Rayfa Padma Khura'in


Age: 14
Gender: Female
Occupation: Princess/Priestess

The Royal Priestess and princess of Khura'in, who uses her spirit channeling abilities to show a victim's last moments during trials. One of the main rivals of AA6.

Personality: Rayfa is haughty and self-assured, having been channeling spirits for trials from an early age. As one might expect, she's used to getting her way, with only her mother Ga'ran and a few others able to consistently keep her in line. But past all that she's still a teenage girl figuring out her place in the world; she's easily flustered and embarrassed when she makes a mistake, and wants to seem more knowledgeable and grown-up than she really is. Underneath it all, she takes her role in the courts and as the future queen more seriously than anything.

Misc Facts: Rayfa isn't able to fully channel spirits yet, but she can perform a ritual that shows what someone experienced in the last moments of their life.

Rayfa was decided early on to be a key figure in the game as well as a heroine of sorts, but the staff decided it would be more interesting to have a heroine at odds with the protagonists and wrote her as a rival.

A few internal game files refer to Rayfa as "Honfa".

Friends and Family: Daughter of Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in and Inga Karkhuul Khura'in. Her loyal assistant Nayna follows her at all times, dispensing advice as needed.

Spoiler: AA6-5
Actually the daughter of Dhurke Sahdmadhi and Amara Sigatar Khura'in, and by extension the younger sister of Nahyuta.

Name Origin:
English: Rei comes from rei, 'spirit'. Reifa might come from an alternate reading of the reibana, itself an alternate name for the higanbana, also known as the Lycoris radiata, a flower said to be growing in Buddhist Hell. (hana/bana is read hua/fa in Chinese). Padma means ‘lotus’ in Sanskrit.

Background: Rayfa is the princess and royal priestess of Khura'in; from an early age she's taken part in trials in the country by way of channeling the victims' last moments into the sacred water mirror in the courtroom. These channelings became all but the sole decider of a defendant's guilt, and Rayfa is respected throughout the country.

Spoiler: AA6-5
Though Rayfa is supposedly the daughter of the current queen, Ga'ran, she is in fact Ga'ran's niece. Her real mother, Amara, was apparently assassinated 23 years ago, but in fact she survived and lived in seclusion at the palace. When Amara's husband Dhurke discovered she was alive, he spirited her away to the village where he was living with his son Nahyuta and foster son Apollo. Amara lived there for a time and gave birth to Rayfa, but Ga'ran recaptured her and took them both back to the capitol. There she used Rayfa to blackmail Amara into cooperating and raised Rayfa as her own daughter.