Dhurke Sahdmadhi


Age: 45
Gender: Male
Occupation: Revolutionary

Leader of the Khura'inese rebel group, the Defiant Dragons, and a major character throughout AA6-5.

Personality: Despite his fearsome reputation, Dhurke has a good heart and the wisdom of years of fatherhood. He's quick to a joke and kind to his comrades and family, and truly desires nothing more than to see Khura'in restored to a fair and just society. At the same time, he carries a fierce and intimidating side, and is willing to put his life on the line for his cause.

Misc Facts: It's never made exactly clear why Dhurke has one hand in a sling throughout AA6.

Friends and Family: Father of Nahyuta Sahdmadhi and superior to Datz Are'bal.

Spoiler: AA6-5
Raised Apollo alongside Nahyuta when he was young. Husband to Amara Sigatar Khura'in and also father to Rayfa Padma Khura'in.

Name Origin:
English: Possibly from Druk, the bhutanese thunder dragon.

Background: Dhurke is public enemy number 1 in Khura'in, where he leads the Defiant Dragons against the current queen in the hopes of overthrowing her and revolutionizing the country's legal system.

Spoiler: AA6-5
Dhurke was once the nominal king of Khura'in and a famed defense attorney. 23 years ago, he was living happily with his wife, queen Amara, and their infant son Nahyuta when by chance he met a traveling performer by the name of Jove Justice. He invited Jove to perform for himself and Amara, and let Jove stay in the royal quarters that night with his son Apollo. That night someone called Dhurke away on false pretenses, and when he returned he found the quarters ablaze, Jove dead, Amara missing, and Apollo abandoned. He rescued Apollo and Nahyuta but was soon arrested for the arson.

He was prosecuted at trial by Amara's sister, the minister of justice Ga'ran. Dhurke defended himself and nearly proved his innocence, but realized that Ga'ran intended to rig the system to frame him. Instead of waiting for that, he took Nahyuta and Apollo and fled to the countryside. There he raised them in secret while slowly beginning to form a revolutionary force. When Apollo was about eight or nine Dhurke sent him back to America.

About fifteen years before AA6 he learned that Amara was alive and living at the palace in secret. He spirited her away and the two lived together for a time, conceiving a second child - a girl, Rayfa. But Ga'ran recaptured Amara and took Rayfa as well. Dhurke and Nahyuta continued to plan their revolution, with Nahyuta ultimately becoming a prosecutor and entering the Khura'inese courts. But Ga'ran blackmailed Nahyuta into working for her, leaving Dhurke alone to lead the revolution.