Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Episode 5, Chapter 3

SilverWind (



Rise from the Ashes

Day 2 Trial Latter


                        February 23, 11:56 AM

                        District Court

                        Defendant Lobby No. 2


Ema:                Um... Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           Huh? What?

Ema:                Are trials... always like

                        this with you?

Ema:                Like you're swimming up

                        from the bottom of a lake,

                        about to reach the surface...

Ema:                But no matter how hard

                        you paddle you never

                        seem to get there...

Phoenix:           Pretty much.

Phoenix:           Except today we're swimming

                        in quicksand.

Phoenix:           So what happened to your

                        sister, anyway?

Ema:                Apparently she got called

                        off to the judge's chambers.

Phoenix:           Hmm... Probably something to

                        do with that piece of cloth.

Ema:                So! This is where we turn

                        this trial around, right?

Ema:                Our only weapon, a tiny,

                        insignificant piece of cloth!

Phoenix:           I'm the one who's starting

                        to feel tiny and insignificant

                        to tell the truth.

???:                  Hola, Pardner!

Marshall:           They say you show a red

                        cloth to a bull, it'll

                        fire up its temper!

Marshall:           That's what they told me

                        when I was a young'un,

                        at least.

Ema:                Officer Marshall!

Marshall:           Thought I'd come take a look-

                        see at how the trial's going.

                        Looks like I'm late.

Marshall:           They've got the place locked

                        down tighter than a fort in

                        enemy territory!

Phoenix:           What is going on over

                        there, anyway?

Phoenix:           All the police I've seen

                        these last two days have

                        been really on edge.

Marshall:           Don't you got enough on your

                        plate without worrying about

                        other people, compadre?

Marshall:           You could be worrying about

                        the chief prosecutor's taste

                        in mufflers, for example.

Ema:                Um... Officer Marshall?

Ema:                The whole "muffler" thing

                        didn't have anything to

                        do with scarves...

Ema:                She wasn't even wearing

                        a scarf!

Marshall:           You don't say?

                        Now don't that just beat all.

Ema:                ...?

Marshall:           I've seen the red breeze

                        blow at her slender neck

                        many a time...

Marshall:           I saw it that day, too.

                        She was wearing a red muffler.

Ema:                What!?

Marshall:           At the awards ceremony that

                        afternoon. Edgeworth's seen

                        it too, I'd reckon.

Phoenix:           (What does that mean!?)

Phoenix:           (In the photograph taken at

                        the crime scene...

                        she wasn't wearing a scarf!)

Ema:                So, Ms. Starr wasn't


Marshall:           Well, it's about time.

Marshall:           Remember, pardner, sometimes

                        you gotta grab the bull by

                        the horns...

Marshall:           and sometimes you just gotta

                        let that bull go where it

                        will. Time will tell!

Phoenix:           (Ugh... I have a bad

                        feeling about this.)

Ema:                So... what are we swimming

                        in now, Mr. Wright?

Marshall:           If it's steak sauce, I can

                        hook you up with some

                        fine ribs! Ooh-wee!


                        February 23, 12:32 PM

                        District Court

                        Courtroom No. 9


Judge:               I'd... like to... resume...?

Phoenix:           (What's up? The judge keeps

                        looking over at the


Judge:               Is something wrong,

                        Mr. Edgeworth?

Judge:               Your face is blue, your

                        lips are purple, you're

                        sweating bullets...

Judge:               That furrowed brow, those

                        grinding teeth, those watery


Judge:               What's more your eyes are

                        unfocused, you're doubled

                        over, your back is bent...

Edgeworth:        It... can't... be!!

                        This... can't... happen!

Ema:                I wonder what happened

                        to Mr. Edgeworth?

Judge:               Well then, I believe it is

                        time we continued on with

                        this trial.

Judge:               During our recess I had

                        requested that the prosecution

                        conduct an investigation...

Edgeworth:        Th-this is unacceptable!

Judge:               Hmm...

                        It seems our prosecutor

                        is quite beside himself.

???:                  Ah, er, excuse me.

                        Knock knock?

Judge:               ...?

                        Who's there?

Phoenix:           (What's with this guy?)

Phoenix:           (A strange, stuffy aura seems

                        to be filling the courtroom.)

Ema:                Hey! The temperature rose 5.7

                        degrees when that man came in!

Phoenix:           (Who on earth is he...?)

Judge:               Ah, it's you...

???:                  Oh! Oh, heh heh.

???:                  Sorry I'm late, Udgey!

                        The roads were packed.

                        It's just me!

???:                  Long time no see, eh, Udgey?

                        How ya been? Swim much

                        these days!

Judge:               Ah! Hello, hello.

                        No, I've been so busy...

???:                  Busy! Busy-smizzy, Udgey,

                        my boy! You have to make

                        time to relax!

Judge:               Y-yes, indeed.

Ema:                Udgey... seems to

                        be his nickname for

                        the judge...?

Phoenix:           I'm afraid you're right.

                        Very afraid.

Phoenix:           Um... sorry, but...

                        who are you?

???:                  Ah hah! So you're Wrighto!

                        The attorney! I've heard

                        good things about you, son!

Phoenix:           Eh? Uh, th-thanks...?

???                   So sorry about our little

                        Worthy giving you all

                        that trouble, eh?

???:                  You know, we should all

                        go swimming together

                        sometime! Jolly!

Phoenix:           Little...

                        Little Worthy...?

Judge:               Mr. Wright!

Judge:               You don't know the district

                        Chief of Police!?

Phoenix:           Chuh....?

                        Chief of Police...!?

Judge:               He's the top ranking police

                        officer in the entire


Gant:                Name's Gant, Damon Gant.

                        Pleased to meet you,


Judge:               So, uh, to what do we

                        owe this honor today?

Judge:               It's been over... two years

                        since you last came to this

                        courtroom, hasn't it?

Gant:                Well, it's Worthy, here.

                        Look at the poor fellow!

Gant:                I just thought I'd help out...

                        by bringing this.

Phoenix:           Hey! Th-that's...!

Ema:                My sister's muffler!

Phoenix:           (So Ms. Starr wasn't just

                        seeing things!)

Phoenix:           (When the crime occurred,

                        Ms. Skye really was

                        wearing that muffler!)

Gant:                But to think that it was

                        stuffed into that exhaust


Gant:                On little Worthy's car,

                        no less!

Gant:                It's really quite

                        embarrassing, even for us.

Judge:               Wh-what's this!?

Gant:                It's what you'd call

                        a switchblade knife.

                        Quite perplexing, this.

Edgeworth:        Objection!

Edgeworth:        Chief!

Edgeworth:        What kind of outfit are

                        you running!?

Judge:               M-Mr. Edgeworth!

Edgeworth:        How could they miss such

                        a vital piece of evidence!?

Edgeworth:        If your investigators are

                        this lax, how do you expect

                        us to do our job?

Gant:                N-now wait a minute,


Edgeworth:        I've no desire to hear your


Gant:                I'm telling you to wait!

                        Or didn't you hear me?

Edgeworth:        ...!

Gant:                Have a look at this document,

                        where it says "person in

                        charge of investigation"...

Gant:                There's no mistaking that

                        signature... Miles Edgeworth?

Edgeworth:        Th-that's no fair! The day

                        of the crime, I-I had...

Gant:                Your head in the clouds

                        because you got that award!

                        I know how you feel...

Gant:                But you're the person

                        in charge.

                        I'll expect a written apology.

Edgeworth:        What? Are you serious!?

Gant:                Don't be too upset, we'll

                        find a way to clean up

                        this mess... that you made.

Edgeworth:        ...!

Ema:                This is the first time I've

                        seen Mr. Edgeworth at a loss

                        for words...

Judge:               This kind of major blunder

                        is unlike you Mr. Edgeworth.

Edgeworth:        Gah...!

Judge:               The court accepts this

                        new evidence.

Judge:               But, I'd like to ask

                        the defense a favor first.

Phoenix:           Y-yes?

Judge:               Just to be sure...

Judge:               I'd like to take a look at

                        the blade of this knife.

Phoenix:           The b-blade, Your Honor?

                        Well, I don't see why not...

Judge:               Could you open it up for

                        me, I wonder?

Phoenix:           Yes, well. I think all you

                        have to do is push that

                        switch, and...

Judge:               If I cut my finger Mr. Wright,

                        I wouldn't be able to pound

                        my gavel anymore.

Phoenix:           (Yeah. But if I cut my finger,

                        I wouldn't be able to point

                        it at people anymore...)

Ema:                Come on! Just hurry up and

                        open it!


                        >Examine: Switchblade Knife

                        >Examine: Switch


Ema:                Waaah!

                        D-don't scare me like that!

Phoenix:           I'm the one who's scared!

Ema:                Look at this knife blade...

                        the tip is broken off.

Phoenix:           (And this dark red stain...



                        Switchblade Knife added

                        to the Court Record.


Edgeworth:        This does not excuse the

                        actions of the Police


Edgeworth:        I would like to hear

                        an explanation from the

                        Chief of Police himself!

Judge:               I'm terribly sorry, but

                        could I ask you to testify

                        for us?

Judge:               About the split between the

                        prosecutors and the police...

                        and this knife.

Gant:                Sure! Sure thing.

                        Not a problem, not even

                        a little one! Really!


                        Witness Testimony

                        -- Department in Disorder --


Gant:                This knife is special...

                        but I can't say how here.

Gant:                Unless there's evidence to

                        prove a connection between

                        this knife and Goodman...

Gant:                That was a bad day for the

                        Department. We weren't in any

                        shape to do an investigation.

Gant:                A detective was killed

                        at the Police Department,

                        see... what a mess!

Gant:                The time of the crime? 5:15.

                        Scary coincidence, eh?

Gant:                It's not officially linked

                        to this here case, so I can't

                        talk much about it.


Judge:               There... There was a murder at

                        the Police Department!?

                        A detective!?

Gant:                That's hush-hush information,

                        Udgey! We haven't exactly

                        announced it yet.

Edgeworth:        Objection!

Edgeworth:        W-wait a second!

                        You said "5:15"...

Edgeworth:        That's the exact time that

                        Detective Goodman was killed

                        at the Prosecutor's Office!

Judge:               Order! Order! Order!

Gant:                Anyway, we at the Department

                        were all a-flustered, as

                        you might well assume.

Gant:                We're in the middle of a top-

                        top-secret investigation.

                        Don't tell anyone, okay?

Judge:               I think we understand the

                        Police Department's


Judge:               Well, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           (Two detectives killed at the

                        same time in two different


Ema:                The chances of that are

                        really slim. Scientifically

                        speaking, of course.

Phoenix:           I'd... like to exercise

                        my right to cross-examine the


Judge:               Very well... however!

Judge:               Keep your questions focused

                        on the case at hand!


                        Witness Testimony

                        -- Department in Disorder --


Gant:                This knife is special...

                        but I can't say how here.




Phoenix:           Excuse me... "special"?

Gant:                Mmhmm. Hard to come by

                        this particular knife

                        anywhere else.

Phoenix:           Um...

                        Might that special thing...

                        be this little tag?

Gant:                Oh! Sorry, Wrighto!

                        But I can't say that now.

                        Not that!

Edgeworth:        We've established that the

                        knife in Goodman's chest...

                        was this knife.

Edgeworth:        Now why was there another

                        knife at the scene of the


Judge:               That's quite a mystery!

Gant:                And like a mystery, it's

                        wrapped in something...

                        a muffler!


Gant:                Unless there's evidence to

                        prove a connection between

                        this knife and Goodman...




Phoenix:           This knife was found on

                        the scene of our crime!

Phoenix:           I think that makes it

                        connected to the case,

                        don't you!?

Gant:                See, there's a lot of things

                        that go on at the Department

                        I can't explain...

Gant:                It's... delicate, okay?

                        Sorry, Wrighto!

Ema:                Maybe there's something about

                        the knife that will give us

                        a clue!

Ema:                Let's examine that knife

                        while we can, Wrighto!

Phoenix:           (Hmmm... evidence that links

                        this knife to Detective


Phoenix:           (I think perhaps the pieces

                        are falling into place...)

Phoenix:           (I should try presenting the

                        piece of evidence that's had

                        me stumped all this time!)

Edgeworth:        So, how were things down at

                        the Department...?


Gant:                That was a bad day for the

                        Department. We weren't in any

                        shape to do an investigation.




Phoenix:           Something didn't happen

                        at the Police Department

                        too, did it...?

Gant:                You got a good look in your

                        eyes, there, Wrighto my boy.

                        Sharp! Hungry!

Edgeworth:        Chief... did something happen?

                        And why haven't I heard?

Gant:                Why haven't you heard?

                        Or why didn't you ask?

Edgeworth:        ...!

Gant:                No matter, I understand.

                        You were busy, what with

                        Lana's case and all.

Phoenix:           Well, what happened!?

                        What happened at the

                        Police Department that day?


Gant:                A detective was killed

                        at the Police Department,

                        see... what a mess!




Phoenix:           On the same day that a

                        detective was killed in the

                        Prosecutor's parking lot...

Phoenix:           Another detective...

                        was killed at the Police


Gant:                That's a fact. Surprising,

                        isn't it, Udgey?

Judge:               I'm at a loss for words.

Edgeworth:        And the perpetrator?

                        Do you have a suspect?

Gant:                Well, there was a suspect.

                        Just arrested 'em, in fact.

Phoenix:           (Just arrested! That was


Gant:                But... there's still a lot

                        of unanswered questions.

                        Maybe you could help, Wright!

Phoenix:           I suppose I could help...

                        if you help me by giving

                        me data on your case?

Gant:                Oooh, good one!

                        This kid's sharp!

Gant:                Okay, here's the deal.

                        I'll tell you one thing

                        and one thing only...



                        A>Where the victim was found

                        B>How the victim was killed

                        C>When the victim died



Answer: Where the victim was found


Phoenix:           So, tell me...

                        where was the victim found?

Gant:                ...

Gant:                Well, I can't speak on where

                        the corpse was found.

Gant:                But I can say the crime took

                        place in the evidence room at

                        the Police Department.

Phoenix:           (The evidence room!?)

Gant:                You wouldn't know about

                        the evidence room, would you,


Phoenix:           I can't say I've heard of it.

Phoenix:           (I guess I should ask again

                        once I learn a bit more about

                        this "evidence room.")

Gant:                There's something stranger

                        about this than the place

                        where the body was found!



Answer: How the victim was killed


Phoenix:           Well, how was the detective


Gant:                How was he killed?

                        Now that's the interesting


Gant:                It was what we in the force

                        call a "stabbing."

                        With a knife!

Phoenix:           A kn-knife...?

Edgeworth:        That's exactly the same as

                        Detective Goodman!

Gant:                That's the spirit!

                        We're cooking now!

Gant:                But you know...

Gant:                That's not the only thing

                        that was exactly the same...

Phoenix:           Wh-what do you mean!?

Gant:                There were more similarities

                        between the two cases than

                        the cause of death!

Phoenix:           (It seems like I'm going

                        to have to press this a

                        bit harder...)



Answer: When the victim died


Phoenix:           So... when did the murder

                        at the Police Department


Gant:                Now that's a sharp question

                        Wrighto! Very sharp!

Gant:                Well, my boy...

                        You're gonna love this!


Gant:                The time of the crime? 5:15.

                        Scary coincidence, eh?




Phoenix:           Five...


                        B-but that's...

Phoenix:           That's when Detective Goodman

                        was killed in the Prosecutor's Office!

Judge:               What!?

Gant:                Funny, isn't it?

Gant:                A murder at the Prosecutor's

                        place, and a murder at our

                        place at the very same time!

Gant:                What are the chances!

Phoenix:           (Coincidence!?)

Ema:                This is just my gut feeling...

                        but I'd say there's a 0.001%

                        chance of that happening!

Phoenix:           Chief Gant, please tell

                        us more about the incident!


Gant:                It's not officially linked

                        to this here case, so I can't

                        talk much about it.




Phoenix:           How can you say there's

                        no connection!?

Gant:                How? Because I'm the Chief

                        of Police!

Gant:                I can't just say anything

                        I please, Wrighto.

                        You understand!

Judge:               Try to understand, Wrighto.

Gant:                Well, if you can prove

                        there is a connection, more

                        power to you.

Gant:                Maybe there is something that

                        ties the two murders together?

Phoenix:           (Whatever it is, I'd better

                        find it and get to the

                        bottom of this!)


Phoenix:           (Two detectives were killed

                        at 5:15... One at the

                        Prosecutor's Office...)

Phoenix:           (And one at the Police

                        Department... that can't be

                        a coincidence!)

Ema:                And that knife!

                        What was it doing there...?

Phoenix:           (I'd better check this

                        knife out...)


Gant:                Unless there's evidence to

                        prove a connection between

                        this knife and Goodman...


                        >Present: Victim's Note


Phoenix:           OBJECTION!

Phoenix:           Wait a second!

Gant:                Ah, at least! An honest

                        to goodness "objection"!

Phoenix:           This knife...

                        This has to have something

                        to do with Detective Goodman!

Judge:               What do you mean!?

Gant:                Ah hah! An honest-to-goodness

                        what do you mean from the

                        judge! This is great!

Phoenix:           Look at the tag on this knife!

                        It reads "SL-9 2"...

Judge:               And this is important... why?

Phoenix:           Over here we also have...

                        A memo that was on the

                        body of the victim!

Judge:               What's this?

Judge:               6 minus 7S... 12/2...?

Phoenix:           Your Honor... It's upside-down.

Judge:               Upside...?

Phoenix:           The printed name on the memo

                        makes it look like it's

                        right-side up...

Phoenix:           But turn it around

                        and what do you get!?

Judge:               Ah... Ah haaaaah!

Phoenix:           When he wrote this note,

                        he was holding the paper

                        upside down!

Judge:               SL-9...

                        That's the same thing that

                        is written on the knife's tag!

Judge:               Order! Order!

                        Well, Chief?

Gant:                ...

                        Ah, well.

Gant:                I guess the cat's out of

                        the bag... You win, Wrighto!

Phoenix:           I... win? Ah...

                        (What game is this guy



Gant:                This knife was evidence in a

                        case. It was stolen from the

                        Department's evidence room.




Phoenix:           So this knife...

                        was stolen?

Gant:                Yes, but on the day of

                        the murder.

Edgeworth:        It was evidence, you say.

                        Was it, in fact, a murder


Gant:                Nice! Nice! nice! Good show,

                        little Worthy! It was a

                        murder weapon, as it happens.

Gant:                It was evidence from a

                        case long-since solved...

Phoenix:           (So this knife was stolen on

                        the day of the murder...)

Phoenix:           (And it was found in the

                        exhaust pipe of Edgeworth's


Ema:                Hard to think there isn't

                        a connection there!


Gant:                A detective was killed

                        at the Police Department,

                        see... what a mess!




Phoenix:           On the same day that a

                        detective was killed in the

                        Prosecutor's parking lot...

Phoenix:           Another detective...

                        was killed at the Police


Gant:                That's a fact. Surprising,

                        isn't it, Udgey?

Judge:               I'm at a loss for words.

Edgeworth:        And the perpetrator?

                        Do you have a suspect?

Gant:                Well, there was a suspect.

                        Just arrested 'em, in fact.

Phoenix:           (Just arrested! That was


Gant:                But... there's still a lot

                        of unanswered questions.

                        Maybe you could help, Wright!

Phoenix:           I suppose I could help...

                        if you help me by giving

                        me data on your case?

Gant:                Oooh, good one!

                        This kid's sharp!

Gant:                Okay, here's the deal.

                        I'll tell you one thing

                        and one thing only...



                        A>Where the victim was found

                        B>How the victim was killed

                        C>When the victim died



Answer: Where the victim was found


Phoenix:           So, tell me...

                        where was the victim found?

Gant:                ...

Gant:                Well, I can't speak on where

                        the corpse was found.

Gant:                But I can say the crime took

                        place in the evidence room at

                        the Police Department.

Phoenix:           (The evidence room!?)

Phoenix:           (W-wait a second...

                        I have heard of that!)

Ema:                The evidence room...

                        Didn't he mention that

                        in his testimony just now?

Gant:                This knife was evidence in a

                        case. It was stolen from the

                        Department's evidence room.

Phoenix:           (There's the connection

                        between the two cases!)

Ema:                You seem happy, Mr. Wright!

Phoenix:           Happy?

                        We just got handed our ticket

                        to go to town on this case!

Phoenix:           (With the link between the

                        two cases established, we

                        finally have some leverage.)

Phoenix:           (Now we can get Gant to

                        testify about the details!)


Gant:                It's not officially linked

                        to this here case, so I can't

                        talk much about it.




Phoenix:           Chief...

Phoenix:           The defense's position

                        is simply this:

Phoenix:           The connection between these

                        two cases has already been


Gant:                Heh, you don't say?

                        Well, out with it Wrighto!

                        What's your connection?

Judge:               Yes, out with it, Mr. Wright.

Phoenix:           The connection is a place,

                        mentioned in the testimony

                        we just heard.

Phoenix:           The knife found in the lot

                        was stolen...

Phoenix:           from the Police Department's

                        evidence room.

Edgeworth:        Not to mention the victim had

                        written down the numbers

                        on the knife's evidence tag.

Phoenix:           And we also know that the

                        detective murdered at the

                        Police Department...

Phoenix:           was killed in that very same

                        evidence room!

Judge:               Indeed...

Judge:               There do seem to be too many

                        connections for it to be

                        a coincidence.

Gant:                You two make a good pair.

Gant:                It took my men two days to

                        find out what you deduced

                        right here.

Edgeworth:        Chief!

Edgeworth:        I request that you release

                        your information on the victim

                        at the Police Department!

Gant:                See, that's the tricky

                        part. It hasn't been

                        announced yet, and all...

Phoenix:           Can we get the information...


Gant:                Hmmmm...

                        Sure! Why not?

                        It's unofficial, after all.

Phoenix:           (What? Really!?)

Ema:                Who would have guessed?


Gant:                I'll cooperate, but I can't

                        reveal the name of the victim

                        at the Department, okay?




Phoenix:           If you're going to tell

                        us a little, why not tell

                        us everything?

Gant:                Ah, well, case information

                        is sticky stuff. You have

                        to do everything properly.

Phoenix:           (Oh well... I guess I might

                        as well try to get what I

                        can out of him...)



                        A>The victim's division

                        B>The victim's ID number

                        C>The victim's gender



Answer: The victim's division


Phoenix:           Okay, well...

                        What division was the

                        victim stationed in?

Gant:                Oh? You want to know that,

                        do you? Do you? Ah hah...

Gant:                Criminal Affairs, Division 1.

                        The detectives responsible

                        for homicide cases.

Phoenix:           (Homicide... that would be

                        the same division as

                        Detective Gumshoe!)

Ema:                Detective Goodman who was

                        killed in the underground

                        parking lot was homicide, too!

Phoenix:           It's almost like a serial

                        killer was after homicide


Ema:                Except that the serial killing

                        happened simultaneously,

                        scientifically speaking.

Phoenix:           Well, I sure hope Detective

                        Gumshoe isn't next on the




Answer: The victim's gender


Phoenix:           Okay... how about the

                        gender of the victim!

Gant:                You want to know that!?

                        Um... Hmm... Okay, a hint.

Gant:                Let's see... first hint!

                        The gender that's NOT


Phoenix:           Ah hah!

                        He was a guy!

Gant:                What did I tell you!

                        The boy's sharp!

Judge:               Stop goofing around,

                        Mr. Wright!

                        This is serious business!

Phoenix:           S-sorry, Your Honor.

                        (Hey, tell that to the

                        Chief of Police!)



Answer: The victim's ID number


Phoenix:           Okay... How about you tell

                        me the victim's ID number?

Gant:                Hmm? Sure, why not.

                        It's not like you'll be able to

                        tell who it is from that!

Phoenix:           Of course not. You won't

                        tell me their name, after all.

Gant:                We keep a tight lid on ID

                        numbers, so don't go getting

                        your hopes up.

Gant:                The number is... 5842189.

Judge:               Well! That's quite... long!

Gant:                And we have to remember

                        these! It drives me nuts!

Judge:               8... 2...

                        I can't do it.

Phoenix:           (You didn't even get the

                        first number right!)

Judge:               Well, Mr. Wright?

                        Does this tell you anything?

Phoenix:           (The ID number of the victim

                        at the Police Department...




                        A>This tells me something!

                        B>This tells me nothing!



Answer: This tells me nothing!


Phoenix:           Absolutely nothing,

                        Your Honor.

Judge:               Ah... well, yes.

Phoenix:           First of all, it was too

                        long! I've forgotten it


Judge:               S-sorry!

                        I mean, why are you getting

                        mad at me!?

Judge:               I didn't come up

                        with those numbers...

Ema:                Hmm... 5842189...



Answer: This tells me something!


Phoenix:           Actually, it does, Your Honor.

                        It does...!

Phoenix:           I think!

Judge:               Meaning?

Phoenix:           (It has to be what I think

                        it is...)

Phoenix:           (But what does this mean?)

Judge:               Well, let's hear what the

                        defense has to say.

Judge:               You say the ID number of the

                        detective who was murdered

                        at the Police Department...

Judge:               tells you something?

                        What does it tell you!?



                        A>Present: Irrelevant evidence

                        B>Present: Goodman's ID



                        >Present: Irrelevant evidence


Phoenix:           The ID number tells me...


Gant:                My dear boy, you shouldn't

                        believe everything ID numbers

                        tell you.

Phoenix:           Well... Maybe I misheard.

                        You know?

Judge:               Mr. Wright....

Judge:               The court respectfully

                        requests that you clean out

                        your ears and pay attention!

Phoenix:           (And I'd like to request some

                        straightforward information

                        for once!)

Ema:                Mr. Wright! Don't listen to

                        them! Look at the Court

                        Record, scientifically!



                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Phoenix:           Witness!

Phoenix:           ...

Gant:                ...

Edgeworth:        ...

Judge:               ...

Judge:               What is it, Mr. Wright!?

Judge:               You're grinning like a

                        schoolgirl on prom night!

Phoenix:           No, I... it's just, I got


Edgeworth:        And this is news?

Phoenix:           Huh?

Edgeworth:        Just come out with both

                        guns blazing... like you

                        always do.

Phoenix:           (The Police Department...

                        the Prosecutor's Office...)

Phoenix:           (Two places, two detectives

                        murdered... at one time.)

Phoenix:           Actually, I happen to have

                        a police ID number here.

Judge:               Oh hoh! Is it yours?

Phoenix:           N-no, Your Honor. I'm

                        a defense attorney...


Phoenix:           This is the ID number of our

                        victim, Detective Goodman.

Gant:                Shame on you, Wrighto!

                        Personnel IDs are

                        top secret!

Phoenix:           Detective Goodman's ID

                        number is... "5842189."

Gant:                ...

Edgeworth:        ...

Judge:               ...

Judge:               And...?

                        This means... what, exactly?

Phoenix:           Huh?

Judge:               Wait... That ID number we heard

                        from the Chief earlier..

Judge:               That started with "82..."

                        Hmm. I've forgotten.

Phoenix:           (You even got the first

                        number wrong!)

Phoenix:           The number the Chief of

                        Police gave us was...


Edgeworth:        OBJECTION!

Edgeworth:        W-wait a second, Wright!

                        What does this...?

Phoenix:           Mean? That's what I want

                        to know!

Phoenix:           The two ID numbers are

                        identical! In other words...

Phoenix:           The detective killed in the

                        Police Department's evidence

                        room was Bruce Goodman!

Phoenix:           What does our witness think

                        about that!?

Gant:                ...

Gant:                Oh! Ho ho ho, sharp as a tack,

                        Wrighto! Sharp as a tack!

Judge:               B-but wait!

                        Detective Goodman is

                        OUR victim!

Judge:               He was killed at 5:15 in the

                        underground parking lot!

Phoenix:           Yet, a Detective Bruce Goodman

                        was also killed at the

                        Police Department...

Phoenix:           In the evidence room...

                        at the exact same time!

Edgeworth:        OBJECTION!

Edgeworth:        Th-that's impossible!

                        So, what we're saying is...

Edgeworth:        The same person was killed

                        at the same time!?

Edgeworth:        And in a completely different


Judge:               Order! Order! Order!

                        Chief! What does this mean!?

Edgeworth:        No... what I want to

                        know is... why didn't

                        I hear about this!?

Edgeworth:        Yes, it's top-secret, fine!

                        But I'm the prosecutor in

                        charge of the case!!!

Gant:                Now, just wait a second,

                        Worthy. No need to get

                        all flustered.

Edgeworth:        Your Honor!

                        The Police Department has made

                        a grave error in this case...

Gant:                Wait.

Gant:                I said "wait."

                        Or didn't you hear me?

Edgeworth:        ...!

Gant:                The oversight... the grave


Gant:                Mr. Edgeworth...

                        They're yours.

Edgeworth:        Wh-what!?         How... how dare...

Gant:                We informed you yesterday.

Gant:                I believe it was our Officer

                        Meekins who brought you the


Edgeworth:        O-officer... Meekins?

Ema:                Mr. Wright!

                        Where have we heard that

                        name before?

Ema:                Wait... Ah hah!


Officer:              Erm...!

Officer:              Excuse me! But is

                        Mr. Edgeworth, uh...

                        anywhere on the premises?

Officer:              I'm here, sir, at the

                        request of the chief, sir!

                        I've got your report, sir!

Edgeworth:        You don't mean... him!?

Gant:                According to Meekins, you

                        didn't accept the report?

Gant:                Hard to believe.

Edgeworth:        B-but your officer,

                        he told me!

Edgeworth:        He said that report had

                        nothing to do with the

                        Lana Skye incident!

Gant:                [Detective Bruce Goodman

                        murdered in the Police

                        Department evidence room...]

Gant:                Mr. Edgeworth. The victim's

                        name is written write on the

                        top of the report.

Edgeworth:        Gaaaaaaah!

Edgeworth:        Wh-why didn't your officer

                        tell me!?

Ema:                Honestly, I'm not sure if

                        that officer was capable of

                        making the connection...

Ema:                He did seem... challenged.

Gant:                In any case, this is a serious

                        error, a gross negligence of

                        duty on your part, Worthy.

Edgeworth:        OBJECTION!

Edgeworth:        B-But, sir!!!

Edgeworth:        You could have submitted

                        that report this morning

                        to the court, as evidence!

Edgeworth:        Then, I...

Gant:                No such luck this time,

                        Worthy... or should I say,


Edgeworth:        What!?

Gant:                Now what was the second

                        rule of evidence law, hmm?

Ema:                Well, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           Huh? Oh, well, it's, uh...

Edgeworth:        Rule 2: New evidence may only

                        be submitted if it concerns

                        the case on trial.

Edgeworth:        And how is this relevant!?

Gant:                Normally, you submit a list

                        of evidence to be used in

                        court before the trial.

Gant:                This report wasn't on that


Judge:               So...

                        What does this mean?

Gant:                I couldn't submit this

                        evidence until a connection

                        was proven in court.

Edgeworth:        ...!!

Gant:                That connection was just proven

                        by Wrighto over here.

Gant:                Good job, Wrighto, my boy!

Phoenix:           Huh? Uh... I...

                        I was just doing my job.

Edgeworth:        No...

Edgeworth:        Nooooooooooooooo!!!

Judge:               It seems...

                        we have come to the end of

                        this trial.

Gant:                You are becoming a thorn in

                        my side, Worthy...

                        There've been rumors...

Gant:                After all, you were in the

                        defendant's chair just last


Edgeworth:        ...!

Edgeworth:        I apologize for this

                        terrible lack of due

                        diligence on my part...

Judge:               M-Mr. Edgeworth!

Edgeworth:        Please...

                        Just give me one day.

Edgeworth:        I'll get to the bottom of

                        what happened...

                        If it's the last thing I do!

Gant:                You'd better get results

                        this time. Really.

Edgeworth:        I'm sorry!

                        I'm so sorry!

Ema:                Poor Mr. Edgeworth...

Judge:               I don't think there's ever

                        been an error this serious

                        in the history of this court.

Judge:               We will grant one further

                        day as the prosecution has


Judge:               Will this be sufficient,

                        Mr. Edgeworth.

Edgeworth:        Yes, Your Honor. Thank you.

Judge:               Whatever your punishment for

                        this is, for your sake I hope

                        it's not... decisive.

Judge:               Very well!

                        Court is adjourned!


To be continued.



Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Episode 5, Chapter 4

SilverWind (



Rise from the Ashes

Day 2 Investigation


                        February 23, 2:15 PM

                        Wright & Co. Law Offices


Ema:                Uh... um, Mr. Wright!


Ema:                What's going on with the

                        case, anyway!?

Ema:                I... I'm a little confused.

Phoenix:           Huh!? W-well, um... let's see.

                        (What is going on?)

Phoenix:           The victim, Detective Bruce

                        Goodman, was stabbed to death

                        after  5:00 PM on the 21st.

Phoenix:           He died in the Prosecutor's

                        parking lot... and the Police

                        Department's evidence room.

Ema:                What's this "and the

                        evidence room" part!?

Ema:                The Prosecutor's Office and

                        the Police Department are 30

                        minutes apart by car.

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           Well... that's what we're

                        going to find out.

                        (Or try to, at least...)

Ema:                ...

                        Alright! Let's do it!

Phoenix:           (Glad she's in good spirits,

                        but I'm not sure she's going

                        to be much help with this...)

Ema:                Don't be so sure, Mr. Wright.

Phoenix:           Huh?

Ema:                Would you mind coming with


Ema:                I'll prove that these thick-

                        rimmed glasses of mine aren't

                        just for show!

Ema:                Let's go! Science awaits us!


                        February 23

                        Prosecutor's Office

                        Underground Parking Lot


Ema:                You know, I really don't

                        think we should worry about

                        the Police Department murder!

Ema:                There wasn't even a body

                        found there! Who cares?

Phoenix:           (Of course it was our victim

                        who was killed at the


Ema:                And my sister would never

                        do such a thing! I know it...


Edgeworth:        That oil drum...

                        Was it empty?

Angel:               The oil drum kicked over

                        by the Chief Prosecutor...

                        was brimming with water!


Ema:                My sister, erasing evidence

                        at the crime scene? Never!

Phoenix:           (Even though she says they

                        don't get along, Ema really

                        likes her sister...)

Ema:                That's not it at all!

Ema:                It's just...

Ema:                We're both professionals at

                        what we do... and I trust her!

Phoenix:           (Big words for a high school


Phoenix:           Well, whether there was blood

                        stains or not...

Phoenix:           The water in that oil drum

                        washed it all away.

Ema:                He he heh.

Ema:                Ignore the strength of

                        my science at your own

                        peril, Mr. Wright!

Phoenix:           Huh?

                        What's that grin for?

Ema:                This situation calls for

                        one thing, and that is...

                        Luminol testing fluid!

Phoenix:           L-luminol?

Ema:                Blood is sticky stuff, you

                        know. You can't just wash

                        it away with a little water.

Ema:                Even if you can't see it,

                        it's still there...

Phoenix:           But wouldn't the police have

                        already done those tests?

Ema:                Never trust anyone's eyes

                        but your own, Mr. Wright!

Ema:                Just give it a try!

Phoenix:           M-me? Why do I have to do it!?

Ema:                I'm a minor! I can't even

                        drink yet!

Phoenix:           (We're testing blood stains

                        with this stuff, not drinking


Ema:                Here, look, I'll lend you

                        these glasses.

Phoenix:           Huh? You had an extra pair

                        of those things?

Ema:                To test for a blood reaction,

                        just spray the luminol on it.

Ema:                Like this, see?

Ema:                Touch the screen to spray

                        it on.

Ema:                Okay! Let's find us some



                        >Activate Luminol Reagent

                        >Spray: Ground near car trunk


Phoenix:           (I can see her eyes shining

                        behind those glasses...)

Phoenix:           So, is this a bloodstain?

Ema:                Uhhhh...

                        It's so... ugh!

Phoenix:           Ema, you're shaking.

Ema:                It's just... this is my

                        first time seeing real blood!

Phoenix:           (Scientific investigation

                        in action...)

Ema:                O-okay, well, we definitely

                        know that this is a


Ema:                But, doesn't something strike

                        you as odd? Scientifically

                        speaking, of course?

Phoenix:           (What's odd about this...




                        A>The bloodstain's location

                        B>The amount of blood



Answer: The bloodstain's location


Phoenix:           Why, the blood stain's

                        location is odd! Elementary!

Ema:                H-huh? Why is that


Ema:                I mean, I would think that

                        if there was a fight, you'd

                        expect some bloodstains here.

Phoenix:           ...

                        I suppose you might think


Ema:                C'mon, Mr. Wright!

                        We're all counting on you!

Phoenix:           (There is something odd about

                        this bloodstain...)

Phoenix:           (But if it's not the

                        location of the blood,

                        then maybe...)

Phoenix:           Maybe it's the amount

                        of blood that's odd?


[Continue at E5-04-01-C]



Answer: The amount of blood


Phoenix:           The perpetrator and Detective

                        Goodman fought here, right?

Phoenix:           Don't you think there'd be

                        a little more blood?


[Continue at E5-04-01-C]




Ema:                I definitely think so!

Ema:                I mean...

Ema:                Look at all the blood on the

                        sole of the victim's shoe!

Phoenix:           (It's strange!)

Phoenix:           (If they fought here, there'd

                        have to be more bloodstains

                        than this.)

Ema:                Uh, h-hey, Mr. Wright!

Ema:                See how I'm marking up the

                        floor plans when we find

                        a blood stain?

Ema:                See...

                        I'm pretty handy to have

                        around, right?

Phoenix:           Uh, yeah. That's very...

                        useful information to have.

Ema:                I saved up my allowance to

                        buy this!

Phoenix:           Luminol Testing Fluid

                        information received from Ema.

Ema:                We can't be sure that the

                        police will reveal all their

                        evidence in court.

Ema:                Sometimes they fail to mention

                        evidence that doesn't fit with

                        their view of the case.

Phoenix:           And we'll drag that "hidden

                        evidence" out into the light

                        of day!

Ema:                Yeah!

Ema:                It feels like we're really

                        investigating a crime now,

                        doesn't it?

Phoenix:           (This luminol stuff is going

                        to come in handy.)

???:                  Hah!

Angel:               I wonder how that fluid of

                        yours would react to a nice

                        Deli Box?

Ema:                Ms. Starr!

Angel:               You only trust your own eyes,

                        hm? Not bad,  you two...

Angel:               This day-old Deli Box

                        is on the house...

Phoenix:           Sorry, it's just, that kind

                        of lead in doesn't really

                        get my mouth watering.



                        >Examine: Security Sign


Ema:                So that's where Ms. Starr

                        saw the incident from.

Phoenix:           You can probably see quite

                        a lot from up there.

Phoenix:           (Hmm...)

Phoenix:           (That probably means she

                        wasn't lying when she saw

                        Ms. Skye stab him...)

Phoenix:           Where's the security

                        guard, anyway?

Ema:                Well, this is just something

                        I heard...

Ema:                But apparently he went out

                        to buy coffee for Ms. Starr.

Phoenix:           (That woman is a force

                        to be reckoned with...)


                        >Examine: Wall


Ema:                So, this is the famous


Phoenix:           It sure helped us knock a

                        hole in that testimony today.

Phoenix:           Come to think of it, this

                        divider helped our case more

                        than the actual witness.

Ema:                The great divider!

                        A chip off the old parking


Phoenix:           It's just a wall.

                        (Scientifically speaking...)


                        >Examine: Oil Drum


Phoenix:           So, this is the famous

                        oil drum.

Ema:                Well, no time like the

                        present! I'll try to kick

                        it over myself!

Ema:                Hii-yah!

Ema:                ......

Phoenix:           Th-that's okay. Don't cry.

                        (That Lana Skye must be a

                        powerful woman...)


>Examine: Trunk


Ema:                That's where we found

                        that note.

Phoenix:           "2/21 SL-9"...

                        The SL-9 Incident.

Ema:                A case that was due for

                        transferal the day of

                        the murder.

Phoenix:           (And the detective in charge

                        of the case was the victim.)

Ema:                I wonder what kind of case

                        this SL-9 Incident thing was?

Phoenix:           It's kind of hard to guess

                        just knowing the case number.


                        >Examine: Car


Ema:                That's about as red as

                        a sports car can get.

Phoenix:           Yup, it's pretty red alright.

Phoenix:           (The body was found in

                        Edgeworth's car trunk...)

Phoenix:           (And the lock on the trunk

                        was broken too...)

Phoenix:           (So, the question is why did

                        Ms. Skye chose his car?)

Ema:                So, what model car is it?

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           I think it was called

                        a "Sedan" or a "Coupe."

                        Something like that.

Ema:                Those are car types,

                        Mr. Wright. Not models.

Ema:                You're a guy, aren't you,

                        Mr. Wright? Your supposed

                        to know these things!

Phoenix:           (Maybe it is about time I got

                        my driver's license...)


                        >Examine: B Block Fence


Phoenix:           "B Block" is through there.

                        That's where visitors park.

Ema:                So...

                        Ms. Starr climbed over

                        this fence!?

Phoenix:           I-it seems so, yeah.

                        (That fence is 9 feet high

                        at least!)

Ema:                Well no time like the

                        present! I think I'll

                        give it a little try!

Ema:                Eeeek!

Ema:                ......

Phoenix:           I-it's okay, don't cry.

                        (Maybe there's a Lunchland

                        Olympics team?)



                        >Activate Luminol Reagent

                        >Spray: Phone


Phoenix:           This blood must be from when


Ema:                No! My sister isn't the


Phoenix:           But she did call you, didn't


Phoenix:           At the time of the crime?

Ema:                ...

Phoenix:           And her right hand is


Ema:                Hey! Just whose side are you


Phoenix:           This has nothing to do with

                        "taking sides."

Phoenix:           (So... This means that Lana's

                        hand had blood on it.)

Phoenix:           (This just keeps getting




                        >Present: Attorney's Badge


Angel:               That looks like a petrified

                        piece of provolone.

Phoenix:           Huh? I-it's not!

                        It's my attorney's badge!

Angel:               ...

Angel:               I'd think a petrified piece

                        of provolone would fetch more

                        on the open market.

Phoenix:           Look, my badge isn't up for

                        sale. Not yet, at least.


                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Angel:               I had one of those up until

                        two years ago...

Ema:                Back when you were

                        the Cough-up Queen, right?

Phoenix:           We found this ID card here

                        in this parking lot...

Angel:               Well, there's no mistaking

                        that. It's definitely


Phoenix:           But...

Phoenix:           It's the same ID as the man

                        who was killed at the Police


Angel:               ...

                        That's impossible.

Phoenix:           (I wish I could be so sure...)


                        >Present: Edgeworth's Knife


Phoenix:           A body with Edgeworth's knife

                        stuck in it was found in

                        Edgeworth's car.

Angel:               I'd think he owes me

                        his gratitude.

Phoenix:           Gratitude?

Angel:               Why, if I hadn't witnessed

                        the crime...

Ema:                Mr. Edgeworth would have

                        been the suspect!

Phoenix:           (Hmm... I wonder.)

Angel:               Still, it's strange.

Angel:               Why didn't our Chief

                        Prosecutor have her

                        own murder weapon ready?


                        >Present: Victim's Note /

                        Switchblade Knife


Ema:                Um...

                        What do you think about this?

Angel:               "SL-9 Incident"...

                        On that knife...

Angel:               And on that note...

Angel:               Goodman...

Angel:               Goodman was the head detective

                        on that case, you know.

Ema:                Really?

Angel:               That knife was evidence

                        from that case... the

                        murder weapon.

Angel:               It was due for transferal the

                        very day that Goodman was


Angel:               As I suspected...

Angel:               SL-9 isn't over! Not yet!

Phoenix:           Do you think you could

                        tell us more about the

                        SL-9 Incident?


                        >Present: Lana's Cell Phone


Angel:               It was when I grabbed the

                        Chief Prosecutor on the


Angel:               She dropped that phone

                        on the pavement.

Phoenix:           That's when you heard her

                        talking about the "muffler,"


Angel:               Little did I know...

                        it was a trap!

Angel:               The red car's muffler,

                        and the prosecutor's red


Phoenix:           (What was Ms. Skye really

                        trying to say, I wonder?)


                        >Present: Crime Photo


Angel:               If you think about it,

                        I could have taken that

                        picture from the guard room.

Angel:               But... even I get flustered


Phoenix:           So, you went straight to

                        the scene of the crime?

Angel:               And climbed the chain link

                        fence in an effort to

                        stop the murder?

Angel:               That's when I took this

                        photo, yes.

Ema:                In other words... five

                        minutes after the crime?

Angel:               Those five minutes are the

                        whole problem...

Angel:               The hole in my testimony,

                        as it were.

Ema:                The five minutes weren't the

                        problem, Ms. Starr, you lying

                        was the problem!

Angel:               Listen, little girl.

                        I've had my testimony

                        "disregarded" before...

Angel:               And I wasn't going to have

                        it disregarded again!

Angel:               Just like that time...

Phoenix:           (That time...?)


                        >Present: Steak Lunch


Angel:               You'll give that to

                        Jake like I asked, won't you?

Ema:                Um...!

Ema:                Y-you, and Officer

                        M-Marshall, you... uh...

Ema:                A-a-a-a-are y-you...

                        Are you going out!?

Angel:               ...

Angel:               Jake and I are cooperating

                        on an investigation, that's


Angel:               We're just putting the

                        past to rest.

Ema:                Thank you.


>Present: Blue Badger Panel /

Goodman's Autopsy Report /

Parking Lot Floor Plans /

Victim's Shoe /

Luminol Testing Fluid /

Goodman's Lost Item Report /

ID Card Record /

                        Evidence Room Floorplans /

                        Unstable Jar /

                        Rubber Glove /

                        Evidence Locker


Phoenix:           Could you take a look at this?

Angel:               You!

Phoenix:           Y-yes!?

Angel:               You said you wanted some

                        hot tea, right?

Phoenix:           Uh, no, but thanks.

                        (She didn't even look at me.)

Ema:                Mmm! You must have to brew

                        the leaves a long time to get

                        rich flavor like this!

Angel:               We "pre-infuse"  the leaves

                        with steam before brewing.

Ema:                I knew it! So that's the

                        secret to their aroma!


Phoenix:           (The only thing I'm smelling

                        here is wasted time...)



                        >Talk: Today's trial


Angel:               You certainly put me

                        in a tight spot today.

Phoenix:           My apologies, Ms. Starr, but...

Angel:               No, no, it's okay.

                        It was my fault.

Ema:                Oh, we know.

Angel:               I witnessed everything

                        from that security room

                        right there.

Angel:               But... I was afraid that

                        wouldn't wound convincing

                        enough, you see...

Angel:               I was wrong to think that.

                        I'm sorry.

Ema:                Sorry? You lied on the

                        witness stand!

                        That's unforgivable!

Angel:               ...

Angel:               Little girl, don't forget

                        what's important here.

Angel:               Even if the place I witnessed

                        the events from was different,

                        I still saw what I saw.

Angel:               I saw Chief Prosecutor Skye

                        stab a man in cold blood, and

                        that testimony still stands!

Ema:                Ah...

Angel:               I swear it on my honor as

                        a detective!

                        She stabbed Goodman!

Ema:                ...!

Phoenix:           (I know this photograph has

                        something important to tell

                        us... but what?)


                        >Talk: Detective Starr


Ema:                So... you were a detective,

                        weren't you, Ms. Starr?

Angel:               Yes...

                        It was a long time ago.

                        Well, two years ago.

Angel:               No matter how hardened the

                        criminal, when they faced


Angel:               They coughed it up.

Phoenix:           Coughed it... up?

Angel:               They confessed.

Angel:               They babbled like babies.

Angel:               You know, I may seem like

                        a demon sometimes...

                        But I can be an angel, too.

Phoenix:           I wouldn't doubt it.

Angel:               Every day, I dragged the

                        dirt out of the mouths of

                        suspect after suspect...

Angel:               And before long, they called


                        The Cough-up Queen!

Ema:                Oh, and here I had thought someone

                        had gotten food poisoning

                        from your lunches.

Phoenix:           And... you were "let go"?

                        Er... fired?


Angel:               I felt that I had found my

                        dream job when I became

                        an investigator...

Angel:               And if these prim and proper

                        prosecutors hadn't let me go,

                        I'd still be one today.


Angel:               It's all because of that


                        The SL-9 Incident.

Phoenix:           Ess... el..?

                        (Wait! She doesn't mean...!)


                        >SL9 Incident


Angel:               That's when I learned the


Angel:               We're nothing to them.


Ema:                Disposable?

Angel:               Two years ago... it was the

                        biggest case I'd ever handled.

Angel:               The police and the prosecutors

                        were desperate for decisive


Ema:                So... they didn't solve it?

Angel:               On the contrary.

Angel:               It was solved quite cleanly.

                        The criminal was caught

                        and executed.

Phoenix:           (E-executed...?)

Angel:               Yes, the criminal got what

                        was coming to him. It doesn't

                        get any cleaner than that.

Angel:               The only problem was...

                        they never did find decisive

                        evidence. Not even a little.

Phoenix:           What!? But the criminal

                        was executed, right?

Angel:               Evidence... of a sort.

                        Made up evidence.

Ema:                Wh-what? You mean

                        they executed someone

                        with fabricated evidence!?

Angel:               ...

                        The best part came several

                        months after the trial.

Angel:               Every detective involved with

                        the case was dealt with.

Angel:               Some were demoted to

                        patrolmen, others found

                        themselves out of a job...

Ema:                And... you were one of those?

Angel:               Myself, and one other person

                        you know well.

Phoenix:           (Wait, could it be...?)

Angel:               Exactly.

                        Officer Jake Marshall.

Angel:               He's on security detail

                        in the Police Department,

                        isn't he?


                        >Talk: Detective Marshall


Angel:               As professional detectives,

                        we investigated that case

                        from every angle.

Angel:               Jake was particularly


Angel:               And then... it was over.

                        And he was demoted.

Angel:               However...

Angel:               He hasn't forgotten.

                        And neither have I!

Phoenix:           You haven't forgotten SL-9?

Angel:               There was another side to

                        that case, a hidden side.

                        That's what we're after now.

Angel:               And no one up in their fancy

                        offices can stop us.

Ema:                Wait!

Ema:                Th-those lunches you sell...

Angel:               There is only one reason I

                        come to sell lunches in this

                        accursed office.

Angel:               I come here to meet old

                        friends... boyfriends that

                        can help me investigate.

Phoenix:           (Ms. Starr's old boyfriends...

                        How many does she have,


Phoenix:           (Just when the detectives on

                        this case have disappeared,

                        we find new evidence...)

Ema:                There has to be a connection!

Angel:               So, Rookie...

Phoenix:           Wh-what!

Angel:               It seems like you're serious

                        about investigating this


Phoenix:           Yes.

Angel:               Then you should take this.

Phoenix:           A... Salisbury Steak Lunch?

Angel:               I know a certain guy who

                        might help you if you tempt

                        him with this treat...


                        Steak Lunch received

                        from Ms. Starr.


Ema:                Um, Ms. Starr...?

Ema:                Officer Marshall... is he

                        your... uh, are you his...?

Ema:                Are you g-g-g-going out!?

Angel:               Why do you want to know?

Ema:                I was just wondering

                        what happened to him?

Ema:                A long time ago, when he

                        was helping my sister do

                        cases, he was so nice.

Ema:                He got along so well with my

                        sister, it made me jealous.

Ema:                And... he was nice to

                        me too, back then.

Phoenix:           (This would be when Officer

                        Marshall was a detective.)

Ema:                But now... now he's so cold!

Angel:               ...

Angel:               Jake and I are merely

                        cooperating on this


Angel:               We're putting the past to

                        rest, as it were. Nothing

                        more than that.

Ema:                I... I see.

                        Thank you.

Phoenix:           (Officer Jake Marshall...




                        >Move: High Prosecutor's Office


                        February 23

                        High Prosecutor's Office

                        Room 1202


Ema:                Well, this place is certainly

                        tidy today.

Phoenix:           And it will be tidy tomorrow,


Phoenix:           Incidentally,

                        he's not here.

Ema:                I'm sure he's off doing

                        important investigations!

Phoenix:           I hope that's what he's doing.

Ema:                ...?

Phoenix:           (I guess we'll have to

                        come back.)


                        >Examine: Trophy


Ema:                He won such a prestigious

                        award. Why would he just leave

                        it on the couch?

Phoenix:           Better this than that giant

                        Steel Samurai.

Phoenix:           (Edgeworth has always been

                        like that.)

Ema:                Really? Hey, I should write

                        this down. Tell me what he was

                        like as a kid!

Phoenix:           Back in elementary school, he

                        won awards for all kinds of


Phoenix:           Speech contests, essays,

                        playing the flute, golf


Ema:                That doesn't exactly sound

                        like typical elementary school


Phoenix:           But he always hated receiving

                        awards. He'd make some smart

                        remark like,


Edgeworth:        "I know the path I've walked.

                        No one else needs to tell me."


Phoenix:           That's how he's always been.

Ema:                Kind of gets under your skin,

                        doesn't it?


                        >Examine: Window


Ema:                Whoa!

Ema:                What a view! It must be

                        nice to have an office on

                        the 12th floor.

Phoenix:           I guess you would feel...


Ema                 Incidentally...

Ema:                Were you to jump out this

                        window, the speed at the time

                        of impact would be...

Ema:                ...

Ema:                Got it!

                        Approximately 70.71 miles

                        per hour!

Phoenix:           (That's handy to know...)



                        >Activate Luminol Reagent

                        >Spray: Ground


Ema:                What? It looks like some blood

                        has dripped down here!

Phoenix:           Judging by the amount, my

                        guess is it's from a


Ema:                A nosebleed, hm?

Ema:                Maybe in his wrath,

Ema:                Mr. Edgeworth slapped someone

                        for their incompetence.

Phoenix:           (Why does Detective Gumshoe's

                        face come to mind...?)



                        >Move: Underground Parking Lot

                        >Move: Detention Center


                        February 23

                        Detention Center

                        Visitor's Room


Phoenix:           Looks like Ms. Skye is

                        in questioning...

Ema:                I hope the detectives aren't

                        yelling at her...

Ema:                "How did you kill him in two

                        places at the same time!"

Ema:                Can you imagine?

Phoenix:           How's she supposed to answer


Phoenix:           (Wait a second...)

Phoenix:           (The Chief said they'd caught

                        the criminal at the

                        Police Department!)

Ema:                Let's come back later!


                        >Examine: Guard


Phoenix:           This guard monitors

                        the visitor's room.

Phoenix:           One murder at the Prosecutor's

                        Office... one at the Police


Phoenix:           He must be frozen with fear

                        thinking that he might be


Ema:                Don't scare the poor guy!



                        >Move: Wright & Co. Law Offices


>Examine: Window


Phoenix:           Looks like it's cleaning

day again at the hotel

across the way.

Phoenix:           I hear they're planning

a second branch outside

the city.

Phoenix:           Egad! The bellboy was

staring right at me.

Ema:                He looks wimpy, but you

                        can tell, there's a

                        sharp edge under that facade.

Ema:                That bellboy is going to

                        be someone someday.

Phoenix:           (Wish someone would say that

                        about me...)


                        >Examine: Charley


Phoenix:           Mia's plant, "Charley."

Phoenix:           I've been taking care of

him in Maya's absence.

Phoenix:           Huh?

                        He looks a little

                        yellow today...

Ema:                Oh, I watered him just now.

                        I mixed in a lot, too.

Phoenix:           Mixed in... what?

Ema:                Why my very own scientific

                        additive! Well, Charley?

                        You like it?

Phoenix:           I told you, he's turning



>Examine: Desk


Phoenix:           Mia's desk.

Phoenix:           I sit here even less now

                        that I've stopped taking


Ema:                Uh oh! I have a history test

                        coming up next week!

                        I'd better study!

Ema:                I'm borrowing this desk, okay?

Ema:                Let's see...

                        George Washington was the

                        first king of America...

Phoenix:           (Sorry, Mia...)


>Examine: Bookshelf


Phoenix:           Difficult-looking legal books

stand in a formidable row.

They mock me.

Ema:                Oh, I tried studying one of

                        those just now.

Ema:                Remember what they were

                        talking about in the

                        trial today...?

Phoenix:           Oh, right, evidence law.

                        So, did you learn anything?

Ema:                Well, when I tried reading

                        it made my head hurt.

Phoenix:           Oh...

Ema:                Then, when I closed it, it

                        slipped out of my hand and

                        fell on my foot.

Phoenix:           (Oddly enough I find myself

                        identifying with her on this




                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Ema:                That number was the clincher,

                        wasn't it!

Phoenix:           5842189... It's in the record.

Ema:                The ID number of the detective

                        killed at the Police

                        Department that day at 5:15.

Ema:                But... we found this card

                        in the parking lot at the

                        Prosecutor's Office.

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           (Something to think about

                        later when I'm not so busy.)

Ema:                Don't leave me here to do

                        all the thinking alone!


                        >Present: Prosecutor's Trophy


Ema:                I bet you'd be pretty happy

                        with a "King of Attorneys"

                        shield, too, huh?

Phoenix:           We defense attorneys are a

                        scattered, unrecognized bunch.

Ema:                Still... I wonder why the

                        trophy shield is broken?

Phoenix:           It is pretty odd, huh?

Phoenix:           (I doubt it has anything to

                        do with this case though...)


                        >Present: Edgeworth's Knife


Ema:                So... Mr. Edgeworth's knife

                        was the murder weapon.

Phoenix:           Right... or so the witness,

                        Ms. Starr, claims.

Phoenix:           She saw your sister stab

                        Mr. Goodman with this knife.

Ema:                Ugh...

                        You know, all of this is

                        that Angel Starr's fault!

Phoenix:           She's not the one on trial


Ema:                Well, no, but she must have

                        seen it wrong!

Phoenix:           Her eyesight isn't on trial

                        here, either.


                        >Present: Lana's Cell Phone


Phoenix:           According to Ms. Starr's


Phoenix:           Ms. Skye used her phone right

                        after the murder... she called

                        you, right?

Ema:                B-but...!

                        She hung up right away.

Ema:                And it was a bad connection.

                        I couldn't hear anything.

Phoenix:           (Because it was an underground

                        parking lot, I suppose...)

Ema:                She did say something about

                        a "muffler"...

Ema:                but got cut off...


                        >Present: Crime Photo


Ema:                Th-this photograph...

                        Ms. Starr must have been

                        seeing things!

Phoenix:           And photographing things?

Phoenix:           (This proves Ms. Skye was

                        there at the scene of the


Phoenix:           (She is connected to

                        this crime somehow...

                        but how?)


                        >Present: Switchblade Knife


Phoenix:           Why would this have been

                        in the car's exhaust pipe?

Ema:                It's evidence from an

                        old case, right?

Phoenix:           Right... the SL-9 incident.

                        It was already solved,


Phoenix:           (This knife was stolen on

                        the day of the evidence


Phoenix:           (Maybe I should look into

                        this "S-L9 Incident"...)


                        >Present: Luminol Testing Fluid


Ema:                This stuff is pretty


Phoenix:           You don't say. How much does

                        it cost?

Ema:                I'd say about $10 per gram!

Ema:                I save up my allowance

                        to buy it.

Phoenix:           Your allowance...? Does

                        your sister give you that?

Ema:                Yes.

                        We don't have parents...

Phoenix:           R-right...

Ema:                Sometimes she even gives me

                        a bottle instead of my


Phoenix:           A bottle of luminol testing


Phoenix:           (Man, I'd just take the

                        allowance myself...)


                        >Present: Parking Lot Floor Plans /

                        Victim's Shoe /

                        Steak Lunch /

                        Goodman's Lost Item Report /

                        ID Card Record /

                        Evidence Room Floorplans /

                        Unstable Jar /

                        Rubber Glove /

                        Evidence Locker /

                        Screwdriver /

                        Fingerprinting Set


Phoenix:           Here, see this?

Ema:                Ahh! I've noticed that defense

                        attorneys have a tendency to

                        want to show people things.

Phoenix:           (What is this? A behavioral

                        study of lawyers?)



                        >Talk: What to do


Phoenix:           Well... where should we


Ema:                Oh, well, isn't it obvious?

                        We should begin with that,

                        y'know... that thing.

Phoenix:           The mystery of the victim I

                        guess. How could one man,

                        Detective Goodman...

Phoenix:           be killed in two places


Ema:                Oh, well, you see...

Phoenix:           We should go to the Police

                        Department... the evidence

                        room was it?

Ema:                Uh... I'm not being very useful

                        here, am I...

Phoenix:           (No, no! You're being very...



                        >Talk: Any ideas


Ema:                Poor Mr. Edgeworth...


Gant:                You are becoming a thorn in

                        my side, Worthy...

                        There've been rumors...

Gant:                After all, you were in the

                        defendant's chair just last


Edgeworth:        ...!


Ema:                There was that

                        business with him not reading

                        that officer's report...

Phoenix:           Ah, about the killing at

                        the Police Department, right.

Phoenix:           (The Chief of Police was

                        right about that...)

Phoenix:           (But I can't help

                        but think...)

Phoenix:           (Someone at the Police

                        Department doesn't like




                        >Move: Criminal Affairs Dept.


                        February 23

Police Department

Criminal Affairs


Phoenix:           Wow, everyone looks deadly

                        serious here...

Ema:                Well, there was a vicious

                        murder of a detective

                        in this department, after all.

Phoenix:           Yes, but the same detective

                        was also killed at the same

                        time in the Prosecutor's lot.

Ema:                Ugh...

                        It makes my head hurt.

Phoenix:           Well, first things first.

                        I want to check out the

                        crime scene here.

Ema:                Yes, you sound "dead"-set

                        on investigating!

Ema:                But don't mess up, or we

                        could wind up... dead!

Phoenix:           I doubt anyone wants more

                        mysteries or dead bodies

                        around here right now.

Phoenix:           (But... it doesn't look like

                        anyone's going to help us

                        much, either.)


                        >Examine: Detective


Phoenix:           That must be one of

                        the detectives.

Phoenix:           He's mumbling something

                        to himself.

Police:              "I know! The killer used

                        dry ice!"

Phoenix:           "If you put it between the

                        latch and the door, the

                        room could be sealed shut!"

Police:              This is good!

                        I'll win a writer's

                        award for sure.

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           He's not writing a report...

                        he's writing a novel.


                        >Examine: Desks


Phoenix:           These are the detectives'


Phoenix:           There are computers and files

                        on each one. Funny, they're

                        a lot tidier than I'd expect.

Phoenix:           I guess the detectives don't

                        spend a lot of time at their



                        >Examine: Posters


Phoenix:           A poster of a female

                        police officer...

Phoenix:           Wait, no. That's the latest

                        "Babes in Uniform" calendar.

                        My bad.


                        >Examine: Head Detective


Phoenix:           That must be the Head


Phoenix:           He's glued to his computer


Chief:                Wha...!?

                        "Detective killed in the

                        evidence room"!

Chief:                "Tell no one outside the

                        Police Department"!?

Chief:                Nooo! I told the old lady

                        at the restaurant everything!

Phoenix:           (Someone's getting a



                        >Examine: Blue Badger


Phoenix:           So this is the police mascot,

                        is it?

Chief:                The Blue Badger!

                        The future star of the

                        police force!

Ema:                The design's a little changed

                        from the one outside...

Chief:                Ah, well, the Dancing

                        Blue Badger(tm) is still

                        under development, you see.

Ema:                You have it trademarked?

Chief:                Absolutely! It's cutting

                        edge stuff. Very "now."

Chief:                I showed this doll here to

                        my daughter and she burst

                        into tears!

Phoenix:           (Don't show her the moving

                        mock-up outside then, you'll

                        give her nightmares.)



                        >Move: Police Dept. Entrance


                        February 23

                        Police Department



Phoenix:           It's even busier here today

                        than it was yesterday.

Ema:                The detectives are running

                        around so fast they're


Phoenix:           (I suppose it makes sense--

                        a detective did get killed

                        in their own department.)

Ema:                So... the evidence room.

                        The scene of the crime!

Ema:                According to the pamphlet

                        we got at the front desk...

Ema:                Here it is!

Phoenix:           (She's like a kid at an

                        amusement park.)

Ema:                Ooh, a real crime scene!

                        Let's go take a look!


                        >Examine: Blue Badger


Ema:                The Blue Badger is still

                        writhing around today.

Phoenix:           Let's give him the benefit

                        of the doubt and say he's


Phoenix:           (Speaking of "dancing"...)

Phoenix:           (The whole Police Department

                        has been dancing around like

                        crazy since yesterday...)

Ema:                Can I take out

                        his batteries?

Ema:                I just can't help but feel

                        he's going to do something



>Examine: Officers


Phoenix:           Look, that patrolman is

                        saluting the other guy.

                        He must be a detective!

Police:              You idiot! What were you

                        thinking!? Where's your head?

Patrolman:        S-sir, it's r-right

                        here sir.

Ema:                ...

Ema:                I guess he wasn't saluting, he

                        was showing the detective

                        where his head was.

Phoenix:           They make a good pair.



                        >Move: Security Guard Office


                        February 23

                        Evidence Room Entrance

                        Guard Station


Phoenix:           What's with the decor in

                        this place? It's very...


Ema:                According to the pamphlet,

                        this is the guard station

                        for the evidence room.

Phoenix:           So, beyond that door is the

                        evidence room... the scene

                        of the crime?

Ema:                It sure seems that way...

                        Oh. Ohhh...

Phoenix:           What's wrong?

Ema:                It's those cacti! They're

                        so prickly... so imposing!

                        It's hard to think straight.

Phoenix:           (If you can't handle the

                        cacti, stay out of the


Phoenix:           What I want to know is, if

                        this is a guard station,

                        where is the guard?

Ema:                I have a feeling I know who

                        this guard is already...



                        >Examine: Ponchos


Ema:                There's a security guard

                        uniform hanging there.

Phoenix:           It looks more like a costume

                        than a uniform, honestly.

Ema:                A leather jacket, leather

                        pants, a leather...

Ema:                What was that called again?

Ema:                A punchy? A paunchy?

                        A pinchy? I know! A poochy!

Ema:                Hmm...

                        Wait, maybe that wasn't it.

Phoenix:           (It's a "poncho," but I think

                        I'll keep that information to

                        myself for the time being.)


                        >Examine: Cacti


Ema:                Yipes, that sure is

                        prickly. It must be

                        the real deal.

Phoenix:           I would think just one big

                        one would be sufficient.

Ema:                This cactus... is a lot

                        like my sister, actually.

Phoenix:           M-Ms. Skye?

Ema:                Encased in a cold, rigid

                        shell, with thorns pointing

                        in every direction...

Ema:                Just like her.

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           You know, I've been looking at

                        this cactus a while now, and

                        I don't see the resemblance.

Ema:                ...

Ema:                It's more an attitude thing

                        than a physical similarity.


                        >Examine: Monitors


Phoenix:           It looks like there's a video

                        feed from the evidence room


Ema:                There's a light blinking

                        below the monitor.

Ema:                It says "Recording"!

Ema:                I bet we could use this

                        computer to check on who

                        went in and out of here!


                        >Examine: Swinging Door


Ema:                This swinging door makes

                        the place look like some

                        kind of saloon!

Phoenix:           But look, it's nailed shut.

                        You can't get in that way.

Ema:                Of course not! If you went

                        in through here..

Ema:                The cactus would fall over.


Phoenix:           I'd say it'd be more of

                        an "Yeeeeaargh," myself.


                        >Examine: Lasso


Ema:                Look, on the floor,

                        a lasso!

Phoenix:           Hmm... looks like it's set up

                        to trap something.

Ema:                A trap, here?

                        Wait, I know!

Ema:                Maybe someone was trying to

                        catch a wild bull in here...

                        But the lasso missed!

Phoenix:           You sure have an active



                        >Examine: Door


Phoenix:           The evidence room is

                        beyond that door.

Ema:                Let's just walk in!


Ema:                It won't open.

Phoenix:           You thought it'd be open?

Phoenix:           (I think we'd need someone's

                        permission to go in there




                        >Activate Luminol Reagent

                        >Spray: Tip of large cactus


Ema:                Wow! We got a reaction!

Phoenix:           Hm. There's clearly blood

                        around the thorns here.

Phoenix:           This room's pretty messy.

                        Someone must have tripped over


Phoenix:           and planted their head right

                        in these thorns.

Ema:                ...

Ema:                I think that might be more

                        painful than being murdered.



                        February 23

                        Police Department



Phoenix:           (This place is charge with

                        frantic energy, as always.)

???:                  Please!!!

Ema:                Huh? Wasn't that...

Gumshoe:         One steak lunch, please!

                        Oh, it's you.

Phoenix:           Detective Gumshoe!

Gumshoe:         Now's no time for chit-chat,

                        pal. I'm a busy man!

Gumshoe:         What I really need is a

                        steak lunch from Lunchland.

Ema:                Oh... you mean one of these?

                        Actually, it's not for sale...

Gumshoe:         ......

Phoenix:           (I think I just heard the

                        sound of his heart breaking.)

Gumshoe:         Now's no time for despair!

Gumshoe:         We've caught our criminal!

                        Now we just need evidence!

Phoenix:           The criminal... you mean...?

Gumshoe:         You heard about the stabbing

                        in the Police Department

                        evidence room, pal?


Phoenix:           On the same day that a

                        detective was killed in the

                        Prosecutor's parking lot...

Phoenix:           Another detective...

                        was killed at the Police


Edgeworth:        And the perpetrator?

                        Do you have a suspect?

Gant:                Well, there was a suspect.

                        Just arrested 'em, in fact.


Gumshoe:         It's the biggest scandal to

                        hit the station in ages!

                        Everything's topsy-turvy.

Phoenix:           But, Detective Gumshoe,

                        who was it?

Gumshoe:         Listen, pal, all I know is

                        I need me a steak lunch,


Gumshoe:         Standing around here talking

                        isn't going to fill my belly!

Ema:                W-wait!

                        Don't leave!

Gumshoe:         If you want to know more,

                        head on down to the detention

                        center, pal.

Gumshoe:         Questioning should be over,

                        so I figure he's down

                        there having a good cry.

Gumshoe:         Later!

Ema:                He ran off to the

                        evidence room...

Phoenix:           Well, this investigation

                        is off to a running start.


                        >Examine: Officers


Phoenix:           Look, that patrolman is

                        saluting the other guy.

                        He must be a detective!

Police:              Answer me! How many

                        fingers do you see!?

Patrolman:        ...

                        I-I'm sorry! I don't know!

Police:              Well, that's 20 for the

                        left, but nowhere near

                        that for the right...

Police:              Get glasses, officer!

Ema:                ...

Ema:                That wasn't a salute...

                        It was an eye test!

Phoenix:           They make a good pair.



                        >Move: Detention Center


                        February 23

                        Detention Center

                        Visitor's Room


Ema:                Still, I do feel

                        better about things.

                        A little.

Ema:                I mean, they caught the

                        person who stabbed Detective

                        Goodman, didn't they?

Phoenix:           Uh, yeah, I guess they did.

Phoenix:           (Best to not go too far down

                        that road right now. Things

                        will just get confusing.)




Ema:                Wh-what was that!?

???:                  Sir! That's what I'm saying!

                        Me, a perpetrator?

???                   I-I-I'd say I-I-I was the

                        perpetrated against, sir!

                        That's what I'd say!

???:                  Ah, oh, uh.


                        Greetings, sir!

Ema:                Wait, I know who you are...


Officer:              Excuse me! But is

                        Mr. Edgeworth, uh...

                        anywhere on the premises?

Officer:              I'm here, sir, at the

                        request of the Chief, sir!

                        I've got your report, sir!


Ema:                Officer Meekins!

                        So you're a guard here at

                        the detention center?

Officer:              No, sir! I'm not, sir!

                        I'm a little lost patrolman,

                        like a little lost lamb, sir!

Ema:                Oh, I get it. You're here to

                        deliver a report?

Officer:              No, sir, I, uh, how should

                        I say this...

Phoenix:           (Wait... he isn't... is he?)

Phoenix:           You... Officer Meekins...

                        You didn't... did you?

Officer:              Err..........

Meekins:           Perpetrator Officer Meekins

                        reporting, sir!!!

Ema:                What...!?

Ema:                Whaaaaaaaaat!?

Phoenix:           (Now this is an unexpected

                        turn of events...)



                        >Examine: Camera


Phoenix:           Smile for the camera...

Phoenix:           Poor Officer Meekins...

                        I think he knows he's

                        being watched.


                        >Examine: Guard


Phoenix:           This guard monitors

                        the visitor's room.

Phoenix:           Seeing a fellow patrolman

                        in here must make him worry

                        about his own fate in life.

Ema:                No comments from the peanut




                        >Talk: The day of the crime


Meekins:           Sir! I'm a patrolman with

                        General Affairs, sir!


Phoenix:           Ow. I can hear you fine,

                        Officer Meekins.

Meekins:           I had some business that

                        day, sir, and so I went to

                        the evidence room, sir...

Meekins:           The guard office in front of

                        the room was empty, sir!

Ema:                So, normally there's a guard

                        at the evidence room?

Meekins:           That's right, sir! Because

                        evidence is kept in the

                        evidence room, sir!

Meekins:           Now, the security officer...

                        was none other than

                        Officer Marshall!

Phoenix:           (M-Marshall!?)

Meekins:           Then, sir, I happened to

                        glance at the security

                        room monitor!

Meekins:           That's when I saw him, sir!

Meekins:           A suspicious person in the

                        evidence room!

                        A suspicious person, sir!

Meekins:           A suspicious person!


Phoenix:           (What the heck is this

                        guy doing?)

Ema:                So what happened then?

Meekins:           After that, sir, I...

                        I... everything went white!

                        I saw red! I blacked out!

Meekins:           And... when I came to,

                        I was here. In the detention


Phoenix:           (How long were you out!?


Ema:                Um, might I ask...

                        what happened to your hand?

Meekins:           Sir! There was no one to

                        bandage me, sir!

Meekins:           So I did what I could to

                        wrap it up, sir!

Phoenix:           (A bandage on his hand...

                        just like Ms. Skye.)

Ema:                Yet another similarity between

                        this case and the one at the

                        Prosecutor's Office...

Phoenix:           First things first...

                        tell us how you hurt your



                        >Talk: The victim


Phoenix:           Um, I don't mean to pry,

                        but you are the perpetrator,


Phoenix:           You killed Detective Bruce

                        Goodman in the evidence

                        room... right?

Meekins:           Sir...

                        Please don't look at me with

                        those sad puppy dog eyes, sir!

Meekins:           If you have to label me as

                        persecutor or victim, sir...

Meekins:           Then label me victim!

Phoenix:           Um, I would, but you happen

                        to be in detention. And alive

                        and well at that.

Meekins:           Ah, yes, well, that's true,

                        sir. I suppose you could say


Phoenix:           Did you know the victim,

                        Detective Goodman?

Meekins:           Well, sir, if I had to label

                        him as a "stranger" or a

                        "total stranger"...

Meekins:           Then I'd say he leans heavily

                        on the "total stranger" side!

Phoenix:           So... you didn't know him?

Meekins:           Sir! I work in a tiny

                        department, devoid of light

                        or other creature comforts!

Meekins:           I don't know any detectives!

Ema:                So, if he was a total

                        stranger, why did you stab


Meekins:           Sir! I had n-no intention

                        of killing him, sir! None!

Meekins:           N-nor do I have any

                        recollection of k-killing

                        him, sir!

Phoenix:           (At least someone around here

                        is more confused than I am.)


                        >Talk: Bandaged hand


Phoenix:           And your hand... that happened

                        when Detective Goodman was


Meekins:           Well! You see, sir,

                        I, er...

Ema:                Don't you think you

                        should just confess?

Meekins:           But, sir! Sir! But!

                        There was nothing I could do!

Phoenix:           "Nothing you could do"...?

Meekins:           Sir, to tell the truth,

                        sir, when it happened...

Meekins:           When the detective pointed

                        that knife at me, I just

                        hollered, sir!

Meekins:           And the next thing I knew,

                        I was unconscious!

Phoenix:           The next thing you knew

                        you were... huh?

Meekins:           Then, when I opened my eyes...

Meekins:           I was alone in the evidence

                        room, sir! All alone!

Meekins:           Alone, because...

                        Because Detective Goodman

                        had disappeared!!!

Ema:                What!?

Meekins:           Then when I looked down,

                        I was gushing blood from

                        my hand, sir!

Meekins:           Oh, the shock! Oh, the

                        sorrow, sir! Can you

                        imagine how I felt?

Phoenix:           (The victim's body...


Ema:                Hmm...

                        That's some story.



                        >Present: Attorney's Badge


Phoenix:           Officer Meekins, have a look

                        at this.

Meekins:           ...

Meekins:           Go ahead, sir, laugh!

                        Laugh at me, sir!

Phoenix:           Ha ha... huh?

Meekins:           I know what you want to say!

                        You're going to tell me how

                        she has one just like it!

Ema:                M-me? Why would I...?

Meekins:           I know, sir, I know.

                        I'm the only one without a

                        girl with matching badges!

Meekins:           Nowhere! I'm alone! All alone!

                        Is that so wrong!?

Meekins:           Life isn't all about high

                        school sweethearts and

                        youthful romance, sir!

Phoenix:           (Is he talking about those

                        badges on her coat?)

Ema:                Hmph.

Phoenix:           (I'd like to think there's a

                        difference between my badge

                        and a fashion accessory...)


                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Ema:                Um... do you think you could

                        take a look at this?

Meekins:           ...


Meekins:           That's it, sir! That's it!

                        That's it!!!

Ema:                That's what!?

Meekins:           My head was a blank until

                        this very moment!

Meekins:           But, sir, now I remember!

                        I remember, sir!

Phoenix:           You mean you remember

                        what happened?

Meekins:           Correct! That card, that

                        card was the cause of it all!

Ema:                This... ID card?

Meekins:           Exactly, sir!

                        That's exactly it!

Meekins:           Nothing could be more

                        exact, sir! Nothing!

Phoenix:           (I'd better pry into this

                        one a little deeper.)


                        >Present: Edgeworth's Knife /

                        Switchblade Knife


Phoenix:           Officer Meekins, this

                        is for you!

Meekins:           Eeeek!

                        I-I'm scared of knives, sir!

Phoenix:           It's okay, I just wanted

                        you to take a look at it.

Meekins:           That's it, sir! Last night,

                        sir! That's the one!

Meekins:           I was an apple sir, in my

                        dream, sir, and I was...

                        I was being peeled!

Ema:                On second thought, you don't

                        have to look at the knife.

Phoenix:           (Hmm... He's overreacting to

                        the knife, but I guess he's

                        been through a lot.)


                        >Present: Crime Photo


Meekins:           Hey! Why do you have that?


Phoenix:           From the day... It was

                        taken at the Prosecutor's


Ema:                The day that Detective

                        Goodman's body was found

                        in the trunk...

Meekins:           So this means...

Meekins:           This means I'm a free man!


Meekins:           If this is a dream, sir...

Meekins:           Then I hope I never wake up!

Phoenix:           (If this is a dream you'd

                        better wake up right now!)


                        >Present: Prosecutor Trophy /

                        Parking Stub /

                        Blue Badger Panel /

                        Goodman's Autopsy Report /

                        Victim's Note /

                        Lana's Cell Phone /

                        Parking Lot Floor Plans /

                        Victim's Shoe /

                        Luminol Testing Fluid /

                        Steak Lunch /

                        Goodman's Lost Item Report /

                        ID Card Record /

                        Evidence Room Floorplans /

                        Unstable Jar /

                        Rubber Glove /

                        Evidence Locker /

                        Screwdriver /

                        Fingerprinting Set


Phoenix:           Officer Meekins, could you

                        take a look at this?

Meekins:           I'm sorry, sir, really sorry,

                        but I have no idea what

                        that is.

Meekins:           Maybe you should ask

                        Mr. Edgeworth, sir?

Ema:                He's passing the buck,

                        Mr. Wright.

Phoenix:           It takes a special kind of

                        man to pass the buck to



                        >Talk: Crime details


Phoenix:           Can you tell me what it is

                        you do "remember"?

Meekins:           Well sir, you might say I'm a

                        lost little patrolman. A lost

                        little lamb, if you will!

Meekins:           I didn't know Mr. Detective

                        Goodman who was in the

                        evidence room.

Phoenix:           And that's why you thought he

                        looked suspicious...

Meekins:           Sir, I entered the evidence

                        room, and asked the man to

                        display his ID card!

Ema:                Well, that sounds pretty

                        much by the book so far.

Meekins:           Th-that's right, sir!

                        That's what I've been trying

                        to tell you!

Phoenix:           So you asked Detective Goodman

                        to show his ID card. What

                        did he do?

Meekins:           That's the thing! Suddenly

                        he pointed a knife at me!

Ema:                What...!?

Meekins:           Sir, I assure you I was as

                        flustered as you are right


Meekins:           So I whooped and leapt

                        at him!

Phoenix:           (Detective Goodman pointed

                        a knife at him?)

Meekins:           "Do unto others before

                        they do unto you"!

                        My father's own words, sir!

Ema:                Wh-what happened then?

Meekins:           Well...

Meekins:           My eyes, sir... everything

                        went white.

                        When I awoke, I was here.

Phoenix:           (Right...)


                        >Reason for arrest


Ema:                So, Officer Meekins, why was

                        it that they arrested you?

Phoenix:           What do you mean, Ema?

Ema:                Let's look at what we know.

Ema:                Now, Officer Meekins didn't

                        know Detective Goodman...

Ema:                And the "victim" whom he met

                        at the scene of the crime

                        didn't show his ID card.

Phoenix:           In other words, we have no

                        way of knowing if the victim

                        was really the victim!

Ema:                And if this "body" just

                        "disappeared" from the

                        evidence room...

Ema:                We don't even know if anyone

                        actually died!

Meekins:           That's it, sir! That!

                        That's what I wanted to say!

Meekins:           That is... I did say

                        something along those


Ema:                Huh?

                        But you still ended up


Meekins:           They told me that it had to be

                        him, sir.

                        "On that day, at that time..."

Meekins:           Detective Goodman was

                        definitely in the evidence

                        room." That's what they said.

Phoenix:           But... you don't remember

                        the events clearly?

Meekins:           No... but the video tape

                        is quite clear.

Ema:                Huh? Video tape...?

Meekins:           From the security camera.

Meekins:           The crime, my crime, the crime

                        I swore to stamp out! It's

                        there! It's me! It's on tape!

Phoenix:           ...

Ema:                ...

Meekins:           ...

Ema:                And you wait until now

                        to tell us this!?

Meekins:           I'm sorry, really sorry, sir!

                        I'll hand over my badge!

                        I don't deserve it!

Phoenix:           N-no thanks, I have my own.

                        (Well, guess we'd better go

                        check out the crime scene.)


                        >Move: Criminal Affairs Dept.


                        February 23

                        Police Department

                        Criminal Affairs


Ema:                H-hey, Mr. Wright!

                        Look who's standing at

                        the Head Detective's desk!

Phoenix:           (It's Chief Gant!)

Gant:                Are you sure this

                        is all, hmm?

Gant:                You know what it means

                        if there is anything missing!

Chief:                Sir! I'm sure it's most

                        likely totally perfect!

Chief:                We checked the drawers,

                        the lockers, the garbage

                        cans, the coat pockets...

Chief:                the pillowcases, behind the

                        computer monitors, the

                        coffee machine...

Gant:                I see. Well, if anything

                        does turn up, you call me

                        right away, deal?

Chief:                Y-y-y-yessir!!!

                        We'll scour the place

                        again, sir!

Phoenix:           (The Head Detective

                        looks a little flustered...)

Gant:                Ah hah! Wrighto, my boy!

                        How ya been? Swim much?

Phoenix:           Oh ho ho, Chief Gant!

                        Reporting for duty, sir!

Ema:                Why are you saluting

                        him, Mr. Wright!?


                        >Examine: Detective


Phoenix:           That must be one of

                        the detectives.

Phoenix:           He's mumbling something

                        to himself.

Police:              "I know! The killer used

                        a cassette tape!"

Police:              "What a crafty trick!

                        That gunshot was a fake!"

Police:              This is good! No one will

                        expect a cassette tape in

                        this day and age!

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           He's not writing a report...

                        he's writing a novel.


                        >Examine: Head Detective


Chief:                Ooh, sorry you had to

                        see that.

Ema:                Uh... what exactly did

                        the Chief of Police want

                        you to do?

Chief:                Well, see over there?

                        That's Goodman's desk.

Chief:                He wanted me to check it

                        for anything that might

                        be a clue...

Chief:                They took away every last

                        piece of garbage in the trash


Ema:                So, nothing belonging to

                        Detective Goodman is still


Chief:                Of course not!

                        Well, except for this.

Ema:                What!? You kept something!?

Chief:                Sure, why not? It's not

                        important. He didn't even

                        finish writing it!

Chief:                It's a lost item report

                        but it's only half complete.

Ema:                A lost item?

                        Did Detective Goodman lose


Phoenix:           The date on it is February 21.

                        (I'll make a note of that

                        just in case.)


                        Goodman's Lost Item Report

                        added to the Court Record.


Phoenix:           (I should probably get a

                        quick look around the

                        crime scene...)


                        >Present: Anything


Phoenix:           I was wondering, could

                        you have a look at this?

Gant:                Ah, sorry, Wrighto.

Gant:                I'm through with that

                        stuff. Through, I say.

Gant:                Go find that guy who can't

                        seem to sit still out there.

                        The busy one...

Ema:                The guy who can't sit

                        still... does he mean

                        Detective Gumshoe?

Phoenix:           Either him or the

                        Dancing Blue Badger.


                        >Talk: Edgeworth


Phoenix:           Um... is Edgeworth

                        going to be okay?

Gant:                Oh, Worthy? Oh, you know,

                        they're doing a little

                        inquiry committee with him.

Ema:                Sounds like an inquisition...!

Gant:                Yep, well, we've had no end

                        of trouble with the boy since

                        last year...

Phoenix:           You mean... the incident

                        on Gourd Lake?

Gant:                It doesn't look good having

                        one of our top people sitting

                        in the defendant's seat.

Gant:                Now, you got someone else

                        found guilty in that case,

                        right, Wrighto?

Phoenix:           (von Karma...)

Gant:                A legend he was, undefeated

                        in his forty year career!

Gant:                But in court you fixed it

                        so he was caught for forging


Phoenix:           W-wait! I didn't do anything

                        wrong! He did forge evidence.

Gant:                In any case, the Prosecutor's

                        Office is in a bit of

                        turmoil, you might say.

Gant:                Why, they'd do just about

                        anything to restore their


Gant:                Now, depending on what that

                        inquiry committee decides...

                        It could be bad for Worthy.

Ema:                Wh-what!?


                        >Talk: Evident incident


Gant:                It's downright odd, I tell

                        you. I mean, it happened

                        at exactly the same time!

Phoenix:           (The murder at the

                        Prosecutor's Office...)

Ema:                Scientifically speaking,

                        it's impossible!

Gant:                Yes, but that's what

                        the evidence is saying.

Gant:                "Goodman was stabbed in

                        two locations at the same

                        time!" That's what it says.

Phoenix:           What evidence is this...?

Gant:                Now, now, Wrighto, I can't

                        give away all our secrets

                        just like that!

Gant:                And this in particular, well

                        it's a little sensitive...

                        and I can't talk about it.

Phoenix:           (I wasn't expecting much


Gant:                You know, one thing I hate

                        most of all is hiding stuff.

                        Secrets. Can't stand 'em!

Gant:                But you know...

Gant:                It's a full time job just

                        keeping the Head Detective's

                        trap shut!

Ema:                Ah, he was the one you were

                        picking on earlier?

Gant:                Huh? You saw that?


Phoenix:           (I wonder what it was that

                        he wanted the Head

                        Detective to do?)

Ema:                Let's see if we can kind

                        of discreetly ask him.


                        >Talk: Permission granted


Phoenix:           Actually, I was wondering

                        if I could ask you a favor?

Gant:                Hmm? Well, I never thought

                        the day would come when

                        Wrighto asked me for help!

Phoenix:           I was wondering if we could

                        investigate the evidence


Gant:                Now, Wrighto...

Phoenix:           A-actually, I'm sorry,

                        I d-don't need to investigate

                        after all!

Gant:                Wrighto, please, do I look

                        like a selfish man?

Phoenix:           Huh?

Gant:                Heck, if anyone asked me

                        "sir, can I borrow $50?"

                        I'd give them $50, no problem.

Gant:                So, go ahead! Investigate

                        that room to your heart's

                        content! Knock yourself out!

Ema:                It just goes to show, you

                        never know until you ask!

Gant:                And for you, here,

                        you can borrow this.

Ema:                Huh... hey!

                        This is a detective's

                        ID card, isn't it?

Gant:                That's a special card for

                        guests, so don't lose it.

Ema:                Y-yessir!

                        It's an honor!

Gant:                You just run along and

                        do your best, now. Later,



Ema:                Heh heh! It looks pretty

                        cool on my lapel, doesn't

                        it? Just think, a real ID!

Phoenix:           You seem... happy.

Ema:                Yes, sir! Because, sir, we

                        get to go into the evidence

                        room now, sir!

Phoenix:           (I think this place is a bad

                        influence on the girl.)


                        >Move: Police Dept. Entrance

                        >Move: Security Guard Office


                        >Examine: Door


Phoenix:           The evidence room is

                        beyond that door.

Ema:                And we have the ID card

                        from Chief Gant!

Ema:                Let's just walk in!


Ema:                It won't open.

Phoenix:           Ah hah! The card reader is

                        turned off, see?

Ema:                What is that security

                        guard thinking?

???:                  Howdy, pardners. Well, well,

                        what's made my bambina's

                        skies so gray?

Phoenix:           O-Officer Marshall!

                        (Somehow, I knew...)

Marshall:           What's that "somehow I knew"

                        look for?

Marshall:           As you may have surmised,

                        this here's my saloon.

Ema:                Um... we're here to

                        investigate the crime


Marshall:           ...

Marshall:           Yeehaw! That card you got

                        there on your chest.

Marshall:           That's better than a sheriff's

                        badge in these parts.

Ema:                Y-yeehaw?

Marshall:           Well, what ya standin' there

                        for? Get along, little dogies.

                        The crime scene's a waiting!




Phoenix:           (Looks like the card reader's

                        on again.)

Phoenix:           While we're here, I was

                        wondering if we could

                        ask you some questions?

Marshall:           Sorry, cowboy, but I got

                        no mind to tangle with

                        you hombres.

Phoenix:           You're... busy, then?

Marshall:           Did I say that?

Marshall:           I only said I didn't wish

                        to speak with you.

Phoenix:           (Actually, you said you had

                        "no mind to tangle with us




                        >Examine: Ponchos


Ema:                            A leather jacket, leather

                        pants, and a leather...

Marshall:           Those aren't pants, those

                        are chaps. And that's a

                        poncho up there.

Ema:                            Ah hah! A poncho!

Ema:                            It sure looks cool,

                        but the name is a little silly.


                        >Examine: Cacti


Ema:                            This cactus sure is prickly.

                        It must be real.

Marshall:           Best keep your distance

                        from Billy there. You're

                        liable to get hurt.

Phoenix:           Billy...

                        The cactus has a name?

Ema:                            Billy, you're wearing your

                        cowboy hat on your hand.

Marshall:           Ah, my rawhide cow skin

                        10-gallon hat!

Marshall:           I just picked that up, but

                        Billy took a fancy to it.

Phoenix:           (Looks like it got stuck

                        on the thorns and he

                        couldn't get it off.)


                        >Examine: Monitors


Ema:                You sure have a lot of

                        monitors in here!

Marshall:           There's eight cameras in

                        the evidence room in all.

Marshall:           One for each section.

Ema:                            Which monitor shows the

                        section where the crime

                        took place?

Marshall:           Why do cattle sit before

                        the rains come?

                        It's not for man to know.

Ema:                            Unless you're the security

                        guard responsible!


                        >Examine: Swinging Door


Ema:                            Look at this swinging door!

                        Just like a wild west


Marshall:           Ah...

                        Sorry, pardner, but we're

                        closed for the day.

Phoenix:           Huh?

Marshall:           Y'all get along home now!

Ema:                            I think Officer Marshall

                        really wanted to be a wild

                        west bartender.

Marshall:           I always wanted to say that.


                        >Examine: Lasso


Ema:                            Look, on the floor,

                        it's a lasso.

Phoenix:           Hmm... looks like it's set up

                        to trap something.

Marshall:           I just roped me a steer

                        with this here lasso.

Ema:                            What!?

Marshall:           It was a' bellowing

                        "moo, pal! moo!"

Phoenix:           (Detective Gumshoe,

                        I presume...)


                        >Examine: Door


Phoenix:           The evidence room is

                        beyond that door.

Marshall:           I turned on the card reader.

Marshall:           Go have yourself a ball,


Ema:                And I have the ID card!

                        A real ID card!

Phoenix:           (Let's get this investigation

                        started already...)



                        >Present: Attorney's Badge /

                        Goodman's ID /

                        Prosecutor Trophy /

                        Edgeworth's Knife /

                        Parking Stub /

                        Blue Badger Panel /

                        Goodman's Autopsy Report /

                        Victim's Note /

                        Lana's Cell Phone /

                        Parking Lot Floor Plans /

                        Crime Photo /

                        Victim's Shoe /

                        Switchblade Knife /

                        Luminol Testing Fluid /

                        Goodman's Lost Item Report /

                        ID Card Record /

                        Evidence Room Floorplans /

                        Unstable Jar /

                        Rubber Glove /

                        Evidence Locker


Marshall:           The sheriffs back in the

                        wild west didn't place much

                        faith in evidence.

Marshall:           About the only thing they

                        trusted was their shooting


Ema:                            Um... this is neither "Wild"

                        nor "West" here...

Marshall:           Ah hah! But that and this

                        are two different things


Ema:                            ...

                        I... guess so? Huh?

                        I'm lost.

Phoenix:           (Looks like we need some

                        evidence to get anywhere

                        with this guy.)



                        >Talk: Guard office /



Ema:                Um, I was wondering if we

                        could talk to you...

Marshall:           Sorry, bambina.

Marshall:           But I'm off to roam the

                        lands, like a tumbleweed

                        on the wide prairie.

Marshall:           Like a gunslinger loading

                        his six-shooter, I say a

                        little prayer.

Marshall:           GRROOOOORRK

Ema:                What was that all about,

                        Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           I think he was just too

                        hungry to talk.

Ema:                You're just saying that

                        because his stomach was


Ema:                You have no idea what he

                        was talking about either!

Phoenix:           (Well, in any case, we need

                        to get cracking on this

                        investigation, pronto!)



                        >Present: Steak Lunch


Marshall:                       .........

Marshall:           That smell...

                        Ah! Reminds me of Texas!

Ema:                            So, Officer Marshall...

                        You're from Texas?

Marshall:           No, I just saw a special on

                        television the other day.

                        Is this from my baby?

Ema:                            Uh, yeah, Ms. Starr...

Marshall:           Wh-what's this!?

Ema:                            What? What's wrong?

Marshall:           A filet steak lunch!

                        I see... I see!

Ema:                            I don't see.

                        I wonder what it means?


                        Steak Lunch given to

                        Officer Marshall.


Marshall:           Alright, bambina.

                        You win.

Marshall:           Ask mmph mmph munch munch

                        Anything mmph munch snack.

Phoenix:           (Finally, it seems like...)

Ema:                            He's willing to talk!


                        >Talk: Guard office


Ema:                            Officer Marshall, you're in

                        charge of security for the

                        evidence room, right?

Marshall:           You got good eyes, pardner.

                        It's an easy job, and I'm

                        grateful for it.

Phoenix:           Actually, Officer Meekins at

                        the detention center told us.

Marshall:           Ah, that poor little dogie?

Marshall:           Poor guy, I keep getting his

                        name wrong and calling him


Phoenix:           He told us something.

Phoenix:           He said that, when the

                        stabbing occurred...

                        you weren't at your station.

Marshall:           ...

                        Well, maybe I shouldn't be

                        telling you this...

Marshall:           But since I got demoted from

                        detective two years ago...

Marshall:           Well, it might not look it,

                        but I lost my fire for the

                        job, you know?

Ema:                            So...

                        what were you doing

                        around 5:15 when the murder

                        took place?

Marshall:           Well...

Marshall:           I reckon I was galloping down

                        the highway on the back of

                        my steed, Zippy.

Ema:                            Note: he was riding down the

                        highway on his horse named


Marshall:           There's no need for people

                        here, anyhow.

Marshall:           These newfangled machines

                        do a bang-up job of keeping

                        an eye on the place.

Phoenix:           You mean the security

                        camera system?

Marshall:           I don't take to machines


Marshall:           Kinda like that stewed

                        broccoli they sneak in next

                        to your steak, you know?


                        >Talk: Marshall


Ema:                            Ms. Starr told us something...

Ema:                            She said that you were a

                        detective until two years


Marshall:           It was always my dream to be

                        a rawhide wrangler on the

                        scene of the crime...

Marshall:           That's all gone now...

                        Like a drinking hole

                        in a prairie fire.

Ema:                            You're still investigating

                        the SL-9 Incident with

                        Ms. Starr, aren't you?

Marshall:           That was my case...

Marshall:           It's all "solved" on the

                        record books. But it smells

                        like a bad game of poker.

Marshall:           I can't let it go...

Marshall:           That's all there is to it.

Ema:                            What kind of case was it,


Ema:                            We've heard the name so

                        many times, but no one tells

                        us what actually happened.

Marshall:           ...

Marshall:           There are some things you're

                        better off not knowing,


Marshall:           Anyway, that case is

                        officially dead as of

                        two days ago.

Phoenix:           Two days ago... the day

                        of our case!

Marshall:           That's right...

                        The evidence transferals.

Phoenix:           (Edgeworth was talking about

                        the transferals, too.)


                        >Security system


Marshall:           I know what maybe two of

                        the machines in here do.

Ema:                            O-only two of them?

                        There must be a dozen!

Marshall:           Like I said, bambina,

                        Me and machines, well...

Marshall:           I like them about as much

                        as I like stewed cauliflower

                        with my steaks.

Marshall:           The easiest ones to understand

                        are these here security


Phoenix:           (Those are the ones that

                        Officer Meekins mentioned.)

Marshall:           If nothing happens, the

                        tapes are automatically

                        erased every few hours.

Ema:                            And Officer Meekins and

                        Detective Goodman, are they

                        on one of those tapes?

Marshall:           I reckon they might be.

Phoenix:           (You're the security guard

                        and you "reckon"!?)

Marshall:           One more thing.

Marshall:           When you go into the evidence

                        room... You need an ID card.

Phoenix:           (Thus the card reader by

                        the door.)

Marshall:           The card reader leaves a

                        record of every ID card

                        passed through.

Phoenix:           (So this is the ID card


Ema:                            Hey! I've seen that somewhere


Marshall:           Sorry, Bambina. I can't

                        show you more than that.

Ema:                            Huh?

Marshall:           I haven't heard whether this

                        is related to the case, yet.

Ema:                            Mr. Wright! I saw a number

                        on that record just now!

                        I've seen that number before!

Phoenix:           (Maybe there's some way I can

                        prove that record is tied

                        to the stabbing.)


                        >Talk: Transferal


Phoenix:           Sorry, but could you explain

                        what this whole "transferal"

                        thing is about?

Marshall:           We keep only evidence from

                        solved cases in this room.

Marshall:           They're kept here under the

                        presiding detective's

                        supervision for two years.

Marshall:           So we can re-investigate them

                        if it turns out there was

                        a mistake, see?

Phoenix:           So, what happens to the

                        evidence after two years?

Marshall:           It goes to sleep forever

                        in the underground vault

                        at the Police Station.

Marshall:           That's what we call


                        We do it every February.

Ema:                            I see now...

Marshall:           "Transferal" is like a

                        funeral for old cases.

Marshall:           Two years after a case is

                        solved... it's closed

                        forever. Dead.

Marshall:           Never to be reopened again.

                        Never to be reinvestigated.

Phoenix:           (And that happened to SL-9

                        two days ago...)



                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Ema:                            See this? This is the

                        victim's ID card.

Marshall:           Ah, the one that was on the

                        ground in the parking lot?

Phoenix:           The number on this is...


Ema:                            Officer Marshall!

                        Show us the ID number on that

                        ID card record!

Ema:                            Look, the fourth number!

                        It's a perfect match!

Phoenix:           It was used at... 5:14.

                        Right before the stabbing!

Marshall:           What's more, there's only

                        one of them cards in the


Ema:                            So, when the incident

                        occurred, Detective Goodman

                        was in the evidence room!

Phoenix:           (But wait, what did Officer

                        Meekins say?)


Meekins:           Sir, I entered the evidence

                        room, and asked the man to

                        display his ID card!

Phoenix:           So you asked Detective Goodman

                        to show his ID card. What

                        did he do?

Meekins:           That's the thing! Suddenly

                        he pointed a knife at me!


Phoenix:           (If he had his ID card


Phoenix:           (Why would he have pointed

                        a knife at Officer Meekins?)

Marshall:           Alright, compadre,

                        you win.

Marshall:           I guess I can give you

                        this ID card record.


                        ID Card Record added

                        to the Court Record.


Phoenix:           (I've got an idea...)

Phoenix:           (Maybe I should show this

                        list to other people with

                        IDs here...)



                        >Move: Evidence Room


                        February 23

                        Evidence Room

                        Sector Three


Phoenix:           (It's quiet... the

                        investigation must

                        be over here.)

Ema:                So this is the evidence room?

                        It really is kind of like

                        a graveyard.

Phoenix:           Graveyards are supposed to

                        have grass and trees.

                        This feels more like a morgue.

Ema:                N-nice try, M-Mr. Wright.

                        Y-you can't scare me!

Ema:                Eeeeeeek!

Gumshoe:         Whoooooah!

Ema:                S-sorry, I thought you

                        were a ghost!

Gumshoe:         I wouldn't recommend going

                        around smacking ghosts on

                        the head, pal.

Gumshoe:         So, is it true

                        what I heard?


Gant:                Wrighto, please, do I look

                        like a selfish man?

Gant:                Heck, if anyone asked me

                        "sir, can I borrow $50?"

                        I'd give them $50, no problem.

Gant:                So, go ahead! Investigate

                        that room to your heart's

                        desire! Knock yourself out!


Phoenix:           Yeah, it's true.

Gumshoe:         So, Chief of Police Gant...

Gumshoe:         will loan anyone 50 bucks?

                        Even me!?

Ema:                Oh, so that's what you were

                        talking about...

Gumshoe:         Actually, I was put in

                        charge of the investigation

                        for today.

Phoenix:           Just for today?

Ema:                Boss for a day...

Gumshoe:         But guess what!? You got

                        permission from the Chief...

                        So now you're boss for a day!

Phoenix:           (Gee, thanks...)

Gumshoe:         First of all, you'll

                        want to have this.


                        Evidence Room Floor Plans

                        added to the Court Record.



                        >Examine: Door


Ema:                That's the door we

                        just came in through.

Phoenix:           Looks like you don't need

                        an ID card to get out.

Ema:                I wonder what would happen

                        if Officer Marshall cut the

                        power while we were inside?

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           (Let's hope he remembers

                        we're in here.)


                        >Examine: Car Door and Target


Ema:                Wow! Look at this big pile

                        of junk in the corner!

Phoenix:           That looks like...

                        a car door.

Ema:                There's a pair of handcuffs

                        attached to the frame.

Phoenix:           Maybe the guy they caught

                        was some sort of escape artist

                        and he got away.

Ema:                Hey, that's one of those

                        human profiles for range


Phoenix:           He's been shot square in the


Ema:                Better him than us.


                        >Examine: Lockers


Ema:                This place is stuffed with

                        evidence... stuffed with


Phoenix:           I'm not so sure about the


Ema:                Mmph!

Ema:                It won't open.

Phoenix:           I guess I should have known.

Gumshoe:         Hay, pal, our security

                        is high-tech around here!


                        >Examine: White Cloth


Phoenix:           There's something sticking

                        out of here.

Ema:                Looks like a shirt.

                        I guess it must be evidence

                        for some case.

Phoenix:           I wonder if Detective Gumshoe

                        put this here.

Gumshoe:         There you go, pal, making me

                        out to be some kinda slob!

Gumshoe:         I'm not responsible for

                        the evidence here.

                        That said...

Gumshoe:         I bet that evidence locker was

                        opened recently.

Ema:                How do you know?

Gumshoe:         If you leave things hanging

                        out like that, the evidence

                        gets dirty or ripped.

Gumshoe:         The guard checks on that kind

                        of stuff and notifies the

                        detective responsible.

Gumshoe:         How many times have I had

                        him breathing down my neck

                        about some silly evidence...

Ema:                Sounds like Detective Gumshoe

                        leaves evidence hanging out

                        a lot, too.

Phoenix:           I bet he doesn't tuck in

                        his shirt under that trench

                        coat, either.

Gumshoe:         If you're going to talk behind

                        someone's back, don't do it

                        right in front of them, pal!


                        >Examine: Fishing Pole and Junk


Phoenix:           Some sort of bulky equipment

                        is gathering dust here.

Ema:                What a sorry looking

                        fishing pole that is.

Gumshoe:         Ah! That's my personal pole!

Gumshoe:         I never did get around

                        to using it...

Phoenix:           Wait, I've seen that

                        somewhere before...

Gumshoe:         Right, pal. That's that

                        metal detector!

Gumshoe:         The one that led to the

                        solving of that case out

                        on Gourd Lake, remember?

Phoenix:           Oh, right! Wow, that feels

                        like it was ages ago.

Phoenix:           And... hmm, I don't think

                        I've seen this one before.

Gumshoe:         Oh, that! That's a


Gumshoe:         I'm sure it will come

                        in handy in solving some

                        case sooner or later.

Phoenix:           (That cheap-looking box?)

Gumshoe:         You can't judge a person

                        or a machine by their cover!

                        You gotta look at their heart!


                        >Examine: Bloody Handprint


Phoenix:           Wh-what's this...!?


Ema:                It's a little worn...

                        but there's definitely a

                        handprint here!

Phoenix:           It looks like someone tried

                        to wipe it off.

Ema:                Mr. Wright!

Ema:                What if there are other

                        bloodstains left in the room!?

Phoenix:           (We should use her testing

                        fluid to check it out.)


                        >Examine: Pottery Shards


Ema:                Wow, someone must have broken

                        something big to make all

                        these pieces.

Phoenix:           Detective Gumshoe, perhaps?

Gumshoe:         There you go, pal, making me

                        out to be some kind of


Gumshoe:         That's apparently from

                        "the" case.

Ema:                "The" case?

Gumshoe:         The SL-9 Incident, pal.

                        See the sticker on one of

                        the pieces there?

Phoenix:           (Another piece of SL-9




                        A>Check it out closer.

                        B>Look for other evidence.



Answer: Look for other evidence.


Phoenix:           (Let's not waste too much

                        time with this now.)

Ema:                We can check it out later.



Answer: Check it out closer.


Phoenix:           I wonder what shape these

                        pieces were in before

                        whatever it was broke?

Ema:                You want to try to put

                        it back together?

Gumshoe:         Hah! Good luck, pal.

                        That's no job for amateurs.

Gumshoe:         Why, I spent a good three

                        hours on that before I had

                        to give up!

Ema:                That's why I always carry

                        around a tube of glue!

Phoenix:           (Well, this piece looks like

                        the bottom. Let's try putting

                        the rest in place!)







Answer: Back


Phoenix:           It's no use. These pieces

                        just don't add up to anything!

Ema:                Maybe some of the pieces

                        are missing?

Ema:                Let's just try to put

                        as many of the pieces in

                        place as we can!

Phoenix:           (Hmm... maybe I'll give

                        it another shot later.)



Answer: Combine


Ema:                H-huh?

Ema:                Well, I think we did it.

                        But some of the pieces are


Gumshoe:         That only took me two minutes

                        to do!

                        The problem is finishing it!

Ema:                Were some pieces stolen?

Phoenix:           I bet they were missing

                        to begin with.

Gumshoe:         Still...

Gumshoe:         It doesn't look like the

                        most stable kind of jar.

Ema:                I kind of understand how

                        it got broken.


                        Unstable Jar added

                        to the Courtroom Record.


                        >Examine: Open Locker


Ema:                Look, this one's open!

                        And there's a indicator

                        tag stuck on it still!

Gumshoe:         That locker is coded with

                        Detective Goodman's


Phoenix:           (Detective Goodman's locker!)

Ema:                Are you sure it's okay to

                        leave it open like that?

Gumshoe:         Well, it'd be hard to get

                        it open again if we closed it.

Phoenix:           (It's empty... they must have

                        taken the contents elsewhere.)


                        >Examine: Glove


Ema:                Someone left a glove here...

                        but only one.

Phoenix:           Detective Gumshoe, maybe?

Gumshoe:         There you go, pal, making me

                        out to be some kind of absent-

                        minded detective!

Gumshoe:         That's evidence from "the"

                        case, you know.

Phoenix:           You mean SL-9?

                        (It does have a tag on it...)


                        Rubber Glove added

                        to the Court Record.


                        >Examine: Saw and Paint


Ema:                What is a saw and paint

                        doing here?

Gumshoe:         Since the dawn of time...

Gumshoe:         True art has always been

                        a war against oppression.

Ema:                True art...?

                        I noticed that there's

                        blue and yellow paint here.

Phoenix:           Perhaps we're witnessing the

                        birthplace of the Blue Badger?

Gumshoe:         Well...

                        You might say this is my


Phoenix:           (Here? In the evidence room!?)



                        >Activate Luminol Reagent

                        >Spray: Ground behind tape


Phoenix:           There must have been a massive

                        amount of blood here. (I've

                        never seen so much before...)

Phoenix:           I'm not a professional.

                        What's your opinion,


Gumshoe:         Hmm...

                        Pale blue blood...

Gumshoe:         Maybe Detective Goodman...

Gumshoe:         was actually an alien?

Ema:                This proves that something

                        really happened in front of

                        this locker.

Phoenix:           I'll make a note of it on the

                        floor plans.

Gumshoe:         Hey! If you didn't want my

                        opinion, you shouldn't have



                        >Activate Luminol Reagent

                        >Spray: Bloody handprint


Ema:                I knew it!

                        This is someone's right


Gumshoe:         WHAAAAAAT!!?

Phoenix:           What's the matter, Detective?

Gumshoe:         Th-this locker...

                        It's mine!

Ema:                It's yours?

Gumshoe:         Please!

Gumshoe:         You have to help me...

                        When they come to take me


Gumshoe:         Promise you'll testify that I

                        wouldn't harm a fly!

Gumshoe:         You'll do that for me, won't

                        you, pals!?

Phoenix:           (This is an important clue!

                        I'll jot it down on the floor


Gumshoe:         I'm counting on you guys!

                        Believe me, you can't trust

                        the police!

Ema:                What? But you're a detective!


                        >Activate Luminol Reagent

                        >Spray: Locker with white cloth


Ema:                ...!

                        Why am I getting a reaction


Phoenix:           There's no reason for the

                        murderer to touch this spot

                        if he fled out the door.

Phoenix:           (This just might be something


Gumshoe:         Hey...

Gumshoe:         That's some pretty amazing

                        stuff you got there, pal!

Ema:                What, this?

Ema:                It's called "Luminol Testing


Gumshoe:         Where'd you get your hands on


Ema:                Huh?

Gumshoe:         I'd like to get some too!

Gumshoe:         I'll just borrow 50 bucks from

                        the Chief!

Phoenix:           Where do you get this, Ema?

Ema:                I always buy it by mail order.

Phoenix:           (Well, I'd better jot this

                        down on the floor plans.)



                        >Present: Attorney's Badge


Phoenix:           Detective... here's my

                        attorney's badge.

Gumshoe:         You show this to me every

                        time we meet, pal.

Gumshoe:         Real men show their police

                        badge. 'Nuff said!

Ema:                I wish had a badge... Even an

                        ID card would be nice...


                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Gumshoe:         That's the victim, Detective

                        Goodman's ID card.

Gumshoe:         These days, everything's

                        I can never relax!

Phoenix:           That's only because you

                        always lose your card.

Gumshoe:         I always forget my secret

                        number, too. Scary, huh?

Gumshoe:         My face should be ID enough!

                        What's the world coming to!?

Phoenix:           (Detective Gumshoe, rebel

                        against the system.)


                        >Present: Prosecutor's Trophy


Gumshoe:         Hey, that's it!

Gumshoe:         That's the "King of

                        Prosecutors" award that Mr.

                        Edgeworth got yesterday!

Phoenix:           Were you at the awards

                        ceremony, Detective Gumshoe?

Gumshoe:         Of course, pal!

                        I got an award for diligence,


Phoenix:           Ah... congratulations.

Ema:                I was wondering, why is the

                        award a shield?

Ema:                And... why is it broken?

Gumshoe:         Oh, there's a reason.

Gumshoe:         Um...

                        I'll tell you what it is later.

Phoenix:           (Apparently, he's forgotten.)


                        >Present: Edgeworth's Knife /

                        Parking Stub


Gumshoe:         Found in Mr. Edgeworth's car,

                        stabbed with Mr. Edgeworth's

                        knife, huh...

Gumshoe:         What would drive Chief

                        Prosecutor Skye to do

                        such a thing?

Ema:                ...

Gumshoe:         W-wait, I didn't mean...

                        I mean, sure, of course

                        someone else really did it!

Gumshoe:         Someone who must have, um...

Gumshoe:         Someone who must have a

                        grudge against Mr. Edgeworth!


                        >Present: Blue Badger Panel


Gumshoe:         This is my crowning

                        achievement, my masterpiece,

                        you might say.

Gumshoe:         But... art is always

                        misunderstood, pal.

Ema:                Art...?

Gumshoe:         He was dancing proudly

                        on the day of the awards


Gumshoe:         But there were a lot of people

                        coming and going after the


Gumshoe:         So they took the Blue Badger

                        away for a while!

Phoenix:           Really? Why?

Gumshoe:         Oh, they said it was

                        "shameful" or something like


Gumshoe:         "Shameful"!

                        I toiled night and day...

Phoenix:           (I sympathize with Detective

                        Gumshoe... but I can see

                        why they moved it.)


                        >Present: Victim's Note /

                        Switchblade Knife


Gumshoe:         Detective Goodman's note...

                        and that switchblade knife.

Gumshoe:         I bet Edgeworth was the most

                        surprised of anyone.

Phoenix:           Because of the SL-9 connection?

Gumshoe:         That was Mr. Edgeworth's

                        first big case you know,

                        two years ago.

Gumshoe:         That was the first time the

                        world knew Edgeworth was

                        a man to be feared!

Phoenix:           But, why would evidence

                        from that case turn up now?

Gumshoe:         I guess it's not over, pal.

Gumshoe:         Maybe there are some loose

                        ends left on that case...


                        >Present: Crime Photo


Gumshoe          That's the photo that

                        Ms. Starr took.

Phoenix:           Anything you can tell us

                        about it?

Gumshoe:         That Ms. Starr is quite

                        the lady.

Gumshoe:         Why, I remember

                        it was winter... I was 16.

Gumshoe:         She was the only one who

                        ever got me to talk about

                        what happened.

Ema:                16... that's how old I am

                        now! I wonder what happened?

Phoenix:           (I wonder if Detective Gumshoe

                        wore a trench coat in high

                        school, too.)


                        >Present: ID Card Record


Phoenix:           Could you take a look

                        at this?

Phoenix:           This is the ID card of the

                        person who came here on the

                        day of the stabbing.

Gumshoe:         Ah, I heard the rumors.

Gumshoe:         So it was Goodman who

                        came in here at the time

                        of the murder...

Gumshoe:         Whoooooooooah!!!

Ema:                Wh-what is it?

Gumshoe:         Th-th-th-th-th-th!

                        That second number...

Phoenix:           It's not your ID number

                        is it, Detective Gumshoe?

Gumshoe:         Mr. Edgeworth!

Ema:                What...?

Gumshoe:         The second number on this


                        belongs to Mr. Edgeworth!

Ema:                What... Whaaaaaaaaat!?


                        ID Card Record updated

                        in the Court Record.


Phoenix:           (Why would Edgeworth have

                        come to the evidence room!?)


                        >Present: Evidence Locker


Gumshoe:         You can't open the lockers

                        if your fingerprint doesn't


Gumshoe:         If you can open it...

                        they'll give you 50 cents!

Ema:                Note: the Police Department

                        lacks faith in its lock


Gumshoe:         After all, Detective Goodman

                        was stabbed here after opening

                        his locker...

Gumshoe:         But at the same time he was

                        found dead over at the

                        Prosecutor's Office!


                        >Present: Goodman's Autopsy Report /

                        Lana's Cell Phone /

                        Parking Lot Floor Plans /

                        Luminol Testing Fluid /

                        Goodman's Lost Item Report /

                        Evidence Room Floorplans /

                        Unstable Jar /

                        Rubber Glove


Gumshoe:         Allow me to say one thing,

                        speaking as a detective.

Gumshoe:         If I see a piece of evidence

                        I know nothing about, I say

                        nothing! Nothing!

Phoenix:           That's... fine.

Gumshoe:         You bet it's fine, pal!



                        >Talk: Judge for a day


Ema:                So, Detective Gumshoe,

                        you're boss for the day?

Gumshoe:         That's right! It's an honor!

Gumshoe:         After all, the murder took

                        place right here, in the

                        Police Department!

Ema:                But, if you're boss...

                        why are you all alone!?

Ema:                Where are your underlings?

Gumshoe:         ...

Gumshoe:         They're using our findings

                        from yesterday's investigation

                        to prepare for the trial.

Phoenix:           (In other words, Detective

                        Gumshoe got kicked out of

                        the investigation again...)

Gumshoe:         I'm adamant, though!

Gumshoe:         I'm going to take control

                        and put this case to rest!

Gumshoe:         And in my own evidence

                        locker, pal!

Phoenix:           You have a locker in here,

                        too, Detective Gumshoe?

Gumshoe:         Hah hah, of course!

                        I am a detective, after all.

Gumshoe:         They gave me a locker that

                        only I can open, pal!

Ema:                "Only you can open"...?


                        >Talk: Edgeworth


Gumshoe:         I'll always believe in

                        Mr. Edgeworth, no matter

                        what happens.

Ema:                So... Mr. Edgeworth is

                        with the inquiry committee

                        now, right?

Gumshoe:         They're trying to figure out

                        who's responsible for the

                        mess-up in court today.

Phoenix:           I see...

Gumshoe:         I guess this is what

                        you call "fate."

Gumshoe:         Mr. Edgeworth just can't

                        get away from that case...

Phoenix:           That case...?

Gumshoe:         Yeah, that case!

                        The SL-9 Incident, of course!

Gumshoe:         That was the beginning

                        of the end for Mr. Edgeworth.

Phoenix:           (Maybe we can get him to tell

                        us more about the case...)


                        >Talk: Evidence safe


Gumshoe:         This place is more high-

                        tech than you might think.

Gumshoe:         Every locker is fixed so that

                        only one detective can

                        open it.

Phoenix:           Using this ID card?

Gumshoe:         Well, that's the thing, pal.

                        ID cards can be lost.

Gumshoe:         Why, I'm on my third card

                        since entering the force


Ema:                That sounds like a lot.

Gumshoe:         Yes, but even I can't lose