[Gyakuten Saiban 3 / Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations]

[Case 5: Bridge to the Turnabout, part 1-2]

[Transcription by evilbishounen, 10-03-07]



Case 5: Part 1-2, Investigation


Date: ???

Time: ???

Location: ???




???: (Who could that be at this time of night...?)


Phone: ...*beep*...


Edgeworth: ...Yes? Edgeworth speaking...


Butz: Edgey! Get up! It's an emergency!


Edgeworth: ...Huh? Larry...? Do you know what time it is?


Butz: It's not "Larry"! It's "Laurice"! Laurice Deauxnim!


Edgeworth: (... This is nothing more than a terrible nightmare... I'll just roll over and...)


Butz: W-Wait! Don't hang up! ...It's an emergency! It's Nick! H-He... He took a really nasty spill!


Edgeworth: Well, it wouldn't be the first time, so...


Butz: I'm not joking! His life is in danger!


Edgeworth: Wh-What...!? What happened!? Tell me!


Butz: Talk about a guy with bad luck! He may already be dead! Anyway, you've got to come back! You're the only one that can help! My Iris... My beautiful Iris! She needs help...!


Edgeworth: Alright. I don't know what's going on, but... I'll be there as soon as I can.


Butz: I-I'm at the detention center! Please! Hurryyyyyy!


Phone: ...*beep*...


Edgeworth: (It's been one year since I left that country... I thought I wouldn't have to see him again for a while... Sounds like it won't be a pretty reunion... As if I expected anything to change.)



February 8, 2:19pm

Detention Center

Visitor's Room


Butz: You're late, Edgey! What took you so long!?


Edgeworth: I don't want to hear it! I chartered a private jet to come as quickly as I could!


Butz: Well, you should've chartered a faster one! Anyway, just listen! Something happened to Ms. Elise... and Nick is... Maya... and Iris's Bikini... ...Huh? Say something, Edgey!


Edgeworth: ...Before I came here, I stopped in at the hospital where Wright is. I believe I have a better understanding of the situation than you, at this point. The murder victim was the picture book author, Ms. Elise Deauxnim. She was found by Wright and the head nun. The suspect is the temple's younger nun. Then later, while Wright was crossing the bridge, it broke and he fell into the river. The hospital says he'll need to be on complete bed rest for at least 2 days.


Butz: Y-Yes! Th-That's right! You got it! B-But they arrested her... My sweet little Iris!


Edgeworth: (And here I was, convinced HE was the one the police had arrested...) However... I still don't understand what these two items are for.


Butz: So? What are they?


Edgeworth: They're things Wright gave to me when I was leaving his room.


[Magatama displayed]


Edgeworth: (This is the first... He said some nonsense about being able to see into people's hearts with this... And the other...)


[Attorney's badge displayed]


Edgeworth: (He couldn't possibly be asking what I think he is... could he?)


Butz: I'm begging you! Iris's trial starts tomorrow! With Nick out of the picture, you're all I've got left! You're the only one that can represent her!


Edgeworth: ... What did you just say?


Butz: You know! REPRESENT! DEFEND! What were you expecting!? Why do you think I called you anyway!?


Edgeworth: ...I'm a prosecutor, Larry. A prosecutor. Do YOU understand what I'm saying? A prosecutor is a lawyer who...


Butz: Don't talk to me like a kid! I graduated from junior high, you know! Don't worry about it! I promise I won't tell!


Edgeworth: But I...


Butz: I mean, I heard a paper badge had no problem fooling an entire court before!


Edgeworth: (...How could this country's judicial system have fallen into such decay!?)


Butz: Please, Edgey! At least listen to her... Listen to Iris's side of the story!


Edgeworth: (So Wright wasn't joking when he gave me this badge after all...)




Iris: Thank you for coming. ...My name is Iris.


Edgeworth: ...Edgeworth. Miles Edgeworth. I don't know if I can be of any help, but... ...I will at least hear what you have to say. ...About the murder.


Iris: Um...


Edgeworth: ...?


Iris: M-Mr. Wright! Is he... Is he all right? Mr. Laurice said that he.. That he might even die...


Edgeworth: ... Fortunately, he will be fine. (Larry, you moron! How could you say something like that!?) He was badly bruised when he hit the water, but otherwise he is unhurt.


Iris: ... Thank goodness...


Edgeworth: But, he's caught some kind of nasty cold.


Iris: A cold...?


Edgeworth: He's running a high fever and is drifting in and out of consciousness.


Iris: ...


Edgeworth: (I must be imagining things. This woman... I feel like I've met her before...)




[Court Record - evidence]

--Attorney's Badge: Received from Wright. He wasn't serious when he gave this to me... was he?

--Magatama: Received from Wright. Something about reading people's hearts... What utter nonsense.

--Hanging Scroll: Shows Misty Fey, Master of the Kurain Technique. Touch the Check Button for details.

--Iris's Hood: Received before the lights out bell the night of the crime. Protects from evil spirits.

--Hazakura Temple Map: Shows Hazakura Temple and the surrounding area. Touch the Check Button for details.

--"Oh! Cult!" New Year's Issue: An occult magazine featuring Hazakura Temple. Touch the Check Button for details.

--Photo of Elise: Taken by her only pupil, Laurice Deauxnim. Touch the Check Button for details.


[Court Record - profiles]

--Phoenix Wright: My friend since grade school. Fell from Dusky Bridge and is currently hospitalized.

--Dick Gumshoe: Homicide detective at the local precinct. In charge of the initial investigation.

--Larry Butz: My friend since grade school. I don't remember how we became friends though.

--Elise Deauxnim: The victim of this incident. A picture book author of unknown age. Larry's teacher.

--Iris: The defendant. A nun from Hazakura Temple. I know I've seen her somewhere before.




[Examine the Detention Center setting]




Edgeworth: The guard is glaring at me. "If someone glares at you, it's only polite to return the favor," is what I was taught. ...


Iris: Um... Are you all right, Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: ...Hm? Oh, e-excuse me.




Edgeworth: The camera is glaring at me. "If something glares at you, it's only polite to return the favor," is what I was taught. ...


Iris: Um... Is something bothering you?


Edgeworth: ...Hm? Oh, e-excuse me.




[Talk with Iris]




Edgeworth: Pardon me... Iris. I would like to ask you something, if you don't mind. I have the distinct feeling you and I have met before...


Iris: I-It must be your imagination, Mr. Edgeworth. After all... I hardly ever leave Hazakura Temple.


Edgeworth: Hazakura Temple? What's that?


Iris: It's a place where those who wish to boost their spiritual power come to train. You need to undergo some very difficult training to release your inner spiritual power.


Edgeworth: Spiritual power...? Did you go to that temple for that reason as well?


Iris: No... I don't have any spiritual powers. I don't need them.


Edgeworth: In that case, what are you doing at that temple then?


Iris: ... I... I've committed some sins. Sins that I need to pay for. That's why I'm there, and why I continue to train... To purify my soul.



The night of the crime


Edgeworth: I want to ask you about last night... The night of the crime.


Iris: Alright... I helped to clean up after dinner, and then went back to my room at about 8:00. Later, I left my room to ring the lights out bell at 10:00.


Edgeworth: Bell...?


Iris: ...We ring it at the same time each night.


Edgeworth: I see... And then?


Iris: A-And then...


Edgeworth: ...?


Iris: I was told to go to the Training Hall, but... I went back to my room... and stayed there...


Edgeworth: Why didn't you go to the Training Hall like you were asked to?


Iris: ...I-I was frightened.


Edgeworth: ("Frightened"...?)


Iris: So I just stayed in my room and meditated... until the murder happened.


Edgeworth: (There's more to her story. I just know there is. Maybe I should dig a little deeper.)





Edgeworth: You were asked to go to the Training Hall on the night of the murder?


Iris: Yes...


Edgeworth: However... You didn't go. Because you say you were frightened. What exactly were you so frightened of?


Iris: ...!


[2 Psyche-locks appear]


Edgeworth: (Wh-What in the world!?)


Iris: Um... Is there something wrong?


Edgeworth: ...I'm sorry. It's nothing. (It looks like she's not aware of them herself... These must be what Wright was talking about... The "Psycholocks"! I believe he said that I need to present this "Magatama" item to do something...)


Iris: ...?



Any idea?


Edgeworth: So do you have any idea as to what really occurred last night?


Iris: ...I think it was the result of the tremendous spiritual power that was unleashed.


Edgeworth: Spiritual power...?


Iris: Yes. Spiritual training has been a cause behind many great tragedies. This incident was just another example...


Edgeworth: ...Iris, I'm sorry, but I can't accept that. I'm a man of science. I don't believe in "spiritual power".


Iris: Yes... I understand. Most people don't.


Edgeworth: And I am certain that the thing that killed the victim was a human. So please, answer me this simple question... Were you the one who killed Elise Deauxnim?


Iris: ... No. I'm not the one who took her life.


            ----- [If you have not selected "Frightened?"] ---------


Edgeworth: (That was foolish of me... It's not as if I can know for certain if she is telling me the truth...)


            ----- [If you have already selected "Frightened?"] ---------


Edgeworth: Hmm... (Those Psycholock things aren't appearing... I suppose that means I can believe that she's not lying.) ...Heh.


Iris: What's wrong?


Edgeworth: (I can't believe what I'm thinking... And here I just finished saying that I don't believe in spiritual power...)




Edgeworth: Hmm... It appears that's about all that you can tell me.


Iris: Thank you very much for listening to my story.


Edgeworth: ...I visited Wright at the hospital before coming here. He asked me to take care of you...


Iris: ...M-Me?


Edgeworth: Yes, at the trial tomorrow... He asked me to defend you.


Iris: ... If Mr. Wright has that much faith in you, Mr. Edgeworth... ...Then I will gladly entrust my fate in your capable hands.


Edgeworth: But before that, I have one question.


Iris: Yes?


Edgeworth: Do you know Wright?


Iris: Er... Wh-Why would you ask that?


Edgeworth: Whenever you came up in our conversation, he would begin to act a little... strange.


Iris: ... Mr. Edgeworth... Are you his friend?


Edgeworth: Friend? Well... In a sense, yes.


Iris: ... It was 5 years ago... That's when I... That's when I... deceived him.


Edgeworth: You "deceived" him...?


Iris: I heard that he was... in a lot of pain after what happened. I know what a weak person I am. That's why... That's why I thought it was best if he never saw me again. I wanted him to just forget about me, without learning the truth.


Edgeworth: ... Well, if you ask me, Wright is still suffering... And until he learns the truth, I don't think he will ever be able to truly recover. ...Iris. It's not too late. You should go to him. ...Tell him the truth.


Iris: ...


Edgeworth: I'll defend you, but only if you agree to that one condition.


Iris: ... Alright, Mr. Edgeworth... I promise.


Edgeworth: ...Very well. I'll do everything in my power to get you an acquittal. (That's enough information gathering for now. I should head to the crime scene...)



[Court Record - profile update]

[Iris: The defendant. A nun from Hazakura Temple. Doesn't seem to have any spiritual power.]




[Present to Iris]


generic response


Iris: I'm sorry... I don't leave the temple grounds very often... So I don't know very much about the outside world.



Attorney's Badge


Iris: Is that an attorney's badge?


Edgeworth: Yes, this belongs to Wright.


Iris: Really?


Edgeworth: I'm actually a prosecutor.


Iris: Oh...! Then why do you have a defense attorney's badge pinned on your lapel...?


Edgeworth: Well, you see... I, um... I borrowed it.



Hanging Scroll


Edgeworth: Who is the woman on this hanging scroll?


Iris: Well, I don't know the details, but... I've heard she's the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique.


Edgeworth: M-Master?


Iris: Yes. Mystic Misty. She was a great spirit medium. ...That's what I've heard. I also heard that she went missing over 15 years ago.


Edgeworth: ... Spirit mediums... There's no such thing anyway...


Iris: Mr. Edgeworth...?


Edgeworth: I know all about them... They're nothing but frauds!


Iris: ...?


Edgeworth: (She doesn't know anything about it, of course... But there was a time, 17 years ago, when I met the "Master" myself...)



Iris's Hood


Iris: That's called a "Demon-Warding Hood". ...I gave that to Mr. Wright last night.


Edgeworth: He was wearing this when I saw him at the hospital today.


Iris: It's an important item for protecting acolytes from evil spirits.


Edgeworth: If it's so important, then why did you give it to him?


Iris: Last night... I felt... something... I felt that something terrible was about to happen... I... I didn't want Mr. Wright to fall into its grip.


Edgeworth: (Well he wound up falling into something much deeper and colder... I probably shouldn't say that out loud, though. Thank god for inner monologue.)



"Oh! Cult!" magazine


Iris: ...I was against the idea of our temple appearing in that magazine. I was afraid that... this type of a tragedy might occur.


Edgeworth: In that case, why did you allow them to run an article about you?


Iris: It was Sister Bikini... She's actually rather fond of attention... Surprisingly so.


Edgeworth: (She certainly does look rather happy in this photo...)



Photo of Elise  /  Elise's profile


Iris: That's Mystic Elise Deauxnim. She's a picture book author, or so I've heard.


Edgeworth: Does she come to Hazakura Temple often...?

Iris: No... This was her first time. It's just that...


Edgeworth: ...?


Iris: She was a very important visitor.


Edgeworth: Is that so?


Iris: Yes, Sister Bikini told me, "Be certain not to offend her."


Edgeworth: (The victim, Ms. Elise Deauxnim... The prosecutor's office still doesn't have much information about her it seems...)



Phoenix's profile


Iris: Mr. Wright... How bad is his cold?


Edgeworth: Well his fever is very high. As a result, he's rather confused. He's worried about Maya, who is still trapped in the Inner Temple... ...And he's quite worried about you as well, it seems.


Iris: ...Really?


Edgeworth: Yes... Naturally, once he recovers, I'll pass the baton back to him.


Iris: No... Don't... I'm sure that Mr. Wright wouldn't want that... He wouldn't want to defend me.



Larry's profile


Iris: Oh... That's Mr. Laurice.


Edgeworth: ...I'm sorry? Who did you say it was?


Iris: Laurice Deauxnim. He is Mystic Elise's apprentice, I think.


Edgeworth: (Alright... Now who exactly is this guy...?)


Iris: He's a very sincere, hard-working person.


Edgeworth: ...


Iris: Um... Did I say something wrong, Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: E-Excuse me. I was temporarily at a loss for words. (Take a trip... Come home... Be thrust suddenly into bizarro world...)



Iris's profile


Iris: You want to know about me? There's not much to tell, I'm afraid.


Edgeworth: Just let me get one thing straight. You were raised at Hazakura Temple, correct? And yet, somehow, you seem to know Wright.


Iris: ...!


Edgeworth: So you two must have crossed paths somewhere.


Iris: ...No, Mr. Edgeworth. Whomever it was... ...it couldn't have been me.


Edgeworth: (What is that supposed to mean?)




February 8

Dusky Bridge


Edgeworth: (It sure is cold alright... So this is it... Dusky Bridge...)


???: Ahem! M-Mr. Edgeworth!


Edgeworth: Urk... Detective Gumshoe.


Gumshoe: Long time no see! It's been about a year? ...Or has it been longer?


Edgeworth: It doesn't matter, Detective. What does matter is why you're shuffling around up here.


Gumshoe: Oh, ouch! ...And there was a sharp left jab! Well, I'm happy to see you anyway, Mr. Edgeworth!


Edgeworth: Let me guess... You were transferred into another section at work. A good choice. The vast amount of nothing up here must be quite easy to guard.


Gumshoe: I heard you were back in the country and arranged to come all the way out here! Everybody was real nice. They even let me take charge of the investigation, sir.


Edgeworth: (...Gumshoe indeed! Like gum on your shoe, he's impossible to get rid of!)


Gumshoe: I'm supposed to report on the details of the crime scene, sir! Anyway! Here I am! Detective Dick Gumshoe! Reporting for duty!


Edgeworth: ...Great. Um, thank you, Detective.


Gumshoe: I thought Prosecutor Godot was gonna get here before me. That guy's a real mystery, I tell you!


Edgeworth: (...Prosecutor Godot?)




[Talk with Gumshoe]


What happened


Edgeworth: I just got back into the country, so I don't really know much about the case...


Gumshoe: It's simple!


Edgeworth: Well, it takes simple to know simple, I suppose.


Gumshoe: Oh, you've got no idea how much I've missed that biting sarcasm of yours, sir! ...But seriously, this one's a piece of cake. There's a witness that saw the whole thing!


Edgeworth: A witness...?


Gumshoe: Yeah, that Bikini lady.


Edgeworth: "Bikini lady"? Here? On this freezing cold mountain?


Gumshoe: ...Well, you should talk to her yourself if you want the details, sir.


Edgeworth: (I may have to talk to this "bikini lady"... I mean, "decisive witness" myself...)



Dusky Bridge


Edgeworth: So this is the bridge that Wright fell through?


Gumshoe: Yup! I can't imagine being that reckless myself... "Look before you cross," is how it goes, right? Or was that "leap"...?


Edgeworth: And? Is there something on the other side?


Gumshoe: Yeah, some old building they call the Inner Temple... But we can't get over there without a bridge, sir.


Edgeworth: What...?


Gumshoe: Nobody lives there, so it's usually not a problem... But someone was at the Inner Temple doing some training and now they're stuck there.


Edgeworth: Yes, I heard that from Wright. It's Maya Fey.


Gumshoe: Oh no... Her again...? Anyway, the air's really turbulent right now so we can't do an aerial extraction. No one's gonna be able to reach the Inner Temple until tomorrow, sir.


Edgeworth: (Will she be alright in this cold...?) So how did this bridge burn down anyway?


Gumshoe: We're almost 100% sure it was lightning.


Edgeworth: ...Lightning?



Prosecutor Godot


Edgeworth: So who is this Prosecutor Godot? I've never heard of him.


Gumshoe: Yeah, he's a new guy... Showed up after you left the country! He's a complete rookie, but nobody can say a bad word about the guy.


Edgeworth: What kind of a man is he?


Gumshoe: He just became a prosecutor recently, but he's good, sir. Real good.


Edgeworth: (If he's so good, how is it that I've never heard of him...?) Is he the lead prosecutor on this case?


Gumshoe: You bet he is! After all, "you know who" is right in the middle of it.


Edgeworth: "You know who"?


Gumshoe: Phoenix Wright, of course! For some reason, Godot has really got it in for Mr. Wright!


Edgeworth: Oh?


Gumshoe: Yeah, he seems to have some kind of a grudge.


Edgeworth: And what would be the cause of this grudge...?


Gumshoe: I dunno... Maybe he made fun of his mask or something.


Edgeworth: (None of this is making any sense. I'd better look into this Godot myself.)


[Court Record profile - Godot]

["The prosecutor for this case. He apparently holds some sort of grudge against Wright."]





Edgeworth: You're telling me the bridge caught on fire through a fluke bolt of lightning?


Gumshoe: Yup. Last night it snowed for the first time in 3 days. It's a little unusual for lightning to occur during a snow fall like that... But according to the weather data, lightning definitely struck.


[Weather Data added to the Court Record.]

["A regional weather report for the night of the crime. Touch the Check Button for details."]


            Eagle Mountain Weather Data for Feb. 07

            Snow, with occasional lightning strikes.


            Snow: 7 to approx. 10:50 PM

            Lightning: 10 to approx. 11 PM


            Lightning struck Dusky Bridge at 10:45.

            Around 30 minutes passed between the fire starting and going out.



Edgeworth: Hmm, I see... This is a very detailed weather report... Almost too detailed... It even has the exact time that the lightning struck the bridge...


Gumshoe: Oh, that? We got that information from the witness's testimony.


Edgeworth: Someone actually saw the lightning hit the bridge? Who is this witness?


Gumshoe: ... Sorry. I'll go ask one of the local cops later, sir.




[Examine the Suspension Bridge area]




Edgeworth: So this is the bridge Wright tried to cross?


Gumshoe: Pretty reckless, if you ask me.


Edgeworth: I'm amazed he survived the fall from up here...


Gumshoe Yeah, he's one lucky guy, sir. Now I see how he manages to win his cases in court. Blind luck.


Edgeworth: (You can say that again...)



Stone sign


Edgeworth: Some letters are wildly engraved into a roughly cut boulder. "Dusky Bridge"... It certainly is an appropriate name.


Gumshoe: You need to get some glasses, Mr. Edgeworth! That sign says, "Dusty Bridge". I can see how you read it wrong, though, sir.


Edgeworth: You're the one who needs glasses, Detective. Try reading it one more time.


Gumshoe: ... Ah! You're right! It's "Dusky Bridge" after all! ... I guess whoever wrote this made a mistake!





Gumshoe: Hey! It's a public phone! You don't see a lot of these anymore!


Edgeworth: ...That's true.


Gumshoe: Since we've got one here, why don't we take a photo as a memento!


Edgeworth: Well, um, sure. Why not?


Gumshoe: Oh, darn it! I don't have a camera with me! ...I'm gonna go buy a disposable camera! I'll be right back, sir!


Edgeworth: (What's so special about public phones, and why is he so fascinated by them...?)



Wooden sign


Gumshoe: There's a little shack down that way called, "Heavenly Hall".


Edgeworth: A shack...?


Gumshoe: It's like a run down doghouse for losers that can't bear the freezing drafts of wind... Kinda reminds me of my apartment, sir.


Edgeworth: The name "Heavenly Hall" makes it sound like a palace...


Gumshoe: Giving a hovel a great name is a crime itself! I'd call it false advertising! By the way, the name of my apartment complex is "Compton Castles"...


Edgeworth: ...That's not such a great name, if you ask me.


Gumshoe: Well, it's not such a great apartment either, sir.



Opposite side of the gorge


Edgeworth: It looks like a pretty good distance to that far cliff.


Gumshoe: Yeah... It's gotta be around 100 yards or so.


Edgeworth: ... Detective... That's not even CLOSE to a hundred yards.


Gumshoe: Well... I gotta admit I'm not very good at judging distances.


Edgeworth: (It's about 20 yards or so. And impossible to cross without a bridge, it seems...)




[Present to Gumshoe]


generic response


Gumshoe: Look, I'm just your everyday, simple detective. Don't ask me such tough questions, OK?


Edgeworth: ...That's not something to be proud of, Detective!



Attorney's Badge


Gumshoe: Huh? What's that thing doing on your lapel, Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: ...Is it really that odd?


Gumshoe: You bet it is, sir! A prosecutor wearing a defense attorney's badge? That's like a detective with a license to kill!


Edgeworth: (Does this little thing hold that ominous of a meaning...?)





Edgeworth: Have you ever seen this thing before...?


Gumshoe: Hey, thanks a lot. I was getting kind of hungry! ...*chomp!*


Edgeworth: Wh-What are you doing, Detective!?


Gumshoe: Ack! ...I thought it was some kind of candy that would fill me up, sir. Lately I've been feeling so hungry all the time...


Edgeworth: (Nngh... Maybe his salary has been cut just a little too much...?)



Photo of Elise  /  Elise's profile


Gumshoe: There's a lot we don't know about this victim... We don't even know her real name, her background... We don't know anything really.


Edgeworth: That's rather odd... If she was trying to hide her identity, why would she become an author?


Gumshoe: I'll bet it was just one of those things. She probably never expected to get so popular.



Phoenix's profile


Gumshoe: Whenever something happens, this guy always shows up like he hasn't got a care. In fact, you know what...? Every time he shows up, I always wonder the same thing. "Maybe somehow he's actually the cause of all these incidents!"


Edgeworth: (I wonder if Gumshoe has realized it yet... But you could say the exact the same thing [sic] about him!)



Gumshoe's profile


Edgeworth: Your face is more drawn out than the last time I saw you over a year ago.


Gumshoe: R-Really? I thought so!


Edgeworth: No, wait... It's not so much "drawn out", as "weary and tired", or maybe just plain old "thin".


Gumshoe: I thought that too, sir. My salary's been kinda on the low end... So yeah, my food options have been kinda non-existent. Off-brand chicken soup, off-brand spaghetti, off-brand bread... That sort of stuff.


Edgeworth: I thought you were really into instant noodles last year...?


Gumshoe: ...I got really sick of the stuff after a while, sir.



Larry's profile


Gumshoe: He's supposed to be Ms. Elise Deauxnim's apprentice or something.


Edgeworth: ...I see.


Gumshoe: Yeah, he drew a nice portrait of me.


Edgeworth: ...That's nice.


Gumshoe: But he made me pay him 50 cents for it.


Edgeworth: ...I'm sorry about that.


Gumshoe: ... You don't seem very interested in him, Mr. Edgeworth.


Edgeworth: ...I really don't want to talk about him. That's why.



Iris's profile


Edgeworth: I feel like I've seen this girl somewhere before! She wasn't from a prior case, was she?


Gumshoe: Nope, can't be. We did a database search with her fingerprints and came up with nothing.


Edgeworth: I see... (I just can't shake this nagging feeling...)


Gumshoe: Well, everyone knows that you are quite popular with the ladies, sir... Maybe she's an old girlfriend you dumped somewhere along the way or something...?


Edgeworth: D-Detective! Where did you hear such nonsense from!?


Gumshoe: I didn't hear it from anyone. It's just sorta how I imagine you to be... sir.


Edgeworth: (...D-Do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses?)



Godot's profile


Edgeworth: I usually hear about promising young prosecutor candidates while they're still in school. But I've never seen or heard of this person.


Gumshoe: I gotta admit... He's puzzling alright. He just appeared one day, big mug of steaming coffee in his hand...


Edgeworth: Hmm... He sounds like an interesting man...


Gumshoe: Yeah... The whole prosecutor's office is really into double espresso macchiatos lately.




February 8

Hazakura Temple

Main Gate


Butz: Yo! Edgey! What took you so long!? I'm so cold, my brain's turned to sherbet.


Edgeworth: ...I knew it was a mistake to race back to this country.


Butz: Wh-What do you mean...?


Edgeworth: Wright is going to be fine, and the case itself isn't anything unusual... And I find myself taking a request to defend a woman accused of murder!


Gumshoe: ...H-Hey! Wait a sec! Hold it! Objection! What's going on here, Mr. Edgeworth!?


Edgeworth: Um, it's hard to explain, but one thing led to another and...


Butz: What kind of lame excuse is that!? And you call yourself a defense attorney!?


Gumshoe: Prosecutor Edgeworth is a prosecutor, and that's why he's Prosecutor Edgeworth! "Prosecutor Edgeworth, Defense Attorney" just sounds plain old weird, pal! ...Right, Prosecutor Edgeworth!?


Edgeworth: (...I'm not sure what role I'm supposed to be playing anymore.)


Butz: Hmph! Dude, Edgey... I don't see you for a couple of years... ...and your heart turns to sherbet!


Edgeworth: ...I'd say more like sorbet. It is rather cold here.


Butz: Iris didn't murder her! Someone else did it! I just know it, OK!? So trust me on this one!


Edgeworth: Ever the romantic, aren't you, Larry? Nevertheless, I'll do whatever I can to prove her innocence. (At least until I pass the baton on to Wright, that is.)




[Examining the Temple Main Gate area]




Edgeworth: This gate looks quite old; strong enough to resist the weight of time.


Gumshoe: That's the Mr. Edgeworth I know! You got a real flair for words, sir!


Edgeworth: I have always appreciated this kind of old, timeless elegance.


Gumshoe: That's exactly how I feel too! Take this coat for example! Like a fine wine, it gets better with age!


Edgeworth: Even fine wine turns to vinegar and begins to stink at some point. ...I suggest you wash that thing, Detective.





Edgeworth: I suppose this type of thing is necessary up here in the mountains.


Gumshoe: Say, this just gave me a great idea!


Edgeworth: (Something tells me he's going to tell me what's on his mind, whether I like it or not...)


Gumshoe: I've got an idea for a brand new invention! It might even make me rich!


Edgeworth: An invention...?


Gumshoe: Yeah! A car that can travel on snow! I'll call it a "Snow Car"!


Edgeworth: ...


Gumshoe: So what do you think, sir? Would you go for a ride on something like that?


Edgeworth: ...Only after you take the first 1000 test rides.





Edgeworth: I can see a small bell tower from here.


Gumshoe: Hey, that just reminded me! There's something I've always wondered about...


Edgeworth: (Something tells me he's going to tell me what's on his mind, whether I like it or not...)


Gumshoe: We call a person who tells a lie, a "liar", right? So why don't we call a person who rings a bell a "beller"? Or "truer" for a guy who tells the truth! Oh man, I'm not gonna get any sleep tonight!


Edgeworth: (I had no idea he was such a deep thinker...)



Beyond the gate


Edgeworth: That must be the Main Hall back there.


Gumshoe: A brilliant deduction, sir!


Edgeworth: ............ Are you trying to flatter me, Detective Gumshoe?


Gumshoe: Umm... A brilliant use of suspense to build the tension, sir!


Edgeworth: (According to Wright, the head nun has some important information. I can't miss the opportunity to speak with her...)




[Talking with the Butz]




Butz: Man, I'm telling you. Iris is so cute! Right, Edgey? You think so too, don't you?


Edgeworth: ...

Butz: What's wrong? Why are you so quiet?


Edgeworth: To put it simply... Your comment has me highly concerned. Could it be that the reason you think she's innocent...


Butz: Come on! A girl that cute can't possibly be a murderer!


Edgeworth: ... ...I was right after all. I should never have come back.


Butz: No, no! Don't worry! I see things for how they really are this time! Honest!


Edgeworth: (If I had a penny for every time he's said that...)


Butz: It's just that... Well, Iris is a delicate flower. You can't force things too much. Know what I mean?


Edgeworth: Huh...? I have no idea what you're talking about, Larry.


Butz: Oh. ...Ah! Err. Forget it. I didn't say anything...


Edgeworth: ...?



The night of the crime


Edgeworth: Larry, where were you and what were you doing on the night of the crime?


Butz: ...


Edgeworth: Larry...?


Butz: What...!? Don't tell me... You think I might have done it!?


Edgeworth: Wh-What...?


Butz: Get lost! Go back on your chartered jet and get out of my sight, you creep! ...And I hope your plane crashes and you die!


Edgeworth: ... I'll ask just one more time. On the night of the murder, where were you and what were you doing?


[3 Psyche-locks appear]


Edgeworth: (As I suspected... a Psycholock!)


Butz: I'm sorry, man! You know me, I just don't remember! My short-term memory is a wreck, dude!




[Present to the Butz]


generic response


Butz: Hey, I know I may not look like it, but I'm an artist. I refuse to look at anything that doesn't have a radiant or beautiful motif.


Edgeworth: (...He didn't even give it a glance.)



Attorney's Badge


Butz: Come to think of it, when you were a kid, you were always saying, "When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer and defend people," or something like that.


Edgeworth: ...That was a long time ago.


Butz: But see, now you've got the chance to follow your boyhood dream for a day! Edgey! You've gotta do it! You gotta save my little Iris!


Edgeworth: ... (Grr... This is exactly why I hate childhood friends...)



Photo of Elise  /  Elise's profile


Butz: ...I still can't believe it. She was such a great person... But! Someone's pinning this murder on my sweet little Iris! Edgey! Please! I'm counting on you!


Edgeworth: Well... Frankly, I was hoping you could give me a little more than that.


Butz: ...Errr. Well then... I got it! I'll draw you a portrait! How about that!?


Edgeworth: ... Since you're kind enough to offer... alright.



Phoenix's profile


Butz: He was a good guy... A real pal to the end. When I look back now, I have nothing but good memories.


Edgeworth: What's with the past tense? He's not dead, you know!


Butz: Yeah, you're right. Anyway, the guy owes me. After all, I saved his life.


Edgeworth: What is that supposed to mean?


Butz: If I hadn't called for help so quickly, he would have died. It's no surprise though. After all, I used to be a professional guard.


Edgeworth: (He has a point... He called me pretty quickly, too... I think Larry's pretty good at motivating people. I just wish he would try motivating himself once in a while!)



Larry's profile


Butz: Huh? Me? All you have to know is to remember not to call me "Larry" anymore.


Edgeworth: What...?


Butz: I'm a new person now. I've been reborn... as Laurice Deauxnim!


Edgeworth: ... Alright, fine. Let me ask you something else then, Larry.


Butz: Call me "Laurice"!! If you don't... ...then I'll call you... I'll call you... "Milise Deauxnim"!



Iris's profile


Edgeworth: I have a feeling that she's hiding something...


Butz: Could be... After all, she's shy and gets embarrassed pretty easily.


Edgeworth: ...I don't think that has anything to do with it.


Butz: Why not? Look, I know all about this kind of thing. C'mon Edgey... You were a guy once! Lots of girls are like Iris. You know I'm right!


Edgeworth: Well, you most certainly seem to have convinced yourself!


Butz: Man, I love shy girls like her! It-It's just so... cute! You know what I mean?


Edgeworth: (Still doesn't listen to others, I see... I guess some people just never change.)




February 8

Hazakura Temple

Main Hall


Bikini: *sigh*


Gumshoe: Hey! Hello there! Um, so how are you feeling?


Bikini: Alright, I suppose. ...Huh? Who is this?


Edgeworth: I... My name is... Miles Edgeworth.


Bikini: My my my. A handsome boy such as yourself is always welcome! *sigh* If circumstances weren't so tragic, I might just...


Edgeworth: (Please don't call me, "boy".) I'm sorry to trouble you... But I'm looking for a woman in a bikini.


Bikini: Well, you have found her. Now, what can I do for you?


Edgeworth: ... I'm sorry, but I don't see any bikinis...


Bikini: Ha ha ha! If you ask nicely, I might give you a peek, big boy. Wa ha ha ho ho ho!


Gumshoe: Umm... Mr. Edgeworth? This is the head nun, Sister Bikini... She's the witness.


Edgeworth: ... Why didn't you tell me that earlier!? This is exactly why your salary keeps on getting cut!


Gumshoe: Nngh... My stomach is already growling in protest...


Bikini: So... Um... What's the latest about my beloved Iris!?


Edgeworth: Well, first... I want to hear what you know.




[Court Record - profile]

[Bikini: A nun at Hazakura Temple, a channeling dojo. She discovered the murder.]


[Talk with Bikini]


The night of the crime


Edgeworth: First, I'd like to ask you about last night.


Bikini: Well, last night... we had an acolyte here for training. After dinner, the two of us went to the Training Hall in the Inner Temple.


Edgeworth: (She must be talking about Maya...) Approximately what time was that...?


Bikini: I suppose it was about 9:00 when we left here. Training lasts all night long. It's extremely exhausting. The channeling dojo's Head Nun must be in attendance at all times to keep watch.


Gumshoe: Wow, you're right! That does sound exhausting!


Edgeworth: Detective, this is no time for flattery.


Gumshoe: Sorry.


Edgeworth: Some time around 11:00, you witnessed the incident in the courtyard. But your duty was in the Inner Temple. Why did you come back here?


Bikini: Hmm... The way you're staring at me, I'm starting to get goosebumps! Ha ha ha ho ho!


Edgeworth: (Nngh... I'm starting to get goosebumps myself, but for a decidedly different reason.)


Gumshoe: Ho ho, you get the chills pretty easy, don't you Mr. Edgeworth?



What you saw


Edgeworth: Alright then... I'd like you to tell me exactly what you saw in the courtyard.


Bikini: It must have been past 11:00. Ah! No! I can't say it! It-It's too much for my poor heart!


Gumshoe: Hey! Calm down, lady! L-Let go of my tie!


Bikini: ...I saw two people! One of them was lying on the ground... Th-The other one was stabbing her from the back... with a sword!


Edgeworth: Did you see this criminal with your own eyes?


Bikini: I didn't want to believe what I was seeing...! ...But it was Iris!


Edgeworth: You must have been quite shocked.


Gumshoe: Of course she was! Try putting yourself in her shoes! It'd be like if you were stabbing Mr. Wright smack in the middle of a courtroom! And I happened to witness it from the witness stand! ...I'd be pretty shocked too.


Bikini: I know it sounds insane... But that's what I saw. And when I finally realized what I was seeing, I screamed, and then... I passed out.


Edgeworth: (...Unfortunately for us, her testimony seems to be pretty solid.)


Bikini: However... The idea of Iris doing such a foul act seems... unnatural.


Edgeworth: "Unnatural"...?


Bikini: The girl I know simply isn't capable of this sort of foulness...


Edgeworth: (...I wonder what she means by that?)



Why return?


Edgeworth: As the head nun, it's my duty to stay with the acolyte at all times, see?

            [This line strikes me as odd...it could potentially be a mistake in translating the context.

            Either that, or the translator(s) forgot to include quotes or some kind of quotational clause.]


Bikini: Y-Yes... That makes sense. I know I may look strong, but the truth is... I've got a bad lower back.


Edgeworth: A bad lower back...?


Bikini: Yes, it's especially bad in winter. So bad that I can't even lift a bucket. Do you remember how cold it was last night? My bad back felt as stiff as frozen glass. I just wanted to take a nice hot bath to ease my aching back... That's why I returned to the Main Hall.


Edgeworth: So you left the disciple all alone?


Bikini: Don't be ridiculous! I would never do that! That's why I ordered Iris to the Inner Temple after she had rung the bell for lights out.


Edgeworth: (Yes, but she never went to the Inner Temple, did she? Did this head nun actually even see Iris? I think I'd better try to get some more details...)


[Court Record - profile change]

[Bikini: A nun from Hazakura Temple. Discovered the murder. Her bad back really bothers her.]



The acolyte


Edgeworth: So who is this acolyte that was to train...?


Bikini: Her name is Maya Fey... I treated her very badly, I'm ashamed to say. And after she went through the trouble of signing up for the Special Course...


Gumshoe: "Special Course"?


Bikini: It's a training session where you sit on a block of spirit ice and chant 30,000 times...


Edgeworth: You don't mean to tell me she's still doing that over at the Inner Temple, do you?


Bikini: No, no, no. Of course not! You don't have to worry about that one little bit. Last night, we still hadn't started the training session itself.


Edgeworth: Well, um... That's good to hear.


Bikini: ...Oh! Dear, dear! There's one thing I forgot to tell you.


Gumshoe: ...Uh-oh, I don't think I like the sound of this.


Bikini: Do you know that small girl? I believe she is Mystic Maya's little sister.


Edgeworth: (Maya has a little sister...?)


Gumshoe: Oh, you mean little Pearl! That's Maya Fey's cousin.


Edgeworth: Little... Pearl...?


Bikini: I thought she was going to visit Mystic Elise after cleaning up dinner... But I haven't seen her at all since late last night! She's nowhere to be found!


Edgeworth: Y-You mean she...!? She was with the victim!?


Bikini: It's all the fault of my stupid, creaky old back!


Edgeworth: (A little girl who was with the victim on the night of the murder... is gone!)


Gumshoe: As they say... "The plot thickens!"




[Court Record - profiles]

[Maya Fey: Went to the Inner Temple for spiritual training and is now trapped there.]

[Pearl Fey: Maya's cousin. Was apparently with the victim at the time of the crime. Currently missing.]




[Examine the Main Hall]


Hibachi / straw cushions


Gumshoe: Oh! It's a warmed cat box! But where are all the cats?


Edgeworth: ...It's called a "hibachi". It's for heating the room.


Gumshoe: Oh! Look at all these ancient straw frisbees!


Edgeworth: Those are a type of "zabuton" cushions [sic] called "enza"!


Gumshoe: ... Why are you giving me such a hard time? Huh, Mr. Edgeworth? Why?


Edgeworth: Because learning something new might actually be a good thing for you, Detective!



Stack of cushions


Edgeworth: (There are more enza cushions in the corner of the room.) ...What's that white piece of paper sticking out from under that stack...?


Gumshoe: Hmm... Beats me.


Edgeworth: Would you mind checking that for me, Detective Gumshoe?


Gumshoe: Y-Yes, sir!


[crumpled manila envelope displayed]


Gumshoe: Here you are, Mr. Edgeworth!


Edgeworth: It looks like an old manila envelope...


Gumshoe: Eeeeeeeeeaaaah!!


Edgeworth: ...What is it, Detective?


Gumshoe: Th-This... This could be it! An ultra important clue! A super-special clue!


Edgeworth: ...I suppose I should read it myself then.


Gumshoe: It looks like a letter addressed to Sister Iris. "tonight at 10 at Heavenly Hall. ... ...unless you want your 'secret' to be exposed."


Edgeworth: Th-This sounds like a blackmail letter...!


["Note to Iris" added to the Court Record.]

["Found in the Main Hall. Maybe she dropped it? Touch the Check Button for details."]


            To Iris of Hazakura Temple:

            Salutation here

            There is something I must talk to

            you about. I'll be waiting for you

            tonight at 10 at Heavenly Hall.

            Make sure you come, unless you

            want your "secret" to be exposed...



Gumshoe: Nice going there, Mr. Edgeworth! Why can't I ever find clues like that!? You're an ultra-important prosecutor!! A super-duper prosecutor!


Edgeworth: Well, I suppose it takes a super-duper kind of dumb to miss a clue like this.





Edgeworth: There's flowing script written everywhere on the walls.


Gumshoe: Man, I'd bet you'd have awful nightmares if you tried to sleep in here.


Bikini: This is our Main Hall, so it's protected by a variety of magic spells and charms... They're all designed to prevent evil forces from entering.


Gumshoe: So if I slept here the uggie-woogie-boogieman wouldn't hunt me down for eternity? Alright!


Edgeworth: (Does this guy think about anything other than eating and sleeping...?)





Edgeworth: It's an altar with a giant Magatama enshrined on it.


Gumshoe: There are lots of candles lined up on it, too. You know... I haven't had a birthday party for myself in a while...


Edgeworth: Maybe you should blow out those candles over there to make up for that.


Gumshoe: Mr. Edgeworth? Would you mind singing "Happy Birthday" to me?


Bikini: S-Stop that! Cut that out! Please don't blow out the altar candles!



Giant magatama


Edgeworth: ...That thing sure casts a strong presence over the whole room.


Bikini: This is the "Lesser Magatama". It's a precious heirloom containing a great many souls.


Gumshoe: Huh...!? This is "lesser"!? What is the "greater" one like?


Bikini: The "Greater Magatama" is displayed in the Main Room of Fey Manor. It was supposed to be shown at the Treasures of Kurain exhibit... But, it was so large that they couldn't bring it through the doors.




[Present to Bikini]


generic response


Gumshoe: Umm, about this here...


Bikini: Hmm... Let me see... Well, as you may know... In order to see reality for what it truly is... ...we strive to break our attachments to much of the transient, material realm. I guess you could call me an "immaterial girl"!


Gumshoe: I guess she lives in an immaterial world, huh Mr. Edgeworth?





Bikini: Th-That's...! That's one of the Fey clan's very own Magatamas! That's a priceless treasure you've got there!


Gumshoe: W...Wow! I'm impressed, sir! You never fail to surprise me!


Bikini: Yes... You don't look it, but now I can see you're a real fan of the occult!


Edgeworth: Excuse me?


Bikini: Oh, of course this piece couldn't possibly be real, but to have such a nice replica... Clearly, you are a big fan of the Kurain Tradition!


Gumshoe: W...Wow! I'm impressed, sir! You never fail to surprise me!


Edgeworth: (I should have known better than to show this thing around...)



Hanging scroll


Bikini: Huh... Ahh! Well, well, well... Look what you've found! That's the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique, Mystic Misty Fey!


Edgeworth: "Fey"...


Bikini: It's been nearly 20 years since Mystic Misty's disappearance. Apparently, she intended to pass on the Master title to her daughter.


Edgeworth: Who is this daughter?


Bikini: Well, I myself am part of a branch family of the Fey clan. But even I am not privy to information concerning the main family...



Iris's Hood


Bikini: Well, well, well! That's a Demon-Warding Hood! Acolytes are highly susceptible to possession by evil spirits, you know. That's why we always wear these for protection.


Edgeworth: Oh, I see...


Bikini: What are you waiting for? You won't get any protection just by holding it, you know! Put it on already!


Edgeworth: No! I can't...! I was just...!


Bikini: ... Ha ha ha! Ho ho ho!


Gumshoe: Ho ho ho! It's like it was made just for you, Mr. Edgeworth!


Edgeworth: What do you mean by that, Detective!?


Bikini: It looks absolutely marvelous! You've just got to keep it on for a while!


Edgeworth: (Is this some sort of divine retribution...?)



"Oh! Cult!" magazine


Edgeworth: About this picture...


Bikini: Well look at that! I look pretty s-to-the-exy, don't you think!?


Gumshoe: Um, ah... Y-Yeah. Absolutely.


Bikini: Up until recently, we've avoided exposure in such magazines. But this time we had our reasons...


Edgeworth: Is that so? For exampl--


Bikini: Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Well, why deny the world the sight of such a lovely face!?



Photo of Elise  /  Elise's profile


Bikini: ...Ohhhh! H-How could such a... terrible thing have happened...? It's all... It's all... It's all my fault!


Gumshoe: Well come on, lady... I don't think you need to take all the blame yourself.


Bikini: Quiet! What do you know anyway!?


Gumshoe: ...Ouch. You're scary!


Bikini: With that stupid 5 o'clock shadow and that stupid old coat of yours... It's too bad that you weren't the one that disappeared!


Gumshoe: ... ...Why does she have to take it all out on me?


Edgeworth: (Her anger does seem a little... manufactured.)



Note to Iris


Edgeworth: Do you know anything about this rumpled up, old letter?


Bikini: ... Is that addressed to Iris?


Gumshoe: Yup, it clearly says "To Iris" on it.


Bikini: I can't believe it... That girl doesn't have any secrets from me...


Edgeworth: (Ah... So Sister Bikini didn't know anything about it...)



Phoenix's profile


Bikini: This man... His face betrays a life of suffering and great weariness of the world.


Edgeworth: ...Um, sure.


Bikini: But, even so... I can't believe this guy actually jumped into the river! Think of all the fun things he might have enjoyed if he had just lived... Relentless spiritual training alone is no way to lead a complete life, huh...


Edgeworth: ... (It sounds like she's got some major regrets she's dealing with... Hmm... Perhaps I should let Gumshoe explain Wright's situation to her for me...)


Gumshoe: H-Hey! Don't look at me like that! Do your own dirty work! ...Sir!



Larry's profile


Bikini: This is Mystic Elise's apprentice, is it not? I think he might have a bit of a crush on me... Sweet boy.


Gumshoe: Huh?


Bikini: Oh, I don't blame him. Sister Bikini understands the temptations of young men.


Edgeworth: ...Sure.


Bikini: But I'm afraid it wouldn't be proper to abuse my position. I am head nun, after all. But, in return, I did allow him to draw a portrait of me.


Edgeworth: (I pray it was a pose that maintained your modesty. For everyone's sake...)



Iris's profile


Edgeworth: You said you went with Maya to the Training Hall in the Inner Temple last night. Did you happen to see Iris while you were there?


Bikini: Of course I saw her. I told her to meet us after ringing the 10:00 bell for lights out.


Gumshoe: So you're saying Iris came to the Inner Temple then?


Bikini: Of course she did. Iris has always been a good, obedient girl. After that, I had Maya begin her training ceremony.


Edgeworth: (But that doesn't fit with Iris's story at all... She said that she never went to the Inner Temple!)


Gumshoe: As they say... "The plot thickens!"



Bikini's profile


Bikini: It's all my fault... Me and my stupid back! Mystic Elise has been murdered, an important acolyte is trapped... ...and a little girl has been lost!


Gumshoe: You know you really shouldn't be so negative. It creates bad karma...


Bikini: ...Quite right. I need to do some more training myself, I think...



Maya's profile


Bikini: She's a very important visitor, you know! An honored acolyte!


Edgeworth: "Honored"? How so?


Bikini: "Fey" is the name of the current Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. Therefore, she must be a spirit medium of great power indeed.


Gumshoe: Now that you mention it, one year ago... ...there was a case that was about the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique!


Edgeworth: ...Detective. I detest talk of supernatural drivel. I suppose now you'll say she has midi-chlorians?


Gumshoe: Ho ho ho. So it gives you the creeps, huh, Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: (...That's got nothing to do with it.)



Pearl's profile


Bikini: Oh, this poor girl... Where could she have gone...?


Gumshoe: Well, we checked out her home and she's not there.


Bikini: And she's nowhere in the vicinity of the temple either...


Edgeworth: (Which means... ...there's only a few other possibilities as to where she could be.)

Gumshoe: Ah! Do you think maybe she fell off the bridge and was carried downstream...!?


Edgeworth: ... Why do you have to be such a pessimist, Detective!?


Gumshoe: Nngh... I was just trying to think like you, Mr. Edgeworth.


Edgeworth: (Ironic. I became a pessimist only after I had the pleasure of working with you!)




February 8

Hazakura Temple



Gumshoe: And this is where the murder took place, sir! Other than removing the body, we left everything else untouched!


Edgeworth: Thanks, Detective. I'll just have a look around. (It looks like the police are still investigating...)


Gumshoe: Oh yeah, by the way... I thought I'd better ask, just to be sure... Are you really gonna defend that nun at the trial tomorrow?


Edgeworth: Yes, I will... I gave her my word and now I must follow through with my commitments.


Gumshoe: Well, in that case... I've gotta be careful... Gotta make sure I don't leak the prosecution's whole investigation...


Edgeworth: Don't worry about it, Detective. Just keep your mouth closed and I think most of it will flow out on its own.


Gumshoe: ... Roger, sir! I know exactly what you're saying!


Edgeworth: Very well, Detective... (Thankfully his diarrhea of the mouth is permanent...)




[Talk with Gumshoe]


The victim


Gumshoe: The victim is the famous picture book author, Ms. Elise Deauxnim. Her entire past, up until she won that writing award last year, is a total mystery.


Edgeworth: It's hard to believe in this day and age you can still find people like that.


Gumshoe: The estimated time of death of the victim was between 10:00 and 11:00 PM on Feb. 7th. Cause of death was blood loss resulting from a stab to the back by the murder weapon.


Edgeworth: The murder weapon...?


Gumshoe: The victim was found skewered with a giant sword, sir.


Edgeworth: Th-That's terrible...


Gumshoe: Yeah, but there's one strange thing.


Edgeworth: ...Yes?


Gumshoe: The victim's entire body was covered with bruises. The bruises are consistent with falling from the height of a two-story building.


Edgeworth: A two-story building...? That would be about the same height as that room in front of us, correct?


Gumshoe: Hey, you're right. Way to go, Mr. Edgeworth! That just happens to be the room that Elise Deauxnim was staying in!


Edgeworth: (Maybe she was pushed out of the window after she was stabbed by the sword?)


[Autopsy Report added to the Court Record.]

["Time: 10 - 11 PM. Cause: loss of blood from stab in back. Body fell 10 ft. after death."]



What happened


Edgeworth: ...Now then, Detective. Let's see if we can summarize what we've learned so far.


Gumshoe: OK! Let's take a look at the map... According to the testimony of Sister Bikini, the head nun... ...she and Maya Fey headed to the Inner Temple right after dinner was finished. At 10 PM, after ringing the bell for lights out, Iris went to the Inner Temple. When she got there, Bikini had her take over while she went back to Hazakura Temple. After taking a hot bath to soothe her back... ...Sister Bikini witnessed the murder in the courtyard! If you want more details, you should ask Bikini herself in the Main Hall.


Edgeworth: (The Inner Temple, huh...? I'd like some more information about that place...)



Tomorrow's trial


Edgeworth: The trial begins tomorrow, but who's the prosecutor?


Gumshoe: I'm pretty sure it's that Godot guy, but... ...nobody can get a hold of him, so they're looking for a replacement.


Edgeworth: What do you mean...?


Gumshoe: It's really weird. All of a sudden, no one can reach him! Hmm, I wonder if the rumors are true. Maybe since Mr. Wright caught a cold and won't be defending, he just lost interest.


Edgeworth: I intend to appear in court in the role of defense lawyer. However... I would be quite unhappy if it came out that I'm actually a prosecutor.


Gumshoe: Yeah, I can see why. But I'm not the one you have to worry about... I think the real problem is gonna be that judge...


Edgeworth: ...Yes, he certainly would remember my face all right. That's why I requested another judge preside over the case. We've only met each other once. There's a good chance he won't remember me at all.


Gumshoe: Y-Yeah, but... what about the prosecutor? Everyone in the prosecutor's office must know you! Wouldn't it be a problem if someone there made a big stink, sir?


Edgeworth: There's no need to worry. I pulled a few strings and arranged for a prosecutor of my own choosing.


Gumshoe: Wow, Mr. Edgeworth... I had no idea you had such a powerful string to pull!



Inner Temple


Edgeworth: What is this Inner Temple that Maya was supposedly training at...?


Gumshoe: According to Bikini, it's an old building they use for training the acolytes. It's on the other side of Dusky Bridge.


Edgeworth: (The bridge that burned down, huh...) Is there anything else on the other side of that bridge besides the Inner Temple?


Gumshoe: Nope, not a thing.


Edgeworth: Nothing?


Gumshoe: The other side is surrounded by cliffs on all sides... In a way, it's kinda like a little island out there.


Edgeworth: (So the only thing there is the Inner Temple...)


Gumshoe: I hear it's not the kind of place a person could live.


Edgeworth: (Please be alright, Maya...)




[Examine the Courtyard]


Skiis and sled


Gumshoe: Ah! I just love skiing!


Edgeworth: Really? You don't um... seem like the type. Well, what about sleds?


Gumshoe: Sleds? Nah. They're a little too kiddy, you know? Messes with my "hard boiled" image.


Edgeworth: ...


Gumshoe: ...What's with the silence, Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: (I... Is the world starting to go mad?)



Raised-level building


Edgeworth: The Main Hall of Hazakura Temple is above us here.


Gumshoe: Hey... You're right! But I'm pretty sure the Main Hall didn't have a 2nd floor.


Edgeworth: Hazakura Temple was built on a steep part of the mountain. The front and back of the Main Hall are on different levels.


Gumshoe: Oh... That makes sense... But wouldn't it be easier just to build the place slanted, sir?


Edgeworth: (I fail to see how he can consider that to be an even remotely good idea.)





Edgeworth: The Main Gate must be just over that stone wall.


Gumshoe: Ah, stone walls... I jumped over a few of those in my time. ... Most of them are good memories, but not all.


Edgeworth: Detective... Perhaps someone should introduce you to the concept of paucity of words...



Ami Fey statue


Edgeworth: So the sword from this gold statue is actually the murder weapon?


Gumshoe: It sure is. It's called a "Shichishito" by the way. Nasty piece of work, sir.


Edgeworth: There's still blood on it... I suppose this is the victim's blood?


Gumshoe: Yup. It's all over the blade. And speaking of "all over the blade"... There are fingerprints all over the hilt of the Shichishito, too.


Edgeworth: Fingerprints...?


Gumshoe: Naturally they match the prints we got from the younger nun, the defendant.


Edgeworth: (Her fingerprints are on the murder weapon...!?)


Gumshoe: ... What's wrong? You're looking really solemn.


Edgeworth: Is this how it is for Wright? Is this what it's like to be a defense lawyer?


Gumshoe: Yeah, I figure it doesn't feel really good.


Edgeworth: ...To be honest, it feels more like it's bad for your health.


[Shichishito added to the Court Record.]

["The apparent murder weapon. Had the victim's blood and the suspect's fingerprints on it."]





Edgeworth: It's a lantern... I suppose they light it at night.


Gumshoe: There's something elegant about the light of a fire. At the end of each month, I always like to relax in my room by candlelight.


Edgeworth: Detective... Can you not afford to pay your electricity bill...?


Gumshoe: ...How did you know?



Elise's staff


Edgeworth: What's this...? It looks like a wizard's staff.


Gumshoe: That belonged to the victim, Ms. Elise Deauxnim. There's nothing strange or magical about it. ...Oh yeah! Listen, this is just between us, OK sir?


Edgeworth: Yes... What?


Gumshoe: This is top-secret stuff! Don't tell anyone about this.


Edgeworth: ...Alright.


Gumshoe: The truth is... When I was a kid... I wanted to be a wizard!


Edgeworth: ...


Gumshoe: ......


Edgeworth: That's it? That's what you wanted to tell me?


Gumshoe: That's it.


Edgeworth: (This staff was made from a very strong kind of wood...) ...What about fingerprints? Were there any on it?


Gumshoe: Just the victim's.


[Victim's Staff added to the Court Record.]
["Carried by Elise Deauxnim when she was alive. Has her fingerprints on it."]




[Present to Gumshoe]




Gumshoe: This sword represents the multiple branches that life can take, all ending as one.


Edgeworth: Hmm... I've never heard that one.


Gumshoe: You know what I think about sometimes? What kind of life would I have had if I hadn't joined the Homicide Division.


Edgeworth: ...So you think about that kind of thing too, huh?


Gumshoe: Of course I do. I think about it a lot. Me as a traffic cop. Me as a detention officer. Me as the Blue Badger...


Edgeworth: (...I guess he doesn't have any plans to leave the force.)



Victim's Staff


Gumshoe: Oh, so I think I might have already told you about this, but... The truth is... When I was a little kid...


Edgeworth: You wanted to become a wizard, right?


Gumshoe: Hey, that's amazing! How did you know that!? So? What do you think? I'd make a really great one, don't you think?


Edgeworth: We just had this conversation a little while ago, Detective!



Bikini's profile


Gumshoe: This is the witness who saw the crime take place out there in the temple courtyard. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be her testimony that'll be key to this case, sir.


Edgeworth: So you mean she's going to be a witness in the trial tomorrow...?


Gumshoe: Of course! You can't get a much more trustworthy witness than a nun! We'll win for sure!


[Attorney's Badge displayed]


Gumshoe: ... Oh. I-I mean, I've always been on your side, Mr. Edgeworth, sir! So yeah, this is a pretty tight spot we've gotten ourselves into, huh!?


Edgeworth: (Now I understand why Wright is always bursting out in sweat like that...)



Maya's profile


Edgeworth: I wonder if Maya is all right? I could never show my face to Wright again if something were to happen to her.


Gumshoe: Aww, it'll be OK. If that ever happens, you can just show him my face. How's that...?


Edgeworth: ...


Gumshoe: Ack! Um, I didn't mean it like that, sir! It was just a silly little joke!


Edgeworth: I wonder if there is another way to get across to the other side? The support wires for the bridge are still intact, correct?


Gumshoe: That bridge is almost 20 yards long... I know I may look like it, Mr. Edgeworth, but I'm no super hero.


Edgeworth: (In any case, I just hope Maya is alright...)



Pearl's profile


Edgeworth: What about Pearl...? Has no one seen her at all since last night?


Gumshoe: Seems that way... Apparently, she hasn't gone back to Kurain Village either, sir.


Edgeworth: But it's true that she was with Elise Deauxnim at some point last night?


Gumshoe: No doubt about it. Ah...! Y-You mean that maybe whoever killed Ms. Deauxnim also...!?


Edgeworth: D-Don't jump to any crazy conclusions!


Gumshoe: Oooooouuch! ...You sure have one mean punch, Mr. Edgeworth...!




February 8

Hazakura Temple

Main Gate


Edgeworth: ...Hmm. I don't see Larry anywhere.


Gumshoe: Maybe we scared the poor kid away!


Edgeworth: (His heart was shut tight with a Psycholock. I guess I'll have to look for him now... What a thorn in my side.)



February 8

Detention Center

Visitor's Room


Iris: Ah... Mr. Edgeworth...


Edgeworth: ...I came back because I need to ask you a few more questions, if you don't mind.


Iris: But I... I've already told you everything that I...


Edgeworth: ...Iris. Please remember. I'm on your side. You can tell me anything.


Iris: Y-Yes... Th-Thank you.




[Talk with Iris]


Inner Temple


Edgeworth: I just finished speaking with the head nun of Hazakura Temple. She testified very clearly as to what happened. She said she saw you stab Ms. Elise Deauxnim with a sword.


Iris: ...


Edgeworth: And one other thing. She said that when Maya Fey began her training at the Inner Temple... ...you were there as well.


Iris: What...!?


Edgeworth: When I spoke with you last, you claimed that you never went to the Inner Temple. And yet, Sister Bikini says she met with you at the Inner Temple that very night.


Iris: B-But I... I didn't go there! I didn't go to the Inner Temple last night.


Edgeworth: (Hmm... It looks like she's unwilling to tell me the whole truth. I wonder if I'll find the answers I'm looking for if I break those Psycholocks?)




[Present to Iris]


Note to Iris


Edgeworth: This letter... It appears to be addressed to you.


Iris: ... I think it's someone's idea of a joke, Mr. Edgeworth. That's why I threw it away.


Edgeworth: (She's not giving me a straight answer for some reason. I'm going to have to find someone else who can give me more information about this.)





Iris: I-Is that the murder weapon?


Edgeworth: Yes, it is. Have you ever seen it before?


Iris: Y-Yes. Mystic Ami was holding it... in the courtyard...


Edgeworth: (And apparently, the head nun witnessed the whole sad affair... She saw you stabbing Ms. Elise Deauxnim with this very sword last night...)


Iris: ...?



Bikini's profile


Edgeworth: ...I'd like to ask you about Sister Bikini, the head of Hazakura Temple.


Iris: She raised me as if she were my real mother.


Edgeworth: "As if she were your real mother"...?


Iris: I was left at Hazakura Temple when I was just a small child. And she's taken care of me ever since.


Edgeworth: Forgive me for sounding rude, but what about your family?


Iris: ... I'm sorry, but I'd rather not talk about this.



Maya's profile


Iris: Oh... This is the woman who was to undergo training last night. She seems like a very strong, reliable woman.


Edgeworth: ... (Whatever else anyone has to say about this Iris woman... ...I can't exactly say she's the best judge of character.)



Pearl's profile


Iris: This is the trainee's younger sister, correct? She's cute as a button! And she seems to really love mashed potatoes and gravy!


Edgeworth: ...Oh?


Iris: She even said she was going to have the leftovers for dinner the next night... And then she took the leftover potatoes and the whole pot of gravy with her to her room.


Edgeworth: (That's quite an appetite for such a little girl...)




[Psyche-lock time - TAKE THAT!]


-- I Was Frightened --


Edgeworth: Since I have been handed this case, it is my duty to dig up all the answers. Understand?


Iris: Y-Yes, sir...


Edgeworth: The smallest flame can sometimes bathe a case in a whole new light... In my years in court, I've seen it happen over and over again. That's why I'm committed to searching until I have those answers. Now then, is it really true that you didn't go to the Inner Temple last night...?


Iris: Y-Yes, I swear... I already told you that.


Edgeworth: ...Yes. You said you didn't go because you were frightened.


Iris: ...Th-That's right.


Edgeworth: If that's the case... ...then the obvious question is, "What were you so afraid of?"


Iris: ...


Edgeworth: Iris... I wonder. Is this what frightened you so much that you couldn't even leave your own room!?




            [---------- If you get this wrong.... ----------]


            Edgeworth: Perhaps THIS is what you were afraid of! ...Well!?


            Iris: I-I'm sorry, but... you're wrong...


            Edgeworth: Huh...? Why is there a tremble in your voice?


            Iris: It's just that... Your eyes... Your eyes are scaring me...


            Edgeworth: Urk! (Blast! I must be trying too hard to bluff.) ...Please excuse me. I'm still not used to this role I've been assigned.


            Iris: N-No, I should apologize... I'm sorry for being such a scaredy-cat.


            Edgeworth: Anyway... I'm still determined to find the answers to this mystery.


            Iris: But I'm telling you, I really was in my room all last night.




Edgeworth: I found this in the Main Hall. It is addressed to you.


Iris: Ah... Th-That's...!


Edgeworth: Well, Iris...?


Iris: Why... Why are you glaring at me like that?


Edgeworth: You were scared of the blackmailer who wrote this to you, isn't that correct!?


Iris: Aaaaah!


Edgeworth: (Was it the evidence or the power of my glare that broke that lock...? Oh well, I don't suppose it matters either way.)


Iris: B-But, Mr. Edgeworth.


Edgeworth: ...Yes?


Iris: I thought that letter was just someone playing a prank on me...


Edgeworth: A "prank"?


Iris: Well, yes... After all, even if I did have a "secret"... ...there's no one to tell it to that would cause me any grief.


Edgeworth: ... Hmm... I wonder about that.


Iris: Sister Bikini is like a mother to me. I would never hide anything from her!


Edgeworth: No, you may not have something to hide under normal circumstances. However! Last night was different.


Iris: ...!


Edgeworth: Unfortunately, I don't know the exact nature of your secret yet. However...! Whatever it is... ...there is one person you didn't want your secret told to!




            [-------------------If you give the wrong answer--------------]


            Edgeworth: Well, Iris?


            Iris: ...Mr. Edgeworth. Is it just possible that maybe... ...you yourself have a deep, dark secret in your heart?


            Edgeworth: ...! Why do you say that...!?


            Iris: As they say, it takes one to know one.


            Edgeworth: (How could she have known about that...? Is she peering into my soul!?) ...It's true that there is a deep-seated darkness in my heart. However, the only way I can get rid of it is to fully uncover the truth!


            Iris: You mean... the truth behind my secret?




Edgeworth: Phoenix Wright...


Iris: Ah...!


Edgeworth: You mean something to Wright, it seems... And I can tell he holds a special place in your heart as well. That's why you didn't want him, of all people, to know your deep, dark secret. Well? What do you have to say?


Iris: ... I should've expected as much... Especially from a friend of his...





Iris: After dinner, this letter was waiting for me in my room. As I said, I was frightened by it...


Edgeworth: What is this "Heavenly Hall" the letter mentions?


Iris: It's a small mountain shack at the base of Dusky Bridge.


Edgeworth: A small shack, huh...?


Iris: It's more like a broken-down shack that no one would ever want to go near.


Edgeworth: Hmm... Where is it on this map...?


[Hazakura Temple map displayed]


Iris: ...It's around here. To get there, you must follow a small path down from Dusky Bridge... The reality is, to get to the Inner Temple, I had no choice but to cross that bridge. But the thought that such a terrible criminal could be lurking at Heavenly Hall... I... I was so scared by the whole affair that I didn't want to think about it at all.


Edgeworth: So is this the secret that you locked away in your heart?


Iris: ...Yes.


Edgeworth: (It looks as though I may have to visit this "Heavenly Hall" now. Maybe I'll find some sign of our mystery blackmailer.) In any case, you still claim to have never left your room last night?


Iris: Yes. That's exactly right.


[Iris's Testimony added to the Court Record.]

["Rang lights out bell at 10 PM and was then in her room until the murder was discovered."]


Edgeworth: The trial starts tomorrow... I promise you, I will win. So that you and Phoenix Wright can see each other again.


Iris: ...!


Edgeworth: But when I do... ...you must promise me that you will tell him your secret.


Iris: ... But it's pointless...


Edgeworth: Why would you say that?


Iris: Because I may know who Phoenix Wright is... But... He has no idea who I am.




February 8

Heavenly Hall


Gumshoe: Whoa! Not much of a view down here, huh? It's still better than the view from my apartment, though.


Edgeworth: Tsk! Someone's here! Hide yourself, Detective!


Butz: Oh! Why why why!? Why does this always happen!? Whenever I find a girl I like, they always run away! I even chased one of them to Tibet... Next it's going to be prison, I guess. ...I'll steal that detective's wallet. That'll get me locked up for sure. ...Nah. I can't do that to someone who looks like he's down on his luck.


Gumshoe: ...He's just talking to himself.


Edgeworth: Shh! Be quiet and listen!


Butz: I knew it... I shouldn't have done that! I blew it again...


Edgeworth: ("Done that"? What did he do, I wonder...)


Gumshoe: Hey! You! About what you just said... I got an objection!


Butz: Wh-Wh-Wh-What the...!? Ed-Edgey! You dirty rat!


Edgeworth: *glare* (Gumshoe... You oaf...!)


Gumshoe: I-I'm sorry, sir! Before I knew it, I was shouting out "Objection!". And in a loud, commanding voice, too! I even pointed with my pointer finger!


Edgeworth: ...You've watched too many trials.


Gumshoe: I'm sorry!


Edgeworth: OK, Larry, the jig is up. What have you got to say for yourself?


Butz: Ungh...




[Talk with the Butz]


Heavenly Hall


Edgeworth: What is this little shack anyway?


Butz: Well, I just discovered it myself yesterday.


Edgeworth: And why were you down here in the first place?


Butz: Err, come on... I'm an artist... I was looking for a good place to sketch. This is a great little place! It's err... artistic. It's quiet, it's cold, it's got no power, and it looks like it's about to collapse.


Gumshoe: ...Sounds a lot like my apartment there, pal.


Edgeworth: (One thing's for sure... No one is likely to show up and disturb you here...)

Butz: So can I get you something to drink? Some hot water, maybe?


Gumshoe: ...He's getting all buddy-buddy on us, sir.





Butz: ...Listen to me, Edgey. You've gotta do this... You've gotta save Iris!


Edgeworth: Why are you so sure she's innocent? Because she's cute?


Butz: Watch your mouth! Anyway, I've made up my mind about it! I'm going to marry that girl!


Edgeworth: ...


Gumshoe: Umm... Mr. Edgeworth is pretending he didn't hear you, so I'm gonna ask for him. Have you already asked this girl to marry you?


Butz: No, no. Not yet. But I can tell how she feels by the look in her eyes! She's got this "I really want this man to propose to me" look! I'm sure Nick would be surprised! He'd never imagine that I could marry such a beautiful girl like that!


Edgeworth: Something tells me he would be shocked, indeed.


Butz: That's why I didn't want her to do anything dangerous. I mean, what am I gonna do if she gets hurt?


Gumshoe: ... What is this guy trying to say? He lost me about a mile back...


Edgeworth: Hmm... If we really want to know the answer to that... (...we're going to have to drag him onto the witness stand.)



The night of the crime


Edgeworth: Come to think of it, you still haven't answered my question. Where were you and what were you doing last night?


Butz: Aww, man... Don't you have anything else to talk about? With that kind of attitude, you'll never be a ladies' man like me...


Edgeworth: ...


Butz: O-OK, OK! Chill out with those scary eyes! I got it! If you really wanna know, last night... ...I saw something incredible.


Edgeworth: "Something incredible"?


[3 Psyche-locks appear]


Butz: ...Yeah, yeah. But let's not talk about that now. Let's talk about the good old days. What do you say? Come on, I'll pour you a nice cup of hot water.


Edgeworth: (Why hasn't he realized... ...that I absolutely despise talking about the "good old days", especially with him?)




[Examine Heavenly Hall]




Edgeworth: It's a little far, but I have a pretty clear view of Dusky Bridge from here.


Butz: Ahh. I still can't believe it! ...Really.


Edgeworth: ...? What is it, Larry?


Butz: Huh! Err, uhh, nothing. It's nothing!


Gumshoe: Sounds pretty suspicious to me!


Edgeworth: (Something about that statement smells... And you know what they say...)





Edgeworth: These go all the way to Dusky Bridge. It's a pretty long, but easy, walk.


Gumshoe: I fell down 4 times on my way down here, sir!


Butz: Oh, sorry about that, Detective. I ate four bananas and tossed their peels on the stairs on my way down here...


Gumshoe: ... What!? So that's what I was slipping on!


Butz: Be careful on the way back. Those deadly banana peels are still out there.


Gumshoe: Hmm... That's a real important piece of information right there, Mr. Edgeworth!





Gumshoe: This is the Eagle River, sir. It runs pretty fast, so it doesn't ice over, even in the winter.


Edgeworth: If it had iced over, Wright would have been in some serious trouble.


Gumshoe: You're right about that! He would've landed on the ice, and slid downstream to who knows where.


Edgeworth: (...Not exactly what I meant, but alright...)





Edgeworth: What is this festive-looking ornament?


Butz: It reminds me of art class in grade school. We used to have a lot of fun decorating the classroom with origami. Remember?


Edgeworth: W-Well, I...


Butz: Oh, yeah... You were never any good at it.


Gumshoe: Really?


Butz: Yeah, this guy was so bad, he couldn't even fold a dollar, let alone a crane. Everyone tried to comfort him, but he would just sit there sobbing.


Gumshoe: Really? I never would have expected that--


Edgeworth: Be quiet already! I'll never forget the shame of that day! You want a crane! I can now make a perfect quarter-inch crane without a single flaw!


Butz: ... You know, Edgey... Nothing for nothing, but a quarter-inch crane without a single flaw is not easy.


Gumshoe: Yeah, that's quite a feat, Prosecutor Edgeworth!


Edgeworth: (Grr... This is exactly why I hate childhood friends...)





Gumshoe: That's a horrible graffiti problem you've got there, pal.


Butz: You don't know anything, Detective. This is art! It's an expression of my bittersweet love for Iris.


Edgeworth: Larry. Do you know what the difference between graffiti and true art is?


Butz: ... It's how the artist himself defines it, right?


Edgeworth: ... (I should've seen that one coming.)


Gumshoe: Well, if that's the case, then all of my lunchboxes are masterpieces too, pal!



Shack roof


Edgeworth: The straw roof is absolutely covered with freshly fallen powdery snow.


Gumshoe: Wow, makes a nice image, doesn't it? I always did like the rustic look.


Edgeworth: "Heavenly Hall"... I suppose it's an appropriate name in some sense.


Butz: You got that right. Look at that bridge up there. This place has to be heaven, because that thing is hell.


Edgeworth: ... You would do well to remember, Larry... ...that this is a sacred place to some people.




[Present to the Butz]


Victim's Staff


Butz: That's the staff that Ms. Elise was always carrying... M-Ms. Elise... Whyyyy...? ...... ...Huh?


Edgeworth: What is it, Larry?


Butz: There's something missing from this staff...


Edgeworth: (There's something missing...?)



Bikini's profile


Butz: I'm just no good with people like her. She reminds me too much of my mother.


Edgeworth: ... May I speak now?


Butz: Huh? Sure.


Edgeworth: I don't care how you feel about her personally... ...just tell me what you know about her and how she's related to the case.


Butz: ... Don't you think you're expecting a little too much of me? I'm just a 25-year old jobless bum trying to be an apprentice artist! Ha ha ha ha!


Edgeworth: (...I'm actually starting to feel jealous of this guy. ...Just a little.)



Maya's profile


Butz: Oh, it's Maya. Nick was trying to go save her, you know. But instead, he wound up falling off the bridge. I'm not surprised though. Nick always gets himself into trouble.


Edgeworth: (Well if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black...)


Butz: I just hope that Maya doesn't catch a cold, too...


Edgeworth: ...Or something worse.


Butz: Oh, hey! It's Pearl! But she's way cuter than this Pearl I used to go out with... Like, in a kid-cute way, yeah?


Edgeworth: Yes, well... Apparently she hasn't been seen the whole morning.


Butz: Wh-What did you say!? Edgey! Why are you wasting your time with me then!? What's wrong with you!?


Edgeworth: Excuse me?


Butz: If anything happens to her, I'll never forgive you!


Edgeworth: ...!


Gumshoe: ...Wow, I guess he's right for a change, sir.


Edgeworth: (Now I feel like I'm the bad guy in all of this...)




[Psyche-lock time - TAKE THAT!]


-- The Night of the Crime --


Edgeworth: Alright, now you're going to tell me what you really saw last night...


Butz: Whoa. You're really upset, aren't you, Edgey? OK, I'll talk!


Edgeworth: ...Huh? (That was a bit too easy...)


Butz: Yeah, anyway! It was awesome! Never seen anything like it! At around 10 o'clock last night, it started thundering. I'd been sleeping... I'm not sure for how long. Suddenly... ZING! The world in front of me went white! Like I'd just been slapped in the face by my old girlfriend, Naomi!


Edgeworth: ...And then?


Butz: And then... It was on fire! The bridge was on fire!


Edgeworth: Dusky Bridge caught fire!? Are you saying you saw it with your own eyes?


Butz: Hey! Why are you giving me the evil eye!? I'm telling the truth!


Edgeworth: (Hmm... There are still 3 Psycholocks remaining... That means he's still trying to hide something...) By the way, Larry... Where were you when you saw that happen?


Butz: Wh-Wh-Wh-Where you say? Wh-Wh-What do you mean!?


Edgeworth What do you mean, "What do I mean"!? ...Just answer the question!


Butz: I-I was in my own room... by the Main Hall! Where else would I be!?


Edgeworth: As usual, you're as transparent as an empty jelly jar. As I suspected, the problem lies there...


Butz: Th-Th-Th-Th-There? Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Whaddya mean th-th-there?


Edgeworth: It's impossible for you to have seen lightning strike Dusky Bridge from your room!




            [----------------------If you get this wrong...------------------------]


            Edgeworth: Look at this, Larry!


            Butz: ...Hey, forget about that. Try drinking your hot water. If you don't drink it fast it's going to get cold.


            Edgeworth: Oh, sorry... (It's cold all right... The water... And my evidence.)


            Butz: Well? Have you calmed down yet?


            Edgeworth: Um, yes... I'm going to think it over again.


            Butz: H-Hey, I'm telling you... there's nothing to think over! I was in my room doing "she loves me, she loves me not" with a bunch of flowers.




Edgeworth: This is a map of the area. Take a look around the vicinity of Hazakura Temple.


Butz: Wh-What am I looking for?


Edgeworth: I think that should be fairly obvious. The Main Hall is surrounded by trees and it's impossible to see the bridge from here.


Butz: What...!? Why didn't you tell me that before!?


Edgeworth: ...Well? How about it?


Butz: How about what?


Edgeworth: Do you feel like talking now?


Butz: About what?


Edgeworth: ... (It looks like it won't be that easy after all...) ...You leave me no choice. I'll have to move on to the next step. You weren't in your room at the temple. So then... Where were you?


Butz: Y-Y-You don't know that I wasn't in my room!


Edgeworth: (So where was Larry, and why was he there...? If I've read the situation up to this point correctly, the answer is fairly obvious.) ...Very well then. Let's test my theory. The place you witnessed lightning striking Dusky Bridge from was... here!




            [----------------- If you actually get this one wrong -----------------]


            Edgeworth: This is where you were! Well, what do you think, Larry!?


            Butz: Oh... Not much I guess.


            Edgeworth: ... I'm sorry, but what kind of answer is that?


            Butz: Well, you were just making small talk, right? Like "How are you doing?" or something.


            Edgeworth: ...Larry. Look at the expression on my face. Do I look like I was just making small talk.


            Butz: To be honest? No... I guess not. Ha ha ha ha ha...


            Edgeworth: (It appears I didn't think it through carefully enough.)




Edgeworth: The place you saw the lightning strike from was naturally Heavenly Hall!


Butz: ...Wh-What would I be doing hanging out in this old shack? It's freezing cold, there's no electricity, and it could fall apart at any minute...


Edgeworth: Larry... How do you know that anyway? How do you know there's no electricity? After all, it's not that dark yet.


Butz: Ah... Uh-oh!


Edgeworth: In other words, you have just provided evidence to prove my theory... My theory that you've at least once in your life visited Heavenly Hall after sunset!


Butz: I have to admit I'm impressed, Edgey! You're in a totally different league from Nick.


Edgeworth: ...That's nice. Now tell me. What were you doing at this cold little shack last night?


Butz: That's what you might call... A "Fair de Core".


Edgeworth: I think you mean "affaire de coeur". Could it be you were... waiting for someone?


Butz: Ooooh nooo! Y-You really are one scary guy, you know...


Edgeworth: I believe that last night, you were waiting for this person to come meet you!




            [-----------------------wrong answer---------------------------]


            Edgeworth: ...Well, Larry!? Was it THIS person...?


            Butz: ...You know what? You should save your finger pointing for the courtroom.


            Edgeworth: Tsk...!


            Butz: It's no wonder people call you a workaholic. You work too hard! You should be like me!


            Edgeworth: (Well, I'd rather "work too hard" than "hardly work" like a loafaholic like you...) In any case... I know you were waiting for someone!


            Butz: Yeah, but... It's like I said. It's an "affaire de guerre".


            Edgeworth: No, Larry. You mean "affaire de coeur". At least I think you do.




Edgeworth: There's only one person you'd wait for in a horrible place like this, Larry.


Butz: I told you before... Don't call me "Larry"...


Edgeworth: The person you were waiting for was... Iris!


Butz: Ohh... Suddenly I feel cold all over, Edgey.


Edgeworth: No doubt because of my chilly glare.


Butz: So you think I got the hots for Sister Iris, huh...? D-Do you have some kind of evidence!? You got something that proves I was waiting for her!? Or are you just guessing?


Edgeworth: (This is where I draw the line and end this ridiculous little game...) Here's the evidence that you were waiting for Iris...




            [---------------wrong answer----------------]


            Edgeworth: ... I-Is it just me? Now, I'm the one that suddenly feels cold...


            Butz: Maybe it's because of my cold laugh?


            Edgeworth: (Grr... I hate making such stupid mistakes...)


            Butz: Do you really have the evidence you say you do, Edgey?




Edgeworth: ...Here's your evidence. You called her to this spot with a pathetic blackmail letter!


Butz: Oh! H-Hey! G-G-Give that back! You're embarrassing me! What are you doing with that anyway!?


Edgeworth: That's not important! ...I misjudged you, Larry.


Butz: What do you mean...?


Edgeworth: Taking advantage of a woman's frailty like that! You should be ashamed of yourself!


Butz: Ohhh... OHHHH!


Edgeworth: First of all, what's this at the top of the letter? It says, "Salutation here"!


Butz: W-Well that's what it said in that book, "Letter Writing for Dummies"!


Edgeworth: You're not supposed to actually write that! That's where you're supposed to write, "Dear Iris,"!





The night of the crime


Edgeworth: Larry! So you were here at "Heavenly Hall" last night, weren't you? And you saw the lightning hit Dusky Bridge, didn't you?


Butz: S-Sorry, Edgey...


Gumshoe: Sorry doesn't cut it, you scumbag! Threatening a young lady like that...


Butz: *gulp*... ... Wait, hold up.


Gumshoe: ...What now, pal?


Butz: What are you talking about!? What "threatening" stuff!?


Gumshoe: I'll tell you what! You tried to scare Iris by threatening to expose her secret, pal!


Butz: What do you mean threaten!? When did I threaten her!?


Gumshoe: "...unless you want your 'secret' to be exposed..." That sure sounds like a threat to me, pal! Blackmail, in fact!


Butz: Gimme a break! It's a love letter! Haven't you ever been in love!?


Edgeworth: Wh-What did you just say!?


Butz: My love for her burns so hotly, it could melt all the snow on this mountain!


Edgeworth: O-Oh? Then what is this secret you mention!?


Butz: Come on, Edgey... Don't you get it? I'm talking about the secret love between her and me! Obviously she wouldn't want old lady Bikini to know about it, right...? About our... hot and sour... bittersweet love affair!


Edgeworth: ... Alright, then why did you send a love letter in a business-like manila envelope!?


Butz: Give me a break! It's not my fault I didn't have any other envelopes! Yeesh!


Gumshoe: Then why were you so quick to apologize, pal!?


Butz: It's cuz Edgey gave me that scary look of his!


Edgeworth: ... ...


Butz: What's wrong, Edgey? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?


Edgeworth: That's it? That's all those huge locks were about? I-I don't understand why you were so defensive...


Butz: Well, I dunno either... I guess the thing is... ...you shouldn't expect too much from a guy like me. ...Hey, come on. Don't let it get you down!


Gumshoe: ... B-But Mr. Edgeworth! This guy is still hiding something! I know it!


Edgeworth: What do you mean, Detective?


Gumshoe: Don't forget what this guy said just a minute ago!




Butz: If you really wanna know, last night... ...I saw something incredible.


[end flashback]


Edgeworth: (Hmm... He's right!) Larry!


Butz: Wh-What!? Y-You're looking at me like a hungry dog that just found a bone!


Edgeworth: What was this "something incredible" you saw last night...? ...You're going to tell me, Larry! One way or another!



Something incredible


Butz: I... I already told you, didn't I? I saw lightning strike Dusky Bridge!


Edgeworth: Yes, and I believed it was the incredible sight you saw. But now that I think about it, something doesn't quite ring true.


Butz: Wh-What doesn't?


Edgeworth: If that's all there is to your story, your heart wouldn't have had all those locks! Yes, Larry... I believe you saw something last night. Something incredible, as you put it.


Butz: Wh-What!? Wh-When!? Wh-Where!? Wh-Why!? H-How!?


Gumshoe: Hey! What do you think you're doing!? If you hide anything from Mr. Edgeworth, I'll arrest you on the spot, pal!


Butz: Ah... Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!


[5 Psyche-locks appear]


Edgeworth: ...Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Gumshoe: Wh-What's wrong, sir?


Edgeworth: D-Does this mean I have to do it all over again?


Butz: Wh-Why are you glaring at me like I'm next to be hit by a bolt of lightning!?


Edgeworth: (I've just about had it with this harlequin... If I really want to drag the truth out of him... ...I'll just have to drag him to the witness stand!)


[...............To be continued.]