[Gyakuten Saiban 3 / Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations]

[Case 5: Bridge to the Turnabout, prologue and part 1-1]

[Transcription by evilbishounen, 9-29-07]




"Shichishito". The treasured Kurain Village heirloom whose name means "7 Branched Sword".


It is said that this sacred sword represents life itself.


Though the branches may appear to be infinite, the choices limitless...


...like our destinies, the sword comes to but one end. One merciless point.


And when the silver cord, the fragile thread that binds us to this world, is severed...


...the illusion is revealed and the implacability of fate is finally laid bare...



Case 5: Part 1-1, Investigation


[Court Record - evidence]

--Attorney's Badge: It's my all-important badge. It shows that I am a defense attorney.

--Magatama: A present from Maya. It reacts to people who have secrets in their hearts.

[Court Record - profiles]

--Maya Fey: My assistant and a disciple in the Kurain Tradition of spirit channeling.

--Mia Fey: Maya's older sister and my eternal mentor in life and law. Passed away 2 years ago.

--Godot: A prosecutor who is shrouded in mystery. He seems to know me somehow.

--Pearl Fey: Maya's cousin, and channeling prodigy. She has amazingly powerful spiritual abilities.



February 6, 9:48am

Wright & Co. Law Offices


Maya: Hey, Nick.


Phoenix: Yeah? What is it?


Maya: You know how I've got spiritual powers, unlike you?


Phoenix: Um, sure... You are a spirit medium, after all.


Maya: But just like you, if I don't keep my powers sharp, they get dull, right?


Phoenix: Um... I guess so, yeah.


Maya: Glad you agree! OK, Pearly! You're up!


Phoenix: (Pearls...?)


Pearl: So! That's why we need to go on a special "Spiritual Hot Spot Tour", Mr. Nick! [shows magazine]


Phoenix: ...Huh? I'm lost. What's this magazine you're shoving in my face?


Pearl: It's the New Year's issue of "Oh! Cult!", Winter Spiritual Locations Special!


Phoenix: ...Oh. (Pearls looks so happy.)


Maya: "Maximize your spiritual powers with just one night of intensive training!" ...Oh! It sounds too good to be true!


Phoenix: I'll say. It sounds more like a scam to me.


Maya: It's at a spiritual retreat called "Hazakura Temple". It's way up in the mountains, and I bet it's nice and cold. ...Just perfect for training!


Phoenix: (Now I definitely don't want to go...)


Maya: You know, I think I've heard of this temple before. It's a famous channeling dojo. It's hard for even real spirit mediums like us to make reservations up there!


Phoenix: Reservations...? For a temple? Are you serious?


Pearl: Don't worry! I've already made special reservations, just for us!


Maya: Yeah! And I signed up for the "Special Course"!


Phoenix: Th-That's nice. And the timing couldn't be better. ...Since we don't have a case right now anyway.


Maya: OK, then! It's decided! Well, come on! Don't just stand there! Start packing your stuff!


Pearl: Yes, Mr. Nick! You'd better start packing your stuff!


Phoenix: Huh...? M-ME!? Why do I have to go!?


Maya: Well, we have to be accompanied by someone over 20 years old.


Phoenix: Hey! I don't have anything to do with spirit power. The only think [sic] I can channel is a TV. ... So, um, is there a heated pool at this "Hazakura Temple"?


Pearl: No, but you can stand under a freezing waterfall!


Phoenix: ... Sorry, but I think I'll pass. I hate cold places.


Maya: Whaaat!? No way! How can you be so selfish!?


Pearl: Come on, Mr. Nick! Look at this place! Doesn't it look beautiful!? [shows magazine]


Phoenix: Nope. Not going. I'm gonna be nice and toasty at home....................................What the...!?


Pearl: Wh-What is it, Mr. Nick?


Phoenix: Let me see that magazine! Th-This nun...


Maya: Is she a friend of yours or something, Nick?


Phoenix: (Th-This girl... I-It's...!)




Dahlia: My name is Dahlia Hawthorne. I just want to say... It's an honor for me to be here in your noble presence.


Dahlia: Honestly, how can any woman ever count on you for anything? ...You disgust me!


[end flashback]


Phoenix: But... It can't be! (She was found guilty and should still be in prison...)


Pearl: ...Mr. Nick?


Phoenix: ...I'll go.


Maya: Huh...?


Phoenix: "Hazakura Temple"... I said I'll go.


Maya: Yay! Isn't that great, Pearly!?


Pearl: Yes! Oh, thank you! Thank you, Mr. Nick! You'd do anything for Mystic Maya, right? Even walk over burning coals, right!?


["Oh! Cult!" magazine received from Pearls.]

["An occult magazine featuring Hazakura Temple. Touch the Check Button for details."]


Phoenix: (Dahlia Hawthorne... I knew there was no way she could possibly be at that temple... But, I just had to be see [sic] for myself... ...who this "nun" really was.)



February 7, 3:24pm

Hazakura Temple

Main Gate


Maya: Brrrrr... It-It-It's so c-c-cold here, Nick!


Phoenix: Maybe you should put on something warmer for a change!


Maya: W-W-Well, it's supposed to be c-c-cold... It's t-t-training. ...Ah-Achoo!


Phoenix: (Her teeth are chattering so loudly, it's all I can do to make out what she's saying...)


Pearl: Wow, Mystic Maya! So this is the famous "Hazakura Temple"!


Maya: P-P-P-Pearly... I-I-I-I...Ah-Achoo!


???: Well, well, well... How nice to see you here. Welcome to our temple!


Maya: Oh...! Th-Th-Thank you... Ah-Achoo!


???: Oh my, my, my... Thank you for coming all this way. Come now, come now. You must have been cold?


Phoenix: What's with the past tense? We're freezing into human popsicles as we spea--


???: Ho ho ho. Well, we are high up in the mountains, after all. In any case, we shouldn't speak here. ...Please follow me inside.


Maya: Th-Thank you. I was starting to think I would pass--


???: Oh! Yes, yes! I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm the head nun here at the temple. My name is Bikini.


Maya: B-B-B-Bikini...!?


Bikini: That's riiight! Actually, that's my "temple" name. What do you think? It's a tradition to have one, and I wanted something that has a nice image to it. So I thought, "Why not choose a bikini?" Besides, it makes me seem younger. Wa ha ha ha! Ho ho ho!


[Court Record - profile]

[Bikini: A hearty, motherly nun at Hazakura Temple, a channeling dojo deep in the mountains.]


Maya: I signed up for your "Special Course"!


Bikini: Well, my, my, my. Quite brave of you considering how cold it is! Young people can be so reckless with their health! Don't blame me if you become one with those you channel. Wa ha ha! Ho ho ho!


Pearl: R-Reckless...?


Maya: "Wa ha ha"...?


Pearl: Maybe you should take it easy tonight, Mystic Maya... We can come back another day.


Maya: But, you went through all that trouble to get reservations for m--


Bikini: Yes, yes, yes, that's right! You've come all this way, so please, enjoy yourselves! There's still time before supper, so why don't you have a look around?




[Talk with Bikini]


Channeling Dojo


Phoenix: Umm... So what's a "channeling dojo" anyway?


Bikini: Oh my, my, my... You don't even know that?


Maya: Forgive him, Sister; for he knows not what he is saying.


Bikini: Well, well, well. Just call me Bikini and forget that "Sister" part. A channeling dojo is basically a spiritual power training ground. We have special holy items prepared here to help people boost their spiritual power.


Phoenix: H-Holy items...?


Bikini: If you train an entire evening surrounded by these items... Aaah. It's quite mysterious. The spiritual power of these items seems to envelop you. Wa ha ha ha.


Phoenix: (Wow, she must have just got off the trolley from the land of make-believe...)


Maya: Um, so what exactly is the "Special Course"...?


Bikini: You must be incredibly devoted to be interested in that at such a young age! It's a training session where you sit on a block of spirit ice and chant a spell... 30,000 times! All while being showered in freezing cold spirit water.


Maya: Eh...?


Bikini: It's February now, right? You have to be careful this time of the year... If you don't watch it, you'll catch pneumonia or maybe even die of hypothermia... So be careful, okay? Wa ha ha. Ho ho ho. Ha!


Maya: How am I supposed to "be careful"...?


Pearl: Oh no... I knew I shouldn't have signed Mystic Maya up for this...



The other nun


Phoenix: Umm, Sister... About this picture... [shows magazine]


Bikini: Well, well. Look at that. I must say I look rather good here, don't you think?


Phoenix: Oh, um, yeah. Really nice.


Bikini: You mean it? Oh, I knew it! Wa ha ha ha! Ho ho ho ho! The makeup was pretty tough, but Iris helped me out.


Maya: "Iris"...?


Bikini: The cute little girl in the photo. She looks just like me, doesn't she? We're just a small temple here, so she and I run the entire place.


Maya: Really? That kinda sounds like f--


Phoenix: Sorry to cut in, but...! This "Iris"... Where is she right now?


Bikini: Oh! Just listen to you! You haven't come all the way up here just to find a girlfriend, have you?


Pearl: ... *glare*


Phoenix: No, no, no! Th-That's not what I had in mind at all...


Bikini: Anyway, Iris is in the Inner Temple preparing for this evening.


Maya: Inner Temple...?


Bikini: Yes, yes, that's right. Iris will be back this evening. Why don't you go have a look at the Main Hall for now? Wa ha. Wa ha ha ha ha.


Phoenix: (So she's in the Inner Temple, huh...)




[Present to Bikini]


[same response to all evidence/profiles


Phoenix: Um, do you think you could take a look at this?


Bikini: I may not look like it, but I can tell you I'm very much in demand. And to be quite honest, I'm finding this a little difficult to say...


Pearl: ...What IS she trying to say, Mr. Nick?


Phoenix: I think she's trying to say that she's busy.


Maya: But seriously Nick, what's the deal? Nothing has even happened yet and you're already shoving evidence into people's faces. You need to forget about work and relax a little.


Pearl: Try to have some fun, OK Mr. Nick?


Phoenix: Y-Yeah, you're right... (Sure. Pin the hypothermia on the lawyer is great fun!




[Examine Main Hall area]


Temple Gate --


Maya: What do you think, Nick? Pretty awesome gate, huh?


Phoenix: It sure is... It looks pretty well maintained, too. This thing kinda puts your hometown to shame, Maya.


Maya: Yeah... Well, a lot of things have happened in Kurain Village. We used to be a lot richer, back when people hired us to perform channelings.


Phoenix: Oh, I see... But now the place looks a bit run down...


Maya: Hmm... I guess I was just born in the wrong time.



Snowmobile --


Maya: Oh look, it's one of those snow motorcycle things!


Phoenix: Most people call that a "snowmobile", you know.


Maya: "Snow motorcycle things", "Snowblowmeal". Same thing. Hmm... Too bad we didn't invite Desiree. I bet she could race like the wind on this "Slowmobile"! Or maybe she'd give me ride [sic] on this "Blowsnowbile".


Phoenix: Argh! I told you, it's "snowmobile"!



Temple Bell --


Maya: Oh, look! It's a cute little bell tower! I absolutely love the sound of a giant bell!


Phoenix: Oh? So, which do you like better? That or the sound of money?


Maya: ...! ...... Sorry, but I'll take money for the win, Nick.


Phoenix: Wh-What are you apologizing for?



Beyond the Gate --


Maya: That looks like the Main Hall where we'll be staying tonight. From here, it looks like one of those ice hotels you always hear about!


Phoenix: ...They gotta have a heater or something in there, don't you think? I don't wanna die.


Maya: I'm not worried, I brought my hot-water bottle.


Phoenix: Did you bring one for me?


Maya: What are you talking about, Nick? Who carries around 2 hot-water bottles?


Phoenix: (Brr! If the cold doesn't kill me, the ice queen over here will finish the job...)





February 7

Hazakura Temple

Main Hall


Maya: Th-Th-The Main Hall... I th-think it's even c-c-c-colder in here! Achoo!


Pearl: Ah! Mr. Nick! Do you smell that? It smells like meat and gravy!


Maya: Yeah, you're right! I guess it's pot roast for tonight! Yum!


Phoenix: ...Weird. I thought they would serve something a little more... well, traditional.


Maya: What are you talking about, Nick!? You think monks and nuns just sit around eating rice and gruel all the time!?


Pearl: Mystic Maya is right! Ooh! I hope there's mashed potatoes, too! I love mashed potatoes!


???: Ha ha ha... What a cute little acolyte! Greetings to all of you.


Phoenix: Oh... Um, hello. (Wow, this lady looks even weirder than Maya...)


Maya: Your outfit... Did you come here for the Special Course, too...?


???: Ha, ha, ha... Unfortunately, no. Actually, I'm...


Pearl: Aaaaaaaaaah! Y-You're...! Y-You're...! You're Ms. Elise Deauxnim!


Elise: Yes, that's right... You know of me?


Pearl: M-M-My name... My name is Pearl Fey! I-I'm your biggest fan!


Maya: Who is she, Nick?


Phoenix: Hmm... I see it now... Zvarri! A fortune-teller...?


Pearl: I-I've got all your books, Ms. Deauxnim!


Elise: Ha, ha, ha... What a sweet thing to say. And please, call me Elise.


Phoenix: Um, "books"...?


Pearl: Mr. Nick, don't you know anything!? Don't you even know who this is?


Phoenix: Well, um... ...An author, maybe?


Elise: Yes, and an illustrator. ...Of picture books.


Maya: Picture books, huh? Oh, now I get it...


[Court Record - profile]

[Elise Deauxnim: Kind-eyed author and illustrator of picture books. Pearls is a huge fan of hers.]




[Present to Elise]


Phoenix: Ms. Deauxnim? What do you think about this?


Pearl: Mr. Nick! Do you think Ms. Elise is a suspect?


Phoenix: Huh...?


Pearl: You may be Mystic Maya's special someone, but I won't let you do this to Ms. Elise!


Phoenix: (A suspect? Why would I suspect her of anything? It's not like anything's happened.)


Maya: Isn't it cute, Nick? Pearly's getting all overprotective of her new friend.





[Talk with Elise]


Elise Deauxnim


Phoenix: Um... I'm sorry I didn't know who you are. I don't get a lot of chances to read picture books...


Elise: It's alright. I take no offense to that. My books are nothing but simple stories for children.


Pearl: And really beautiful pictures too, Ms. Elise! Your books always make me feel as if my heart has been purified.


Elise: Ha ha ha... It makes me feel very happy to hear you say that.


Phoenix: (I do have to admit... She certainly seems like a kind, sensitive lady.)


Pearl: Ms. Elise won an award last year for her book, "The Magic Bottle"!


Elise: Yes... A friend of mine secretly submitted a story I had written to a publisher. They liked it so much that they asked if it was all right [sic] to make it into a book.


Phoenix: Wow... It must have been a really great story.


Maya: ...Maybe I should try to write a children's book, too. If I do, you can secretly send it to a publisher for me, Nick.


Elise: Recently, I've accepted a sort of...apprentice you might say.


Phoenix: An apprentice?


Elise: He calls himself Laurice... Laurice Deauxnim. I believe he's off doing some landscape sketches now... On Laurice's behalf as well, I'd like to thank you for your support.


Pearl: Of course, Ms. Elise! Anything for you!


Elise: Ha ha ha...



Why come here?


Pearl: Um... Why did you come to Hazakura Temple, Ms. Elise? Are you here... to do some spiritual training?


Elise: Ha ha ha... No, that's not it. I'm actually here to gather materials for a new book I'm working on.


Pearl: Wow! I-I can't wait to read it!


Phoenix: (Pearls is completely taken with her...)


Elise: I wanted to do a book with a more Japanese feel to it this time.


Phoenix: ...So is that why you're dressed like you are?


Elise: The children have a certain image of me in their minds. I don't want to disappoint them...


Phoenix: (What can I say... She's really a sweet lady...)


Pearl: Wow, Ms. Elise, you're dressed up like a mountain monk!


Elise: Yes. The good people here were kind enough to let me borrow this... I'm wearing training clothes underneath my robe, as well.


Maya: ...I want a staff like that.


Elise: You like the crystal sphere? It's real amethyst, you know.


Maya: Maybe we'll find one like that up here on this mountain. Good luck, Nick! I know you'll find me one!




Elise: Well, you'll have to excuse me now... I have to go help with the dinner preparations.


Pearl: Wow! You mean you're cooking dinner tonight?


Elise: That's right. Would you like to help too, Pearl?


Pearl: Yes, yes! I want to help with whatever I can!


Phoenix: (Pearls looks like she just won the lottery...)


Maya: Oh, I'll help too, then...


Elise: ...No, it's fine. Please don't worry about it. Feel free to relax and explore the area with your friend.


Maya: Huh!? But...


Elise: ...Oh, yes! Please take this. I think it will be of help to you. It's a map of the area. We wouldn't want you to get lost now, would we?


Phoenix: (The "Inner Temple"... There it is, on the other side of the bridge...) Well, if you insist, I guess we'll take this chance to go check out the other temple.


[Hazakura Temple Map added to the Court Record.]

["Shows Hazakura Temple and the surrounding area. Touch the Check Button for details."]


Pearl: OK! I'll see you two later then! Remember! You're not allowed to fight!


Maya: Come on, Nick! Let's go! At least we'll stay warm if we keep moving!




[Examine the Main Hall]


Hibachi / Straw cushions


Phoenix: There are straw zabuton cushions arranged around a hibachi brazier... I haven't seen a layout like this since I saw this really old Japanese movie on TV. ...If it wasn't for this hibachi, they'd probably freeze to death.


Stack of cushions in the corner


Phoenix: It's a stack of straw zabuton cushions. Maya told me this type of zabuton is called "enza"... I suppose if I'd never come here, I'd have missed out on all these new things.




Phoenix: I bet the writing on these sliding doors are instructions for spirit channeling... Kinda like how we scribbled math formulas on the bathroom walls to remember them. Except we couldn't go to the bathroom during tests... And I can't read these walls.




Phoenix: It's an altar. It looks a bit old, but someone does a good job taking care of it. Speaking of altars, I remember seeing one like this in Kurain Village last year. I guess they really do have something to do with spiritual power after all.


Giant magatama


Phoenix: There's a laughably large Magatama on the altar. If I can see Psyche-Locks with the tiny Magatama I've got... ...I can only imagine what kind of power this bad boy has under his hood!




February 7

Hazakura Temple

Main Gate


Maya: Huh? Where did Sister Bikini go?


Phoenix: I guess she went to the Inner Temple... To go help that other nun out.


Maya: Oh, right... I think her name is... Iris?


Phoenix: Y-Yeah... That was it. (I want to find out who Iris really is, but I'm scared of what I'll find...)


Maya: ...?



February 7

Suspension Bridge


Maya: Wow! Look at this broken down old bridge, Nick!


Phoenix: Y-Yeah, and look at that big canyon below us.


Maya: Hey! There's a river down there! It looks like it's flowing real fast! ...What's wrong, Nick? You look like you've seen a ghost!


Phoenix: I-I'm just not very good with heights...


Maya: Oh... Hey! I've got it! Maybe you should face your fear and try hurling yourself off the edge? You know! One... Two... Three... Jump! It might be just what you need to get over your fear of heights!


Phoenix: Yeah, death is a real good way to overcome phobias alright. Anyway, it sure looks like a rickety bridge.


Maya: Can't argue there. That's probably why it's called, "Dusty Bridge".


Phoenix: Read it again, Maya. It says, "Dusky Bridge".


Maya: Well, it's practically the same thing. Anyway, the Inner Temple is just up ahead, right? So let's go and check it out!


Phoenix: Ugh... Why isn't there another way across...?




[Examine the Suspension Bridge area]




Maya: Come on, Nick! Why don't we hop across the bridge. It'll be fun!


Phoenix: I'm not so sure... It looks like a bunny hopping across the bridge would destroy it.


Maya: OK, Nick. Then let's try to find a cute little white bunny and test your theory.


Phoenix: (That right there sums up the fundamental difference between sane and insane.)


Stone sign


Phoenix: Some letters are engraved into a roughly cut boulder.


Maya: "D-U-S-T-Y Bridge", huh?


Phoenix: It says, "Dusky"! "Dusky Bridge"! OK?


Maya: C'mon, Nick! Take a look at that bridge and tell me it's not supposed to be "Dusty"! This sign is obviously wrong, and I'm gonna fix it! Now give me a pencil, Nick!


Phoenix: Do I look like a pencil holder to you?




Maya: I can't believe there's a public phone here. Who would ever use it?


Phoenix: The people who live here, I guess. I doubt they have any real phones there.


Maya: Yeah, but it took like 20 minutes to walk here from the Main Hall! ... It would've been smarter of them to build the Main Hall here, don't you think?


Phoenix: ...Maybe you should work on channeling someone who makes logical sense, Maya.


Wooden sign


Phoenix: There's a narrow path going off in a different direction than that of the Main Hall.


Maya: The sign here is so old, the text seems to have vanished.


Phoenix: The path leads to a wooden staircase that goes down to the bottom of the canyon.


Maya: OK, I'll write "wooden staircase" on it then.


Phoenix: ...Do you really think that is necessary? You'd have to be blind not to see the stairs.


Maya: Well, it can't hurt. Just pass me a pencil, OK?


Phoenix: Graffiti is a crime, Maya.


Opposite side of the gorge


Phoenix: It looks like it's about 20 yards to that cliff over there.


Maya: I guess that's where I'll be training tonight. Do you want to train with me, Nick?


Phoenix: And do the Special Course? I think not.


Maya: But it'd be so great if you had spiritual powers, too!


Phoenix: (Really? "I see dead people" sounds more like a cause for alarm to me...)




February 7

Inner Temple Gate


Maya: Whoa, that bridge was shaking like jello in an earthquake.


Phoenix: ...


Maya: And at least half of the wood on that rickety bridge was rotting, I'd bet.


Phoenix: ...


Maya: Not to mention the last part only had like one board left on it!


Phoenix: ...


Maya: What's wrong with you? Your face is all green.


Phoenix: C-Can you not pick on me for a second? I'm still trying to get over the shock that we made it safely across that death trap.


Maya: Yeah, I guess I'm a bit surprised, too... Yikes! That "temple" is in bad shape. It looks like it could collapse anytime...


Phoenix: I guess people don't use it too often. Is this really where you're going to train tonight?


Maya: That has to be it. It's kinda creepy around here... Like a ghost might jump out at you or something!


Phoenix: (A spirit medium afraid of ghosts...? Isn't it ironic, don't you think?)




[Examine the Inner Temple Gate area]




Phoenix: I don't care how much you pay me, I don't want to cross that bridge again.


Maya: No worries, Nick. No one is offering you any money.


Phoenix: That's because no reasonable person would call that pile popsicle sticks [sic] a bridge! The latter half of it was nothing more than a few planks of wood and some string!


Maya: Hey, if we want to get back, we've got no choice but to cross it again, you know.


Phoenix: ... Maybe I'll just stay... I've always dreamed of living in a little shack in the woods.


Maya: ...Wow, you really are scared, aren't you?


Suspension wire anchor post


Maya: It looks like this bridge is suspended by 4 of these wires.


Phoenix: ...They're reeeally thin. Shouldn't they be just a little thicker...?


Maya: Oh, stop it! You're such a worrywart, Nick! If the bridge were really going to collapse... ...I'm pretty sure the boards would break before these wires ever did!


Phoenix: ...


Maya: What's wrong? You're turning into an over-ripe avocado again.


Row of statues


Maya: Oh, wow! Look at these neat Buddha statues. Maybe I'll take one home with me.


Phoenix: Maya!


Maya: But there are so many. They wouldn't notice if I took just one.


Phoenix: Are you kidding? Of course they'll notice! What are you gonna do with one of those anyway?


Maya: Put it in the office of course! We can trade that wooden statue in the office reception area for one of these!


Phoenix: (You know, come to think of it, where did that wooden statue come from anyway...?)




Maya: Hey! There's a giant robot buried in the snow!


Phoenix: ... Well, there's something buried in the snow all right [sic], but... I think it's an incinerator.


Maya: Oh... Hee hee. But you've gotta admit it looks a lot like a robot.

Phoenix: Um, sure... Anyway, I don't think it gets used much. It's looking pretty rusty.


Maya: Hey, Nick! Do you think this Giant Robo-cinerator can walk?


Phoenix: I told you! It's not a robot! ...And it's not especially big either.


Maya: Bah, you have no imagination. I thought it'd be real neat if you had to beat it to advance.


Phoenix: (A fight between a lawyer and an overgrown furnace? Who'd ever pay to see that!?)


Yellow side gate


Maya: Hey! A half-opened gate! That's practically a welcome mat!


Phoenix: Yeah, except the sign on here says, "No Entry".


Maya: Umm, Nick. Rules are made to be broken, you know.


Phoenix: ...You expect a lawyer to go along with that?


Maya: Oh, come on! You're such an old lady sometimes! Let's just go!


Phoenix: Don't blame it on me when Sister Bikini puts a curse on you.


Maya: ... Now you've got me scared. Um, let's just forget about it, OK?




Maya: Looks like there's something written on it.


Phoenix: I can't read it, but if I had to take a good guess, I'd say it says, "Inner Temple".


Maya: What's the point of a sign if you can't read it? Must be tough for the mailman when he's delivering here.


Phoenix: (I guess the sign is a good indication of how long this place has been here...)


Main wooden gate


Maya: So that's the Inner Temple up ahead, huh?

Phoenix: It looks kinda run-down.


Maya: Well, it wouldn't be very temple-like if it was all bright and shiny.


Phoenix: So you're training here tonight, huh?


Maya: Yup! Then everyone'll see my spiritual powers!




Phoenix: Sounds like your stomach wants to show off its digestive powers instead...


Maya: I wonder if that roast is ready yet?




February 7

Inner Temple

Training Hall


Phoenix: Man, look at this place... It's just a tiny, freezing-cold room. So this is where you'll both be training, huh...


Maya: Huh? What do you mean, "both"? I'm the only one.


Phoenix: Really? But I thought...


Maya: Pearly's just a little kid. She couldn't handle this kind of intense training.


Phoenix: (So says the girl who I can barely hear over her bones chattering...)


Maya: Anyway... The real training room must be behind that door over there. Yeah, I get the feeling it's back there, too. [Possible in-game mistake on the second sentence??? I think it was supposed to be a Phoenix line, but someone forgot to change the name in the blue box.]


Phoenix: (If only because the cavern behind that door is giving off a real supernatural feel...)


???: Um... Excuse me, but... Who are you...? ...Ah! ...


Phoenix: Y-You're...


Maya: Hi there! We're just looking around since we're going to be staying here tonight...


???: ...


Maya: ...? Is something wrong?


???: Uh, er, no! It-It's nothing...


Maya: I wonder why she spaced out like that. Don't you, Nick?


Phoenix: Uh... D-Did you say something, M-Maya?


Maya: ... Not you too, Nick...


Iris: I... M-My name is Iris. I'm one of the nuns here at this temple.


Maya: I'm Maya Fey. It's a pleasure to meet you!


Iris: The pleasure is mine... ... Oh, er, please excuse me! I have some... um, chores to attend to.


Maya: She sure is beautiful... and a bit spacey, I guess... I guess she's just not used to talking with urban sophisticates like us.


Phoenix: ...


Maya: Nick?


Phoenix: (That girl... It-It can't be, but...)


Maya: ...?




[Examine the Inner Temple interior]


Barred door


Maya: The actual training area must be on the other side of this door. I wonder what it's like. [click] Phooey... It's locked. Come on, Nick! You know you want to open it for me!


Phoenix: ...I can't.


Maya: ... You've been in kind of a bad mood lately, haven't you, Nick? ...Zvarri! I know what it is! I-R-I-S.


Phoenix: ...


Maya: Ha ha ha ha ha! Look at you, turning all red!


Hanging scroll


Phoenix: (A hanging scroll... It doesn't look that old either...)




Phoenix: AAAAAAAAACK! Wh-What is it!? Why did you scream like that!?


Maya: Th-This scroll...! It-It's my mother...


Phoenix: Wh... Whaaaaaaaaat!?


Maya: ...It's Misty Fey. The Master of the Kurain School of Channeling...


Phoenix: Are... Are you sure?


Maya: Yes... That crest at the top of the scroll... That's the special mark of the Master of our tradition.


Phoenix: (So that's what the mark means...)


Maya: ...


Phoenix: What is it?


Maya: N-Nothing... It's just that... I last saw her over 15 years ago... If it wasn't for that crest... I wouldn't have even known it was her. My own mother... And I can't even recognize her face.


Phoenix: Maya...


[Hanging Scroll added to the Court Record.]

["Shows Misty Fey, Master of the Kurain Technique. Touch the Check Button for details."]




Phoenix: There are a bunch of musty looking blankets and bedding sets piled up here. I wonder why they're even here in the first place?


Maya: It's because all spiritual training is done under the supervision of a nun. I wonder if Sister Bikini is planning to sleep in here while I train?


Phoenix: (But if they sleep, what's the point of having them here in the first place...?)




Maya: Look at this antique dresser. I wonder if there's anything valuable inside. Let's have a look... Hmph... Nothing! Just a bunch of clothes. Hey, Nick.


Phoenix: ... Huh! Oh, sorry. I was just... thinking.


Maya: Oh? About Iris, I bet! Looks like you've been bitten by the love bug, Nick!




February 7

Dusky Bridge


Maya: Whew, we managed to make it across Dusty Bridge.


Phoenix: ...


Maya: Nick, you look green. Are you okay?


Phoenix: ...


Maya: Hey! What's wrong with you? Ever since we met Sister Iris at the Training Hall, you've been really quiet.


Phoenix: Huh!? Oh, um. Sorry...


???: Hey, you! ...Wait up!


Maya: ...? You think he's yelling at us?


Phoenix: He must be. There's no one else around...


???: Would you mind moving? You're standing right in my way. ... Ah!


Maya: Hey! I know you! You're...


???: Whoa! Sorry! Gotta run! ...See ya!


Phoenix: H-Hey! Wait a minute!


???: Oh, uh, nice to meet you. ...I'm Laurice Deauxnim.


Phoenix: Liar! You're Larry! Your clothes may change, but you're still the Butz.


Butz: Shaddup! I'm... I'm... Lauriiiiice! And I'm just here to do a sketch of Dusky Bridge!


Maya: So... it really is our Larry. ...Not that I get why he's pretending to be someone else.


[Court Record - profiles]

[Iris: A nun at Hazakura Temple. She reminds me so much of "her"...]

[Laurice Deauxnim: Better known as Larry Butz. Current in training [sic] as Elise Deauxnim's pupil.]




[Talk with the Butz]


Laurice Deauxnim


Phoenix: So what are you doing with the last name, "Deauxnim"?


Butz: Well I... I just... I wanted to start over again! With a clean slate!


Maya: A clean slate...?


Butz: You remember don't you? Last time?


Phoenix: (The Mask*DeMasque case...)


Butz: After that, I started to realize I didn't like this guy known as Larry Butz! And that's when I came across it... The book of destiny!


Maya: The "book of destiny"...? Do you mean...?


Butz: "The Magic Bottle"! By Ms. Elise Deauxnim! It's so beautiful... So moving... So... So gentle. My heart felt cleansed! I-I was saved!


Phoenix: (Maybe I should buy a copy, too... This "The Magic Bottle"...)


Maya: Wow, Larry would make a great book salesman! I really want to get that book now, too!


Elise Deauxnim


Butz: She's the most wonderful person I've ever met! I'd follow her anywhere!


Maya: Well, she certainly is a very elegant lady.


Butz: You see? You see? Here's a photo I took of her in secret!


Maya: Wow! That's a beautiful photo!


Butz: You want a copy, don't you? It's OK... I just happened to have made extra prints!


[Photo of Elise added to the Court Record.]

["Taken by her only pupil, Laurice Deauxnim. Touch the Check Button for details."]


Picture books


Phoenix: Still, it's kinda hard to imagine you as a picture book illustrator... So tell the truth. You must have some kind of ulterior motive, right?


Butz: Wh-What're you talking about!? I don't... I don't trust anyone anymore... Especially not women!


Maya: ...Talk about a bad case of denial.


Phoenix: Anyway... can you even draw well enough to make a picture book?


Butz: Art isn't only about technical skill, you know. It's also about having a pure heart!


Phoenix: And that's why I'm asking. Can you draw well enough to make a whole book?


Butz: ...! Hmm... Now that you mention it... I wonder.


Maya: It looks like you still have some doubt in your heart.


Butz: It's true, I do... But when I first saw her, I felt it! Something inside me ended, and something else began.


Maya: Oh Larry, it sounds like you've fallen in love with Ms. Elise Deauxnim!


Butz: No! Y-You're wrong! It's not her... It's the other girl!


Phoenix: "Other girl"...? Uh oh... (I got a bad feeling about this...)




[Present to the Butz]


generic response


Butz: Hey, I know I may not look like it, but I'm an artist. I refuse to look at anything that doesn't have a radiant or beautiful motif.


Phoenix: (Picky, picky, aren't you...?)


Maya's profile


Butz: Wow! You're even cuter than the last time I saw you.


Maya: Oh, really!?


Butz: Yeah, you look like a totally different person! Don't you think so, Nick?


Phoenix: (Maybe it's cause we're always together, but she looks pretty much the same to me.)


Mia's profile


Butz: Hey, I remember her! That's Maya's big sister!


Maya: Wow! You really do remember!


Butz: Yeah, who could forget! A couple of gorgeous sisters! Hubba hubba!


Maya: You hear that, Nick! Gorgeous!


Phoenix: (Oh yeah... That's right. When I defended Larry... Mia was still alive...)


Pearl's profile


Butz: I haven't seen her in a while, so I bet she's gotten a lot bigger.


Phoenix: Well, it's only been 5 months since we celebrated Ron's non-guilty verdict.


Butz: Maybe so, but kids these days grow up so fast.


Phoenix: ...She hasn't changed a bit as far as I can tell.


Butz: Come on, Nick... I really doubt that. You just don't know 'cause you don't pay enough attention, that's all.


Phoenix: (Sometimes I really worry about what goes on inside this guy's head...)


Bikini's profile


Maya: She seems really motherly, doesn't she?


Butz: What do you mean "seems" motherly? She IS my mother.


Maya: ...She's your WHAT!?


Butz: I'm gonna have to take a pass on answering that one.


Phoenix: (Wait a second. Why is he getting off so easy this time...!?)


Elise's profile


Butz: Elise is really something. She's like a mother to me.


Phoenix: Yeah, you can tell from the kindness reflected in her eyes.


Butz: When I first looked into her eyes, I just couldn't help it. I started blabbing about all the bad things I had done in my life. She just laughed that gentle laugh of hers and listened!


Phoenix: (Are you sure she wasn't just laughing at you...?)


Iris' profile


Butz: Whoo yeah! Her! My little Iris!


Maya: She's really pretty.


Butz: This girl... She's perfect! She's exactly my type! I wonder if she would model for me. I want to draw a portrait of her.


Maya: Yeah, you always liked those model types, didn't you Larry? ...Hey, wait a sec! Didn't you say you were swearing off women...?


Butz: Huh!? Yeah, that's right. Of course I have! I have... basically. But...


Maya: "But"...?


Butz: But... Iris is different. I feel like... I feel like I still have one chance left at the dream...


Phoenix: (This guy will never change.)



[*Note: presenting Iris' profile to Larry is the segue into the next part of the main plot]


Pearl: Everyone!


Maya: Hey! Pearly!


Pearl: Dinner preparations are complete! Please come quickly to the Main Hall!


Maya: Alright! I can't wait to dig in, Pearly!


Pearl: I'm going to go to the Inner Temple and call Sister Iris! I also want to have a look at where Mystic Maya is going to be training...



February 7, 7:46pm

Hazakura Temple

Main Hall


Maya: Boy am I stuffed...


Phoenix: Are you sure it's okay to eat that much before your training?


Maya: Well, this kind of training is a battle of endurance.


Pearl: Mystic Maya... Please don't do anything that might put your health at risk.


Maya: Ha ha ha. No pain, no gain, I guess.


Pearl: Nngh... I'm still worried about you...


Bikini: Well, well, well. Let's not dilly-dally shilly-shally. You must get ready for tonight.


Elise: Good luck. ...Maya.


Maya: Alright! Here I go! I'll see you all tomorrow, I guess!


Bikini: Iris, please ring the bell at 10:00 for lights out, alright?


Iris: Yes, Sister Bikini.


Bikini: And then, after you ring the bell, I want you to come join me at the Training Hall.


Iris: I understand, Sister Bikini.


Phoenix: (Maya and Bikini really seem excited about this training thing tonight...)


Elise: ...Well, Pearl? What are you going to do tonight?


Pearl: Well, um...


Elise: If you'd like, you can come to my room. Perhaps we can read some books together.


Pearl: R-Really!? I'd love to! I, umm... I'm not very good at reading.


Elise: Ha ha ha. Well then, would you like to practice reading with me?


Pearl: Ah! I'd love to!


Phoenix: (Pearls is absolutely smitten with Ms. Deauxnim...) So Larry, what are you going to do?


Butz: Huh... Me? Um, well... I'm just gonna hang out in my room. I can't stand the cold at all.


Phoenix: (I totally hear you there.)


Pearl: Um, Ms. Elise? So, for example, how do you read this?


Elise: It says, "gravely"... That's kind of a tough word.


Pearl: Oh! OK! And what about this word?


Elise: That's another tough one. It says, "roast".


Phoenix: (What kind of a book is she reading anyway...?)


Pearl: Well, I'm going to go wash the dishes and help clean up. I'll go visit you when I'm done, Ms. Elise!


Phoenix: (Well, not much to do except head to my room and huddle under the covers, I guess...)



February 7, 9:12pm

Hazakura Temple

Main Hall


Phoenix: (Ugh... It's a whole different type of cold up here in the mountains! Argh... Why couldn't the nearest bathroom be just a little closer to my room...?)


???: ...Mr. Wright?


Phoenix: Yaaaaaaah! Oh! Ah, Ms. Deauxnim! Are you going to use the bathroom, too?


Elise: Um, no. But... Have you seen Pearl?


Phoenix: No... Not since after dinner. I thought she said she was going to go to your room...


Elise: I know... But she never showed up. I-I'm going to go look for her. ...Excuse me.


Phoenix: (Ms. Elise Deauxnim... A woman as mysterious in origin as her last name... But... The really mysterious one is...)


Iris: Oh...


Phoenix: Ah...! S-Sister Iris...!


Iris: G... G-Good evening...


Phoenix: (The real mysterious one is this girl...!)


Iris: Um, are you on your way to the bathroom too, Mr. Wright?


Phoenix: (...I can't let this chance pass me by! I should try to talk with her... And maybe get some answers.)




[Talk with Iris]




Phoenix: Um... You're Sister Iris, right?


Iris: ...Yes.


Phoenix: S-So... um, when did you come to Hazakura Temple?


Iris: ... I don't remember. Ever since I was a small child, the temple has been my home.


Phoenix: So you've never left?


Iris: Well, I don't have any family left to take care of me... Sister Bikini... I've come to think of her as my real mother, as it were.


Phoenix: Ah, I see... But you... Didn't you go to college? ...And maybe enroll with the Ivy University Literature Department?


Iris: No, I never had an interest in going to a big university like that... My training is all the education I need.


Phoenix: I... I see...


Iris: But... Once in a while, when I get the chance, I make a trip to the nearby town. I can use a computer and a cell phone, too.


Phoenix: ... (That's not exactly something worth bragging about... But I don't see any Psyche-Locks... ...so I guess that means that she's not lying...)


Iris: P-Please don't stare at me like that...


Hazakura Temple


Phoenix: What kind of a place is this anyway? I heard it's for training to increase your spiritual power or something like that.


Iris: It must seem awfully crazy to normal people like you.


Phoenix: Well, I have to admit it is a whole different world up here...


Iris: I'm glad to hear you say that.


Phoenix: Huh?


Iris: Talking with dead people... Who does it help anyway? ...I hate it.


Phoenix: R-Really? (So then why stay in a place like this...?)




Iris: Ah...


Phoenix: Is something wrong?


Iris: I-I didn't realize it was so late. I have to go and ring the bell for lights out...


Phoenix: (I guess it's almost 10:00 now, huh?)


Iris: ... Um... Mr. Wright?


Phoenix: ...Yes?


Iris: If it's alright with you... I would like you to have this.


Phoenix: But this is your hood...


Iris: It has the power to protect you from evil spirits.


Phoenix: (Come to think of it, Sister Bikini was wearing one of these too...)


Iris: I pray for your safety on this dark, cold night.


[Iris's Hood received from Iris.]

["A magical hood said to offer protection from evil spirits."]


Iris: I'm sorry, but I must bid you goodnight.


Phoenix: Wait a minute, Sister Iris...


Iris: Y-Yes...?


Phoenix: Just now, you called me by my name... You said, "Mr. Wright". How did you know my name? I never introduced myself to you.


Iris: Th-That's...


Phoenix: ...Sister Iris. Please, tell me the truth. You and I... Have we ever met before?


Iris: ...


[5 Psyche-locks appear]


Phoenix: I-Iris...


Iris: O-Oh! It-It's almost 10:00... Perhaps we can speak again... tomorrow.


*gong* *gong* *gong*


Phoenix: (So my hunch was correct... She does know me... I'll have to try to talk with her again tomorrow... ......... ...... ...)




Phoenix: (Wh-What the--!? That blood-curdling scream came from the direction of the courtyard!)



February 7, 11:06pm

Hazakura Temple



Phoenix: (That scream... I'm sure it came from around here...) ...Aaaah! (S-Someone's there... On the ground...!) M-Ms. Deauxniiiiiim!




Phoenix: (...I just stepped on something soft.)


Bikini: Hey! Don't step on my tummy like that!


Phoenix: Wh-What are you doing lying there in the snow!?


Bikini: I was passed out! What do you think!?


Phoenix: So that blood-curdling scream was you...?


Bikini: F-Forget about that! H-Hurry up and call the police!


Phoenix: Is there even a phone in the Main Hall?


Bikini: No, but we still get reception up here in the mountains! You must have a cell phone on you, right!?


Phoenix: I, um... I didn't bring it with me--


Bikini: Oh, you're useless! I mean, even Iris has a cell phone... We've got no choice! You'll have to use the public phone by Dusky Bridge! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Run as fast as you can!


Phoenix: Y-yes, ma'am...


Bikini: If you don't hurry, Iris will... Iris will...!



February 7, 11:18pm

Dusky Bridge


Phoenix: ...*huff*...*huff*... (It's farther than I thought. The bridge is just up ahead. I have to go tell Maya what happened, too!) .................. ...Aaaaaaaaaah! Dusky Bridge...! It's burning down! (What the heck happened!?)


Butz: What are you doing here?


Phoenix: Aaaaaaaaah!


Butz: Huh? What is it? Is it me?


Phoenix: D-Don't scare me like that, Larry! I almost had a heart attack!


Butz: My name isn't Larry! It's Laurice!


Phoenix: Larry, hurry up and call the police! I'm going to the Inner Temple!


Butz: D-Don't be stupid! It's nothing but a burning wreck right now!


Phoenix: Listen to me! There's been a murder! Here! At Hazakura Temple!


Butz: Wha-Whaaaaat!?


Phoenix: The murderer might have fled across the bridge! I have to make sure Maya is safe!


Butz: B-B-But...


Phoenix: Please! Call the police! I've got to go! ...Get outta my way, Larry!


Butz: It-It's too dangerous! Nick, w-wait!


Phoenix: (I must have been crazy... I knew how dangerous it was, but I still went for it...)






Butz: Niiiiiiick!!


Phoenix: (Weakened even more by the fire, the rickety old bridge's planks snapped and fell away. And as I was swallowed by the eternal darkness that surrounded me... ...a final, terrified scream rose up to pierce the frozen air of that harrowing night.)