Turnabout Goodbyes

-- Day 3 - Trial --


December 27, 10:00 AM

District Court

Courtroom No. 3


Judge:                    Court is now in session for the trial of Mr. Miles Edgeworth.


Phoenix:                 The defense is ready, Your Honor.


Karma:                    ...



Judge:                    Very well, apparently the prosecution is also ready.


Phoenix:                 (Who is the judge here, anyway!?)


Judge:                    Mr. von Karma, your opening statement.


Karma:                    ...



Judge:                    Er... very well, no opening statement so...


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Not so fast, Judge!

                                I was taking a meaningful pause before speaking!


Judge:                    R-right, of course.


Karma:                    A prediction!

                                Today's trial will end three minutes from now!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order... order!

                                Mr. von Karma!

                                What is the meaning of your statement just now!?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Bah! Must you question everything!

                                It will be over in three minutes! We have no time to waste!

                                I'll call my witness now!


Judge:                    R-right...


Karma:                    I call my witness... my decisive witness to the stand!


Phoenix:                 (It's that mysterious boat shop owner.)


Karma:                    Witness... state your profession.


Uncle:                     Mmph... zzzz...


                                I, er, am the proprietor of the restaurant the "Wet Noodle" at Gourd Lake.


Karma:                    ...


Uncle:                     And I, er, also rent boats.

Karma:                    The night of the incident, you were in the boat rental shop, correct?


Uncle:                     Er... ayup, yup I was.


Karma:                    Please testify.


Phoenix:                 (Wait a second...)

                                (We still haven't heard who this old guy is!)


>>> Let it slide


                Phoenix:                 (On second thought, I guess it doesn't really matter.)


                Maya:                     Doesn't matter!? What are you thinking, Nick!?

                                                What if that old man had something to do with the DL-6 Incident?

                                                If we don't find out who he is, we won't be able to build a case here!


                Phoenix:                 (Hmm, she has a point.)


>>> Raise an objection


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                Wait a minute!

                                The witness hasn't stated his name yet!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Because I did not ask him, Mr. Wright! Bah!

                                I have predicted this trial will end in three minutes!

                                Stop asking trivial questions and cooperate!


Phoenix:                 (Yeah, right!)


Judge:                    The witness will state his name.


Uncle:                     Zzzz...


                                Mmph! Well, er...

                                I'm not really sure, ayup.


Judge:                    What do you mean?


Uncle:                     My, er, memory...


Karma:                    Your honor...

                                The witness does not remember anything beyond the last several years...

                                Ergo, he cannot recall his own name.


Judge:                    Hmm... he can't recall, you say?


Karma:                    Yes, but the incident in question took place three days ago.

                                He can testify.


Judge:                    Very well.

                                Let's hear his testimony then, shall we, Witness?




-- The Night of the Murder --


Uncle:                     It was the night of the 24th, just after midnight, ayup.

                                I was in the restaurant... where I er... rent boats, as usual.

                                Then I heard a "bang!" Ayup.

                                When I looked out the window, I saw a boat just a' floating on the lake.

                                Then I heard another "bang."

                                Just about then the boat comes back to the shore, and a man walks by my window.



Judge:                    Hmm... Very well. I'd like to begin the cross-examination...


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                There is nothing to question in my witness's testimony!

                                Ergo, no need for cross-examination!

                                Besides, there are only 10 seconds left before our three minutes are up!

                                Judge! Your verdict!


Judge:                    Er... yes...

                                M-Mr. Wright...?


>>> Don't cross-examine


                Phoenix:                 (He's right. That testimony sounded pretty solid.)

                                                (Maybe I should hold back.)


                Maya:                     B-but, Nick! You have to cross-examine him!

                                                This is your only chance to turn this trial around! Your last chance!


                Phoenix:                 (O-oh... right.)


>>> Cross-examine


Phoenix:                 What are you saying!? Of course I'll cross-examine the witness!


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Very well, you may begin.


Karma:                    Raaaaaaaaaaaargh!


Judge:                    E-excuse me? Mr. von Karma?


Karma:                    Three minutes just passed.


Judge:                    I see. Well then, let's just take our time.

                                You may cross-examine the witness.




-- The Night of the Murder --


Uncle: It was the night of the 24th, just after midnight, ayup.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 "Just after midnight," you say?


Uncle:                     Ayup, just around then.


Phoenix:                 Are you sure?


Uncle:                     Pretty sure, ayup.


Phoenix:                 When I talked to you yesterday, you were rather vague about the time...

                                I'm surprised you seem so sure about it today.


Uncle:                     ...


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                I asked him, and he remembered.

                                Isn't that right!?


Uncle:                     Zzzz...

                                D-don't glare at me like that...!

                                I, er... I remembered it clearly, I did. Ayup.


Karma:                    You see? Continue!


Uncle: I was in the restaurant... where I er... rent boats, as usual.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Is there anyone who can verify that?


Uncle:                     ...

                                Well, I guess Polly could.


Phoenix:                 Th-that's not good enough for a court of law!


Judge:                    Mr. Wright... exactly what's not good enough?


Phoenix:                 Ah, uh, Your Honor, this "Polly" is a parrot.


Judge:                    A... parrot?


Uncle:                     Don't be so hard on the girl, Keithy-boy!


Judge:                    Keith...?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                The prosecution concedes that we cannot prove the witness was in the shop.

                                Witness... please continue.


Uncle: Then I heard a "bang!" Ayup.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 And where did the "bang" seem to come from?


Uncle:                     From the lake, I figure.


Karma:                    Are you certain?


Uncle:                     A-ayup.


Karma:                    Good. Continue!


Uncle: When I looked out the window, I saw a boat just a' floating on the lake.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Was there someone in the boat?


Uncle:                     It was pretty far out there... I couldn't see clearly...

                                But I figure there was two men out there, ayup.


Phoenix:                 But you couldn't see them clearly!


Uncle:                     Ayup... at the time, that is.


Phoenix:                 (At the time...?)


Uncle: "Then I heard another "bang."


                > Press


Phoenix:                 So you heard two gunshots total?


Uncle:                     Ayup.


Phoenix:                 (That's what Lotta said in her testimony yesterday.)


Uncle: Just about then the boat comes back to shore, and a man walks by my window.


> Press


Phoenix:                 "By your window"?


Uncle:                     Ayup, by my window. Right outside the window of my little shack.


Phoenix:                 And, could you see the man's face?


Uncle:                     Well, the fog was pretty darn thick, but he was right there in front of me. I saw him.


Judge:                    This is rather important detail! Please add it to your testimony.


Uncle:                     ...


Karma:                    Tsk, tsk, tsk...


Phoenix:                 (I have a bad feeling about this...)


Phoenix:                 (If I know von Karma, he spent time preparing his witness.)

                                (I'm not going to find contradictions very easily in this testimony.)

                                (Whew... it's tough being a lawyer.)


Uncle: That man was the defendant... he was saying "I can't believe he's dead."


                > Press


Phoenix:                 A-are you sure!?


Uncle:                     ...


Phoenix:                 (Uh oh!)



Uncle:                     Dead certain, Keith!

                                He said "I can't believe he's dead" as he was walking by, too.


[Crowd mutters]


Karma:                    Witness! Are you sure that the person you saw was Miles Edgeworth!?


Uncle:                     It was him!

                                That Edgeworth boy!


Judge:                    ...

                                This... sounds like decisive evidence indeed. I see no room for doubt.


Phoenix:                 (von Karma...)

                                (He lured into cross-examining so he could set me up for a fall!)


Karma:                    Tsk, tsk, tsk...


Maya:                     N-Nick...!

                                I don't like the way things are going here!

                                Everyone in the courtroom is glaring at us!


Phoenix:                 (I'd better act quick, or this trial is going to be over!)


>>> Wait and see what happens


                Phoenix:                 (But... how can I raise an objection without any proof?)


                Karma:                    Judge!

                                                There is no room for doubt in the witness's testimony!

                                                I demand that you declare your verdict!


>>> Raise an objection


                Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                                Your Honor!

                                                We proved in yesterday's court that it could not have been Edgeworth who fired the gun!


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                Mr. Wright.

                                                Are you referring to the fingerprints from Edgeworth's right hand found on the gun,

                                                and the photograph showing a man firing with his left hand...?


                Phoenix:                 Exactly!


                Karma:                   That is easily explainable!

                                                He could have wiped his prints after he fired!

                                                You are ignoring the truth of the matter here!

                                                Everything in this witness's testimony is true!


Judge:                    Hmm...


Phoenix:                 (The Judge is lost in thought... what should I do?)


>>> Wait and see what happens


                Phoenix:                 (I can't see any room to raise an objection...)

                                                (I'd better hold back and see how things develop.)


                Maya:                     Nick!
                                                We have to do something!

                                                If we stay quiet now, Mr. Edgeworth'll be found guilty for sure!


>>> Raise an objection


                Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                                Your Honor!

                                                This witness claims that Edgeworth said "I can' t believe he's dead"...

                                                But his word is all we have!

                                                If he were telling a lie...


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                Mr. Wright.

                                                In a court of law, the evidence tells all.

                                                Apparently, you have yet to realize even this basic fact.

                                                If you say his testimony is a lie, show us proof!


                Phoenix:                 Urk...


                Maya:                     Nick! Do we have evidence...?


Phoenix:                 It's no good!

                                There's nothing I can do.


Maya:                     A... are you sure?


Phoenix:                 To be honest...

                                I don't know what to do anymore.


Maya:                     Please...

                                Can you hear me, Sis?


                                We need your help...

                                Nick needs you...


Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                Three minutes was perhaps too high an expectation.

                                However, fifteen minutes isn't bad! This must be a new record.


Judge:                    Enough!

                                The witness may leave the stand.


Uncle:                     Zzzz...


Judge:                    This court sees no reason to further prolong this trial.

                                Nor is there any need for more time to decide the case against the defendant.

                                This case is extremely clear. I see no room for mis-interpretation of the facts.


Phoenix:                 (W-what!? No!)


Karma:                    Hmph.


Judge:                    This court finds the defendant, Mr. Miles Edgeworth...


                                The accused will surrender to the court immediately,

                                to be held pending trial at a higher court within a month from today's date.

                                That is all.

                                The court is adjourned!




Judge:                    Wh-who was that just now?




Phoenix:                 Huh?




Judge:                    Wh-what are you doing here!?


Butz:                       Listen! Y-you gotta listen to me!

                                I... I was...

                                I was there, in the park, the night of the murder!

                                I... I wasn't sure about it until just yesterday.

                                B-but today I remembered it!


Judge:                    Remembered what?


Butz:                       The gunshot!

                                I heard it too!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    O-order!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                What is the meaning of this!?

                                The verdict has been decided! I call for adjournment!


Judge:                    One moment, Mr. von Karma.

                                So, you say you heard a gunshot?


Butz:                       Yeah, I did!

                                A gunshot! That night!

                                I was sitting here in the audience, listening to the testimony...

                                Then I realized, something he said was different from what I remember!

                                A-anyhow, I can't just sit here and let you call Edgey a murderer!


                                It's just not right!

                                I'll testify!

                                Lemme testify!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                Well, this is the first time something has happened like this in my court.

                                I'm not quite sure how to proceed...


Karma:                    Judge! You've already given your decision!

                                The trial is over!


Maya:                     Nick!

                                This is it!

                                Larry's given us one final chance at this!


Phoenix:                 (She's right!)

                                (If only it wasn't Larry...)

                                (He could make things even worse...)


Maya:                     Mr. Edgeworth was just declared guilty, Nick!

                                It doesn't get any worse!


Phoenix:                 You're right!

                                Your Honor!

                                If there is another witness, it is our duty to hear him speak!

                                Right here!

                                Right now!


Karma:                    A waste of time!

                                The verdict cannot be overturned!


Judge:                    Hmm...



                                Allow me to speak my opinion.

                                In all court proceedings, it is our duty to prevent an inaccurate verdict.

                                In order to make sure no mistake has been made, every witness should be heard!


Karma:                    Wh-what is this!?


Judge:                    I withdraw my previous verdict of "guilty"!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Mr. von Karma!

                                I order you to call this new witness to testify.



Karma:                    Whaaaat!


Judge:                    The court will adjourn for a five minute recess.

                                After that, we will hear this new witness.

                                Court is adjourned!



December 27, 10:28 AM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 2


Phoenix:                 Phew...

                                That was too close.

                                Sorry to keep you on the edge of your seat like that, Edgeworth.


Edgeworth:            Hmph.

                                I've seen worse.


Phoenix:                 (Yeah right, Edgeworth. You're sweating bullets!)

                                I just wonder what Larry plans to say in there.


Maya:                     Larry was at the lake that night?


Phoenix:                 Yes...

                                He said he went looking for the Steel Samurai balloon that flew into the lake.


Maya:                     Oh right.

                                And he found the balloon and the air tank that night?


Phoenix:                 Yeah.


Edgeworth:            ...


Phoenix:                 Hey, Edgeworth.


Edgeworth:            ...


                                You say something, Wright?


Phoenix:                 Yeah, a lot of things.

                                You seem out of it.

                                What's wrong?


Edgeworth:            It... it's nothing.


Phoenix:                 Hmm?


Maya:                     Umm... Mr. Edgeworth? There's something I've been meaning to ask you.


Edgeworth:            What's that?


Maya:                     Why are your fingerprints on the murder weapon?


Edgeworth:            Oh.

                                When he fell into the lake, I went into a daze.

                                I couldn't understand what had happened. I couldn't think straight.

                                Then I saw the pistol lying on the floor of the boat in front of me.

                                I picked it up without thinking.

                                I didn't have a reason, really.


Maya:                     I see...


Edgeworth:            Wright...


Phoenix:                 Yeah?


Edgeworth:            This might be our chance.


Phoenix:                 Our chance?


Edgeworth:            von Karma has only ever run perfect trials.


Phoenix:                 Perfect trials...?


Edgeworth:            Perfectly prepared witnesses, perfectly complete evidence.

                                That's the secret to his success.

                                This is the first time he's ever had to deal with something unexpected!

                                He has let someone he hasn't even talked to testify before the court!

                                And that someone... is Larry!


Phoenix:                 What are you getting at?


Edgeworth:            It's likely his testimony will be full of holes, Wright.


Maya:                     That's right, Nick!

                                No ten minute trial this time! We'll milk this one for all it's worth!


Phoenix:                 Hey, it was fifteen minutes! Fifteen! (Everything depends on Larry now...)



December 27, 10:35 AM

District Court

Courtroom No. 3


Judge:                    Court is now back in session.


                                Please testify to the court about everything that you saw...

                                on the night of December 24th.


Butz:                       Right... leave it to me!


Phoenix:                 (Please, Larry, don't mess this one up!!!)

                                (I hate to admit it, but you're our last chance!)


Karma:                   ...


Phoenix:                 (von Karma didn't even have time to prep his witness.)

                                (I just hope Edgeworth is right about this being our big break...)




-- The Night of the Murder --


Butz:                       That night, I was out in a boat on the lake.

                                I was looking for something and I, er, found it.

                                So I quietly slipped the boat back in at the rental dock.

                                Then, just as I was thinking about going home, I heard this "bang"!

                                I looked out over the lake, but I didn't notice the boat.

                                So after I heard that single gunshot I went home.



Judge:                    Hmm...

                                That was an unusually vague testimony, even for this court.

                                In any matter, Mr. Wright, you may begin your cross-examination.


Phoenix:                 Yes, Your Honor...


Maya:                     What's wrong, Nick?


Phoenix:                 It's Larry!

                                I have no idea what he's going to say if I press him.

                                I'm a little scared.


Maya:                     Hmm...

                                Well, we've come this far. There's no way to go but forward, Nick!




-- The Night of the Murder --


Butz: That night, I was out in a boat on the lake.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 ...


Judge:                    Something wrong, Mr. Wright?


Phoenix:                 There were so many things wrong I don't know where to begin...


Judge:                    Ah...


Phoenix:                 Um, well, okay. First of all, what time was it?


Butz:                       Oh, it was after 11:00 when I went out in the boat.

                                By that time everyone had gone home for the night.

                                So I waited until the coast was clear, so to speak.


Phoenix:                 And why were you out on a boat at such a late hour...?


Butz: I was looking for something and I, er, found it.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 "Looking for something"...?


Butz:                       Er, yeah.


Judge:                    Mr. Butz, what was it you were looking for?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                What the witness was searching for is irrelevant!

                                Most likely he was hunting for this "Gourdy"!


Phoenix:                 (You know, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if that was the truth.)


Karma:                    This is all irrelevant! Let's get it over there.


Butz: So I quietly slipped the boat back in at the rental dock.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Around what time was that?


Butz:                       Uh...

                                Well, let's see...

                                I figured I was out searching for about an hour...

                                I guess it was around 12:00. Yeah.


Judge:                    You're not sure?


Butz:                       Hey! Don't give me that face!

                                I'm not some sort of human sundial, okay!?


Phoenix:                 (People use watches these days, Larry...)


Butz: Then, just as I was thinking about going home, I heard this "bang"!


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Where did the sound come from?


Butz:                       Yeah, well, I wasn't too sure about that.

                                I looked around, y'know.


Judge:                    Did you look at the lake?


Butz:                       Yeah, I looked.


Butz: I looked out over the lake, but I didn't notice the boat.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Wasn't there a boat on the lake!?


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                Well? Mr. Butz!


Butz:                       Whoa, whoa.

                                Everybody just calm down, okay?

                                I mean, it was real foggy that night.

                                I'm not sure whether there was a boat out there or not.


Phoenix:                 (Oh, okay, no problem. That's just the MOST IMPORTANT PART of the case!!!)


Karma:                    Hmph!


Butz: So after I heard that single gunshot I went home.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 So, you only heard one "bang" correct?


Butz:                       Yeah.


Phoenix:                 (Huh.)


Maya:                     Well, Nick?


Phoenix:                 Hmm...

                                It was a pretty wishy-washy testimony, wasn't it?

                                I guess I should just start working on the contradictions.


Maya: Sorry...

I wish I could be more helpful. I wish I could call my sister...


Butz: So after I heard that single gunshot I went home.


                > Present: Lotta's Deposition


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                W-wait a sec, Larry!


Larry:                      Wh-what!?


Phoenix:                 You only heard one "bang"!? You're sure!?


Larry:                      That's what I said!


Phoenix:                 But Mr. Lotta Hart testified yesterday that she heard two "bang"s!

                                And the old man just now said the same thing!

                                They both heard two gunshots that night!


Butz:                       Huh?


Phoenix:                 Were you even listening!?

                                Were you paying attention at all to what they said?


Butz:                       Yo, Nick, please!


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Butz:                       You know, something's been bothering me.

                                I'm a witness, see?

                                I'm like a customer here!

                                So you got to treat me nice and stuff, okay!?


Phoenix:                 ...


Judge:                    Mr. Butz.


Butz:                       What!?


Judge:                    You only heard one gunshot? Are you sure?


Butz:                       ...


                                Well, to tell ya the truth... I'm not sure.


Judge:                    Eh...?


Phoenix:                 Not sure!?

                                H-how could you not be sure?


Larry:                      Yeah, well...

                                I, uh, I might have missed the other gunshot.

                                I was, uh, listening to something else...


Phoenix:                 Something... else?


Larry:                      My radio, dude! On my headphones.


Phoenix:                 Whaaaaaat!?


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                And stop that booing!

                                M-Mr. Butz!

                                You were listening to a radio on earphones?


Butz:                       Y-yeah! So what!

                                That a crime!?

                                I listen to my radio! Everybody listens to the radio! What's the big deal!?


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Mr. von Karma... your opinion?


Karma:                    Waste of time.

                                I do not accept this witness, or his shoddy testimony.


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Well, Mr. Wright?

                                Should he continue the testimony?


>>> That's enough


                Phoenix:                 (No, I think I've heard enough. This is all too embarrassing...)

                                                (In fact, I think we've all heard enough.)


                Maya:                     What are you saying, Nick!?

                                                If you stop now, Mr. Edgeworth will be found guilty!

                                                We have to turn this trial around now!


                Phoenix:                 Uh...


>>> Continue


Phoenix:                 Your Honor.

                                Please... please allow the witness to continue his testimony.


Karma:                    Bah!

                                Nothing is more pitiful than a lawyer who doesn't know when he's lost!


Judge:                    Very well, Mr. Butz.

                                Please give your testimony, and be sure to include details like your RADIO.


Butz:                       Right! Leave it to me!


Phoenix:                 (I wouldn't if there were any other way out of this, believe me.)




-- What Larry Heard --


Butz:                       It's lonely, being alone on Christmas Eve!

                                That's why I was listening to an all-requests show on my radio, see?

                                I was listening to it real booming loud, like.

                                But I'm sure I heard that gunshot!

                                I remember exactly what the DJ was saying when I heard it, too.



Judge:                    You were listening to your radio... at a high volume!?


Butz:                       Yeah, what's the big problem?

                                Can't a man listen to his radio in peace? Isn't this a free country!?


Phoenix:                 (I truly believe Larry has no idea what the problem is.)


Karma:                    Judge.

                                Can you believe a word this witness says?

                                What he heard was probably nothing more than a drum beat from the radio!


Judge:                    True enough, it is difficult to believe this testimony.


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                Wait, Your Honor!

                                The witness said he remembers exactly what the DJ said when he heard the gunshot!


Judge:                    Excuse me?



Phoenix:                 An announcer... the guy who says things on the radio.


                                What this means is, when he heard the sound, no music was playing!

                                The DJ only talks between songs! So he could have heard the gunshot from the lake!

                                I'd like to cross-examine the witness, Your Honor!


Judge:                    V-very well, Mr. Wright.


Phoenix:                 (I can't believe I'm continuing this charade...)




-- What Larry Heard--


Butz: It's lonely, being alone on Christmas Eve!


                > Press


Phoenix:                 So, you turned on the radio?


Butz:                       Right!

                                I just wanted to hear someone's voice, y'know?

                                You don't know what it's like out there, alone, on Christmas Eve! Alone!


Phoenix:                 (I shouldn't have said anything...)


Butz: That's why I was listening to an all-requests show on my radio, see?


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Do you by any chance remember the name of the program you were listening to?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                This has nothing to do with the case, Your Honor!


Judge:                    Objection sustained.

                                The witness was listening to the radio. That is all we need to know.

                                Tell us, Mr. Butz, how loud was your radio set to that night?


Butz: I was listening to it real booming loud, like.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Real "booming" loud?


Larry:                      Yeah, y'know.


Judge:                    And you had headphones on?


Butz:                       Yup.


Judge:                    I wouldn't think you could hear anything going on outside at all...


Butz: But I'm sure I heard that gunshot!


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Can you prove that...?

                                No... no, of course you can't.


Butz:                       Nah, I can't prove it.

                                But I remember that moment real clear.

                                I mean, while I was talking about it, it came back real clear to me, y'know?


Butz: I remember exactly what the DJ was saying when I heard it, too.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 What did he say?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Mr. Wright!

                                Please cease these pointless questions!

                                What possible good could knowing what a radio DJ said do us!?


Judge:                    Indeed, Mr. von Karma has a point.

                                I'll allow the question only if you see some reason why we should care...?


>>> We don't care


                Phoenix:                 (Hmm... right.)

                                                (I didn't really have a deep reason for asking that question, now that I think about it.)         

                                                Understood, Your Honor. I withdraw my question.


                Judge:                   Continue your examination of the witness, then.


                Phoenix:                 (This is getting nowhere...)


>>> We should care


Phoenix:                 We should care, Your Honor! Of course we should!


Karma:                    Why?


Phoenix:                 Uh.

                                W-well, how do you know if we don't ask, hmm?


Judge:                    Fine, very well.

                                Mr. Butz, please testify to the court.

                                What was the radio announcer saying when you heard the gunshot?


Butz: Just when she said "Hey! It's almost Christmas!" I heard the gunshot!


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Are you sure?


Larry:                      Course I am!

                                She had this real sexy voice...


Phoenix:                 (Hmm... maybe von Karma was right. I'm not sure how that helped us at all.)


Phoenix:                 (This is the most ludicrous testimony I've ever heard.)

                                (But there is one gleaming ray of hope in there!)

                                (I've got to press it until we get to the bottom of what happened!)


Butz: Just when she said "Hey! It's almost Christmas!" I heard the gunshot!


                > Present: Lake Photo


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                Larry! Are you absolutely sure what you're saying is correct!?


Butz:                       Huh? What's with the face? You look scary, dude.

                                Hey, if you're trying to scare me, you better know I don't scare that easy!


Judge:                    Is something the matter, Mr. Wright?


Phoenix:                 Your Honor!

                                Did you hear what the witness just said?

                                The DJ said "Hey! It's almost Christmas!" when he heard the gunshot!


Judge:                    Indeed...



Phoenix:                 "Almost Christmas" means it wasn't Christmas!

                                Do you realize what this means?

                                When he heard the gunshot, it was still Christmas Eve!!!


Judge:                    That would seem to be the case, yes...


Phoenix:                 But he should have heard that gunshot after midnight!

                                This photograph is irrefutable proof of this fact!


Judge:                    Let's see what the time was on the photo taken when the gun triggered Ms. Hart's camera.

                                < 12/25 00:15 >...!

                                Fifteen minutes after midnight, on Christmas Day!


Phoenix:                 This is a clear contradiction, Your Honor!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                What does this mean?

                                The two prior witnesses heard gunshots after midnight.

                                However, this witness says he heard a gunshot before midnight...


Karma:                    Judge.

                                The answer is simple.

                                The current witness is plainly mistaken.

                                Just look at him! Suspicious!


Butz:                       Wh-whaaat!?


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Well, Mr. Wright?

                                What do you think about Mr. Butz's claim that he heard the gunshot before midnight?


>>> Larry's wrong


                Phoenix:                 Well...

                                                I guess, it had to have been Larry's mistake.


                Karma:                    Hah!


                Judge:                    Very well.


                Butz:                       W-w-waaaaait!

                                                I come up here, I give you a riveting testimony...

                                                And you laugh it off as some kinda mistake!?

                                                What about me!?

                                                How can you call yourself a friend, Nick? How!?

                                                Get used to disappointment!!!


                Phoenix:                 ...


>>> Larry's right


Phoenix:                 Larry's not mistaken, Your Honor!

                                He heard that gunshot before midnight!


Karma:                    ...


                                I'm assuming you have evidence for this wild claim?

                                Show me evidence there was a gunshot before midnight!


>>> Present wrong evidence


                Karma:                    I have a favorite saying. I'd like to share it with the court.

                                                "Youth and stupidity go hand in hand."

                                                Get rid of both, and I'll allow you show me this rubbish you call "evidence"!!!


                Phoenix:                 (In other words,  I picked the wrong evidence to show him...)


                Karma:                    ...

                                                I can tell from your face you haven't learned your lesson.

                                                Very well, try again. Show us your evidence!


>>> Present right evidence: Second Lake Photo


Phoenix:                 Look at this photograph!

                                This was taken by our witness yesterday, Ms. Lotta Hart, with her automatic camera.

                                The timestamp on the photo reads "December 24, 11:50 PM."


Judge:                    Oh yeah?


                                But, there's nothing on the lake in this picture!


Phoenix:                 Your Honor.

                                The real issue here is not why nothing is shown in the photograph.

                                It is why this photograph exists at all!


Judge:                    What do you mean?


Phoenix:                 Your Honor...

                                This photograph was taken by an automatic camera.

                                That camera was set to go off in response to loud noises!


Judge:                    Ahah!


Phoenix:                 Correct!

                                There was a loud noise on the lake at 11:50 PM.

                                That is why this photograph was taken!

                                In other words...

                                When Larry heard that gunshot, it was most definitely Christmas Eve!


Judge:                    Indeed, it would seem that is the case!

                                Then... where does that leave us?

                                Ms. Hart testified that she heard the gunshots after midnight.
                                Are you claiming she was mistaken?


Phoenix:                 Not at all, Your Honor.

                                It is a fact that the camera also triggered at 15 minutes after midnight!

                                Your Honor!

                                That night, there were two sets of gunshots, with a 25 minute pause between them!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Why would this be...?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Don't be fooled, Judge!

                                That camera was set to respond to "loud noises"!


Judge:                    Yes?


Karma:                    There is no proof that the "loud noise" at 11:50 was a gunshot!

                                Why, the witness could have sneezed, triggering the camera!


Butz:                       H-hey, my noise was clear that night, man! Clear!


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Well, Mr. Wright?

                                There's no turning back now.

                                Can you prove that the "loud noise" at 11:50 PM was indeed a gunshot?

                                Please show the court evidence if you have any.


>>> Present wrong evidence


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright...

                                                Is that a smirk I see?


                Phoenix:                 Er, Your Honor... sorry, I wasn't really sure about the evidence.


                Judge:                    Don't show us evidence you aren't confident in Mr. Wright!

                                                I'll ask you again.


>>> Present right evidence: Pistol


Phoenix:                 This is my evidence.


Judge:                    The... murder weapon?


Phoenix:                 Something about this pistol was bothering me, Your Honor.

                                Both of the witnesses who testified yesterday heard two gunshots.

                                However, the murder weapon was fired three times.

                                When, then, was the last shot fired?

                                Only now have I realized the truth.

                                That third shot was the shot Larry heard just before midnight!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!


                                That would make sense of the evidence we've seen so far.



                                This leaves me wondering exactly what did happen that night on the lake.


Karma:                    Exactly!

                                If this is true, there were two sets of gunshots, separated by 25 minutes!

                                One at 11:50, another at 15 minutes after midnight!

                                Why, I ask you! Why!?


Phoenix:                 (Uh oh, I'd better think of something quick!)


                                (Wait a second...!)

                                (Gunshots separated by 25 minutes...?)



Maya:                     Wh-what's wrong, Nick?


Phoenix:                 I have it! I have it!


Maya:                     Huh?


Phoenix:                 Remember the case with the Steel Samurai!?


Maya:                     Huh? Yeah, of course I remember...


Phoenix:                 The murderer in this case had the same idea as the murderer in that case!


Maya:                     What do you mean?


Phoenix:                 Maya!


Maya:                     Yes!?


Phoenix:                 If we don't figure this out now, we'll never overturn Edgeworth's guilty verdict!

                                I've got a hunch, and I'm going to run with it...


Maya:                     Right!

                                I mean... is this safe?


Phoenix:                 Safe? We've already gotten a guilty verdict! We have nothing to lose!


Maya:                     ...

Phoenix:                 You just watch and let me know if I say anything that sounds fishy, okay?


Maya:                     Right, Nick!


Phoenix:                 Your Honor!


Judge:                    Y-yes, Mr. Wright?


Phoenix:                 The testimony just now has cleared up this entire case!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    What do you mean, Mr. Wright!?


Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                So, you've finally realized the truth?

                                There can be no other murderer here than Miles Edgeworth himself.


Phoenix:                 Wrong, von Karma!

                                A man was shot that night, but it wasn't Edgeworth who did the shooting!


Karma:                    Listen, rookie.

                                Take a deep breath, and consider the facts.

                                At the time of the murder, one boat was on the lake.

                                This was shown by the witness's photograph.

                                The defendant, Edgeworth, and victim, Robert Hammond, were on that boat.

                                There was a gunshot fired on that boat, and Robert Hammond fell into the lake.

                                The distance of the shooting was one meter. It couldn't have been suicide!


                                The guilty party has to be the other man on that boat!


Judge:                    I admit, it is hard to imagine any other possibility.


Phoenix:                 Yes...

                                But this assumes that the victim was shot at 15 minutes after midnight.


Judge:                    ...

                                What do you mean by that, Mr. Wright?

                                We have photographic evidence of the time of the shooting.

                                The timestamp on the photo says 00:15.


Phoenix:                 But Larry heard a gunshot 25 minutes before that!

                                Robert Hammond was killed then! 25 minutes before the shot on the lake!

                                (That's the only way that Edgeworth could be innocent!)


Judge:                    ...


Karma:                    ...

                                Mr. Wright. Are you quite mad?

                                Explain who this is sitting on the boat!


>>> The murderer and Hammond


                Phoenix:                 It was the murderer and Robert Hammond!


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                What are you saying!?

                                                That contradicts what you just told the court.

                                                You said that Robert Hammond had been killed 25 minutes before this gunshot!


                Phoenix:                 Y-yes, that's right.


                Judge:                    Also, might I mention...

                                                The defendant, Mr. Edgeworth, has admitted to being on that boat.


                Phoenix:                 Er, right, Your Honor.

                                                (Crash and burn...)


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright!

                                                Your client has already been declared guilty once!

                                                I'm going to have to penalize you for this foolishness.


                Phoenix:                 (*sigh*)


                Karma:                    Bah! I'll ask you again!


>>> Edgeworth and Hammond


                Phoenix:                 Miles Edgeworth and Robert Hammond!


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                Yes, I believe you are mad!

                                                That is exactly what I've been telling the court this whole time!

                                                You're agreeing with me! And yet, what did you just say?

                                                That Robert Hammond had been killed 25 minutes before the shot on the boat!?


                Phoenix:                 Y-yes, that's what I said!

                                                I was just testing you, von Karma!


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright!          

                                                Your client has already been declared guilty once!

                                                I'm going to have to penalize you for this foolishness.


                Phoenix:                 (*sigh*)


                Karma:                    Bah! I'll ask you again!


>>> Edgeworth and the murderer


Phoenix:                 Of course, it was Edgeworth and the murderer!

                                After the murderer killed Robert Hammond at 11:50...

                                He assumed the guise of Mr. Hammond and met Edgeworth!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Wh... What!?

                                Are you serious?


Phoenix:                 Yes. Edgeworth won't tell us why he went to the lake that night.

                                However, I have a hunch.

                                That night, Robert Hammond called Edgeworth to the lake.

                                Now, Edgeworth didn't know Robert Hammond's face that well.

                                That's why he didn't suspect anything when the murderer took Robert Hammond's place!


Judge:                    ...

                                I'm not sure what to make of all this.


Karma:                    L-Ludicrous!


Judge:                    Mr. Wright.

                                Tell us the name of the murderer then!


Phoenix:                 The murderer's name...?

                                Right! It's...


>>> Miles Edgeworth


                Phoenix:                 (On second thought, that's a really dumb answer...)

                                                (I might get a laugh or two out of the crowd, but that's about it.)


                Maya:                     Uh, Nick?

                                                Something on your mind?


                Phoenix:                 Huh? Oh, uh, nothing. Hah hah. *groan*


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright! Stop laughing and tell us who the murderer is!


                Phoenix:                 Y-yes, Your Honor!


>>> Lotta Hart


                Phoenix:                 The murderer is none other than Ms. Lotta Hart!


                Judge:                    ...

                                                The investigative photographer...?


                Phoenix:                 Um, yes.


                Judge:                    You're saying that young lady dressed up like Robert Hammond and fooled Mr. Edgeworth?


                Phoenix:                 Y-yes, well, she did look sort of manly.


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                I am ashamed I actually listened to this utter nonsense.


                                                You came to this conclusion based on a piece of evidence.

                                                That is, this photograph taken at 11:50.

                                                If you didn't have this photograph, you never would have made this claim!


                                                And just who was it who went out of her way to give you that piece of evidence?


                Phoenix:                 ...!

                                                It was... Lotta Hart.


                Karma:                    Why would the murderer go to all that trouble just to deliver you decisive evidence!


                Phoenix:                 ...

                                                I guess... they wouldn't.


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright. I'm going to penalize you for this.


                Phoenix:                 (Whoops.)


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright! Can you really tell us the name of the murderer!?


                Phoenix:                 (Uh oh, he looks suspicious! I'd better bluff and bluff good!)


>>> I don't know


Phoenix:                 Actually, I don't know the murderer's name.


Judge:                    Y-you don't know!?


Karma:                    Bah! Again, you waste my time!


Phoenix:                 I don't know because he never told us!


Karma:                    ...!


Phoenix:                 The murderer is the caretaker of the boat shop, that old man!

                                At 11:50, he was the one who killed Robert Hammond.


Judge:                    The caretaker of the boat shop!?

                                Wh-where did he do this!?

                                There weren't any boats on the lake then!


Phoenix:                 Why would he have to go all the way out on the lake just to shoot someone?

                                May I suggest...

                                That the real scene of the crime was not in a boat!


Judge:                    What!?

                                W-well then, where did the murder take place!?


Phoenix:                 (Show the judge where the murder really took place!)


>>> Present wrong evidence


                Phoenix:                 Around here, maybe?


                Judge:                    Around... where?

                                                You have some reason for thinking this?


                Phoenix:                 Yes, well...

                                                Maybe because there's no good reason, the murderer knew we'd never expect it!


                Judge:                    ...

                                                Try again.


                Phoenix:                 (He wasn't even surprised I goofed up.)


>>> Present right evidence


Phoenix:                 Here, of course! The boat shop, where he lives.

                                That way he could meet with the victim without anyone seeing!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Do you have proof that the boat shop was the scene of the crime!?


Phoenix:                 Recall Larry's testimony if you will.

                                That night he was out on the lake in a boat, searching for something.

                                He finds it, and returns the boat.

                                Then, just as he's starting to head for home, he hears a gunshot!

                                He heard a gunshot, Your Honor!

                                Even though he was wearing headphones at the time!

                                In other words, the gunshot was very, very close by!

                                And where would that be if he had just returned a boat?


Judge:                    The boat shop...!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Mr. Wright!

                                What happened that night on Gourd Lake!?

                                Please tell the court, from the beginning!


Phoenix:                 Y-yes, Your Honor.


Maya:                     Nick, are you sure about this...?


Phoenix:                 Um, not really.

                                But, I think if I start at the very beginning...

                                And I take it slow, I must just be able to figure this out...

                                That night...

                                The caretaker of the boat shop called Robert Hammond to his shop.

                                This was around 11:50.

                                That was when the gunshot that Larry heard was fired.

                                After that, the caretaker put on Robert Hammond's coat...

                                He became Robert Hammond!

                                Then he got in the boat with Edgeworth, and went out into the middle of the lake.


Judge:                    Then... who fired the pistol on the boat, Mr. Wright?


>>> Miles Edgeworth


                Phoenix:                 It was Miles Edgeworth...


                Maya:                     N-Nick! How could that be!?

                                                Wasn't the old man holding the pistol!?


                Phoenix:                 Uh, yeah.

                                                Good thinking!


                Maya:                     That was easy, Nick! What I'm worried about is what you're thinking!


>>> The boat shop caretaker


Phoenix:                 Of course, it was the murderer who shot the pistol.

                                He shot twice. Both missed Edgeworth, on purpose.


Judge:                    Wait a minute...


Phoenix:                 Y-yes?


Judge:                    Why would he shoot twice if he didn't mean to hit anyone?


Phoenix:                 Uh...

                                (Details! Details!)


Karma:                    Know this, Mr. Wright.

                                The moment you run out of explanations is the moment you lose.

                                Tell us why the murderer had to fire twice!


>>> Because the first shot missed


                Phoenix:                 B-because the first shot missed?


                Judge:                    Missed?


                Phoenix:                 Yeah, he was aiming for Edgeworth, and he missed...


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                What are you saying!?

                                                Did you not just tell us that he missed Edgeworth on purpose!?


                Phoenix:                 Huh? Oh, uh, right.

                                                (Uh oh... I'd better figure out just what it is I'm trying to prove here.)


>>> To create a witness


Phoenix:                 I believe he shot twice to create a witness, Your Honor.


Judge:                    Create a witness...?


Phoenix:                 The murderer lifts his pistol and fires one shot.

                                That ensures that anyone who heard the shot would look at the lake.

                                Indeed, Ms. Hart did exactly that after hearting the first gunshot.


                                The murderer waits a bit and he fires again.


                                The murderer jumps from the boat himself!

                                Leaving the pistol in the boat behind him.


Judge:                    ...

                                I see!

                                To someone looking from the edge of the lake...

                                It would appear that one of the men on the boat had shot the other!


Phoenix:                 The murderer didn't know about the automatic camera, of course.

                                That's why he shot twice to draw attention to the boat!


Judge:                    Hmm...


Phoenix:                 Once you realize that, everything else falls into place!

                                The boat shop caretaker swam back to his shop.

                                Then he put Mr. Hammond's coat back on the body.

                                And threw the body into the lake!

                                This is what happened, Your Honor.

                                These are the events that transpired that night on Gourd Lake.


Judge:                    ...


Karma:                    ...




Judge:                    ...


                                Bring out the witness from before!

                                The boat shop caretaker! Quickly!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Very well. While we are waiting for the caretaker...

                                I would like to ask the defendant, Miles Edgeworth, a few questions.

                                Mr. Edgeworth. Please take the stand.

                                Mr. Edgeworth...

                                You heard what the defense has said?


Edgeworth:            Yes.


Judge:                    Well?

                                Why did you go to the lake that night?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                What Wright has said was mostly correct.

                                Astonishingly so, actually.


                                Several days ago, I received a letter.

                                The letter was signed, "Robert Hammond."

                                He asked me to come to the boat shop by the lake at midnight on Christmas Eve.

                                He said he had something very important to discuss with me.


Judge:                    Something important?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                I'm sorry. I can't say what it was.


Judge:                    Hmm...


Guard:                    Your Honor, sir!


Judge:                    Bailiff! We are conducting a trial here, I ask that you remain quiet...


Guard:                    The witness has disappeared! He isn't at the boat shop, either!


Judge:                    What!?


Guard:                    What should I do?


Judge:                    F-find him, quickly! We cannot allow him to get away!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Mr. von Karma!

                                Your witness has disappeared!


Karma:                    ...

                                A search warrant has already been issued.


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                It goes without saying that I cannot declare a verdict under these circumstances.

                                I will extend the trial until tomorrow, the final day allowed.

                                I request that the police department utilize all its forces to find that witness!

                                Am I understood?


Karma:                    ...


Judge:                    One more thing.

                                Just who is that boat shop caretaker?

                                I think his identity has become very important to this trial.

                                I want him, and I want to know who he is.


Karma:                    ...


Judge:                    Very well.

                                Court is adjourned!



December 27, 1:22 PM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 2


Maya:                     Yay, Nick! You did it!


Phoenix:                 Yeah...

                                Well, at least we got out from under that guilty verdict...


Maya:                     And what about Larry!

                                That was something else!

                                Even von Karma didn't know what to do with his testimony!

                                Larry really helped us out!


Phoenix:                 Sure, once I sifted through his "unique" testimony.

                                Still... he did save us.

                                I just wish our cases weren't so down to the wire all the time.


Maya:                     I know what you mean.

                                Sometimes I feel like it's us on trial instead of our clients!


Phoenix:                 Hey, Edgeworth...


Edgeworth:            ...


Maya:                     Umm... Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth:            !

                                D-did you say something?


Maya:                     Don't look so pained!

                                I mean, it looks like you're probably going to get off the hook!

                                You could try to smile just a little...? Relax!


Edgeworth:            ...

                                I'm sorry...

                                But... I fear it's not over for me yet.


Phoenix:                 Wh-what do you mean?


Edgeworth:            Wright...

                                There's something that's been troubling me for a long time now.

                                And I don't know whether or not to tell you...


Phoenix:                 Edgeworth?


Edgeworth:            No... there's so little time left.

                                I want to tell you, to get it off my chest, but...


                                Hmm. I can't make up my mind.



Phoenix:                 What is this about, Edgeworth?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                It's... a nightmare I've had.

                                A memory of a crime... that I committed.


Phoenix:                 A crime you committed?


Edgeworth:            A memory... of a murder.


To be continued.



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