Athena Cykes / Kokone Kidzuki

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Occupation: Defense attorney

The newest addition to the Wright Anything Offices.

Personality: In the time-honored tradition of female defense aids, Athena is cheerful, excitable, and fiercely loyal.  In enthusiasm, nerves, and temper, she doesn't do anything by halves.  Her inexperience sometimes leads to a lack of confidence, however.

Misc Facts: Athena studied psychology overseas, which is also why she was able to pass the bar exam at such a young age.

Her going-into-court catchphrase is, "Let's do this!" (which she says in English, even in the Japanese version).

Athena has extremely keen ears that allow her to pick up subtle emotional clues in a person's tone of voice.  She uses this skill along with a mini computer and display called the Mood Matrix to pick up "noise" in a person's emotional state for use in cross examination.  It has the unfortunate side effect of blurting out whatever is on her mind at random.

Friends and Family
: Juniper is one of her childhood friends.  Since joining Phoenix's firm, she considers Apollo her sempai (and calls him as such).

Name Origin:
English: "Athena," matching the origins of Phoenix and Apollo, is a reference to Greek mythology (Athena was a god of war, wisdom, and justice, among other things).  "Cykes" probably comes from "psychology."

Japanese: The kanji in her surname are "rare" and "moon."  Her given name means "the sounds of a heart" referring to her ability to hear a person's mood in their voice.

Background: Athena attended law school in America, where she also studied psychology to use as a tool in court.

Spoiler: AA5-5
Athena's father is unknown, but her mother is Metis, a famous psychologist who applied her knowledge toward crafting advanced AIs for robots (along with her close friend, Aura). Athena and her mother lived at the GYAXA space center; the employees called her "princess" and she considered them family, including Clonco and Ponco. However, as a child she was very withdrawn. Her hearing gift was so pronounced that it gave her sensory overload, and she often avoided other people and missed many days of school. Her mother required her to wear a pair of headphones that were heavy and uncomfortable. For years Athena incorrectly assumed that the headphones were amplifying her gift; she hated them, and held some resentment toward her mother, who she thought was using her as something of a guinea pig (Simon revealed later that the headphones were actually sound-dampening, Athena's gift was that sensitive).

Seven years ago, Athena went to see her mother in the robotics lab, where she stumbled upon the Phantom dressed in a mask and space center jacket, and the bloody body of her recently murdered mother. In a panic, Athena grabbed up a knife and stabbed the Phantom in the side (which Ponco witnessed). After he had fled, Athena tried to wake her mother. In her childlike denial she had Ponko move Metis to the robot repair area, thinking it would be able to "fix" her just like the robots. It was there that Simon found her, and, fearing that Athena was the killer, he dismantled Ponco and confessed to the crime himself in order to protect her.

In the aftermath, Athena was traumatized by the ordeal and repressed many of her memories. She tried to speak up in Simon's defense, but no one listened to her. Once she was old enough, she went into law and psychology, praying that one day she would be able to come back and free Simon.