Age: 35
Gender: Male
Occupation: Defense Attorney

The Ace Attorney is back again as one of the two protagonists of AA6.

Personality: Phoenix has settled into the role of agency chief by the time AA6 rolls around; he relies a lot on Apollo and Athena, and more openly shows his trust in them as well. In-court he's much the same as AA5, but the Khura'inese legal system pushes his dedication to his clients even further than before.

Misc Facts: It was decided early on to have Phoenix and Apollo be co-protagonists in AA6, but the developers had trouble finding a way for Phoenix to still be challenged in court. Thus the idea of two separate settings was born, with Phoenix in the more hostile Khura'in.

Friends and Family: Much of Phoenix's crew is around in AA6: his old partners Maya and Ema, his proteges Apollo and Athena, his old friends Edgeworth and Larry, and of course his adopted daughter Trucy. He also seems to be keeping in contact with Thalassa. And if unlike Capcom you feel like playing up the Dai Gyakuten Saiban angle, it's worth noting he's the descendant of Ryuunosuke Naruhodou.

Name Origin:
English: "Phoenix" comes as a reference to his uncanny ability to turn around cases which were almost lost (as the phoenix comes back from the dead). "Wright" is simply a pun ("Is that right, Mr. Wright?").

Japanese: "Naruhodou" comes from the Japanese word "naruhodo," which means, "I see" or "Is that so?" Ryuuichi is simply a name the creator liked (though its use of the kanji for dragon is played upon in AA3 and AA6).

Background: It's been a year since Phoenix retook the bar exam and returned to the legal world. He continues to take on any number of cases alongside his fellow Wright Anything Agency attorneys. He travels to Khura'in to see Maya after a phone call with her was cut off by a scream. (Unbeknownst to Phoenix, Nahyuta rescued Maya moments later.)