Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Episode 5, Chapter 1

SilverWind (



Rise from the Ashes

Day 1 – Investigation


Phoenix:           It's been two months since

                        Maya left the office...

Phoenix:           Two months without

                        a single trial.

Phoenix:           I've had offers...

                        But none I took.

Phoenix:           That is...

                        until the day that

                        girl showed up.


February 22, 10:02 AM

Wright & Co. Law Offices


Phoenix:           (Why do I come here to

the office every day?)

Phoenix:           (It's not like I want to


???:                  There you are! Finally!

???:                  Where have you been!?

???:                  My sister's trial is tomorrow!

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           Um... who are you?

???:                  It doesn't matter who I am!

It only matters who YOU are!

???:                  You're the famous defense

attorney, Mia Fey!

Phoenix:           ...

???:                  ...

Phoenix:           ...

???:                  Oh, uh...

You're not Mia Fey, are you?

Phoenix:           I'm sorry, but Ms. Mia Fey

no longer... works here.

???:                  So you are...?

The coffee boy?

Phoenix:           I'm Phoenix Wright...

A defense attorney.

???:                  Wright... Wright...


???:                  You're THE Phoenix Wright!?

???:                  The Phoenix Wright from the

Edgeworth murder case!?

Phoenix:           Um, yes, that's correct.

(It wasn't Edgeworth who

was murdered, though...)

???:                  That's a relief then!

You're better than nobody!

Phoenix:           I'm sorry... I'm afraid I'm

not taking cases right now.

???:                  But, you are Phoenix Wright,


???:                  The undefeated defense


Phoenix:           Look, I'm not accepting any

new cases.

Phoenix:           I'm sorry, but you'll have

to try elsewhere.

???:                  Please!

I'm out of time!!

Phoenix:           But...

???:                  Please, you have to help!

I-it's my sister!

Phoenix:           ...!

Phoenix:           (Maya...? Could it be...?)

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           Okay.

I'll hear you out.

???:                  R-really!?

Thank you so much!

???:                  My name's Ema, Ema Skye.

I'm a scientific investigator.

Phoenix:           (Scientific investigator?)



>Examine: Window


Phoenix:           Looks like it's cleaning

day again at the hotel

across the way.

Phoenix:           I hear they're planning

a second branch outside

the city.

Phoenix:           Egads! The bellboy was

staring right at me.


                        >Examine: Charley


Phoenix:           Mia's plant, "Charley."

Phoenix:           I've been taking care of

him in Maya's absence.


                        >Examine: Poster


Phoenix:           There's a poster of the

Steel Samurai on the wall.

Phoenix:           Maya stuck it up here

on the day that she left.

Phoenix:           I didn't have the heart

to take it down.

Ema:                ...

Phoenix:           I do sometimes get strange

looks from the clients, though.


>Examine: Desk


Phoenix:           Mia's desk.

Phoenix:           I sit here even less now

that I've stopped taking


Phoenix:           I ought to at least dust

it off once in a while.


>Examine: Bookshelf


Phoenix:           Difficult-looking legal books

stand in a formidable row.

They mock me.

Phoenix:           I tried reading one,

and it made my head hurt.

Phoenix:           When I closed it, it slipped

out of my hand. Then my foot

hurt too.



>Present: Attorney's Badge


Phoenix:           See this? It's my

Attorney's Badge.

Ema:                Ahh! Well! I've never

seen a real one before.

Phoenix:           (You're the first one who's

actually been interested

in mine, believe me.)

Ema:                Its composition is mostly

silver. The gold plating

is flaking a bit.

Phoenix:           (She analyzed it.


Ema:                There doesn't appear to be

any corrosion due to sulfides.

I'd give you $50.00 for it.

Phoenix:           Sorry, but it's not for sale.



                        >Present: Goodman's ID /

Prosecutor's Trophy /

Edgeworth's Knife /

Parking Stub /

Letter of Introduction


Phoenix:           Here, see this?

Ema:                Ahh! I've noticed that defense

attorneys have a tendency to

want to show people things.

Phoenix:           (What is this? A behavioral

study of lawyers?)


>Talk: Ema


Phoenix:           Ema, was it?

So you're a "scientific


Ema:                Yes! That's right!

Is... something wrong?

Phoenix:           No, it's just, you seem

kind of, er, jumpy. Or

maybe just... young?

Ema:                Young?

Ema:                I'll be sixteen years

old this year!

Phoenix:           Oh, I see... wait!

Only sixteen!?

Ema:                I'm set to be formally

assigned to Forensics in

three more years.

Ema:                My work is becoming quite

well known...

At my age, no less!

Phoenix:           Um, so what exactly is your

current position, then?

Ema:                Well, legally speaking...

Ema:                I guess you'd call me an

"Eleventh Grader."

Ema:                But I'm ready to do my job!

At my age, no less!

Phoenix:           (Great, another future

professional in training...)


                        >Talk: The case


Phoenix:           So what's this about a case?

You said the trial's tomorrow?

Ema:                My sister didn't do it!

She wouldn't stab someone

with a knife! She wouldn't!

Phoenix:           So... it's a murder case.

Ema:                I don't care if there's a

witness who saw her do it!

She didn't do it!

Ema:                I know she didn't do it!

It's a scientific fact!

Phoenix:           And... there's a witness.

Ema:                J-just talk to her!

You have to talk to her!

Phoenix:           Right...

I suppose I will.

Ema:                I promised her I'd bring

Mia Fey, but...

Phoenix:           (That's interesting...)

Phoenix:           (How would she know Mia?)


>Talk: Sci. Investigator


Phoenix:           So, you want to be a

scientific investigator

when you grow up, then?

Ema:                E-excuse me?

Ema:                I'm not a child,

I'll have you know!

Phoenix:           Still, it's good to have a

goal. Albeit a very unusual


Ema:                I believe investigations should be done scientifically!

Ema:                Don't you?

Phoenix:           Uh, yeah.

                        (Sure can't fault her

for a lack of enthusiasm.)

Ema:                If this case is handled

scientifically, I'm sure my

sister's name will be cleared!

Phoenix:           Your sister...?

Ema:                I've been doing research,

you know!

Ema:                I'm developing a new

scientific method of

case investigation!

Ema:                I'll show you when I'm done!

Phoenix:           I'm looking forward to it.

Phoenix:           (Guess I should get down to

the Detention Center and

talk to her sister.)


>Talk: Relation to Mia


Ema:                My sister asked for her


Ema:                Mia Fey...

was a few years below

her in school.

Phoenix:           (So she went to the same

school as Mia.)

Ema:                She always told me to go

to Mia if I ever needed

a defense attorney...

Ema:                And, well...

I need one.

Phoenix:           Um, incidentally, Mia is

a woman.

Ema:                Mia... Yeah, I thought it

was a little strange when

I saw you, too.

Phoenix:           Well, it's nice of you to

help your sister out like

this. You must be close.

Ema:                ...

Phoenix:           ?

Ema:                Well...

Ema:                Actually, when she gets like

she is now, I kind of hate


Phoenix:           (Huh?)

Ema:                But...

But she's my only family.

Phoenix:           Your only family?

What about your parents?

Ema:                They died in a car accident

when I was little.

Phoenix:           Oh... I'm sorry.



>Move: Detention Center


February 22

Detention Center

Visitor's Room


Ema:                ...

Phoenix:           (Hmm, I wonder what's

wrong with Ema?)

Phoenix:           (She got quiet all of a sudden

as soon as we arrived.)

???:                  Guard...

I thought I told you I

didn't want visitors.

Guard:              S-s-s-sorry, ma'am!

It's j-j-just, your sister...

???:                  No excuses!

???:                  Or did you not want a

raise this year, hmm?

Guard:              U-u-u-understood, ma'am!

Phoenix:           (Wh-wh-wh-what was that

all about?)


Ema:                H-hi, Lana.

???:                  Funny.

???:                  I seem to remember

specifically telling

you NOT to come here.

???:                  Perhaps my memory is failing?

Ema:                L-look...

Ema:                I didn't want to come

here either, okay?

Ema:                But your trial's tomorrow

and you still don't have

a defense attorney!

???:                  I'll be the one in court

tomorrow. This has nothing

to do with you, Ema.

???:                  Isn't that right,

Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           Hey!

How do you know me?

???:                  Mia mentioned you.

I've heard... quite a bit.

Phoenix:           Er, I'm sorry. What exactly

is it that you do...?

???:                  My name is Lana, Lana Skye.

Lana:                I'm Chief Prosecutor for this district.

Phoenix:           Y-you're a prosecutor!?


Phoenix:           (Two sisters... one a lawyer.

Could this be a coincidence?)

Phoenix:           (Ema... Lana...

I mean, they're just like...)


Ema:                Is something wrong,

Mr. Wright?



>Examine: Guard


Phoenix:           This guard monitors

the visitor's room.

Phoenix:           He's frozen in fear of

the frigid Miss Lana.

Phoenix:           I'm feeling a bit chilly



>Examine: Camera


Phoenix:           Smile for the camera...



>Present: Attorney's Badge


Lana:                Your badge looks new.

Phoenix:           I polish it daily.

Lana:                In a few years, the gold

plating will flake off.

Lana:                Then we'll see the real you.

Phoenix:           (Gah! What ever happened

to innocent small talk!?)

Lana:                Give it three years.

                        Then we'll see what you have




>Talk: The case


Lana:                There's something you should

know from the start.

Phoenix:           W-which is?

Lana:                The suspect in this case

has confessed to the crime.

Phoenix:           Huh?

Ema:                W-wait! But the suspect...

The suspect is...!

Lana:                Me.

I did it.

Well, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           Well... why don't you begin

by telling me exactly what


Lana:                The crime took place

yesterday, February 21,

at 5:15 PM.

Phoenix:           That's quite specific.

Lana:                It was in the witness's


Lana:                A witness clearly saw me

committing the crime.

Phoenix:           Uh... My, that was a bit

of bad luck, wasn't it?

Lana:                The crime took place in the

underground parking lot at

the Prosecutor's Office.

Lana:                The body was found in the

trunk of my subordinate's


Phoenix:           The Prosecutor's Office, huh?

(In your subordinate's car

trunk? Classy...)

Lana:                I was arrested on the spot.

Caught red-handed, as it were.

Phoenix:           (My, my...)


                        >Talk: The victim


Phoenix:           So, who was the victim?

Lana:                An investigator with the

Police Department.

Lana:                I suppose the correct

term is "Detective."

Ema:                A detective...?

Lana:                Death was due to a loss of

blood. He was stabbed once in

the stomach.

Phoenix:           By... you?

Lana:                Death wasn't immediate, but

the wound was fatal.

Phoenix:           I see...

Lana:                Allow me to repeat myself,

Mr. Wright.

The victim was a detective.

Lana:                You know what that means,

don't you?

Phoenix:           Uh oh!

Ema:                What? Mr. Wright?

What does it mean?

Phoenix:           Well, it means...

Lana:                The police department will

consider it a matter of pride

to have me found guilty.

Lana:                They will use any means at

their disposal to do so.

Phoenix:           (This case gets worse and

worse with everything

I learn.)


                        >Talk: Lana


Phoenix:           So, you're the Chief


Lana:                That is correct.

Lana:                I'm responsible for overseeing

every trial handled by

prosecutors in this district.

Lana:                I make sure the prosecutors

have what they need to do the

job, and manage every aspect.

Lana:                Those are my responsibilities,

in a nutshell.

Phoenix:           (That's an awfully large


Lana:                Still, I'm a little surprised.

Lana:                I would think you'd recognize

the district's Chief

Prosecutor, Mr. Wright.

Phoenix:           Huh?

Lana:                In fact, it seems impossible

you wouldn't...

Ema:                Um... Lana?

What happened to your hand?

Lana:                Oh, this?

Lana:                I cut myself by accident.

When I stabbed him, that is.

Ema:                Huh?

Lana:                I'm not very good at being

a criminal, I suppose.

Phoenix:           (How am I supposed to

defend this!?)

Phoenix:           (Time to change the


Phoenix:           (Wait, she was in the class

ahead of Mia, wasn't she...?)


                        >Talk: Relation to Mia


Phoenix:           Um, you were in school

with Mia, correct?

Phoenix:           A few years above her?

Lana:                ... Ema told you that, too,

did she?

Ema:                W-well, why not?

I did drag him all the way

here from his office!

Lana:                Although it seems he has very

little in common with Mia...

Phoenix:           (Hey!)

Lana:                It was in law school. I was

in my third year, and she was

auditing the class.

Lana:                She was different than

the other students.

Phoenix:           Different?

Lana:                She was strong... She'd do

anything to become a defense

attorney. Anything.

Lana:                That... was probably why she

was attracted to me.

Phoenix:           E-excuse me!?

Ema:                Intellectually attracted!

Lana was top of her class

in school.

Lana:                I was the best there was.

Phoenix:           Oh...

Ema:                I'm doing pretty good in

school too, by the way!

Phoenix:           (It sounds a bit different

when Ema says it...)


Lana:                Well, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           E-excuse me?

Lana:                As you can plainly see,

I am admitting my guilt.

Lana:                I think it's safe to say...

there's no way you can

take this case. None.

Ema:                B-but, Lana!

Lana:                ...

Ema:                You... you were always this

way, weren't you?

Ema:                You never think of anyone

but yourself.

Lana:                ...!

Ema:                I know you didn't do it,

Lana, I know!

Ema:                So...

So how can you say you did!?

Lana:                ...

Ema:                If I lose you...

Ema:                I'll be all alone!

Ema:                I...

I hate you, Lana!

Lana:                ...

Lana:                Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           Y-yes?

Lana:                I believe our discussion

here is ended.

Lana:                The rest...

I leave to you.

Phoenix:           ...!

Phoenix:           Um... you mean, you're

requesting my services

as your defense?

Lana:                Don't lose any sleep over it.

Your client has confessed,

after all. The case is over.

Phoenix:           Right... I'll do what I can

to get to the bottom of this.

Lana:                ...


Phoenix:           (Lana has confessed to

the crime, yes...)

Phoenix:           (But something doesn't fit.)

Phoenix:           (It's that look in Ema's


Phoenix:           (There's something else going

on here... and I'm going to

find out what!)



                        [Wright & Co. Law Offices]


Ema:                I'm sorry, Mr. Wright.

Phoenix:           Huh? About what?

Ema:                My sister... She's not

always like that you know.

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           I just never expected to be

defending another prosecutor


Ema:                She's changed a lot.

Ema:                She used to be so gentle,

always smiling. Everybody

liked her.

Phoenix:           I see...

                        (Sorry, but I'm having

trouble imagining that.)

Phoenix:           What happened to her?

Ema:                I don't know for certain


Ema:                I think maybe she...

Well, maybe not.

Phoenix:           (Sounds like there's something

there that defies a simple

scientific explanation.)

Phoenix:           Let's go check out this

underground parking at the

Prosecutor's Office, shall we?

Ema:                O-Okay!



                        >Move: Underground Parking Lot


                        February 22

                        Prosecutor's Office

                        Underground Parking Lot


Phoenix:           So this is the lot

where it all happened?

Ema:                Looks like they're still


Phoenix:           (Funny that my first visit

to the Prosecutor's Office

should be like this...)

Ema:                Hey everyone!

Keep up the good work!

Phoenix:           H-hey!

What are you thinking?

Ema:                Well, they are going to be

my coworkers three years

from now after all.

Ema:                No harm in saying hello...

Phoenix:           Actually, there is. You know

attorneys aren't supposed to

examine crime scenes?

Phoenix:           I'm trying to not stand out

too much, here, see?

???:                  Hey there!

???:                  You 'specting to go unnoticed

here, pardner?

Ema:                P-Pardner?

???:                  What do we have here?

???:                  Looks like a bambina got loose

from the ranch and is up to

no good!

???:                  Folks gotta learn to keep them

dogies tied down, pardner.

Ema:                M-Mr. Marshall!

Phoenix:           (Marshall? Looks more like

a sheriff to me...)

???:                  Lookie here, bambina.

I know how you feel.

???:                  But this is my gang's

gold strike, see?

Ema:                Strike...?

???:                  This is our claim, our

territory. And the goldmine

is... evidence.

???:                  If you're fixin' to mess

with what's ours...

You'll regret it, pardner!

???:                  You know what dreams the

cacti out in the desert

dream? You want to?

Phoenix:           (What's this guy talking


???:                  You head along home now.

Happy trails, bambina!

Phoenix:           ...

Ema:                ...

Phoenix:           Was that uh, hombre,

a friend of yours?

Ema:                Uh... kind of... sort of...

Yeah. He's a detective.

Phoenix:           (Who thinks he's a sheriff

from the Wild West it seems.)



                        >Examine: Entrance


Ema:                This is where the cars leave

the lot.

Phoenix:           The arrow on the ground

makes it look more like an entrance.

Ema:                What are you talking about?

It's plainly an exit!

Phoenix            Well, maybe it's both.

Kind of a dual purpose?

Ema:                Ah hah! The theory of


Phoenix:           What? Uh...

Ema:                I've got to write this down.

Ah! Hey, hey, Mr. Wright!

Ema:                Maybe you know...

Was Mr. Relativity, German?

Or was he British?

Phoenix:           Mr. Relativity? Are you

sure that was his name?


                        >Examine: Security Sign


Ema:                Look! A Stylish, glass-walled

room! Very nice.

Phoenix:           You could see the whole

parking lot from in there.

Ema:                It says "SECURITY."

Perhaps it's a cafe?

Phoenix:           Huh?

Ema:                "Cafe Security" ...

Yeah, that must be it.

Let's check it out later!

Phoenix:           Um. I hate to break it to you,

but I think that's probably

just a security guard office.

Ema:                ...

Ema:                You know, I scored a 97

on my science test the

other day!

Phoenix:           (Too bad they don't have

a test for common sense.)


                        >Examine: Wallet


Phoenix:           What's this?

                        A wallet?

Phoenix:           Um, excuse me!


Ema:                W-w-waaaait!

What are you doing,

Mr. Wright!?

Phoenix:           What am I doing? I just found

this wallet, so I'm handing it

over to the police...

Ema:                I don't believe it!

Ema:                This is real basic: anything

at a crime scene is evidence!

Ema:                Let's be scientific about

this, please!

Just put it in your pocket.

Phoenix:           H-how is that scientific?

(Sounds like theft to me!)


                        Wallet hastily stuffed

into pocket.


Ema:                I'm called to duty already,

and at my tender age!

Ema:                Here, I'll teach you the

trick to examining evidence

in detail, okay?

Phoenix:           (By the way her eyes are

sparkling, I can tell she's

been waiting for this...)

Ema:                Okay, okay, now.

Look at the Court Record!

Ema:                You have to be sure to

examine evidence carefully

on all sides!

Ema:                Now. Let's start examining!

From every angle!

Ema:                Oh look! I think there might

be a clue there.

Ema:                You should check it out!

Press the Examine button.

Phoenix:           This... This is an ID card.

Phoenix:           (Detective Bruce Goodman,

ID # 5842189...)

Ema:                See? Well?

Isn't scientific investigation


Phoenix:           I guess... Though I don't

see what "science" has to

do with it.


                        Goodman's ID added

to the Court Record.


Ema:                Let's be sure to examine

                        every piece of evidence

we find!

Phoenix:           (I guess I've got to be on

my toes from now on...)



                        >Examine: Door


Ema:                Look! A door!

This must mean something!

Phoenix:           I'm not sure that doors

"mean" anything.

Ema:                No! It won't open!

A mysterious lock!

Phoenix:           I fail to see what's

mysterious about it.

Ema:                Mr. Wright...

You need to learn

to enjoy life more.

Phoenix:           Let's finish our investigation

first, shall we?


                        >Examine: Ladder


Ema:                Ah hah! A ladder.

Phoenix:           Um... That's a stepladder.

Ema:                What's the difference?

In scientific terms, please.

Phoenix:           S-scientific, huh?

Ema:                Look at the basic nature of

things, Mr. Wright.

Phoenix:           (This all seems so horribly

familiar somehow...)


                        >Examine: Phone


Ema:                Here, a phone.

Let's see if it works...

Phoenix:           Hey. Don't touch stuff we

don't need to be touching.

Ema:                I can't hear anything!

Ema:                My ears! No, my ears!

Maybe it's due to the

barometric pressure...

Phoenix:           (What is she babbling about?)

Ema:                Hey!? What did you just


Phoenix:           See? You can hear just fine.

The phone's broken!


                        >Examine: Wall


Ema:                This wall is in our way.

Phoenix:           It's got a faucet for water.

Ema                 Wait! I know!

Ema:                This "wall" is merely a

facade, hiding the truth...

Ema:                This is no wall,

but a water tank!!!

Phoenix:           (I fail to see how it makes

any difference either way...)


                        >Examine: Oil Drum


Phoenix:           An oil drum.

Looks like it's filled

with water.

Ema:                I-it's heavy!

I can't even budge it!

Phoenix:           The drum over here is on its


Ema:                Wait! I know! I'll hide in

here and do a stake-out!

Phoenix:           I think you'll probably just

get arrested.

Phoenix:           (In fact, you may not even

have to hide in the drum

to get arrested.)

Ema:                What? I'm not suspicious!


                        >Examine: Car Area


Ema:                Well, no time to waste!

Let's get hunting for clues!

Ema:                Hmm... I wonder what this is?

???:                  Well, pardner. Looks like

you got no intention of

going home quietly.

Phoenix:           (The sheriff!)

???:                  Like I said before, this

here's our claim.

???:                  You'd best be moseying along.

Unless you're fixing to bite

the bullet.

Phoenix:           (Gah! Scary!)

Ema:                C-could you just tell us

one thing...?

Who owns that car?

???:                  Well, well. The little filly's

got a good nose on her!

???:                  You want to know who rides

that red mustang with the

body in her saddle, eh?

Ema:                Please!

???:                  No problem, pardner. 'Bout

time for vittles anyway.

???:                  Get yourself to the saloon

                        up on the 12th floor of the

Prospector's Office.

???:                  Might just find you a

cervesa you like.

Phoenix:           (Prospector's Office? Where

does this guy think he is?

And when, for that matter!?)

Ema:                Note to self: look up

vittles, saloon, cervesa.

Phoenix:           (Maybe we should check out

room 1202... the High

Prosecutor's Office!)

???:                  In any case, stay away from

the car.

???:                  You can look around here

all you like, just keep your

paws off our claim.

Phoenix:           (Right... great.)

Ema:                Great! Maybe there are some

clues around here, Mr. Wright!

Let's check it out!


???:                  Excuse me?

???:                  Were you two all set?

Ema:                Us?

Phoenix:           (What's this?

                        She couldn't be...)

Ema:                Y-you're selling lunches?

                        Here? This is a crime scene!

???:                  Hello! Half n' Half, was it?

Ema:                Oh. Uh, thanks.

???:                  And you, sir?

Phoenix:           Y-yes?

???:                  Some Crunchy Goodness coming

                        at you!

Phoenix:           Uh... thanks.

                        (Interesting way of doing


???:                  This area is off limits to

                        anyone without clearance.

???:                  Especially passers-by.

                        Or are you officers?

Ema:                Uh... no, but you...

                        You don't exactly look like

                        the type to have clearance.

???:                  Well, that's hardly a way

                        to greet someone!

???:                  Even if my days as the

                        "Cough-up Queen" are over...

Phoenix:           C-cough-up? Huh?

Ema:                You know, I'm feeling kind

                        of full. Maybe I'll pass on


???:                  I'm quite connected to this

                        case, you see.

???:                  The images are burned into

                        my eyes, you might say.

                        Yes, all the sordid secrets...

Ema:                Secrets...?

???:                  Dear me.

                        You are a slow one,

                        aren't you?

???:                  I'm referring to the murder.

                        The stabbing of that


Phoenix:           Whaaaat!?


Lana:                A witness clearly saw me

committing the crime.


Ema:                You mean you're the witness

                        my sister was talking about?

Phoenix:           Please! Cough-up Queen!

                        Tell us what happened!

Angel:               The name is Angel Starr.

                        Don't you go forgetting it.

Angel:               Or before you know it

                        I'll have you whimpering at

                        my heels.

Phoenix:           Y-y-yes, ma'am!

                        (Yipes! She means it!)



                        >Move: High Prosecutor's Office


February 22

High Prosecutor's Office

Room 1202


Ema:                This... this is quite

                        the place.

Phoenix:           You can say that again.

Ema:                But, you know Mr. Wright,

                        you could do your office up

                        like this too!

Ema:                All you need is money and

                        a little design sense...

Phoenix:           I'm not doing so well in

                        either of those areas.

Ema:                In any case, it looks like

                        the prosecutor is out.

Phoenix:           Let's come back later.



                        >Examine: Jacket


Ema:                There's a jacket framed

                        on the wall like a painting!

Ema:                The fabric is high-grade

                        cashmere... Italian styling...

Ema:                Silk ruffles, turquoise

                        buttons, and a gold thread


Ema:                I'm guessing it's worth

                        around $5,000.

Phoenix:           F-five thousand dollars!?

Ema:                Speaking of which,

                        your suit would be about...

Phoenix:           Th-that's enough of that.

                        I don't need my life appraised

                        thank you very much.


                        >Examine: Couch


Ema:                Ooh! What a soft and

                        comfy sofa!

Ema:                It makes you want to say,

                        "sofa, so good!"

Phoenix:           ...

Ema:                "Sofa" ... "So far" ...?

Phoenix:           Yeah, I got it.

                        (I'm glad she's not an

                        aspiring comedienne...)


                        >Examine: Trophy


Phoenix:           What's this? It looks like

                        a shield of some kind...

                        It's broken.

Phoenix:           Maybe it's made out of

                        chocolate, and he took

                        a bite out of it.

Ema:                It appears to be made out

                        of bronze with gold plating.

Ema:                It's not worth much.

                        $70 tops.

Phoenix:           (This girl has a thing about

                        pricing everything, doesn't


Ema:                I wonder what that big

                        "K" means? Mysterious...


                        >Examine: Bouquet


Ema:                Wow!

                        What an amazing bouquet!

Phoenix:           No kidding. Hey, there's

                        a card on it...

Phoenix            "Back from the Dead -- Wendy"

Phoenix:           ("Wendy?" ...

                        I've heard that name

                        somewhere before.)

Ema:                And beside it...

                        A giant Steel Samurai!

Ema:                Wow, I want one!

Phoenix:           Huh? There's something

                        written on the bottom

                        of his foot.

Phoenix:           "Between a rock and a

                        hard place. -- Wendy"

Ema:                Is the prosecutor in this

                        office named "Wendy"?

Phoenix:           Um... I don't think so.


                        >Examine: Window


Ema:                Whoa!

Ema:                What a view! It must be

                        nice to have an office on

                        the 12th floor.

Phoenix:           I guess you would feel...


Ema                 Incidentally...

Ema:                Were you to jump out this

                        window, the time until impact

                        with the ground would be...

Ema:                ...

Ema:                Got it!

                        Approximately 3.23 seconds!

Phoenix:           (That's handy to know...)


                        >Examine: Desk


Phoenix:           A work desk. It's quite

                        tidy, as one might expect.

Ema:                What a nice desk! Easy to

                        use, and easy on the eyes!

Ema:                It's polished so high I can

                        see my own reflection.

Phoenix:           I'd prefer not to have to

                        look at myself while I work...


                        >Examine: Tea Set


Ema:                Oooh! Cute!

                        What a pretty tea set!

Phoenix:           I go more for the instant

                        tea bags myself.

Ema:                Amazing! The drawer below

                        is filled with packets of tea leaves!

Ema:                They're all sorted by place of

                        origin and flavor!

Ema:                Look at this Royal blend!

                        What an exquisitely splendid


Phoenix:           (There's such a thing as

                        taking a hobby too far...)


                        >Examine: Chessboard


Ema:                Hey, a chessboard!

Phoenix:           I'm not too up on my chess

                        but it looks like Blue's

                        in a bit of a tight spot.

Ema:                The Red Knights have

                        surrounded the Blue Pawn...

Phoenix:           Huh?

Ema:                Those horses are mounted

                        knights. Their swords have

                        really sharp "edges!"

Ema:                And check out that poor pawn,

                        his head is kind of spiky...

                        Kind of reminds me of you.

Phoenix:           (Yeah, I know, but isn't the

                        point to surround the King?)


                        >Examine: Bookshelf


Ema:                Whoa! These are all case files!?

Ema:                They're stacked up to the

                        ceiling! There's even a


Phoenix:           With them already packed in

                        so tight like that...

Phoenix:           what's he going to do when he

                        gets new case files?

Ema:                ...

Ema:                Splendid, Mr. Wright!

                        What an unusual observation!

Phoenix:           (I think that was a




>Move: Underground Parking Lot



                        >Present: Attorney's Badge


Angel:               A defense attorney must

                        be able to fight...

Angel:               How about you? Do you think

                        you can win?

Angel:               How about tackling

                        Lunchland's Pickle Supreme


Ema:                Wow! It's really crunchy!

Phoenix:           (A box of pickles...?

                        Kind of a sad lunch if you

                        ask me.)


                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Phoenix:           About this card...

Angel:               ...

Angel:               Lunchland vendors only

                        accept cash. No cards.

Angel:               Especially not a card

                        belonging to someone else!

Phoenix:           No, no, this isn't a credit

                        card. It's an ID card. It

                        belongs to a detective...

Angel:               And you're showing this to

                        me, the lunch lady, why?

Angel:               That's like showing a fine

                        honeyed ham to a detective!

Phoenix:           (Why do I always feel like

                        I'm being mocked?)


>Present: Prosecutor's Trophy /

Edgeworth's Knife /

Parking Stub


Phoenix:           Could you take a look at this?

Angel:               You!

Phoenix:           Y-yes!?

Angel:               You said you wanted some

                        hot tea, right?

Phoenix:           Uh, no, but thanks.

                        (She didn't even look at me.)

Ema:                Mmm! You must have to brew

                        the leaves a long time to get

                        rich flavor like this!

Angel:               We "pre-infuse"  the leaves

                        with steam before brewing.

Ema:                I knew it! So that's the

                        secret to their aroma!


Phoenix:           (The only thing I'm smelling

                        here is wasted time...)



                        >Talk: The case


Angel:               Somehow... I knew.

Angel:               Yesterday was a day of

                        destiny... I knew something

                        was going to happen...

Angel:               Just like I know that the

                        Daily Special on Friday

                        every week is salmon.

Phoenix:           Destiny...? Was yesterday

                        special for some reason?

Angel:               You're a defense attorney,

                        right? You should know then.

Angel:               You should know the foul

                        misdeeds of the evil ones who

                        haunt this den of inequity!

Ema:                E-evil ones?

Angel:               Prosecutors! They have no

                        qualms at all about blackening

                        the name of innocents!

Angel:               And yesterday they paid

                        homage to the most evil

                        one of all!

Angel:               They gave an award for

                        "King of Prosecutors" ...

                        What a farce!

Ema:                So, she's saying...

Ema:                There was some sort of

                        prosecutor's convention


Angel:               I was almost compelled to

                        lace their lunches with

                        something foul...

Ema:                Do you have a personal

                        grievance against prosecutors,

                        or something?

Ema:                Or is there some kind of

                        scientific evidence of this,

                        um, "evil"?

Angel:               Young miss...

Angel:               Mock me at your own risk!

                        You'll soon find out why they

                        call me the "Cough-up Queen"!

Ema:                Ew!

Angel:               The most heinous of all

                        the evil ones, the one they

                        awarded yesterday...

Angel:               It was in his car that they

                        found the body!

Angel:               Proof that he devours the

                        evilest lunches of all!

Ema:                R-really!?

Phoenix:           (Really what? I'm totally


Phoenix:           (One thing's clear. This

                        lunch lady has a thing

                        against prosecutors.)



                        >Talk: What you witnessed


Phoenix:           So, what exactly was it that

                        you witnessed, Ms. Starr?

Angel:               It was a fascinating

                        spectacle, to be sure!

Angel:               I now feel I know what they

                        say when they talk about

                        a "woman's wrath."

Angel:               To see Lana Skye wield

                        that knife so...

Phoenix:           !

Angel:               Her knife flashed in anger,

                        bringing him to a sad end.

Angel:               It was truly a sight to see.

Ema:                Y-you mean you saw the

                        very moment of the crime!?

Angel:               The sound of his silvery ties

                        to this world being cruelly

                        cut still rings in my ears.

Angel:               And the rhythmic beat of

                        Lana Skye's knife...

Phoenix:           Wait a second!

                        You know Lana Skye?

Angel:               Hmph. Of course.

                        It's quite a feat... becoming

                        Chief Prosecutor.

Angel:               How many lunchboxes of sin

                        did she pack to make that

                        journey, I wonder!

Ema:                She... always travels light.

Phoenix:           (Now why would this pretty

                        lunch lady know the

                        Chief Prosecutor's name?)


                        >Talk: Angel


Ema:                Um... Could we ask you a

                        bit about yourself, Ms. Starr?

Angel:               I come here every day

                        to sell lunches.

Angel:               I import only the freshest

                        and best from the Far East.

Angel:               For some reason, the box

                        lunches are a hit here.

Ema:                Why not make the lunches here

                        rather than import them?

Angel:               Did you say something?

Ema:                N-no...

Angel:               Only true connoisseurs can


Angel:               The kind you can only tell

                        someone who has tried General

                        Tso's Trilobite lunch set.

Ema:                Ah... Nevermind...

                        You win.

Phoenix:           (I don't even want to

                        appreciate part of a

                        trilobite's flavor.)

Angel:               Anyway, I come here every

                        day to sell lunches.

Angel:               My boyfriend works in the

                        security room here at the

                        Prosecutor's Office.

Ema:                Y-your boyfriend?

Angel:               See the security room

                        over there?

Phoenix:           The glass-walled booth?

Angel:               I sell my lunches and,

                        since I'm here anyway,

                        I drop in to see him.

Phoenix:           (Since you're here anyway...

                        I guess selling lunches is

                        more important than romance.)

Ema:                So, to scientifically analyze

                        the data available so far...

Ema:                You, Ms. Starr, are a lunch

                        vendor with an ulterior

                        motive for coming here!

Phoenix:           (Useful analysis. Not.)


                        >Talk: Prosecutor's Office


Phoenix:           Did you have a bad experience

                        with a prosecutor, Ms. Starr?

Phoenix:           I sense some... hostility.

Angel:               Hostility? Hah!


Angel:               Prosecutors are all alike.

                        And the bigger they get,

                        the worse they smell.

Angel:               Kind of like 10-day old

                        clams in the chowder.

Phoenix:           (I wonder if Ms. Starr was

                        involved in some sort of

                        legal trouble in the past?)

Ema:                That'd be a sure cause of

                        food poisoning! Scientifically

                        speaking, of course.

Ema:                I mean, now you're

                        talking "Cough-up Queen"!

Phoenix:           (I thought she was just a

                        lunch vendor, but now I'm

                        not so sure...)



                        >Move: High Prosecutor's Office


February 22

High Prosecutor's Office

Room 1202


Ema:                This is the kind of room

                        that just screams "I can

                        do the job."

Ema:                Quite a change from

                        your office, really.

Phoenix:           Thanks.

Ema:                Look, look! There's a

                        trophy or something here!

Phoenix:           (A trophy? What, that shield?)

Ema:                It takes real nerve to

                        display stuff like this.

Ema:                Whoever's office this is, he

                        must be a real stuck-up


???:                  Mr. Phoenix Wright...

???:                  You never tire of prying

                        into other people's

                        business, do you?

Phoenix:           (That voice...!)

Phoenix:           Long time, no see, Edgeworth.

Ema:                Huh?

Ema:                Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

                        M-M-Mr. Edgeworth!

Phoenix:           ...!

                        You know him from somewhere?

Ema:                O-of course! I'm his

                        biggest fan!

Ema:                My sister introduced us

                        once, and....

Phoenix:           (Right... her sister was

                        the Chief Prosecutor,

                        after all.)

Edgeworth:        Well? What brings you here?

Edgeworth:        I'll warn you... I've been

                        known to be a real

                        stuck-up jerk...

Ema:                N-no! Did I...?


Phoenix:           It was just, Mr. Wright here, he...

Phoenix:           Hey! Don't blame me!

Ema:                W-we're just here to

                        investigate a murder case!

Edgeworth:        Murder...?

Ema:                A body was found in this

                        nasty, bright red sports car

                        in the parking lot...

Edgeworth:        Hmm?

Edgeworth:        That would be my car.

                        What of it?

Ema:                Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!?

                        Y-y-y-your car!?

Phoenix:           (I'll say one thing, she

                        certainly can scream.)



>Examine: Jacket


Ema:                Wow! This jacket is even

                        lacier than his usual ones!

Ema:                This must be his lucky

                        trial jacket!

Phoenix:           Lucky jacket, right...

                        I've never seen him wear it.

Ema:                I'm sure there's a story

                        behind why it's in a frame!

Ema:                Maybe I'll be naughty...

                        and take a picture!

Phoenix:           (She's getting way too

                        excited bout this.)


                        >Examine: Couch


Ema:                Mr. Edgeworth has such a

                        comfy sofa!

Phoenix:           Sofas like this make me want

                        to curl up and take a nap.

Ema:                I bet he pours over his case

                        files here until the wee hours

                        of the morning...

Ema:                Then he takes off his jacket,

                        rolls up his sleeves...

Ema:                And goes to sleep using his

                        arms as a pillow!

Phoenix:           (I don't believe it. She's

                        actually daydreaming about

                        Edgeworth working...)

Ema:                I bet in the morning he has

                        sofa hair, and little creases

                        in his cheek from the seams!

Ema:                He's so cool!

Phoenix:           Sofa-hair is cool!?


                        >Examine: Trophy


Phoenix:           I've been wondering...

                        what the heck is this?

Ema:                It has a big "K" on it.

Edgeworth:        *mumbles* of Prosecutors...

Phoenix:           Huh? What's that?

Edgeworth:        It's the "King of Prosecutors"


Ema:                K-K-K...

                        "King of Prosecutors"!?

Edgeworth:        It's a great honor. They send

                        that shield to the best

                        prosecutor each year.

Edgeworth:        What! So?

Phoenix:           So that "K"... that's...

Ema:                "K" stands for "King"?

Edgeworth:        Yeah, you got a problem

                        with that?

Edgeworth:        I didn't design the thing!

Ema:                "King of Prosecutors"...

                        Kind of like "Employee of the

                        Month," only better!


King of Prosecutors Trophy

added to the Court Record.


                        >Examine: Bouquet


Ema:                My, my, my! What an amazing

                        bouquet! Just right for

                        Mr. Edgeworth.

Phoenix:           No kidding. Hey, there's

                        a card on it...

Phoenix:           "Back from the Dead -- Wendy"

Phoenix:           ("Wendy?" ...

                        I've heard that name

                        somewhere before.)

Ema:                And beside it...

                        A giant Steel Samurai!

Ema:                Wow, I want one!

Phoenix:           Huh? There's something

                        written on the bottom

                        of his foot.

Phoenix:           "Between a rock and a

                        hard place. -- Wendy"

Ema:                Wendy? Is she Mr. Edgeworth's


Phoenix:           Um... I don't think so.


                        >Examine: Desk


Phoenix:           A work desk. It's quite

                        tidy, as one might expect.

Ema:                What a nice desk! Easy to

                        use, and easy on the eyes!

Ema:                It's polished so high I can

                        see my own reflection.

Phoenix:           (Strange... Why did I just

                        picture Detective Gumshoe?)

Ema:                Maybe I'll take that name

                        plaque as a souvenir.

Phoenix:           Don't. He'll sue you.


                        >Examine: Chessboard


Ema:                Hey, a chessboard!

Phoenix:           I'm not too up on my chess

                        but it looks like Blue's

                        in a bit of a tight spot.

Ema:                The Red Knights have

                        surrounded the Blue Pawn...

Phoenix:           Huh?

Ema:                Those horses are mounted

                        knights. Their swords have

                        really sharp "edges!"

Ema:                And check out that poor pawn,

                        his head is kind of spiky...

                        Kind of reminds me of you.

Ema:                Mr. Edgeworth must be an

                        avid chess player!

                        What's wrong, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           (Edges... surrounding a pawn

                        with spiky hair...

                        Nah... It's nothing.)


>Examine: Bookshelf


Ema:                Whoa! These are all case


Ema:                They're stacked up to the

                        ceiling! There's even a


Phoenix:           Odd...

Phoenix:           I thought Edgeworth wasn't

                        good with heights.

Ema:                He must have someone get

                        them for him.

Phoenix:           (Strange... Why did I just

                        picture Detective Gumshoe?)

Ema:                He must study these case

                        reports so closely...

                        He's so cool!

Phoenix:           You wouldn't say that if you

                        saw him sweating bullets

                        up on that ladder.



>Present: Attorney's Badge


Edgeworth:        I once dreamed of being

                        a defense attorney, a

                        long time ago.

Ema:                What? You wanted to

                        be a defense attorney,

                        Mr. Edgeworth?

Edgeworth:        Yet, my path is laid out

                        clearly before me...

Edgeworth:        I have no time to reflect

                        on what might have been.


                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Phoenix:           Say, Edgeworth, I was

                        wondering about this...

Ema:                M-Mr. Wright!

Phoenix:           Huh? What?

Ema:                Are you sure you should be

                        showing that to Mr. Edgeworth?

Phoenix:           Oh.

                        (He'll take it for sure,

                        won't he.)

Ema:                *sigh*

Ema:                I wish I could be on the same

                        side as Mr. Edgeworth...

Ema:                But then my sister would

                        be found guilty!

Phoenix:           (If she sighs any deeper

                        I'm going to start getting



                        >Present: Prosecutor's Trophy


Phoenix:           So, in other words, you

                        were the best of the best

                        this year, huh?

Edgeworth:        You can take that foolish

                        grin elsewhere, Wright.

Edgeworth:        I lost a day of work

                        to receive that travesty.

Ema:                Huh? Why's that?

Edgeworth:        I had to go to the Police

                        Department ceremony to receive

                        that broken shield.

Phoenix:           The Police Department?

Edgeworth:        Yes. Right next to the Police

                        Station downtown. You've

                        been there, correct?

Phoenix:           Where Detective Gumshoe

                        works? Yeah.

Ema:                Um, I was wondering something

                        about your shield...

                        Why is it broken?

Edgeworth:        What does it matter?     

                        I've got more important

                        things to worry about.

Ema:                Oh. Right...

Phoenix:           (He doesn't seem too concerned

                        about his award, for better

                        or for worse.)

Edgeworth:        Yesterday was a very busy

                        day for the Prosecutor's


Ema:                Maybe... we should ask him

                        more about yesterday?


                        >Present: Edgeworth's Knife


Edgeworth:        It's against my policy to

                        discuss evidence with the


Edgeworth:        Especially with you.

Ema:                He doesn't like you much,

                        does he, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           (Nah. With Edgeworth it's

                        never personal... It's all

                        about winning tomorrow.)



>Talk: The case


Phoenix:           So, the body was found

                        in your car?

Edgeworth:        Go ahead, say it, Wright.

Edgeworth:        You think I did it,

                        don't you?

Edgeworth:        After you went through all

                        that trouble to help me

                        last year, no less.

Ema:                N-no, we don't think

                        you did it!

Ema:                I mean, it was my sister

                        who stabbed him...

Ema:                Uh, wait, no, she didn't

                        do that! I mean...

Edgeworth:        Wait...

Edgeworth:        So you're the Chief

                        Prosecutor's little

                        sister, then?

Ema:                Y-yes sir! Ema Skye!

                        It, uh...

Ema:                It's nice to meet you again!

Phoenix:           (Now that didn't sound

                        forced at all...)

Edgeworth:        Ah, now I remember.

                        You've... really grown.

Edgeworth:        I'll admit, it was a surprise

                        to me, too.

Edgeworth:        To think that my own car

                        would become the scene

                        of a murder.

Edgeworth:        More surprising still...

Edgeworth:        Now I'm forced to prove

                        my superior's guilt.

Phoenix:           I can understand...

                        W-wait!... What did you say!?

Edgeworth:        Lana Skye is the Chief

                        Prosecutor... the top

                        prosecutor in the district.

Edgeworth:        She can't prosecute herself,

                        so I'll be the prosecutor at

                        the trial tomorrow.

Ema:                You!?

                        Mr. Edgeworth...


                        >Talk: Edgeworth


Edgeworth:        To be honest...

Edgeworth:        It's a bit of a miracle

                        I'm still here at all.

Phoenix:           What do you mean?

Edgeworth:        Rumors.

Edgeworth:        You've heard the rumors

                        about me, haven't you?

Phoenix:           (Miles Edgeworth...)

Phoenix            (It's hard to remember a time

                        when there WEREN'T rumors

                        about this guy...)

Phoenix:           (Forging evidence, arranging

                        false testimony, illegal

                        searches, you name it...)

Edgeworth:        Thanks to you, my innocence

                        was established in the trial

                        at the end of last year.

Edgeworth:        However, there are some who

                        say I'm the one responsible

                        for the current incident.

Phoenix:           Wh-what? That's crazy!

Edgeworth:        Hmph.

Edgeworth:        Some people need very little

                        excuse to think ill of others.

Edgeworth:        It's a fact of life.

                        Impossible to stop.

Ema:                But...

Edgeworth:        Some of them even go so far

                        as to present me with toys

                        like this...

Edgeworth:        They think it's funny.

Phoenix:           (Toys? That bronze shield?

                        There's got to be a story

                        behind that one...)


>Talk: Lana Skye


Edgeworth:        Chief prosecutor Skye?

                        Yes...We first worked together

                        on a case two years ago.

Edgeworth:        It was my first big case.

Ema:                That's right, I remember.

Phoenix:           (Two years ago... I wasn't

                        even a lawyer yet.)

Edgeworth:        Since then, I always felt that

                        she was looking out for me...

Edgeworth:        It appears I was mistaken.

Ema:                M-mistaken!?


Ema:                I mean, I know she's not

                        the warmest person...

Ema:                But I'm sure she felt some

                        responsibility for you!

Edgeworth:        Then... why?

Edgeworth:        Why did she stab someone

                        in the trunk of my car?

Edgeworth:        Not only that...

                        She stabbed him with my knife.

Ema:                Wha... Whaaaaaat!?

                        Mr. Edgeworth! Your knife

                        was the murder weapon!?

Edgeworth:        To be specific, it was the

                        knife kept in the toolbox

                        in the trunk of my car.


                        Edgeworth's Knife added

                        to the Court Record.


Phoenix:           Um... Edgeworth?

Edgeworth:        What?

Phoenix:           Are you sure you didn't do it?

Edgeworth:        ...

Phoenix:           (C'mon, can't he take a joke?)

Ema:                You have a strange sense

                        of humor, Mr. Wright!


                        >Talk: The day of the crime


Phoenix:           Could you tell me more about

                        yesterday... the day of the


Edgeworth:        Yesterday was the annual

                        cleaning day at the

                        Prosecutor's Office.

Ema:                Cleaning day?

Edgeworth:        Working with the Police

                        Department, we sort and file

                        all evidence for solved cases.

Edgeworth:        We call it "evidence


Ema:                Wiping your hands of old

                        cases, in other words.

Edgeworth:        Oh, and another thing...

                        A ceremony was held at

                        the Police Department.

Edgeworth:        There's an annual review

                        and awards for outstanding police

                        officers and prosecutors.

Phoenix:           And that's when you got

                        the shield?

Edgeworth:        I was at the police department

                        yesterday afternoon...     I got

                        back here at 5:12.

Phoenix:           That's... very precise.

Ema:                People like myself and

                        Mr. Edgeworth pride ourselves

                        on our precision, Mr. Wright.

Edgeworth:        No, I place little faith

                        in my memory.

Edgeworth:        The only thing I trust is

                        solid evidence.


                        Edgeworth's Parking Stub

                        added to the Court Record.


Edgeworth:        This is the parking stub

                        from the underground lot.

Phoenix:           (The murder took place around


Ema:                So the murder happened right

                        after you got back.

Edgeworth:        What, Wright?

Edgeworth:        I'd appreciate it if you'd

                        direct that suspicious glare



???:                  Um...!

???:                  Excuse me! But is

                        Mr. Edgeworth, uh...

                        anywhere on the premises?

Edgeworth:        I'm Edgeworth.

                        What is it?

Officer:              I'm here, sir, at the

                        request of the Chief, sir!

                        I've got your report, sir!

Edgeworth:        Report?

Edgeworth:        What? Did you find new

                        evidence in the case against

                        Chief Prosecutor Skye!?

Phoenix:           (I don't like the way

                        this conversation is

                        going at all...)

Officer:              Er... Skye, sir?

                        No, sir!

Officer:              No name of that kind, sir!

                        Not in this report, sir!

Edgeworth:        ...!

Phoenix:           (I think I just heard

                        Edgeworth's lid blow.)

Ema                 Mr. Edgeworth's lid isn't

                        on very tight, is it?

Edgeworth:        I made a clear request to the

                        Police Department, did I not?

Edgeworth:        I need to focus on the trial

                        tomorrow, so don't bring me

                        anything unrelated!

Officer:              Sir! But, but sir!

Officer:              I'm just following orders,

                        sir! They told me to bring

                        this to you!

Officer:              I wasn't aware of the

                        peculiars of your arrangement

                        with us, sir—

Edgeworth:        Give me your name!

Meekins:           U-uh, yes... yes, Sir!

                        M-M-Meekins, sir.

                        Officer Meekins!

Edgeworth:        Right. Officer Meekins?

                        Take your report and leave.

Edgeworth:        And good luck with that

                        raise next month.

Meekins:           *whimper*

                        B-but, sir, I d-didn't know!

Phoenix:           (Poor guy. Looks like he was

                        absent on the day they gave

                        out brains and good luck.)


Edgeworth:        Wright.

Phoenix:           Y-yes, sir!?

                        (Gah! He caught me off guard!)

Edgeworth:        As you can see, I'm busy.

Edgeworth:        You may leave now.

Ema:                L-let's do as he says,

                        Mr. Wright!

Edgeworth:        The victim was a detective

                        from the same department as

                        that patrolman just now.

Edgeworth:        Go down to the Police


                        You can ask more there.

Phoenix:           U-uh... Thanks.

                        (He seems to have finally

                        calmed down at least.)



                        >Present: Any Item


Edgeworth:        I'm busy preparing for


Edgeworth:        And I'm not in the mood

                        for idle banter.

Edgeworth:        Especially not with you.

Ema:                L-let's go, Mr. Wright!

Phoenix:           (Fine. I'll just have to talk

                        to him when he perks up.)



                        >Move: Police Dept. Entrance


February 22

Police Department



Ema:                Whew...

                        We're finally here.

Ema:                Why would they put the

                        detectives so far away

                        from the Prosecutor's Office?

Phoenix:           That took almost 30 minutes

                        by taxi... and traffic wasn't

                        even that bad.

Phoenix:           This is my first time to the

                        Police Department, actually.


Phoenix:           Hold on, what's that?

Ema:                Disturbing! Why does it

                        undulate like that?

Phoenix:           Oh, wait I know. This is

                        the "Blue Badger."

Phoenix:           They're trying to make him

                        the police mascot.

Ema:                Wow, Mr. Wright!

                        You know a lot about the

                        Police Department!

Ema:                Still, he does seem

                        familiar, somehow...

Phoenix:           Forget the Blue Badger!

                        Who's that next to him!?

Ema:                Someone appears to be...

                        dancing with the Blue


Ema:                Uh oh.

                        He noticed me.

Phoenix:           He sure is running

                        over here fast...

Gumshoe:         H-h-h-hey, pal!

                        W-w-w-what're you doin' here!?

Phoenix:           That's my line,

                        Detective Gumshoe.

Phoenix:           Specifically, why were

                        you dancing over there?

Gumshoe:         What!? Um, well...

Phoenix:           (Well, at least he doesn't

                        seem to be busy. This is our

                        chance to get information!)

Gumshoe:         Hey! I'll have you know

                        I'm a very busy man, pal.



>Examine: Bulletin Board


Phoenix:           The usual wanted posters are

                        hanging up on the bulletin

                        board here.

Phoenix:           <<Do you know this face!?

                        If you do, dial 911!>>

Ema:                You know, Mr. Wright,

                        I've always thought it

                        was kind of funny...

Ema:                I've never seen anyone who

                        looked like the people in

                        these posters.

Ema:                They hardly even look human!

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           (She has a point...)


                        >Examine: Blue Badger


Ema:                Uh, I was wondering about


Gumshoe:         What?

                        The Dancing Blue Badger?

                        It's my masterpiece!

Phoenix:           You made this, Detective


Gumshoe:         The chief threw together some

                        designs and I just did my

                        thing, pal.

Ema:                N-nice work...

Gumshoe:         It's battery-powered,

                        so it can go anywhere!

Gumshoe:         There's no switch, so it

                        just dance dance dances until

                        the batteries die!

Ema:                Poor Blue Badger... fated

                        to dance until he drops.


Blue Badger added

to the Court Record


>Examine: Police Sign


Ema:                I always get excited when I

                        come to the police station.

Phoenix:           Why is that?

Ema:                It just feels like I've

                        jumped into a movie.

Phoenix:           Huh?

Ema:                You know, with all the police

                        and criminals.

Phoenix:           W-well, I don't know if this

                        is all that exciting.

Ema:                Sure it is! Look at those two

                        officers over there.

Ema:                They're probably talking about

                        the latest bust!

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           Funny, I thought they were

                        talking about the weather.


                        >Examine: Glass Doors


Phoenix:           The detectives in there

                        look pretty busy.

Ema:                Just imagine!

                        Right now...

Ema:                Behind those doors...!

                        A police drama in action!

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           (Somehow the thought fails

                        to excite me...)


>Examine: Officers


Phoenix:           Look, that patrolman is

                        saluting the other guy.

                        He must be a detective!

Police:              And then I said "hey,

                        you do that, your soup

                        will get cold, buddy."

Patrolman:        Th-That's hilarious, sir!

                        I laughed so hard I cried!

Ema:                ...

Ema:                I guess he wasn't saluting,

                        he was wiping tears from his


Phoenix:           They make a good pair.


                        >Examine: Campaign Banner


Ema:                The banner here is announcing

                        the "Crime Fighting Campaign."

Phoenix:           Nice slogan...

Ema:                I wonder if they'll be selling

                        fingerprinting sets.

Phoenix:           I don't think it's that kind

                        of campaign.

Ema:                What family wouldn't want

                        a set at home?

Ema:                It's good for finding out who

                        snuck into the cookie jar.

Phoenix:           I think most families can

                        figure that out without the

                        extra help.


                        >Examine: Police Car


Ema:                Mr. Wright! Do you know

                        why patrol cars are painted

                        black and white?

Phoenix:           No idea. Why?

Ema:                Well, I think they're

                        designed after a panda!

Phoenix:           A panda...?

Ema:                Not that I have scientific

                        proof. It's just a theory.

Phoenix:           Um... do you mind me asking

                        how you came up with that


Ema:                It was when I was on a school

                        trip! I saw a patrol car and

                        it came to me!

Ema:                We had just been at the

                        zoo, see...

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           What about zebras?

                        Or did they not have

                        those at your zoo?



                        >Present: Attorney's Badge


Phoenix:           Detective... here's my

                        attorney's badge.

Gumshoe:         You show this to me every

                        time we meet, pal.

Gumshoe:         Real men show their police

                        badge. 'Nuff said!

Ema:                I wish had a badge... Even an

                        ID card would be nice...

Phoenix:           (Wait...)

Phoenix:           (Speaking of ID cards, I found

                        that detective's card, didn't



                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Phoenix:           Um, Detective Gumshoe?

                        What can you tell me

                        about this?

Gumshoe:         Huh? Hey, pal! This is

                        a detective's ID card!

Gumshoe:         You can't just keep that!

                        You have to turn it in to

                        the police!

Gumshoe:         It's people like you that

                        get me into so much trouble

                        all the time!

Phoenix:           (Meaning Detective Gumshoe

                        must drop his card a lot.)

Gumshoe:         Hmm... let's see...

                        "Bruce Goodman"...

Gumshoe:         Goodman...

                        Sounds familiar...

Gumshoe:         ...

                        Nah, my mistake.

Ema:                But, don't you work together

                        with him in Criminal Affairs?

Gumshoe:         Whoa!!!

                        Now I remember!

Gumshoe:         Bruce Goodman!

                        He's the victim!

Phoenix:           (That's what I thought...)

Ema:                Can you tell us more,

                        Detective Gumshoe?


                        >Present: Prosecutor's Trophy


Gumshoe:         Hey, that's it!

Gumshoe:         That's the "King of

                        Prosecutors" award that Mr.

                        Edgeworth got yesterday!

Phoenix:           Were you at the awards

                        ceremony, Detective Gumshoe?

Gumshoe:         Of course, pal!

                        I got an award for diligence,


Phoenix:           Ah... congratulations.

Ema:                I was wondering, why is the

                        award a shield?

Ema:                And... why is it broken?

Gumshoe:         Oh, there's a reason.

Gumshoe:         Um...

                        I'll tell you what it is later.

Phoenix:           (Apparently, he's forgotten.)

Gumshoe:         But, I was proud of Mr.

                        Edgeworth for winning that


Gumshoe:         He's even got naysayers in the

                        Prosecutor's Office.

Phoenix:           (Yeah, we've heard about

                        the rumors...)


                        >Present: Edgeworth's Knife /

                        Parking Stub


Gumshoe:         Found in Mr. Edgeworth's car,

                        stabbed with Mr. Edgeworth's

                        knife, huh...

Gumshoe:         What would drive Chief

                        Prosecutor Skye to do

                        such a thing?

Ema:                ...

Gumshoe:         W-wait, I didn't mean...

                        I mean, sure, of course

                        someone else really did it!

Gumshoe:         Someone who must have, um...

Gumshoe:         Someone who must have a

                        grudge against Mr. Edgeworth!

Phoenix:           (The car and the knife do seem

                        a little too well-organized

                        to be a coincidence.)

Ema:                Poor Mr. Edgeworth...

                        What could have happened?

Phoenix:           (We have to find out a little

                        more about what's going on

                        with Edgeworth...)


                        >Present: Blue Badger Panel /

                        Letter of Introduction


Gumshoe:         As a detective, I have to keep

                        my mouth shut on that one.

Gumshoe:         I know better than to go

                        blabbing on about things I

                        don't know about...

Phoenix:           No, I wouldn't want you to do

                        that either...

Gumshoe:         Good.



                        >Talk: The case


Gumshoe:         I'll give you one word

                        of advice, pal.

Gumshoe:         You'd better not agree

                        to defend the suspect

                        in this case.

Ema:                Wh... Why not?

Gumshoe:         Huh?

Gumshoe:         Well... It's just that the

                        Chief Prosecutor has confessed

                        to the crime.

Gumshoe          She says she summoned the

                        detective to the Prosecutor's

                        Office and... she killed him.

Ema:                But, what if she's

                        not telling the truth!?

Gumshoe:         Yes, well... no!

                        C'mon, pal! There's plenty of

                        evidence against her!

Ema:                B-but what if the evidence

                        was faked?

Gumshoe:         Hey, pal.

                        Can I speak to you

                        for a second?

Phoenix:           Huh? Me?

Gumshoe:         Why is this little girl

                        so peeved at me?

Phoenix:           She's a relative of the


                        Lana Skye's sister.

Gumshoe:         Whoa!!!

                        The Chief Prosecutor's

                        little sister!?

Ema:                Just, please investigate

                        this case carefully, okay?


Gumshoe:         Yessir! Oh, by the way.

Gumshoe:         You might want to keep your

                        voices down.

Gumshoe          You don't want to be overheard

                        using words like "faked"...

Ema:                Huh?

Gumshoe:         It's just... it's a

                        sensitive issue with

                        us these days.


                        >Talk: The investigation


Ema:                So... what are you doing

                        here, Detective Gumshoe?

Gumshoe:         Me? Oh, well... nothing,


Gumshoe:         They kicked me out

                        of Criminal Affairs...

Phoenix:           Detective Gumshoe!

                        What did you do this time?

Gumshoe:         Whaddya mean, "this time"!?

Ema:                Then, what happened?

Ema:                I know things are busy

                        right now...

Ema:                I mean... with my sister's

                        case and all...

Gumshoe:         It's true. We've never had

                        a Chief Prosecutor murder

                        anyone before!

Gumshoe:         Only the highest-ranked

                        people are being let into

                        Criminal Affairs now...

Gumshoe:         The lowest ranking guy in

                        there is our chief of


Gumshoe:         They're not letting any of

                        us rank-and-file detectives

                        in at all.

Ema:                None of you?

Phoenix:           (I know this is an important

                        trial, but isn't that a

                        little odd?)

Gumshoe:         So, anyway, I thought I'd

                        spend the day getting the

                        badger dance down pat.

Ema:                Um... Isn't there anything

                        else you could be doing?

Gumshoe:         The Chief of Police himself

                        is directing this

                        investigation, pal.

Gumshoe:         And Officer Marshall was

                        assigned to the underground

                        parking lot.

Ema:                Officer Marshall...

Phoenix:           (Now that I think about it,

                        Ema did seem to know

                        that Marshall guy.)

Gumshoe:         A patrolman in charge of

                        a crime scene...

                        It's unheard of, pal!


                        >Talk: Bruce Goodman


Phoenix:           So... this ID card belonged

                        to the victim?

Gumshoe:         He was a detective, like


Gumshoe:         Detective Bruce Goodman.

Ema:                Hmm...

                        Don't you think it's strange?

Ema:                I mean, why would the victim's

                        ID card be lying on the ground

                        where we found it?

Gumshoe:         Well, Detective Goodman

                        should have been at the

                        Police Department yesterday.

Gumshoe:         There was an evidence

                        transferal for a case he

                        handled two years ago.

Ema:                Evidence transferal...

                        Mr. Edgeworth mentioned

                        that too.

Ema:                But... Detective Goodman was

                        killed at the Prosecutor's


Gumshoe:         Well, that's the thing...

                        It's hard to say this, but...

Gumshoe:         Word is that Chief Prosecutor

                        Skye called him out there, to

                        the parking lot.

Phoenix:           (And Lana's confessing as



                        >Talk: Rumors at law


Gumshoe:         He's in a tough spot,


Phoenix:           "Again"...?

Gumshoe:         Well, it all started with

                        the murder of that defense

                        attorney, Hammond.

Ema:                But Edgeworth was found


Gumshoe:         Listen, pal, there have always

                        been rumors about Edgeworth.

Gumshoe:         Forging evidence, making

                        deals with witnesses...

Gumshoe:         Nothing outright, but there

                        were always whispered rumors

Gumshoe:         Ever since he was accused of

                        murder, no one's whispering.

                        They're practically shouting!

Ema:                But... but there's no

                        evidence against him!

Gumshoe:         Well, Mr. Edgeworth has always

                        had unusually strong ties

                        to the department higher-ups.

Gumshoe:         It's only natural that people

                        would be suspicious.

Phoenix:           (I had no idea he was under

                        the gun...)

Gumshoe:         Anyway, this latest case

                        has started a new rumor.

Gumshoe:         People say the only reason

                        he took this case...

Gumshoe:         is because he's aiming for

                        the Chief Prosecutor position


Phoenix:           W-what!?

Gumshoe:         But I know the truth, pal!

Gumshoe:         Nobody wants to be the one

                        who has to prosecute the

                        chief prosecutor!

Gumshoe:         Mr. Edgeworth is biting the

                        bullet on this one! He's doing

                        this for all of us!

Gumshoe:         ...

Gumshoe:         And that's all I know

                        about that.

Gumshoe:         I'm not officially on

                        the case, you know.

Ema:                Thank you!

Phoenix:           Why aren't you handling

                        the case, Detective Gumshoe?

Phoenix:           We met the guy who is...

                        what was his name? The

                        guy in the parking lot...

Gumshoe:         That'd be Officer Marshall.

Gumshoe:         He was appointed directly

                        by the Chief of Police...

Phoenix:           Officer Marshall...

                        Is he some kind of Wild West

                        sheriff or something?

Gumshoe:         No, Jake Marshall's just

                        a regular officer...

Gumshoe:         From West LA.

Phoenix:           For a moment there,

                        I wasn't sure.

Gumshoe:         Look, pal, let me try to

                        make things a little

                        easier for you.

Gumshoe:         Show them this and they'll

                        let you examine the

                        crime scene... maybe.


                        Letter of Introduction from

                        Detective Gumshoe added to

                        the Court Record


Phoenix:           (I'll be surprised if this

                        gets us anywhere...)

Gumshoe          Just act like you're supposed

                        to be there, and nobody will

                        look at you twice, pal!



                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Gumshoe:         This ID card belongs to

                        the victim, Detective

                        Bruce Goodman.

Gumshoe:         You can do just about anything

                        these days with a card and the

                        right secret number... scary!

Phoenix:           It's only scary because you

                        keep dropping your card,

                        Detective Gumshoe.

Gumshoe:         I forget my secret number

                        a lot, too It's scary!

Gumshoe:         But... but I'm me, after all!

                        And what could be wrong

                        with that!?

Phoenix:           (I think I'll stay out of

                        this conversation.)



                        >Move: Underground Parking Lot


February 22

Prosecutor's Office

Underground Parking Lot


Phoenix:           (Looks like this investigation

                        is still going...)

???:                  I have to be getting

                        back to the shop...

???:                  Sorry... Looks like I'll

                        be stuck in this pit 'til

                        the sun sleeps.

???:                  I'll see you in my dreams

                        tonight, then, baby.

Angel:               Oh!

                        Still here?

Ema:                Ah, h-hello.

Angel:               Why the surprised looks?

                        Didn't I mention...?

Angel:               I've got a boyfriend in

                        Criminal Affairs, too.

Phoenix:           (What happened to the security


Marshall:           Hey! What's wrong,


Marshall:           You're lookin' like a dogie

                        that's lost its herd!

Phoenix:           (Jake Marshall...)

Phoenix:           (Strange guy to put in charge

                        of a crime scene.)



                        >Examine: Anything


Marshall:           If you want to take a closer

                        look, you'll have to deal

                        with me first, pardner.

Phoenix:           Huh...

Marshall:           A duel at sunset...

                        The winner leaves the loser

                        in the dust and takes all.

Marshall:           The blood law of the gunman!

Ema:                            Note to self: jurisdiction

                        squabbles are settled by


Phoenix:           (I think one body per murder

                        case is enough, thanks.)



                        >Present: Attorney's Badge /

Goodman's ID /

Prosecutor's Trophy

Parking Stub


Phoenix:           Officer Marshall?

                        Could you take a look at this?

Marshall:           Whoa, pardner!

Marshall:           If you're fixing to draw on

                        me, you best be ready for

                        a shootout!

Marshall:           You ready to become food

                        for the vultures, compadre?

Ema:                            Are you ready, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           (Somehow I don't think he's

                        going to help us.)


>Present: Edgeworth's Knife /

Blue Badger Panel /

Victim's Note


Marshall:           Alright, compadre!

                        Count to three!

Phoenix:           Huh?

Marshall:           You gotta do that if you're

                        going to draw evidence on


Marshall:           That's what we do in Texas.

Phoenix:           Remind me never to visit




                        >Talk: The victim /



Ema:                            There's something I wanted

                        to ask you!

Marshall:           The scene of the crime...

                        a cold grave for men

                        who've lost their dreams...

Marshall:           And me? I watch over them

                        as they sleep... dreaming of

                        the desert's harsh judgment.

Marshall:           ...

Ema:                            He's asleep.

Phoenix:           Well... should we show this

                        hopeless case something to

                        catch his interest?



>Present: Letter of Introduction


Phoenix:           Would you mind reading

                        this for me?

Marshall:           What's this? I warn you,

                        fan letters to me go right

                        in the spittoon!

Phoenix:           It's a letter of introduction

                        from Detective Gumshoe.

                        May we investigate?

Marshall:           Gumshoe...?

                        Ah, that old cowdog?

Marshall:           Hmm... He holding a birthday

                        party or something?

Phoenix:           Huh?

Marshall:           Look, where it should say

                        letter of "introduction"...

                        It says "invitation."

Phoenix:           Ah...

                        I think he just miswrote it.

Phoenix:           (Great, Detective Gumshoe.

                        I owe you one...)

Marshall:           No worries. This proves it's

                        from Detective Gumshoe, better

                        than a blood test.

Marshall:           Guess I'd better let you in,


Ema:                            Th-thank you, Officer


Phoenix:           (Officer Marshall isn't a

                        "detective"... he's a


Phoenix:           (That reminds me of


Ema:                            That is odd!

Ema:                            Isn't a crime scene

                        supposed to be handled

                        by a detective or higher?

Marshall:           Well, folks.

Marshall:           The clues are calling!

                        Welcome to our gold strike.

Marshall:           Be like the settler! Strike

                        out for lands unknown!

Marshall:           Manifest Destiny!

                        Let's have a hootenanny!

Ema:                            Note to self: police

                        investigations are like

                        settling land.

Ema:                Well, Mr. Wright,

                        what do you say!?

Phoenix:           (I say I won't be needing

                        this anymore...)


                        Detective Gumshoe's

                        Letter of Introduction

                        crumpled and discarded.



                        >Examine: A Block Sign


Ema:                "A Block"... This area is

                        reserved for prosecutors.

Phoenix:           Defense attorneys are

                        relegated to "B Block."

Ema:                I dream of the day when

                        I will be able to park

                        my car here!

Ema:                I'll go over to B Block to

                        buy my hamburgers from you,

                        Mr. Wright.

Phoenix:           I'm not planning on giving up

                        my job that soon...


                        >Examine: Cell Phone


Phoenix:           That looks like a cell phone.

Ema:                Scientific analysis would

                        suggest this belonged to

                        the victim!

Ema:                I can't think of anyone

                        else it could belong to...

Phoenix:           (What's so scientific about


                        Should we check it out?




                        A> Check it out

                        B> Forget it



Answer: Forget it


Phoenix:           On second thought, let's not.

Ema:                What!? Why not? I mean,

                        don't you want to know

                        whose it is?

Phoenix:           Probably one of the

                        Detectives dropped it.

Ema:                Come on! No detective

                        would be that dumb!

Phoenix:           (I don't know. One detective

                        in particular comes to mind.)



Answer: Check it out


Phoenix:           (Right! Let's check it out.)


Ema:                Man, what a boring strap!

Phoenix:           What's wrong with it?

                        Everyone has different tastes,

                        you know.

Ema:                Here, check out mine. It's a

                        Pink Princess strap!

Ema:                These are hard to come by, you


Phoenix:           (I see he's as popular as ever

                        with the kids...)


Ema                 Hmm. The display is still

                        on the redial button.

Phoenix:           Redial...?

Ema:                Um, Mr. Wright?

Ema:                Most phones keep a record

                        of all the calls you've made

                        and received.

Ema:                You just press the blue button

                        to dial the last number you


Ema:                Convenient, isn't it?

                        I'm surprised you didn't

                        know about it.

Phoenix:           Sorry to disappoint you, but

                        even I know about things like


Ema:                Huh? Oh, I'm sorry!

Ema:                It's just, you never know

                        with people from your


Phoenix:           (Whatever... Let's check

                        this phone out.)


Phoenix:           (Now, I wonder who the owner

                        of this phone called last...)

Ema:                Note to self: a defense

                        attorney doesn't think first,

                        he just pushes the button.

Cellular:            *beep*

Cellular:            ...

Phoenix:           Hey! That song! I know that!

Marshall:           Hey! What's going on

                        over there?

Cellular:                        *beep*

Phoenix:           Ah! Oh, s-sorry.

Marshall:           I see you, pardner!

Marshall:           You pressed redial on that

                        there phone, didn't you?

Phoenix:           Uh, well, yeah...

Ema:                            Whose phone is this, anyway?

                        It was on the ground over


Marshall:           Whose is it?

                        That belongs to Chief

                        Prospector Skye.

Ema:                            What? It's my sister's!?

Marshall:           She apparently dropped it when

                        she was taken into custody,

                        right after the crime.

Marshall:           Look... the last call was

                        made right when the murder


Marshall:           Looks like she was fixing

                        to call someone.

Marshall:           Except she only spoke for

                        a few seconds, according

                        to this.

Phoenix:           Who did she call!?

Marshall:           No idea. Sorry, pardner.

Marshall:           Now, I got a question for

                        you, pardner.

Marshall:           I heard a phone ring just

                        now... one of those new-

                        fangled ring-tunes.

Phoenix:           Oh? That? Oh...

                        I'm sorry, that was my phone.

Marshall:           W-w-what!?

                        Your phone!?

Phoenix:           Yeah, uh, it's kind of

                        strange, but...

Phoenix:           Someone called me right as

                        we picked up the other phone,

                        a wrong number...

Marshall:           ...

Marshall:           I hope you're not lying...

                        They shoot you for that

                        in Texas, pardner!

Phoenix:           (Uh oh, I've incited the

                        wrath of the Lone Star



                        Cell Phone added to

                        the Court Record.


                        >Examine: Rope


Ema:                This rope... is it...?

Phoenix:           Yep. They laid it in the

                        outline of the victim's body.

Ema:                ...

Ema:                So wait... The victim must have

                        died when the killer closed

                         the trunk on him!

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           (You have got to be the only

                        person I know that would

                        come to that conclusion.)


>Examine: Trunk


Phoenix:           What's this? Looks like

                        a note of some sort.

Ema:                Look! Something's

                        written on it!

Phoenix:           You're right. Let's see...

                        "6-7S    12/2"...

Ema:                There's a name printed on

                        the paper above that...


Phoenix:           (Maybe it fell out of his

                        pocket when he was killed.)

Ema:                Well? So? What does it

                        mean, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           How am I supposed to know?

Ema:                Note to self: for deductive

                        reasoning, go to Edgeworth,

                        not Wright.

Phoenix:           (I'm sure Edgeworth wouldn't

                        know what this means either.)


                        Goodman's Note added

                        to the Court Record.


                        >Examine: Car


Phoenix:           This appears to be the

                        car where the body was


Phoenix:           (It looks like the lock on

                        the trunk is busted.)


Lana:                The crime took place in the

                        underground parking lot at

                        the Prosecutor's Office.

Lana:                The body was found in the

                        trunk of my subordinate's



Ema:                Quite a luxury car. It just

                        screams "I have money to


Phoenix:           Yeah. Prosecutors get the

                        big bucks.


                        >Examine: B Block Fence


Phoenix:           "B Block" is through there.

                        That's where the visitors park.

Ema:                I can see the Lunchland

                        car over there... far in the distance.

Phoenix:           Hey, you're right. I like

                        the cute design on the door.

Phoenix:           (I can see... a cartoon cow

                        munching down on a juicy

                        looking steak.)

Ema:                ...

Ema:                Doesn't that strike you

                        as a little... creepy?

Phoenix:           Just don't think too deeply

                        about it and you'll be fine.



>Present: Attorney's Badge


Marshall:           I see your badge.

                        Looks pretty... round.

Marshall:           Our badge is a star,

                        a lone star, shining

                        in the nighttime sky.

Marshall:           A beam of light, illuminating

                        evildoers who come in the

                        dark of night!

Ema:                            Note to self: evildoers

                        are weak against starlight.

Phoenix:           (Hey, that's a sheriff's badge!)


                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Marshall:           What's that? Some kind of

                        police passport?

Phoenix:           This is Detective Goodman's

                        ID card. Strangely enough...

Phoenix:           We found it a good distance

                        away from the crime scene.

Marshall:           Good distance, in this rat

                        hole? If you want distance,

                        get yourself to Texas!

Ema:                            Texas...

Marshall:           This is a tiny little crime

                        scene, in a tiny little town,

                        with tiny little evidence.

Marshall:           What difference does a few

                        yards make, compadre?

Ema:                            Note to self: if you encounter

                        suspicious evidence, think

                        of Texas.

Ema:                            There's no better way

                        to study than to hang

                        out with the pros!


                        >Present: Prosecutor Trophy


Marshall:           Ah, a toy shield!

                        Suits the boy well.

Marshall:           What exactly could you

                        shield with that?

                        A toy knight, maybe?

Ema:                            Officer Marshall, don't you

                        have anything good to say

                        about Mr. Edgeworth?

Phoenix:           You don't like him, right?

                        We get the point.

Marshall:           You know, when I was a

                        detective, I got one

                        of these...

Ema:                            Hmm... Let me guess...

                        Did it have a "K" for

                        "King of Detectives" on it?

Phoenix:           Hey, they could use the

                        same shield over and over.

Ema:                            Note to self: the Prosecutor's

                        Office and Criminal Affairs

                        are surprisingly cheap.

Marshall:           You know it! They've gotten

                        cheaper with every passing

                        year, I tell you.


                        >Present: Parking Stub


Marshall:           5:12 PM...

Marshall:           The prospector's bright

                        red steed came in at

                        a trot, real slow like.

Ema:                            A... trot?

Marshall:           My Madonna tells me the

                        crime occurred three

                        minutes later...

Marshall:           So it seems the Chief

                        Prospector was lying

                        in wait!

Marshall:           Maybe... waiting for her

                        prince to ride in on his

                        bright red horse...

Phoenix:           (So what you mean is...)

Phoenix:           (The killer intended to use

                        Edgeworth's car all along!)


                        >Present: Cell Phone


Ema:                            My sister's cell phone.

Marshall:           The last time it was used

                        was 5:18... Right after

                        Goodman was killed.

Marshall:           Maybe she was canceling

                        her date for the night?

Ema:                            ...

Phoenix:           (Why did Lana make

                        that call...?)



                        >Talk: The victim


Phoenix:           Officer Marshall? Could you

                        tell us more about the


Marshall:           ...

Marshall:           Good men always die young.

                        Remember that, pardner.

Phoenix:           Um... could you be a little

                        more specific?

Ema:                Bruce Goodman...

                        He was a detective, right?

Marshall:           Well, well, aren't you a

                        feisty dogie there now.

Marshall:           Detective Goodman was stabbed

                        here at 5:15...

Marshall:           The smiling Madonna told

                        me the tale...

Phoenix:           (I think he means the witness,

                        Ms. Angel Starr.)

Marshall:           One stab to the chest.

                        A fine piece of work.

Marshall:           This here's the autopsy report.


                        Autopsy report added

                        to the Court Record.


Ema:                            Was my sister involved with

                        the victim in any way?

Marshall:           Funny you should mention

                        that, bambina.

Marshall:           Chief Prospector Skye and

                        Detective Goodman...

                        had nothing in common at all.

Ema:                Nothing in common...?

Marshall:           They apparently worked

                        together on a case a few

                        years back.

Phoenix:           (So... there's no motive!)

Marshall:           Goodman wasn't a particularly

                        gifted detective.

Marshall:           That's one reason why he

                        didn't do much work with

                        the Chief Prospector...

Ema:                But, my sister called the

                        victim here on the day of

                        the murder, right?

Ema:                Here... to this parking lot?

Marshall:           So it seems.

                        Like calling an unarmed man

                        to a shootout at high noon.


                        >Talk: Marshall


Phoenix:           Um, I don't mean any

                        offense, but...

Phoenix:           Officer Marshall, you're a

                        patrolman, right? Not a


Marshall:           You callin' me out? They

                        shoot you for that in Texas.

Phoenix:           Huh?

Marshall:           I was one of them fancy-shoed

                        "Detectives" till two years

                        ago, to tell ya the truth.

Phoenix:           Oh, really?

                        (Now he tells me!)

Ema:                            But, you're a patrolman now.

                        So how can you be in charge

                        of a crime scene?

Marshall:           Nothing gets by you,

                        does it, bambina?

Phoenix:           So, why are you in charge?

Marshall:           No reason. We're just short on

                        hands right now. I'm keeping

                        an eye out in the meantime.

Ema:                            That's odd, though.

Ema:                            Detective Gumshoe was saying

                        he had nothing to do...

                        nothing important, at least.

Marshall:           He's nothing but a sad ol'

                        cowdog, that can't find his


Marshall:           Maybe it's because he runs

                        with that Edgeworth, eh?

Phoenix:           Edgeworth...?

Marshall:           That cowdog's been kicked out

                        of this cattle run... by order

                        of the Chief of Police.

Marshall:           Just, he don't realize it yet.

Phoenix:           (Detective Gumshoe, kicked

                        out of the investigation!?)


                        >Talk: Lana Skye


Ema:                            So there's no connection

                        between Detective Goodman

                        and my sister!

Marshall:           That's correct, but...

Marshall:           There's a goldmine of evidence

                        against her...

Phoenix:           ...!

Marshall:           And the prospector tomorrow

                        is none other than Edgeworth


Marshall:           I'm afraid your sister's fate

                        is decided, bambina.

                        Many condolences.

Ema:                            Officer Marshall!

Marshall:           Yeah, bambina?

Ema:                            H-how can you say that!

Ema:                            You and my sister, you were...

Phoenix:           (Is there something between

                        this cop and her sister that

                        I don't know about?)

Marshall:           ...!

Marshall:           I apologize, bambina.

                        Something must have gotten

                        to me.

Marshall:           Maybe it's that dry wind

                        that's a-blowin' through the

                        Prospector's Office.

Phoenix:           (Dry wind or ill will,

                        someone's up to something

                        here... but who?)


                        >Talk: Office atmosphere


Marshall:           Suspicions about Mr. Edgeworth

                        have been flying around for

                        nearly two years now.

Phoenix:           Forged evidence... arranging

                        testimonies, you name it.

Marshall:           He was unbeatable because

                        he did whatever it took to


Marshall:           Unbeatable that is, until

                        he met you.

Ema:                But rumors are just... rumors,

                        aren't they?

Ema:                These are prosecutors we're

                        talking about! Evidence is

                        everything to them!

Marshall:           If you follow the rumors about

                        Edgeworth to their source, you

                        find one person...

Marshall:           But... they're off limits.

                        Untouchable, you might say.

Phoenix:           One person? Who?

Marshall:           Bambina...It's your sister.

                        Chief Prospector Lana Skye.

Ema:                What!?

                        My sister...?

Marshall:           Edgeworth couldn't rustle

                        all those cattle by himself.

Marshall:           Some people load their guns

                        with bullets, some people load

                        them with "deals."

Phoenix:           What, you're saying Edgeworth

                        was making deals to win


Marshall:           "Where there's gunshots,

                        there's bound to be bullets."

Marshall:           That's what the old-timers


Marshall:           There's a big ol' secret

                        hidden around here somewhere.

                        Everyone knows it.

Phoenix:           (Is that why Detective

                        Gumshoe was taken off

                        the case...?)

Phoenix:           (Did they target him because

                        he was closest to Edgeworth?)


Ema:                So, well, how are we

                        doing, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           I guess we got some


Phoenix:           We have an autopsy report,

                        a note from the victim,

                        and a cell phone...

Ema:                So... you think we'll

                        be okay?

Phoenix:           Well, the only thing still

                        bothering me is that Lana

                        is confessing to the crime.

Phoenix:           She says she did it!

Ema:                No problem!

Ema:                I can guarantee that she's

                        not the criminal.

Phoenix:           Oh by the way, Ema?

Ema:                Yes?

Phoenix:           I know that song your

                        phone plays when it


Ema:                What...?

Cellular:            ...

Cellular:            *beep*

Phoenix:           It's the Steel Samurai theme

                        song, isn't it?

Phoenix:           That popular TV show...

                        for kids?

Ema:                ...!

Phoenix:           The phone that just rang

                        wasn't mine...

Phoenix:           it was yours.

Phoenix:           At 5:18, just after the

                        murder took place...

Phoenix:           Your sister called you,

                        didn't she, Ema?

Ema:                I...I'm sorry!

Phoenix:           Can you tell me what

                        you talked about?

Ema:                I...

                        She hung up right away.

Phoenix:           I see...


                        Cell Phone added

                        to the Court Record.


Phoenix:           A detective is murdered, and

                        the suspect is the top

                        prosecutor in the district.)

Phoenix:           (I've got a bad feeling

                        about this...)

Phoenix:           (Like... maybe I still don't

                        know everything that went on



To be continued.





Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Episode 5, Chapter 2

SilverWind (



Rise from the Ashes

Day 2 – Trial Former


                        February 23, 9:34 AM

                        District Court

                        Defendant Lobby No. 2


Lana:                How did the investigation

                        go yesterday, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           Frankly, there are still a lot

                        of... gray areas.

Ema:                Or rather, the whole thing is

                        one big gray area...

Lana:                Don't worry about me,

                        no matter what the outcome.

Lana:                I'm ready to accept my fate.

Ema:                I believe in you, sis.

Lana:                Mr. Wright, let me offer you

                        a word of advice.

Phoenix:           Yes?

Lana:                A defense attorney should

                        never "believe" their client.

Ema:                ...!

Lana:                The defendant is called to

                        trial because they are

                        suspected of wrongdoing!

Lana:                Never forget that.

Phoenix:           Ms. Skye, you...

Phoenix:           You remind me a lot of Mia.

Phoenix:           But there is one decisive

                        difference between you

                        and her.

Lana:                And that is?

Phoenix:           You're not a defense attorney.

Lana:                ...

                        I believe it's almost time

                        for the trial.

Lana:                Good luck, Mr. Wright.


Phoenix:           (My first trial without

                        a Fey helping me...)

Phoenix:           (No one's going to bail

                        me out this time...)

Phoenix:           (I'll be alone in there...)

Phoenix:           (So I have to discover the

                        truth all by myself!)

Ema:                Let's do it, Mr. Wright!

                        I'll be with you the whole



                        February 23, 10:00 AM

                        District Court

                        Courtroom No. 9


Judge:               The court is now in

                        session for the trial

                        of Ms. Lana Skye.

Phoenix:           The defense is ready,

                        Your Honor.

Edgeworth:        The prosecution has been

                        ready for a while, Your Honor.

Phoenix:           (Edgeworth...)

Phoenix:           (I haven't been in court

                        since Edgeworth's trial...

                        It's been a while now.)

Edgeworth:        I hope that personal feelings

                        will not be a part of the

                        proceedings today, Mr. Wright.

Phoenix:           ...!

Edgeworth:        I will choose the path I think

                        is right, regardless of what

                        those around me might say.

Edgeworth:        The judgment to be made here

                        is in our hands, not those

                        of anyone else.

Judge:               Very well, Mr. Edgeworth, your

                        opening statement please.

Edgeworth:        Chief Prosecutor Lana Skye

                        has committed an unpardonable


Edgeworth:        Not only this, but she was

                        rash enough to commit it in

                        the Prosecutor's Office lot!

Ema:                Wow... He's much more forceful

                        in person.

Ema:                I suddenly feel like

                        confessing to everything!

Edgeworth:        However, she will now pay for

                        her rashness with her life.

Edgeworth:        There was a witness to her


Edgeworth:        A "professional" witness!

Judge:               Well then, call your first

                        witness, Mr. Edgeworth!

Edgeworth:        The prosecution calls its

                        first witness, Ms. Angel

                        Starr, to the stand.

Phoenix:           (The "Cough-up Queen"...?)

Judge:               Hmm?   Haven't I seen you


Angel:               You ordered the Caviar

                        Lunch, right?

Judge:               Ho ho! Caviar!

                        I've never eaten caviar


Phoenix:           (The judge is really

                        wolfing it down...)

Angel:               Ah, and for you... I have

                        a Fiesta Bowl.

Phoenix:           Uh... thanks.

Edgeworth:        Will the witness state

                        her name and profession?

Angel:               Ah, and you, sir...

                        Did you order "The

                        Fingerprint" lunchbox?

Edgeworth:        It is too early for lunch.

                        Your name and profession,


Angel:               ...

Angel:               Well, Your Honor?

                        How does it taste?

Judge:               So this is why everyone raves

                        about caviar!

                        It's so tasty it hurts!

Judge:               I always thought caviar

                        would taste like pickled


Phoenix:           (What the heck does pickled

                        tapioca taste like!?)

Edgeworth:        Name. Profession. Now.

Angel:               Me? The name is Angel Starr.

                        Don't go forgetting it.

Angel:               I find myself running

                        Lunchland these days.

Angel:               Is... that what you wanted

                        me to say, Mr. Edgeworth?

Edgeworth:        Very well, witness.

                        Please describe the incident

                        to us.

Judge:               The prosecution will wait!

                        I'm not finished eating...

Phoenix:           (Hurry it up!)

Judge:               Mmmm...

                        Very well, Mr. Edgeworth.

Judge:               As you know, we usually call

                        on the police to provide a

                        description of the crime...

Angel:               Your Honor, as Mr. Edgeworth

                        has said to the court...

Angel:               I am a... "professional."

Judge:               Uh... Huh?

                        What exactly dose that mean?

Edgeworth:        Until two years ago, Ms.

                        Angel Starr was a special

                        investigator with the police.

Edgeworth:        She was a first-rate

                        homicide detective.

Ema:                Wh-whaaaat!?

                        Ms. Starr was a detective!?

Judge:               ...

Judge:               Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-hah!

Judge:               I-I know who you are!!!


Angel:               Cough-up Queen Angel Starr,

                        Your Honor.

                        Long time no see.

Judge:               V-v-very well!

                        Y-you may continue with

                        the description, Ms. Starr!

Phoenix:           (Just who is this lady!?)

Angel:               If I might have the court's

                        attention over here...

Angel:               The parking lot at the

                        Prosecutor's Office is

                        divided into two blocks.

Angel:               A Block is for the

                        Prosecutor's Office personnel.

Angel:               B Block is for visitors

                        and clients...

Angel:               A chain divider separates

                        the two blocks.

Judge:               I suppose that's to keep

                        visitors from taking up

                        prosecutor's spaces, yes.

Angel:               The crime took place by a

                        car in the back of A Block,

                        in the car's trunk.

Angel:               The killer stabbed the

                        victim with a knife and

                        went to drive the body out.

Angel:               Unfortunately for her there

                        was a witness, and an arrest

                        was made on the spot.

Judge:               And who was this

                        valiant "witness"...?

Angel:               Why, it was me, Your Honor.


                        Floor Plans added to

                        the Court Record.


Judge:               Witness, did you see the

                        very moment of the crime?

Angel:               Of course, Your Honor.

Angel:               Immediately after that,

                        I apprehended the Chief


Judge:               Hmm... It seems rather cut

                        and dry, doesn't it?

Judge:               Well, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           Uh... I can't agree on

                        principle, Your Honor.

Angel:               It seems that some poor

                        losers are unwilling to

                        accept the truth, Your Honor.

Angel:               Shall I proceed to crush what

                        little hope they have


Judge:               If you can...

                        Then give them your worst,

                        Ms. Starr!

Phoenix:           (Wait, are they talking

                        about me...!?)


                        Witness Testimony

                        -- Witness's Account --


Angel:               Somehow, I always knew

                        a day like this would come.

Angel:               I was on my way to deliver

                        a lunchbox to my boyfriend...

Angel:               When I sensed something...

                        perhaps it was my finely-honed

                        detective instincts working.

Angel:               Then, through a wire fence,

                        I saw the chief prosecutor

                        standing next to a garish car.

Angel:               The chief prosecutor was

                        holding a knife in her

                        right hand...

Angel:               Then, she thrust the pointy

                        tip of the knife into

                        Detective Goodman's chest!

Judge:               Hmm... Bringing a lunchbox

                        to your boyfriend?

                        How touching!

Edgeworth:        Hmph. As you can see...

                        There is no room for doubt.

Judge:               The key "point" of your

                        testimony seems to be nothing

                        other than...

Judge:               the point of the knife which

                        you saw being stabbed into

                        Detective Goodman!

Angel:               So... how does it feel

                        to be so utterly crushed?

Phoenix:           I... I'm still thinking

                        about that.

Ema:                I-it's merely a flesh

                        wound, Mr. Wright!

Judge:               Very well, Mr. Wright.

                        You may cross-examine

                        the witness.


                        Cross Examination

                        -- Witness's Account --


Angel:               Somehow, I always knew

                        a day like this would come.




Phoenix:           How did you know!?

Angel:               I respect the prosecutors'

                        basic abhorrence of crime.

Angel:               Yet their methods are

                        ugly and twisted.

Angel:               Twisted methods will

                        always lead to tragedy.

Edgeworth:        The lunchlady's uninformed

                        opinion is duly noted.

Angel:               Given that they are used to

                        erasing inconvenient evidence

                        at their whim...

Angel:               Killing off a detective that

                        knew too much is merely an

                        extension of that.

Edgeworth:        ...

Ema:                Ms. Starr... do you have

                        something personal against


Angel:               I felt that I had found my

                        dream job when I became

                        an investigator...

Angel:               And if I hadn't been laid off

                        by those prosecutors over

                        there, I'd still be one.

Phoenix:           Laid off...?

                        (She was fired...)

Angel:               To me, prosecutors are

                        nothing more than worms.

Angel:               That said, I am a pro, as

                        you know. My testimony is

                        unbiased... and flawless.

Judge:               Very well. You may continue,

                        Ms. Starr.


Angel:               I was on my way to deliver

                        a lunchbox to my boyfriend...




Phoenix:           This boyfriend... he's

                        the detective?

Angel:               Not that boyfriend.

                        The security guard.

Judge:               Th-"that" boyfriend?

                        You have... several?

Angel:               Yes. "This" boyfriend, "that"

                        boyfriend, and "the other"


Angel:               Care to join?

Angel:               The "yet another" boyfriend

                        position is still open for


Judge:               ...

                        I-I'll stick with the

                        lunch, thanks.

Ema:                Note to self: the judge had

                        to think before replying.

Angel:               The security guard room is

                        in the lot, in A Block.

Angel:               It's up on the second level

                        so you can see everything

                        from there.

Phoenix:           (That would be the room

                        with the "SECURITY" sign.)

Phoenix:           Incidentally, did you bring

                        your lunchboxes by car?

Angel:               Since I'm a visitor now,

                        I parked in B Block.

Ema:                So... she was in B Block

                        when she witnessed the crime.


Angel:               When I sensed something...

                        perhaps it was my finely-honed

                        detective instincts working.




Phoenix:           You "sensed" something?

                        So, you're saying you had

                        a premonition of the murder?

Angel:               It felt like... how would

                        you say...

Angel:               Oh yes...

Angel:               It was like the feeling you

                        get when you view a pumpkin

                        chock full of seeds!

Judge:               I have no idea what that means.

Phoenix:           Speaking of a "detective's


Phoenix:           Wasn't the victim,

                        Mr. Bruce Goodman, also

                        a detective?

Angel:               Yes, well, he was like a

                        young cheese.

Judge:               A... young cheese?

Angel:               A pale white cheese, not yet

                        tangy with experience on

                        the streets. A greenhorn.

Judge:               Hmm... I, of course, am hard,

                        yellowed, sharp as a tack.

Ema:                I bet you stink, too.

Angel:               In any case, there, in the

                        lot, I felt something stirring

                        in the back of my mind...


Angel:               Then, through a wire fence,

                        I saw the chief prosecutor

                        standing next to a garish car.




Phoenix:           By "garish car," you mean...

Angel:               Mr. Edgeworth's car, yes.

Judge:               M-Mr. Edgeworth's!?

Angel:               Incidentally, the knife with

                        which the victim was stabbed

                        was also Mr. Edgeworth's.

Angel:               Wasn't it?

Edgeworth:        ...

                        Indeed, it was.

Judge:               Hmm! What an odd case this is.

Judge:               And the person you saw...

                        you are sure it was the


Angel:               I saw her from no further

                        than thirty feet away.

Angel:               I am certain it was her.

Phoenix:           (If she's telling the

                        truth, we're doomed!)

Ema:                Let's just do what we can!

                        Even if we don't have any

                        proof, we can always complain!

Phoenix:           Witness! In your testimony,

                        you clearly stated the


Phoenix:           Prosecutors are nothing

                        more than worms.


Phoenix:           You are a biased witness!

Angel:               You might want to keep those

                        silly opinions to YOURSELF

                        in the future, rookie.

Phoenix:           Huh? Rookie?

Angel:               Unless you're willing to

                        risk the consequences of

                        doubting me?

Angel:               I'll fry you like a fritter!

                        Crispy on the outside...

                        chewy on the inside!!!

Judge:               That... That was inspiring!

Ema:                I believe I've heard that

                        tag line elsewhere... you

                        could cry plagiarism?

Angel:               I may be relegated to the

                        lowly post of lunchlady...

                        But my instincts are honed!

Judge:               A-a photograph!

                        You took this!?

Angel:               The moment I witnessed the

                        crime, my reflexes took over

                        and snap! I took a picture.

Angel:               In fact...

                        One of my lunchboxes is

                        rigged with a camera.

Phoenix:           (I suppose that's more

                        exciting than just hanging

                        it around your neck.)

Edgeworth:        Er... this is my first time

                        seeing this photograph.

Angel:               You think I'd show it to you,

                        a prosecutor? Think again.

Edgeworth:        ...!

Angel:               My boyfriend works in the

                        photography division of

                        Criminal Affairs.

Judge:               Well... This is most certainly

                        the defendant!


                        Crime Photo added to

                        the Court Record.


Phoenix:           (Uh oh, that is unmistakably

                        Lana Skye!)

Edgeworth:        So, what was the defendant

                        doing at the time?


Angel:               The chief prosecutor was

                        holding a knife in her

                        right hand....




Phoenix:           Tell me more about this

                        knife that the suspect

                        was carrying.

Angel:               Well, I'd say the blade was

                        about 10 centimeters long.

Angel:               Is that right, Mr. Edgeworth?

                        It is your knife, after all.

Edgeworth:        Er... Ahem, yes, that's

                        about right.

Angel:               Prosecutors are, by nature,

                        well-versed in the location

                        of a man's vital organs.

Angel:               I'm sure it was easier than

                        boiling an egg for my egg

                        salad surprise set.

Phoenix:           Y-you can't testify as to

                        her ability to kill an egg!

                        I mean, a person!

Angel:               Hmm? Perhaps a chicken salad

                        set would have been

                        a better metaphor?

Edgeworth:        So, the defendant was holding

                        a knife. What then?


Angel:               Then, she thrust the pointy

                        tip of the knife into

                        Detective Goodman's chest!




Phoenix:           Tell the court why you didn't

                        try to stop this crime!

Phoenix:           You did see her raise

                        the knife to strike, no?

Judge:               Hmm...

                        The defense has a point.

Angel:               Unfortunately, by the time

                        I realized what was going

                        on, it was already too late.

Phoenix:           Too late...?

Angel:               Yes... the next moment...

                        The chief prosecutor brought

                        down the murder weapon!

Phoenix:           I... I see.


Ema:                I-it's only a flesh wound,

                        Mr. Wright! We can make it!

Phoenix:           You said that before.

                        Anything else?

Ema:                Scientifically speaking...

                        Ms. Starr's testimony...

                        is flawless.

Phoenix:           (Sounds pretty fatal to me.)

Ema:                Wh-what do we do!? Is this it?

                        Is my sister guilty!?

Phoenix:           Let's just keep our heads

                        cool and press the witness

                        a bit, shall we?

Phoenix:           (For some reason, having her

                        panicking next to me makes

                        me calmer...)

Ema:                D-don't smile like that!



Angel:               Then, she thrust the pointy

                        tip of the knife into

                        Detective Goodman's chest!


                        >Present: Crime Photo


Phoenix:           And you witnessed this?

Phoenix:           You saw Ms. Skye stab the

                        victim with the knife?

Angel:               As I've already said, yes!

                        I swear it on my finest

                        "Salmon Swirl" lunch!

Judge:               Hmm!!!

                        I'm sure that is a fine lunch!

Phoenix:           But... isn't that odd?

                        Look at this photograph!

Phoenix:           This is the photograph

                        you took of the very moment

                        of the crime, is it not?

Phoenix:           Then why is Ms. Skye not

                        holding a knife!?

Angel:               ...

Edgeworth:        ...

Judge:               ... Ahem.

Judge:               Mr. Edgeworth, your


Edgeworth:        Objection.

Phoenix:           Let's be a little

                        more careful with

                        our evidence, shall we?

Edgeworth:        It is you that needs to

                        be more careful, Mr. Wright!

Judge:               What do you mean,

                        Mr. Edgeworth?

Edgeworth:        This photograph was not

                        taken the moment before

                        the stabbing...

Edgeworth:        This was taken the moment

                        AFTER the stabbing!

Phoenix:           OBJECTION!

Phoenix:           H-how can you tell that!?

Angel:               Blood splatter.

Phoenix:           Huh?

Angel:               See the dark crimson stain

                        on the Chief Prosecutor's


Phoenix:           (It's a black-and-white


Judge:               Ah... yes, it's hard to

                        tell, but this could be blood.

Edgeworth:        Well, Mr. Wright?

                        I see no problem here.

Edgeworth:        No problem... except you.

Ema:                Mr. Wright! Are you going

                        to just sit there and take

                        that kind of abuse!?

Phoenix:           (Argh... You got a better





                        B>No problem!



Answer: No problem!


Phoenix:           Now that you mention it,

                        I see no problem here.

Phoenix:           Other than myself.

Ema:                M-Mr. Wright! You can't just

                        let him walk all over you!

                        Th-that's just sad!

Angel:               Feeling sad, Mr. Wright?

                        Perhaps a special "Lover's

                        Lunchbox" would cheer you up?

Judge:               Well, that was a waste

                        of time.

Judge:               Let's continue with

                        the testimony.

Phoenix:           (Perhaps I should have

                        dug a little deeper...)



Answer: Objection!


Phoenix:           Wait! That contradicts

                        what the witness said

                        in her testimony!

Phoenix:           Namely, that she took the

                        picture the "moment"

                        she witnessed the crime!

Angel:               Well, it seems I was

                        slightly unclear.

                        My apologies.

Phoenix:           ...

Angel:               ...

Phoenix:           Th-that's it!?

Angel:               If you run out of lunch,

                        you order seconds. Problem


Angel:               If you don't like it, try

                        ordering the jumbo sized

                        lunch from the get-go!

Ema:                Good advice.

                        I'm not sure I understood

                        it, but... good advice.

Angel:               I didn't have time to

                        stop her.

Angel:               Prosecutor Skye was cold,

                        calculating, like a robot.

Angel:               She killed without pain

                        or remorse! It was a

                        premeditated murder!

Phoenix:           P-premeditated!?

                        How do you know!?

Edgeworth:        Look at the chief prosecutor's

                        hands in that photograph.

Judge:               Well...!

                        Are those... gloves?

Edgeworth:        Surgical gloves made of thin

                        rubber, most likely. Why

                        would she have those on?

Phoenix:           Uh...

Edgeworth:        If it was not premeditated,

                        she would not be wearing

                        those gloves!

Phoenix:           Waaaaaargh!

Judge:               These gloves do seem to

                        tell a tale of premeditation!

Angel:               Premeditated murder...

                        a serious offense.

Judge:               Witness! Add this to your



Angel:               The murder was planned!

                        The rubber gloves prove it!




Phoenix:           What if she was just in

                        the habit of wearing gloves?

                        Like, driving gloves?

Edgeworth:        OBJECTION!

Edgeworth:        The gloves were admitted as

                        evidence when the defendant

                        was arrested!

Edgeworth:        They were rubber gloves, of

                        the kind used for autopsies!

Angel:               In other words, when the

                        chief prosecutor came to the

                        crime scene...

Angel:               She came to do murder!

                        It's the only possible

                        conclusion one can make.

Angel:               Everything was planned, it

                        was a premeditated crime!

Phoenix:           Arrrrgh!

Judge:               Impressive! I'm sorry they

                        took you off the force,

                        Ms. Starr!

Phoenix:           (This is bad...)

Phoenix:           (She's got them thinking

                        this was all planned...)

Phoenix:           (If she can prove this claim,

                        the trial's already over!)

Phoenix:           (I've got to think of a way

                        to show that this wasn't



Angel:               The murder was planned!

                        The rubber gloves prove it!


                        >Present: Edgeworth's Knife


Phoenix:           Witness, do you know

                        what this is?

Angel:               Are you trying to test me?

                        I sell box lunches for

                        a living, you know.

Angel:               That's a knife. THE knife.

Angel:               The knife that was in

                        Mr. Edgeworth's trunk!

Edgeworth:        Indeed, it is my knife.


                        What's with this case!?


                        The bloody murder weapon

                        a red car... all belonging to

                        the prosecutor there!?


                        The defendant is the chief

                        prosecutor for the district,



                        Mommy, are prosecutors

                        bad people?


Phoenix:           The defense has a request.

Phoenix:           We ask that the witness

                        provide an ACCURATE testimony.

Angel:               What's that, Rookie?

Phoenix:           In your testimony...

Phoenix:           You stated that Lana Skye

                        planned this murder.

Phoenix:           And that's why she was

                        wearing those special gloves.

Judge:               Seems like a natural

                        conclusion to me! The gloves

                        do indicate planning...

Phoenix:           However!

Phoenix:           Why would she not also

                        prepare the most important

                        thing... the murder weapon!?

Angel:               Oh.

Phoenix:           This knife just happened to

                        be in the trunk of that car.

Phoenix:           Ladies and gentlemen, if

                        you're going to plan a murder,

                        you don't forget the weapon!

Angel:               Ugh... Woooooooorrrgh!

Judge:               Order! Order! Order!

Phoenix:           (Great! Now the tide is

                        turning in our favor!)

Ema:                Great show, Mr. Wright!

                        My sister's as good as free!

Edgeworth:        Wright.

Edgeworth:        I believe the next lunch

                        you'll be eating is...

                        humble pie!

Phoenix:           W-what!?

Edgeworth:        I hope you weren't deluding

                        yourself into thinking that

                        the "tide has turned."

Edgeworth:        Not over such a trifling


Phoenix:           B-but this shoots a hole in

                        the whole premeditated theory!

Edgeworth:        Bah!

Edgeworth:        The prosecution could care

                        less if it was premeditated

                        or not.

Edgeworth:        The only one who seems to

                        care is that lunchlady over


Angel:               !

Edgeworth:        The defendant, Lana Skye,

                        murdered a detective with

                        a knife.

Edgeworth:        That is the only thing the

                        prosecution need prove.

                        Nothing else.

Angel:               Very good, Mr. Prosecutor...

                        I suppose you think you're

                        clever now?

Angel:               But you know as well a I do

                        that she planned on killing

                        him! It was planned!

Angel:               If it wasn't, why would she

                        have been wearing...

Judge:               I believe I'd like to hear

                        your testimony again.

Edgeworth:        Witness, please tell us only

                        what you "saw," not what

                        you "thought."

Angel:               How dare you!

Angel:               My powers of deduction are

                        not to be underestimated!

Phoenix:           (Really now...)


Witness Testimony

-- Angel's Deduction --


Angel:               Lana Skye intended to

                        murder Detective Goodman!

Angel:               That's why she called the

                        victim all the way to the

                        Prosecutor's Office.

Angel:               I'm sure the Chief Prosecutor

                        had a grudge against the


Angel:               Nothing else could drive that

                        human machine to plunge the

                        knife in again and again...


Judge:               The victim was summoned from

                        the Police Department to the

                        Prosecutor's Office..

Judge:               It does sound a lot like

                        premeditation, doesn't it!?

Ema:                So, if I order pizza, does

                        that mean I'm planning

                        to kill the delivery boy?

Judge:               In any case, the defense may

                        now cross-examine the witness.


Cross Examination

-- Angel's Deduction --


Angel:               Lana Skye intended to

                        murder Detective Goodman!




Phoenix:           You've said that, but you

                        haven't told us how you know!

Angel:               That's what I'm about

                        to tell you, Rookie!

Judge:               I believe what she just said

                        was a mere prelude to the

                        story she is about to tell.

Judge:               Try not to interrupt her


Angel:               Rookie...

Angel:               Never interrupt a storyteller!

                        It's like pulling a bun out

                        of the oven half-baked!

Phoenix:           (Something's half-baked

                        here alright, and it's you!)

Edgeworth:        Try not to confuse the

                        defense, witness. They're

                        not very quick on their feet.

Edgeworth:        Now, why did you believe

                        the suspect had intentions

                        to murder the victim?

Angel:               Her actions speak for



Angel:               That's why she called the

                        victim all the way to the

                        Prosecutor's Office.




Phoenix:           You have no proof that

                        Ms. Skye called him there!

Angel:               You have no proof that

                        she didn't!

Judge:               Hmm... Mr. Edgeworth, thoughts?

Edgeworth:        There is no record of a call

                        mad on the defendant, Ms.

                        Lana Skye's phone.

Angel:               She might have written him

                        a letter!

Phoenix:           (C'mon! You could have tried

                        "public phone" first, at least!)

Edgeworth:        In any case, the victim came

                        to the Prosecutor's Office,

                        where he was murdered.

Judge:               I'm sure he had a reason

                        to be there.

Judge:               Witness?

Judge:               Why do you think it was

                        the suspect who summoned

                        the victim that day?


Angel:               I'm sure the Chief Prosecutor

                        had a grudge against the





Phoenix:           What kind of "grudge"!?

Angel:               Well, I wouldn't know that.

Phoenix:           Of course you don't!

                        That's because she didn't

                        have a grudge!

Angel:               Rookie...

Angel:               I have a lunchbox here.

                        Now... what's inside?

Phoenix:           H-how am I supposed to know!?

Angel:               See? We agree there is a

                        lunchbox here, but we don't

                        know what's inside!

Angel:               A person's life is like

                        a lunchbox with pretzels.

                        Don't you agree?

Judge:               I-I get it! That's why my

                        lunch was so salty!

Phoenix:           (This judge isn't very

                        good with metaphors...)

Edgeworth:        The suspect had a grudge

                        against Detective Goodman.

Edgeworth:        Will you tell us your

                        basis for thinking this?

Angel:               It's simple...


Angel:               Nothing else could drive that

                        human machine to plunge the

                        knife in again and again...




Phoenix:           A "human machine"!?

                        That's a contradiction!

Edgeworth:        OBJECTION!

Edgeworth:        Please...

Edgeworth:        Can't you find fault with

                        something of substance,

                        Mr. Wright?

Ema:                Note to self: Mr. Edgeworth's

                        sighs smell like citrus fruit.

Phoenix:           Umm...

Phoenix:           You say "again and again"...

                        how many times did she stab

                        him, exactly?

Angel:               We often say "chop into a

                        thousand pieces," but we don't

                        actually mean 1,000 pieces.

Angel:               What difference does it make

                        if the deed is done!?

Phoenix:           (How come she's getting mad

                        at me!?)

Judge:               Let's just say she stabbed

                        him several times and leave

                        it at that.

Phoenix:           (Leave it at that!? This

                        is a murder case, people!)

Ema:                Mr. Wright, you should speak

                        up if you have an objection,

                        you know!


Phoenix:           (Ms. Starr has turned out to

                        be as short-tempered as she

                        looked when we met her.)

Phoenix:           (Challenging her abilities

                        as a detective really set

                        her off!)

Ema:                The short wick burns

                        out the fastest!

                        It's a scientific fact!

Phoenix:           I wonder... wouldn't it

                        depend on the size of the


Phoenix:           I mean, add more wax and

                        even a really short wick

                        will burn longer...

Ema:                ...

Ema:                Obviously, more scientific

                        testing is required!


Angel:               Nothing else could drive that

                        human machine to plunge the

                        knife in again and again...


                        >Present: Goodman's Autopsy Report


Phoenix:           You say she stabbed him

                        again and again...

Phoenix:           But you couldn't have

                        witnessed that!

Angel:               Are you testing me...?

                        Then I'll test you!

Angel:               With my Moss Surprise!!!

Edgeworth:        I'm afraid the moss is

                        growing under our feet as

                        we wait, Ms. Starr.

Angel:               ...!?

Judge:               W-what do you mean?

Edgeworth:        I shouldn't have to explain


                        But, take a look.

Edgeworth:        The autopsy report states that

                        death was due to a loss of

                        blood... from one stab wound.

Judge:               Ah hah! You're right!

                        Good show, Mr. Edgeworth!

Ema:                What a hunk!

                        He's my hero, really.

Phoenix:           (What about my objection?

                        No one noticed?)

Judge:               Well, witness?

Angel:               You got the Crime

                        Scene Set, right?

Judge:               Uh... oh, thanks.

Angel:               I always believed that no one

                        could ever mistake ketchup

                        for blood....

Angel:               But now, I realize that such

                        mistakes are possible.

Edgeworth:        So...

                        You're saying you mistook

                        something... for blood?

Angel:               When she lifted her knife, I

                        thought I saw blood at her


Angel:               Splattered blood from her


Angel:               That's why I thought she

                        must have stabbed him at

                        least twice.

Judge:               Then tell us what you saw that

                        you thought was blood! Testify!

Angel:               ...


Angel:               Her red muffler looked like

                        blood to me... that's how

                        ghastly the whole scene was.




Phoenix:           Her red muffler?

Angel:               Yes, like a scarf. The Chief

                        Prosecutor always wears one

                        around her neck.

Angel:               So she can be easily

                        hanged at a moment's

                        notice, I suppose...

Phoenix:           (She's right...)

Phoenix:           (Ms. Skye was wearing a

                        red scarf... wasn't she?)

Phoenix:           But wait...

Phoenix:           Isn't it odd that you mistook

                        that for splattered blood?

Angel:               ...

Judge:               Well, people often mistake

                        my beard...

Judge:               For a bib.

Phoenix:           (A judge with a bib. That's

                        why this place feels so much

                        like kindergarten sometimes.)

Angel:               Actually...

Angel:               I do think I saw some traces

                        of blood on her chest...

Edgeworth:        However, the autopsy report is

                        clear on this matter.

Edgeworth:        There was only one knife


Angel:               ...

Phoenix:           (Apparently, Ms. Starr isn't

                        entirely sure of her own


Ema:                Mr. Wright!

                        This is our chance!!!

Phoenix:           Chance for what, I wonder...?


Angel:               Her red muffler looked like

                        blood to me... that's how

                        ghastly the whole scene was.


                        >Present: Crime Photo


Phoenix:           Ms. Starr! I demand

                        an explanation...

Edgeworth:        OBJECTION!

Edgeworth:        The witness is clearly not

                        suited for detective work.

Angel:               W-what!?

Edgeworth:        The suspect was not wearing

                        a scarf or muffler of any kind

                        when she stabbed the victim.

Edgeworth:        And you've proved it yourself!

                        With this photograph!

Angel:               Huh? B-but that...

                        That can't be!

Edgeworth:        Only a true professional

                        could be so clueless.

Edgeworth:        I'm sure you'll make a good

                        lunchlady, have no fear.

Judge:               Hmm!

                        Harsh words! But good!

Ema:                In the end, Mr. Edgeworth


Phoenix:           (What was my objection,

                        chopped liver!?)

Angel:               B-but it was there, a scarf,

                        no, not that, but something

                        red! Really!

Edgeworth:        Well now, where were we?

Edgeworth:        The witness has given us

                        an entertaining interlude,

                        now back to business.

Angel:               Wh-what!?

Judge:               Very well, witness,

                        continue your testimony.

Judge:               You saw the crime, and

                        apprehended the suspect...

Judge:               Tell us about that.

Angel:               ......

                        Very well.

Angel:               I do remember some things

                        accurately, at least.

Phoenix:           (Ultimately, we couldn't

                        shake the most important

                        part of her testimony.)

Ema:                The most important part...?

Phoenix:           The part where your sister

                        stabs the victim!

Phoenix:           (This next testimony might

                        just be the moment of truth!)


                        Witness Testimony

                        -- Apprehending the Suspect --


Angel:               After the murder, the suspect

                        attempted to run behind a

                        partition off to her side.

Angel:               I quickly caught her,

                        explained her rights to her,

                        and arrested her on the spot.

Angel:               Ah, yes. When I arrested her,

                        she mentioned the muffler!

Angel:               That's what had me confused

                        in my earlier testimony!

Angel:               The chief prosecutor made to

                        escape, but against Angel

                        Starr, resistance is futile!


Judge:               You are quite determined

                        about this scarf, aren't you?

Angel:               I strike like a snake

                        and bite like a cobra!

Angel:               That's me. Angel Starr.

Phoenix:           That wasn't a very good

                        metaphor. First of all, a

                        cobra is a kind of snake.

Angel:               Don't bother me with details,

                        unless you want to get bitten!

Phoenix:           N-no thanks!

Ema:                Note to self: Attorney

                        Wright gets bitten by


Angel:               The chief prosecutor tried

                        to resist, but her efforts

                        were in vain.

Angel:               She knocked my hands aside,

                        kicked over an oil drum...

Phoenix:           O-oil drum?

                        (Hard to imagine...)

Angel:               Oh, she's beautiful, but

                        deadly! A predator, this one!

                        A leopard woman! Rowr!

Judge:               Very well, Mr. Wright.

                        Your cross-examination,

                        if you will.


                        Cross Examination

                        -- Apprehending the Suspect --


Angel:               After the murder, the suspect

                        attempted to run behind a

                        partition off to her side.




Phoenix:           So where is this "partition"

                        on the floor plans?

Edgeworth:        I'm sure she means this

                        wall next to the car.

Phoenix:           (That's right...)

Phoenix:           (There was a wall there...

                        about 6 feet high.)

Angel:               She was obviously trying

                        to hide herself.

Angel:               Quite a natural thing for a

                        criminal to do!

Edgeworth:        And what did you do then?


Angel:               I quickly caught her,

                        explained her rights to her,

                        and arrested her on the spot.




Phoenix:           You say "quickly"... were

                        you close to the suspect?

Angel:               As I just said!

Angel:               I was only 30 feet away

                        from here the whole time.

Phoenix:           (Hmm... maybe I should

                        press her for more details?)



                        A>Leave her alone

                        B>Press her



Answer: Leave her alone


Phoenix:           (How far away was she when

                        she witnessed the murder?)

Phoenix:           (I guess I could just look

                        at the picture to find out.)

Phoenix:           Very well, you may continue

                        with your testimony.



Answer: Press her


Phoenix:           I'd like to see this on

                        the floor plans, just to

                        be safe.

Phoenix:           The Lunchland car was...

Edgeworth:        She was a "visitor," thus,

                        she was parked in B Block.

Phoenix:           So, you witnessed the

                        murder from... here?

Judge:               That would make it about

                        30 feet from the car, yes.

Phoenix:           Is that correct, Ms. Starr?

Angel:               Y-yes, that's right.

Judge:               But, there was a chain link

                        fence in front of you...?

Angel:               I went over it, of course.

Judge:               Amazing! The Cough-up Queen,

                        lunchlady athlete, indeed.

Ema:                It would have taken her

                        a little time to climb

                        over the fence.

Ema:                So she couldn't have gotten

                        to my sister THAT fast...

Phoenix:           (Yeah, that fence was about

                        nine feet high, too.)

Phoenix:           (How come Ms. Skye didn't

                        get away?)


Angel:               When I arrested her, she

                        mentioned the muffler!




Phoenix:           She mentioned the muffler?

                        What exactly did she say?

Angel:               If I remembered exactly

                        I would have told you in

                        my testimony!

Phoenix:           (Cheeky!)

Angel:               Anyway, all I heard her

                        say was the word "muffler."

Judge:               Just that one word?

Edgeworth:        So... what you heard wasn't

                        the suspect talking to you,

                        but to someone else?

Angel:               Yes. The chief prospector

                        was talking on her phone!

Phoenix:           (Her phone? You mean...

                        this cell phone?)



                        A>Ask further

                        B>Leave it be



Answer: Leave it be


Phoenix:           (Ms. Skye's cell phone...)

Phoenix:           (The last number she called

                        was her sister, Ema!)

Phoenix:           (Hmm... if I press this too

                        hard, who knows who the

                        snake will bite...?)

Edgeworth:        The witness may continue

                        with her testimony.



Answer: Ask further


Phoenix:           By phone... do you mean

                        this cell phone, discovered

                        at the crime scene?

Angel:               Yes, ultimately.

Edgeworth:        Ultimately?

Angel:               My memory...

                        It's like a salmon, heading

                        upstream, you see.

Judge:               N-no, the court doesn't

                        see, Ms. Starr.

Angel:               The chief prosecutor first

                        attempted to use the phone

                        hanging on the wall.

Judge:               On the wall?

Phoenix:           (That's right! Near the car...

                        there was an emergency

                        phone on the wall!)

Angel:               Apparently, it was out

                        of order.

Judge:               And so she used her

                        cell phone?

Edgeworth:        Indeed, the emergency phone

                        was out of order that day.

Judge:               Hmm. Good witnessing, witness!

Phoenix:           (Good witnessing? What ever

                        happened to good testifying?)

Judge:               You should of course add

                        this to your testimony.

Angel:               The things I do to please

                        this rookie defense attorney.


                        Cell phone updated in

                        the Court Record.


Angel:               That's what had me confused

                        in my earlier testimony!




Phoenix:           So, you never saw this


Angel:               ...!

Judge:               Witness?

Edgeworth:        As the photograph proves,

                        she couldn't have seen it.

Angel:               ...

                        That's true.

Ema:                Ms. Starr...

                        is acting strangely.

Ema:                First she mistakes a scarf

                        for splattered blood...

Ema:                And now she says she didn't

                        see any scarf!

Phoenix:           (She doesn't strike me as

                        the kind of witness to make

                        careless mistakes, either...)

Phoenix:           (I'm sure she saw something

                        red... but what!?)


Angel:               The chief prosecutor made to

                        escape, but against Angel

                        Starr, resistance is futile!




Phoenix:           She "made to escape"...

                        Can you be more specific?

Angel:               She brushed aside my hand

                        and ran!

Angel:               It was a terrible sight to

                        see, like a dollop of lard

                        on a pate of foie gras!

Phoenix:           (Huh?)

Angel:               She even kicked over an oil

                        drum at me!

Phoenix:           A-an oil drum!?

Judge:               There was an oil drum lying

                        on its side at the scene

                        of the crime.

Edgeworth:        But, it's strange...

Judge:               Hmm? What's that?

Edgeworth:        If she wanted to escape...

                        why didn't she run the

                        other way?

Judge:               The other... ah!

                        The car entrance!

Ema:                Th-that's right!

Ema:                It doesn't make any sense that

                        she would run from behind the

                        partition to the oil drums!

Angel:               ...

Ema:                Excellent! More mysteries!

Phoenix:           I wish we could solve a few

                        before finding more, though...


Phoenix:           (So Ms. Skye tried to run?)

Ema:                I'm sorry my sister is

                        so suspicious, Mr. Wright...

Phoenix:           Not as sorry as I am.

Ema:                But she didn't do it!

                        You have to believe me!


Angel:               She gave up trying to use

                        the phone on the wall and

                        just used her cell phone!




Phoenix:           Um... do you think you could

                        restate your testimony for

                        the court?

Judge:               Ah hah! I was going to

                        ask the same thing!

Angel:               I'll only say this one time,

                        so listen close, Rookies.

Angel:               The chief prosecutor stabbed

                        the victim, and ran behind

                        the partition.

Angel:               Then she picked up the

                        emergency phone on the

                        wall, but it was out of order.

Angel:               So she pulled her own

                        cell phone out of her


Judge:               And during that time, you

                        climbed over the chain link


Angel:               Then, when I boldly grabbed