[Gyakuten Saiban 3 / Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations]

[Case 5: Bridge to the Turnabout, part 2-1]

[Transcription by evilbishounen, 10-06-07]



Case 5: Part 2-1, Trial


February 9, 9:47 AM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 1


Iris: Oh my... Mr. Laurice feels that way about... me...?


Edgeworth: Apparently... he isn't aware of your real secret at all.


Iris: ... ......


Edgeworth: This is no time to be embarrassed!


Iris: I-I'm sorry! I'm just... hardly accustomed to that sort of thing.


Edgeworth: Worry not... And in any case, whatever it was that he saw on the night of the incident... Mark my words, I will drag it out him! [sic]


Iris: Does that mean... Mr. Laurice is the witness today...?


Edgeworth: ...No. I believe that nun... will be the first to take the stand.


Iris: Sister Bikini...


Edgeworth: She claims to have seen the very instant in which you carried out the crime.


Iris: ...


Edgeworth: I just want to ask you one last time. It really wasn't you who killed Ms. Elise Deauxnim, correct?


Iris: ... That is correct. It wasn't me.


Edgeworth: ...Very well, then.


Iris: Um... Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: ...Yes?


Iris: You are a prosecutor... aren't you? Are you sure about this? If your true identity is revealed...


Edgeworth: Don't worry. ...I've taken the necessary steps.


Iris: Y-You have...?


Edgeworth: ...Iris. It is a prosecutor's job to doubt people.


Iris: ...


Edgeworth: But right now... I am a defense attorney. A defense attorney's job is to believe in people, and to believe until the bitter end. That's what a friend of mine told me once.


Iris: Mr. Edgeworth...


Edgeworth: You may pass judgment on me from the defendant's chair. You are the one to decide... ...whether or not I am able to do the task I have been entrusted.


Iris: ... ...Very well, sir. I leave my defense in your capable hands.



February 9, 10:00 AM

District Court

Courtroom No. 7


Judge: Court is now in session for the trial of Sister Iris of Hazakura Temple.


Edgeworth: The defense is ready, Your Honor.


Judge: ...The defense does indeed appear to be ready... However, the same cannot be said for the prosecution in this case.


Edgeworth: ...Indeed.


Judge: I'm not sure I like such blatant waste of this court's time. An empty prosecutor's chair can only mean... ...that the prosecutor has no confidence in their ability to prove their case. ...It would seem this case is already over. I am ready to announce my verdict at this time. This court finds the defendant--


[whip crack - OBJECTION!]


???: The prosecution... stands ready.


Judge: A-And you are...?


Von Karma: Franziska von Karma... Prosecuting prodigy.


[Court Record - profile]

[Franziska Von Karma: My mentor, Manfred von Karma's, daughter. Born/raised in Germany. Prosecutor at 13.]


Judge: V-Von Karma, you say...? Perchance, you wouldn't be of any relation to the legendary prosecutor Manfred von Karma?


Von Karma: ... Legends are a thing of the past. I am a Von Karma. That is all. Upon a special request, I flew in today for the purposes of prosecuting this case.


Judge: Y-You did!? Then... you must be quite a big shot, eh! By the way, Mr. Edgeworth...


Edgeworth: Yes, Your Honor?


Judge: I'm almost certain that I've seen you somewhere before. Or am I just imagining things? You look very much like a prosecutor I met once...


Edgeworth: ...I believe you are imagining things, Your Honor.


Judge: Ms. von Karma? Do you have anything to say?


Von Karma: ... There is no such weakling as this man among those of the Prosecutor's Office.


Judge: There... there isn't...? But I'm sure, once before... in this courtroom...




Judge: Ack!


Von Karma: ...I told you, there is no such weakling!


Judge: Wh-What is that!? A whip!? I'm not sure I care for such a thing in my courtroom! B-Bailiff! Remove that whip, at...


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...I have no objection to the whip.


Judge: Y-You don't...?


Edgeworth: The prosecution can wield a whip or drink seventeen cups of coffee... But, there is still only one truth. That is what I stand here to prove today!


Von Karma: This promises to be interesting... Miles Edgeworth. ...I had expected to face Phoenix Wright here today. But looking at you now... ...maybe this is what I have been waiting for all this time. Miles Edgeworth! I will not allow this chance to crush you slip through my fingers!


Edgeworth: ...I see you brought your flair for the histrionic.


Judge: Allow me to add to the things I'm not sure about... People acting bizarrely in my court!




Judge: Uwa-hah!


Von Karma: ...The stage is set. Now continue with the proceedings, Your Honor.


Judge: Very well. Ms. von Karma, please give an outline of this case. With as little whipping as possible!


Von Karma: The murder victim is the famed picture book author, Ms. Elise Deauxnim. Her body was found in the Hazakura Temple courtyard. She had been stabbed through the torso by a ceremonial sword from a golden statue.


Judge: The sword in this picture... is the weapon in question, correct...? ...Very well. The court accepts this photo of the crime scene.


[Crime Photo added to the Court Record.]

["The courtyard where Elise Deauxnim was murdered. Touch the Check Button for details."]


Von Karma: There is no mistake. This was the doing of Sister Iris. After all... there is a witness to her crime.


Judge: ...Very well. Please bring this witness to the stand!


Edgeworth: (And so it begins... My first and my last trial... as a defense attorney!)




[Bikini arrives....barely visible above the witness stand]


Von Karma: ...Witness. State your name and occupation. Please.


Judge: H-Hold on here! I'm not sure about being not sure if I care for this at all! Witness! Please stand up nice and straight!


Edgeworth: If I recall correctly... ...there are a few milk crates in the defendant's lobby for witnesses with bad backs.


Judge: Bailiff! Run and get it, please!


[NOW we can see her!]


Von Karma: ...Once again. Your name and occupation, please.


Bikini: Little old me? Well, I'm the head nun of Hazakura Temple on Eagle Mountain. My name is Bikini. You got it? Bikini. Nice to meet everyone.


Judge: ... But you don't appear to be wearing a bikini right now...




Judge: Uwah!


Von Karma: ...The courtroom is the garden of holy judgment. Those with lechery in their hearts should leave this sanctuary at once!


Judge: Y-You want me to leave!?


Bikini: No need to get your bikinis in a twist! Let me tell you, I'm a sight to behold in summer! Wha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha!


Edgeworth: In any case... Witness. I hear that you saw the crime take place on the night in question.


Bikini: That's right! I can still hardly believe it myself, to be honest. There's no way dear little Iris could do anything like that...


Judge: Let us hear what you have to say then. First, tell us aboot your own movements that night, eh!



Witness Testimony

-- The Night of the Murder --


Bikini: That night I was helping an acolyte with her training in the Inner Temple. But... Well, as you can see, my back likes to act up. Violently. So, I left Iris to help the acolyte, and returned to Hazakura Temple. There's no bath at the Inner Temple, you see, and I needed a long, hot soak. After I had finished, and just as I was heading back... that's when I saw it!



Judge: Hmm... So it was simply coincidence that you found yourself returning to Hazakura Temple?


Bikini: ...Yes, you could say that. If my back hadn't been in so much pain, I would have stayed at the Inner Temple.


Edgeworth: (That sounds like a pretty important statement she just made...)


Von Karma: There is only one problem with this testimony that I can see... And you're not about to fall at the first hurdle, now are you, Miles Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: ...


Judge: Mr. Edgeworth. ...Please begin your cross-examination.



Cross Examination

-- The Night of the Murder --


-- Bikini: That night I was helping an acolyte with her training in the Inner Temple. But...


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! What is this Inner Temple...?


Bikini: Well, see, conversing with the spirits is what we train people to do, right?


Judge: We'll be the ones asking you the questions, madam.


Bikini: ...In order to do that, a place strong in spiritual power is required. There's a small temple across Dusky Bridge, called the Inner Temple. Acolytes must spend an entire night there to undergo intense training.


Edgeworth: And how exactly do you help with this process...?


Bikini: It is all quite exacting. It can't be performed without a nun supervising.


Von Karma: Like a tutor, watching to make sure a spoiled child studies.


Edgeworth: (A tutor with a whip, in your case.) If that is the case... ...then why did you return to Hazakura Temple, where the murder took place?


-- Bikini: Well, as you can see, my back likes to act up. Violently.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! Violently...?


Bikini: That's right. It's no laughing matter, especially in winter! I can't hold anything heavier than a knife and fork during the cold months! Just being alive is like strict training! Wah ha ha! Wha ha! Wha ha ha!


Edgeworth: The night of the murder, this fabulous back of yours was hurting again...?


Bikini: That's right. Raging like a bull in a pigpen. I almost fainted once or twice! I just knew that unless I warmed it up, it was going to finally finish me off!


-- Bikini: So, I left Iris to help the acolyte, and returned to Hazakura Temple.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! You "left Iris to help"... With what?


Bikini: What do you think? The acolyte's training, of course. It was just past 10 PM, so we were starting to enter into the training exercises proper.


Judge: Wasn't it your place to remain with the disciple?


Bikini: Well, the job is simply to watch over the acolyte so that they don't pass away.


Edgeworth: Just to confirm this point again, that night... ...you met Iris in the Inner Temple, correct?


Bikini: Yes, yes. She's a gentle, honest girl. She's never once failed to follow my directions.


-- Bikini: There's no bath at the Inner Temple, you see, and I needed a long, hot soak.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...So you returned to the Hazakura Temple in order to take a bath?


Bikini: My back is to blame for everything. It's a "do or be done in" kind of world, after all.


Edgeworth: How long where [sic] you in the bath for, then?


Bikini: ... My my my, what a filthy little rogue you are! I know what's on your mind!


Edgeworth: ...?


Bikini: Your next question is going to be, "Where exactly did you wash," isn't it? Ah, THIS is why you have to watch the young ones...


Edgeworth: W-What are you going on about!? I was--




Edgeworth: Gwah!


Von Karma: ...Pathetic, Miles Edgeworth.


Judge: The lowest of the low.


Edgeworth: (Is there some sort of "Kick Me" sign stuck to the defense's bench!?)


Bikini: Anyway, I couldn't afford to be away from my post for too long, you understand, so...


-- Bikini: After I had finished, and just as I was heading back... that's when I saw it!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! The crime took place in the courtyard, correct...?


Bikini: When you go from my room to the Main Hall... ...you have to take a winding hallway from which you can see the courtyard.


Von Karma: That's right. In other words... ...it was pure coincidence that the witness saw the crime taking place before her eyes. There was no complicated set-up in this case!


Judge: Hmm... That certainly seems to be true.


Edgeworth: (There is indeed only one problem with this testimony. If I can clearly point out what it is, then I can begin to quantify... ...just how good this witness's memory and observation skills are.)





Edgeworth: ...Witnesses have to undergo their own trials, I'm afraid. The defendant's fate rests on their powers of observation and memory, after all.


Bikini: Well, well, well. Don't worry! I'm more than up to the task! I'm a woman of faith, after all. The head honcho of Hazakura Temple.


Edgeworth: In that case, Ms. Honcho... I'd like for you to explain something for me. The discrepancy between your testimony and that of the defendant, Iris. She claims that after ringing the lights out bell, she went back and stayed in her room. ...Which means! She did not go to the Inner Temple at all!


Bikini: N... No...! She said that...?

Von Karma: OBJECTION! A defendant or a witness... Who is more likely to lie, do you suppose? The defendant is simply lying to cover her back!


Edgeworth: OBJECTION! But that is completely illogical. The murder was committed in the courtyard of Hazakura Temple. Claming [sic] that she "went to the Inner Temple" would make for a much better alibi.


Von Karma: ...!


Bikini: But that is odd... Whatever the reason... I can't believe that she would lie...!


Judge: Hmm... she does indeed have honest eyes!




Judge: Uwaaah!


Von Karma: ...All people lie. That is my belief.


Judge: Why am I the only one being whipped in here...!? Anyway! Neither the witness nor the defendant have any reason to lie! Which means... We must call your memory into question...


Bikini: Dear, dear, dear. You're older than me and yet you want to play that game, do you?


Judge: A-Ah, well, that isn't exactly what I...


Bikini: My memory is perfect! Crystal clear! Especially in winter!


Judge: Then... I suppose it's too early to end this cross-examination, eh. Mr. Edgeworth. If you are going to question the memory of this witness... ...you will need to show me a more decisive piece of evidence.


Edgeworth: ...Understood, Your Honor. (I was naive to think that alone would do the trick.)


Judge: Then please add your comments aboot Iris to the testimony... And let us return to the cross-examination.



[Cross-examination Redux:


Bikini: That night I was helping an acolyte with her training in the Inner Temple. But... Well, as you can see, my back likes to act up. Violently. Iris came to the Inner Temple. She was dressed exactly as she had been at dinner. There's no bath at the Inner Temple, you see, and I needed a long, hot soak. After I had finished, and just as I was heading back... that's when I saw it!




-- Bikini: Iris came to the Inner Temple. She was dressed exactly as she had been at dinner.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! You are sure you are not mistaken...?


Bikini: ...You, young man, need to get your estimation of me up from the floor!


Edgeworth: Nngh...!


Bikini: Iris always wears the same clothes. The smallest thing out of place would have stood out like a sore thumb to me! You're making a mistake, thinking I made a mistake!


Judge: ...An excellent finish there, witness.


Edgeworth: (Still, I have to wonder...)





Edgeworth: ...Witness. Let's get one thing straight. The defendant whom you claim to have met... ...she was wearing this "Demon-Warding Hood", correct?


Bikini: Of course! That is a very important piece of clothing, I'll have you know! Wha ha ha! Wha ha ha! Ha ha... Wait.


Von Karma: OBJECTION! H-Hold it right there! Why do you have that...!?


Edgeworth: That's the question of the day, now isn't it... Ms. von Karma? I'll have you know that this hood was given to someone as a gift that night. Before the lights out bell was rung.


Von Karma: W... What!?


Edgeworth: ...You know where I'm going with this, don't you? If the witness had seen the defendant as she claims... ...the defendant couldn't have been wearing this very hood!


Bikini: Well well well!


Edgeworth: (It's not a bad feeling at all, exposing contradictions like this... Now I understand that happy look on Wright's face every time he does it...)


Judge: Order! Order in the court! Witness, your response...




Judge: Wuahaaa!


Von Karma: ...Sister. This hood... You have spare ones around the temple, don't you?


Bikini: Spares... Well... I do tend to make too many of them.


Judge: I see... A stockpile. A surplus of hoods, eh?


Bikini: Each nun is only given one hood. This should be the only hood that Iris owned...


Judge: Hmm... Then this is strange after all!




Judge: Waaaah!


Von Karma: If there was a surplus of hoods, then she could have worn one of those! ...There is no contradiction here!


Judge: Hmm...


Edgeworth: (I'm sorry to break this to you, Ms. von Karma... but you won't get away that easily. Discrepancies such as this will sow seeds in any human heart. The seeds of doubt.)


Judge: ...Witness. While I don't wish to call your testimony into doubt... ...you must give every detail with precision.


Bikini: I-I'm not sure I'm comfortable going along with this...


Von Karma: Sister. You shall continue with your testimony. Tell us what you saw after finishing your bath, on your way back to the Inner Temple!


Edgeworth: (Those seeds of doubt are sprouting in the Judge's heart. They just need a little more stimulation to bear fruit... Contradictory stimulation.)



Witness Testimony

-- After My Bath --


Bikini: I finished my bath around 11, and I thought I should return to the Inner Temple. And as I was walking back... I heard a noise from the courtyard. I took a look and... Iris was...! Oh, Mystic Elise! And with that sword, of all things! Mystic Elise was staying in the corner room, which faces out onto the courtyard. The stabbing I saw must have occurred after she was pushed out of her window.



Judge: You saw a truly terrible sight, didn't you...? If I was in your place... ...then it would be much like Ms. von Karma whipping Mr. Edgeworth in two in court! And me, seeing it all from this very chair! ...Er, well, something like that.


Edgeworth: (This judge... His imagination is about as vivid and creative as Detective Gumshoe...)


Von Karma: I would look the fool if I commented on such foolishness. Anyway, this case is mine... Miles Edgeworth!


Edgeworth: Calling everyone by their full name... Can't you do something about that habit of yours?



Cross Examination

-- After My Bath --


-- Bikini: I finished my bath around 11, and I thought I should return to the Inner Temple.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...How far is it from your room to the Inner Temple?


Bikini: Let me think a moment... About twenty minutes, on these stumps of mine. It's about 15 minutes to Dusky Bridge from Hazakura Temple. The Inner Temple is just beyond the bridge.


Von Karma: Still, you never made it back there that night, did you?


Bikini: T-That's right... I was heading along the walkway toward the Main Hall...


-- Bikini: And as I was walking back... I heard a noise from the courtyard. I took a look and...


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! You say you heard a noise...?


Bikini: "Thump"... Just like that.


Von Karma: ...That could only be the sound of the victim falling.


Bikini: It's very quiet in the temple, you know. You can even hear the snow falling from the branches. "Thump"... Just like that.


Judge: But then, couldn't this noise you heard have been snow falling to the ground?


Bikini: ... I never thought of that. Wha ha ha. Wha ha ha. Ha ha...


Judge: Hoh ho. Hoh ho. Hoh ho...




Judge: Uaaaaah!


Von Karma: The next one to laugh gets a whipping!


Bikini: Well. Whatever the source of the sound, I looked over at the courtyard and...


-- Bikini: Iris was...! Oh, Mystic Elise! And with that sword, of all things!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...This is the second time that the witness has testified to seeing the defendant. But... some doubt remains in these claims.


Bikini: Hey, just what does that mean!? Just because you're a good looking young man, that doesn't give you the right...


Edgeworth: The murderer who stabbed the victim with the sword... Sister Bikini, try to recall exactly who it was you saw! As clearly as you can!


Bikini: Hmm... Well. You're a handsome young man, so I'll forgive you. ... Oh! Now that you mention it... There was something awfully strange about her... Something that has been bugging me all this time!


Edgeworth: ...Please, don't keep us in suspense.


Bikini: Her hood!


Von Karma: Her hood...?


Bikini: That's right! ...It's coming back to me... Iris... She wasn't wearing her hood! I thought something was out of place, but... It all makes sense now, doesn't it? After all, she'd given that hood away to someone, right?


Edgeworth: ...Urk!


Von Karma: Hah... You've dug your own grave, Miles Edgeworth!


Judge: What do you say, Mr. Edgeworth? Is this testimony important?


            ------ [ It's not important ] ------


            Edgeworth: (...This line of questioning is only going to tear the wound open further.) These statements are as useless as the investigations of a certain detective. ...There is no need to record them.


            Judge: Hmm... Very well. ...Please, continue with your testimony.


            Von Karma: Hmph...


            [ back to cross-examination ]


            ------ [ It's important ] ------


            Edgeworth: (This may initially appear to put me at a disadvantage... But, I can't see any other leads at the moment...) ...Your Honor. I would like these new statements to be added to the testimony.


            Von Karma: Heh... Miles Edgeworth. If you want to hang yourself, you need only to ask. I'll gladly lend you my whip!


            Judge: Witness. Add that statement to your testimony.


            Bikini: ...No problem.


            [ new line of testimony inserted at this point ]


            -- Bikini: Now that you mention it... Iris didn't have her hood on.


            Edgeworth: HOLD IT! You are sure about that...?


            Bikini: Yes. After all, we always wear the same clothes. Ah! I don't mean because we're poor, you understand? It's our style. Yes, that's it!


            Edgeworth: ...There's absolutely no need to explain yourself.


            Bikini: Anyway! She looked different from normal, so that really stuck out.


            Von Karma: Like me holding a whippet puppy instead of my whip.


            Edgeworth: (At least then it might bite you and not someone else...)


            Bikini: Iris didn't have her hood on. I'm sure of it!


            Judge: ...Very well. Now, please tell us aboot the victim, eh.


            [ back to cross-examination ]




-- Bikini: Mystic Elise was staying in the corner room, which faces out onto the courtyard.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! The room the victim was staying in overlooked the courtyard, correct?


Judge: Which means... the victim's room was on the second floor?


Bikini: No, no. Hazakura Temple is a single story building. But the mountain itself slopes downward... ...which elevates the Main Gate side of the temple and the guest rooms in the back... ...to about the height of a two story building.


Judge: I see... And the victim was staying in one of these elevated rooms, correct?


Bikini: Yes... I'm the one who carried her things in there, after all...


-- Bikini: The stabbing I saw must have occurred after she was pushed out of her window.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! What makes you so sure of all this...?


Bikini: It's just like I told you earlier... "I heard a noise from the courtyard." OK? "Thump"... Just like that.


Von Karma: You're one smart sister, I'll give you that. The autopsy report states that... ...the victim's body was covered in bruises... ...indicating a fall from around 10 feet in height.


Judge: Hmm... It appears that the witness was not mistaken then.


Bikini: Yep. Yep. I'm more than just a pretty face. Especially in winter! I'm a woman of faith, after all. The head honcho of Hazakura Temple.


Edgeworth: (There's only two of them working there...!)


Von Karma: What's wrong, Miles Edgeworth? No snappy comeback remark?


Edgeworth: ... (...It doesn't feel like she is lying. This is very powerful testimony, too. She claims to have seen the instant in which the defendant stabbed the victim... There are only two things I can believe in right now... My client, Iris, and my own abilities as a defense attorney.)







Edgeworth: ...Impressive logic. That's what I'd like to say, anyway.


Bikini: Oh please, do! My brain is something else... especially in winter!


Edgeworth: However... I think you are overlooking one thing. ...Ms. von Karma. Would you be so kind as to take another look at the autopsy report?


Von Karma: T-The autopsy report...?


Edgeworth: The victim did fall from a height of 10 feet. ...However. This fall... was after she was killed.


Von Karma: Ah...!


Judge: T-That's right! It says "after death" right here!


Edgeworth: The scene the witness claims to have seen is contradictory! If the defendant stabbed and killed the victim there in the courtyard... ...how did the victim then go on to take a ten foot fall!?


Von Karma: Aaaah!


Judge: O-Order! Order! The victim was killed and then fell! If that is the case... ...then the victim must have been killed in her room... Don't you agree?


Von Karma: Th-That is the logical conclusion... Yes, that's right! The victim must have been stabbed by the defendant in her own room! And she was then thrown out of her window down into the courtyard below!


Edgeworth: OBJECTION! Were there any signs of a struggle in Ms. Deauxnim's room...?


Von Karma: ...!


Edgeworth: She was stabbed with a sword! That would leave a blood stain, wouldn't you agree?


Judge: W-Well, Ms. von Karma? Was there any blood...?




Judge: Waaaaaah!


Von Karma: ...No traces of blood were found in the victim's room.


Judge: ...Your whip has just caused traces of blood to be found on my glorious playoff beard. However! If there was no blood in the room, then your claim that...


Von Karma: I'm sure there's no need for me to go over this... ...as I'm sure Your Honor is well aware... ...of when a stab wound produces the most blood.


Judge: When it produces the most blood...?


Von Karma: Very little blood is actually lost at the moment of a blade's insertion. If you want to talk about when the most blood would be lost from a body... ...that would be when the blade is removed.


Edgeworth: Indeed. With the weapon still in place... ...it acts like a lid on the wound.


Judge: That's true... With the weapon still in the body, there wouldn't be much bleeding... A perfectly reasonable line of thinking!


Von Karma: We have come to a conclusion then! The victim was thrown out of the window with the sword still in place... This removes all of the contradictions!


Judge: Order! Order! Order! I must admit that this is a probable version of events!


Edgeworth: (I'd expect no less from Franziska von Karma... She locates and takes control of every vital point!)


Von Karma: ...Hmph...


Judge: It seems... ...that we need a clearer testimony from the witness. Remove all supposition on your part and tell us only the truth, please!


[Bikini is no longer visible on the witness stand, except for the very top of her head]


Judge: Witness! Please! Remain standing on the crate!


Bikini: Don't go selling me short now! The weight of winter snow has bent me out of shape, it has! ...Especially my back and my mood!


Von Karma: Sister. Please, give us your testimony. I will give you a vigorous massage once we are finished here.


Edgeworth: (...With the whip?)


Bikini: ...Oh, boy. Alright, alright...



Witness Testimony

-- Further Details --


Bikini: When I looked across at the scene, the sword was already in place. Thinking about it now, I didn't actually see her stab Mystic Elise. I've never seen so much blood before... That's when I fainted. You can't blame me, can you? And when I awoke... Mystic Ami was... stabbing Mystic Elise through the back!



Judge: Hmm... This all confirms Ms. von Karma's theory...


Von Karma: Von Karmas strive for nothing but perfection. Putting together such facts is nothing for me! You should know that, Miles Edgeworth!


Edgeworth: ("Perfection" is an impossibility, Franziska von Karma... And I'm here to teach you just that...)



Cross Examination

-- Further Details --


-- Bikini: When I looked across at the scene, the sword was already in place.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! At that time... was the victim bleeding?


Bikini: Well... I was very shocked to be seeing all this, of course... So I'm not entirely sure... But I don't think I saw any blood. Not then.


Von Karma: ...I'm sure that you didn't. The weapon was acting as a plug in the wound.


Edgeworth: In any case... Let's be clear on one very important point. Did you actually see the instant in which the victim was stabbed!?


-- Bikini: Thinking about it now, I didn't actually see her stab Mystic Elise.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...Think carefully. This is very important.


Bikini: It's Iris we are talking about here! I'm thinking for all I'm worth! ... No, when I looked over, the sword was already in Mystic Elise's body.


Judge: Hmmmmmm...


Edgeworth: (It might not be conclusive, but... ...this testimony supports her theory.)


Von Karma: The victim was stabbed in her room and then dropped into the courtyard... ...I think this proves it rather well, Miles Edgeworth.


-- Bikini: I've never seen so much blood before...


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...So you're saying that you saw the victim bleeding?


Bikini: T-That's right! Some of it splattered onto Iris, too...


Von Karma: When the defendant was arrested, she was meditating in her room. And her blood-flecked clothing was neatly folded in the corner.


Edgeworth: Wh-What!? (Her clothes were blood-flecked as well...?)


Judge: Hmmm... That seems quite conclusive to me...


Edgeworth: (What should I do...? Press this point further?)


            ------[ Stop here ]------


            Edgeworth: (I can't afford to make things look any worse for the defendant. I'll bide my time for now.)


            Judge: ...Witness. Please continue your testimony. From after you witnessed the victim bleeding!


            [ back to cross-examination ]


            ------[ Press further ]------


           Edgeworth: Going back to your previous statement... ...you said that you saw little bleeding when the victim was stabbed. But now... you say you saw the victim bleeding...?


            Bikini: Well, well. I say that what I saw is what I saw.


            Judge: W-What did you see?


            Bikini: Maybe I didn't see the poor woman get stabbed... But I saw the girl pull the sword out of her, plain as day.


            Edgeworth: Pulling the sword out...?


            Bikini: Well, it wasn't exactly pulling... It was more like it "came out".


            Judge: Witness! You will add this statement to your testimony!


            Bikini: Oh... Was that important...!?


            Edgeworth: (More important than you can imagine...)


            [ * A new line is now inserted into the testimony at a previous place. Scroll down for the update and extra dialogue. Cross-examination continues with this updated testimony.]




-- Bikini: That's when I fainted. You can't blame me, can you?


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! Now, on to what the killer did next... You saw none of it? Correct?


Bikini: Well... I was unconscious...


Von Karma: How long were you out for?


Bikini: I don't know... 10, maybe 20 minutes...? A young man with a very prickly looking head woke me up. ...By stepping on me, actually.


Judge: Hmm... I'm not sure I like that method of resuscitation!


Bikini: Well, I wasn't asking for mouth-to-mouth, or anything of the sort... ...but I would've welcomed a more gentle awakening right about then, let me tell you.


Edgeworth: ...I shall have words with the offender personally. What did you see upon awakening...?


-- Bikini: And when I awoke... Mystic Ami was... stabbing Mystic Elise through the back!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! By "Mystic Ami", you are referring to the golden statue, correct?


Bikini: Just stabbing someone with the Shichishito, a sacred treasure, is terrible enough. But to then make Mystic Ami hold the blade...!


Von Karma: Truly, a heinous, despicable crime.


Edgeworth: It is easy to despise something. Anyone can do it. However, there is something that cannot be done so easily...


Von Karma: Whatever it is, I'm sure it's doubly hard for you. So, Miles Edgeworth, tell us.


Edgeworth: Exactly why would the killer set up this gruesome scene? Can anyone explain the reasoning behind that?


Von Karma: ...!


Judge: Hmmmmm... No, I don't think I can.


Von Karma: ... There isn't always a logical reason behind why someone acts!


Bikini: That's true, so true. In early spring, for example, I often find myself...


Edgeworth: ("There isn't always"... That phrase might come in handy someday. There are too many unnatural elements in this case... Why was it necessary to use the Shichishito from the Ami statue as a weapon? Why was the weapon finally placed back in the hand of the statue? If I can expose the flaws in this testimony, perhaps then I will begin to find the truth.)



[ * The trigger mentioned above causes an extra line to be inserted into Bikini's testimony.


Cross-examination redux:


Bikini: When I looked across at the scene, the sword was already in place. Thinking about it now, I didn't actually see her stab Mystic Elise. I saw the instant in which the blade, plunged in to the hilt, was smoothly drawn out. I've never seen so much blood before... That's when I fainted. You can't blame me, can you? And when I awoke... Mystic Ami was... stabbing Mystic Elise through the back!




-- Bikini: I saw the instant in which the blade, plunged in to the hilt, was smoothly drawn out.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! "Smoothly", you say... You're saying you saw the sword smoothly slide out?


Bikini: That's right... The whole thing happened right next to the gold statue of Mystic Ami. Mystic Elise was on the ground, and Iris was stooped over her. The sword was buried up to the hilt. When Iris stood up, the sword in her hand just slid out of Mystic Elise's body. It slid out from that gaping wound...! Aaaah...


Judge: It goes without saying... that if the sword was removed there would be bleeding.


Von Karma: ...Nothing out of place here.


Edgeworth: (Is that really the case...? I can't help but feel that something about this testimony is very out of place... That something which couldn't possibly have happened... appears to have happened.)





Edgeworth: Sister Bikini. You are a reliable witness... At least, I'd like to think so. But there are too many contradictions here.


Bikini: W-What do you mean? You make it sound as though I'm a liar! Well.. You're a handsome young man, so I'll forgive you.


Von Karma: "Contradictions"...? What are you talking about?


Edgeworth: In the scene that the witness claims to have seen... ...the weapon was thrust up to its hilt into the victim. Furthermore... the killer withdrew the weapon smoothly from the body. ...However! Both of these are complete impossibilities!


Judge: What do you mean...? Please, explain you...




Judge: Uwaaaah!


Von Karma: Explain yourself!


Edgeworth: To start with... Do you think it would be possible to stab someone to the hilt with this?


[Shichishito displayed]


Edgeworth: No matter how I look at the defendant, she doesn't appear strong enough for that.


Von Karma: OBJECTION! "Doesn't appear"...? What meaningless dribble! I, too, may appear to be weak and frail... But I can crush men under my heel and make them weep, should I so choose!


Judge: The objection stands! I wept a little back there, I must admit.


Edgeworth: OBJECTION! ...That isn't the only issue here. If this sword was truly stabbed into the body up to the hilt... Well, just look at all the branches on it. It certainly wouldn't come out smoothly.


Von Karma: T-That's...


Edgeworth: We also have the problem of the amount of bleeding. It's true that when a blade is left in a body, it acts as a "plug" of sorts.


[Shichishito displayed]


Edgeworth: However! When the weapon is shaped like this, it's an entirely different story. The wound would be too large for the blade to completely stop from bleeding!


Von Karma: OBJECTION! T-That's nothing more than conjecture! In reality, the victim was stabbed with the Shichishito. Even a weapon of this nature... ...may still sometimes slide out smoothly, and may still sometimes stop the blood loss!


Edgeworth: OBJECTION! I'm not finished. There is still one more... conclusive contradiction.


Judge: Y-You've still got more!?


Edgeworth: ...This one is simple. If this sword really was stabbed all the way to the hilt... ...why is there only blood on the front end of it?


Von Karma: Ah...!


Edgeworth: If this witness is telling the truth... Then there should be blood along the entire length of the sword!


Von Karma: Noooooo!


Judge: Order! Order! Ord--




Judge: Whaaaaaaaaa!


Von Karma: Bravo... Miles Edgeworth. Raising this many contradictions from a single piece of evidence! All the other attorneys I know could maybe manage one, if that!


Judge: But what does this all mean!? You have proven contradictions regarding the murder weapon, but...


Edgeworth: ...Having come this far, there can only be one answer.


Von Karma: And that is...?


Edgeworth: The weapon used to kill the victim... ...was not this sword, the Shichishito, at all!


Judge: W-Whaaaaaaaaaat!?


Von Karma: A foolishly foolish idea born from the foolish mind of a foolhardy foolish fool.


Edgeworth: Let's examine this again. What was it that made us think this sword was the murder weapon?


Bikini: W-Well... It's because Mystic Ami was holding it...


Edgeworth: ...Exactly. However! If you reflect on this, that is the only basis we have to assume such a thing. ...The impression left by the scene was just to strong. That is what influenced us. It influenced us to believe that the Shichishito was the murder weapon!


Judge: Order! Order! Order!




Judge: Waaaaaaaaah!


Von Karma: So maybe the Shichishito was not the murder weapon. Even if that is the case... it changes nothing, Miles Edgeworth! The Sister here saw everything! She saw the defendant stab the victim with a sword-like object.


Judge: Hmmmmmm... That's true! Your response, Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: ... If that is so... I would like the prosecution to answer the obvious question it raises.


Judge: The obvious... question?


Edgeworth: ...Yes. Namely... Where did the real murder weapon disappear to?


Von Karma: ...!


Edgeworth: It goes without saying that the police searched the Main Hall and the surrounding area. ...Perhaps the prosecution can englighten [sic] us as to if a "sword-like object" was found.


Von Karma: T-That's...


Judge: Answer the question, Ms. von Karma!


Von Karma: ... No evidence of that kind was found.


Judge: Hmmmmm... Another mystery to throw onto the pile! A trial without a murder weapon is a tricky beast!


Bikini: Excuse me... Could I say something...? I just remembered something, actually...


Von Karma: ...What is it, Sister?


Bikini: I was just thinking... It's possible... ...that just maybe... what actually happened was... it was just over there...


Judge: ... What exactly are you going on aboot here?


Bikini: The murder weapon, I mean! Maybe... I think I might know where the sword was disposed of!


Edgeworth: You what!?


Von Karma: Well then... I think we need to hear testimony from you one more time, Sister.


Edgeworth: (Impossible...! What else... What else could this old woman have seen!?)



Witness Testimony

-- Location of the Weapon --


Bikini: I saw the murder at around 11 PM... And after asking that it be reported, I went out to the Main Gate. And there... I saw tracks! Tracks that indicated the snowmobile had been used! It takes 15 minutes to walk to Dusky Bridge, but less than 5 using one of those! Maybe they threw the weapon into Eagle River and came back while I was knocked out? ...Iris could have done that. She can drive a snowmobile after all...



Judge: Hmmmmmm... Witness. Please, tell us everything you know right away next time.


Bikini: Well. I'm not in the best of shape. What with my back and my age, you know.


Von Karma: Quite... There were indeed snowmobile tracks in front of the Main Gate. Here is a photograph.


Judge: A snowmobile, eh... I see. Well, it certainly is an interesting theory...


Von Karma: The tracks begin in front of Hazakura Temple... ...and run all the way to Dusky Bridge!


[Tracks Photo added to the Court Record.]

["Taken that night. From Main Gate to Dusky Bridge. Touch the Check Button for Details."]


Von Karma: ...That solves your pesky little problem, yes? The Eagle River's current is quite swift, meaning that it doesn't freeze over in winter. Making it the perfect place to dispose of the murder weapon!


Edgeworth: (Did she really go to the river to dispose of the murder weapon...?)


Judge: Mr. Edgeworth! ...Your cross-examination, please.



Cross Examination

-- Location of the weapon --


Bikini: I saw the murder at around 11 PM...


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...You are sure about the time?


Bikini: Yes... I was worried about it, after all.


Judge: Why was that?


Bikini: Because I have a strong sense of responsibility. Especially at this time of year. The acolyte was being doused in freezing water at the time... I couldn't very well take it easy in the bath all night now, could I? So at 11, I decided to leave Hazakura Temple.


Edgeworth: (Her estimation of the time seems reliable, at least.)

Von Karma: Please continue, Sister.


-- Bikini: And after asking that it be reported, I went out to the Main Gate.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! You asked Phoenix Wright to report the crime, correct?


Bikini: Right, right, the one who trampled me.


Edgeworth: (It seems she is the type to hold a grudge...)


Bikini: There isn't a phone in the Main Hall, so I sent him to the bridge.


Von Karma: Phoenix Wright... He didn't even have his cell phone on him?


Edgeworth: He had forgotten it at home, apparently.


Von Karma: What a naive boy, as always! Not only do I always carry my phone, but I always have my whip in hand, too!


Bikini: Anyway, I was really scared... And it was taking him a while to get back... So I thought I'd go out by the Main Gate for a spell.


-- Bikini: And there... I saw tracks! Tracks that indicated the snowmobile had been used!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! As I recall, there was a snowmobile outside the Main Gate when I visited.


Bikini: That's it. That's the only one we have. It'll run no matter how much snow falls!


Edgeworth: Now, you're certain the snowmobile was there at the Main Gate when you arrived?


Bikini: Yes, of course. It was parked in front of the gate.


Von Karma: So... she had already gone, discarded the murder weapon, and returned by that time.


Edgeworth: (...I'm not sure if this is really relevant... What should I do...?)


            ------[ Press further ]------


            Edgeworth: (...I need answers to every possible doubt.) The snowmobile in question... Was it still warm at that time?


            Bikini: Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? What do you mean? What do you mean?


            Judge: What do you mean, eh?


            Von Karma: What do you mean, Miles Edgeworth!?


            Edgeworth: (...I'm playing to a slow crowd here.) It goes without saying that using a snowmobile will heat its engine. If it was still warm, then it means it was recently used.


            Bikini: Ah! I see! I never thought of that!


            Judge: Hmmm, that's right! I overlooked that, too!


            Von Karma: ...Of course you did.


            Edgeworth: Then answer the question please, witness.


            Bikini: ... I don't often go around touching hot engines...


            Edgeworth: ...Hmm.


            Bikini: However... Now that you mention it... There wasn't any snow on it.


            Judge: Snow...?


            Bikini: Yes. For some reason, only the snowmobile wasn't covered in snow...


            Edgeworth: (There wasn't any snow on it!? Curses!)


            Judge: It seems highly likely that the killer did use the snowmobile then, eh!


            Von Karma: How long does it take to get to Dusky Bridge by snowmobile?


            [ back to cross-examination ]


            ------[ Stop here ]------


            Edgeworth: (It looks very likely that the snowmobile is related to this case. I can't help but think that Iris used it... But for what...? I'd better hold off on this... for now.)


            Judge: ...Well then, witness. How long does it take to reach the bridge by snowmobile?


            [ back to cross-examination ]




-- Bikini: It takes 15 minutes to walk to Dusky Bridge, but less than 5 using one of those!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! In that case... why didn't you use it yourself? You could've spared yourself some walking.


Bikini: Ah! There's a reason for that! Have we got a moment for me to explain?


Judge: I think that's why the question was asked in the first place...


Bikini: ...It was about a month ago. I was driving my beloved little snowmobile, happy as can be. I'd fetched some water and was heading back when I went and crashed into a tree! The tree and my back both went crunch. Just like that. Crunch.


Judge: Hmm... Crunch.


Bikini: ...I haven't been able to find the courage to ride anything since then... Anyway, the killer must have used it!


-- Bikini: Maybe they threw the weapon into Eagle River and came back while I was knocked out?


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! Refresh our memory. How long were you knocked out for...?


Bikini: Like I said, something like 10 to 20 minutes.


Von Karma: It's possible to get to the bridge and back in 10 minutes using the snowmobile...


Edgeworth: ...I have to concede that is more than enough time.


Von Karma: Is that all you wish to concede, Miles Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: ...


-- Bikini: ...Iris could have done that. She can drive a snowmobile after all...


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! While it would have been possible, time-wise... ...one element remains out of place here.


Judge: Oh? And what would this mystery element be?


Edgeworth: The killer's reasoning, Your Honor. "Why did the killer do all of this?" ...Why go to Eagle River to throw away the murder weapon when there are other methods?


Judge: Hmm... Too many unanswered questions! Your response, Ms. von Karma?




Judge: Waaaaaaaaah!


Von Karma: Turning to me for help over the slightest thing! Why don't you think for yourself once in a while? ...Your Honor.


Judge: Whaaaaat!?


Edgeworth: (She's as over the top as always...)


Von Karma: A-Anyway... Whatever the reason, the fact remains that the defendant could have done this! The murder weapon was disposed of in the river! Another point to me, Miles Edgeworth!


Edgeworth: (Another mystery to feed the fire... "Was there any reason to go and throw away the murder weapon"...? Luckily, there is surely a problem with this testimony. Now all I have to do is start poking holes in this flawed account...)





[Tracks Photo displayed]


Edgeworth: I admit this photograph proves something. It proves that the snowmobile was used on the night of the murder.


Von Karma: You've finally accepted the inevitable, it seems... Miles Edgeworth.

Edgeworth: However... If what the witness says is true, why is there only
one set of tracks?


Von Karma: What do you mean...?


Edgeworth: If Iris left Hazakura Temple, threw the weapon into the river, and then came back... ...Then, naturally, there should be two sets of tracks in the snow! Those from heading out to the bridge, and those from coming back.


Bikini: ... Ah...! You're right!


Von Karma: Hmph... You are forgetting one thing, Miles Edgeworth.


Edgeworth: ...?


Von Karma: On the night of the murder, it was snowing. The tracks leading to the bridge were erased by the snowfall. This removes your precious contradiction, now doesn't it!


Judge: I see! While she was at the river, the snow stopped... ...leaving just the return tracks in the snow.


Von Karma: What do you have to say now, Miles Edgeworth!


Edgeworth: (Is there a flaw in her theory...? This idea that the snowfall covered one set of tracks...?)


            ------[ It's flawless. ]------


            Edgeworth: ...The tracks leading to the bridge were covered by the snow. I do not have any evidence that can dispute this claim.


            Von Karma: ...In which case, the rest is simple. Sister. Who was the only person who could have driven the snowmobile that night?


            Bikini: Well... that would be...!


            Von Karma: ...You can't hide it. I already know the answer.


            Bikini: ......... It could only be Iris.


            Judge: A-And the reason being...!?


            Bikini: There is only one key for the snowmobile.


            Von Karma: A key... that the defendant is responsible for!


            Edgeworth: Whaaaaat!?


            Judge: Order! Order! Now I don't feel like a clueless Puck Bunny! I understand everything! If the defendant did indeed use the snowmobile... ...which means that Iris is most definitely the murder--


            Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...Your Honor! Please, wait a moment.


            Judge: What is it, Mr. Edgeworth?


            Edgeworth: There is one gaping hole in Ms. von Karma's claim!


            Judge: ... I'm not sure if I care for your response, Mr. Edgeworth. Next time, bring up whatever issues you have earlier. Do you understand? [penalty]


            Edgeworth: Nngh... (I should have noticed it sooner...!)


            [ Continue below ]


            ------[ There is a contradiction. ]------


            [ Continue below ]




Edgeworth: The tracks to the river were covered by snow... What a nice theory. However, Ms. von Karma... That is impossible.


Von Karma: ... Would you care to explain... ...why there is a rude index finger currently pointed in my general direction?


Edgeworth: ...No need. The evidence will do all of the talking for me.


Judge: On the night of the murder, the killer went to, and returned from, Dusky Bridge... ...in order to dispose of the murder weapon. The outgoing tracks were erased by snow. ...Or so claims Ms. von Karma. Mr. Edgeworth! Present your evidence to the contrary, eh! Evidence that the outgoing tracks were not covered by snow!


            ----------[If you screw up]----------------


            Edgeworth: Here is the evidence! What do you have to say, Your Honor...?


            Judge: ... ...This reminds me of when I was a little hockey goon in training... When I was a child, I hoped for school to be canceled due to heavy snowfall. Perhaps, Mr. Edgeworth, it would've been better for you had court been snowed in. ...That's all this evidence says to me, in any case.


            Edgeworth: ... Nothing else...?


            Judge: Nothing else.


            Von Karma: Oh dear... You seem to have missed, Miles Edgeworth.


            Edgeworth: Nngh... [penalty] (According to the witness's testimony, the incident occurred after 11 PM... In which case... ...there has to be evidence that can undeniably prove something doesn't match up!)


            [ back to the Judge's prompt ]






Edgeworth: Witness! What time was it again that you witnessed the crime at...?


Bikini: Like I said! It was around 11.


Edgeworth: ...Of course, this means that the weapon was thrown away after that time, correct? On that note... Please take a look at this data.


[Weather Data displayed]


Edgeworth: It is the weather report for Eagle Mountain on the night of the murder.


Judge: The... weather report...?


Edgeworth: Snow started to fall at 7 PM... But it stopped at around 10:50.


Von Karma: ...!


Edgeworth: Therefore! When the Sister witnessed the crime at 11 PM... ...the snow had already stopped falling! It is impossible for any tracks made after that time to have been covered up!


Von Karma: Aaaah!


Judge: O-Order! Order! Very well then... It looks like Ms. von Karma's claim has been... snowed in.




Judge: Waaaaaah!


Von Karma: ...It's too soon to be closing this trial due to snow! Miles Edgeworth! How pathetic of you to rely on the weather of all things!


Edgeworth: ...


Von Karma: Answer me this, then! When is a weather report ever correct!?


Judge: Ah, no, no no... You've got it all wrong. This isn't a forecast... This is... actual data...




Judge: Gyaaaaah!


Von Karma: Forecast, data, all weather reports have some inaccuracies! It may have still been snowing in the vicinity well past 11 PM!


Judge: Hmmmm... It's true. We cannot be totally sure, eh!


Edgeworth: W-What!? (How did she pull that off!?)


Judge: "It had stopped snowing at Hazakura Temple when the murder took place." ...You need to provide conclusive evidence of this.


Edgeworth: (I've come this far... There's no turning back now.) ...Very well. I, too, cannot allow any doubt to remain concerning this testimony.


Von Karma: Hah... You can't back down, can you? Such a perfectionist, Miles Edgeworth!


Judge: Very well then... Mr. Edgeworth! Where is your evidence that it had already stopped snowing when the victim was killed!?


            ------------[ If you screw up ]-------------------


            Judge: ... Your response, Ms. von Karma?


            Von Karma: It looks like... It is still snowing in your heart, too. Shivering in the cold, you are closing your eyes to the truth...


            Edgeworth: ...!


            Judge: And to think you just arrived after a long, tiring flight from Germany. That was poetry. Pure poetry.


            Edgeworth: (This evidence is only going to freeze my case solid.)


            Von Karma: Respond! Miles Edgeworth.


            Edgeworth: Even if it is snowing in my heart... At the time of the murder... it had already stopped snowing at Hazakura Temple!


            [back to Judge's prompt]






Edgeworth: Ultimately, it all comes down to one point. That being... Whether or not it was snowing in that courtyard when the victim was stabbed...


Von Karma: That's right. But proving that is...


Edgeworth: Incredibly easy.


Von Karma: ...!


Edgeworth: If we want to know whether it was snowing or not, we need only look at this photo.


[Crime Photo displayed]


Edgeworth: ...That's right. I am referring to the photo of the crime scene. As you can see... everything is covered with snow. ...With just one exception.


Von Karma: And that is...?


Edgeworth: The victim herself, Ms. Elise Deauxnim! Why is there no snow on top of her...? The answer is simple! It had stopped snowing when she was killed, that's why!


Von Karma: Gnnngh!


Edgeworth: In other words! If the killer really did go to the Eagle River to dispose of the murder weapon... ...then in this photograph, there should be two sets of tracks!


Von Karma: Aaaaah!


Judge: Order! Order! Just what are you...




Judge: Gayaaaah!


Von Karma: J-Just what are you suggesting, Miles Edgeworth!?


Edgeworth: (To be honest... I am not entirely sure myself. But...) This is simply what all of the facts point to. That night... someone used the snowmobile to leave Hazakura Temple. From the tracks left it can be understood that they were heading for Dusky Bridge. At that time... it was still snowing.


Von Karma: Of course it was. Because those tracks were gone.


Edgeworth: Then, when this person returned to Hazakura Temple... ...the snow had stopped. Thus, the return tracks remained.


Judge: Hmmmmm...


Bikini: Can I say something? This all sounds a bit fishy to me...


Von Karma: ...What does, Sister?


Bikini: There is only one key for the snowmobile.


Edgeworth: ...!


Von Karma: Furthermore, on the night in question, we know that the defendant had it! The key was found in her room after the murder!


Bikini: ...Which can only mean, that night... Iris used the snowmobile to go to the Inner Temple...


Edgeworth: (But... Iris said that she never went there... I should probably press on this point some more when I get the chance...)


Bikini: The snowmobile can't cross the suspension bridge... So, she must have left it on the Hazakura side of the bridge and crossed on foot.


Judge: ...That sounds right.


Bikini: But... What's odd is, when I left Iris and returned to Hazakura Temple... I didn't see anything near Dusky Bridge.


Von Karma: Y-You must have just failed to see it, Sister.


Bikini: Maybe... But when I made it back to Hazakura Temple... ...it was there, by the Main Gate... The snowmobile, I mean. I know what I saw. It was covered in snow, too...


Edgeworth: B-But that... isn't possible!


Judge: Order! Order! Order in the court! ...What does this all mean?


Von Karma: ...Nngh...


Edgeworth: So then what was the snowmobile used for...? It wasn't taken by the defendant when she went to the Inner Temple. If it had been, then the witness couldn't possibly have seen it by the gate. Furthermore... it wasn't used by the killer to dispose of the murder weapon. If that was the case, there should be two sets of tracks in this photo. All we know is this... After it stopped snowing... someone used the snowmobile to return to Hazakura Temple!


Judge: Hmmmmmm...


Edgeworth: (I never thought a simple snowmobile could cause so much trouble...)


Judge: ... I think we've arrived at this point due to the witness...


Bikini: Yes, yes. I've nothing more to add. I've told you everything, everything that I know.


Judge: Well then... That still leaves us with the same problem. If only there was someone... A witness who could testify to having seen the snowmobile!


Edgeworth: (A witness, huh...)


Judge: Was there no one out, walking perhaps, near Dusky Bridge on that night?


Bikini: ... I don't think that's likely. It was cold enough to freeze your ears off. Only an idiot would go out wandering in that. ...Unless they had something really important to do.


Judge: Hmmmm... That's a shame.


Edgeworth: (Hold on... Something is coming to me... An idiot may well have gone wandering out on that sub-arctic night!) ...Your Honor! I actually have an idea... There may be one individual able to help us.


Judge: R-Really!?


Von Karma: ...You know of someone who might have seen the snowmobile on the night of the murder...?


Edgeworth: I don't know, for sure, if he saw it or not... But there are two things about him that do come to mind.


Judge: Which are...?


Edgeworth: First... that he saw "something incredible" on the night of the murder.


Von Karma: ...And the second being?


Edgeworth: This individual that I am thinking of went wandering outside on that cold night... In other words, he is our kind of idiot.


Judge: Mr. Edgeworth! Who is this idiot you're talking aboot!?


            -----------[If you (deliberately) get this wrong...]------------


            Judge: Just what is the meaning of this, Mr. Edgeworth...? Are you saying that... this is the person who was near Dusky Bridge that night?


            Edgeworth: I-I did think so, however...




            Edgeworth: Uwaah!


            Von Karma: You're the wandering idiot, Miles Edgeworth! Cool off before you try to take me on again!


            Edgeworth: Ungh...! (What was I thinking!? This is the perfect chance to drag him onto the stand!)


            Judge: Hmmmm... Mr. Edgeworth. This individual... Did they really see the snowmobile that night?


            [ back to the Judge's prompt ]






Judge: This guy must be a product of "Jean-Luc de Laduc's Guide to Obnoxious French Painting"...


Edgeworth: This is Larry Butz... The student of the victim, Elise Deauxnim.


Judge: Her student...? Interesting. Why was he wandering on the night of the murder?


Edgeworth: T-That's... (I could tell them all about his designs for Iris... But it may cost us his credibility as a witness... Before I even call him.) He is, after all, an artist. He was, perhaps, searching for something in the snowy scenery that would move him. ...Although I cannot guarantee that this is the reason.


Von Karma: And so...? This unfortunate, unreliable looking man... What exactly was it that he saw?


Edgeworth: I intend to extract that from him, right here in this room.


Judge: ...Summon this youth as a witness immediately!


Von Karma: ... I have no choice, do I?


Edgeworth: I believe he is in the gallery for this trial. It will not take long to summon him.


Judge: ...Very well.


Edgeworth: (Larry... You may have escaped me yesterday... But today I'm going to get everything out of you!)


Judge: ...The court will now adjourn for a 20 minute break. Ms. von Karma, please see to preparing the next witness.


Von Karma: ...Understood, Your Honor.


Judge: Good... Well then! Court is now in recess!



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