Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prosecutor

A skilled prosecutor known as the "Twisted Samurai", who until recently was serving a life sentence under false charges. Witness and partner of AA6-4.

Personality: Blackquill hasn't changed much since his AA5 days; he's gruff, condescending, and all to happy to tweak anyone and everyone; he doesn't put much stock in Nahyuta's abilities when they meet. Still, he's a man who wants to see the truth brought to light and Athena fulfill her potential.

Misc Facts: Thanks to him hopping into the partner role, Simon has a few new animations compared to Dual Destinies.

Friends and Family: Old friend of Athena Cykes, and a long-time customer of Bucky Whet's family's soba shop as well as Taifu Toneido's rakugo performances. His pet hawk Taka is as healthy as ever.

Name Origin:
English: His surname is a reference to his hawk motif.

Japanese: The kanji in his surname mean "god of dusk." It's also a play on yugami, referring to his nickname in the AA law enforcement community, "a distortion of the law" (being a prisoner who prosecutes). The kanji in his given name means "swift," though it shares a pronunciation with "blade," his weapon of choice.

Background: Simon was serving a death row sentence under false charges until a few months ago, when his old friend Athena and the rest of the Wright Anything Agency managed to clear his name. Since then he's continued working as a prosecutor - one of the few who Edgeworth didn't fire while cleaning up the department. He was invited by Master Toneido to see the rakugo show on the day of the crime, only to be one of the first to discover his body.