Maya Fey / Mayoi Ayasato

綾里 真宵

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Occupation: Spirit Medium

Nick's old partner and friend and the chief-in-training of Kurain Village, Maya makes her return to the main series after more than a decade away.

Personality: Maya is still much the same as she was years ago: she's upbeat and open about her love for things that strike her fancy (like the Steel Samurai), and she can mess with Nick with the best of them. But as the master-in-training of Kurain Village, Maya takes her spirit channeling more seriously than ever, and shows a confidence and determination she didn't always have in the original trilogy.

Misc Facts: Maya's return was one of the first things decided on for Ace Attorney 6, after being left out of Ace Attorney 5 because the developers felt there wasn't room for her in the story.

After years of training, Maya has reached the point where she can channel spirits almost at will. However, since the kingdom of Khura'in holds spirit channeling powers to be proof of royal lineage, she keeps this fact under wraps.

Friends and Family: Phoenix's close friend and old investigative partner, younger sister of his deceased mentor Mia, and older cousin of Pearl Fey. Still on good terms with Larry and Edgeworth, and she seems to know Ema at least in passing. For the past two years she's also been close friends with Khura'inese priest Malmel Aatam and his wife Saara.

Name Origin:
English: "Fey" was probably chosen as a last name because of its connection to magic/spiritualism (as in, Morgan le Fay). Maya is pretty close to her Japanese name, Mayoi.

Japanese: Takumi picked Mayoi from a list of kanji he liked. Together they mean, “True Evening,� a “mysterious name that fits perfectly with the opening setting of Turnabout Sisters.�

Background: Maya was once Phoenix's closest friend and solved countless cases alongside him when he was still a rookie. After being named the next master of Kurain Village, Maya returned there and redoubled her training for the next several years while Phoenix was disbarred. Two years before AA6 she travelled to Khura'in, where the Kurain Channeling Technique has its roots, to complete her training.