya:                     Oh...

                                I hadn't thought about that.



December 26

Boat Rental Shop


*beep* *beep* *beep*


Maya:                     N-Nick!

                                It's beeping! The metal detector's found something!


Phoenix:                 Sure it loud enough about it.

                                (Whatever it is, it must be in those bushes...)

                                Go check it out, Maya.


Maya:                     Why do I have to check it out?





Phoenix:                 Huh...?

                                An air tank?

                                Huh. The valve looks broken.


Maya:                     I thought it was Gourdy...


Phoenix:                 Maya, first of all...

                                Why would Gourdy be in the bushes!?

                                And second of all, why would a metal detector react to a sea monster!?


Maya:                     Oh.


Phoenix:                 Huh?

                                (There's something wrapped around this air tank...)

                                (It looks like... a string of flags...?)


Maya:                     Well, we might as well take it with us now that we've found it.


Phoenix:                 (It's heavy...)


Picked up air tank of dubious value.



December 26

Gourd Lake

Public Beach


Maya:                     Hey, Nick...


Phoenix:                 Hmm?


Maya:                     Missile's been acting strangely...


Phoenix:                 "Missile"? Oh, oh right.

                                That little... creature of yours.


Butz:                       Hey, I love lil' doggies!

                                Good boy, good boy.


Missile:                  Grrraaaaaaarh!


Maya:                     Wh-what's wrong, Missile?


Missile:                  ...

                                Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip

                                yip yip yip yip yip yip yip!


Maya:                     Eeeeek!

                                Missile! Misssssssssssile!


Missile:                  Munch munch munch munch

                                munch munch munch munch

                                munch munch munch munch

                                munch munch munch munch


Butz:                       Wh-whoa! Stop that thing! Cannibal! It's eating my Samurai Dogs!



                                My Samurai Dogs...



Maya:                     Wow.

                                He ate every single one.


Phoenix:                 I'm sorry, Larry...


Butz:                       "Sorry"!? "Sorry" don't pay my bills, Nick!


Phoenix:                 Ah hah hah...

                                (It's going to have to this time...)



Present (Larry)


                > Missile


Maya:                     Hey Larry! Look, it's Missile!

                                Isn't he cute?


Butz:                       K-keep that mutt away from me!

                                What am I going to tell the big boss?


Maya:                     There's a "big boss" in charge of your hot dog stand?

                                Nick! Maybe the stand is a front for a mafia money laundering scheme!!!


Phoenix:                 Maya...

                                I think you should probably try to look a little sorry about what happened.


Maya:                     Oh, right!


Butz:                       Heh...

                                My poor dogs...


                > Fishing Pole


Butz:                       You know, you can't catch many fish in this lake.


Maya:                     I'm not after small fry.

                                I'm after the biggest fry of them all... Gourdy!


Butz:                       ...

                                You really going to try to fish out a monster?


Maya:                     To save Edgeworth, yes!


Butz:                       ...

                                Brings a tear to my eye, in more ways than one.


                > Air Tank


Butz:                      What?

                                An air tank?

                                What about it?


Phoenix:                 Larry... I wanted to ask you about this tank...


>>> Have you seen it before?


                Phoenix:                 Have you seen this before?


                Butz:                       Huh? Me?

                                                Who the heck would go diving in the middle of the winter!


                Phoenix:                 (There's something about the way his eye twitched when I showed him the tank...)

                                                (I think I'd better pursue this line of questioning a little further...)


>>> Is it yours?


Phoenix:                 Say... is this air tank yours?


Butz:                       Wh-why would I have a thing like that?


Phoenix:                 Look--see how there's a string of flags around the tank valve?

                                It's just like the string of flags around your Steel Samurai there.


Butz:                       ...!

                                M-must be a coincidence!

                                There's strings of flags everywhere these days!

                                L-like elementary schools!

                                A-and used car dealerships!

                                L-look, why would I need a tank anyway!?


>>> To go diving


                Phoenix:                 You used this to go diving in the lake, didn't you?


                Butz:                       Wh-wh-what!?

                                                Why the heck would I go diving in the lake!?


                                                You... you're not...

                                                You're not saying I had something to do with that murder!?


                Phoenix:                 N-no, not at all, just...


                Butz:                       Hey, you watch it buddy! I'm not saying anything until my lawyer gets here!


                Maya:                     Larry... Nick is your lawyer.


                Phoenix:                 Well, Larry?

                                                She's right.


                Butz:                       Bah!

                                                A-anyway, I never seen that air tank! Okay?


                Phoenix:                 (Yeah, right...)

                                                (Larry is hiding something, I can tell...)


>>> To inflate something


Phoenix:                 You used this to inflate that, didn't you?


Butz:                       I-inflate what!?


Phoenix:                 What else?

                                That big puffy Steel Samurai!


Butz:                       !!!


                                N-now why would you go asking me a question like that.


Phoenix:                 (Looks like I hit the nail on the head.)


Butz:                       ...

                                Right... right...

                                Actually, umm...

                                See, the compressor I always use was on the fritz.

                                So I tried using the tank to inflate it, just once.

                                And, er, it didn't go so well.


Phoenix:                 (As I suspected!)


>>> Put the tank away


                Phoenix:                 (I guess I've gotten to the bottom of that mystery!)


                Butz:                       Heh. Sorry!


>>> Ask more about the tank


Phoenix:                 It "didn't go so well"?


Butz:                       Er, yeah.


Phoenix:                 Do you think you could be a little more specific?


Butz:                       C-c'mon...

                                Look, it's embarrassing so I really don't want to talk about it...


Maya:                     Tell us! Tell us!


Butz:                       ...


                                Whatever. It's like what I said, the compressor was busted.

                                So I took the tank and tried to fill the Samurai up with that.

                                And then...




Butz:                       The valve busted open and made this incredible noise!

                                And that tank there took off like a rocket.

                                And it took my poor deflated Steel Samurai with it!


Maya:                     What!? Off into Gourd Lake?


Butz:                       It sure scared me out of my gourd, that's for sure.


                > Air Tank (2)


Butz:                       See, I tried to use this tank to fill up the Samurai.

                                I was attaching the tank, when it happened!



Butz:                       The valve just busted open and the whole thing took off!

                                The tank shot up in the air like a rocket...

                                And it took my poor deflated Steel Samurai with it!

                                Man, what a sight that was.


Maya:                     I wish I could have seen it!


Phoenix:                 Me too.



Talk (Larry)


                > The flying air tank


Maya:                     Umm...

                                So, the tank and the Steel Samurai you were trying to fill up flew away...

                                What happened next?


Butz:                       Well, all that happened on the 20th or so.


Phoenix:                 (The 20th... a week ago.)


Butz:                       Now, as far as I could see, the tank went flying out into the lake.

                                So I went out every night in a boat looking for it.

                                I mean, Kiyance gave me that Steel Samurai after all!


Maya:                     And when did you find it?


Larry:                      Just the night before last!

                                It flew way out there! Took me four whole days to find it.


Phoenix:                 (The night before last... was the night of the murder!)


Butz:                       Sorry for not telling you, Nick.

                                Actually, I was here on the night of the murder.

                                But, you see, I went home before midnight.


Maya:                     So you didn't know about what happened?


Butz:                       No...


Maya:                     That's too bad...


Phoenix:                 It's not all bad.

                                We've solved one mystery at least.


Maya:                     A mystery...?


Phoenix:                 (Maybe we should go tell her...)



December 26

Gourd Lake Woods


Talk (Lotta)


                > Gourdy


Lotta:                      Well, Mister Lawyer?

                                I've got the info y'all need!

                                Y'all got the scoop on Gourdy for me yet?


>>> Nothing yet


                Phoenix:                 It's not going to be that easy to find him, you know.


                Lotta:                      You'd better hurry or you won't have that info in time for the trial tomorrow!


                Phoenix:                 (Uh oh...)


>>> We found him


                Phoenix:                 Huh? Gourdy? Oh, we found him already.


                Maya:                     What!? I haven't seen any monsters yet!


                Lotta:                      Y-y'all for real!? Gourdy really exists!?


                                                I need proof! You get a photo!?


                >>> I have no proof


                                Phoenix:                 I don't have it yet, but my lawyer instincts tell me the proof is out there.


                                Lotta:                      Hah! Nice try, but y'all can't pull the wool over these eyes that easy!


                                Maya:                     That won't work in court either, Nick...


                                Phoenix:                 (Great, now they're both mad at me.)


                >>> I have proof


                                Phoenix:                 Of course I have proof.


                                Maya:                     No fair, Nick!

                                                                It was when I went to the bathroom, wasn't it!?

                                                                That's when you made contact with Gourdy!


                                Lotta:                      Enough jabbering already, let's see your proof!


                                >>> Present wrong evidence


                                                Lotta:                      ...
                                                                                Y'all trying to make a fool out of me?

                                                                                That don't prove diddly-squat!


                                                Maya:                     Hmph. We almost had her duped, too.


                                                Phoenix:                 (We need to do something soon or I won't get that information off of her!)


>>> Gourdy doesn't exist


                Phoenix:                 Lotta...

                                                There is no such thing as Gourdy.


                Lotta:                      Wh-what!? How can y'all be so sure!


                Maya:                     R-really, Nick!?


                Lotta:                      Y'all got some proof Gourdy don't exist!?


                Phoenix:                 The proof that Gourdy doesn't exist...


                >>> Is out there somewhere


                                Phoenix:                 I don't have it yet, but my lawyer instincts tell me the proof is out there.


                                Lotta:                      Hah! Nice try, but y'all can't pull the wool over these eyes that easy!


                                Maya:                     That won't work in court either, Nick...


                                Phoenix:                 (Great, now they're both mad at me.)


                >>> Is here


                                Phoenix:                 Of course I have proof.

                                                                No lawyer worth his badge would make a claim without proof to back it up.

                                                                Here's the proof that Gourdy doesn't exist...


                                >>> Present wrong evidence


                                                Lotta:                      ...

                                                                                Hah! All that fancy talk about lawyers and proof had me going for a second there!

                                                                                Y'all better take a good hard look at that badge of yours and consider a career change!


                                                Phoenix:                 (Great, the "investigative photographer" is giving me career advice...)


>>> Present right evidence: Air Tank


Maya:                     Larry's air tank...?


Lotta:                      What're y'all doing with an air tank?


Phoenix:                 This... is Gourdy.


Lotta:                      Umm... scuze me?


Maya:                     Wh-what exactly are you saying, Nick?


Phoenix:                 There's a stand near here... a hotdog stand.

                                There's a giant inflatable samurai doll there.

                                About a week ago, an idiot, who happens to be a friend of mine, tried to fill it.

                                He used this air tank, and when the valve blew, the tank flew into the lake.

                                Apparently, it made a pretty loud "bang" when it flew...


Lotta:                      A "bang"..?


Phoenix:                 The tank, along with the still deflated Samurai fell into the lake.

                                At the same time...

                                A couple was taking a photograph of the lake.

                                This photo!


Maya:                     Wait...

                                So... you're saying that Gourdy...

                                Is really the Steel Samurai!?


Lotta:                      ...


                                Well, that's a fine way to ruin a gal's dreams.


Phoenix:                 I'm sorry, Lotta.


Lotta:                      Nah, it's okay, you win.

                                I'll give you your info, like I promised.


Maya:                     Poor Lotta...


                > Case information


Phoenix:                 So, tell us this "information" you have.


Lotta:                      A promise is a promise, I guess...

                                I overheard the cops around here saying something about the witness tomorrow...

                                They said he's the caretaker of the boat rental place up the path here.


Maya:                     Boat rental...?

                                There's someone there?

                                I mean, it looks so deserted.


Lotta:                      Just an old guy, living all by himself.

                                Y'all should go check it out.


Maya:                     Thanks, Lotta! We will!

                                Let's get cracking, Nick!


Lotta:                      Hold on.


Phoenix:                 Something else?


Lotta:                      Yeah... the night of the murder.

                                My camera clicked twice, you know.


Maya:                     ...!

                                Wait... so you have another photo?

Lotta:                      Well...

                                Yeah, but there's nothing in it at all. Just the lake.

                                I figured it wouldn't be much use as evidence, so I kept it to myself.

                                Well, it might not be helpful at all, but...

                                Here, take it.


Second Lake Photo added to the Court Record.


Lotta:                      Bye now.

                                Y'all take care.

                                Time for me to pack up and leave.


Maya:                     ...

                                Poor Lotta...


Phoenix:                 It's all Larry's fault.

                                The legend still lives on, I guess.


Maya:                     The "legend"...?


Phoenix:                 Yeah, the legend of Larry, familiar to all who know him for any length of time...

                                "When something smells, it's usually the Butz."


Maya:                     Hmm.

                                Someone should whip that Butz into shape.



December 26

Boat Rental Shop


Phoenix:                 (Looks like the boat rental shop is closed today, too.)




Maya:                     ...

                                It's always so quiet, here.

                                I wonder if the boat shop is closed for good?


Phoenix:                 Well, with the murder on the lake and all...

                                They're probably just taking a vacation till it blows over.


Maya:                     I get it.




Maya:                     Hey, Nick!

                                This is the boat shop that Lotta was talking about!


Phoenix:                 You're right.

                                Doesn't seem to be anyone around at all.


Maya:                     Well, let's go check it out anyway!





                > Boat Rental Shop


Phoenix:                 A small boat rental shop.

                                Doesn't look like anyone is around.

                                They're probably closed because of the murder.


                > Boat


Phoenix:                 There are some boats floating in the dock.

                                The murder took place in a boat from this dock...

                                Apparently, the police took away the actual boat that was used that night.

                                Indeed, there's space for one more boat at the dock.



December 26

Caretaker's Shack


Uncle:                     Meg! That you!?


Maya:                     Eeeek!


Uncle:                     Hey, is that Keith with you!?

                                Where have you two been! I've been worried sick.


Maya:                     ...

                                N-Nick... you handle this.


Phoenix:                 Uh, I think I'll leave this one up to you, Maya.


Uncle:                     Meg!


Maya:                     Y-yes?


Uncle:                     Finally made up your mind, have you?


Meg:                       M-my mind?


Uncle:                     You'll run the pasta shop when I'm gone?


Maya:                     P-pasta?


Uncle:                     Glad to hear it, glad to hear it!

                                You make your old man proud.

                                When you kids left the house, I didn't know what to think.

                                How'm I supposed to keep this place running, an old man like me?


                                The kids are home!


Parrot:                    "Hello! Hello!" *squawk*


Maya:                     N-Nick!

                                What was that!?


Phoenix:                 A parrot... the one on the perch.


Uncle:                     Keith!


Phoenix:                 Y-yes!?


Uncle:                     I leave the "Wet Noodle" in your capable hands, sonny.


Maya:                     N-Nick? What's the "Wet Noodle"?


Phoenix:                 Um, based on the available evidence, I'd say it's the name of his pasta shop.


Uncle:                     That's a relief, isn't it, Polly?


Parrot:                    "Hello! Hello!" *squawk*


Uncle:                     Ayup...




Maya:                     He fell asleep...


Phoenix:                 I guess he's relieved.





                > Stove


Phoenix:                 Looks like a kitchen unit. It's pretty clean.

                                Funny, he doesn't look like the type who'd keep things tidy like that.


Maya:                     You're forgetting, Nick...

                                He's running a pasta shop, here!


                > Fish Pictures


Phoenix:                 Wow, there's lots of various fish in Gourd Lake, aren't there!


Maya:                     ...?
                                Something's funny, Nick.

                                All these fish are saltwater fish.


                > Table


Maya:                     Look, Nick, he has an electric blanket on his table! Looks warm!

                                That's a great idea, we should do that at the office.

                                We can sit down with our clients, snug and warm, and drink hot cocoa!


Phoenix:                 And what, talk about murders?


Maya:                     Aw, you're a party pooper, Nick!


                > Television


Maya:                     Wow, he has a television in here, too.


                > Safe


Maya:                     Look, a little safe! Hmm...


                                It's locked.


                > Parrot


Maya:                     Wow... what an amazing parrot that is.

                                Good morning!


Parrot:                    "..."


Maya:                     Hello!


Parrot:                    "..."


Maya:                     He ignored me!


Uncle:                     *Zzzzz*

                                What, you forgot, Meg? You gotta call her name first!


Maya:                     Her name?


Uncle:                     Polly!

                                How ya been!?


Parrot:                    "Hello! Hello!" *squawk*


Uncle:                     See?


Maya:                     Neat! So the parrot's name is "Polly"!


Parrot added to the Court Record.


Maya:                     Too bad all she can say is "hello"...


Uncle:                     Har har har!

                                Old Polly can say lots of things!

                                You just need to know the secret words!


Maya:                     The "secret words"...?


                > Parrot (2)


Maya:                     Polly! Polly!

                                What's your name?


Parrot:                    "Pol-ly!" *squawk*


Maya:                     Hee hee! Cute!


Phoenix:                 (Maya's found a new friend.)



Talk (Uncle)


> The pasta restaurant


Uncle:                     *Zzzzzz*

Phoenix:                 Umm... a pasta shop?


Uncle:                     Ayup! To think, the "Wet Noodle," will live on when I'm gone!

                                My father started it you know. So that makes you two the third generation!



Maya:                     Y-yes!


Uncle:                     Tomorrow, we'll start with the secrets of dough tossin'!


Maya:                     D-dough tossing?


Uncle:                     You, too, Keith.


Phoenix:                 Y-yes?


Uncle:                     You'll be the best pasta wrangler the west has ever seen!


Maya:                     P-pasta wrangler? The west? I-isn't pasta from Italy?


Uncle:                     Meg!


Maya:                     Y-yes!


Uncle:                     You know the best pasta's always been made west of the Rockies, don't you?


Phoenix:                 R-right, of course. Everybody knows that.


Maya:                     Nick...?


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Maya:                     How long do we have to keep up this all-in-the-family charade?


Phoenix:                 (This old man must know something about the murder...!)

                                (We're not leaving until we find out what that is.)


                > The boat rental shop


Uncle:                     *Zzzzz*

Phoenix:                 Umm... this is a boat rental shop, right?


Uncle:                     What're you talking about!?

                                This here's the palace of pasta, the "Wet Noodle"!

                                Though, now that you mention it, we haven't gotten many orders for spaghetti lately.

                                All the kids come up and say "Yo dude, we wanna ride in one of your boats!"

                                That's why I keep them boats out there.

                                Youngsters these days... Darned if I understand 'em!


Phoenix:                 I'm pretty confused myself.


Maya:                     Nick...

                                This isn't going anywhere.


Phoenix:                 But this old man is the witness tomorrow, right?

                                We've got to find some way of getting information out of him!


                > Polly


Uncle:                     *Zzzzz*

                                Ack, my memory's gotten worse of late.

                                That's why I just tell everything important to Polly here.


Maya:                     Everything... important?

                                Hmm, I wonder...

                                Polly! What's the number to the safe!?


Parrot:                    "... 1228!" *squawk*


Maya:                     Alright!


Uncle:                     H-hey! Polly!

                                Watch it, will ya!


Maya:                     Heh heh. See, Nick? All it takes is a little clever thinking!


Phoenix:                 (And a criminal mind...)


Maya:                     Quick, Nick! Write that number down!


Phoenix:                 H-hey! Don't get me involved in your little heist schemes.



Present (Uncle)


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Uncle:                     *Zzzzz*

                                Now, listen here, Keith.

                                Remember that tricolor pasta we were talking about?

                                Our "Rainbolioli"! I figured out the last color we should use! Indigo Blue!


Maya:                     Indigo... Blue?


Phoenix:                 (That didn't seem to work the way I thought it might.)


                > Attorney's Badge


Uncle:                     *Zzzzz*


                                That a lawyer's badge?


Phoenix:                 Y-yes, it is!

                                (I don't believe it!)

                                (This old guy is the first person to recognize my badge!)


Uncle:                     ...

                                I get it.


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Uncle:                     Ayup... I got you figured out now!

                                You're not Keith!


Phoenix:                 ...


Maya:                     N-Nick!

                                Now's our chance to clear things up!


Phoenix:                 Umm... sir.

                                No, I'm not Keith.


Maya:                     And I'm not Meg, either!


Uncle:                     ...


Phoenix:                 We're here investigating a murder that took place on this lake the other night.


Maya:                     Please, help us!


Uncle:                     ...

                                Hmm... a lawyer, huh?


Maya:                     Please, mister...


Uncle:                     Alright, Iíll help.

                                But, on one condition.


Maya:                     What's that?


Uncle:                     When this case is over and done...

                                You'll run the "Wet Noodle"!


>>> We can't promise that


                Phoenix:                 I can't make that promise.


                Uncle:                     ...

                                                I-is that any way to treat your old man!?

                                                Bah! You want me help? You've come to the wrong man!


                Maya:                     Uh oh... now he's grumpy.


                Phoenix:                 Not to mention he still thinks we're his kids.

                                                (Maybe we should just lie and say we'll run his shop?)


>>> Promise to run the Noodle


Phoenix:                 Okay, we promise.


Maya:                     N-Nick! Are you sure about this?


Phoenix:                 Hey, anything to get the case solved.


                                Who wouldn't want to eat "Phoenix Noodles"?


Maya:                     I... guess so.


Uncle:                     That's my boy!

                                Good for you, Keith.


Phoenix:                 W-wait, didn't I just say...


Uncle:                     You, too, Meg!


Maya:                     Y-yes!?


Uncle:                     Heh heh heh... you bring a tear to your old man's eye, you know.

                                Now, what was that you wanted to know? Speak up, Polly!


Parrot:                    "Hello! Hello!" *squawk*


Maya:                     Er...


Phoenix:                 (Now he's talking to the bird again! How do we get him to talk to us!?)


                > Attorney's Badge (2)


Uncle:                     You won't be needing that badge to run a pasta shop.

                                Toss it.


Phoenix:                 Uh, um, I think I'll hold on to it if you don't mind.


                > Irrelevant Evidence (2)


Uncle:                     ...



Phoenix:                 (He fell asleep...)


Uncle:                     *Zzzzz*



                > Gourdy Article


Phoenix:                 You know about Gourdy?


Uncle:                     Nope.


                > Polly


Uncle:                     Polly here's my only friend in the world.

                                Isn't that right, Polly?


Parrot: "Hello! Hello!" *squawk*


Uncle:                     Ayup.


                > Lake Photo


Uncle:                     Ayup, I seen this.


Phoenix:                 Y-you know something about this, sir!?


Uncle:                     Keith.


Phoenix:                 Y-yes?


Uncle:                     It' s okay. You can call me Dad.


Phoenix:                 ...

                                D-Dad! You know something about this!?


Uncle:                     Ayup. The other night... out on the lake...


Maya:                     Yes? Yes!?


Uncle:                     I know all about that! I seen it.


Maya:                     Whaaaat!?

                                Tell us!

                                Tell what you saw!


Uncle:                     Well, I suppose.

                                Since you're taking over the shop and all...



Talk (Uncle)


                > What you saw


Uncle:                     I forget the time, but it was pretty dark outside... probably night, ayup.


Phoenix:                 (It was after midnight, but okay...)


Uncle:                     Then I heard this "bang!" So I looked outside.

                                Then I heard another one. "Bang!"

                                A little while later, this boat comes back.

                                Then a young man walked by my window here.

                                He was mutterin' something to himself, ayup.


Maya:                     What did he say?


Uncle:                     ...



                                I forgot.

                                I'll remember tomorrow by court time, promise.


Maya:                     We need to know earlier than that...!

Uncle:                     You know what? Eh?

                                Little Terry was just here.

Phoenix:                 "Terry"...?


Uncle:                     Ayup, that kid next door. You always used to make him cry, remember?

                                He was wearin' this tattered old coat. Got himself some whiskers growing out of his face.


Phoenix:                 (He must be talking about Detective Gumshoe...)


Uncle:                     He comes up and tells me to come down to court tomorrow.


Maya:                     Really...?


Phoenix:                 (Somehow I don't think we're going to get much useful information out of this guy.)

                                Maya... maybe we should be leaving.


Maya:                     I think you're right.

                                Oh, wait--I had one more question.


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Maya:                     Polly! Polly!

                                Have we forgotten something?


Parrot:                    *squawk*

                                "Don't forget DL-6!"



Maya:                     H-huh!?

                                What did she just say, Nick?


Phoenix: One more time, Polly!


Parrot:                    "Don't forget DL-6!"



Phoenix:                 (What!? The DL-6 Incident?)

                                Hey, mister! I-I mean, Dad!


Uncle:                     *Zzzzz*


Phoenix:                 (This is getting weird...)

                                (Who IS this old guy!?)




Maya:                     Why would that bird Polly know about DL-6...?


Phoenix:                 We have to figure out who that old man is.


Maya:                     Oh...


Phoenix:                 What?


Maya:                     He locked the door, from the other side.


Phoenix:                 (...)

                                (Who could that old man be...?)

                                (I think I need to a little more research on this DL-6 Incident...)

                                (Maybe I should ask Detective Gumshoe.)



December 26

Police Department

Criminal Affairs


Phoenix:                 Hmm... Detective Gumshoe isn't here...


Maya:                     Now that you mention it, didn't he say he had a meeting to go to?


Phoenix:                 Ah, that's right...

                                Let's come back later.




Gumshoe:              Hey, pal! Long time no see!


                                You don't look so happy.

                                What's wrong this time?


Phoenix:                 Actually, we wanted to ask you something...


Gumshoe:              Yeah?



Talk (Gumshoe)


                > The boat caretaker


Phoenix:                 You know the boat rental shop down on Gourd Lake?


Gumshoe:              Oh, yeah...


Phoenix:                 The old man who runs it is appearing as a witness in court tomorrow, right?


Gumshoe:              Huh...!? How'd you--

                                Hmm. That was supposed to be top secret.


Maya:                     Do you know who that old man is, Detective?


Gumshoe:              ...

                                Actually... I don't.

                                He's a bit of an odd bird... I haven't been able to get a straight answer out of him.

                                I decided first that he wasn't persuasive enough to stand and testify as a witness.

                                That's why we called Ms. Lotta Hart yesterday.

                                As for who he is...

                                We have absolutely no idea.


Maya:                     Hmm... sounds suspicious!


Gumshoe:              Hmm...


                > The DL-6 Incident


Phoenix:                 Detective Gumshoe, please, help us...


Gumshoe:              H-huh?


Phoenix:                 We need to know about the DL-6 Incident!


Gumshoe:              ...!

Phoenix:                 That was when Edgeworth's father died.

                                I can't help but think that it has something to do with this current case.


Gumshoe:              ...

                                To tell the truth, I don't know much about DL-6 either.

                                Mr. Edgeworth forbade us from reading the file.

                                So... I'm afraid I can't show them to you, either.


Maya:                     What!?


Gumshoe:              However...

                                If you can convince me somehow that the DL-6 Incident is related to this case...

                                Well, I guess I'd consider opening the file up.



Present (Gumshoe)


                > Metal Detector


Phoenix:                 Thanks, Detective Gumshoe. This was really helpful.


Gumshoe:              R-really?


Maya:                     You seem surprised!

Gumshoe:              Huh? N-no, not at all. Glad it worked out for you.


                > Parrot


Gumshoe:              What's that?


Phoenix:                 The old man at the boat rental shop's parrot.

                                The parrot knew about that "incident"...

Gumshoe:              That incident?


Phoenix:                 DL-6.


Gumshoe:              Wh-what!?


Maya: Polly! Polly! Have we forgotten something?


Parrot: *squawk*

"Don't forget DL-6!"



Maya: H-huh!?


Phoenix:                 I'm pretty sure that old man must have taught her that word...


Gumshoe:              Yeah, but how would that old man know about the DL-6 Incident?


Phoenix:                 Wait! What if...

                                What if that old man was connected to DL-6?


Maya:                     N-Nick!

                                You think he might be!?


Gumshoe:              ...




Gumshoe:              ...

                                I get ya.

                                Sounds like you need information on the DL-6 Incident.

                                Through there is the Station's Records Room.

                                I'll give you special permission to go in and find what you need.


Maya:                     All right! Way to go, Detective Gumshoe!

                                Okay, Nick!

                                To the Records Room!


Phoenix:                 (I guess it's time we faced Edgeworth's past...)



December 26

Police Department

Records Room


Maya:                     Wow!!!

                                It's amazing.........ly dusty.


Phoenix:                 Ten years of files and ten years of dust, I guess.


Maya:                     Let's find that DL-6 stuff quick!


Phoenix:                 (Fifteen years ago... both me and Edgeworth were nine years old.)

                                (We were almost through with fourth grade when he suddenly transferred.)

                                (Because of DL-6...?)


Maya:                     Nick!

                                I found out where the file is!


Phoenix:                 O-oh, thanks!


Maya:                     Just let me know what you want to know about the DL-6 Incident!

                                I'll go get the right file!





                > Glass Case


Phoenix:                 It looks like there are files inside that glass case.

                                The case is so dusty I can't see what's inside.


Maya:                     Nick... it's locked.


Phoenix:                 They must keep important case files in there.


                > Cabinet


Phoenix:                 This cabinet is where they keep evidence for current cases.

                                Some of the things are obviously murder weapons. Others are... who knows what.

                                Most of it just looks like random junk.


Maya:                     Nick... what do you think this clothespin is for?


Phoenix:                 Don't touch that!

                                It's evidence...


                > Back Shelves


Phoenix:                 There are shelves stuffed with case files in the back of the room, too.

                                Forgotten cases, rotting away for eternity...


Maya:                     Nick, let's get what we need and get out of here.

                                All this dust is getting to me!


                > Shelves


Phoenix:                 Here are files of collected case reports.

                                There's quite a large volume of reports here.


Maya:                     Wow... these are all case reports!?


Phoenix:                 Yeah. It's like a graveyard of police cases.


Maya:                     I guess my sister's case report is in here too... quietly gathering dust.



Present (Maya)


                > Irrelevant Evidence


Maya:                     Let's just hurry up and read these files!

                                This place is so dusty, I want to finish up and get out of here...



Talk (Maya)


                > The case summary


Phoenix:                 Well, first I have to get a handle on the main facts... like a summary.


Maya:                     Right.

                                Summary... summary...

                                Found it!

                                Here you go.


Phoenix:                 December 28... 2001.


Maya:                     That's exactly 15 years ago from the day after tomorrow!


Phoenix:                 (So in two days, the case is closed...)

                                The incident took place in the elevator of the district court.


Maya:                     What!?

                                Is this the same district court where we're holding the trial now!?


Phoenix:                 Looks like it.

                                There was a large earthquake at 2:00 PM on that day.

                                Part of the court building collapsed, and all of the lights went out.


Maya:                     Wow... that was some earthquake!


Phoenix:                 At the time, three people were trapped in the elevator.

                                It took five hours for them to be rescued...

                                Five hours!


Maya:                     That would be scary like that, in the dark!


Phoenix:                 There was a lack of oxygen in the elevator, and the survivors were unconscious.


Maya:                     The survivors...?


Phoenix:                 One of the three in the elevator had been shot... in the heart.


Maya:                     That was Mr. Edgeworth's father... wasn't it.


Phoenix:                 (He said that his father was shot before his very eyes...)

                                (So Miles Edgeworth was one of the other passengers in that elevator.)


                > Victim data


Phoenix:                 Do you have data on the victim... Edgeworth's father?


Maya:                     Yeah, hold on...

                                Victim... victim...

                                Here! Found it!


Phoenix:                 Gregory Edgeworth, 35, defense attorney. If he were still alive, he'd be 50.

                                He had lost that day's case in court, and got in the elevator with his son, Miles.


Maya:                     "Miles"...!


Phoenix:                 Miles Edgeworth, of course.


Maya:                     So he was on the elevator with his father!


Phoenix:                 From the angle of the bullet and the other evidence, it could not have been a suicide...

                                The murder weapon, a pistol, was found in the elevator.

                                The pistol had been fired two times.

                                (Where have I heard that before...?)

                                (Huh...! It sounds just like this current case! What's going on here?)


                > Suspect data


Phoenix:                 Got any data on the suspect in there?


Maya:                     Hmm... that would be the guy that my mom got arrested.

                                Hold on... this is it.


Phoenix:                 The man arrested as a suspect in DL-6 was... Yanni Yogi?

                                He was a clerk in the court, apparently.


Maya:                     So he must have been the third person in the elevator.

                                Well, then he had to have done it!


Phoenix:                 But... he was found innocent. Thanks to his defense lawyer, Robert Hammond.


Maya:                     Hammond... the victim in our case!


Phoenix:                 Right.

                                The suspect, Mr. Yogi was oxygen deprived... so much so he had brain damage.

                                He lost all memory of being in the elevator.

                                After he was declared innocent, he disappeared.


Maya:                     Hmm... where could Yogi have gone to, I wonder?


Phoenix:                 (He may be closer than we think...)




Phoenix:                 I guess I know generally what happened in DL-6 now.

                                I still don't know what sort of impact the whole thing had on Edgeworth...


Maya:                     Nick.

                                Are we going to take the whole file? There's too much! We'll never get it out.


Phoenix:                 Y-you're right.

                                How about we just take what we think we'll need...


DL-6 Case File added to the Court Record.


Phoenix:                 Right.

                                That's probably all we'll be able to find here.

                                Now, all that's left is the trial tomorrow...

                                I wonder how "Dad" will do testifying in court...


To be continued.



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