A'nohn Ihmus / Nanashiino Gonbe (tentative)


Age: ??
Gender: Male
Occupation: ???

A man so amnesiac they had to append "tentative" to the name they gave him. Witness of AA6-3.

Personality: A'nohn's well-meaning but more than a little gregarious even given his amnesia. He seems to have a natural knack for wanting to keep out of trouble and inevitably winding up in it.

Spoiler: AA6-3
As Datz, he's actually not that different from when he had amnesia; he's still cheery and ready to take off at a moment's notice (ask him about his smoke bombs), but it's also clear he takes the future of Khura'in and his work as a revolutionary extremely seriously.

Misc Facts: A'nohn seems to have a love for apples, and is capable of demolishing one in just a few bites.

Friends and Family: Appropriately unknown.
Spoiler: AA6-3
As Datz, he's been a friend and right-hand man of Dhurke for years, and he knew Apollo and Nahyuta when they were still kids.

Name Origin:
English: "A'nohn Ihmus" = "Anonymous".

Japanese: "Nanashi no gonbe" means a "John Doe" (e.g. someone unidentified.)

Spoiler: AA6-3
English: His real name, "Datz Are'bal", is taken from his Japanese name and may come from "that's horrible" or "that's a rebel".

Japanese: His real name, "Datz Dinghell", comes from "datto de nigeru", ‘fleeing as fast as I can’.

Background: A'nohn is a strange man found wandering near the crime scene with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Unfortunately for Phoenix, he does remember seeing Maya and the victim just before the crime.

Spoiler: AA6-3
A'nohn is actually Datz Are'bal, a long-time member of the Khura'inese revolutionary forces who's known Dhurke, Apollo, and Nahyuta for years. He was being kept in the prison atop the mountain where the case takes place, but with the help of Tahrust and Beh'leeb Inmee he planned to parachute down the night of the crime and take shelter in the hideout in the mountain's shrine. Unfortunately he hit his head in the landing, lost his memory, and soon wandered right back into police hands.