[Gyakuten Saiban 3 / Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Trials & Tribulations]

[Case 5: Bridge to the Turnabout, part 2-2]

[Transcription by evilbishounen, 10-07-07]



Case 5: Part 2-2, Trial


February 9, 11:15 AM

District Court

Defendant Lobby No. 1


Iris: Excuse me... Mr. Edgeworth? I'm not really sure what to say...


Edgeworth: Iris. We only have 20 minutes. There are two things which I need to ask you in this time.


Iris: ...Whatever I can help you with.


Edgeworth: First, about that night. You really didn't go to the Inner Temple, correct? The last witness claims to have met and talked with you in the Training Hall. Either you or Sister Bikini... ...is lying.


Iris: ... Mr. Edgeworth. It is just as I said yesterday. Until the incident occurred... I was in my own room, in Hazakura Temple.


Edgeworth: ...Very well. The second thing, then. That night, the temple snowmobile was used in between the time Sister Bikini... ...returned to the Main Hall and when she bore witness to the murder. Sometime between 10:30 and 11 PM that night. Were you the one who used the snowmobile?


Iris: ... There is only one key for the snowmobile. The only person who could have used it... was me.


Edgeworth: So it was you...! But... why? ...What made you go out to Dusky Bridge?


Iris: ... I'm sorry, Mr. Edgeworth.


[ 5 Psyche-locks appear ]


Edgeworth: Iris...


Iris: I can't... tell you about that... yet.


Edgeworth: "Yet"...?


Iris: Not until her safety is confirmed...


Edgeworth: Her?


Iris: The safety of the acolyte...


Edgeworth: (The "acolyte", huh... She's [sic] must be talking about Maya...) ... Iris. Can you still look me in the eye and tell me... ...that you did not kill Elise Deauxnim?


Iris: ... No matter who or what may come... I could never take a life.


Edgeworth: ... (As I thought... no Psycholock...) ...Very well. It is my job to get to the truth. You'll discover this for yourself soon enough.



February 9, 11:36 AM

District Court

Courtroom No. 7


Judge: ...Court will now reconvene. Ms. von Karma. Where is the witness...?


Von Karma: During the break, a man was detained for suspicious behavior in the gallery.


Edgeworth: Suspicious behavior...?


Von Karma: He was sketching something... Very intensely.


Judge: ...Sketching the defendant is indeed prohibited.


Von Karma: He drew a terrifying woman, with a demonic face and wielding a whip.


Judge: ... I can only presume that his intention was to capture you.




Judge: ...Aaaah!


Von Karma: Anyway, it's time to drag this pathetic excuse for an artist before the court! Laurice Deauxnim! I hope you're ready.. Get in here!


Edgeworth: (It would seem that whip is going to see plenty more use today...)




[Larry stands at the witness stand grinning like a goon... whip-crack!]


Butz: Ouch!


Von Karma: ...Your sketch is in contempt of this court!


Butz: H-Hey! I was just artistically rendering...




Butz: ...Ouch!


Von Karma: You tried to run away from the bailiff who was trying to hand you your subpoena, correct?


Butz: L-Look! I'm nothing but a fledgling artist, training out in the mountains! I'm only down here in the city because I ran out of green paint. Well, to use the technical term for the color, "viridian."


Edgeworth: ...Larry... This isn't an art store, now is it...?


Butz: I know! I graduated junior high, OK!? Look. Art is all about working in the fields, isn't it?


Judge: Working in the fields...?


Edgeworth: I presume he wanted to say "field work"... I hope.


Butz: Th-That's it! Thanks, buddy!


Edgeworth: (It's kind of sad that I was able to understand his mangled train wreck of a sentence...)

Butz: I just happened to stop in here and found a wonderful new model!


Von Karma: ...


Butz: So see!? I've got nothing to do with this trial! At all! I expect all of your faces to be red when you realize this mistake! Bright red! Or, to use the technical term, "crimson lake."




Butz: ...Ou-Ou-Ouch!


[5 more whip-cracks]


Butz: Ou-Ou-Ou-Ouch! Ouch! Ou-Ouch!


Von Karma: Stop your pathetic blabbing and testify like a man!


Judge: Refrain from whipping me, Ms. von Karma! Cross-whipping is as bad as cross-checking. Witness! That was all your fault! Testify, now!


Butz: Waaaah... This is almost too much for me...!



Witness Testimony

-- What I Saw --


Butz: I was at that lodge out in the mountains, looking up at the stars that night. I walked to the bridge a number of times, but... I didn't see a s-snowmobile! I didn't meet anyone at the bridge that night! The girl I was waiting for didn't show up... My teacher died on me... I'm all alone now. Aren't I, Edgeyyyyy...!?



Judge: Witness! Please refrain from talking directly to the lawyers during your testimony!


Butz: I-I'm just a nobody! Nothing but a small, worthless man, aren't I!? And why wasn't I asked for my name and occupation... or anything else...!?


Judge: ... Mr. Edgeworth. This man seems to have quite a severe inferiority complex.


Edgeworth: ...He's recently been the cause of numerous incidents. I think he's finally realized for himself... ...just how much of a nuisance he has been to other people!


Butz: Yeah, that's right! I'm behind everything, every case! Watch out, OK! Just touching me will make you eternally unhappy!


Judge: ...Well then, let us proceed with the cross-examination. With no touching, thank you. We can delve into other details at a later time.



Cross Examination

-- What I Saw --


-- Butz: I was at that lodge out in the mountains, looking up at the stars that night.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...


Judge: What ever is the matter, Mr. Edgeworth?


Edgeworth: This one single statement is so full of contradictions... For a moment there, I thought I was going to collapse.


Judge: Hmm...


Von Karma: So, witness? Any idea as to where these contradictions in your testimony lie? Depending on your answer... I may let my whip have its way.


Butz: OK, give me a minute... Well, it was snowing that night so I couldn't possibly have seen the stars. That run-down shack is hardly a "lodge," is it...? And even if the stars could be seen, it isn't like I was there to look at them, right?


Edgeworth: ...


Von Karma: See? You can do it if you try.


Butz: Heh heh heh...




Butz: Ou-Ou-Ou-Ouch!


Von Karma: ...There is only one issue here. What you saw at Dusky Bridge.


-- Butz: I walked to the bridge a number of times, but...


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! "A number of times"...? How many?


Butz: Maybe... five times? I went once every twenty minutes.


Edgeworth: Which means... ...you spent almost two hours at Heavenly Hall that night?


Butz: After all, real love is about waiting with your heart in your hands.


Judge: Love, you say...?


Edgeworth: It was this man's intention to summon the defendant to the small shack. ...Using this blackmail letter.


Judge: B-Blackmail...!?


Butz: No, no! That was simply a product of overflowing love...




Butz: A-Agh!


Von Karma: You huffy, puffy, loosey-goosey excuse for a whimpering whining wuss of a witness!


Judge: So... what did you see? I hope for your sake you saw a snowmobile... You huffy, puffy, loosey-goosey excuse for a whimpering whining wuss of a witness, eh!


Butz: Um... Well... You see...


Edgeworth: (Being called those names doesn't seem to bother him at all...)


-- Butz: I didn't see a s-snowmobile!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...Larry! You really didn't see it?


Butz: H-H-Hey! No need to hit your desk! I can hear you! ...I didn't see it! I didn't see a s-s-snowmobile!


Edgeworth: ... Larry. Say "snowmobile" for me, please?


Butz: S-S-S-Snowmobile.


Edgeworth: If you truly have nothing to hide... ...then why can't you pronounce this word properly!?


Butz: Sh-Shut up! W-W-What is this!? I don't know! Don't ask me!


Edgeworth: (It seems that I'll need to start from a more obvious contradiction. I'm going to strike the blow that will finally get him to spill the beans!)


--Butz: I didn't meet anyone at the bridge that night!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! You didn't meet anyone?


Butz: That's right. Because I've got nothing to do with this! And I'm just here to buy some viridian paint, OK!? Come on, I expect to see those crimson lake faces! Now!


Judge: ... It would appear that simply pressing him isn't going to be enough, Mr. Edgeworth.


Edgeworth: ...Indeed. (It seems that he's going to claim to have nothing to do with this to the end. I don't want this guy to cost us any more time... I need to slice through his obvious contradictions and keep things moving along...)





Edgeworth: Larry Butz... I can understand why you might want to throw your old life away. You're pretty pathetic, and you cause all sorts of trouble...


Butz: I'm sorry...!


Edgeworth: But... Having realized just how much of a nuisance you have been... ...that could be considered a step in the right direction.


Butz: Edgey! Are you... trying to console me?


Judge: It certainly doesn't sound that way to me.


Edgeworth: However... I cannot forgive you for simply turning away from the incidents you create!


Butz: Waaah... You're totally pinning this on me...


Edgeworth: ...Now then. Let us talk about the night of the murder. Sister Bikini, after seeing the murder take place, asked Phoenix Wright to report it. Thus, he headed for the public phone by the bridge... There, he happened across a certain nefarious individual! You, Larry Butz!


Butz: ... That's right. Me, in the flesh.


Judge: Hmm... Listen carefully, witness. It doesn't matter if you change your name. So long as you remain pretty pathetic, you will continue to cause these incidents! That reality will not change!


Butz: B-But...! What do you want me to do, then!?


Edgeworth: Larry. What you need to change is your self. "What you saw that night"... Testify truthfully! That is all you can do for now.


Butz: ... Edgey... I... I think... I've finally woken up! ... Well. I guess I could still be sleeping... But anyway! I'll do it! I'll testify! ... Well. I'm not sure this'll go especially well...


Judge: I'll ask again, then, witness. What did you see on the night of the murder?



Witness Testimony

-- What I Saw, Pt. 2 --


Butz: I went to the shack at around 9, so it would have been about 10:30 PM... I was lying under my bedding when a white flash almost blinded me! I looked out the window... and Dusky Bridge was on fire! There was still some thunder, but I went right away to check it out. That's when I ran into Nick.



Judge: Hmmmm... You certainly saw quite a lot, didn't you?


Von Karma: So... what happened to the bridge after it caught on fire?


Butz: It was like me after a three day stint chasing a girl... It totally burnt out. Like, almost totally gone. ...I mean, trying to cross the burning remains was what caused Nick to fall.


Von Karma: W-What did you say!?


Edgeworth: Oh, don't worry... nothing life threatening. He just caught a cold.


Von Karma: As always, hard to know if he should be called lucky or unlucky...


Judge: Now, Mr. Edgeworth! Please commence your cross-examination.



Cross Examination

-- What I Saw, Pt. 2 --


-- Butz: I went to the shack at around 9, so it would have been about 10:30 PM...


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! What did you do, out there in the cold, for an hour and a half?


Butz: Well, if you really must know... I was busy being excited. I guess.


Judge: Hmmmmm... "Excited"? Dare I even ask...?


Butz: I set the meeting time as 10:00 PM, right? But I couldn't wait. And I thought she might come early, too.


Edgeworth: ...Well, it appears she didn't come at all, in the end.


Von Karma: Because they never arranged to meet in the first place, did they?


Butz: Shut up! Don't go picking my fond memories apart! Anyway, I was getting a little worried. I thought maybe Iris had lost her way. So every twenty minutes or so, I went out to the bridge. But I didn't see anything particularly suspicious... I didn't have anything else to do, so I went back to waiting in the shack.


-- Butz: I was lying under my bedding when a white flash almost blinded me!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! This "light" was, of course...


Butz: Lightning. Like... KERPOW! Like a slap from Naomi, honestly! A big bada-boom!




Butz: Hagaaaah!


Von Karma: ...Or a little like that?


Butz: Waaah! That's more like a punch from Miranda!


Judge: Witness, did you actually see the lightning hit the bridge?


Butz: Well, I was a bit startled by the flash of light, so...


-- Butz: I looked out the window... and Dusky Bridge was on fire!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! Seeing that, what did you do?


Butz: What do you think!? I was burning up as well! From the fire in my heart!


Von Karma: And that's why you went to take a look at the bridge?


Butz: Well. To be honest... It was freezing cold, so at first I thought, "Forget it. I'm not leaving my covers." But it had pretty much stopped snowing... So, I dunno, I changed my mind.


Judge: Hmmmmmm. I'm not sure I care for the "forget it" attitude you had at first, witness.


-- Butz: There was still some thunder, but I went right away to check it out.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! You said "right away"... But exactly how long after the strike was that?


Butz: Hmm... The lightning fell, and then the bridge caught on fire... Maybe around five minutes? I mean. I suddenly thought, "Gotta go check this out!"


Von Karma: How far is this small shack you were in from the bridge?


Butz: Hold on... Well, it had pretty much stopped snowing... I guess about a five-minute walk?


Edgeworth: And how did Dusky Bridge look when you got there?


Butz: Like I had recovered a piece of my childhood. I mean, not even the bonfires kids make during school camping trips can compare!


Edgeworth: (...Well? Should I press him for a little more info?)


            ------[ Not right now. ]------


            Edgeworth: (I don't think we can expect any more relevant information... Probably best to turn to other leads.)


            Judge: ...Witness. Please continue your testimony.


            [ back to cross-examination ]


            ------[ Why didn't you call anyone? ]------


            Edgeworth: ...Larry. Let me ask you one thing.


            Butz: What is it, Edgey? What's with the serious face?


            Edgeworth: Why didn't you call anyone?


            Butz: Eh? What do you mean?


            Edgeworth: Normally... when faced with a "towering inferno", you would try and tell someone. There is a public phone right by Dusky Bridge, correct?


            Butz: ... Well, of course I thought of doing that.


            Judge: So then... let's hear why you didn't!


            Butz: H-Huh? Yeah, OK. A reason... My reason... It isn't that I didn't try to tell anyone... I just didn't have time to, OK?


            [ ** New line of testimony replaces the final line. See below. Cross-examination continues with this updated testimony. ]


            ------[ Why did you go to the bridge? ]------


            Edgeworth: So you suddenly thought to "check out" the bridge...? Does this mean that you initially had no intention of doing so?


            Butz: W-Well... Yeah, I guess it does... It was really cold... I didn't really want to go out there.


            Edgeworth: If that's the case... Why did you change your mind? I would like to hear your reasoning.


            Judge: In which case... please give testimony to that effect, witness!


            Butz: M-My reasoning... OK... Reasoning, is it...?


            [ *** New line of testimony replaces the final line. See below. Cross-examination continues with this updated testimony. ]




-- Butz: That's when I ran into Nick.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! How did Phoenix Wright look when you met him?


Butz: Hmm... Pretty much totally "run into the ground". I mean, he had run all the way from Hazakura Temple. He simply stood, staring at me, breathing hard for a moment.


Von Karma: How far is it to Hazakura Temple from the bridge?


Butz: On his legs... a 15 minute run, I'd say.


Judge: ...And that's when the murder was reported?


Butz: That's right! And then he took a fall from the bridge!


Edgeworth: (...He told me about the burning bridge yesterday. But there's still something that doesn't quite fit... It looks like... ...despite his change of heart, Larry still isn't telling us the whole truth.)



[ ** Testimony change:


Butz: I went to the shack at around 9, so it would have been about 10:30 PM... I was lying under my bedding when a white flash almost blinded me! I looked out the window... and Dusky Bridge was on fire! There was still some thunder, but I went right away to check it out. I arrived at the bridge, and Nick showed up less than a minute later.


-- Butz: I arrived at the bridge, and Nick showed up less than a minute later.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! You claim to have arrived at the bridge at the same time as Wright?


Butz: Y-Yeah! I thought, "I'd better tell someone about this." But then Nick came up yelling about murder! It totally made me forget about the bridge. The fire was pretty much out by then, anyway.


Edgeworth: (What's this feeling...? I suddenly have a terrible case of unease...!)


Von Karma: It was after contacting the police that Phoenix Wright fell from the bridge, correct?


Butz: Yeah. That's pretty much it. More or less.





[ *** Testimony change:


Butz: I went to the shack at around 9, so it would have been about 10:30 PM... I was lying under my bedding when a white flash almost blinded me! I looked out the window... and Dusky Bridge was on fire! There was still some thunder, but I went right away to check it out. I thought I'd never get another chance to see something so big burning!


-- Butz: I thought I'd never get another chance to see something so big burning!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...So you decided to go and see what was happening?


Butz: That's right! We're talking about a massive suspension bridge burning to high heaven! That's not something you see every day. A real spec... specule... ... Like, really special?


Edgeworth: (Can we really trust a witness who is unable to pronounce "spectacle"?)


Judge: Life seems to love hitting this poor witness below the belt...


Butz: Well, my motto is to "hit life back as hard as I can."




Butz: A-Agah!


Von Karma: ...I'll give you a few hits too, if you'd like. With my whip.







Edgeworth: Your very existence being a contradiction, I'm not sure if you can grasp this or not...


Butz: What the hey, Edgey!? You make me sound like some sort of alien!


Edgeworth: But your testimony is conclusively contradictory. The problem here... is time.


Butz: I've never been the best timekeeper, you know. "Three minutes after Billy leaves on foot, you follow him on your bicycle. How long does it take for you to catch up with him?" Terrible at those.


Edgeworth: ...This is much more simple. You saw the lightning strike Dusky Bridge... ...and immediately went to see what had happened. ...Is this correct?


Butz: Yeah... Well, I wasted about five minutes first, but more or less.


Edgeworth: ...I have the weather data from the night of the murder here. According to this, the lightning fell at 10:45 PM. You say it takes less than five minutes from the shack to Dusky Bridge. Meaning you probably got there at around 11 PM.


Butz: ...That all sounds about right, I guess. And then Nick showed up and did his falling act.


Edgeworth: That is impossible.


Von Karma: ...What do you mean?


Edgeworth: 11 PM is when the murder occurred in Hazakura Temple. Thus... Wright was still there, in the courtyard. There is no way that Larry could have encountered him at Dusky Bridge at that time!


Von Karma: ...!


Butz: Ah! Excuse me! I-I have an objection!


Judge: You do?


Butz: Edgey! How many times do I have to say this!? I'm not Larry! I'm Laurice Deauxnim!




Butz: Gyaaah!


Von Karma: ...It has not been proven that the murder occurred at 11 PM. The Sister only said, "around 11". ...In which case! It could have been earlier than that!


Edgeworth: ...Watch your footing there, Ms. Franziska von Karma. The slope ahead is slippery! For there is still no way that Wright could have been at Dusky Bridge at 11 PM!


Von Karma: And why not!?


Edgeworth: It is clearly written here in the weather data report. It took around 30 minutes for the bridge to burn out. Therefore! The bridge must have been burning until at least 11:15 PM!


Judge: Which means... what, exactly?


Edgeworth: Wright did not see the bridge as it was burning that night. He did not arrive there until after the flames had died down! ...Larry! You arrived at the bridge at 11 PM. Wright did not make it there until at least 11:15... Are you still trying to hide something from us!? What happened during these missing 15 minutes!?


Butz: Urk... I... I feel like I just woken up... I guess I was still sleeping after all! Ha ha ha! Pinch me!


Judge: Order! Order! Order! Ordaaaaaaaaagh!




Von Karma: ...So there was a missing 15 minutes prior to meeting Phoenix Wright. I hardly see that as much of a problem!


Butz: Yeah! Not much of a problem at all!


Edgeworth: Really...? The bridge is burning before your eyes, and there is a phone right next to it. Why, then, did you not report the accident?


Judge: Did you simply... watch the bridge burn?


Edgeworth: That is the problem here... Even after the bridge burnt out, he was still there! He simply stood there and didn't report anything.


Von Karma: Th-That's what it sounds like...


Edgeworth: This might be Larry we are talking about, but even he is incapable of being so stupid. There has to be a reason for his inaction!


Butz: ... Edgey... I think it's about time I got serious with you, dude.


Edgeworth: ...Just as I thought, you've been playing with us all this time.


Butz: Listen... I'm... I'm going to tell you everything! Are you sure you want to hear it all!?


Edgeworth Y-Yes...


Butz: I may reeeeally say it this time! Everything!




Butz: Kahaah!


Von Karma: ...Then say it!


Judge: Very well... I have a terribly bad feeling aboot this; however... ...let's have the witness finally give us the whole truth. Now... for this 15 minute gap, what were you doing, witness!?



Witness Testimony

-- The Missing 15 Minutes --


Butz: I'm a Deauxnim. I'm an artist! What do you think I was doing? Sketching! In front of the bridge! I was whipped up into a frenzy of art! The shock and awe that I was feeling... I transferred it all directly onto the page! ...Before I realized it, the flames had gone out and then he came running up.



Judge: Hmmmmm... I suppose artists can be strange folk...


Butz: That's right! I'm willing to sacrifice everything in order to draw the perfect sketch!


Edgeworth: (...Including the truth, from the sound of it!)


Judge: Mr. Edgeworth. Has this removed the last of your doubts?


Edgeworth: Not at all, Your Honor. One very large doubt still remains.


Judge: I-It does...?


Edgeworth: This is a surprisingly believable story, especially considering the source... So why did he think he needed to hide it from us until now? I intend to drag the reason out of him!


Butz: Hah ha ha! You'll regret this, Edgey!



Cross Examination

-- The Missing 15 Minutes --


-- Butz: I'm a Deauxnim. I'm an artist! What do you think I was doing?


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! Tell us, Larry...


Butz: My name is Laurice! Get it right! Mistakes like that are what keep you from being popular with the ladies like I am!


Judge: ... Just who exactly are you!?


Butz: I'm Laurice Deauxnim! Nice to meet ya!


Edgeworth: That's what he calls himself, in any case.


Judge: ...Then, you are... an artist?


Butz: Of course! I'm an artist, the real thing!


Edgeworth: Yet again, that's what he calls himself.


Von Karma: ...Names mean nothing. There is only one issue I care to discuss. What were you doing?


Edgeworth: (That is a very big issue, indeed.)


-- Butz: Sketching! In front of the bridge! I was whipped up into a frenzy of art!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! S-Sketching!? The burning bridge?


Butz: The burning bridge and everything that came with it!


Edgeworth: ... What? "Came with it"...?


Butz: You want to hear this from my lips, do you, Edgey!? Y-You'll regret this! That sketch of mine is...


[whip crack]


Butz: Gaaah!


Von Karma: ...Enough. Just take that ridiculous sketch yours [sic] out already, witness!


Butz: ... W-W-W-What are you talking about? I don't know what you mean!


Judge: That does indeed appear to be the fastest solution. ...I'll leave it to you, Mr. Edgeworth.


Edgeworth: (What should I do...? I've got a terrible feeling that the instant this sketch is revealed... ...the entire world may be changed by what is depicted there...!)


            ------[ Leave it alone ]------


            Edgeworth: ...I cannot recommend looking at the sketch. His "works of art" are a force of nature best measured on the Richter scale.


            Butz: That's right! They'll shake your heart to pieces!


            Judge: Hmmmm... This courtroom has yet to meet earthquake standards! I think we'd better pass! ...In which case, let us turn to other leads.


            [ back to cross-examination ]


            ------[ Look at the sketch ]------


            Edgeworth: ...Larry. I wonder if you could show us your sketch. Please?


            Butz: ... Well, well... Even I couldn't have imagined it'd turn out like this.


            Edgeworth: ...Imagined what?


            Butz: That Laurice Deauxnim's debut would take place here, today, like this!


            [whip crack]


            Butz: Ou-Ou-Ou-Ou-Ouch!


            Von Karma: Show it! Now!


            Butz: OK... But steel yourselves!


            [ Larry's sketch revealed ]


            Butz: This... is the world of Laurice Deauxnim!


            Judge: ... Ah. Um... Well... So this... this is Dusky Bridge, correct? Q-Quite a large bridge, isn't it? Your response, Ms. von Karma?


            Von Karma: Y-Yes, well... I-It's a better drawing than I expected.


            Butz: Isn't it? Isn't it? I struggled to reproduce those flames. I really did!


            Judge: ...Yes, I'm sure you did. ...


            Von Karma: ......


            Butz: ......


            Edgeworth: (Nngh... This is going to get ugly... No one has the bravery to bring it up, it seems... This... mysterious flying object...) ...Larry.


            Butz: What?


            Edgeworth: The burning bridge is fine. But... What is that unfortunate looking figure...?


            Butz: Ah. You spotted that? I thought you might.


            Edgeworth: However much I might want to ignore it... I can't.


            Butz: It's Iris, of course! Iris! I wish she'd take better care of herself. She's still just a little girl! What would've happened to her if she had injured herself flying like that...?


            Edgeworth: ... Larry, please. Answer this next question honestly.


            Butz: OK.


            Edgeworth: Are you REALLY claiming to have seen this? Are you claiming to have seen the silhouette of the defendant... ...flying over a bridge that was engulfed in flames...?


            Butz: Yep. That's what I saw. That's why I drew it! I'm an artist! A real artist!


            Edgeworth: Are...!


            Von Karma: You...!


            Judge: High! The girl... She's really high up in this picture!


            [whip crack]


            Judge: Uwaaah! What was that for!?


            Von Karma: ...This is all a bad dream. I was hitting you on the cheek to test that theory!


            Judge: Please whip your own cheek from now on if you wish to test your wild theories! A-Anyway! No court of law will ever acknowledge... ...that p-p-people can f-f-fly!


            Von Karma: ...Actually, there is some precedent for this.


            Butz: She was flying pretty high, my sweet Iris. She was about 30 feet above the bridge, at least! It was really something to see!


            Judge: Th-This has to be some kind of m-m-mistake! ...Mr. Edgeworth, please bring the witness back down to earth!


            Edgeworth: What? Me...!?


            Judge: This witness is your friend, is he not?


            Von Karma: "Accessory to foolishness..." ...Miles Edgeworth.


            Judge: Let us get back to the cross-examination! By force, if necessary! Mr. Edgeworth, I expect you to expose the obvious contradiction here!


            Edgeworth: Y-Yes, Your Honor... (Looks like I've got another reason to remember this moron...)


            Butz: ...Well, what did you think of my debut piece?


            Judge: Get that thing away from me!


            [Larry's Sketch added to the Court Record.]

            ["Horrible sketch of what he saw the night of the crime. Touch the Check Button for details."]


            Judge: Now, hurry up and cross-examine him!


            [ New line of testimony inserted at this point...]


            -- Butz: I saw Iris flying! Her white hood fluttering!


            Edgeworth: HOLD IT! Just where did you see this sight from!?


            Butz: Hey! No need to shout... When I was lying in bed in that run-down shack... The crack of the lightning bolt made me realize that the bridge was burning. I just watched it for a while from there, thinking how nicely it was burning! Then, after about five minutes, I saw it.


            Von Karma: The defendant "flying"...?


            Butz: That's right! That's when I decided to go to the bridge!


            Judge: ...I see. That all makes sense. Aside from the sketch itself...


            Edgeworth: (Yes... This sketch doesn't make any sense... I just need to convince the artist that his work is ludicrous.)


            [ cross-examination continues with the updated testimony ]




-- Butz: The shock and awe that I was feeling... I transferred it all directly onto the page!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! The burning bridge moved you that much, did it? ...I find that hard to believe.


Butz: You moron, Edgey! You don't understand me at all! If I see an abandoned cat, I find myself passing by it with tears in my eyes! I am a man overflowing with irresponsible kindness, I am! And I smash all of it onto the pages of my notebook!


Von Karma: An artist, using a notebook... It's so pathetic, it makes me want to cry myself. [whip cracks] I command you to go buy at least a proper sketch pad!


Butz: W-W-What has that got to do with anything!?


Judge: I'm not sure if I care for an artist using a notebook for sketching. Proceed, witness.


-- Butz: ...Before I realized it, the flames had gone out and then he came running up.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! You forgot the passage of time to that extent, did you?


Butz: Well... Once I get caught up in something, I tend to forget everything else...


Edgeworth: (That's true... He's always been that way. I guess he's not lying about that, at least.)

Von Karma: Phoenix Wright appeared on the scene after 11:15... If he was drawing until then, that dispels all doubts.


Judge: Aside from doubts of his humanity, eh...


Edgeworth: (There is a big clue waiting for me in this cross-examination... This testimony does nothing less than mock the court... But I am sure that there is a vital kernel of truth hidden in it somewhere!)





Edgeworth: Larry. What did you really see that night...? Not that I particularly care.


Butz: In your position, that's just being irresponsible! I... I drew exactly what I saw! I'll bet you a buck it's what I saw!


Edgeworth If that is truly the case... Then there is one thing that we can say for certain.


Judge: What might that be...?


Edgeworth: That the person who flew over the bridge... ...could not have been the defendant, Iris!


Butz: W-W-What!? What do you mean? I don't understand!?


[whip crack]


Butz: Uwaaagh!


Von Karma: A foolhardy folly of a foolish statement by an equally foolishly foolhardy fool. How, exactly, can you make this claim?


Edgeworth: ...Tell us, Larry. According to this picture... ...the individual whom you say you saw was wearing a hood. Correct?


Butz: Of course she was! That run-down shack is quite a way from the bridge... The hood is what told me that this floating angel was my Iris! The hood is my darling Iris! And Iris is my darling hood!


[whip crack]


Butz: Waaah!


Von Karma: It seems there are bigger fools in this world than the one at the defense's bench.


Edgeworth: ...Larry, there's something you need to be made aware of. On the night of the murder... Iris wasn't wearing her hood. She had given it to Wright as a gift! Are you going to change your story now? Perhaps suggest it was Wright who took flight!?


Butz: W-What are you talking about!?


Edgeworth: ...I think you understand what I mean just fine.


Butz: Why...? Why did Nick have Iris's hood!?


Edgeworth: Eh...?


Butz: Edgey! What's going on with Iris and Nick!? Why you, Niiiiiick! You doooooooog!


Judge: I do believe... ...that this unbelievably mysterious sketch... ...is destined to disappear, discredited and discarded. Straight into the garbage.


Butz: ...Hah... Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


[whip crack]


Butz: Hagaaah!


Von Karma: ...What is it now, witness?


Butz: It feels like... I've been waiting 25 years for this very day to come! Edgey! Today is the day I get to completely stupefy you!


Edgeworth: W-What...!?


Judge: What is the meaning of your outburst, witness!?


Butz: ...I hate to have to do this, but I have some definitive evidence.


Edgeworth: "Definitive"...?


Von Karma: "Evidence"...?


Butz: Iris did indeed come flying over the burning bridge! And I, Laurice Deauxnim... ...shall prove it!


Judge: I didn't expect to ask this again... But we shall be needing your testimony once again. Tell us anything you know concerning the defendant as depicted in this sketch... And show us your evidence that this nightmare was actually a reality!


Butz: ...OK. I hope you're ready, Edgey! Because I'm going to feed you a whopping serving of pain!


Edgeworth: (...You've been serving us a whopping serving of pain this whole time. Trust me.)



Witness Testimony

-- Proof That Iris Flew! --


Butz: When I reached Dusky Bridge she was already gone... I was so worried! So I frantically searched all over for her! That led to me finding a beautiful crystal sphere, half buried in the snow! I'm sure that Iris was simply wearing a spare hood. After all, no one else could have lost a crystal sphere that night.



Judge: A c-crystal sphere...!?


Butz: This one. Pretty, isn't it? But finders keepers!


Von Karma: That sphere... Where did you find it?


[ map displayed on screen ]


Butz: Let me see... Around here, somewhere? Looks about right.


Edgeworth: And it was half buried in the snow...?


Butz: It had pretty much stopped snowing by then... But there was still some falling as I walked to the bridge.


Judge: Hmmmm... The court accepts this crystal sphere!


Butz: ...That's mine, OK!? I want it back afterward!


Judge: There's something on it, isn't there...


Von Karma: ...?


Judge: Oh my... It's a blood stain!


Edgeworth: (What!? A blood stain...!?)


[Crystal Sphere added to the Court Record.]

["Found half-covered in snow near Dusky Bridge the night of the crime. Has blood on it."]


Butz: You ready, Edgey!? By tomorrow morning, you'll be calling me "Master Larry"! Yeah, I like the sound of that! No one's going to push me around anymore!


Edgeworth: (...Didn't you want to be called "Laurice Deauxnim" only a few minutes ago!?)



Cross Examination

-- Proof That Iris Flew! --


-- Butz: When I reached Dusky Bridge she was already gone...


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! ...So, you went to the burning bridge?


Butz: That's right! To meet Iris! She actually flew to get to me! The least I could do was meet her halfway!


Judge: But... the defendant was not at the bridge when you got there, you say?


Butz: I guess she went back to Hazakura Temple. She's a girl, after all. She must have wanted to look her best.


Edgeworth: (It must be lovely to live in the fantasyland of Larry's mind... Actually, it's so depressing that I can't even work up the energy to point...)


Judge: So... what did you do next?


-- Butz: I was so worried! So I frantically searched all over for her!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! So you searched all over for her?


Butz: She was flying pretty high, you know. I thought maybe she slipped on her landing and got hurt. Hey! It was more than possible! Also, when I headed out to the shack the first time, I was snacking on a banana. I was pretty sure I threw the peel away somewhere around there, so, you know...


Edgeworth: ... (Can one guy really be this stupid?) So, did you find any signs of her so-called "landing"?


Butz: Hmm... I don't really recall. I kept on falling over myself, and kinda lost it for a while there.


Judge: You... fell over yourself?


Butz: Yeah. The snow was deep, and there was even a banana peel out there!


Edgeworth: ... (One guy really CAN be this stupid.)


Judge: The short of it is that you didn't find any signs of her "landing", correct? Then what happened next?


-- Butz: That led to me finding a beautiful crystal sphere, half buried in the snow!


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! "Half buried"...?


Butz: It was sitting in the snow, with a little gathered on top of it. It was very hard to spot, actually. I mean, it was dark out, too.


Judge: I'm impressed... You did well to find it!


Butz: No matter what you may think when you look at me, I'm a pro. A genius security guard. I used a penlight I "borrowed" from my company to help in my search... And it sparkled really brightly, as if it was saying, "Here I am!" to me.


Edgeworth: It does indeed look very much like the crystal sphere on Iris's hood... But need I remind you that she was not wearing her hood that night?


-- Butz: I'm sure that Iris was simply wearing a spare hood.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! Each monk or nun is assigned their own hood! And they are assigned only one!


Butz: I don't know anything about that, OK! And Iris is special, alright dude!? Even if she did steal a spare hood... I'll forgive her!


Edgeworth: (This is getting us nowhere... Our destination for the day, it seems.)


Judge: However... this crystal sphere was found near the bridge. That is a fact. If it didn't come from a hood, where could it have come from?


Edgeworth: (That is the question I aim to answer.)


-- Butz: After all, no one else could have lost a crystal sphere that night.


Edgeworth: HOLD IT! Let me confirm this one last time, Larry. The reasons you thought that this was "Iris"... ...are the "hood" and this "crystal sphere," correct?


Butz: That's right! My gut is never wrong! I met that old Bikini the next morning... And her crystal sphere was still there, safe and sound!


Judge: Indeed... She was wearing it in this very room, earlier today.


Edgeworth: (This case isn't going to end without a fight... Exposing the obvious contradictions in this testimony will be easy... But I fear that all that awaits us are further mysteries!)





Edgeworth: ...Larry. That night... There was someone. Someone who lost a crystal sphere.


Butz: Th-There was...? Who!? Who was this stupid idiot!?


Edgeworth: Ms. Elise Deauxnim! The mentor to a stupid idiot!


Von Karma: The victim...!?


Edgeworth: I have a photo of her here. And on the end of her staff, you can see a familiar looking crystal sphere.


Butz: H-Hey...! That's my photograph! ...Give it back!


[whip crack]


Butz: Ou-Ou-Ouuuuch!


Von Karma: ...A crystal sphere like that is quite easy to find. I have one just like it on my broach.


Edgeworth: (They look nothing alike!) In any case... please take a look at this.


[ Victim's Staff displayed ]


Edgeworth: This is the victim's staff, found at the scene of the crime!


Judge: ...Aaaaah! The crystal sphere... It's gone!


Butz: W-W-W-W... What!? What!? What?! What!? WHAAAAAAT!?


Judge: J-Just what does this mean!?


Edgeworth: If anyone jumped... or flew across the bridge that night... ...it certainly was not Iris! After all... She was not wearing her hood! Not to mention that... ...the crystal sphere found at the "landing site" was not hers, either!


Judge: T-That means... The one who flew... ...and dropped the sphere... was the victim, Ms. Elise Deauxnim!?


Von Karma: OBJECTION! A fool alongside another fool, on a fool's errand to reach a foolish conclusion! First of all, this "sketch", which I would prefer to call a scribble... People cannot fly! ...Thus, it is rejected!


Butz: Y-You can't do that! I saw it! With my own two--


[whip crack]


Butz: Eyeeeeeeiiiz!


Von Karma: ...And this crystal sphere. This is nothing more than a red herring!


Edgeworth: You honestly believe that...?


Von Karma: Give it some thought, and I'm sure you'll realize it as well, Miles Edgeworth! Elise Deauxnim was in her room on the night of the murder. There was no reason for her to go to Dusky Bridge! Therefore, this sphere cannot be related to this case. That is all.


Edgeworth: OBJECTION! ...Ms. Franziska von Karma. The only people who will accept that explanation... are scatterbrains and clowns!


Butz: Why are you pointing at me!?


Edgeworth: The victim's crystal sphere was found, near the bridge, on the night of her murder. Yet you expect us to believe this has nothing to do with the case!?


Von Karma: OBJECTION! That crystal sphere... It was probably thrown away at the bridge after the murder.


Judge: After the murder?


Von Karma: There is blood on the crystal sphere, isn't there? This naturally suggests that it was thrown away after the murder took place. The killer placed it there to throw the investigation off the scent... The same reason that he drew that ridiculous sketch!


Butz: ... ...... Hold on...? You mean... I'm the killer!?


[whip crack]


Butz: No waaaaaagh!


Von Karma: Enough joking... Just when did this crystal sphere appear near the foot of the bridge? Unless this can be proven in some way, I will not accept its relation to this case!


Edgeworth: (She makes a valid point... There is no evidence that Elise Deauxnim left Hazakura Temple that night. ...However, if somehow this crystal sphere... ...can be proven to have been dropped before the victim was killed... ...then this case is going to transform into something else entirely!)


Judge: Your response, Mr. Edgeworth? I want your final opinion on the disposition of this crystal sphere! If it is not related to the case, then this witness who you called... ...will have been nothing more than a monumental waste of time!


Von Karma: Prepare yourself for some very appropriate punishment, Miles Edgeworth.


Edgeworth: (Can I prove it...? Can I prove that the crystal sphere was dropped before the murder took place...?)


            ------[ Yes, I can. ]------


            Edgeworth: ("Can I prove it...?" That isn't the issue. To simply "prove it". That's the only option! That's what he'd do... That's the way Phoenix Wright would do this!)


            [ continue below ]


            ------[ No, it is impossible. ]------


            Edgeworth: (No matter how I look at it, it's not possible... It is certainly strange that the crystal sphere was found near the bridge. But perhaps it is just a curve ball from the killer.)


            Von Karma: Well, well... Miles Edgeworth seems to have nothing further to say.


            Judge: Hmmmmmm... Then I am left with no choice. The court sees no reason...


            HOLD IT!


            Butz: What is this!? Hey, Edgey! You're a defense attorney, aren't you!? If it was Nick standing where you are right now...


            Edgeworth: ...!


            Butz: If it was Nick, do you think he'd give up!? No! He'd find the truth, no matter what it took! No matter how crazy it seemed!


            Edgeworth: ... (Wright... At this moment, I'm standing where you should be. Which means there's only one thing to do! Think like you!)


            [ continue below ]




Edgeworth: ...Your Honor. Allow me to prove something to you. I will prove that this crystal sphere is a vital link to solving this case!


Judge: You will do what!?


Von Karma: That look in your eyes... You remind me of Phoenix Wright when he is cornered.


Edgeworth: That should come as no surprise. (Because right now, I am Phoenix Wright, and I am indeed cornered...!)


Judge: I order you to present your evidence, Mr. Edgeworth! Evidence that proves that the crystal sphere was indeed dropped before the murder!


            -------------[ Wrong answer ]-----------


            Judge: ...Your response, Ms. von Karma?


            Von Karma: Birds of a feather flock together... Are you familiar with this phrase? Miles Edgeworth! I think one such bird is calling for its fellow now!


            Butz: Go, go, Edgey! Do it! Prove it! Win! Win! Win!


            Edgeworth: (His cheering... It's as though I'm listening to the ominous caws of ravens!) [penalty]


            Judge: ...So, Mr. Edgeworth. What will you do from here?


            Edgeworth: O-One more chance, Your Honor. I can't turn back after coming all this way. (The time of the murder and when the crystal sphere was dropped... I need to find proof that the latter happened first!)


            [ back to Judge's prompt ]






Edgeworth: This crystal sphere... It was half buried in the snow, correct?


Butz: That's right. If it hadn't stopped snowing then it would have been game over. ...The snow would have totally covered it!


Edgeworth: ...That's all I needed to hear from you, Larry. ...Your testimony makes one thing quite clear.


Judge: W-What...?


Edgeworth: When the crystal sphere was dropped, it was snowing, even if it was ever so slightly...


Von Karma: Snowing...?


Edgeworth: On the other hand, let us look at the scene of the murder. As proven earlier today... there is no snow on the victim's body.


Judge: Ah...!


Edgeworth: ...Therefore! The crystal sphere must have been dropped before the murder!


Von Karma: Wha... Whaaaat!?


Judge: Order! Order! Order!


Edgeworth: On the night of the murder the victim did indeed go to Dusky Bridge! And there, something occurred that caused this crystal sphere to come loose!


Judge: What... What could that have been!?


Edgeworth: This sphere... There is some blood on it, isn't there?


Von Karma: ...!


Edgeworth: Allow me to raise a certain possibility at this junction! The real crime scene was near the foot of Dusky Bridge!


Von Karma: OBJECTION! The murder didn't take place in the Hazakura Temple courtyard...!? Only a fool would suggest such a foolish piece of absolute foolishness!


Edgeworth: Just who is the fool? And which part is so foolish, Ms. von Karma?


Von Karma: Have you been paying any attention this whole time, Miles Edgeworth!? The Sister saw everything! She saw the victim being killed by the defendant in the Hazakura Temple courtyard!


Edgeworth: OBJECTION! ...That's not exactly true, now is it? To put it more precisely, what she saw was... ...the murder weapon being removed from the victim's body.


Von Karma: Th-That's the same thing!


Edgeworth: No, it isn't!


Von Karma: !


Edgeworth: ...You said it yourself.


[ flashback ]


Von Karma: Very little blood is actually lost... ...at the moment of a blade's insertion. If you want to talk about when the most blood would be lost from a body... ...that would be when the blade is removed.


[ end flashback]


Edgeworth: ...If that statement is the truth... ...then Dusky Bridge could very easily be the scene of the murder. The murder weapon was not removed! Thus, there was no bleeding!


Von Karma: OBJECTION! You are forgetting one vital thing, Miles Edgeworth! Elise Deauxnim's body was found in Hazakura Temple! Between Dusky Bridge and Hazakura Temple... there is a full 15 minutes of walking! You mean to suggest someone carried the body all that way!?


Edgeworth: (I've made it this far... The only place to take this to is the end! I just need to prove the possibility it happened as I presume...!)


Judge: Now, if the defense is ready, the court would like to have an explanation. Please show us the method by which the victim's body was carried to Hazakura Temple!


            ------[ Wrong answer - if it wasn't a gimme before... ]------


            Edgeworth: (No... That isn't it... I'm on the wrong track here. I need to charge on through this... Even if it makes things look bad for my client...!)


            Judge: ...Try again, Mr. Edgeworth. And this time, without the scary glare, if you don't mind! [penalty]


            [ back to Judge's prompt ]






Edgeworth: On that snowy night... ...there is one way that a body could have been moved. The snowmobile.


Von Karma: Ah...!


Edgeworth: As we know... the snowmobile was used that night. It was explained as having been used to dispose of the murder weapon... But it could also have been used to carry a body!


Judge: Order! Order! Order!


[whip crack]


Judge: Gyaaaaah!


Von Karma: This... This is completely unacceptable, Miles Edgeworth! You've dug yourself into your own grave!


Edgeworth: What do you mean?


Von Karma: The only one who could have used the snowmobile was the defendant. She's the one who moved the body! Doesn't that put the final nail in your coffin...?


Edgeworth: Heh... You're too late... Franziska von Karma. And in fact, the defense has proven something else entirely. We have shown that this case requires further investigation!


Von Karma: W-What!?


Edgeworth: ...Where was the victim, Elise Deauxnim really killed? ...If her body was moved, whatever for?


[Larry's Sketch displayed]


Edgeworth: And finally... Just what does this image mean?


Von Karma: Do you even need to think about that!? [motion to Larry grinning like an idiot] Such a creature could never see the truth, let alone describe it!


Edgeworth: OBJECTION! ...This witness certainly sits on one of the lowest possible branches of humanity. However! He would never utter a lie that could hurt a girl with whom he is enamored! He drew this, so it is something that actually happened. ...The defense stands firm on this point.


Butz: Ed-Edgey! Thank you...!


Judge: ...That settles it, then. I cannot give a verdict under these circumstances.


Von Karma: Grrr... Grrrrrr!


Edgeworth: (Wright... I seem to have fulfilled my part in this...) It is just as I thought. Franziska von Karma... You make a wonderful partner.


Von Karma: Excuse me...?


Edgeworth: There was one reason, and one alone, for me being here. To expose the darkness lurking in this case, and then pass it on to Wright!


Butz: R-Really? That's what this was all about? You could have just told me that in the very beginning! Then I wouldn't have had Franzy whipping me all...


[whip crack]


Butz: Daaaaaayowch!


Von Karma: Miles Edgeworth... I don't care about what you were here to do! This was my chance to finally grind you under my heel!


Edgeworth: A shame that your chance seems to have slipped by you.


[whip crack]


Butz: What a shame, Franzzyyyyyy!


Von Karma: ...This is all your fault! Such a terrible witness... You are an affront to all the legal system stands for!


[whipping frenzy]


Butz: Ouououuuuooooouuuuooooouuoooooooooooooouch!


Von Karma: I demand satisfaction!


Judge: ...I cannot believe that the witness's testimony relates to an actual event. However, there has to be some sort of answer for the questions it raises. Have his words here today been the truth or lies? Next time we gather in this courtroom... ...those are the matters that shall be addressed! I am counting on thorough investigations by both the defense and the prosecution.


Edgeworth: (And with this... The rest is up to you... Wright...)


Von Karma: ...


Judge: ...Court is now adjourned!



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