Apollo Justice / Housuke Odoroki / Apollo Justice

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Occupation: Defense Attorney
Official Art

Rookie lawyer, and the new protagonist of GS4.

Personality: Apollo is a lively, passionate young man, but as he's just starting out he's also eager to look to others for guidance. Can be considered easily flustered, but at his core he's a lot like a young Phoenix.

Misc Facts: He was almost named Ikinari (ikinari = "all of a sudden").

Apollo's hair "antennae" are not naturally occurring. Character artists Nuri says he has to carefully gel them that way every morning.

Writer Takumi had wanted Apollo to wear green, but was overruled by the rest of the team.

Apollo doesn't like heights or loud music.

Apollo's bracelet allows him to use the "Perceive System," a kind of extra concentration that lets him see a person's nervous habits.

Friends and Family: Pupil of the famous Defense Attorney Kristoph Gavin.

Spoiler: 4-4  
Son of Thalassa Garmarye, and Trucy's half-brother. His father is presumed dead (identity unknown).


Name Origin:
: In Greek mythology Apollo is a god of light and truth (and may also refer back to Phoenix being named after a mythological creature). Justice is just a very blatant reference to his profession.

Japanese: Odoroki literally means "a surprise." The kanji hou means "law", and suke is simply a common ending for boys' names. So, his first name basically means "law boy."

The creators had some trouble coming up with Kanji to go with Odoroki (they came up with "king" "mud" and "happiness").

Background: After having completed law school, Apollo joined the Gavin & Co. Law offices, where he studied under defense attorney Kristoph Gavin.

Spoiler: 4-4  
No details about his life before that time are known. His mother Thalassa was married to his father for only a year before he died, and what become of Apollo after she remarried is not known.