Welcome to Court Records, one of the largest English language Ace Attorney fansites on the web!

About this site

Court Records was first opened to the public on Jan 27th, 2006, after several weeks of hard work by its webmaster, Croik (that's me~).  I created it using Microsoft FrontPage and hosted it on my own personal website.  Content which at first included character profiles, some sprites, and basic game information, has grown to case descriptions, audio clips, fanworks, and much more! 

Several weeks after its debut, I was contacted by Wooster, who suggested adding a forum to the site's assets.  With his help (and that of my brother, forum admin Anders), the Court Records forum was opened on March 7th, on Invisionfree.  In just under a year it had attracted over 1,000 members, who have made over 90,000 posts.

On February 11th, 2007, Court Records moved to  Dreamhost, and in December of 2010, to ServInt.

When I first got into online fandom over ten years ago, fansites were the "big thing."  Just about every show I was into had at least one large resource for anything and everything a fan could want from their favorite series.  When I decided to make Court Records, I wanted to recreate that experience: to give fans a "one stop shopping" database for everything Ace Attorney.  With this in mind, Court Records has and will continue to grow, thanks to the support of its dedicated and talented fanbase.  I couldn't do it without all your help!

It is the passion of Ace Attorney's fans that has raised it to the spotlight, and Court Records is proud to be a part of that.


About Croik

Owner and head webmaster of Court Records.  For those interested, I am a female American fan in my mid twenties, who does freelance translation work (Japanese).  I didn't know about Gyakuten Saiban until my brother told me about this wacky lawyer game coming out for the DS.  Very interested, I played the GBA games and have been in love with the series ever since.

I've been in online anime and game fandoms since roughly 1995 (I've always gone by Croik), and in that time have worked on many fan projects, including gif editing, fan translations, roleplay groups, music videos, and most of all: fanfiction.  When not around CR you can also find me around ff.net and LJ.


About Wooster

Ever since I first met Wooster through Court Records he has helped to support this site and its forum in a variety of ways, from graphic edits, to coding, to handling tech support issues, and much more.  Recently his efforts at the Capcom main site has helped strength ties between our two forums, along with aiding CR's server move, and the creation of our new forum.  Court Records owes him a lot!

Wooster has an interest in computer programming, and has worked as a mod/maintainer on other forums.  He's also a big fan of Macs. 


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If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for Court Records, write to courtrecord @ gmail dot com