Bobby Fulbright / Gouzou Ban

Age: 33
Gender: Male
Occupation: Detective

Detective of AA5.

Personality: Bobby is endlessly energetic.  He's determined to do right in the name of justice, and values it and fairness above all else.  But he's also fairly naive, which makes it easy for Athena to manipulate him.

Misc Facts: He keeps his detective identification and badge in a gun holster.  His catchphrase is just shouting "Justice!" whenever he appears, and sometimes says it just as a greeting.

Friends and Family
: Works with Prosecutor Blackquill, and is also responsible for him when he's outside of prison.

Name Origin:
English: His surname is a reference to his sunny personality.

Japanese: The kanji in his surname means, "three booms," also in reference to his bombastic personality.


Spoiler: AA5-5
The Bobby Fulbright we meet in the game isn't the real Bobby Fulbright. The real Bobby was murdered a year before the start of the game.

Bobby is actually the Phantom, an international spy and assassin who sells his skills to the highest bidder. He is a master of disguise that can appear as and imitate just about anyone (often after killing the person he means to impersonate). No one knows anything about him; having lived in disguise for so long, even he is unsure of who he used to be or what his real personality once was.

Seven years ago, Phantom was hired to steal a valuable moon rock sample from GYAXA, and sabotage any further progress. To that end he donned a mask and stole Metis's uniform jacket, which allowed him to pass for Metis in the eyes of robot Clonco and Ponco. While stealing the sample, he was found by Metis herself, and he was forced to kill her. Immediately afterwards, Athena arrived, and in a panic she stabbed the Phantom, spilling his blood on the moon rock. Forced to abandon his mission for the time being, he stashed the moon rock in a sample capsule and retreated. The capsule was then taken to the rocket that was to be launched. Phantom tried to sabotage the launch with explosives, but Hoshinari was able to pull it off anyway and launched the space probe Future. There was nothing more that Phantom could do, so he disappeared.

Six years later, Phantom killed and assumed the identity of police detective Bobby Fulbright. What his exact intentions were at the time is unclear, but it put him in a good position when, a year later, Future returned from deep space. Assuming that the capsule still held the bloody moon rock, Phantom felt he had no choice but to try and steal it. He threatened the center with another bombing, which Oogawara took seriously and tried to prepare for, but to no avail. Posing as police security responding to a terrorist threat, Phantom bombed the center, and killed Daichi in the process of trying to steal the capsule. Though Oogawara and Detective Arme prevented him, he escaped and continued to plant and destroy evidence to cover his tracks and place the blame on Athena.

Once Bobby reveals himself as Phantom in court, he cycles through several disguises, changing his personality to match. He also has an assortment of spy gadgets he uses to try and escape the courthouse and thwart Phoenix and Co.'s attempts at cross examining him, including jamming equipment and a hookshot.