This section is for fan-written essays pertaining to the Ace Attorney series.  Any essay you submit should be at least 700 words, spell-checked, and properly formatted and punctuated.  Satire is welcome but it should be labeled as such.  It's also easier for me if you submit as an attached .doc, .htm, or .txt file rather than inserting it into the content of your email.

Kinds of essays that are welcome: character analysis, pairing analysis, comparing the games/characters/themes to those in other games or media, trends in the fandom, etc.

Kinds of essays that are NOT welcome: why "so-and-so" is my favorite character, debates about specific members of the fandom, etc. 

Examination of Godot
By Aijiru

An examination of Godot's characterization.  Spoilers from the first three games.

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