Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Episode 5 - COURT RECORD

SilverWind (





Attorney's Badge

Type: Other

One of my possessions.


No one would believe I

was a defense attorney

if I didn't carry this.


                        >Examine: Text on back of badge


Ema:                So this is what the back of

the badge looks like!

Ema:                And I always thought it had a

safety pin!

Phoenix:           Each badge has a number carved

into it.

Phoenix:           That way, you can tell which

attorney it belongs to.

Ema:                You mean you couldn't lend

your badge to anyone?

Phoenix:           No, I'd be found out right


Ema:                Well, that's no fun!


[Note: Phoenix's badge number is 26381.]


                        >Examine: Text on back of badge [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           A number is engraved on the

                        back of the badge.

Phoenix:           I wish they'd put my name on

                        it instead...




Type: Evidence

Retrieved from the

Underground Parking Lot.


                        >Examine: Clasp of wallet.


Phoenix:           This... This is an ID card.

Phoenix:           (Detective Bruce Goodman,

ID # 5842189...)

Ema:                See? Well?

Isn't scientific investigation


Phoenix:           I guess... Though I don't

see what "science" has to

do with it.



Goodman's ID

Type: Evidence

Retrieved from the

Underground Parking Lot.


An investigator's ID card.

Found at Prosecutor's Office

crime scene. (ID# 5842189)


                        >Examine: Text on card


Phoenix:           A name and ID number are

written here.

Phoenix:           "Detective Bruce Goodman,

ID# 5842189"

Ema:                I wonder why they only use

numbers for IDs.

Phoenix:           What else would they use?

Ema:                Letters, silly! They're the

reason we have a written

language in the first place!

Phoenix:           True...

Ema:                "Detective: Bruce Goodman, ID: YABADAB"

Ema:                See? Wouldn't that be better?

Phoenix:           "YABADAB"?

Well, it does have a certain

ring to it...

Ema:                Exactly my point!


Phoenix:           (It doesn't take much to

amuse her.)


                        >Examine: Text on card [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           His name and ID number is

                        written on it.

Phoenix:           "Detective Bruce Goodman,

ID# 5842189"



Prosecutor Trophy

Type: Other

Retrieved from the

High Prosecutor's Office.


Given to Edgeworth, King of

Prosecutors, at the P.D. on

the day of the murder.


                        >Examine: Plate on bottom of trophy


Ema:                Hey, check it out! There's a

                        metal plate here!

Phoenix:           Hm. It looks like the names of

                        all the previous recipients

                        are engraved on it.

Ema:                Wow. One guy's listed a bunch

                        of times!

Ema:                "von Karma"... I guess he must

                        be a foreigner?

Phoenix:           Uh, yeah. That's probably it.

Ema:                Well wherever he's from, he

                        must have been an amazing


Ema:                I'd like to meet this Mr.

                        "von Karma" sometime!

Phoenix:           (When she says it, his name

                        does have kind of a ring

                        to it...)


                        >Examine: Plate on bottom of trophy [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           "King of Prosecutors."

                        The names of past recipients

                        are etched on the plate.

Phoenix:           Manfred von Karma's name

                        appears here too...

                        How ironic.




Two years ago the "halberd"

was removed at Gant's behest,

giving it its current form.



Edgeworth's Knife

Type: Weapons

Retrieved from the

Underground Parking Lot.


The murder weapon, found in

Edgeworth's toolbox. Traces

of victim's blood. No prints.


                        >Examine: Blood on knife


Ema:                This must be the victim's

                        blood, right?

Phoenix:           Either that, or Edgeworth cut

                        himself peeling an apple.

Phoenix:           What's Edgeworth doing with a

                        knife like this anyway?

Ema:                Hey! Maybe he spends his

                        weekends roughing it in the


Phoenix:           Edgeworth? In the wild? I

                        think my fruit-peeling theory

                        is more likely.

Ema:                Are you kidding? I always

                        pictured him as an


Phoenix:           (Now there's a scary



                        >Examine: Blood on knife [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           The victim Bruce Goodman's

                        blood still remains on the


Phoenix:           I wonder if Edgeworth got

                        this knife because the

                        handle matches his clothes...?



Parking Stub

Type: Other

Received from Miles



Record of parking in the

Prosecutor's Office lot.

Entered lot at 5:12 PM.


                        >Examine: Text on front of stub


Phoenix:           "Miles Edgeworth 17:12"...

Phoenix:           This is dated the day of the


Ema:                The murder took place three

                        minutes after Edgeworth parked

                        his car.

Ema:                If only he was held up at a

                        couple extra red lights...

Ema:                he wouldn't have been caught

                        up in this whole affair.

Phoenix:           Perhaps...

Ema:                It just goes to show you

                        never know what'll happen when

                        you run a yellow light!


                        >Examine: Text on front of stub [Phoenix Only]

Phoenix:           "Miles Edgeworth 17:12"...

Phoenix:           It's dated the day of the




Blue Badger Panel

Type: Other

Retrieved from the Police

Department Entrance.


A "work of art" designed by

the Head Detective and

created by Detective Gumshoe.



Letter of Introduction

Type: Documents

Received from Detective

Dick Gumshoe


Received from Detective

Gumshoe. Allows bearer to

investigate the crime scene.


                        >Examine: Writing on envelope


Ema:                Hey, look here! It looks like

                        something's been erased.

Phoenix:           Maybe it was a letter or

                        something to Detective


Ema:                Let's see...

                        "Annual bonus: $20."

Ema:                Um...

                        I think a couple zeros are


Phoenix:           No, that sounds about right.

                        (At least in that detective's


Ema:                ...

                        Maybe I should rethink my

                        career as an investigator.



Victim's Note

Type: Documents

Retrieved from the

Underground Parking Lot.


Victim's memo found in the

car trunk. Touch the Check

Button for details.















Lana's Cell Phone

Type: Evidence

Retrieved from the

Underground Parking Lot.


Property of Lana Skye.

Last call made at 5:18 on

the day of the murder.


                        >Examine: Phone strap


Ema:                Man, what a boring strap!

Phoenix:           What's wrong with it?

                        Everyone has different tastes,

                        you know.

Ema:                Here, check out mine. It's a

                        Pink Princess strap!

Ema:                These are hard to come by, you


Phoenix:           (I see he's as popular as ever

                        with the kids...)


                        >Examine: Switch

                        >Examine: Redial button


Phoenix:           (There's no need to push this


Ema:                What's wrong? You look like I

                        do during finals!

Phoenix:           Never mind. It's nothing.




Property of Lana Skye. Last

Call made to her sister Ema at

5:18 on the day of the murder.




The word "muffler" was over-

heard during a call made to

Ema at 5:18.


                        >Examine: Phone strap [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           Come to think of it, I don't

                        have a strap on my mobile

                        phone at all.

Phoenix:           I hate having useless things

                        dangling off it.


                        >Examine: Switch

                        >Examine: Redial button [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           The redial button. It dials

                        the number of the last person


Phoenix:           The last call was to Ema.

                        I wonder what the spoke




Goodman's Autopsy Report

Type: Reports

Recieved from

Jake Marshall.


Death due to loss of blood.

One knife wound. Died within

an hour and a half of 4 PM.




- Name of deceased:

  Bruce Goodman (36) / Male

- Date and time of death:

  February 21

  Between 4:00 PM and 5:30 PM

- Cause of death:

  Loss of blood from chest wound.

- Assessment:

  Wound was caused by a 12 cm knife.

  A single stab wound was found.



Parking Lot Floor Plans

Type: Maps

Submitted as evidence

during the trial.


The parking lot with

Edgeworth's car. Touch

the Check Button for details.



Crime Photo

Type: Photographs

Submitted as evidence

during the trial.


The moment of the crime as

photographed by Angel Starr.

Touch Check for details.




Taken by Angel Starr after

the crime was committed.

Touch Check for details.



Victim's Shoe

Type: Evidence

Submitted as evidence

during the trial.


White enamel shoe.

Bears traces of blood from

Goodman and Lana Skye.


                        >Examine: Blood on top of shoe


Ema:                This blood...

                        It's my sister's, right?

Phoenix:           It appears so.

Phoenix:           (Lana's right hand was

                        bandaged when I saw her in


Phoenix:           (She must have cut herself at

                        the time of the crime...)

Ema:                Poor Sis...


                        >Examine: Blood on sole of shoe


Ema:                AAAH! There's blood here too!

Phoenix:           On the sole of the shoe?

                        It's got to be the victim's.

Phoenix:           He must have stepped in a

                        puddle of his own blood.

Ema:                All this blood...

                        It's horrible!

Phoenix:           (Hmm...)

Phoenix:           (This blood might be an

                        important clue...)


                        >Examine: Blood on top of shoe [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           Blood is splattered over the

                        white enamel surface.

Phoenix:           It must be Lana's blood, from

                        the cut on her right hand she

                        now has bandaged.


                        >Examine: Blood on sole of shoe [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           These blood traces are from

                        Bruce Goodman, the victim.

Phoenix:           He must have tried to run

                        after he was stabbed.



Switchblade Knife

Type: Evidence

Submitted as evidence

during the trial.


Found at the crime scene,

wrapped in the defendant's

muffler. Small tag attached.


                        >Examine: Tag


Ema:                There's a small tag on

                        this knife.

Phoenix:           It seems to say "SL-9 2"...

Ema:                What does that mean?

Phoenix:           Well...

                        (I've heard something


Phoenix:           ("DL-6"... of "DL-6 Incident"


Ema:                But... it's strange.

Phoenix:           Huh? What is?

Ema:                I'm not certain...

                        But I get the feeling I've

                        seen this somewhere before!

Ema:                Letters like this... or

                        letters that looked a lot

                        like this... somehow.



                        >Examine: Tag


Ema:                There's a small tag on the


Phoenix:           It says,

                        "SL-9 2."

Ema:                What's that supposed to mean?

Phoenix:           I'm not sure...

                        (But it reminds me of a

                        similar code...)

Phoenix:           ("DL-6." Maybe it's a case


Ema:                That's weird.

Phoenix:           What?

Ema:                I can't remember where,

Ema:                but I think I've seen

                        something like this before.

Ema:                Something similar to what's

                        written on this tag. It wasn't

                        that long ago either...

Phoenix:           (Maybe I should check the

                        Court Record again.)


                        >Examine: Tag [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           "SL-9" is written on a small

                        tag attached to the knife.

Phoenix:           It was the weapon used in that

                        incident two years ago; and

                        has known many victims.




The broken tip was found in

the victim's body. Belonged

to murderer Joe Darke.



Luminol Testing Fluid

Type: Other

Received from

Ema Skye.


Solution used for scientific

investigation. Finds blood

traces. "Spray" to use.


                        >Examine: Name on bottom of bottle


Phoenix:           (Someone used a marker to

                        write their name on this.)

Phoenix:           "Ema Skye"

Phoenix:           Don't tell me you bring this

                        with you everywhere you go.

Ema:                Well, you never know where

                        something might go down!

Phoenix:           (Just what kind of a world

                        do you think we live in...?)


                        >Examine: Name on bottom of bottle


Phoenix:           Ema Skye is written on the

                        side in permanent marker.

Phoenix:           She seems awfully possessive

                        about a can of luminol.



Steak Lunch

Type: Other

Received from

Angel Starr.


Received from Ms. Starr.

Excellent for putting Officer

Marshall in a good mood.


                        >Examine: Steak


Ema:                Wow, my mouth is watering!

Ema:                I can almost hear the sound of

                        steak frying on the grill!

Phoenix:           No doubt it's all cold and

                        tough by now.

Ema:                No, I'm sure it's delicious!

Ema:                Ms. Starr poured her heart

                        into making this!

Phoenix:           So long as she didn't put any

                        other organs in there...


                        >Examine: Ingredients on back of box


Phoenix:           Let's see...

                        "Ingredients: Meat"

Ema:                She must mean "beef." She

                        probably just wrote it


Phoenix:           Uh... yeah. Let's hope so.

Ema:                Of course, as a scientist, I

                        have to check what additives

                        she used.

Phoenix:           Go to town.

Ema:                Huh? It says here...

                        "Hours of sweat and labor."

Phoenix:           So that's why the sauce is so




Goodman's Lost Item Report

Type: Documents

Received from the

chief of the detectives


A half-written document.

The date was 2/21.

To be submitted to the Chief.




- Lost Item Report -

                        Date: 2/21

Date lost           2/21

Name                Bruce Goodman

ID                     59

Item lost

Status report



ID Card Record

Type: Documents

Received from

Jake Marshall.


IDs of all who entered the

evidence room on 2/21. Touch

the Check Button for details.




February 21

7777777            4:20 PM            Damon Gant

8730579            4:40 PM            Miles Edgeworth

4989596            4:50 PM            Mike Meekins

5842189            5:14 PM            Bruce Goodman

4989596            5:14 PM            Mike Meekins



Evidence Room Floorplans

Type: Maps

Received from Detective

Dick Gumshoe.


Scene of the stabbing of a

detective at the P.D.. Touch

the Check button for details.



Unstable Jar

Type: Evidence

Retrieved from the

Evidence Room.


Jar pieced back together from

fragments found at the crime

scene. A piece is missing.


                        >Examine: Blood stains


Ema:                Hey, look here! It's hard to

                        make out, but there's a dark

                        red stain here.

Phoenix:           Hmm...

                        Looks like blood.

Ema:                Do you think Detective

                        Goodman's blood somehow got

                        on it when he was stabbed?

Phoenix:           Not likely.

Phoenix:           This blood looks like it's

                        been here for months, maybe


Phoenix:           (This jar was evidence in the

                        SL-9 Incident...)

Phoenix:           (That might be when the blood

                        got on it.)


                        >Examine: Blood stains [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           There's a trace of old blood

                        on this jar.

Phoenix:           This was evidence in the

                        SL-9 Incident...

Phoenix:           The blood must be from

                        back then.




Evidence from the SL-9 Incident.

Final fragment found in Chief

Gant's safe. Blood traces.


                        >Examine: Blood on complete jar


Ema:                Hey, look here! It's hard to

                        make out, but there's a dark

                        red stain here.

Phoenix:           Hmm...

                        Looks like blood.

Ema:                This piece the Chief has is

                        different, though.

Ema:                The blood stains on the other

                        pieces are just spots,

Ema:                but this one's a line!

Phoenix:           (That is odd...)


                        >Examine: Blood on complete jar [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           The dark red stains must be

                        blood traces from the incident

                        two years ago.

Phoenix:           Only the fragment found in

                        Chief Gant's office still has

                        lines remaining on it.




Final fragment found in Chief

Gant's safe. "Ema" is written

on the surface in blood.



Rubber Glove

Type: Evidence

Retrieved from the

Evidence Room.


The tag reads "SL-9 incident."

Extremely thin rubber glove.


                        >Examine: Tag


Phoenix:           The tag says, "SL-9 11."

Phoenix:           I guess this is another piece

                        of evidence from that case.

Ema:                You know, I never did care for

                        the word, "tag."

                        It's confusing.

Phoenix:           Huh? What's so confusing about


Ema:                Do you know how many other

                        words sound like it? "Bag,"

                        "Gag," "Nag," "Lag," "Xag"...

Phoenix:           "Xag"...? Is that a word?

Ema:                Do you challenge me...?

Phoenix:           What, are we playing a word

                        game now?


                        >Examine: Tag [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           "SL-9 11" is written on the


Phoenix:           It seems this is more evidence

                        from that incident.



Evidence Locker

Type: Other

Retrieved from the

Evidence Room.


Each locker is unlocked

using a detective's fingerprint.

A light indicates open boxes.




Type: Other

Received from Miles



Evidence from a past case of

Edgeworth's. Brought back to

his office by Gant's request.


                        >Examine: Tag


Phoenix:           The tag says, "AI-16."

Ema:                What's that got to do with anything?

Phoenix:           Nothing, apparently.

Phoenix:           At least, that's what

                        Edgeworth said.

Ema:                Hm. That makes it seem all the

                        more suspicious.

Ema:                Who knows? This might turn out

                        to be the clue that breaks the


Phoenix:           Wouldn't that be nice...


                        >Examine: Tag [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           "AI-16" is written on the tag.

Phoenix:           That means it has nothing to

                        do with the current case.



Fingerprinting Set

Type: Other

Received from Miles



Recovers fingerprints from

"handprints" for comparison

with fingerprint file.



Marshall's Prints

Type: Evidence

Retrieved from the

Evidence Room.


Found on a bloody handprint

left in the evidence room.

The print had been wiped.




Found on a bloody handprint

on Marshall's own locker.

The print had been wiped.



Security Video

Type: Evidence

Submitted as evidence

during the trial.


Video from the security camera

placed in the evidence room.

Touch Check to play.



SL-9 Incident Files

Type: Reports

Received from

Lana Skye.


Files for the "Darke killings,"

solved two years ago. Touch

the Check Button for details.




- Incident No. SL-9 -


* Criminal: Joe Darke

* Crime: Serial murder

* Sentence: Death



- Victims -

* Edward Jones  * Jason Knight

* Edith Kirby      * Rachel Moss

* Jeb Bates       * Neil Marshall



- Trial Data -

* Head Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth

* Witnesses: Lana Skye, Ema Skye



- Investigation Task Force -

* Executive Investigators:

                        Damon Gant, Lana Skye

* Head Investigator: Bruce Goodman

  Investigators: Jake Marshall,

                        Angel Starr




Gant Team Picture

Type: Photographs

Retrieved from the

Chief's Office.


Photo at the awards ceremony

of Gant, Lana, and Neil. Touch

the Check Button for details.



Neil's Autopsy Report

Type: Reports

Received from Detective

Dick Gumshoe.


Stabbed in the back, died from

punctured heart and lung.

A knife tip was in the wound.




- Name of deceased:

Neil Marshall (27) / Male

- Date and time of death:

February 19

Between 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM

- Cause of death:

Single stab wound piercing heart/lung.

- Assessment:

Died from blood loss in under 10 mins.

Weapon found in wound was missing tip.



Letter of Resignation

Type: Documents

Retrieved from the

High Prosecutor's Office.


Edgeworth's discarded letter

of resignation. He's serious.


                        >Examine: Writing on letter


Ema:                "Due to recent events I hereby

                        announce my resignation as

                        public prosecutor."

Phoenix:           (He really wrote a resignation


Ema:                Wow! Even when resigning,

                        Mr. Edgeworth is cool and


Ema:                Still, it wasn't his fault...

Phoenix:           Someone has to be held

                        responsible. That's how it is

                        in the grown-up world.

Ema:                Yeah, but that responsibility

                        means nothing if he just


Phoenix:           Well, not everyone sees it

                        that way.

Ema:                To truly take responsibility

                        you should have to work the

                        rest of your life for no pay.

Phoenix:           (Sometimes the "grown-up"

                        world can be tough...)



Gumshoe's ID

Type: Other

Received from Detective

Dick Gumshoe.


A Police Department ID card.

Allows access to areas of the

P.D. open to detectives.


                        >Examine: Text on ID card


Ema:                Detective Gumshoe isn't very

                        photogenic, is he?

Phoenix:           Whatever you do, just don't

                        say that to his face.

Ema:                Look, his eyes are half shut!

Phoenix:           Yeah...

                        and his mouth is half open.

Ema:                Hey! Each of his shirt buttons

                        is off a notch!

Phoenix:           And he's got the narrow end of

                        his tie in front.

Phoenix:           ...

Phoenix:           I think this goes beyond being

                        a "photogenic" issue.



Evidence List

Type: Documents

Retrieved from the

Chief's Office.


List of evidence in the SL-9

Incident. Ripped in half, so

only part remains.


                        >Examine: Drawing on back of paper


Phoenix:           I wonder what this is?

                        (It looks like someone drew

                        some kind of sketch here!)

Ema:                What is it? Did you find


Phoenix:           (I can't make it out. I'd

                        better keep quiet about it

                        for now.)

Phoenix:           Huh? Oh. No, it's nothing.

Ema:                Why are your eyes moving about

                        like that, Mr. Wright?

Phoenix:           (I'd better not forget about

                        this picture!)


                        >Examine: Drawing on back of paper [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           A picture is drawn on the back

                        of the evidence list in magic


Phoenix:           I've got a very bad feeling

                        about this...




List of evidence in the SL-9

Incident. The remaining half

was found in Gant's desk.



Strip of Cloth

Type: Evidence

Retrieved from the

Chief's Office.


Found in Chief Gant's safe.

Evidence for something, but

what? Bears Ema Skye's prints.


                        >Examine: Handprint


Ema:                This is a handprint, right?

Phoenix:           Yeah. Someone left behind an

                        oil stain on the fabric.

Phoenix:           Whoever it was, they must have

                        had a really oily hand.

Ema:                Mr. Wright, think about it


Phoenix:           Huh?

Ema:                A more likely explanation


Ema:                The person slipped and fell on

                        a freshly waxed floor,

Ema:                getting wax all over their


Phoenix:           Well, that would account for

                        this amount of oil I guess.

Phoenix:           (I don't see what's so

                        "scientific" about it


Ema:                It happens, you know. I always

                        slip on the floors at school

                        after they're waxed.


                        >Examine: Handprint [Phoenix Only]


Phoenix:           A clear handprint can be seen

                        on the leather cloth.

Phoenix:           The print belongs to Ema...

                        I think I'll keep this

                        information to myself.



Evidence Law

Type: Other

Received from

Lana Skye.


From Ms. Skye. Explains

the two rules of evidence law.

Touch Check for details.




- Rules for Submitting Evidence -


Rule 1: no evidence shall be

shown without the approval

of the Police Department.


Rule 2: unregistered evidence

presented must be relevant to

the case in trial.



Lana's Picture

Type: Photographs

Received from

Lana Skye.


Crime scene photo from the

case two years ago taken.

Touch Check for details.






Miles Edgeworth

Age: 24

Gender: Male

A gifted prosecutor, and a

ruthless man who'd do anything

to get a "guilty" verdict.


Dick Gumshoe

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Detective at the local precinct.

In charge of the initial



Ema Skye

Age: 16

Gender: Female

High School Junior and self-

styled scientific investigator.




High School Junior and self-

styled scientific investigator.

Client, sister of Lana Skye.



Lana Skye

Age: 29

Gender: Female

The defendant.

Ema's sister, and Chief

Prosecutor for the district.




The defendant and Chief

Prosecutor for the district.

Wounded on her right hand.


Angel Starr

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Mysterious lunchlady.

Witness to the murder, known

as the "Cough-Up Queen."


Jake Marshall

Age: 33

Gender: Male

A patrolman investigating the

incident at the Prosecutor's

Office. Thinks he's a cowboy.


Bruce Goodman

Age: 36

Gender: Male

The victim and a good man.

Detective in charge of homicide

in Criminal Affairs, Div. 1.


Damon Gant

Age: 65

Gender: Male

District Chief of Police.

Though he might not seem it,

he's top dog in the P.D..


Mike Meekins

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Patrolman with General Affairs.

Suspected of killing Goodman

in the evidence room.


Joe Darke

Age: deceased

Gender: Male

Serial killer responsible for the

SL-9 Incident two years ago.

Was given the death penalty.


Neil Marshall

Age: deceased

Gender: Male

Prosecutor murdered two years

ago in the SL-9 incident.

Jake Marshall's brother.