Age: 34
Gender: Male
Occupation: Picture book artist

When something smells, you know who it is. Phoenix's old friend is back again in AA6's DLC case.

Personality: Larry's much unchanged from ten years ago - he's still looking for love in all the wrong places and has an ability to run headfirst into trouble wherever he goes.

Misc Facts: Larry's seminal work "Franzy's Whippity-Whip Trip" was such a best-seller even Trucy knows about it.

The heart character on his suit is the protagonist of his upcoming book.

Friends and Family: Old buddy of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth.

Name Origin:
English: "Butz" was probably chosen so that it could be used in the above joke against his name. Larry is close to Harry, which would give him the name "Harry Butz" (which he is sometimes mistaken as).

Japanese: "Yahari" in Japanese means, "I knew it" or "of course," and Masashi comes from "Masashiku," which means "with certainty." Like the English, probably chosen specifically for the above mentioned joke.

Background: In the decade since Trials and Tribulations, Larry has doubled down on his career as an artist, to wildly varying success. His biggest hit remains "Franzy's Whippity Whip-Trip", and he's been struggling not to be defined as a one-hit wonder. His latest doomed romantic target is bride-to-be Ellen Wyatt, and he's the one to drag Phoenix into taking on her defense.