Sorin Sprocket / Raito Haguruma

八久留間 来人

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Occupation: Engineer

The heir to the Sprocket airline company, and husband-to-be of Ellen. Witness of AA6-DLC.

Personality: In one word, Sorin is reserved. He prefers not to talk to those he doesn't know or won't hold his interest. Underneath it all, though, he loves Ellen fiercely.

Misc Facts: Sorin is never seen without his notebook, where he jots down anything that comes to mind.

Friends and Family: Engaged to Ellen Wyatt, and younger brother of Selena Sprocket.

Name Origin:
English: From "soaring" and "sprocket".

Japanese: Raito comes from "Wright" (as in "Wright Brothers") and "light", to match his sister. "Haguruma" means "gear".)

Background: Sorin is the heir to the Sprocket airline empire. His sister Selena passed away in a car accident a year ago, so though he's more of an engineer than a businessman, he's ready to carry on her work.

Spoiler: AA6-DLC
The accident a year ago was Sorin's fault. He was driving with his sister when he lost control and crashed, severely wounding them both. Sorin survived but developed anterograde amnesia, and as such cannot form new memories. Thus he writes down anything that happens in his notebook so that he can live some semblance of a normal life.