Age: 56
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prosecutor

The Royal Payne is back, and with a new getup to make that title seem more appropriate than ever. Prosecutor of AA6-1.

Personality: Now that he's spent a few months taking softball cases in Khura'in, Payne's ego has shot through the roof. In court he remains incredibly haughty, and he seems to have taken his loss to Phoenix even worse than Winston did - he's now willing to play off of Phoenix's ignorance of Khura'in to let Phoenix talk his way into nearly getting executed. But as always, he's nothing but hot air under that crown.

Misc Facts: Payne is something of a local hero in Khura'in for all the cases he's won. (Nobody seems to care that he mostly wins because there are no defense attorneys...)

Payne is known as "The Incredible Payne" in Khura'in. Phoenix is inclined to agree.

Friends and Family: Brother of Winston Payne and descendant of Taketsuchi Auchi.

Name Origin:
English: "Gasped in pain" to mirror his brother's name..

Japanese: The name "Auchi" is a Japanese Romanization of the English word "Ouch." His first name comes from changing the position of the two kanji from his brother's name.

Background: After Simon Blackquill's name was cleared at the end of AA5, chief prosecutor Miles Edgeworth decided it was well past due to clean up the prosecutor's office, and Payne was one of the folks given the chop. Unable to find work elsewhere in America, he moved to Khura'in (where there were no defense attorneys) and took on work there, quickly 'rising' to the self-styled position of head prosecutor.