Turnabout Goodbyes

-- Final Day - Trial --


December 28, 9:51 AM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 2


Phoenix:                 (This is it... judgment day.)

                                (Today, things are gong to get settled at last... a lot of things.)


                                Wh-what's the big idea!?


Maya:                     S-s-sorry, Nick!

                                I only touched your shoulder!

                                I guess the "shock" hasn't worn off from my run-in with the stun gun yesterday.

                                Anyhow, today's the last day of the trial! Good luck, Nick!


Phoenix:                 Yeah... thanks, Maya.


Edgeworth:            ...


Phoenix:                 (Edgeworth is looking glum as always.)

                                (I hope von Karma doesn't push him too hard.)


Edgeworth:            ...


                                Wh-wh-what are you doing!?


Maya:                     Sorry! I'm sorry!

                                I just thought I'd ch-cheer you up with a pat on the back...


Phoenix:                 Maya...

                                Maybe you should go outside and discharge?


Maya:                     Right. Good idea.


Phoenix:                 (Try not to electrocute anyone on your way out...)


Woooooooooyaaah, pal!


Gumshoe:              What's gotten into that girl?


Phoenix:                 Detective Gumshoe!


Gumshoe:              Morning!

                                Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth:            Uh... good morning.


Phoenix:                 How did it go, Detective?


Gumshoe:              Have no fear! As promised, I've captured our runaway caretaker!

                                I just brought him in.

                                Took all night, pal.


Phoenix:                 Thanks, Detective Gumshoe. You must be tired.


Gumshoe:              Actually, after that shock I got on the way in, I feel pretty good.


Phoenix:                 (Yogi says he's forgotten his own name...)

                                (But that has to be a lie!)

                                (Why would he want revenge on Edgeworth if he couldn't remember his past!?)

                                (He does remember... and I'm going to prove it!)



December 28, 10:00 AM

District Court

Courtroom No. 3


Judge:                    Court is now in session for the trial of Mr. Miles Edgeworth.


Phoenix:                 The defense is ready, Your Honor.


Karma:                    ...

                                The prosecution... is ready.


Judge:                    ...

                                U-uh... right, very well.
                                We have reached the final day of our proceedings in this trial.

                                I ask that the prosecution submit decisive evidence.


Karma:                    Understood.


Judge:                    ...


Phoenix:                 (C'mon! Don't be awed into silence by every little thing he says!)


Judge:                    Very well, Mr. von Karma, your opening statement.


Karma:                    Right.

                                Thanks to Detective Gumshoe's efforts, the boat rental shop caretaker has been arrested.

                                In yesterday's trial, the defense asserted that the caretaker was the murderer.

                                However, the caretaker has yet to confirm this.

                                I would like to ask the defense to cross-examine him as much as necessary.


Judge:                    Very well!

                                Please bring the witness into the courtroom.


Karma:                    Ladies and gentlemen of the court...

                                I believe you all remember our witness.

                                He lives in the boat rental shop on the lake, from where he witnessed the incident.

                                In addition, he has currently lost memory of his name and identity.


Judge:                    Witness!

                                Why did you run away yesterday?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                The witness was not running away, as he will not testify.


Judge:                    I-I see.

                                Very well, please begin your testimony.


Uncle:                     Zzz... mmph?




-- Why I Left Court --


Uncle:                     Er, I'm really sorry about just leaving yesterday like I did.

                                But, I wasn't running away or nothing.

                                I, uh, went to buy some food for Polly, see...

                                I figured I got nothing to do with this incident anyhow.

                                Er... I mean, I'd need one of those "motive" things, right? And I don't got one.

                                So, my testimony yesterday stands as is.



Judge:                    Hmm... Very well.

                                Let's begin the cross-examination, shall we?


Phoenix:                 (He has to know his name!)

                                (Yanni Yogi! You're Yanni Yogi and I'm going to prove it!)




-- Why I Left Court--


Uncle: Er, I'm really sorry about just leaving yesterday like I did.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 I'd call what you did "running away," and not "just leaving."

                                You heard Larry's testimony, and realized you were in danger!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Now, Mr. Wright, there's no need to rush to conclusions.

                                As I said, the witness was not "running away."

                                Listen to the testimony.


Phoenix:                 (He sure seems relaxed!)

                                (In fact, they both do-- von Karma and Yanni Yogi!)


Uncle: But, I wasn't running away or nothing.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Then why did you leave!?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                He's just about to say why!

                                Is it so hard for you just quietly listen when someone is talking!?


Phoenix:                 (If I sat quietly, Edgeworth would be guilty in three minutes!)


Uncle: I, uh, went to buy some food for Polly, see...


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Food...?


Uncle:                     Well, Polly is a bit of a gourmand, you see.

                                She only eats these high-quality bird pellets from France.

                                The only have them in the big pet shop downtown.


Phoenix:                 But you weren't arrested until this morning!

                                Why didn't you go back to the caretaker's shack?


Uncle:                     Er... well...

                                I kind of got lost, you see.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                The witness has trouble remembering things sometimes.

                                When the police apprehended him, he was on his way back to the shack!


Phoenix:                 (Yeah, right! Nice try von Karma! No one's going to believe that!)


Judge:                    Hmm... I see!

                                So he was lost!


Phoenix:                 (Please! Your Honor, come to your senses!)


Uncle: I figured I got nothing to do with this incident anyhow.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 You've lost much of your memory, is that correct?


Uncle:                     Er... ayup, seems like it.


Phoenix:                 Then how could you know that you didn't have anything to do with this incident!


Uncle:                     Uh...


Phoenix:                 Or...

                                Or maybe you're lying about not having your memory, hmm?

                                You know exactly who you are!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                The witness has testified quite clearly that he has no memory of who he is.

                                If you claim he's lying, then show the court proof!


Phoenix:                 (Grr...)

                                (How am I supposed to prove what's going on in that old codger's head?)

                                (That's impossible!)


Karma:                    Hmph!

                                I'm glad you've come to your senses, Mr. Wright.

                                Very well, witness. Please continue.


Uncle: Er... I mean, I'd need one of those "motive" things, right? And I don't got one.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 How can you say you had no motive? I say you do!

                                You had a grudge against Edgeworth and the victim, Robert Hammond!

                                That's why you took revenge on them! Right?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Please don't make me repeat myself, Mr. Wright!

                                This witness has no memory of anything beyond several years ago!

                                He can't hold a grudge! It's impossible!


Phoenix:                 (I have to prove he's lying about his memory...)

                                (Otherwise, it's going to be the same thing over and over until the trial ends!)


Phoenix:                 (First things first, I have to prove this man is who he is!)

                                (Do that and the motive will prove itself!)




Judge:                    Might I say something, Mr. Wright?


Phoenix:                 Yes...

                                Yes, Your Honor?


Judge:                    You've been saying the same thing now over and over.

                                You've been calling the witness's memory of the past or lack thereof into question.

                                But, does this really have anything to do with the current case?


Phoenix:                 Of course, Your Honor.

                                The witness has said he has "nothing to do with this case" and "no motive"...

                                Both of these statements are lies!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                Mr. Wright!

                                There is a serious problem with your claim!

                                Or... are you saying...

                                Are you saying you know who this witness is!?


Phoenix:                 Of course, Your Honor!


Karma:                    Ho hoh! Now, this is interesting.

                                I would like to know myself! So, who is he?


Phoenix:                 (Don't play dumb von Karma!)


Judge:                    Mr. Wright, please tell us this witness's name.


>>> Gregory Edgeworth


                Phoenix:                 His name... is "Gregory Edgeworth"!



                Judge:                    Er... Mr. Wright?

                                                All of us here remember what Gregory Edgeworth looked like.

                                                And he looked nothing like this, believe me.


                Phoenix:                 (Wow... that's pretty harsh, Your Honor...)


                Judge:                    I'm going to have to penalize you for your wild claim!

                                                Now... let me ask you again.


>>> Robert Hammond


                Phoenix:                 His name... is "Robert Hammond"!


                Judge:                    ...

                                                Mr. Wright.

                                                Robert Hammond is the name of the victim in this case.


                Phoenix:                 Uh...


                Judge:                    Generally, the victim in a murder case is no longer living.


                Phoenix:                 That's true...


                Judge:                    Please, try again.


>>> Yanni Yogi


Phoenix:                 His name is Yanni Yogi, a former court bailiff!


Judge:                    ...


                                That name seems familiar.



                                Yanni Yogi!

                                From the DL-6 Incident!


Phoenix:                 (I thought the judge would have heard of it... it was such a famous case.)


Judge:                    But, what does this mean?


Phoenix:                 Your Honor! If this man is Mr. Yogi, then he has a clear motive!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Tsk tsk tsk...

                                Jumping to conclusions again, Mr. Wright!

                                This man, this witness, is Yanni Yogi? Fascinating!


                                How do you propose to prove this to the court?


Phoenix:                 ...


Karma:                    This is a court of law, as you may recall. You need proof!

                                And, allow me to repeat, once more, that the witness has lost his memory!


Phoenix:                 (This is it...)

                                (I have to do this now!)

                                (If I can't prove he's Yogi right here, right now...)

                                (Then I've got nowhere else to go!)


Maya:                     Nick!

                                How are you going to prove it!? How can you prove that he's Yanni Yogi?


Phoenix:                 It's okay. It's actually quite simple.

                                Your Honor!

                                Please take this man's fingerprints!

                                Then, we'll compare them to the fingerprints on file for Yanni Yogi 15 years ago...


Judge:                    I see... that makes sense.


Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk!


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Karma:                    I'm so very, very sorry, Mr. Wright.


Phoenix:                 Wh-why?


Karma:                    The witness... has no fingerprints!


Phoenix:                 What?

                                What!? No fingerprints!?


Uncle:                     Er... you see, before I worked as a caretaker, I worked at a chemical plant.

                                I burned my fingers working with the stuff. Ayup.


Phoenix:                 Wh-what!?

                                (Yogi, you sneak!)

                                (You burned your fingerprints off to hide your past!)


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Well, if the witness has no fingerprints...

                                I guess we will not be able to prove his identity.


Phoenix:                 (No...!)


Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                Well, what will you do, Mr. Wright?


Phoenix:                 Uh...


Karma:                    Hmm?

                                It seems that the case has been decided, no?


Phoenix:                 (No!!!)

                                (I know what happened! I know everything!)

                                (I... I just can't prove it!)

                                (But no... I can't let it end like this. I can't lose!)

                                (There has to be another way!)


Karma:                    There is no one who can testify as to who this witness is! No one!


Maya:                     Nick!

                                What are we going to do!?


Phoenix:                 I didn't even consider that he might have erased his fingerprints...

                                (What do I do!?)


Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                Well, Mr. Wright?

                                Perhaps you'd like to cross-examine the parrot for a little comic relief, hmm?


Phoenix:                 (Yeah, yeah, very funny. You're a sore winner, von Karma.)


                                (Wait a second...)

                                ("Cross-examine the parrot"?)


Maya:                     Wh-what is it, Nick?

                                No... you're not going to...!?


Phoenix:                 Your Honor!

                                The defense would like to take Mr. von Karma up on his proposal!


Judge:                    Take Mr. von Karma up?


Karma:                    On his... proposal?


Phoenix:                 Exactly, Your Honor!

                                I would like to cross-examine the witness's pet parrot!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    O-order! Order!

                                Uh... well, what do you think, Mr. von Karma?


Karma:                    Need you even ask!?

                                This is a farce!

                                I object!


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                Wait a second!

                                You were the one who suggested I cross-examine the parrot, von Karma!

                                I have a right to do as you suggested!


Karma:                    Mmph...


                                Well, if you're so desperate, then please, be my guest.


Phoenix:                 !


Karma:                    Of course, should you go through with this...

                                And nothing comes of it, then I hope you're ready for the consequences.


Maya:                     Nick... this is crazy!


Karma:                    Well?

                                Still want to go through with your little game!?


>>> Yes, I'm doing it.


                Phoenix:                 Let the parrot take the stand.

                                                I will cross-examine her, Your Honor.


                Judge:                    !


                Karma:                    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!


                Phoenix:                 (von Karma's rigged every person's testimony, every piece of evidence...)

                                                (Except the parrot! She's my last chance!)

                                                (At least... I think so.)


>>> No, maybe not.


                Phoenix:                 (You know, come to think of it...)

                                                (This is a really stupid idea.)


                Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                                I've heard of desperate men grasping at straws...

                                                But this is the first time I've heard of men grasping at macaws! Hah!


                Phoenix:                 (Think! von Karma is a perfectionist in all things.)

                                                (He's probably rigged every piece of evidence and all the testimonies...)

                                                (If I can't do the unexpected I've no chance of winning!)

                                                Your Honor.

                                                I've thought about this proposal...

                                                And I'm going to do it. I'm going to cross-examine the parrot!


                Judge:                    !


                Karma:                    Ridiculous!


Judge:                    Bailiff!

                                Bring in the parrot.




Judge:                    That's... quite a bird.

                                Please tell us your name?


Parrot:                    "..."


Judge:                    Name!


Parrot:                    "..."


Judge:                    The witness is ignoring me.


Phoenix:                 (It must be hurt... to be ignored by a bird.)


Judge:                    Ahem. Very well, witness...

                                Who is your owner? Please, er... testify for us.




-- Who Is Your Owner? --


Parrot:                    "..."

                                "Hello! Hello!"





Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Certainly the most concise testimony we've had so far.

                                Very well, begin your cross-examination.


Phoenix:                 Right...


Maya:                     What are you going to do, Nick?


Phoenix:                 ...

                                I... I don't know!

                                What do we do, Maya?


Maya:                     Hmm...




-- Who Is Your Owner? ---


Parrot: "..."


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Witness, you're here to speak! You must speak to me!


Parrot:                    "..."


Karma:                    Frankly, I can't believe that you're speaking to the parrot.


Maya:                     W-well...

                                I guess we should try to get some information out of her!

                                We need to show the judge that her owner is Mr. Yogi!


Parrot: "Hello! Hello!"



                > Press


Phoenix:                 Witness! You can't just say "hello" and expect us to get anywhere!

                                I want you to testify!

                                Maya, you talk to her.


Maya:                     R-right!

                                Uh... What do I say?


>>> "Have we forgotten something?"


                Phoenix:                 (Remember... two days ago...)


                Maya: Pol-ly, Pol-ly.

                Have we forgotten something?


                Parrot: *squawk*

                "Don't forget DL-6!"



                Phoenix:                 (If I can get Polly to say that here...!)

                                                (That will prove that the caretaker had something to do with DL-6!)


                Maya:                     Um, Polly? Have we forgotten something?


                Parrot:                    "..."


                                                "Hello! Hello!"



                Maya:                     ...!

                                                Th-that's not what you're supposed to say!

                                                Forgot! Something we forgot!


                Parrot:                    "Hello! Hello!"



                Maya:                     Uh oh. It's not working, Nick! She won't say it!


                Phoenix:                 (This is ridiculous! Why won't she say it!?)


                Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                                Something the matter, Mr. Wright?


                Phoenix:                 (Wait...)

                                                (Don't tell me von Karma expected this!)

                                                (He couldn't have retrained the parrot... could he!?)

                                                (Did he train her not the respond when we asked if we'd forgotten anything!?)


>>> "What's your name?"


Phoenix:                 (Maybe I should get her to say her name?)


Maya:                     Polly! Polly!

                                What's your name?


Parrot:                    "Pol-ly! Pol-ly!"



Judge:                    Mr. Wright...

                                I think we've established that this parrot is named "Polly."

                                Does this have anything to do with her owner's identity?


>>> No, it doesn't


                Phoenix:                 Uh, well, I guess it doesn't really have anything to do with that, no.


                Judge:                    Hmm...

                                                Please only ask questions pertaining to the matter at hand.

                                                Very well, witness. Continue your testimony.


>>> Of course


Phoenix:                 Yes it does!


Judge:                    !!!


Karma:                    Hah!


                                You claim that the parrot's name will prove her owner's identity?

                                Then show us this proof!


Maya:                     Nick!

                                Don't you think you're taking the bluffing a little too far?


Phoenix:                 Listen.

                                We've not here to answer the question of "who is the caretaker."

                                We're here to prove that he is Yanni Yogi!

                                All we have to do is tie the name "Polly" to Yogi!


Phoenix:                 Your Honor.

                                The proof that the parrot's name reveals the caretaker's identity is...


>>> Present wrong evidence


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright.

                                                I had hoped you would have learned this by now...

                                                Making random guesses here is a waste of court time!


                Phoenix:                 (Uh oh... wrong again.)


                Judge:                    That is all!

                                                Witness, continue your testimony.


>>> Present right evidence: DL-6 Case File


Judge:                    The DL-6 Case File?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                That's quite a large file you have there!

                                Which page is this "proof" on, then?

                                Show us, or stop wasting our time!


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Very well. Mr. Wright, please show us the page.

                                Where in this file is the information connected to this parrot's name?

>>> "Case Summary"


                Phoenix:                 It's on the "Case Summary" page!


                Judge:                    ...

                                                I'm sorry...

                                                But I don't see anything here that relates to the name "Polly."

                                                At least, not on this page.


                Karma:                    Hmph!

                                                A bluff! As I expected!


                Judge:                    I'm afraid I have to deny your claim, Mr. Wright.

                                                The witness may continue.


>>> "Victim Data"


                Phoenix:                 It's on the "Victim Data" page!


                Judge:                    ...

                                                I'm sorry...

                                                But I don't see anything here that relates to the name "Polly."

                                                At least, not on this page.


                Karma:                    Hmph!

                                                A bluff! As I expected!


                Judge:                    I'm afraid I have to deny your claim, Mr. Wright.

                                                The witness may continue.


>>> Suspect Data


Phoenix:                 It's on the "Suspect Data" page!


Judge:                    ...?


Phoenix:                 This page has all the information about Yanni Yogi!

                                Right after he was arrested, his fiancee committed suicide, see?


Judge:                    Hmm... Indeed, it does say that, yes.


Phoenix:                 What was his fiancee's name?


Judge:                    "Polly Jenkins"...



Phoenix:                 Exactly, Your Honor!

                                He remembered the name of his fiancee who committed suicide.

                                That's why he named his parrot after her!


Judge:                    I see! I guess that is possible.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Bah! A mere coincidence, that's all!

                                My granddaughter has a dog she calls "Phoenix."

                                Well, Mr. Phoenix Wright?

                                Does this make you my granddaughter's fiancee!?

                                She's only seven years old!!!


Judge:                    Hmm... Indeed.

                                Alone, it is a little weak for evidence in a murder trial.

                                We would need some other corroborating evidence...


Phoenix:                 (Where am I going to find that!?)


Maya:                     Nick! We're getting closer!

                                One more! If we can just get one more piece of evidence...!


Phoenix:                 (Right... but what?)


Karma:                    Hmph!


Judge:                    Very well, witness.

                                You may continue.


>>> "What's the safe number?"


Phoenix:                 (Maybe I'll get her to say the number of that safe...)


Maya:                     Huh? The safe?



Phoenix:                 Let's just try to get her to say anything, okay?


Maya:                     Polly! What was the number of the safe in the shack?


Parrot:                    "1228... 1228..."


Judge:                    ...

                                My, what a reckless parrot.

                                Well, Mr. Wright?

                                You aren't claiming that this number has something to do with the caretaker?


>>> No, it doesn't


                Phoenix:                 Uh, well, I guess it doesn't really have anything to do with that, no.


                Judge:                    Hmm...

                                                Please only ask questions pertaining to the matter at hand.

                                                Very well, witness. Continue your testimony.


>>> Actually, it does


Phoenix:                 Actually it does!

                                That's why I had her say it!


Karma:                    Hah! Ridiculous!

                                How can the number to a safe tell us who the caretaker is?

                                Show us your proof!

                                What could possibly link this number to the caretaker's true identity!?


>>> Present wrong evidence


                Judge:                    Admittedly, I didn't think you had anything to show us.

                                                And now I see I'm right. How could a safe number reveal someone's identity?


                Phoenix:                 (Uh oh... I think that was the wrong thing to show them.)


                Karma:                    Hmph. I hope you're happy now, Mr. Wright.


                Judge:                    The witness may continue her testimony...


>>> Present right evidence: DL-6 Case File


Karma:                    The DL-6 Case File?

                                What is this obsession you have with that case?


Judge:                    Mr. Wright.

                                Where in this file is something relating to the safe number?


>> Victim Data


                Phoenix:                 It's on the "Victim Data" page!


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright.

                                                This file is from a case 15 years ago.

                                                I don't see anything about a safe in here at all!


                Karma:                    I believe this is another one of Mr. Wright's bluffs.


                Judge:                    Hmph. Very well, witness, continue your testimony.


>>> Suspect Data


                Phoenix:                 It's on the "Suspect Data" page!


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright.

                                                This file is from a case 15 years ago.

                                                I don't see anything about a safe in here at all!


                Karma:                    I believe this is another one of Mr. Wright's bluffs.


                Judge:                    Hmph. Very well, witness, continue your testimony.


>>> Case Summary


Phoenix:                 It's on the "Case Summary" page!


Judge:                    The Case... Summary?


Phoenix:                 Specifically, the date on which the DL-6 Incident occurred!


Judge:                    The date of the incident?

                                December 28...?

                                Why, that's today's date. Fifteen years ago!


Phoenix:                 And the number on that safe is 1228!


Judge:                    Ah!


Phoenix:                 He used the date of the DL-6 Incident as the number for his safe, Your Honor!

                                That's how important that date was to him!


Judge:                    I see... it certainly is an interesting coincidence.

                                People often do set their secret numbers to dates.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Bah! This is not tangible proof!

                                I set my ATM card's number to "0001" because I'm number one!

                                This has nothing to do with a date! Nothing!




Judge:                    That's enough!

                                I think we've reached a conclusion here.


Karma:                    This is a mere coincidence, that's all!


Judge:                    True, that is a possibility.

                                However, two coincidences at the same time seems more like a "pattern" to me.


Karma:                    Wh... what are you saying!?


Judge:                    Summon the caretaker of the boat shop.





Judge:                    Witness...

                                Tell us your name.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!


                                This witness, he doesn't remember...


Uncle:                     No... it's okay.


Phoenix:                 ...!


Uncle:                     I've accomplished what I wanted to do. I'm done.


Maya:                     Nick! He looks totally different!


Phoenix:                 This is the real Yogi, I think. Finally.

                                He's been acting feeble to hide his true identity.

                                Acting... for 15 years!


Judge:                    W-well...!

                                Let me ask you again.

                                Please state your name for the court!


Yogi:                       My name... is Yanni Yogi.

                                15 years ago, I served as a bailiff in this very court.


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                Yanni Yogi!

                                So was it you who killed Robert Hammond...?

                                And tried to frame Miles Edgeworth for his death?


Yogi:                       ...


                                It was me. I did it.


                                They put me on the witness stand 15 years ago...

                                Robert Hammond... he said I was mentally unsound.

                                He told me it would make me innocent. Get me off the hook.

                                So... I pretended to have brain damage...

                                I was innocent, really! But he didn't believe me!

                                We won the trial...

                                But I lost everything.

                                I lost my job, my fiancee, my social standing...


                                Then, this year, 15 years later...

                                A package arrived. It was a letter... and a pistol.

                                The plan was written out in careful detail.

                                It was a plan to take my revenge on the people who ruined my life.

                                I didn't care who had sent it.

                                I thought this was my chance, after 15 years, this was it!

                                Finally, a chance to have my revenge on Robert Hammond and Miles Edgeworth...

                                I have no regrets.


Judge:                    W-wait a moment!

                                Revenge... against Miles Edgeworth?

                                What do you mean?


Yogi:                       I'm not at liberty to speak on that matter.

                                Why don't you ask Mr. Edgeworth yourself?

                                Anyway, I admit it, I was the one who killed Robert Hammond.




Judge:                    von Karma...

                                Where is Mr. Yogi?


Karma:                    Under arrest, Your Honor.

                                I saw no room for error in his confession.


Judge:                    Then... the defendant, Miles Edgeworth is...


Karma:                    Innocent.

                                In this case, at least.


Judge:                    Hmm.

                                Very well.

                                Will the defendant please take the stand?




Judge:                    There are a few mysteries left unsolved.

                                Still, you are cleared of suspicion for this particular case.

                                So I would like to pass judgment on the murder of Mr. Robert Hammond.

                                Any objections?


Phoenix:                 ...


Edgeworth:            ...


Karma:                    ...


Phoenix:                 (I don't believe it!)

                                (Why isn't von Karma saying anything?)


Judge:                    Very well.

                                This court finds the defendant, Mr. Miles Edgeworth...

                                NOT GUILTY

                                That is all.

                                The court is adjourned!




Judge:                    D-did someone just say "objection"?


Phoenix:                 (It wasn't von Karma...!)

                                (Wait, but that means...)




Edgeworth:            Your Honor.

                                I object to your judgment.


Judge:                    Wh-what do you mean?


Edgeworth:            I'm not innocent at all!

                                As we have heard, Yanni Yogi killed Robert Hammond in revenge.

                                But, revenge for what?


Maya:                     Nick!

                                Edgeworth is trying to confess! He's going to say he's guilty!

                                He's going to tell them he was the murderer in the DL-6 Incident!

                                He's going to tell them he killed his own dad!


Phoenix:                 (Uh oh! What do I do?)


>>> Leave it to Edgeworth


                Phoenix:                 (No... I'm sure Edgeworth thought about this one long and hard.)

                                                (This isn't my place to interfere!)


                Maya:                     Nick, are you sure!?


                Phoenix:                 There's nothing we can do about it. This is his problem, now.


>>> Raise an objection


                Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                                The judgment has already been passed! I object to Edgeworth's outburst...


                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                Didn't something like this happen yesterday, too?

                                                I believe a certain witness raised an objection after a guilty verdict was passed.


                Phoenix:                 (That would be Larry...)


                Karma:                    We must hear this new statement!

                                                We must hear Miles Edgeworth!


                Judge:                    He's right.

                                                We have a duty to hear Mr. Edgeworth out.


Edgeworth:            For fifteen years...

                                I have had a recurring dream.

                                A nightmare... it's only a nightmare. That's what I told myself.

                                But now I know, it wasn't a dream.

                                Yanni Yogi wasn't the killer.


Judge:                    You mean... in the incident where your father died?


Edgeworth:            From the distance of the shot, it wasn't suicide, either.

                                Everything was as clear as day.

                                The murderer...

                                The criminal in the DL-6 Incident...

                                It was me!

                                Your Honor!

                                I confess my guilt!

                                I am guilty for DL-6, the statute of limitations of which ends today!

                                The culprit... is me!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order!

                                This is certainly unexpected!

                                The defendant, declared innocent, is confessing to another crime!

                                A crime for which the statute of limitations runs out today!

                                I'm not really sure how I should deal with this...


Karma:                    Bah!

                                It's obvious.

                                We hold a trial.

                                Right here. Right now.

                                We try this man for his crime of fifteen years ago!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    I think... I think I would like to take a five minute recess.

                                During this time, I will consider the appropriate course of action to take.

                                Court is adjourned!



December 28, 2:24 PM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 2


Edgeworth:            I'm sorry, Wright.

                                I've just wasted all of your effort.


Gumshoe:              ...

                                Mr. Edgeworth...

                                I just don't believe it, pal!

                                I mean, you... kill your dad?


Edgeworth:            I didn't want to believe it myself, Detective!

                                But... it's the truth. I deserve to be punished.

                                Murder is murder, no matter what the circumstances.


Gumshoe:              This is crazy! Just crazy!


Maya:                     ...


                                Nick? What are you doing?


Phoenix:                 Huh? Oh...

                                I was just reading through the Court Record once more.

                                I'm getting my case ready.


Maya:                     Your case... for what?


Phoenix:                 Huh? Isn't it obvious?

                                I'm going to prove that Miles Edgeworth is innocent.


Gumshoe:              ...!

                                Wh-what are you talking about, pal! He just admitted to it!

                                He confessed that he did it! In court!


Phoenix:                 I'm sorry, Edgeworth.

                                But I don't believe in your "nightmare."


Edgeworth:            Wh-what!?


Phoenix:                 It's just a dream. It's not real.

                                The truth is right here in this Court Record.

                                In any case, tighten your belts. The real fight is just beginning.

                                I'll prove you're innocent.

                                Trust me.


Edgeworth:            W-Wright...



December 28, 2:30 PM

District Court

Courtroom No. 3


Judge:                    Then, I would like to resume our trial.

Karma:                    Judge!

                                Miles Edgeworth has admitted his own guilt. He has confessed his crime.

                                Let us begin by hearing his testimony.

                                Then, though pointless, let the defense do their cross-examining.

                                The statute of limitations on the DL-6 Incident runs out today.

                                Though it's unconventional for me, I'd like to run this one by the book.


Judge:                    I see.

                                Does the defense have any objections?


Phoenix:                 No, Your Honor.

                                (von Karma... you knew this was going to happen from the very beginning, didn't you!)


Judge:                    Very well.

                                Will Miles Edgeworth take the stand?


Karma:                    Will the witness state his name and profession.


Edgeworth:            Miles Edgeworth...

                                I am a prosecuting attorney.


Karma:                    Mr. Edgeworth.

                                Fifteen years ago, you mistakenly killed your father, Gregory Edgeworth.

                                Is this correct?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                It is correct.


Karma:                    Then testify about this matter to the court.


Phoenix:                 (When Edgeworth was telling me about his dream yesterday I noticed something...)

                                (One detail didn't quite fit.)

                                (That will be the key... but only if I can get it to work!)


Maya:                     Please...





-- The DL-6 Incident --


Edgeworth:            That day, I had gone to the courtroom to observe one of my father's trials.

                                As we went to leave, an earthquake struck, trapping us in the elevator.

                                My father and Mr. Yogi lost their composure, and began to argue.

                                Just then, something heavy fell at my feet.

                                I picked it up, and threw it at Mr. Yogi. I wanted them to stop fighting.

                                A moment later, there was a single gunshot, then a scream.

                                It was a terrible scream. I remember it to this day.

                                That's all.



Judge:                    Hmm...

                                And, until now, you thought this memory was a "dream"?


Edgeworth:            We were stuck in that elevator for five hours.

                                The oxygen in the elevator ran out, and I lost my memory of the events.


Karma:                    Bah! The same claim Mr. Yogi has made!


Judge:                    Very well.

                                Mr. Wright? Your cross-examination, please.


Phoenix:                 Yes, Your Honor.




-- The DL-6 Incident --


Edgeworth: That day, I had gone to the courtroom to observe one of my father's trials.


                > Press

Phoenix:                 What was the trial your father was involved in on that day?


Edgeworth:            I don't remember things very clearly.

                                Only two things...

                                I know my father lost, and Mr. von Karma was the prosecuting attorney.


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Mr. von Karma? You were handling that case?


Karma:                    It was fifteen years ago. I don't remember the details.


Phoenix:                 (That was when Edgeworth pointed out the problem in von Karma's evidence...)


Edgeworth: As we went to leave, an earthquake struck, trapping us in the elevator.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 So, there were three people including yourself trapped in that elevator?


Edgeworth:            Yes. Myself, my father, and Yanni Yogi.

                                We were fine at first...

                                But then as time passed, and no one came to help...


Edgeworth: My father and Mr. Yogi lost their composure, and began to argue.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 What did you do then?


Edgeworth:            I was a nine-year-old boy at the time. What could I do?

                                I was scared...

                                Trembling, in the corner.

                                But then...


Edgeworth: Just then, something heavy fell at my feet.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 What was it?


Edgeworth:            A pistol.

                                I assume it was the bailiff, Yanni Yogi's.

                                The safety must have come off when it fell from his holster.


Karma:                    And you picked it up. What happened next?


Edgeworth: I picked it up, and threw it at Mr. Yogi. I wanted them to stop fighting.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 Did you know it was a pistol when you threw it?


Edgeworth:            I think I knew.

                                I knew it was dangerous.

                                But... the air was getting so thick. I panicked.


Karma:                    So, you're saying that you threw the pistol at Mr. Yogi.


Edgeworth:            I was... in a daze.


Edgeworth: A moment later, there was a single gunshot, then a scream.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 The gun fired once?


Edgeworth:            Yes...

                                I think... after I threw it, I lost consciousness.

                                Since then...

                                They've echoed in my head, every day.

                                That gunshot, and that horrible scream.


Phoenix:                 The scream...


Edgeworth: It was a terrible scream. I remember it to this day.


                > Press


Phoenix:                 "To this day"...?


Edgeworth:            Yes. I can practically hear it now.

                                I doubt I will ever forget that scream as long as I live.


Phoenix:                 (There it is!)

                                (One part of the testimony that clearly contradicts the evidence...)

                                (But I don't know what it means...!)

                                (I'd better find out, and quick...)


Edgeworth: A moment later, there was a single gunshot, then a scream.


                > Present: DL-6 Case File


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                Are you sure you only heard one gunshot?


Edgeworth:            Yes. I'm sure of that.

                                I heard the shot, and the scream...

                                Then everything faded.

                                I was unconscious until the rescuers came.


Judge:                    I see...


Phoenix:                 But that doesn't make sense!

                                Look at this file one more time.

                                This plainly contradicts the witness's testimony.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                You do enjoy dragging out that file, don't you?

                                I don't accept this evidence!

                                Unless... you can tell us what page it's on!

                                Which page contradicts Miles Edgeworth's testimony?


>>> Present wrong evidence


                Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                                Looks like your luck has run out.


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright...

                                                This page has no contradictions that I can see!


                Phoenix:                 W-wait! There is a contradiction in the file!


                Karma:                    Then show us the right page! Even my grandchild could do better than you!


>>> Present right evidence: "Victim Data"


Phoenix:                 Look at the "Victim Data" in this file!

                                It says quite plainly:

                                "the murder weapon was fired twice"!


[Crowd mutters]


Phoenix:                 Miles Edgeworth only heard one gunshot!

                                Yet, the murder weapon was fired twice!

                                The first shot was the accidental firing when the pistol was thrown.

                                So... who fired the remaining shot!?


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                Was there, perhaps, another shooter who fired that second shot?


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Your Honor.

                                As I'm sure you're aware...

                                This incident occurred fifteen years ago. The evidence is dated...

                                The pistol did fire twice.

                                However, we do not know WHEN that second shot was fired.

                                It might have been fired the day before the incident!

                                There is no proof that the second shot had anything to do with this incident!


Phoenix:                 (What...!)


Judge:                    Hmm... I see, I see.

                                You do have a point.

                                Mr. Wright?

                                The murder weapon was fired twice, as we have heard.

                                One of those shots was fired by the defendant, a boy at the time.

                                Do you have any proof that the other shot fired had something to do with the case?


>>> No


                Phoenix:                 (Grr... I didn't think of that.)

                                                I, uh, don't have proof.


                Karma:                    Hah! As I suspected!


                Judge:                    Hmm...

                                                Given that all this happened fifteen years ago, it's doubtful any proof remains.


                Maya:                     Nick!

                                                Take a look at this!


                Phoenix:                 The Court Record...?


                Maya:                     Look... doesn't this make you think...


                Phoenix:                 Wh-whoa!

                                                (She's right! That is strange!)


>>> Yes


Phoenix:                 Your Honor. I think I will be able to show you proof.


Karma:                    Wh-what!?



Judge:                    Now, now, Mr. von Karma. Save your surprise for after you've seen the evidence.

                                Very well, Mr. Wright.

                                Show us your proof.

                                Do you have evidence that the second firing of the pistol is related to this incident?


>>> Present wrong evidence


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright...

                                                Please, think how we feel having to look at this evidence time and time again.

                                                Every time you show us ridiculous evidence, I feel, well, mocked.


                Phoenix:                Hah hah... Uh, I mean, I really don't mean any harm by it, Your Honor.


                Judge:                    "Not meaning any harm"...

                                                and "not doing any harm" are two different things, Mr. Wright.

                                                Try again, Mr. Wright.


>>> Present right evidence: DL-6 Incident Photo


Phoenix:                 Look at this photograph.


Judge:                    This is a photograph of the scene of the crime, fifteen years ago.

                                I can see that the victim lying there is Gregory Edgeworth...


Phoenix:                 This proves the murder weapon was fired twice, at the time of the incident!

                                This photo proves it!


Karma:                    ...


Judge:                    ...

                                So, let me get this straight. This photo proves two shots were fired? Where?


Phoenix:                 (Y-Your Honor, please...

                                Please get a clue!)

                                (Show the judge the contradiction in the photo!)


>>> Present wrong evidence (1)


                Phoenix:                 Well, I think... it's here!


                Judge:                    ...

                                                Mr. Wright.


                Phoenix:                 Yes?


                Judge:                    Your eyes have a habit of shifting back and forth when you're uncertain.

                                                Try taking a deep breath, and think this over once more.


                Phoenix:                 R-right, Your Honor.


>>> Present wrong evidence (2)


                Phoenix:                 It's here... I think.


                Judge:                    You mean the victim...

                                                Gregory Edgeworth?

                                                Gregory Edgeworth was shot once... and he died, as we can see here.

                                                What's strange about that?


                Phoenix:                 (Er... Maybe I need to be more specific here.)


                Judge:                    Once more, please!


>>> Present right evidence


Phoenix:                 As should be obvious, the contradiction is here.


Judge:                    I see... a bullet hole in the door...


Phoenix:                 Your Honor!

                                Gregory Edgeworth was killed by a shot from the pistol!

                                Yet, there is also a bullet hole in the elevator door!

                                We also know that the murder weapon was fired twice!


                                Someone other than Edgeworth fired that second shot!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    O-order! Order!

                                Mr. Wright!

                                What are you driving at?


Phoenix:                 It's simple, Your Honor.

                                At the time of the incident, two shots were fired.

                                One went into Gregory Edgeworth's heart.

                                The other hit the elevator door.

                                Remember that the defendant lost consciousness after the shot he fired rang out.

                                In conclusion...

                                We must agree that the second shot was fired by someone else!


Judge:                    M-Mr. Wright!

                                But who could that someone else be!?


Phoenix:                 The murderer, of course!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!


                                I knew I should have stepped in before your wild fantasies got out of hand.

                                Mr. Wright...

                                Look once more at the DL-6 Incident case file. Look closely.

                                Try the "Case Summary" page.


Phoenix:                 (The "Case Summary"... that's on page 1.)


Karma:                    Look what is written there!

                                "Not a single clue was found on the scene."


Phoenix:                 ...!


Karma:                    If the pistol had indeed been fired two times...

                                Then the other bullet would have been discovered on the scene!


Judge:                    He does have a point.


Karma:                    That second bullet has never been found!


                                Because the second bullet does not exist!

                                The bullet that claimed Gregory Edgeworth's life was the one fired by his own son!

                                That is the truth of this matter. The whole truth.

                                It was undoubtedly something else that made that bullet hole in the door.


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! I will have order!


                                Mr. Wright has proven one thing to us quite clearly...

                                That the murder weapon was fired twice at the time of the incident.


                                As Mr. von Karma says, the second bullet was not found.

                                It is highly unlikely that the police merely overlooked this second bullet.

                                So, all we have is the single bullet fired.

                                I'm afraid I have to discount the defense's claim.


Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                I praise the judge for his wisdom in his matter.


Phoenix:                 (Gah! How did this happen!?)

                                (I don't believe that the second bullet didn't exist!)

                                (Was I wrong?)

                                (Have I been wrong about this whole incident?)


Maya:                     What are you doing, Nick!?

                                Why aren't you raising an objection!?


Phoenix:                 ...

                                I'm sorry, Maya.


Maya:                     What?


Phoenix:                 I... It looks like I was wrong.


Maya:                     Nick...?


Phoenix:                 If the second bullet wasn't there, then all my conjectures are for nothing!


Maya:                     N-no...

                                But you said you'd do it, Nick! You said you'd get Edgeworth declared innocent!


Phoenix:                 ...

                                I'm sorry...

                                It's just, when I saw the photograph, I thought that two shots had been fired.

                                I was so certain of it. I thought I'd won!

                                I thought there was another person, someone else who fired the killing shot.

                                But now...

                                I was wrong to think it could be that simple.

                                This case has stood unsolved for fifteen years!


Maya:                     Nick...


Judge:                    Well, it seems that we have finally cleared up this incident.

                                Only one bullet was found at the scene of the crime.

                                That shot was fired by Miles Edgeworth.


Karma:                    Precisely.


Judge:                    I would like to ask one thing of Miles Edgeworth before passing my verdict.

                                Have you been paying attention to the trial so far?


Edgeworth:            Yes, Your Honor.


Judge:                    Do you have any objections?


Edgeworth:            No... No, I do not.


Judge:                    So you killed your father, though that was not your intention?


Edgeworth:            ...

                                Yes, I did.


Maya:                     ...

                                Oh no...

                                He's confessing...



Judge:                    Very well.

                                The statute of limitations on the murder of Gregory Edgeworth runs out today.

                                Therefore, I must pronounce a verdict on the defendant, right here...


Karma:                    Right now!


Judge:                    Indeed.

                                Does anyone have any objections?


Phoenix:                 (I've been here before...)

                                (It's just like my first day in court...)

                                (There are so many things I know I should be saying...)

                                (But my mind's gone blank, I can't find the words...)


Judge:                    Mr. Wright?


>>> No objections


                Phoenix:                 (Every lead I thought I had has been squashed.)

                                                (This is really the end.)

                                                (Edgeworth... I'm sorry.)


                I closed my eyes.

                What was it that I had been doing all this time?

                Wasn't my whole life leading up to today?

                But now that I'm here... I know I've failed.

                Mia... I'm sorry.


                ... Not...

                ... Not yet...


                Phoenix:                 !!!


                Phoenix:                 H-huh...?



                Maya:                     What?


                ... Object!...

                ... Your only weapon...


                Maya:                     A-are you okay?



                Phoenix:                 (What's happening to me...? I have to think...!)

                                                (Wait... don't think... act!)


>>> I have an objection


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                Your Honor!

                                I... I object!


Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk.

                                Mr. Wright, on what grounds do you object, hmm?


Phoenix:                 Oof!


Maya:                     Nick...?


Phoenix:                 (I... I don't know! His case is perfect!)


Maya:                     Oh no...


Phoenix:                 Grah!


... it must exist...

... the second bullet...


Phoenix:                 !!!


                                What did you just say?


Maya:                     N-nothing!


Phoenix:                 (The second bullet must exist?)

                                (But where!?)


... Someone took it...


Judge:                    ...

                                It seems waiting is not going to produce us any answers from Mr. Wright.


Phoenix:                 Wait, Your Honor!


Judge:                    Hmm?


Phoenix:                 I, uh...

                                Th-the second bullet!

                                It, uh, it exists!


Judge:                    What!?

                                But we've just heard proof that it did not exist!


Phoenix:                 I-I realize that, Your Honor.

                                (I'm really grasping here!)

                                I-it's just, someone took it from the scene of the crime! That's what happened!


Judge:                    But... Who!?


Phoenix:                 Th-th-the murderer!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                The murderer? Then tell us, just who is this "murderer"?


Phoenix:                 I'm... still thinking about that one.


Judge:                    Hmm...

                                So the criminal took the second bullet? Why would he?


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Judge:                    First of all, how would he have found it?

                                It's not easy to find a stray bullet, Mr. Wright!

                                Was there some pressing need for the murderer to search for that bullet?


>>> The murderer had to find it


                Phoenix:                 O-of course there was a need. That's why he took it!


                Karma:                    Bah!

                                                What possible reason could he have had!?


                Phoenix:                 W-well...

                                                The reason the murderer took the bullet away from the scene with him is...!


                >>> The bullet would be proof


                                Phoenix:                 Er... Maybe he thought that the bullet would be used as proof?


                                Judge:                    Proof...?


                                Phoenix:                 It was a special bullet, so he took it with him...


                                Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                                                It that was the case, then he would have taken the bullet from inside Gregory as well!


                                Phoenix:                 Huh?


                                Karma:                    Why would he only take one of the two shots fired!?


                                Phoenix:                 Oh, right.


                                Judge:                    Mr. Wright? Have you really thought this through?

                                                                I'm going to have to penalize you!


                                Phoenix:                 (Argh... This isn't going so well.)


                >>> The murderer was cautious


                                Phoenix:                 Uh... Well, the murderer was a very cautious sort, you see.

                                                                That's why the murderer had to search for that bullet...


                                                                If that was the case, then he would have taken the bullet from inside Gregory as well!


                                Phoenix:                 Huh?


                                Karma:                    Why would he only take one of the two shots fired!?


                                Phoenix:                 Oh, right.


                                Judge:                    Mr. Wright? Have you really thought this through?

                                                                I'm going to have to penalize you!


>>> The murderer didn't need it


Phoenix:                 (Why would the murderer have spent the time to look for that stray bullet...?)

                                (I haven't got a clue!)


Judge:                    What's wrong, Mr. Wright?


Phoenix:                 Uh... Um...


Karma:                    Bah! The murderer had no reason to take that bullet!

                                You don't want to admit it, but it's true!


Phoenix:                 Urk...


... had to take it...


Phoenix:                 (Had to take it...?

                                The murderer? What does that mean?)


... you're thinking too normal... think crazy...

... don't think why the bullet was taken...

... think why the bullet HAD to be taken...


Judge:                    Mr. Wright?


Phoenix:                 Y-yes, Your Honor!

                                (I have no idea what I'm doing...)

                                U-uh, well, the murderer had no intention of taking the bullet from the scene.

                                But... uh, the murderer HAD to take that bullet.


Judge:                    "Had to," Mr. Wright? What do you mean?


Phoenix:                 Well, for instance...

                                (For instance WHAT!?)

                                Uh, maybe the bullet, uh... hit the murderer?


Judge:                    The bullet... hit the murderer?


Phoenix:                 J-just saying, for instance.

                                I mean, if it hit you, you would have to take it with you, wouldn't you?

                                It's not like you could perform surgery right there.



Judge:                    ...


Karma:                    ...




Phoenix:                (Wait a second...)

                                (I was just talking off the top of my head, but what if that's really what happened?)


Judge:                    Let me get this straight.

                                So at the time of the murder, the murderer himself was shot?

                                And he left with the second bullet still inside!?

                                Thus leaving only one bullet at the scene of the crime?


Phoenix:                 Uh, yes... I guess that's how it would work, yes.


Judge:                    But there's a problem with that!

                                The other two people rescued from that elevator...

                                Miles Edgeworth and Yanni Yogi were both unharmed!

                                So that would mean...


Phoenix:                 The murderer came from outside, yes.


[Crowd mutters]


The two men fight inside the elevator.

Trying to stop them, the boy picks up the pistol at his feet and throws it.

The pistol discharges, and the bullet...

The bullet goes through the elevator door and hits the murderer outside!

The boy loses consciousness...

Then the murderer opens the elevator door and sees the men inside...


Judge:                    Hmm.
                                Mr. Wright. You are truly the most unpredictable defense attorney I've ever known.

                                I can tell you're grasping, yet I cannot deny the possibility of what you say.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                What are you saying!

                                Deny it! Deny it!

                                No one involved with the incident was wounded!

                                There was no "murderer"!


Judge:                    Hmm...


Phoenix:                 (No one was wounded at the time of the incident...)

                                (He's right. I can't think of anyone...)


Maya:                     Hey, Nick.


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Maya:                     I just thought of something really crazy.


Phoenix:                 Crazy?


Maya:                     Remember what Mr. Grossberg said yesterday?


Grossberg: Gregory Edgeworth dealt a blow to his perfect trial record.


Maya: Wow.


Grossberg: It must have been quite a shock for von Karma.

He took a vacation for several months after that, you see.

Yes, an unusual event for the man.

That was the first, and last vacation he's taken in his many years of prosecuting.


Maya:                     What if von Karma didn't take that vacation because of shock...


Phoenix:                 But took it because he was injured!


Maya:                     Which would mean...


Phoenix:                 It could only mean one thing!


Maya:                     He was the murderer in the DL-6 Incident!


Phoenix:                 He was the man who shot Gregory Edgeworth!


Maya:                     It was... von Karma!


Phoenix:                 (Oh man!)


Judge:                    Something wrong, Mr. Wright? You seem... dazed.


Phoenix:                 Uh, n-no, Your Honor.


Judge:                    Well?

                                You have indicated the possibility that the murderer came from outside.

                                Can you give us the name of your suspect?


Phoenix:                 (Uh oh. Should I come out and say it now!?)


>>> Save it for a better time


                Phoenix:                 (Wait... I don't have enough proof yet.)

                                                (This is my trump card, I'd better save it for the right time.)


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright?

                                                Something the matter?


                Phoenix:                 I-I'm fine, Your Honor.


                Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                                Shall we carry on with the trial then, hmm?

                                                That said, we have no farther to go. All that is left... is the finish.

                                                In other words... the verdict!


                Phoenix:                 Wh-what! Not yet!


                Karma:                    Think, Mr. Wright.

                                                You have said that someone from the "outside" was the murderer.

                                                Yet you cannot suggest anyone as a possible suspect!

                                                Which means your conjecture... is worthless.

                                                And will be rejected. Of course.


                Maya:                     Nick!

                                                Now's no time to be holding on to that trump card!

                                                The trial's almost over!


                Phoenix:                 A-alright! I may not know what I'm doing... but here goes!


>>> Say it now


Phoenix:                 Your Honor!

                                There is a suspect... one lone suspect!


Karma:                    ...


Judge:                    Well, this is certainly interesting news.

                                Very well, Mr. Wright.

                                Who is your suspect?


Phoenix:                 V-V-V...

                                (Urk! My h-hands are shaking!)

Judge:                    V-what?


Phoenix:                 von Karma!


Edgeworth:            von Karma!?


Karma:                    ...


Judge:                    ...




Judge:                    You mean, THE von Karma? The prosecutor? Sitting right there?


Karma:                    Bah.


Judge:                    You... don't object?


Karma:                    Hmph.

                                I see no need.

                                Why honor this ridiculous outburst with my objection?


Phoenix:                 Because you took a vacation for several months starting the day after the incident!

                                Yet you pride yourself on a perfect record!

                                Why would you take such a long vacation without any reason!?


Karma:                    So you're claiming that I took a vacation to heal my "injury" from the incident?


                                Prove it.

                                I would have needed surgery, no? Where did I go under the knife at, Mr. Wright!?

                                Bring the doctor that operated on me! Have him testify!


Phoenix:                 Urk...


Maya:                     Nick!

                                Let's find out who his doctor is!


Edgeworth:            It's no use.


Phoenix:                 E-Edgeworth!?


Edgeworth:            I know von Karma. Perhaps too well.

                                He's perfect.

                                He wouldn't leave clues.

                                He probably didn't undergo surgery.

                                That would leave a doctor as a witness.


Phoenix:                 (Grr... Nobody's that perfect!)


Maya:                     So... so what, Nick?

                                Did von Karma pull the bullet out by himself!?

                                That's insane!


Phoenix:                 No... he couldn't have.

                                You can't just pull bullets out of yourself!



                                (What does that mean...?)

                                (That bullet has to be somewhere! But... where?)


Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                Well, Mr. Wright!

                                Can you produce evidence to prove that I was shot?


>>> It's impossible to prove


                Phoenix:                 (It would be impossible to find the doctor who operated on von Karma now...)

                                                (Even if von Karma did undergo surgery!)


                Karma:                    Hmph! It seems you have finally come to your senses.

                                                You've realized the truth: You can't prove something that didn't happen!


                Phoenix:                 (Urk!)


                Maya:                     Nick...


                ... the Court Record...

                ... there must be something...


                Phoenix:                 (The Court Record...?

                                                What could be in there!?)

                                                (Gah! There's no time! I'd better think on it as I go...)


>>> Show evidence


Phoenix:                 Alright, von Karma.

                                I'll prove it.

                                And I'll even use evidence... I know how you like it so much.


Karma:                    Wh-what!?


Phoenix:                 The evidence that proves von Karma was shot is...!


>>> Show wrong evidence


                Karma:                    What exactly is that?


                Phoenix:                 Er... Sorry.


                Karma:                    Judge, if you would?


                Judge:                    Right. Penalty!


                Phoenix:                 (I'm really not sure how I've managed to make it this far...)


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright, please reconsider your evidence.


                Phoenix:                 Y-yes, Your Honor.


>>> Show right evidence: Metal Detector


Phoenix:                 von Karma is perfect...

                                He wouldn't risk surgery, leaving an evidence trail.

                                So then, I ask, where is that bullet now?

                                I think it unlikely that von Karma performed surgery on himself!


Judge:                    ...!

                                You... you don't mean!


Phoenix:                 I do.

                                There is the possibility that the bullet is still inside von Karma!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    I-is that even possible?

                                For all these years!?


Phoenix:                 Well, there's one way to find out.

                                We could use this metal detector!

                                Well, von Karma?

                                I'm going to run this over you, and see what we find.


Karma:                    OBJECTION!


                                I... refuse!


Judge:                    Y-you refuse...!?

                                But, refusing this means...

                                You acknowledge that the bullet is still inside you?


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Order! Order! Order!


Phoenix:                 Your Honor! The defense requests that we be allowed to use the metal detector!


Karma:                    OBJECTION!

                                Judge! I call for a suspension of this trial! This is an invasion of privacy!


Phoenix:                 OBJECTION!

                                The statute of limitations runs out on this case today!

                                It was you who said we had to end it right here, right now!


Karma:                    Mm... mmmph!


Judge:                    Enough!

                                I permit the use of the metal detector.

                                Mr. von Karma, you will submit yourself for testing!


Maya:                     Nick!

                                What does this mean...?


Phoenix:                 (I don't know... but we have to give it a shot!)




*beep* *beep* *beeeeeep*


Phoenix:                 (It reacted! Something's inside his right shoulder!)

                                (The bullet!)


                                Mr. von Karma...?


Edgeworth:            ...


                                It was you!


Karma:                    ...

                                I was afraid this would happen.

                                And so, I remained silent.


Phoenix:                 ...?


Karma:                    Indeed, there is a bullet in my shoulder.

                                However... it has nothing to do with this incident!


Phoenix:                 What!?


Karma:                    I was shot in the shoulder long before the DL-6 Incident!

                                I claim that the bullet in my shoulder has no relation to DL-6!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    B-but, Mr. von Karma!

                                Can you prove that?


Karma:                    "Prove"?

                                I have no obligation to prove anything!

                                It is you who must prove something here, Mr. Wright!

                                Not I.


Judge:                    M-Mr. Wright?

                                Well? Can you prove it?

                                Can you prove that the bullet in von Karma's shoulder was from DL-6?


Karma:                    Of course he can't!

                                You don't have any of the DL-6 evidence!


Phoenix:                 (That's because you took it out of the Records Room yesterday!)


Karma:                    With no proof, you cannot convict me of any crime!

                                So sorry, Mr. Wright.


Phoenix:                 No... I'm the one who's sorry, Mr. von Karma.


Karma:                    Wh-what!?


Phoenix:                 You were close... one day away from freedom.

                                You see... I have proof!


Karma:                    Wh-what!?


Phoenix:                 Who would have thought you would have dug your own grave trying to convict Edgeworth!

                                I can link that bullet in your shoulder to the DL-6 Incident...

                                And here's my final proof!


>>> Present wrong evidence


                Maya:                     N-Nick...?

                                                Umm... If this if your final proof, don't you think you should choose a little better?


                Phoenix:                 Huh? You mean, that was the wrong evidence?

                                                Everyone looks kinda puzzled...


                Judge:                    Mr. Wright.



                Phoenix:                 (Uh oh, he's really mad.)


                Maya:                     I think you'd better dig out the right evidence, and quick!


                Phoenix:                 R-right!

                                                You got lucky, von Karma, but this next one is the real evidence, okay!?


>>> Present right evidence (DL-6 Bullet)


Judge:                    Th-that's...

                                A bullet?


Karma:                    Where did you get that!?


Phoenix:                 This is the bullet used in the DL-6 Incident.

                                This was taken from the heart of the victim, Mr. Gregory Edgeworth.

                                The bullet is preserved quite nicely, with all the ballistic markings intact.


Edgeworth:            Ballistic markings...


Phoenix:                 You may recall the term.

                                It came up in the first trial, two days ago.


Judge: Ballistic markings are the fingerprints of a weapon.

All bullets fired from a gun are marked with that weapon's unique pattern.

By examining the markings, you can tell which weapon fired the bullet.

It's quite accurate.


Phoenix:                 We have two bullets in our possession.

                                One, the bullet removed from Gregory Edgeworth's heart.

                                The other, Mr. von Karma, is the bullet buried in your shoulder.

                                We could analyze both bullets...

                                Then, if the markings matched...

                                We would know that both bullets had been fired from the same gun!

                                The very same pistol... in other words, the murder weapon that killed Gregory Edgeworth!


Karma:                    Mmmph... mmmph!


Phoenix:                 Mr. von Karma?

                                You will let us remove the bullet from your shoulder.

                                Then we'll compare the ballistic markings to those on this bullet...

                                And solve this case once and for all!

                                Well, Mr. von Karma!?


Karma:                    Mmmrrrrrrgggh!


                                Uuaaaaarrrr... aaa ...oooh.

                                Wooooooorgh... aaa... oooooh...


Edgeworth:            That scream...

                                I've heard that scream before...

                                Wait... I know!


"H-help! I can't breathe!"

"Quiet! I said quiet! You're not making this any easier!"


"Stop breathing my air! I'll... I'll stop you!"


"Stop breathing my aaaaair!"


(Get away...!)


(Get away from my father!)






Edgeworth:            It's that scream I heard in the elevator!

                                Fifteen years ago...

                                von Karma!

                                It was you who screamed!


[Crowd mutters]


Judge:                    Mr. von Karma?


Karma:                    Wooorrrrrooooooggggh....

                                Ehhh... Edgewoooooth....... Ehhh... Edgewooooorth...

                                Only... you would... dare... defy me...!


Edgeworth:            So... it was you!


Karma:                    You and your father are my curse!

                                Your father shamed me with a penalty on my record!

                                And you... you left a scar on my shoulder that would never fade!

                                I... I'll bury you!

                                I'll bury you with my bare hands! Death! Death!



Fifteen years earlier...


Karma:                    Mr. Chief Prosecutor... I am sorry.


von Karma! It's not like you to make this kind of error...

I never would have thought that Edgeworth would be the one to catch you.


Karma:                    I... was careless.


I'm sorry, but you will have to be penalized.

I've covered for you in the past, but not this time.


Karma:                    ...!



It was a shock like none I had ever known.

Me? Penalized!?

It took hours for me to regain my composure.

Suddenly, I found myself in the darkness...

I was in the court records room.

I must have wandered in there without thinking where I was going.

The room was pitch black. The lights must have gone out.

I went out in the hall and felt my way to the elevator.

I pressed the button, and nothing happened.

Then... there was a noise!

I was in pain!

A horrible, burning pain in my shoulder!

Just then, the lights came back on. The elevator door opened before my eyes.

I saw three people inside, all lying unconscious from oxygen deprivation.

Much to my surprise, a pistol lay at my feet.

I knew then... it was destiny.

In his last moments, Gregory Edgeworth was still unconscious.

He died, never knowing who had shot him.

Later, he spoke through a medium, blaming Mr. Yogi.

He was fooled!

It was the perfect crime!



Karma:                    Tsk tsk tsk...

                                Who would have thought another man would have come to open that elevator door?



Judge:                    Wh-what?


Karma:                    What are you doing!?

                                Do your job! Bring an end to this miserable charade!

                                Now! End it!


Judge:                    V-very well.

                                It appears that we have come a very long way to the end of this maze.

                                Fifteen years later...

                                Mr. Miles Edgeworth?


Edgeworth:            Yes, Your Honor.


Judge:                    You were innocent.

                                You are innocent.


Edgeworth:            ...


Judge:                    As you said, it was all a "nightmare."


Edgeworth:            Yes, Your Honor.


Judge:                    This court finds the defendant, Mr. Miles Edgeworth...

                                NOT GUILTY

                                That is all. The court is adjourned!



December 28, 5:38 PM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 2


Maya:                     Nick! Nick! We did it!

                                Did you see his face!? von Karma looked even paler than usual!

                                He's pretending to be all cool, but inside you crushed him, Nick! Crushed!

                                I gotta say, I'm impressed.


Phoenix:                 Heh... It was pretty close, though.

                                I was sure we'd had it.


Maya:                     I know, I was on the verge of tears the whole time, myself.

                                But now it's all just a good memory!


Edgeworth:            ...


Phoenix:                 So, it's finally over, Edgeworth.


Edgeworth:            ...



Phoenix:                 Yeah?


Edgeworth:            ...


                                I'm not sure how to say this.


Maya:                     I know! I know!

                                Try "thank you."


Edgeworth:            I... I see.

                                Th-thank you, Wright.


Phoenix:                 Y-you're welcome.


Maya:                     I think you could have done better than that!


Edgeworth:            Oof! S-sorry...

                                I'm not good at this sort of thing.


Maya:                     You got a lot to learn, Edgeworth!


Phoenix:                 (Dear, dear...)


Gumshoe:              Whoooooooooooooop!

                                Amazing, pal! You pulled through just like I thought you would!

                                I'll never forget this! I owe you one, pal.

                                And tonight, let's party! Dinner's on me!

                                Yeah, my salary went down again a bit this month...

                                But who cares!


Maya:                     See, Mr. Edgeworth? You should take a lesson from Detective Gumshoe!

                                That's how you say "thank you"!


Edgeworth:            Mmm.

                                I... I see.




                                I... I feel foolish.


Maya:                     Don't worry. Take it a little at a time. You'll get used to it.


Phoenix:                 (It's been fifteen years since I've seen Edgeworth this... unguarded.)


Lotta:                      Hey, y'all!


Maya:                     Lotta!


Lotta:                      Y'all were great in there!


Phoenix:                 Thank you!


Lotta:                      Yo, Edgeworth!



Edgeworth:            Er... thank y'all very much.


Lotta:                      I knew you were innocent from the start, of course.

                                Just look at you! You wouldn't stick your hand in the cookie jar even if no one was there!


Edgeworth:            You... were the witness on the first day of the trial, weren't you.


Lotta:                      Yeah, well, let bygones be bygones, eh?


Phoenix:                 Speaking of which, what are you doing now, Lotta?


Lotta:                      Who, me? Aww, I went back to college.

                                I gave up trying to be an investigative photographer pretty quick.


Phoenix:                 Really? That's too bad.


Lotta:                      Huh?


Phoenix:                 ?


Lotta:                      Isn't that the hotdog guy from the park?


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Butz:                       It's over, Nick!

                                My life is over!


Phoenix:                 Wh-why the sad face, Larry!? What happened now!?


Butz:                       Oh, Nick...

                                I'm not long for this world.


Phoenix:                 Uh... you don't look sick...


Butz:                       It's Kiyance! Sh-she's goin' to live in Paris! Paris, Nick!

                                She's leaving me behind!!!


Phoenix:                 (Larry, Larry...)


Butz:                       Yo, Edgey! There you are!


Edgeworth:            Um, yes, here I am.


Butz:                       Congrats, Edgey!

                                Here... a little gift from me in celebration!


Edgeworth:            Celebration? That's unusual for you.


Gumshoe:              Harry Butz! You come along tonight too! My treat, pal!


Butz:                       Huh? Uh... thanks! Looking forward to it!

                                (Yo, yo, Nick!)

                                (That's the suit that questioned me!)

                                (When he says treat... that's not police-talk for prison food, right? Right?)


Phoenix:                 Uh, I think you'll be fine, Larry.


Edgeworth:            Wright...


Phoenix:                 Yeah? What's up?


Edgeworth:            That envelope that Larry gave me. It's got money in it.


Phoenix:                 Well, yeah. That's not that strange. People give money away to celebrate sometimes.


Edgeworth:            It's $38.00, Wright.


Phoenix:                 Huh. What a weird amount. I mean, it's not a little, but it's not a lot either.


                                $38.00 exactly?


Maya:                     N-N-Nick!

                                Wasn't that exactly the amount of lunch money that was stolen from Mr. Edgeworth in school!?


Phoenix:                 $38...!



                                Larry, it was you!!!


Edgeworth:            What are you so surprised about, Wright?


Phoenix:                 Huh?


Edgeworth:            Larry was absent that day from school, right?

                                But that doesn't automatically rule him out as a suspect.


Phoenix:                 What?


Edgeworth:            Think back to that day, fifteen years ago.

                                Larry took the day off, but he was bored, he came in to school anyway.

                                Then he saw the money lying there... and the rest is history.


Butz:                      I never was good at History! Heh...


Phoenix:                 ...

                                Edgeworth... you didn't know, did you?


Edgeworth:            I suspected.

                                I just couldn't picture Larry protecting you like he did that day.

                                Everyone else was saying you did it. The whole class was against you, remember?


Phoenix:                 Yeah... too well.


Edgeworth:            Wright, you may not know this, but we used to have a saying back in school.

                                "When something smells, it's usually the Butz."


Phoenix:                 I know, I know.


Edgeworth:            Really, Wright. I'm surprised you didn't figure it out!


Butz:                       Well, this is sure an unexpected turn of events, eh?


Phoenix:                 Edgeworth...


Edgeworth:            Hmm?


Phoenix:                 You should have told me!


Maya:                     Now, now, Nick. It was fifteen years ago!

                                Don't you think the "statute of limitations" has run out, Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth:            I'd say so, yes.


Butz:                       There you have it!


Phoenix:                 Grr...

                                Where does that leave me!?

                                I became a defense attorney because of what you two did!


Edgeworth:            Well, I'd call you a goody-two-shoes to the extreme.


Butz:                       Yeah! And you get worked up too easily, too!


Phoenix:                 D-death! The death sentence for both of you!

                                Man, if only I had known, I'd have become a prosecutor!


Edgeworth:            The same goes for me, only the other way around...

                                For the longest time, I thought that I might have killed my own father.

                                I thought I might be a criminal.

                                I became a prosecutor in part to punish myself.

                                If I had known the truth, I might have become a defense attorney after all.


Phoenix:                 Edgeworth...


Edgeworth:            Want to switch, Wright?


Lotta:                      Hey, y'all!

                                Line up, I'll take a photo!


Maya:                     Hey, photo time!

                                Let's go!


Gumshoe:              And after that, dinner on me!


Phoenix:                 Detective Gumshoe took us out on the town that night.

                                We celebrated Edgeworth's new found freedom.

                                Although, Edgeworth was still in detention.



December 29, 5:02 AM

Wright & Co. Law Offices


Phoenix:                 Whoa... I went a little overboard yesterday.

                                My head hurts...

                                Huh? It's still only 5:00.

                                Maybe I should go back to sleep...


                                (What's this? A letter?)


Maya: Good morning, Nick.

You were really impressive yesterday.

Seeing you...

It made me think about what I'm doing here.

I'm a spirit medium... in training, of course.

I wanted to help Mr. Edgeworth too.

I wanted to help you.

But I couldn't.

I was useless.

So, I've decided to go back to my training.

I'll become a full-fledged spirit medium, for starters.

I couldn't say it to your face, so I left this letter.

Goodbye, Nick.


Phoenix:                 (G-goodbye!?)

                                What time is it?

                                Gah! The first trains for the mountains have already left! To the station!




Phoenix:                 ...

                                I guess I'm too late...



Maya:                     Hey!



Phoenix:                 Maya!


Maya:                     ...


Phoenix:                 ...


Maya:                     ...


Phoenix:                 So... you're leaving?


Maya:                     Yeah.

                                It's hard being a spirit medium who can't talk to spirits.


                                I think you'll do fine without me, Nick.

                                Be good... okay!


Phoenix:                 HOLD IT!



Maya:                     What?


Phoenix:                 ...

                                I never could have saved Edgeworth without your help.


Maya:                     Huh?


Phoenix:                 On the last day of the trial... I heard her.

                                I heard Mia's voice!


Maya:                     You heard my sister...?


Phoenix:                 Yes... only her voice, but still...

                                It was at the very end when I thought we'd lost everything.


Maya:                     Well, that's my sister for you.

                                Detective Gumshoe helped, and Mr. Grossberg, and even Larry...

                                I'm the only one who couldn't help. I was useless, Nick.


Phoenix:                 But you were the one who stopped von Karma, Maya!


Maya:                     Huh?

                                I-I didn't do anything!

                                All I did was wander around in a daze...


Phoenix:                 Sorry, but I have evidence that you helped!


Maya:                     E-evidence?


Phoenix:                 (Show Maya some evidence to cheer her up!)


>>> Present wrong evidence


                Maya:                     ...


                                                S-sorry, Nick. I guess I don't understand.


                Phoenix:                 (Uh oh! Now that I think about it I don't understand this evidence either!)


                Maya:                     It's okay. You don't have to try and cheer me up.


                                                One day, I'll come back and be useful, I promise!


>>> Present right evidence (DL-6 Bullet)


                Maya:                     A bullet...?


                Phoenix:                 von Karma was convinced he had taken all of the evidence pertaining to DL-6!

                                                But you were the one who rescued the last piece of evidence we needed!

                                                This was the bullet that put an end to von Karma!

                                                And you were the one who gave it to me!


                Maya:                     Nick...


                Phoenix:                 Thanks, Maya. I couldn't have done it without you.


                Maya:                     ...


                                                I'll be back soon.


                Phoenix:                 Huh?


                Maya:                     I'm going to complete my training, and come back!


                Phoenix: ...

                                                Okay. I'll be waiting.



                Maya:                     Of course you will. You can't run that office by yourself! You're hopeless!


                Phoenix:                 Uh, I don't know about that...


Maya: So... bye.


Phoenix: Bye.


Thanks... Nick.




And so my story ends.

Time to turn a new page... and say goodbye to the novice defense attorney that I once was...

Now a new story begins...

With the same old crazy cast of characters...




Edgeworth:            Hah! Don't think you've graduated yet, amateur!


Judge:                    Mr. Wright.

                                Perhaps you'd like to rethink that claim?


Phoenix:                 Er... yes, Your Honor.

                                (Uh oh... I got a bad feeling about this...)





Gumshoe:              Hey, pal! Mr. Edgeworth came down to the precinct to wish me a happy new year!

                                Talk about a pleasant surprise!


Edgeworth: Whoooooooooop!

Detective Gumshooooooooooe!


Gumshoe:              Then he hung his head low and went right back outside.

                                Kind of like he was embarrassed or something. Strange, huh?




Butz:                       Huh? Nick?

                                Nah, haven't seen him lately.

                                Who, me? I've been working at a cheese shop!

                                That's Missy's a nice lady, but she's not exactly what you'd call a "cheap date".

                                Huh? Oh, she's in Hawaii right now, yeah...




Payne:                    Who? Wright?

                                Yeah, I remember him.

                                I hear he's busy lately.

                                You know, not to ring my own bell, but I sort of taught him everything he knows.

                                I'm sure he's grateful.




Bellboy:                                 Phoenix Wright...?


                                Ah! The defense attorney for whom I wrote that affidavit for, yes!

                                Oh, you should know, Iíve taken over management for the Gatewater hotel recently.

                                Should you be in the area, please, stop by...




Grossberg:             *Ah-HHHHEM!*

                                Hmm? Oh, it's you.

                                Phoenix Wright?

                                Ah yes, Mia's understudy, was he not?

                                I wonder how he's doing. Haven't seen him of late...

                                "Ahh... the days of my youth... like the scent of fresh lemon..." you see.




Oldbag:                  Phoenix Wright...?

                                He an actor?

                                Well, I'm not buying it!

                                You can't be a star with a name like "Phoenix"!

                                Did you finally know they're putting out some of Hammer's old movies on DVD in one of those box set thingies that you can buy nowadays and all not that

                                I know what a "DVD" is or even why they use three-letter words for just about everything nowadays and how am I suppose to keep them all straight, hmm?




Will:                        I'm pleased to announce the Pink Princess is a hit!
                                I sure owe that Mr. Wright a great deal. *sniff*

                                Oh, and I'm keeping my face out of the public eye until the show's over.

                                I wouldn't want to ruin any kids' dreams, you know.




Penny:                    Oh, I got a letter from Maya the other day.

                                It sounds like she caught a cold standing under a waterfall.

                                I wanted to visit, but didn't have time, so I sent her some Pink Princess trading cards.

                                She says she can't buy them where she is. What kind of place is she living at anyway?




Cody:                     Wright? Who's that?

                                You wanna talk? Let's talk Pink Princess! Alright!
                                But.. you know. I snuck into the studio the other day.

                                And I saw her... the one inside the Pink Princess suit!

                                Ugh! What a dog!

                                It was kind of a shock for a boy of my tender age.




Lotta:                      Yeah, I remember Wright!

                                That lawyer guy!

                                Huh, me? I'm in training to become a paranormal photographer!

                                You know that picture I took of everyone? Well, just behind them there's a ghost!

                                For real! Now that's talent! I'm gonna be famous!




The end.




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