Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Episode 5, Chapter 7

Pazu (


                        Rise from the Ashes

                        Day 3 - Investigation


                        February 24, 3:12 PM

                        Wright & Co. Law Offices


Ema:                I'm so sorry, Mr. Wright.

Ema:                I'm sorry for what my sister


Lana:                Drastic crimes require

                        drastic measures...

Lana:                That's just the way it is.

Lana:                We did what we had to...

                        in order for him to get the

                        verdict he deserved.

Ema:                I... didn't know.

Ema:                I never knew that the

                        "SL-9 Incident" was just

                        another name for...

Ema:                the "Joe Darke Killings."

Phoenix:           (Sounds like everyone's heard

                        about these killings but


Ema:                Lana wanted Darke convicted so


Ema:                That's why she used me...

                        That's why she used what

                        happened to me.

Phoenix:           What do you mean, "what

                        happened" to you?

Ema:                It's all there in the file...

Ema:                Joe Darke's last victim was

                        Prosecutor Neil Marshall.

Ema:                When he murdered Officer

                        Marshall's brother,

Ema:                he left behind an

                        incriminating piece of


Phoenix:           But what did you have to do

                        with those killings, Ema?

Ema:                On the night Prosecutor Neil

                        Marshall was murdered, Joe

                        Darke... tried to kill me.

Phoenix:           What? He tried to kill you!?

Ema:                Officer Marshall's brother...

                        Neil... was only trying to

                        save me.

Phoenix:           So that means you...

Ema:                Yes.

Ema:                I was a witness in the Joe

                        Darke trial.

Phoenix:           (I didn't see that one




                        >Examine: Desk


Phoenix:           Mia's desk.

Phoenix:           I sit here even less now

                        that I've stopped taking


Ema:                Uh oh! I have a math test

                        coming up next week!

                        I'd better study!

Ema:                I'm borrowing this desk, okay?

Ema:                1 + 1 = 2

                        1 + 2 = 3

                        1 + 3 = 4

Phoenix:           (If that's what they're

                        teaching in high school math,

                        we're in serious trouble.)


                        >Examine: Bookshelf


Phoenix:           Difficult-looking legal books

                        stand in a formidable row.

                        They mock me.

Ema:                Oh, I tried studying one of

                        those just now.

Ema:                Remember what they were

                        talking about in the

                        trial yesterday...?

Phoenix:           Oh, right, evidence law.

                        So, did you learn anything?

Ema:                Well, when I tried reading

                        it made my head hurt.

Phoenix:           Oh...

Ema:                Then, when I closed it, it

                        slipped out of my hand and

                        fell on my foot.

Phoenix:           (Oddly enough I find myself

                        identifying with her on this




                        >Present: Goodman's ID /

                        Lost Item Report


Ema:                Mr. Goodman didn't have this

                        on the day of the crime,


Phoenix:           Right. A few days before he

                        was murdered,

Phoenix:           he had filed a lost item


Phoenix:           (Although "stolen item" is

                        more like it...)

Phoenix:           (Swiped by that lone wolf who

                        dressed up like him.)

Ema:                I never would have thought

                        Officer Marshall the type to

                        do something like that.

Phoenix:           It didn't come as much of a

                        surprise to me...


                        >Present: Edgeworth's Knife


Ema:                So... Mr. Edgeworth's knife

                        was the murder weapon?

Phoenix:           Right... or so the witness,

                        Ms. Starr, claims.

Phoenix:           She saw your sister stab

                        Mr. Goodman with this knife.

Ema:                Ugh...

                        You know, all of this is

                        that Angel Starr's fault!

Phoenix:           She's not the one on trial


Ema:                Well, no, but she must have

                        seen it wrong!

Phoenix:           Her eyesight isn't on trial

                        here, either.


                        >Present: Lana's Cell Phone


Phoenix:           According to Ms. Starr's


Phoenix:           Ms. Skye used her phone right

                        after the murder... she called

                        you, right?

Ema:                B-but...!

                        She hung up right away.

Ema:                And it was a bad connection.

                        I couldn't hear anything.

Phoenix:           (It was an underground parking

                        lot, I suppose...)

Ema:                She did say something about

                        a "muffler"...

Ema:                But like I said, she hung up

                        right away.


                        >Present: Victim's Shoe


Phoenix:           There was something strange

                        about this shoe, wasn't


Phoenix:           Let's see, what was it...?

Ema:                The traces of blood on its


Ema:                There wasn't any blood found

                        at the Prosecutor's Office's

                        underground parking lot.

Phoenix:           But we did find blood on the

                        floor somewhere, didn't we?

Phoenix:           Where was that again...?

Ema:                In the evidence room at the

                        Police Department.

Ema:                Now stop using me as your

                        memo pad!!!


                        >Present: Switchblade Knife


Phoenix:           Why would this have been

                        in the car's exhaust pipe?

Ema:                It's evidence from an

                        old case, right?

Phoenix:           Right... the SL-9 Incident.

                        It was solved, apparently.

Phoenix:           (This knife was stolen on

                        the day of the evidence


Phoenix:           (Maybe I should look into

                        this "SL-9 Incident"...)


                        >Present: Luminol Testing Fluid


Ema:                This stuff is pretty


Phoenix:           You don't say. How much?

Ema:                I'd say about $10 per gram!

Ema:                I save up my allowance

                        to buy it.

Phoenix:           Your allowance...? Does

                        your sister give you that?

Ema:                Yes.

                        We don't have parents...

Phoenix:           R-right...

Ema:                Sometimes she even gives me

                        a bottle instead of my


Phoenix:           A bottle of luminol testing


Phoenix:           (Man, I'd just take the

                        allowance myself...)


                        >Present: ID Card Record


Ema:                There's only one number left

                        to check out.

Phoenix:           That's right. We now know the

                        other numbers aren't related

                        to the murder.

Phoenix:           "7777777"...

                        An "executive officer."

Ema:                Sevensevensevensevenseven-


Phoenix:           Uh, I believe that's one

                        "seven" too many...

Phoenix:           (We can't find out whose

                        number this is unless we have

                        some incriminating evidence.)

Phoenix:           (That's going to be hard to

                        dig up by tomorrow...)


                        >Present: Fingerprinting Set


Ema:                Mr. Edgeworth is so kind,

                        giving us something like this.

Ema:                Hey! You don't think he...

                        he... likes me, do you?

Ema:                ...

Phoenix:           Are you okay, Ema?

Ema:                Mr. Wright! Hurry!


Ema:                AHH-CHOOOO!!!

Phoenix:           ...

Ema:                ...

Ema:                Here, I'll wipe those

                        fingerprints off your face.

Phoenix:           (Might as well wipe my dignity

                        away too while you're at it.)


                        >Present: Screwdriver


Phoenix:           This screwdriver was at

                        Edgeworth's office, wasn't it?

Ema:                Yes. He said it didn't have

                        anything to do with the crime.

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           Then what are we doing

                        carrying it around?

Ema:                Hey, don't ask me! I'm not the

                        one making the decisions

                        around here!

Phoenix:           (If I recall...)

Phoenix:           (Edgeworth said Chief Gant

                        asked him to take this to

                        the Prosecutor's Office.)


                        >Present: Unstable Jar


Phoenix:           This jar's pretty fragile.

Ema:                It looks like it's about to

                        break apart!

Phoenix:           What do you mean, "about to"?

                        It's already broken.

Ema:                I meant again...

Phoenix:           (This piece was found in

                        Detective Goodman's evidence


Phoenix:           (That means...)

Ema:                This is somehow related to

                        that other incident...


                        >Present: Marshall's Prints


Phoenix:           This fingerprint was left on

                        the locker when Marshall

                        was stashing his bloody coat.

Ema:                I guess that blood wasn't Mr.

                        Goodman's after all.

Phoenix:           Nope. Just that of an overly

                        zealous patrolman.

Ema:                So there wasn't a murder at

                        the Police Department at 5:15

                        in the end.

Phoenix:           (I wonder what's going to

                        happen to Officer Marshall



                        >Present: Security Video


Ema:                We owe our entire success in

                        court today to this tape.

Phoenix:           At first I thought it was a


Phoenix:           but it turned out to be a

                        goldmine of evidence.

Ema:                I counted a total of five

                        clues in it.

Phoenix:           It also gave the Blue Badger

                        some publicity...

Phoenix:           of the negative sort, that is.


                        >Present: SL-9 Incident Files


Phoenix:           It seems everything is

                        somehow related to this


Ema:                What was it labeled, again?

                        The "SL-9 Incident"?

Phoenix:           Yes. The name of everyone

                        connected to this trial is

                        listed in here.

Phoenix:           All that's left...

Phoenix:           is to figure out just what

                        role everyone plays in this


Phoenix:           If we search hard enough, I

                        think we'll find our answers.

Phoenix:           (What exactly did, or didn't,

                        Lana do?)

Ema:                I'm not sure I want to know



                        >Present: Gant Team Picture /

                        Neil's Autopsy Report /

                        Letter of Resignation


Phoenix:           Here, see this?

Ema:                Ahh! I've noticed that defense

                        attorneys have a tendency to

                        want to show people things.

Phoenix:           (What is this? A behavioral

                        study of lawyers?)



                        >Move: Detention Center


                        February 24

                        Detention Center

                        Visitor's Room


Ema:                Looks like they're questioning

                        Lana again.

Phoenix:           (I guess we're not the only

                        ones who want to question


Ema:                Well, since we've come all

                        this way, why don't we go see

                        Mr. Meekins?

Phoenix:           Uh...

                        Let's not and say we did.

Phoenix:           (I'd rather come back and

                        do that later.)



                        >Move: Underground Parking Lot


                        February 24

                        Detention Center

                        Underground Parking Lot


Phoenix:           No one's here today...

                        Not even Ms. Starr.

Ema:                Everyone's probably busy

                        looking into what exactly went

                        down in the evidence room.

Ema:                That must be where the

                        detectives are.

Phoenix:           But we proved in court today

                        that no one was murdered in

                        the evidence room at 5:15 PM,

Phoenix:           on the day of the crime.

Ema:                Yeah. I thought we were

                        finally making some headway in

                        our case!

Phoenix:           But instead it looks like we

                        just ended up making Lana look

                        even more guilty.

Ema:                Hang in there, Lana...

Phoenix:           (I've got to find all the

                        answers by tomorrow!)



                        >Examine: Wall


Ema:                So, this is the famous


Phoenix:           It sure helped us knock a

                        hole in that testimony


Phoenix:           Come to think of it, this

                        divider helped our case more

                        than the actual witness.

Ema:                The great divider!

                        A chip off the old parking


Phoenix:           It's just a wall.

                        (Scientifically speaking...)


                        >Examine: Oil Drum


Phoenix:           So, this is the famous

                        oil drum.

Ema:                Well, no time like the

                        present! I'll try to kick

                        it over myself!

Ema:                Hii-yah!

Ema:                ...

Ema:                ...

Phoenix:           Th-that's okay. Don't cry.

                        (That Lana Skye must be a

                        powerful woman...)


                        >Examine: Trunk


Ema:                That's where we found

                        that note.

Phoenix:           "2/21 SL-9"...

                        The SL-9 Incident.

Ema:                A case that was due for

                        transferal the day of

                        the murder.

Ema:                I never knew...

                        The "SL-9 Incident" referred


Phoenix:           The Joe Darke Killings.

Phoenix:           (Everyone in this case played

                        some part in that incident.)

Phoenix:           (This has to be more than just

                        sheer coincidence!)


                        >Examine: B Block Fence


Phoenix:           "B Block" is through there.

                        That's where visitors park.

Ema:                So...

                        Ms. Starr climbed over

                        this fence!?

Phoenix:           I-it seems so, yeah.

                        (That fence is 9 feet high

                        at least!)

Ema:                Well no time like the

                        present! I think I'll

                        give it a little try!

Ema:                Eeeek!

Ema:                ...

Ema:                ...

Phoenix:           I-it's okay, don't cry.

                        (Maybe there's a Lunchland

                        Olympics team?)



                        >Move: High Prosecutor's Office


                        February 24

                        High Prosecutor's Office

                        Room 1202


Ema:                Mr. Edgeworth isn't here.

Phoenix:           Maybe he's being questioned

                        by an inquiry committee?

Phoenix:           (He took a real beating in

                        court today...)

Ema:                Yeah, with  Lana admitting to

                        falsifying evidence two years


Phoenix:           I guess we'll just have to

                        come back later.



                        >Examine: Bouquet


Ema:                My, my, my! What an amazing

                        bouquet! Just right for

                        Mr. Edgeworth.

Phoenix:           No kidding. Hey, there's

                        a card on it...

Phoenix:           "To be or not to be -- Wendy"

Phoenix:           ("Wendy?" ...

                        I've heard that name

                        somewhere before.)

Ema:                And beside it...

                        A giant Steel Samurai!

Ema:                Wow, I want one!

Phoenix:           Huh? There's something

                        written on the bottom

                        of his foot.

Phoenix:           "To every cloud, there is

                        a silver lining. -- Wendy"

Ema:                Was this the same message

                        that was here yesterday?


                        >Examine: Window


Ema:                Whoa!

Ema:                What a view! It must be

                        nice to have an office on

                        the 12th floor.

Phoenix:           I guess you would feel...


Ema                 Incidentally...

Ema:                Were you to jump out this

                        window, your chance of

                        fatality would be...

Ema:                ...

Ema:                Got it!

                        99.9998 percent!

Phoenix:           (There's a 0.0002% chance

                        you'd live?)



                        >Move: Underground Parking Lot

                        >Move: Police Dept. Entrance


                        February 24

                        Police Department



Marshall:           Howdy, Bambina.

Ema:                Oh, Mr. Marshall!

Marshall:           I never thought things'd turn

                        out this way when I woke up

                        this morning.

Marshall:           Que serà serà. You never know

                        where life'll lead you, eh


Marshall:           I should've known my luck had

                        run out when ol' Billy dried

                        up this morning.

Ema:                Billy...?

Phoenix:           Must be his pet cactus.

Phoenix:           Say, where are you headed?

Marshall:           Just over to the Prosecutor's

                        Office for a little


Marshall:           It's a "voluntary" appearance,

                        but we all know I won't be

                        coming back.

Marshall:           Sorry, but you can't go in the

                        evidence room today, pardner.

Ema:                But Mr. Marshall...

                        Why did you do it?

Marshall:           Why do prospectors head west?

Marshall:           If ever there was a case I

                        needed to know the truth

                        about, it was that one.

Phoenix:           Before you turn yourself in,

                        Mr. Marshall...

Phoenix:           would you mind telling us

                        exactly what happened?

Marshall:           Hmph...

                        Looks like I won't be getting

                        a steak lunch today.



                        >Examine: Blue Badger


Phoenix:           The Blue Badger is still

                        writhing around today.

Phoenix:           Let's give him the benefit

                        of the doubt and say he's


Phoenix:           (Speaking of "dancing"...)

Phoenix:           (The whole Police Department

                        has been dancing about like

                        crazy since the other day...)

Ema:                Can I take out

                        his batteries?

Ema:                I just can't help but feel

                        he's going to do something



                        >Examine: Officers


Phoenix:           Look, that patrolman is

                        saluting that other guy.

                        He must be a detective!

Police:              So I cuff the lout, right?

                        Then you know what he says?

Police:              "What are you, a moron? I'm an

                        undercover agent!"

Patrolman:        Oh, man. I hate it when that


Ema:                ...

Ema:                I guess he wasn't saluting,

                        he was just listening to how

                        his friend messed up.

Phoenix:           They make a good pair.



                        >Present: [anything]


Ema:                Mr. Marshall! Could you please

                        have a look at this?

Marshall:           Sorry, Bambina.

Marshall:           I'm not a patrolman anymore,

                        and I'm certainly not a


Marshall:           I'm nothing more than a

                        wanted man, now.

Marshall:           These old eyes of mine have

                        seen too much as it is.



                        >Talk: Darke trial


Marshall:           Something was fishy about that

                        trial from the beginning.

Marshall:           It wasn't just me either. All

                        the detectives thought so.

Phoenix:           What do you mean, "fishy"?

Marshall:           Some of the facts reported

                        were inconsistent with the

                        evidence we found.

Marshall:           For example... the murder


Phoenix:           The murder weapon? You mean...

                        that switchblade knife with

                        the broken tip?

Marshall:           That was Joe Darke's, all


Marshall:           But... in the initial autopsy

                        report, a question was


Ema:                A question...?

Marshall:           The blade of the knife was

                        not a perfect match with the

                        wound the victim sustained.

Phoenix:           What does that mean?

Marshall:           It means there is a good

                        chance that knife was

                        not the murder weapon.

Phoenix:           ...!

Marshall:           However, in the report that

                        was finally submitted, that

                        possibility had been erased.

Phoenix:           (Could the facts have been

                        concealed with forged


Marshall:           That case left behind scars

                        on all of us.

Ema:                The "scars" that the SL-9

                        Incident left behind...


                        >Talk: Prosecutor Marshall


Marshall:           I got the looks, but he got

                        the brains. He was one of the

                        best prosecutors around.

Marshall:           I had just made detective when

                        it went down.

Marshall:           It was our first case


Ema:                How old was he... your


Marshall:           He was 27 at the time.

Marshall:           He was awarded the highest

                        honor that very day.

Phoenix:           The... "highest honor"?

                        You don't mean...

Marshall:           King of Prosecutors.

Phoenix:           (Not that again...)

Marshall:           What are you looking at me

                        like that for? That's an honor

                        for a prosecutor!

Phoenix:           (Mr. Marshall must have really

                        been close with his brother.)

Ema:                The day the SL-9 Incident

                        took place,

                        that wasn't the same day as...

Marshall:           That's right. It was the day

                        of the evidence transferal.

Phoenix:           ...!

Marshall:           It was drizzling that
                        morning, and by nightfall
                        there was thunder.

Marshall:           I can't believe two years
                        have gone by already.

Marshall:           I tried to steal the evidence
                        so the case wouldn't die.

Phoenix:           (Apparently someone tried to
                        stop you.)

Phoenix:           (Detective Goodman was
                        murdered... and the evidence
                        locker was empty.)


                        >Talk: Scars


Marshall:           There was something going on

                        behind the scenes in that

                        case. We all knew that later.

Marshall:           Every detective involved in

                        that investigation, save one,

                        was... taken care of.

Marshall:           Ms. Starr was fired and I was

                        demoted and boxed away in a

                        tiny room.

Phoenix:           What about Detective Goodman?

Marshall:           If they did something to him

                        too, the commissioners would

                        get suspicious.

Marshall:           No, they were careful enough

                        not to be too obvious.

Phoenix:           "They"...?

Ema:                Who are you talking about!?

Marshall:           Don't get upset, Bambina.

Marshall:           I mean Damon Gant...

                        and Lana Skye.


                        >Talk: Gant & Skye


Marshall:           Chief Detective Damon Gant and
                        his second-in-command, Lana

Marshall:           There wasn't a person on the
                        force who hadn't heard of

                        that duo.

Marshall:           That case was the biggest step

                        in both of their careers.

Phoenix:           After the case ended, Lana

                        transferred to the

                        Prosecutor's Office, right?

Marshall:           Yeah. Damon Gant, the new

                        Chief of Police, arranged for

                        that to happen.

Marshall:           She's never been the same

                        since she left.

Ema:                ?

Marshall:           Everyone who knew her said so.

Marshall:           "Chief Prosecutor Skye was

                        totally different when she was

                        a detective."

Phoenix:           (Now that he mentions it,

                        Ema said something like

                        that too...)

Ema:                Tell me... what happened to my


Marshall:           Sorry, Bambina, but her

                        secret is too well guarded.

Marshall:           I never found out.

Phoenix:           (Lana's "secret"... It all

                        started two years ago.)


Marshall:           So there you have it.

Marshall:           That's my story. Did you

                        enjoy it, pardner?

Phoenix:           It was certainly...


Marshall:           There's one thing for sure I

                        found out in court today.

Marshall:           That boy Edgeworth isn't my


Marshall:           He was the one who used

                        falsified evidence to get a

                        guilty verdict,

Marshall:           but someone else was the one

                        who gave him that evidence and

                        planned everything.

Marshall:           That someone is Damon Gant.

Marshall:           Don't believe me? Well I don't

                        blame you. I won't even be a

                        patrolman after today.

Marshall:           Too bad I won't be around to

                        work with you...

Marshall:           when you become a real

                        scientific investigator.

Marshall:           Adios Bambina!



                        >Move: Criminal Affairs Dept.


                        February 24

                        Police Department

                        Criminal Affairs


Phoenix:           I don't see Detective Gumshoe


Ema:                Things seem kinda quiet around

                        here today.

Phoenix:           You're right.

                        (The head of the department

                        seems the same though.)

Ema:                Why don't we go look for some

                        other people to talk to?

Phoenix:           Right. We can come back here




                        >Examine: Detective


Phoenix:           That must be one of

                        the detectives.

Phoenix:           He's mumbling something

                        to himself.

Police:              "That's it! The villain used a

                        time machine!"

Police:              "Very clever indeed...

                        That would explain the


Police:              "The future might not be so

                        far away after all!"

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           He's not writing a report...

                        he's writing a novel.


                        >Examine: Head Detective


Phoenix:           That man must be the

                        Head Detective.

Phoenix:           He's staring at the screen so

                        hard it might shatter.

Chief:                What!?

                        "Darke Case May Have Been


Chief:                That's what I thought all


Chief:                I just never bothered to tell


Phoenix:           (Now there's a guy who cares

                        about his work...)



                        >Move: Police Dept. Entrance

                        >Move: Wright & Co. Law Offices


                        >Talk: SL-9 Incident


Ema:                It happened two years ago...

                        It was right about this time

                        of the year, too.

Ema:                There was a terrible thunder

                        storm that day... Unusual for

                        the season.

Ema:                I was alone in my sister's


Ema:                We were planning to eat dinner

                        together once she finished her


Ema:                Then suddenly...

                        This terrifying man came

                        bursting into the office!

Phoenix:           Joe Darke...

Ema:                It seemed like he was running

                        from someone. He pulled out a

                        knife and screamed at me.

Ema:                I didn't know what was going


Ema:                Just then, Prosecutor Marshall

                        showed up.

Phoenix:           (Jake Marshall's brother...)

Ema:                Joe Darke tried to take me


Ema:                but before he could...

                        Mr. Marshall tackled him.

Ema:                Then...

Phoenix:           What happened?

Ema:                I-I'll never forget it!

Ema:                Lightning struck, and the

                        lights went out.


Ema:                a bolt of lightning flashed

                        outside the window, lighting

                        up the office for an instant.

Ema:                What I saw then burned a

                        permanent picture in my mind.

                        I... I can still see it now...

Phoenix:           (A permanent picture...?)


                        >Talk: After the incident


Ema:                I don't remember the moment

                        when Darke stabbed Mr.


Phoenix:           So you weren't able to testify

                        about that?

Ema:                No, I was only asked about

                        when I was attacked.

Ema:                That must be why Lana...

                        why she "made up" the crime.

Phoenix:           Made it up? You mean, provided

                        bogus evidence?

Ema:                The Prosecutor's Office wanted

                        that guilty verdict so badly.

Ema:                Lana forged the evidence, and

                        Mr. Edgeworth used it...

Phoenix:           Edgeworth!?

Ema:                Yes. But I'm sure he didn't know

                        anything about it!

Ema:                He couldn't have known he was

                        being given false evidence.

Ema:                Even so...

                        that's when it all started.

Ema:                The rumors about Mr.

                        Edgeworth, I mean.

                        It's all my fault...

Ema:                If I could have just testified

                        properly, none of this would

                        have happened!

Phoenix:           (So it's true. Even though he

                        may not have known it...)

Phoenix:           (Edgeworth really was involved

                        in falsifying evidence!)

Ema:                After that case ended,

                        Lana was never the same.

Ema:                She became cold, like she is


Phoenix:           (She must not have been able

                        to face up to what she did...

                        Especially not to Ema.)


                        >Talk: Permanent picture


Phoenix:           What did you see in the

                        instant that crime occurred?

Ema:                ...

Ema:                Darke knocked down Mr.

                        Marshall and raised his


Phoenix:           (Neil Marshall was stabbed

                        right in front of this poor


Ema:                I don't remember what happened

                        after that. Apparently I

                        passed out.

Ema:                When I came to, Lana was

                        cradling me in her arms.

Phoenix:           Poor Ema... You've

                        been through so much.

Ema:                I-I couldn't bring myself to

                        testify about that instant.

Ema:                I tried, but the words just

                        wouldn't come out.

Ema:                I drew a picture, but it

                        wasn't any good.

Phoenix:           Two years ago... You must

                        have been 14. That's


Ema:                Once it was all over...

                        I made up my mind.

Ema:                I decided that when I grew up,

                        I'd become a scientific


Ema:                I want to be able to fight

                        crime with my testimonies!

Ema:                And find the evidence

                        to make an airtight case...

Ema:                That way, Lana would never

                        have to forge any.

Phoenix:           I see...

Phoenix:           (I think I'm finally starting

                        to understand what makes Ema


Phoenix:           (But there's still something

                        that bothers me about that



                        >Talk: Something puzzling


Phoenix:           There's something that's

                        puzzling me, Ema.

Ema:                What is it?

Phoenix:           You said you were in Lana's

                        office at that time, right?

Ema:                That's right.

Phoenix:           Why then would a serial

                        killer come running in there?

Phoenix:           Not only that,

                        but he was being chased by a


Ema:                Oh, there's no mystery there.

Ema:                Joe Darke had been taken in

                        for questioning that day.

Phoenix:           Taken in for questioning?

                        You mean by the police?

Ema:                Of course. This happened at

                        the Police Department.

Ema:                He tried to run away halfway

                        through the interview, and

                        fled into my sister's office.

Phoenix:           But why did he run all the way

                        over to your sister's office?

Ema:                Because the detective offices

                        and the questioning room are

                        right across from the elevator.

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           Across from the elevator?

Phoenix:           But Lana was the Chief

                        Prosecutor, wasn't she?

Ema:                No, silly!

                        Didn't I tell you?

Ema:                Two years ago...

                        Lana was a detective.

Ema:                She was the best in the entire


Phoenix:           Whaaaaat!?

                        (That's news to me!)

Ema:                After the Joe Darke case,

Ema:                she was transferred to the

                        Prosecutor's Office and

                        made Chief Prosecutor.

Phoenix:           (Lana used to be...

                        a detective?)

Phoenix:           (I'd better have another talk

                        with her!)


                        >Move: Detention Center


                        February 24

                        Detention Center

                        Visitor's Room


Ema:                L-Lana...

Lana:                Mr. Wright. It seems I keep

                        causing you trouble.

Phoenix:           Falsifying evidence...

Phoenix:           I didn't think you were the


Lana:                Criminals don't mind playing

                        foul, why should we?

Ema:                But Lana! If you're wrong...

                        an innocent person might be

                        found guilty!

Lana:                Believe me...

                        I understand the risks.

Phoenix:           Lana.

Phoenix:           Ema told me about you.

Lana:                Oh?

Phoenix:           About how you were a detective

                        two years ago,

Phoenix:           and how the SL-9 Incident was

                        the reason for your transfer

                        to the Prosecutor's Office.

Lana:                That's right.

Phoenix:           Could you fill me in on the

                        details? Especially about that

                        unusual change of jobs.

Lana:                ...

Lana:                I suppose you have a right to

                        know, Mr. Wright.



                        >Examine: Guard


Phoenix:           This guard monitors the

                        visitor's room.

Phoenix:           He seems frozen in place,

                        cowering under this room's

                        oppressive atmosphere.



                        >Present: [anything]


Lana:                Attorneys and prosecutors

                        have no business showing

                        evidence outside court.

Lana:                It's taboo. Especially when

                        the interests of both parties

                        are involved.

Phoenix:           (She really means it...)

Ema:                Lana...



                        >Talk: Today's trial


Phoenix:           A lot of revelations were

                        uncovered at the trial today,

                        not the least of which was

Phoenix:           the fact that this case is

                        largely connected to another

                        one, two years ago.

Lana:                Evidence from that case was

                        stolen... I expected

                        as much.

Lana:                I know how obsessive Officer

                        Marshall can be.

Ema:                That trial... it really wasn't

                        "fair," was it?

Lana:                ...

Ema:                I believed in you, Lana!

Ema:                I believed that no matter

                        what happened, you'd always

                        stick to the truth!

Lana:                It couldn't be helped, Ema.

Lana:                At that trial two years ago...

                        I sold my soul.

Phoenix:           Well, all drama aside,

                        the fact of the matter is

Phoenix:           at 5:15, there was no murder

                        at the Police Department.

Ema:                Tell me it's not true, Lana!

                        What the witness... Ms. Starr


Ema:                About you stabbing Mr. Goodman

                        with a knife!

Lana:                ...

Ema:                Lana! I don't understand!

Ema:                Why won't you tell us?

Lana:                Ema...

                        This doesn't involve just me.

Phoenix:           (I don't think I've ever

                        seen Lana look so fazed



                        >Talk: Detective Lana Skye


Lana:                It's true. I was a member of

                        the police force two years


Ema:                She was amazing!

Ema:                They still talk about all the

                        cases she and Chief Gant

                        cracked together!

Phoenix:           Chief Gant?

Lana:                Then he was the Vice-Head of

                        Criminal Affairs, but he still

                        worked the crime scenes.

Lana:                Damon Gant... he was

                        everything I aspired to be.

Ema:                They were the best team ever!

                        They solved crimes before the

                        reports could even be filed!

Phoenix:           (Ema really idolizes her big


Phoenix:           But now you're Chief

                        Prosecutor... What happened?

Lana:                I always planned on becoming a

                        prosecutor. The reason I

                        became a detective was...

Ema:                to gain experience investigating

                        crime scenes, so you could later

                        use that experience in court.

Lana:                Gant's help in the SL-9 case

                        was critical in its

                        resolution. After that,

Lana:                he became Chief of Police, and

                        arranged my transfer to the

                        Prosecutor's Office.

Phoenix:           (Maybe I should ask more about

                        this "investigation" of

                        theirs two years ago.)


                        >Talk: Darke investigation


Lana:                Two years ago I was second-in-

                        command of the detectives

                        investigating Darke.

Phoenix:           "Second-in-command"? That

                        means the Chief Detective was,

                        no doubt, Damon Gant?

Lana:                Yes. Detective Gant and I

                        shared the same office, and

                        the same investigations.

Phoenix:           (They even had the same


Lana:                We led a team of the best

                        detectives on the force:

Lana:                Detective Goodman, whose case

                        it was, Jake Marshall and

                        Angel Starr.

Lana:                It was the first time Marshall

                        worked with his brother. He

                        was quite... "gung ho."

Lana:                Without a doubt, Joe Darke was

                        the serial killer.

Lana:                We asked him to come in for

                        questioning. We were desperate

                        for evidence.

Lana:                That was when the last murder

                        took place.

Phoenix:           (When he tried to murder


Ema:                Prosecutor Marshall was

                        trying to save me from


Lana:                You see, the first person who

                        happened upon the scene of

                        the crime... was me.

Phoenix:           ...!

                        (Now you tell us...)


                        >Talk: First one at scene


Lana:                Detective Gant and Prosecutor

                        Marshall were the ones

                        questioning Darke that day.

Lana:                The investigation was in its

                        final stages, when Darke must

                        have panicked.

Lana:                He waited until Gant and

                        Marshall let their guards

                        down, then fled the room.

Lana:                From there, he ran straight

                        to... the office shared by

                        Detective Gant and myself.

Ema:                That's where he found me.

Phoenix:           So you were the first person

                        to run to the scene, Lana?

Lana:                It appears so.

Lana:                I was filing some papers while

                        Gant and Marshall were

                        questioning Darke.

Lana:                When I returned to my office,

                        I saw three bodies on the

                        floor and smelled blood.

Phoenix:           Three bodies?

Phoenix:           Prosecutor Marshall, the

                        victim, Ema, who had

                        passed out,

Lana:                and the suspect, Joe Darke.

Lana:                During the struggle, it seems

                        Mr. Marshall stuck a final

                        blow before he died.

Lana:                Joe Darke had incurred a minor

                        concussion, and lay


Phoenix:           What did you do?

Lana:                To be honest, I panicked.

Lana:                I picked up Ema, carried her

                        out of the room and just held


Phoenix:           (Can't blame her, after all

                        her sister must have gone


Lana:                After that, I placed Darke

                        under immediate arrest.


Phoenix:           Let me get this straight.

Phoenix:           You were all involved in the

                        SL-9 Incident?

Lana:                That's right.

                        Quite a coincidence, hmm?

Phoenix:           I don't buy it.

Ema:                W-what are you saying?

Phoenix:           There's no way everyone

                        involved in this trial was

                        also involved in that incident

Phoenix:           just by "chance."

Ema:                But that case was solved two

                        years ago!

Phoenix:           At least one person went to

                        extremes because they didn't

                        believe it was truly solved.

Lana:                Officer Marshall... Yes, his

                        actions came as a surprise to

                        me as well.

Lana:                Ever since his brother died,

                        he's changed completely.

Ema:                I guess he wasn't convinced

                        with the ruling against Joe


Lana:                ...

Lana:                Life doesn't end with the

                        closing of a case.

Lana:                Everyone has to live the rest

                        of their lives with their


Phoenix:           That "case" just might not be

                        over yet.

Lana:                !

Phoenix:           Ema was assaulted by Darke at

                        the Police Department, right?

Lana:                Yes, in the office that Damon

                        Gant and I shared.

Lana:                The office that Mr. Gant now

                        occupies by himself:

                        the Chief's office.

Phoenix:           (Maybe we should have a look

                        at the Chief's office - the

                        site of the final SL-9 murder!)


                        >Move: Police Dept. Entrance

                        >Move: Criminal Affairs Dept.


                        February 24

                        Police Department

                        Criminal Affairs


Phoenix:           This place is always pretty

                        empty, but today it's


Ema:                That must mean everyone's busy

                        solving crimes.

Chief:                Oh, if you're looking for the

                        others, they're all in the

                        conference room.

Phoenix:           Uh... thanks.

                        (Wow, he actually talked to


Chief:                With the Chief Prosecutor

                        saying what she did and the

                        decision about what to do

Chief:                about Mr. Edgeworth, not to

                        mention our statement to the

                        media and tomorrow's trial...

Chief:                there's more chaos going on

                        than Thanksgiving and

                        Christmas put together!

Phoenix:           (I think "festive" is the word

                        usually used for those...)

Ema:                Um, sir? We'd like to have a

                        look around for Chief Gant's


Chief:                Just head across the hall to

                        the other building and take

                        the elevator to the top floor.

Ema:                Really?

                        You mean, it's okay for us to

                        go in there?

Ema:                I mean, we aren't police

                        officers or anything.

Chief:                Hey, you're right! You can't

                        go in there! It's off limits!

Phoenix:           (Now I see where Detective

                        Gumshoe gets his unique


Ema:                Well, what are wating for?

                        Let's head to the Chief's




                        >Move: Chief's Office


                        February 24

                        Police Department

                        Chief's Office


Phoenix:           Whoa...

                        Where am I?

Ema:                In the Chief's office, silly!

                        At least, that's what it said

                        on the door.

Phoenix:           Check out that pipe organ.

                        That's real, isn't it?

Ema:                Hey, I used to take organ

                        lessons in kindergarten!

Ema:                They used to call me "Little

                        Miss Bach."

Ema:                I thought I was a genius

                        until they tried teaching me


Ema:                I never could remember where

                        C was...

Gant:                Hm?

Gant:                Oh, it's you two.

Phoenix:           Chief Gant!

Phoenix:           (He put that paper he was

                        reading in his desk.)

Gant:                So, Mr. Wright. Have you been

                        swimming lately?

Phoenix:           Uh... no, I haven't. I've been

                        kind of busy lately.

Gant:                I can appreciate that. I've

                        had my hands full too, with

                        Mr. Marshall's misconduct

Gant:                and Lana's provocative


Phoenix:           "Provocative statement"... oh,

                        you mean about the forged


Gant:                Two years have passed since

                        that incident.

Gant:                My, how time flies!

Gant:                See that big picture on the

                        wall over there?

Gant:                That's a picture of Lana, Neil

                        and me.

Phoenix:           (So this is Mr. Marshall's

                        brother... Prosecutor Neil


Gant:                We took it to commemorate

                        our work together.

Phoenix:           ...

                        (Something's not right with

                        this picture.)

Phoenix:           (I can't quite seem to put my

                        finger on it though...)


                        Gant Team Picture added to

                        the Court Record.


Gant:                Anyway, I'd like to reminisce

                        all day, but there are matters

                        that need my attention.

Gant:                I'm going to lock up here, so

                        let's go out together.

Ema:                Oh...

Ema:                But this office...

                        it was a crime scene two years

                        ago, wasn't it?

Gant:                That case has long since been

                        over. There's no need to

                        investigate it any more.

Phoenix:           All the same, we'd still like

                        to have a look around.

Gant:                Perhaps you didn't hear me.

                        I said there's no need to

                        investigate it any more.

Phoenix:           ...!

Gant:                Now hurry up and get out. I

                        have a meeting to attend.


Ema:                Looks like we aren't welcome.

Phoenix:           It seems that case isn't over

                        with yet, after all.

Ema:                What do you mean?

Phoenix:           Chief Gant denied our request

                        to search the "crime scene."

Phoenix:           That means there must be a

                        reason he doesn't want us

                        looking around in there.

Ema:                You mean like, a clue!?

Phoenix:           (There's got to be a way we

                        can get inside the

                        Chief's office...)


                        >Move: Criminal Affairs Dept.


                        February 24

                        Police Department

                        Criminal Affairs


Gumshoe:         Hey, pal!

Phoenix:           Detective Gumshoe!

                        Were you in a meeting?

Gumshoe:         I was uh... just taking a

                        breather. My feet hurt.

Ema:                From sitting so long in the


Gumshoe:         Actually...

Gumshoe:         I had to serve everyone


Phoenix:           (Sounds like Detective

                        Gumshoe's still out of the


Gumshoe:         Say, have either of you seen

                        Mr. Edgeworth?

Phoenix:           Edgeworth? No. Why do

                        you ask?

Gumshoe:         He's under fire from both

                        the Police Department and the

                        Prosecutor's Office.

Gumshoe:         It's almost like the battles

                        between you two in court!

Phoenix:           That sounds serious...

Ema:                Is it because of what my

                        sister said?

Gumshoe:         That's basically what it all

                        boils down to.

Gumshoe:         That falsified evidence two

                        years ago.

Gumshoe:         Now Mr. Edgeworth has the

                        whole world after his blood!

Ema:                Yikes...


                        >Examine: Detective


Phoenix:           That must be one of

                        the detectives.

Phoenix:           He's mumbling something

                        to himself.

Police:              "I got it!

                        I'm the culprit!"

Police:              "Very clever indeed...

                        Who would have thought of

                        multiple personalities?"

Police:              "I don't see how else he could

                        have done it. I guess it's

                        time to have my head checked."

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           I think it's way past time for



                        >Examine: Head Detective


Phoenix:           That man must be the Head


Phoenix:           He's staring at the screen so

                        hard it might shatter.

Chief:                What!?

                        "Police Department Makes

                        Fatal Error"

Chief:                What do I do!? Quick! Someone

                        bring me the classifieds!

                        Help Wanted section!!!

Phoenix:           (So much for "duty"...)



                        >Present: Attorney's Badge


Phoenix:           Detective... here is my

                        attorney's badge.

Gumshoe:         You show this to me every

                        time we meet, pal.

Gumshoe:         Real men show their police

                        badge. 'Nuff said!

Ema:                I wish I had a badge... Even an

                        ID card would be nice...


                        >Present: Goodman's ID


Gumshoe:         This ID card belongs to

                        the victim, Detective

                        Bruce Goodman.

Gumshoe:         You can do just about anything

                        these days with a card and a

                        secret number... scary!

Phoenix:           It's only scary because you

                        keep dropping your card,

                        Detective Gumshoe.

Gumshoe:         I forget my secret number

                        a lot, too. I'm scared of


Gumshoe:         But... but I'm me, after all!

                        And what could be wrong

                        with that!?

Phoenix:           (I think I'll stay out of

                        this conversation.)


                        >Present: Prosecutor Trophy


Gumshoe:         Hey, that's it!

Gumshoe:         That's the "King of

                        Prosecutors" award that Mr.

                        Edgeworth got the other day!

Phoenix:           Were you at the awards

                        ceremony, Detective Gumshoe?

Gumshoe:         Of course, pal!

                        I got an award for diligence,


Phoenix:           Ah... congratulations.

Ema:                I was wondering, why is the

                        award a shield?

Ema:                And... why is it broken?

Gumshoe:         Oh, there's a reason.

Gumshoe:         Erm...

                        I'll tell you what it

                        is later.

Phoenix:           (Apparently, he's forgotten.)


                        >Present: Blue Badger Panel


Phoenix:           This guy almost made us lose

                        the case today.

Gumshoe:         What are you talking about!?

Gumshoe:         He was guarding the bloodstain

                        on that evidence locker with

                        his life!

Gumshoe:         That's more than you can say

                        for most officers nowadays!

Ema:                It would have saved us a lot

                        of trouble if he hadn't

                        guarded it so well.

Phoenix:           (I have to admit he's right


Phoenix:           (Thanks to the Blue Badger,

                        we were able to prove another

                        possibility today:)

Phoenix:           (The possibility that another

                        murder took place prior to

                        5:15 PM...)


                        >Present: Crime Photo


Gumshoe:         That's the photo that

                        Ms. Starr took.

Phoenix:           Anything you can tell us

                        about it?

Gumshoe:         That Ms. Starr is quite

                        the lady. Why, I remember

                        it was winter... I was 16.

Gumshoe:         She was the only one who

                        ever got me to talk about

                        what happened.

Ema:                16... that's how old I am


                        I wonder what happened?

Phoenix:           (I wonder if Detective Gumshoe

                        wore a trench coat in high

                        school, too.)


                        >Present: Switchblade Knife


Phoenix:           Um, about this...

Gumshoe:         Hey! Don't tell me that's...

Phoenix:           It has a tag attached to it,

                        with the label "SL-9 Incident"

                        on it.

Phoenix:           I believe this would be the

                        broken "murder weapon" you

                        were speaking of?

Gumshoe:         What are you doing with that!?

Gumshoe:         Ever since that case was

                        closed, that knife's been

                        locked away in a locker.

Ema:                On the day Detective Goodman

                        was murdered, this suddenly

                        disappeared from the locker,

Ema:                and was found in Mr.

                        Edgeworth's car muffler.

Gumshoe:         ...

                        That's it!

Gumshoe:         Now I remember what that

                        incriminating piece of

                        evidence was!

Gumshoe:         When you showed me that knife,

                        it all came back to me!

Ema:                Well, what is it, Detective?

                        Quick! Before you forget



                        >Present: Luminol Testing Fluid


Gumshoe:         Hey, I just bought some of

                        that stuff!

Gumshoe:         Now I can go around detecting

                        blood traces too!

Ema:                Wow!

                        Is that a new type? I've never

                        seen that bottle before.

Ema:                "Add three inches to your

                        base height."

Phoenix:           "Base height"?

                        Hey, let me see that!

Phoenix:           "Looming Tall."

                        "New and improved growth


Gumshoe:         You mean this can't detect any

                        blood traces!?

Ema:                Uh, well...

                        It's not quite the same thing

                        as luminol.

Gumshoe:         So that's why the lady at the

                        counter had that smirk on her



                        >Present: ID Card Record


Gumshoe:         That's the ID card record,

                        isn't it?

Phoenix:           Yes. There's only one number

                        left to investigate.

                        At 4:20 PM...

Phoenix:           the victim, Detective Goodman,

                        must have entered the evidence

                        room along with someone else.

Phoenix:           Someone with an "executive

                        officer" number:

Gumshoe:         "Sevensevensevensevenseven-


Phoenix:           That's one "seven" too many,


Phoenix:           (An executive officer. Hmm...

                        I just might have a hunch.)


                        >Present: Fingerprinting Set


Gumshoe:         Hey, that powder's used for

                        detecting fingerprints.

Ema:                Yeah, Mr. Edgeworth gave it to


Gumshoe:         He did what!?

                        All I have is some flour...

Gumshoe:         ...

Phoenix:           Are you okay, Detective?

Gumshoe:         Quick!


Gumshoe:         AHH-CHOOOO!!!

Phoenix:           ...

Gumshoe:         ...

Gumshoe:         If it's any help, one time I

                        took a nap on a bench with wet


Phoenix:           (Why am I not comforted?)


                        >Present: Goodman's Lost Item Report


Gumshoe:         Oh, a lost item report,


Ema:                Very impressive, detective!

                        You knew what is was right

                        off the bat!

Gumshoe:         Well, I am a master of

                        misplacement, you know.

Ema:                "Master"... That has such a

                        cool ring to it!

Gumshoe:         The way I see it, if things

                        are meant to be lost, then

                        they're meant to be lost.

Gumshoe:         There's a higher power at work


Ema:                Wow, a higher power...

Phoenix:           (Maybe I shouldn't let Ema

                        hold any evidence...)


                        >Present: Evidence Locker


Gumshoe:         No locker can be opened

                        without a fingerprint match.

Gumshoe:         Besides...

Gumshoe:         There's no reason for the

                        murderer to touch his own


Ema:                Hey, wasn't your locker the

                        one with the blood on it,


Phoenix:           (The handprint of the real

                        murderer's gloved hand...

                        without any fingerprints...)

Gumshoe:         SSH!

                        If they come to arrest me,

                        you'll defend me, won't you!?

Phoenix:           If that happens, I think

                        you'll do better pleading

                        with Edgeworth.


                        >Present: Unstable Jar


Gumshoe:         About that jar...

                        I think I've seen it before


Phoenix:           "Somewhere"?

Gumshoe:         Or maybe it's one of those

                        memories people have from

                        "previous lives."

Phoenix:           (This must be the most

                        uninformative detective I've

                        ever met...)

Gumshoe:         Something about it makes me

                        feel uneasy.

Gumshoe:         It's like I'm in the Chief's

                        office, and he's yelling at


Phoenix:           (Chief Gant?)

Gumshoe:         Where could I have seen that



                        >Present: Marshall's Prints


Gumshoe:         I can't believe Officer

                        Marshall would do something

                        like that...

Ema:                You know Officer Marshall?

Gumshoe:         Of course I do! He was like a

                        mentor to me!

Gumshoe:         When I first started out, he

                        even gave me a small cactus.

Ema:                Really?

Gumshoe:         He said, "Dick, she'll listen

                        to all your troubles."

Ema:                Note to self: Detective

                        Gumshoe talks to a cactus...

Gumshoe:         Hard to believe he's just a

                        "patrolman" now. Someone

                        oughta trade places with him!

Gumshoe:         ...

Gumshoe:         What? Why are you looking at

                        me like that?


                        >Present: SL-9 Incident Files


Gumshoe:         I've been studying up on those

                        Files. There's nothing

                        wrong with Mr. Edgeworth's

Gumshoe:         presentation. To think people

                        are accusing him of


Gumshoe:         I for one ain't buyin' it,


Ema:                You're looking into the case

                        for Mr. Edgeworth?

Gumshoe:         Yeah. It was a pretty big deal

                        while it was going on, you


Gumshoe:         After all,

                        a serial killer was on the


Phoenix:           (But Lana was pretty clear in

                        her confession.)

Phoenix:           (She forged evidence in order

                        to prove Joe Darke guilty.)


                        >Present: Goodman's Autopsy Report /

                        Victim's Note /

                        Lana's Cell Phone /

                        Parking Lot Floor Plans /

                        Victim's Shoe /

                        Screwdriver /

                        Evidence Room Floorplans /

                        Rubber Glove /

                        Security Video /

                        Gant Team Picture /

                        Neil's Autopsy Report /

                        Letter of Resignation /

                        Gumshoe's ID


Gumshoe:         Let me share a little advice

                        with you as a detective.

Gumshoe:         If you don't have a clue, keep

                        yer trap shut!

Phoenix:           I'll, uh, keep that in mind.

Gumshoe:         Sheesh!



                        >Talk: Edgeworth's crisis


Phoenix:           But why would Edgeworth be

                        blamed? It's not like he knew

                        the evidence was forged!

Phoenix:           Lana Skye is the guilty

                        party here, isn't she?

Ema:                ...

Gumshoe:         Regardless, the prosecutor is

                        responsible for the evidence

                        he presents in court.

Gumshoe:         Not only that,

Gumshoe:         but as you know there've been

                        a lot of rumors going around

                        about Mr. Edgeworth.

Gumshoe:         Those who don't like him

                        haven't been able to do

                        anything because of his

Gumshoe:         amazing talent as a

                        prosecutor. But now with


Ema:                Are there really so many

                        people who hate him?

Gumshoe:         In our world, only those with

                        talent rise to the top. Mr.

                        Edgeworth not only had that,

Gumshoe:         but he's young. There's no

                        better recipe I know of for

                        making enemies.

Police:              Hey, Dick! Keep up the good


Gumshoe:         Yes sir!

Police:              Let's go out for lunch again

                        sometime, my treat!

Gumshoe:         Yes sir!

Police:              You gotta take me back to that

                        joint sometime, okay Dick?

Gumshoe:         Yes sir!

Phoenix:           It seems you don't have any

                        problem with enemies.

Gumshoe:         Yeah, well... I'm careful not

                        to stick out.

Gumshoe:         Anyway, I'm a bit worried

                        about him.

Gumshoe:         Under all this pressure,

                        I'm afraid Mr. Edgeworth just

                        might crack.


                        >Talk: SL9 Incident


Gumshoe:         Actually, I took a look at the

                        file earlier, while the coffee

                        was brewing.

Phoenix:           (He seems geniunely concerned

                        for Edgeworth...)

Phoenix:           Well? Did you find out


Gumshoe:         The only evidence Darke left

                        behind was during his final


Phoenix:           His final attack? You mean...

Gumshoe:         When he killed Prosecutor

                        Marshall, who was trying to

                        protect some girl.

Ema:                Me...

Phoenix:           (It seems Detective Gumshoe

                        never realized Ema was the


Gumshoe:         That's when he left the most

                        incriminating evidence of all.

Ema:                Well? What was it?

Gumshoe:         Oh, um, let's see...

                        I think it had something to do

                        with the murder weapon...

Gumshoe:         ...

Gumshoe:         Oh, I forget. Look, it's all

                        written somewhere in here,


Phoenix:           (His powers of recollection

                        never fail to impress.)

Ema:                Maybe we should show him

                        the murder weapon.

Ema:                It might jog his memory!


                        >Talk: Darke's crimes


Gumshoe:         Joe Darke was 42 at the time

                        of the crime. He was just your

                        run-of-the-mill businessman.

Phoenix:           A businessman? What made him

                        take to serial killing?

Gumshoe:         One day on his way home from

                        work, he hit someone with his


Ema:                With his car?

                        So... it was an accident?

Gumshoe:         An accident, yes. But it

                        transformed him into an


Ema:                An animal...

Gumshoe:         He killed a man that witnessed

                        the accident. then he killed a

                        lady who saw the second crime.

Gumshoe:         A kid walked by just then, so

                        he killed him too. Then, when

                        he was burying the bodies,

Gumshoe:         a jogger came upon the scene

                        and was killed as well!

                        Finally he turned himself in.

Phoenix:           Seems he was a pretty

                        careless animal.

Gumshoe:         Of course, this is all


Gumshoe:         There wasn't a single shred

                        of evidence.

Phoenix:           So, he turned himself in...

Gumshoe:         Yes, but in the middle of his

                        questioning, he fled and

                        murdered his final victim...

Gumshoe:         Prosecutor Marshall.

Gumshoe:         That crime was witnessed by

                        someone too, but fortunately

                        he was arrested on the spot.

Gumshoe:         It's a good thing that last

                        witness wasn't killed.

Phoenix:           (That last "witness"...)

Phoenix:           (He must mean Ema...)


                        >Talk: Murder weapon


Phoenix:           This knife...

                        it was Joe Darke's, wasn't it?

Gumshoe:         That's right.

Gumshoe:         We traced it back to the store

                        he bought it at, and it had

                        his fingerprints on it too.

Ema:                But no one actually witnessed

                        him using it to murder anyone,


Gumshoe:         That's where his luck ran out.

Gumshoe:         When you take a good look at

                        the knife...

Gumshoe:         you'll see it's broken!

Ema:                You don't have to take a good

                        look to notice that.

Gumshoe:         ...

                        Yeah, well anyway!

Gumshoe:         Take a guess where the broken-

                        off tip of the knife was


Gumshoe:         That's what did him in!

Ema:                Where was it?

Gumshoe:         The victim, Neil Marshall was

                        carrying it...

                        inside his own body!

Phoenix:           !

Gumshoe:         It was found deep inside the

                        stab wound.

Phoenix:           Did it match Darke's knife?

Gumshoe:         You bet. Down to the last


Ema:                That's pretty... conclusive.


                        Neil's Autopsy Report

                        added to the Court Record.


                        Switchblade Knife added to the

                        Court Record.


Item Description: Switchblade Knife

            Type: Evidence

            Submitted as evidence

            during the trial.


Gumshoe:         Well, there you have it in

                        a nutshell.

Gumshoe:         That's all I know.

Phoenix:           Can I ask you one more thing?

Gumshoe:         What is it? If it's money you

                        need, you should ask Chief


Phoenix:           It's not money, but it does

                        concern the Chief. His office

                        is a "crime scene," right?

Phoenix:           It's where Prosecutor Neil

                        Marshall was murdered...

Ema:                The Chief's out now, and his

                        office is locked,

Ema:                but we'd like to have a look

                        around if that's okay.

Gumshoe:         ...

Gumshoe:         Well, any Detective's ID card

                        can unlock the door.

Ema:                What? Really!?

Gumshoe:         But if I let a civilian in


Gumshoe:         I'd be charged with breach of


Ema:                Breach of trust...?

Gumshoe:         Simply put, I'd be canned.

Phoenix:           Oh...

Gumshoe:         Sorry, pal.

Gumshoe:         I don't plan on getting fired

                        because of you.

Ema:                How about this ID card?

                        It was Detective Goodman's...

Gumshoe:         That won't work either. The

                        data was deleted the day he


Ema:                Oh.

Phoenix:           (So in other words, Gumshoe is

                        our only chance of getting

                        into that office.)

Ema:                I wonder if there's something

                        we could show him that would

                        make him change his mind...


                        >Move: Underground Parking Lot

                        >Move: High Prosecutor's Office


                        February 24

                        High Prosecutor's Office

                        Room 1202


Phoenix:           (I wonder if Edgeworth is back


Ema:                There he is!

                        It looks like he's writing


Edgeworth:        Huh? What are you doing here?

Phoenix:           (He sure was quick to throw

                        that paper on the floor...)

Phoenix:           Tough day in court, huh?

Edgeworth:        Hmph.

Edgeworth:        I've had to live the past two

                        years with rumors flying


Edgeworth:        What's another allegation to


Ema:                Cheer up, Mr. Edgeworth!

                        I'm rooting for you!

Phoenix:           (That's Edgeworth for you...)

Phoenix:           (Always trying to hide his

                        real feelings.)

Edgeworth:        So, what do you want?

                        Unlike some people,

                        I don't have all day.


                        >Examine: Trophy


Ema:                He won such a prestigious

                        award. Why would he just leave

                        it on the couch?

Phoenix:           Better this than that giant

                        Steel Samurai.

Ema:                ...

Phoenix:           What is it?

Ema:                This is the "King of

                        Prosecutors" award, right?

Phoenix:           Of course it is. You know


Ema:                I saw something today that

                        looked like this, somewhere...

Phoenix:           Something that looked like


Ema:                Yeah, only different. What was


Phoenix:           (She's right. Something's

                        amiss here. Maybe I should

                        show him a certain item...)


                        >Examine: Crumpled Paper


Phoenix:           (I wonder what he was writing


Ema:                Come on, Mr. Wright! Let's

                        take a look!

Phoenix:           Are you crazy? Edgeworth is

                        sitting right there!

Ema:                Just distract him. I'll check

                        it out.

Phoenix:           Uh...

                        Hey, Edgeworth.

Phoenix:           Is that Detective Gumshoe out

                        the window there? Oh no! He's

                        falling to the ground!!!

Edgeworth:        Hold on. First let me see what

                        this girl's doing crawling

                        around my feet.

Phoenix:           (He didn't even look.)

Ema:                What!?

                        "Letter of r-r-r-r..."

Edgeworth:        If you can't read, I'll read

                        it for you.

Edgeworth:        It says, "Letter of


Phoenix:           "Resignation"!?

                        Edgeworth, you don't mean...?

Edgeworth:        I'm tired, Mr. Wright.

Edgeworth:        I feel as if...

                        something inside me has died.

Ema:                But Mr. Edgeworth! None of it

                        is your fault!

Edgeworth:        I know the path I've walked.

                        You don't need to tell me.

Edgeworth:        And the path I've walked...

                        hasn't been a just one.

Edgeworth:        I can't forgive myself for

                        what I've done...

Edgeworth:        and no one else should forgive

                        me either.

Phoenix:           (Uh oh. I think he's serious!)

Ema:                Mr. Wright!

                        Please, you have to do


Phoenix:           (This Letter of Resignation...

                        I wonder if I can use it for anything?)


                        Put Letter of Resignation in




                        >Present: Attorney's Badge


Edgeworth:        I once dreamed of being

                        a defense attorney, a

                        long time ago.

Ema:                What? You wanted to

                        be a defense attorney,

                        Mr. Edgeworth?

Edgeworth:        Yet, a clear path is laid out

                        before me.

Edgeworth:        I have no time to look

                        back on what might have been.


                        >Present: Prosecutor Trophy


Phoenix:           You know, it wouldn't hurt if

                        you put this up somewhere,

                        like on a shelf.

Edgeworth:        That has no meaning for me


Phoenix:           What do you mean, "anymore"?

Edgeworth:        That's who I was last year.

                        What good is it to dwell on

                        the past?

Phoenix:           He's asking me?

Ema:                That makes me kind of mad.

Ema:                Actually, something's been

                        troubling me about this


Ema:                Look...

                        Do you notice anything


Phoenix:           Different...?

Ema:                Yeah, don't you remember? The

                        other shield in the Court


Phoenix:           (I guess I'd better present

                        this other shield...)


                        >Present: ID Card Record /

                        Evidence Locker


Edgeworth:        It seems everything in this

                        case is designed to cast doubt

                        on me.

Phoenix:           Hey, don't look at me.

Edgeworth:        Yes, I went into the evidence

                        room on the day of the crime.

Edgeworth:        Chief Gant asked me to do


Ema:                To take evidence from a case

                        solved six months ago back to

                        the Prosecutor's Office...

Edgeworth:        I have a locker in there as


Phoenix:           Did you notice anything amiss

                        when you were in the evidence


Edgeworth:        That room's always dark and I

                        was in a hurry.

Edgeworth:        I didn't see anything out of

                        the ordinary.


                        >Present: Screwdriver


Edgeworth:        ...

Edgeworth:        Come now, Mr. Wright.

                        You can't seriously expect me

                        to just sit down...

Edgeworth:        and chat with you about the

                        case over a cup of tea.

Phoenix:           But this isn't related to the

                        case, remember? You said so


Edgeworth:        So I did...

Ema:                Chief Gant gave this to you

                        that day, didn't he?

Ema:                He asked you to bring it here     

                        from the Police Department...

Edgeworth:        The Chief is a very competent


Edgeworth:        but sometimes he does things

                        that don't make any sense.

Edgeworth:        ...

Edgeworth:        At least it's better than

                        being incompetent and doing

                        things that don't make sense.

Phoenix:           (A certain detective comes

                        to mind...)


                        >Present: Gant Team Picture


Phoenix:           This picture was hanging on

                        the wall in Chief Gant's


Edgeworth:        Prosecutor Neil Marshall...

                        He had just started making a

                        name for himself.

Edgeworth:        Looks like this was taken when

                        he received the King of

                        Prosecutors trophy.

Ema:                Speaking of that,

                        there's something that bothers


Edgeworth:        Yes?

Ema:                The trophy Mr. Marshall is


Ema:                it's a little different than


Edgeworth:        Yes, you're right.


Edgeworth:        I remember now.

Phoenix:           Remember what?

Edgeworth:        That was the official

                        prosecutor trophy used until

                        that time.

Edgeworth:        There's a story behind it.

Ema:                A story?

Phoenix:           (Sounds interesting.)

                        Would you mind telling it to


Edgeworth:        It's simple, really.

Edgeworth:        "Contradiction."

                        That's what the award's based



                        >Present: Letter of Resignation


Edgeworth:        They say where there's smoke,

                        there's fire.

Edgeworth:        Apparently I was so caught up

                        in the smoke, I lost sight of

                        the truth.

Phoenix:           Edgeworth...

Edgeworth:        The others are right.

                        I have no right to serve as

                        a prosecutor.

Ema:                But Mr. Edgeworth! You were

                        only doing your job!

Edgeworth:        I've always made my own

                        decisions about what I can

                        or cannot do.

Edgeworth:        That hasn't changed.

                        Forgiving myself... is

                        something I cannot do.

Phoenix:           (Uh oh. I think he's serious!)

Ema:                Mr. Wright!

                        Please, you have to do


Phoenix:           (This Letter of Resignation...

                        I wonder if I can use it for



                        >Present: Marshall's Prints /

                        Security Video /

                        SL-9 Incident Files /

                        Gant Team Picture /

                        Neil's Autopsy Report /

                        Gumshoe's ID


Edgeworth:        ...

Edgeworth:        Wright, please.

                        I'm the prosecutor on this


Edgeworth:        You don't expect me to sit

                        here and discuss the case

                        with you over a cup of tea!

Phoenix:           I'll pass on the tea.

                        Just tell me about the case...

Ema:                Mr. Wright! Mr. Edgeworth

                        just told you "no" in a very

                        stylish manner!

Phoenix:           (Whose side are you on,


Phoenix:           (Maybe if I just show him my

                        best evidence I can get

                        some reaction out of him.)



                        >Talk: Forged evidence


Edgeworth:        There's no excuse for what

                        I've done.

Edgeworth:        Two years ago, I used false

                        evidence to obtain a guilty


Edgeworth:        That's what it all breaks down

                        to, and nothing I do can erase

                        that fact.

Phoenix:           But you didn't know, did you?

Phoenix:           I mean, that the evidence was


Edgeworth:        The Police Department and the

                        Prosecutor's Office share a

                        bond of trust.

Edgeworth:        If that bond is broken, we

                        stand to lose everything.

Edgeworth:        The Police Department's error

                        is my error, my responsibility

                        as the prosecutor in charge.

Edgeworth:        That fact remains the same no

                        matter what excuses I might


Ema:                Mr. Edgeworth...

Edgeworth:        I take pride in my work.

Edgeworth:        So tell me why!

                        Why has it all come to this...

Phoenix:           (Even Edgeworth can't keep

                        this kind of emotion

                        bottled up...)


                        >Talk: Tomorrow's trial


Phoenix:           Are you up for the trial


Edgeworth:        Hmph.

Edgeworth:        First last year's trial, and

                        now this one. It seems all you

                        do is worry about me.

Edgeworth:        To be honest, you're getting

                        on my nerves.

Ema:                But Mr. Edgeworth! You can't

                        just walk out on the trial...

Edgeworth:        Tomorrow is the last day. It's

                        too late to change


Edgeworth:        I'll bet that's what my

                        superiors are banking on.

Edgeworth:        I never thought that case

                        would come back to haunt me

                        like this.

Phoenix:           What do you mean?

Edgeworth:        That list of evidence. It

                        seems too short.

Edgeworth:        Most lists...

                        run twice as long.

Phoenix:           It's only half as long as

                        most lists?

                        (That is odd...)

Edgeworth:        After Neil Marshall was


Edgeworth:        I became prosecutor for that


Edgeworth:        I may not have been part of

                        the investigation,

Edgeworth:        but at the time there was only

                        one thing on my mind:

Edgeworth:        I'd use the evidence I was

                        given to prove the suspect


Ema:                Say, we just saw a picture

                        taken around that time.

Phoenix:           (That picture...

                        Something seemed strange

                        about it...)


                        >Talk: The day of the crime


Phoenix:           Could you tell us again about

                        what happened that day?

Phoenix:           The day Detective Goodman was


Phoenix:           You were participating in a

                        ceremony over at the station,


Edgeworth:        I've never cared for

                        ceremonies, but I had to

                        attend that one.

Ema:                Because you were awarded this?

Edgeworth:        Those receiving awards can't

                        exactly skip out on the


Edgeworth:        I finished up at the office in

                        the morning, then drove over

                        to the Police Department.

Phoenix:           You, "finished up" at the


Edgeworth:        Yes. Just odds and ends-

                        clerical stuff.

Edgeworth:        I didn't plan on returning to

                        the office that day.

Edgeworth:        That is, until I was asked to

                        take something back.

Ema:                Take something back?

Edgeworth:        This.

Ema:                Oh yeah. Chief Gant asked you

                        to hold onto that, didn't he?

Edgeworth:        Yes. It was a piece of

                        evidence in a case that was

                        closed half a year ago.

Edgeworth:        He asked me to bring it back

                        to the Prosecutor's Office.

Phoenix:           (That's the story we heard


Phoenix:           So you came back here to the

                        Prosecutor's Office because

                        the Chief asked you to?

Edgeworth:        That's right.

Phoenix:           ...


                        >Talk: Prosecutor trophy


Edgeworth:        This award originates from an

                        ancient Chinese tale.

Edgeworth:        In Chinese, the word

                        "contradiction" is written

                        with two characters:

Edgeworth:        the first means "halberd,"

                        and the second means "shield."

                        Have you heard this story?

Phoenix:           Me? Oh, uh... sure. Everyone

                        knows that! Why don't you tell

                        it though... for Ema's sake.

Edgeworth:        Very well.

Edgeworth:        Long ago in the kingdom of

                        Chu, there was an arms


Edgeworth:        One day, he presented the king

                        with two items.

Edgeworth:        The first was a halberd he

                        claimed could slice through

                        any shield or armor.

Edgeworth:        The second was a shield he

                        claimed could withstand any


Phoenix:           Hmm... Wait a minute.

Phoenix:           OBJECTION!

Phoenix:           Those claims contradict each


Edgeworth:        Very perceptive.

                        But then again, you've heard

                        this story before, right?

Edgeworth:        Anyway, as you mentioned, the

                        very descriptions of these

                        items discredit them both.

Edgeworth:        When the king pointed this

                        out, the merchant was left


Edgeworth:        And thus, the Chinese word for

                        "contradiction" was born.

Ema:                Oh, I see! So the "chipped

                        shield" and the "broken knife"


Edgeworth:        Precisely so. They symbolize

                        the merchant's items.

Edgeworth:        The ancient tale ends with the

                        merchant at a loss for words,

Edgeworth:        but it's in our nature to

                        pursue matters to their


Edgeworth:        even if it results in

                        something as ugly as this.

Ema:                Wow. Thanks, Mr. Edgeworth!

                        I learned something new today!

Phoenix:           That's funny...

Phoenix:           If that's so, then why were

                        you only given a shield?

Edgeworth:        ...

                        You'll have to ask Chief Gant.

Edgeworth:        Two years ago, he had the

                        "halberd" part of the award


Phoenix:           (Chief Gant...)


                        King of Prosecutors Trophy

                        updated in the Court Record.



                        >Move: Underground Parking Lot


                        February 24

                        Prosecutor's Office

                        Underground Parking Lot


???:                  Excuse me...

Angel:               Would either of you care for

                        a quarter pound of roast


Phoenix:           Ms. Starr!

                        (I guess she's out of lunches.)

Angel:               You certainly are the curious

                        sort, aren't you?

Angel:               Kind of like the first person

                        who sucked a cow's nipple to

                        discover milk.

Angel:               Still, I never thought you'd

                        go digging up that case from

                        two years ago.

Phoenix:           Everyone in this trial was

                        involved in the SL-9 Incident.

Phoenix:           Not only that, but the murder

                        occurred on the very day the

                        evidence from that case was

Phoenix:           due for transferal. This can't

                        all be attributed to mere


Angel:               ...

Angel:               Aren't you forgetting


Angel:               You know, that little scene I

                        happened to witness?

Phoenix:           (The instant Lana stabbed

                        Detective Goodman with a


Angel:               No matter how much of the past

                        you dig up, it won't change

                        what I saw.

Angel:               Roast beef is meant to be

                        savored when eaten.

Phoenix:           (Ms. Starr's hatred toward


Phoenix:           (It all dates back to two

                        years ago!)


                        >Present: [anything]


Angel:               I don't have anything else to

                        tell you.

Ema:                Ms. Starr...

Angel:               The only thing I can give you

                        now, is a poppyseed rice set.

Phoenix:           (Talk about cheap...)

Angel:               Eat this, and maybe you'll be

                        able to tell black from white

                        in court tomorrow.



                        >Talk: Darke investigation


Angel:               Joe Darke...

                        That's a name I'll not soon


Angel:               We trailed him for half a

                        year. Oh, the pressure!

Angel:               Still, I don't think I was

                        ever more alive than I was


Angel:               Those days were steamier than

                        a bowl of hot gravy!

Angel:               Poor old Jake Marshall,

                        though, must have been going

                        through hell.

Phoenix:           You mean, because of his

                        brother's death?

Angel:               They were close, those two.

Angel:               After Neil died, something

                        took over Jake. He became


Angel:               Seeing Jake like that made her

                        all the more desperate.

Phoenix:           "Her"...?

Angel:               Lana Skye.

Ema:                My sister...?

Angel:               The best of the best were put

                        on that SL-9 case.

Angel:               Of course they were lead by

                        that legendary duo.

Ema:                Lana... and Chief Gant!


                        >Talk: After case closed


Angel:               That legendary pair was the

                        reason we were able to keep up

                        our investigation.

Angel:               That's why we're so shocked

                        over how it turned out...

Phoenix:           You mean, with the forging of

                        the evidence?

Angel:               Don't get me wrong. Joe Darke

                        got what he deserved.

Angel:               Still, it was obvious the

                        evidence produced in court was

                        being manipulated.

Angel:               Items our team never found

                        would suddenly appear, while

                        other items were kept secret.

Ema:                But you didn't have proof

                        anything illegal was done...

Angel:               I'm proof enough of what


Ema:                !

Angel:               After that case, all of us

                        save Goodman were relieved of

                        our duties...

Angel:               most without even so much as

                        an explanation.

Angel:               Then Lana Skye transferred to

                        the Prosecutor's Office and

                        became Chief Prosecutor.

Ema:                Lana always wanted to be a


Angel:               Nothing's quite as simple as

                        it appears.

Ema:                Huh?

Angel:               Lana Skye was merely being

                        used as a pawn.

                        That's my take on the matter.

Phoenix:           She was being used?


                        >Talk: Legendary duo


Angel:               Damon Gant and Lana Skye...

Angel:               Two years ago Gant was Chief

                        Detective, and Lana second in

                        command. They were the best.

Ema:                They solved all kinds of cases

                        together, didn't they?

Angel:               Damon Gant's magnetism in

                        particular was almost unreal.

Phoenix:           His "magnetism"?

Angel:               By that I mean his ability to

                        attract evidence.

Angel:               He'd produce the most

                        incredible evidence in the

                        cases he handled.

Phoenix:           ("Incredible evidence"? You


Angel:               Oh, yes. There were rumors

                        about him even back then.

Angel:               No one dared confront him,


Phoenix:           (I take it she's talking about

                        forged evidence.)

Angel:               Back then, everyone looked up

                        to Lana. All the detectives

                        wanted to be like her.

Ema:                ! Really?

Angel:               Oh yes... myself included.

                        I was a fool, really.

Angel:               She hated anything crooked,

                        and always watched out for

                        the other detectives.

Angel:               That's why she was so

                        concerned for Jake.

Ema:                Mr. Marshall...

Angel:               When Jake's brother was

                        murdered, she felt as if she

                        had lost her own brother.

Angel:               If it wasn't for her, I don't

                        think Jake would ever have

                        recovered from his shock.

Angel:               That's what makes it all the

                        more infuriating.

Ema:                Ms. Starr...

Angel:               That's why...

                        I'll never be able to forgive


Angel:               Why did she have to turn so

                        cold after that...?

Ema:                ...


                        >Talk: Being "used"


Phoenix:           Lana transferred to the

                        Prosecutor's Office two years

                        ago, didn't she?

Angel:               Yes, thanks to "Chief" Gant's

                        powerful influence.

Ema:                Chief...

Angel:               That's right. Having solved

                        the SL-9 case, his position as

                        chief was secured.

Angel:               There was only one thing left

                        for him to control,

                        and then no one could stand in

Angel:               his way:

Angel:               the Prosecutor's Office.

Phoenix:           What? You mean...

                        That's why Lana was


Angel:               If he could control the Chief

                        Prosecutor, he could control

                        the Prosecutor's Office.

Angel:               That must have been his goal

                        all along.

Ema:                B-but how could he control


Angel:               I don't know, but one thing's

                        for sure.

Angel:               Ever since that case ended,

                        she's never been the same.

Angel:               It's only logical to


Angel:               there must have been a reason

                        for her change.

Phoenix:           (At last...)

Phoenix:           (I'm finally getting close to

                        the bottom of this ugly


Phoenix:           Thank you, Ms. Starr.

Angel:               You listen to me, Rookie.

Angel:               It takes more than just

                        ingredients to create fine


Angel:               I hope you turn out to be a

                        better chef than I've been...



                        >Move: Criminal Affairs Dept.


                        February 24

                        Police Department

                        Criminal Affairs


Gumshoe:         Oh, you're back.

Phoenix:           You're still here?

Gumshoe:         I gotta make 150 copies of

                        these files.

Gumshoe:         Brewing coffee, copying


Gumshoe:         I'm turning into a regular DJ!

Ema:                You're a "DJ" as well?

Phoenix:           If I'm not mistaken,

                        I think he means

                        "Desk Jockey."

Ema:                ...

                        Oh, that DJ...

Gumshoe:         I gotta admire your

                        persistency, but my answer's

                        still no.

Ema:                ?

Gumshoe:         I'm not letting you in the

                        Chief's office, period.

Gumshoe:         It'd be my neck on the line.

Phoenix:           (That office is the last crime

                        scene in the SL-9 Incident.)

Phoenix:           (I have to take a look in


Ema:                There's got to be something we

                        can do to make the Detective

                        change his mind.


                        >Examine: Detective


Phoenix:           That must be one of

                        the detectives.

Phoenix:           He's mumbling something

                        to himself.

Police:              "Oh, Francesca. You're more

                        lovely than a marsupial in..."

Police:              "Quiet, Jean Marc. Words will

                        just spoil the moment. Now

                        hold me close..."

Police:              Yes, this approach allows for

                        much more intrigue.

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           It seems he's given up on the

                        mystery genre.



                        >Present: Prosecutor Trophy


Gumshoe:         Hey, that's it!

Gumshoe:         That's the "King of

                        Prosecutors" award that Mr.

                        Edgeworth got the other day!

Phoenix:           Were you at the awards

                        ceremony, Detective Gumshoe?

Gumshoe:         Of course, pal!

                        I got an award for diligence,


Phoenix:           Ah... congratulations.

Ema:                Say, this design's based on

                        an old Chinese parable, right?

Gumshoe:         Uh, yeah! Everyone knows that!

Gumshoe:         There was this, uh... dragon,

                        yeah, that's it. A dragon!

Gumshoe:         He had a thing for shields,


Phoenix:           That's not exactly the version

                        we heard.

Ema:                No, but this one sounds more


Gumshoe:         Anyway, it gets kind of gory

                        after that. I'll spare you the



                        >Present: Letter of Resignation


Gumshoe:         What's this crumpled up piece

                        of paper?

Gumshoe:         ......

Gumshoe:         N--no way!

                        Mr. Edgeworth can't be


Phoenix:           Is he ever not serious?

Gumshoe:         I can't believe they've pushed

                        him this far...

Ema:                Mr. Edgeworth really feels


Gumshoe:         At first I thought he was as

                        cold as ice,

Gumshoe:         but now I know different!

Gumshoe:         He trusted us detectives to

                        provide him with sound


Gumshoe:         but we just...

Gumshoe:         we betrayed him!

Ema:                Detective...

Gumshoe:         .........

Gumshoe:         That's it.

                        I've made up my mind!

Ema:                But...

Gumshoe:         Here, take my ID card.

Phoenix:           We can't do that. If someone

                        found out...

Ema:                they wouldn't let you off the

                        hook with another lost item


Gumshoe:         Look at me. It's no secret I'm

                        already out of the loop.

Gumshoe:         After all, I'm friends with

                        Mr. Edgeworth.

Gumshoe:         Depending on how this case

                        turns out, I may already be as

                        good as terminated...

Phoenix:           (What...?)

Gumshoe:         So at least let me do this...

                        for Mr. Edgeworth's sake!

Phoenix:           All right, Detective.

                        Thank you.


                        Gumshoe's ID tucked swiftly

                        into your pocket.



                        >Move: Chief's Office


                        February 24

                        Police Department

                        Chief's Office


Ema:                Here goes, Mr. Wright.






Ema:                Open sesame.

Ema:                If anyone finds us now,

Phoenix:           Detective Gumshoe's a goner.

Gumshoe:         If that happens, I'm counting

                        on you to bail me out!

Ema:                EEEEEK!

Gumshoe:         GAAAAH!

Ema:                Sorry, I thought you were a


Gumshoe:         I didn't even know you

                        could slap a ghost.

Phoenix:           AAAAH!

                        Detective Gumshoe!

Phoenix:           What are you doing sneaking up

                        on us like that!?

Gumshoe:         I-I-I wasn't "sneaking."

                        I was just worried something

                        might go wrong...

Gumshoe:         so I came too.

Phoenix:           If you're here,

                        then what's the point in

                        giving us your ID card!?


                        Crumpled Gumshoe's ID Card

                        in pocket.


Gumshoe:         Hey, don't do that to

                        my card!


Gumshoe:         I hardly ever get a chance to

                        come in here,

Gumshoe:         so I figured I'd have a look

                        around myself!

Gumshoe:         Besides, we're all in this

                        together now.

Ema:                You really do want to get

                        fired, don't you?

Gumshoe:         Not if we're lucky.

                        Now come on, let's see what we

                        can find out!

Phoenix:           (I've got a bad feeling about



                        >Examine: Left Window


Gumshoe:         Look at that giant window...

Gumshoe:         Makes you want to crash

                        through it and jump outside.

Phoenix:           Uh, this is the 15th floor.

Gumshoe:         I know! I was just saying...

Phoenix:           (Saying what?)

Gumshoe:         Ever since making detective,

                        I've always dreamed about

                        doing something like that.

Ema:                Note to Self: Detective

                        Gumshoe has a lot of


Phoenix:           So long as he doesn't go

                        crashing through that window

Phoenix:           when he gets fired.

Ema:                Don't say that!


                        >Examine: Shelves


Phoenix:           These shelves are mostly


Phoenix:           Lana must have cleaned them

                        out when she transferred over

                        to the Prosecutor's Office.

Phoenix:           There's a small picture frame

                        on the left shelf.

Ema:                Hey!

Ema:                This is when Lana and I went

                        to that theme park...

Ema:                ...


                        >Examine: Picture


Ema:                This was taken on that day two  

                        years ago.

Phoenix:           (The day Joe Darke ran out of

                        the questioning room and

                        tried to kill Ema...)

Gumshoe:         After receiving his award

                        trophy, Mr. Marshall took a

                        picture here,

Gumshoe:         then went along with Chief

                        Gant to question Darke.

Gumshoe:         I bet he never knew he'd be

                        dead just a few hours later...

Phoenix:           (Gee, you think?)


                        >Examine: Lana's Desk


Phoenix:           This was Lana's desk. It sure

                        is tidy.

Ema:                Lana's always been a

                        meticulous cleaner.

Phoenix:           There's not even any dust on

                        it! Looks like someone's still

                        keeping it clean.

Phoenix:           Does Lana ever come

                        back here?

Gumshoe:         No.

Gumshoe:         Chief Gant must still keep it

                        clean in memory of their


Gumshoe:         They were the stuff legends

                        are made of!

Phoenix:           (Does he keep it in memory of

                        her, or in memory of the



                        >Examine: Organ


Gumshoe:         The Chief's organ sure is a

                        sight to behold.

Gumshoe:         Occasionally we hear him

                        playing it from the Criminal

                        Affairs department.

Phoenix:           (That's on the 2nd floor,

                        and this is the 15th!)

Gumshoe:         When a detective screws up,

                        the Chief calls him to his


Gumshoe:         and makes him listen to the

                        organ for hours.

Ema:                What's so bad about that?

                        Music soothes the soul!

Gumshoe:         After that,

Gumshoe:         the detective can't hear

                        anything for days except for

                        the ringing in his ears.

Phoenix:           (So it's an instrument of

                        punishment... literally.)

Ema:                But aren't the Chief's ears


Gumshoe:         ...

Gumshoe:         He never listens to anyone


Phoenix:           (That's besides the point...)


                        >Examine: Floor


Ema:                This mark looks like some kind

                        of flower.

Gumshoe:         Word is, it's designed

                        after the insignia on the

                        prosecutor's badge.

Phoenix:           "Prosecutor's badge"...?

Gumshoe:         Yeah, like the one hanging

                        from your collar.

Phoenix:           What!? They have badges too!?

Gumshoe:         The design's supposed to

                        portray the severity of the

                        punishment system.

Ema:                Now that you mention it, it

                        does look all pointy and kind

                        of painful.

Phoenix:           But Mr. Edgeworth never wears

                        a badge.

Gumshoe:         That's because he's a sharp


Gumshoe:         A badge like that wouldn't go

                        too well with his outfit.

Ema:                So sharp dressers don't need

                        to wear badges?

Gumshoe:         I guess everyone just kind of

                        lets it slide.

Phoenix:           (I don't see how that's

                        supposed to signify severe



                        >Examine: Safe


Phoenix:           This is a safe, isn't it?

Gumshoe:         "Safe"... that word is ripe

                        with intrigue!

Phoenix:           Uh, okay. If you say so...

Ema:                It looks like a code needs

                        to be entered in this panel to

                        open it.

Phoenix:           (A seven-digit number. I think

                        I just might know what it




                        A>Input number

                        B>Don't touch it



Answer: Don't touch it


Phoenix:           (I'm not sure what will happen

                        if we enter the wrong code.)

Phoenix:           (I'd better wait until I find

                        something more definite.)

Ema:                A seven-digit number...

                        Didn't we see one of those


Gumshoe:         How about we try entering my

                        birth date?



Answer: Input number


Gumshoe:         Do you know what it is?

Phoenix:           I have a hunch...

Gumshoe:         Oh, I know!

                        You want to try my birth date?


Phoenix:           (I have a better idea. Here

                        goes nothing.)




                        A>Input: 7777777

                        B>Input: [anything else]



Answer: Input: [anything else]


Ema:                I guess that wasn't it.

Phoenix:           I was so sure that was the


Ema:                Maybe we should check the

                        Court Record again!

Phoenix:           (A seven-digit number...)



Answer: Input: 7777777


                        Code confirmed. Access granted.


Phoenix:           Bingo.

Ema:                What number did you enter!?

Gumshoe:         Whose birthday was that, pal?

Phoenix:           "7777777."

                        The final ID card number on

                        that record.

Ema:                What?

Phoenix:           The number of the mysterious

                        "executive officer" who

                        entered the room that day.

Gumshoe:         You mean,

Gumshoe:         "Sevensevensevensevenseven-


                        That ID number!?

Phoenix:           I think you're one "seven" shy

                        this time.

Phoenix:           This can only mean one thing:

                        That's Chief Gant's ID number!

Ema:                Say...

                        Anyone care to look inside?


                        >Examine: Open Safe


Gumshoe:         Is there any money in there?

                        How much does he have stashed


Ema:                Look! It's a... a...

Gumshoe:         a shard from a broken cup.

Phoenix:           (This somehow looks familiar.

                        Where have I seen this


Ema:                There's something else in

                        here too.

Phoenix:           What's this?

                        It looks like a piece of

                        leather cloth...

Ema:                This is a handprint,

                        isn't it?

Gumshoe:         Hey! I saw someone wearing a

                        shirt like that once!

Gumshoe:         You think the Chief

                        made up the design?

Ema:                Uh... I don't think so.

Gumshoe:         Oh. Well, it was just a


Ema:                Is that it? This is all that

                        was in the safe?

Phoenix:           Apparently so. It's empty now.

Gumshoe:         A piece of cloth with a

                        handprint on it,

                        and a broken shard from a cup.

Phoenix:           They look like pieces of


Gumshoe:         but unless you can prove

                        they have something to do with

                        this case,

Gumshoe:         I'm afraid I can't just let

                        you take them.

Gumshoe:         After all, it's my neck on the

                        line here!

Phoenix:           (Great. Now I have to prove

                        their "relevancy" to get


Phoenix:           (How are these two items

                        related to the SL-9


Ema:                Come on! There's got to be

                        something we can show the



                        >Examine: Gant's Desk


Ema:                Wow! Look at the size of Chief

                        Gant's desk!

Phoenix:           (Speaking of that, when we

                        were here earlier...)

Gant:                Oh, it's you two.

Phoenix:           Chief Gant!

Phoenix:           (He put that paper he was

                        reading in his desk.)

Phoenix:           I wonder what he was reading?

Gumshoe:         This looks like a list of

                        evidence... used in

                        a case.

Phoenix:           A list of evidence?

Gumshoe:         In most cases the list runs

                        twice as long as this.

Ema:                Hey, look at the case name!

Gumshoe:         Huh? "SL-9 Incident"!

                        I wonder what this is doing


Phoenix:           Hold on, Detective!

                        What did you just say?

Gumshoe:         I said, "I wonder what..."

Phoenix:           No, about evidence lists.

                        Normally they're twice as


Gumshoe:         That's right. I guess there

                        wasn't a lot of evidence.

Phoenix:           (A half-sized list of


Edgeworth:        That list of evidence. It

                        seems too short.

Edgeworth:        Most lists...

                        run twice as long.

Phoenix:           (What would the other half of

                        the list be doing here?)

Ema:                I knew it! The Chief must be

                        hiding something about that


Phoenix:           It would appear so.


                        Evidence List added to

                        the Court Record.


                        >Examine: Gant's Desk


Ema:                Wow! Look at the size of Chief

                        Gant's desk!

Phoenix:           We found this inside the


Phoenix:           A list of evidence from the

                        SL-9 Incident.

Ema:                Mr. Edgeworth had the other

                        half of that list!

Phoenix:           (What would this list be

                        doing here...?)

Phoenix:           (We'd better look a little

                        more into this list.)


                        >Examine: Suit of Armor


Phoenix:           This is the real deal, isn't

                        it? This armor and these


Gumshoe:         Sure is, pal. The Chief

                        doesn't care for imitations.

Phoenix:           First the pipe organ, now this


Phoenix:           Do you know how many

                        taxpayer dollars must have

                        gone into this room?

Ema:                What? You mean we're paying

                        for this!?

Ema:                That's it. I'm not paying one

                        cent of my taxes!

Phoenix:           (You don't have any taxes to


Gumshoe:         Ssh!

                        Be careful of what you say!

Gumshoe:         Who knows? The Chief may be

                        hiding in this armor as we


Phoenix:           I don't think he'd fit in


Ema:                Even if he did, he'd never be

                        able to get back out.

Gumshoe:         Cut it out! You guys don't

                        know how scary that guy can



                        >Examine: Right Window


Ema:                You can see pretty far from 15

                        stories up.

Ema:                If you were to drop that suit

                        of armor from here...

Gumshoe:         At first the Chief wanted to

                        use stained glass for this


Ema:                Really? Why didn't he?

Gumshoe:         They say he changed his mind

                        because he wouldn't be able to

                        see the view.

Ema:                Oh.

Phoenix:           (Stained glass or not, it's a

                        huge window...)



                        >Activate Luminol Reagent

                        >Spray: Floor near Lana's desk


Ema:                Whoa!

                        This area must have been

                        covered in blood!

Phoenix:           Is this from that incident?

Ema:                It must be. When Prosecutor

                        Neil Marshall was murdered.

Ema:                Two years have passed, so the

                        reaction's kind of dull.

Phoenix:           (So a murder really did take

                        place here.)



                        >Present: Irrelevant Evidence


Gumshoe:         If I'm fired, I won't be able

                        to give you any information!

Gumshoe:         So that's why I have to get it

                        all out of my system now!

Gumshoe:         You understand, don't you?

Ema:                Don't be so negative,


Ema:                We do want you to share your

                        information, though.

Gumshoe:         Oh, who am I fooling?

                        I've never had anything

                        useful to share to begin with.

Ema:                Argh!

                        Got... to stay... positive!


                        >Present: Evidence List


Ema:                That's what the Chief was

                        reading before, isn't it?

Ema:                You know, when we first came

                        in here?

Phoenix:           Yeah. It looks like the right

                        side of the form's been torn


Ema:                So Mr. Edgeworth's list really

                        was only half of the whole


Gumshoe:         Something else is buggin' me

                        more than that.

Gumshoe:         Take a look at the back of

                        that form, pal.

Phoenix:           (The back...?)


                        >Present: Unstable Jar


Phoenix:           Detective Gumshoe. Could you

                        have another look at this jar?

Gumshoe:         All of us put that back

                        together. Oh, those were the


Phoenix:           (It's kind of early to be


Ema:                Wasn't this jar a piece of

                        evidence from that case?

Gumshoe:         That's right. One of the

                        shards had an "SL-9 Incident"

                        sticker on it.

Phoenix:           Doesn't this ring any bells?

                        You kow, that fragment we

                        just found?

Gumshoe:         You mean this one, that was in

                        the safe?

Ema:                Yes, that one... that was in

                        the safe.

Gumshoe:         ...

Gumshoe:         !

Gumshoe:         Now that you mention it, it's

                        ringing a lot of bells!

Gumshoe:         Let's see if it fits!




                        A>Assemble fragments

                        B>Leave it be for now



Answer: Leave it be for now


Phoenix:           Maybe we shouldn't do this

                        right now.

Gumshoe:         What!?

Gumshoe:         Look, bud. You don't get

                        someone all worked up, then

                        just leave them hanging!

Gumshoe:         You're as bad as that girl I

                        met back when I was 16...

Ema:                Sixteen... That's the same age

                        I am.

                        I wonder what happened?

Phoenix:           (It's hard to imagine

                        Detective Gumshoe had a


Ema:                Well, if we don't do it now,

                        then let's at least do it




Answer: Assemble fragments


Phoenix:           Here, let me see that shard.

                        I'll take a crack at this.

Gumshoe:         Go ahead, pal. Show us what a

                        rookie can do!

Ema:                Mr. Wright! Here's some glue!

Phoenix:           (If I can piece this together


Phoenix:           (it'll prove Chief Gant was

                        knowingly hiding evidence!)

Phoenix:           (Here goes...)







Answer: Back


Phoenix:           I don't get it! This piece

                        doesn't fit anywhere in this


Ema:                What? But it has to!

Phoenix:           Well, I need a breather. I'll

                        try it again later.

Ema:                If you don't, I'll switch your

                        eyedrops with my special




Answer: Combine


Phoenix:           There! It fits like a charm.

                        That of course means...

Phoenix:           Chief Gant willingly and

                        knowingly hid a piece of this

                        jar in his safe.

Ema:                !

Phoenix:           In other words, he concealed a

                        piece of evidence from the SL-9


Ema:                But...

Gumshoe:         Hey guys!

                        Get a load of this!

Phoenix:           What is it?

Gumshoe:         This piece you just


Gumshoe:         it's different

                        from the others!

Ema:                There's a reddish line on it!

Phoenix:           (A reddish line...)

Phoenix:           (That's blood!)

Gumshoe:         I don't get it!

Gumshoe:         Why would Chief Gant hide this

                        in his safe?


                        The Unstable Jar data has been



                        >Present: Unstable Jar


Gumshoe:         I feel a lot better now that

                        this jar's complete.

Ema:                But it only raises another


Ema:                What was a piece of it doing

                        in the Chief's safe?

Gumshoe:         More importantly, why wasn't

                        there any money in there?

Gumshoe:         Isn't that what safes are for


Phoenix:           (I have a feeling the outcome

                        of tomorrow's trial just

                        might hinge on this...)


                        >Present: Fingerprinting Set


Phoenix:           Detective Gumshoe.

                        I'd like you to have a look at


Gumshoe:         Hey, I know what that is!

                        So, you want to take some


Ema:                That's a great idea,


Gumshoe:         All right, go to town.


Gumshoe:         ...

Ema:                ...

Phoenix:           What are you doing? Why are

                        you sticking out your hand

                        like that?

Gumshoe:         Go ahead.

                        Take my fingerprints.

Ema:                ...

Ema:                Um, it's not your fingerprints

                        we want to take.

Gumshoe:         Huh?

Phoenix:           Come on, this isn't the time

                        for jokes.

Phoenix:           We're talking about that cloth

                        we found in the safe!

Gumshoe:         Oh! Heh heh!

                        I knew that. The one with the

                        hand print on it, right?

Gumshoe:         Sheesh, where's your sense of


Ema:                Okay, Mr. Wright. Let's check

                        for prints!

Ema:                Sprinkle the powder on the


Ema:                then, once they've been

                        absorbed into the prints, blow

                        the rest away!

Phoenix:           (What are you, my mom? I

                        don't have to be told a

                        million times.)

Phoenix:           All right, let's get this

                        over with!



                        >Select which finger to examine

                        >Examine: Thumb, index, ring or pinky finger



                        A>Spread the powder and blow




Answer: Back


Phoenix:           (I think I'd like to try one

                        of the other fingerprints.)

Ema:                Okay, let's move on to a

                        different finger!



Answer: Spread the powder and blow


Phoenix:           Hmm...

                        I gave it my best shot.

Ema:                That kind of result won't be

                        any good for matching prints,

                        will it?

Phoenix:           But it doesn't look like

                        we'll get a clearer result

                        from this print.

Ema:                Ok, let's try a different

                        finger, then!



                        >Select which finger to examine

                        >Examine: Middle finger



                        A>Compare: Ema

                        B>Compare: Anyone else



Answer: Compare: Anyone else



                        Comparison complete.

                        No matches found.


Ema:                No, that doesn't match.

Phoenix:           It looks like we're out of

                        clues this time.

Ema:                Yeah...

Ema:                But it was inside the Chief's


Phoenix:           Right,

                        along with that shard.

Ema:                So that means it's got to have

                        something to do with that


Phoenix:           (The one that happened right

                        here in this room... She's


Phoenix:           (We should check the

                        fingerprints of everyone who

                        was in here that day!)

Gumshoe:         The way I see it, there's a

                        higher power at work here.

                        You just gotta have faith.



Answer: Compare: Ema



                        Comparison complete.

                        Match found.


Phoenix:           (No... How can this be!?)

Phoenix:           (What are Ema's fingerprints

                        doing here!?)

Ema:                Hey, you found a match?

                        Whose fingerprints were they!?

Phoenix:           Huh? Oh, uh... it seems the

                        prints are too old.

Phoenix:           They aren't clear enough to

                        get a match.

Ema:                Oh... That's too bad.

                        I thought they'd be Darke's


Gumshoe:         Psst! Hey you.

                        Over here.

Gumshoe:         What's going on here? What are

                        that kid's prints doing inside

                        the Chief's safe?

Phoenix:           Don't ask me!

Phoenix:           Let's just keep this

                        information from Ema for now.

Gumshoe:         ...

Gumshoe:         Here. Maybe you should hold

                        onto this.


                        Strip of Cloth folded and

                        added to the Court Record.



                        >Present: Strip of Cloth


Phoenix:           What is this strip of cloth,


Gumshoe:         It's smooth, and sort of feels

                        like vinyl.

Gumshoe:         I think I've felt something

                        like this before...

Gumshoe:         ...

                        Nah, I can't remember.

Phoenix:           It seems this is becoming a

                        habit with you.

Gumshoe:         I can't keep anything in my

                        head lately!

Ema:                Note to Self: Detective

                        Gumshoe is going senile.

Phoenix:           (Ema's fingerprints were found

                        on this cloth.)

Phoenix:           (I have a bad feeling about




                        >Talk: The Chief's office


Phoenix:           That desk on the other side of

                        the room... Was that your


Ema:                Yes.

                        That's where I was waiting for


Ema:                on that day two years ago.

Phoenix:           Is anyone using it now?

Gumshoe:         No sir. This is entirely

                        Chief Gant's office now.

Gumshoe:         He practices a strict policy

                        of "preserving the crime


Phoenix:           (That's a strange reason to

                        leave it there...)

Gumshoe:         He leaves it as a warning to

                        everyone else. He wants us

                        to always be alert.

Gumshoe:         He told us so himself at our

                        New Year's party.

Gumshoe:         Of course, he was pretty

                        intoxicated at the time.

Phoenix:           I see.

Ema:                So ever since Lana left,

                        no one ever touches that desk?

Gumshoe:         No one except Chief Gant...

                        and the cleaning lady who's in

                        here each morning.

Phoenix:           (Still, two years have passed

                        since that incident.)

Phoenix:           (There can't possibly be any

                        clues remaining.)


                        >Talk: Chief Gant


Gumshoe:         Can I ask you something?

Phoenix:           Sure.

Gumshoe:         You only came here to look

                        around, right? Because it's

                        one of the SL-9 crime scenes.

Gumshoe:         I mean, that's your only

                        reason for coming here, isn't


Phoenix:           ...

                        Why do you ask?

Gumshoe:         You don't think... Nah!

                        You wouldn't be... No.

Gumshoe:         ...

Gumshoe:         No, there's no way.

                        Never mind.

                        Don't worry about it.

Phoenix:           Okay.

                        Now then, let's look around a

                        bit more.

Gumshoe:         Hey, hold on!

                        Not so fast, buddy!

Phoenix:           Huh? What is it?

Gumshoe:         When someone tells you "don't

                        worry about it," it's supposed

                        to start bothering you, pal!

Gumshoe:         You don't just let it go at


Phoenix:           S-sorry.

                        (This guy's starting to get on

                        my nerves.)

Phoenix:           Okay, so what's bothering you?

Gumshoe:         You two don't think...

Gumshoe:         Chief Gant...

                        might be a suspect, do you?

Ema:                What!?

                        Yeah, Mr. Wright! What do we

                        think of him?

Phoenix:           (Chief Gant...

                        So it's finally come to


Phoenix:           (What do I think of him?)

Phoenix:           (Perhaps it's best I don't

                        divulge my feelings... yet.)

Gumshoe:         There he goes, ignoring me



Gumshoe:         Well? Was I any help?

Phoenix:           Of course!

Phoenix:           Thanks to your ID card, we

                        were able to get some hard


???:                  Now that's not very kind, is


???:                  In other words, if it wasn't

                        for his ID card, he would

                        have been useless...

Gant:                Isn't that right, you in the


Ema:                EEEEEK!

Gumshoe:         C-Chief Gant!

Phoenix:           We didn't think you'd be

                        back so soon.

Gant:                Fortunately I'm a man who

                        believes in signs.

Gant:                As I was walking to my


Gant:                I happened to look out a

                        window and saw a stray dog run

                        right into a pole.

Gant:                Just then I thought of a

                        certain detective.

Gumshoe:         Do you mean... m-me, sir?

Gant:                Now then,

                        I'm afraid I'm going to have

                        to ask you all to leave.

Ema:                Y-yes sir!


Gant:                Oh, you in the coat.

Gumshoe:         Me, sir!?

Gant:                Drop off your ID on the way


Gant:                You won't be needing it


Gumshoe:         But sir...

Gant:                Now get out!

Gumshoe:         Y-y-yes sir!

Phoenix:           We'll be on our way too, then.

Gant:                Wait. You, the one without

                        the spiky hair.

Gant:                Don't go yet.

Ema:                M-me, sir!?

Gant:                I'd like a word with you.

Ema:                But sir!

                        I'm not a licensed

                        scientific investigator yet!

Gant:                You with the spiky hair.

                        You're free to go.

Ema:                M-Mr. Wright!!!


Gumshoe:         Look, pal! If I've told you

                        once I've told you a thousand


Gumshoe:         The Chief's office is off


Gumshoe:         But no, you just had to go

                        sneaking in there like that,

                        didn't you!?

Phoenix:           I thought you said you didn't

                        care anymore if you were


Gumshoe:         Yeah, but if I knew it'd be

                        like this,

Gumshoe:         I never would've said it!

Phoenix:           (Now that I've seen the

                        evidence Chief Gant was

                        hiding in his office...)

Phoenix:           (I think I'm finally starting

                        to get the picture...)

Phoenix:           (It's hard to believe anyone

                        could keep quiet about it all

                        this time...)

Gumshoe:         Anyway, you listenin' to me!?

Gumshoe:         I'm gonna try to smooth

                        things over with the Chief


Gumshoe:         Later, pal!


Phoenix:           After that, I heard from Ema.

                        She said the police want to

                        ask her some questions,

Phoenix:           so she'll be busy for the rest

                        of the day...



                        February 24

                        Detention Center

                        Visitor's Room


Lana:                I see. So the Chief asked Ema

                        to come in for questioning...

Phoenix:           It's no use thinking about it.

                        Tomorrow's the final day in


Phoenix:           I'm committed to doing

                        everything I can to defend

                        you, which is why I'm here.

Lana:                But I've already told you all

                        I can...

Phoenix:           What you've told me over these

                        past couple of days...

Phoenix:           is absolutely nothing. Not a

                        single, useful thing.

Lana:                Really?

                        I believe I did mention

                        something quite important.

Lana:                Something I told you right at

                        the beginning.

Lana:                I said that I was the one who

                        stabbed Detective Goodman.

Phoenix:           You know, I think I've finally

                        figured it out...

Phoenix:           Who it is you're hiding behind

                        those words.

Lana:                ...

Lana:                Mia did a good job mentoring

                        you. I'm rather jealous...

Phoenix:           !

Lana:                It seems Edgeworth was right.

Phoenix:           Edgeworth...?

Lana:                Once you're convinced you

                        know something, no one can

                        persuade you otherwise.

Lana:                "Thick headed" is the term he

                        used, I believe.

Phoenix:           (Now's my chance to get her to

                        tell me the rest of the






Phoenix:           I need to hear what Lana has

                        to say. Then I can finish up

                        the investigation.



                        >Present: [anything]


Phoenix:           (Showing evidence isn't going

                        to do me any good now.)

Phoenix:           (I've got to get Lana to tell

                        me everything she's hiding!)

Lana:                Mr. Wright.

Lana:                You're evolving by leaps and


Lana:                I'm starting to see the hunger

                        in your eyes.



                        >Talk: Keeping quiet


Phoenix:           I have to admit I was more

                        than a little perplexed at


Phoenix:           You insisted you "did it," yet

                        there was no incriminating


Phoenix:           That's when it hit me. It's

                        not that you're unwilling to

                        tell the truth,

Phoenix:           it's that you're incapable of

                        doing so, because of a

                        certain individual.

Lana:                What an intriguing notion.

                        A certain, "individual," you


Lana:                So you think I'm...

                        protecting this person?

Phoenix:           Protecting? No. I think

                        "afraid of" is more like it.

Lana:                !

Phoenix:           If I'm not mistaken, the

                        person in question may have

                        persuaded you to silence.

Lana:                ...

Lana:                For argument's sake, Mr.

                        Wright, whom may I ask is this

                        person you're speaking of?

Lana:                The one I am supposedly so

                        "frightened" of?

                        What is this person's name?



                        A>Present: Damon Gant

                        B>Present: Anyone else



Answer: Present: Anyone else


Phoenix:           The person whom you fear...

                        is this!

Lana:                To be honest, there's someone

                        a bit scarier.

Phoenix:           W-who would that be?

Lana:                Why you, of course.

Phoenix:           Me?

Lana:                Yes. You seriously believe

                        what you're saying, don't you?

                        Now that's scary.

Phoenix:           I, uh...

Lana:                You seem to have the makings

                        of a criminal in you, what

                        with all your fallacious

Lana:                accusations. Care to spend

                        tonight in the next cell?

Phoenix:           (If you ask me, you're the

                        scary one...)



Answer: Present: Damon Gant


Phoenix:           Well, Ms. Skye?

Lana:                ...

Lana:                Mr. Wright. You are addressing

                        the Chief Prosecutor.

Lana:                Do not forget your place.

Phoenix:           (I take it she's still not

                        ready to spill the beans.)

Lana:                My apologies.

Lana:                Could you please tell me a

                        bit more about the



                        >Talk: Damon Gant


Lana:                We were partners until two

                        years ago.

Lana:                I respected him as a


Phoenix:           Assuming he is respectable,

                        then tell me something...

Phoenix:           Why would he try to hide his


Lana:                His "crimes"...?

Phoenix:           Both you and Edgeworth will be

                        brought before a board of

                        inquiry for what you did.

Phoenix:           Specifically, hiding and

                        forging evidence.

Lana:                Of course, these are serious


Phoenix:           Why is it, though, that Chief

                        Gant's name was never


Lana:                Chief Gant...?

Phoenix:           Edgeworth didn't know the

                        truth behind the forgery.

Phoenix:           The only party who could have

                        possible investigated that

                        evidence was...

Lana:                Me.

Lana:                I had access because I was

                        second in command of that


Phoenix:           Yes you, but also one other:

                        Damon Gant.

Lana:                ...

Lana:                If you intend to accuse Chief

                        Gant, you'll need more than

                        just words.

Lana:                Show me proof that Chief Gant

                        falsified evidence in that




                        A>Present: Unstable Jar

                        B>Present: [anything else]



Answer: Present: [anything else]


Phoenix:           You want proof of the Chief's


                        Here it is!

Lana:                That "evidence" proves someone

                        is doing something wrong all


Lana:                but it's not the Chief.

Phoenix:           W-who would that be?

Lana:                Why you, of course.

Phoenix:           Me?

Lana:                Yes. You seriously believe

                        what you're saying, don't you?

                        Now that's scary.

Phoenix:           I, uh...

Lana:                You seem to have the makings

                        of a criminal in you, what

                        with all your fallacious

Lana:                accusations. Care to spend

                        tonight in the next cell?

Phoenix:           (If you ask me, you're the

                        scary one...)



Answer: Present: Unstable Jar


Phoenix:           I just found this in a safe

                        in the Chief's office.

Phoenix:           This jar piece,

                        and this strip of cloth.

Phoenix:           Do you know what these are?

                        They're pieces of evidence

                        from the SL-9 Incident!

Lana:                I...

Phoenix:           The person concealing evidence

                        was none other than Chief Gant


Phoenix:           Now tell me! Why are you

                        taking all the blame for him!?

Lana:                ...

                        Touché, Mr. Wright.

Lana:                It's as you surmised. I cannot

                        disobey the Chief's orders...

Lana:                even if it means being found

                        guilty for murder.

Phoenix:           Why not?

Lana:                Come now, Mr. Wright. You

                        can't possibly expect me to be

                        able to tell you that.

Lana:                Three days ago...

                        I had no choice but to


Phoenix:           (In the murder of Detective


Lana:                Or perhaps I should say,

                        "follow orders."

Lana:                Yes, that's more accurate than



                        >Talk: "Orders"


Lana:                Although I can't tell you the


Lana:                I can say that I was given an

                        order that day.


                        "I need you to dispose of

                        Bruce Goodman's body."

                        "You'll find it inside the

                        trunk of Miles Edgeworth's



Phoenix:           Just as I suspected.

Phoenix:           Despite what everyone


Phoenix:           you were not the one who

                        murdered Detective Goodman!

Lana:                Correct.

Lana:                I was trying to take the body

                        out of Edgeworth's car.

Lana:                The trunk was broken.

Lana:                I discovered that murder

                        weapon while inspecting the


Phoenix:           The murder weapon...

                        You mean, Edgeworth's knife?

Lana:                No.

Lana:                When I found the body, this

                        was the knife stuck in it.

Phoenix:           (The knife from the SL-9

                        Incident... serial killer

                        Joe Darke's knife!)

Lana:                I couldn't just leave that

                        knife in him,

Lana:                so I took it out and stabbed

                        him with another knife.

Phoenix:           That would be Edgeworth's


Lana:                That's right.

Lana:                Even though he was already

                        dead, my hands were shaking at

                        the thought of stabbing him.

Lana:                That's why I ended up cutting

                        my hand.

Phoenix:           And that is the reason for the

                        bandage on your right hand?

Lana:                Yes. It seems that I got

                        blood on the victim's shoes

                        as well.

Lana:                And then...

Lana:                she saw me just as I plunged

                        the knife in.

Phoenix:           (Ms. Starr...)

Phoenix:           Why did you need to hide

                        Darke's knife so badly?


                        >Talk: Darke's Knife


Lana:                It took a lot of work to

                        finally close the Darke case

                        two years ago.

Lana:                It was over with.

                        I didn't ever want it to be

                        opened again.

Lana:                My intent was to prevent that

                        by whatever means possible.

Phoenix:           So... you hid Darke's knife?

Lana:                The weapon used to stab the

                        detective was evidence in the

                        Joe Darke case...

Lana:                If word got out, which it

                        would, the reporters would

                        have a field day with that.

Phoenix:           So you wrapped the knife in

                        your scarf, and hid it.

Phoenix:           In Edgeworth's exhaust pipe...

Lana:                Right. Then I called my


Lana:                to tell her what happened, and

                        to ask her to hide the knife

                        that was inside my muffler.

Phoenix:           You asked Ema?

Lana:                I didn't want anyone on the

                        force to know about this.

Phoenix:           (That would explain why Ema

                        is so confident...)

Phoenix:           (about Lana's innocence!)

Lana:                Speaking of phone calls, I had

                        a bad feeling about one of

                        them that day.

Phoenix:           A bad feeling?

Lana:                The truth is, after I

                        received those orders from

                        Chief Gant.

Lana:                The first thing I did was

                        make a phone call.

Lana:                A phone call to Patrolman

                        Jake Marshall.

Phoenix:           To Marshall?

                        Why on earth would you call


Lana:                The lead investigator for

                        the SL-9 Incident had been


Lana:                I wanted that fact to be kept

                        hidden, and I needed help.

Lana:                He was the only other person

                        I could trust.

Lana:                Or at least, I thought I could

                        trust him at the time.

Lana:                However, it seems that after

                        I spoke to him he went off

                        on an escapade of his own...

Phoenix:           Oh! You mean...

Lana:                Not wanting the case to die,

                        he decided to take things into

                        his own hands.

Phoenix:           (He disguised himself as

                        Officer Goodman and tried to

                        steal the evidence!)

Lana:                He had already stolen the ID


Lana:                but it seems he still hadn't

                        made up his mind to break into

                        the evidence room.

Lana:                After my phone call, any

                        remaining doubts he had must

                        have disappeared.

Phoenix:           So your phone call caused the

                        incident in the evidence



Lana:                I'm afraid that's all I can

                        tell you.

Phoenix:           But Lana...

Lana:                You've earned my respect, Mr.

                        Wright. Both as a defense

                        attorney and an investigator.

Lana:                Now please...

Lana:                Don't pursue this any further

                        in court tomorrow!

Phoenix:           (Tomorrow's trial...

                        There's only one way to drive

                        off Lana's demons...)

Phoenix:           (I've got to get to the bottom

                        of everything!)

Phoenix:           (Detective Goodman's real


Phoenix:           (and what went down in the

                        Chief's office two years



To be continued.



Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Episode 5, Chapter 8

Pazu (


                        Rise from the Ashes

                        Day 4 - Trial Former


                        February 25, 9:47 AM

                        District Court

                        Defendant Lobby No. 2


Phoenix:           (This is the Defendant Lobby

                        all right... but there's no


Phoenix:           (I've been trying to reach

                        Lana all morning.

                        Where could she be?)

Phoenix:           (And where's Ema, for that

                        matter? It almost seems as


???:                  Something's been happening

                        behind the scenes...

Phoenix:           Edgeworth!

Edgeworth:        Knowing you, you've already

                        figured it out...

Edgeworth:        Who the owner of the "7777777"

                        ID number is.

Phoenix:           Well... I have a pretty strong


Phoenix:           (Looks like I'm not the only

                        one who's figured it out.)

Edgeworth:        You know, the only reason this

                        trial didn't reach a verdict


Edgeworth:        is because there was still

                        room for doubt on this ID


Edgeworth:        If that number does belong to

                        whom you suspect, then no

                        doubt will remain.

Edgeworth:        After all, he hasn't been

                        officially charged with


Phoenix:           True... Not yet.

Edgeworth:        In any event, once all doubt

                        has been removed from that

                        list, I can call for a ruling

Edgeworth:        on the defendant. Five minutes

                        after the trial starts...

                        Lana will be found guilty.

Phoenix:           But she didn't do it!

Edgeworth:        I figured you'd say as much.

                        That's why I came here...

                        to hear what you have to say.

Phoenix:           (This is the first time he's

                        ever done something like


Phoenix:           Lana's hiding something,

                        and the only way we'll

                        ever know the truth...

Phoenix:           is to draw it out of her.

Edgeworth:        The "truth"?

Phoenix:           Everything goes back to the

                        SL-9 Incident.

Edgeworth:        Don't be stupid! Today's the

                        last day of the trial.

Edgeworth:        We don't have time to

                        reminisce about the past!

Phoenix:           That depends on you.

Edgeworth:        ...!

Phoenix:           If she's found guilty, you'll

                        lose your only chance to find

                        out what really happened.

Edgeworth:        ...

                        I'll think about it.

Edgeworth:        See you in court, Wright.

Phoenix:           (This is it.)

Phoenix:           (If I'm ever going to find out

                        what Chief Gant has on her,

                        it's now!