Ryuunosuke Naruhodou

成歩堂 龍ノ介

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student/Defense Attorney

Ancestor of the Ace Attorney himself, and the protagonist of DGS.

Personality: Ryuunosuke starts the game as a college student, not a lawyer, and as such he's significantly less self-assured than any other protagonist in the series. Though he still plays the straight man to most of the other characters, he's not particularly sarcastic; instead he just sort of runs with whatever's going on. All this combined means that he has trouble asserting himself, particularly in the early stages of a case, but like any Wright he shows true strength and cunning when his back is up against the wall.

Misc Facts: Ryuunosuke's design was particularly tricky for Kazuya Nuri, as he wanted Ryuunosuke to have a distinctive silhouette (like Phoenix) but was restricted by what would be reasonable styles for the time.

Ryuunosuke offhandedly mentions in episode 3 that he's not particularly good with dark places.

Friends and Family: Close friend of Kazuma Asougi, and ancestor of Phoenix Wright.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Like Phoenix, "Naruhodou" comes from "naruhodo" ("I see"). Ryuunosuke keeps the "Ryuu" kanji from Phoenix's Japanese name.

Background: Ryuunosuke is an average college student without any particular acheivements to his name. He became friends with Asougi after a debate contest in which Ryuunosuke's rather pat speech about respecting your parents won out over Asougi's complex, emotional speech due to Asougi completely flubbing his last line. He gets wrapped up in the events of DGS-1 when he finds a pistol on the floor of the restaurant he was visiting and is mistaken for a killer.

Susato Mikotoba

御琴羽 寿沙都

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Legal Assistant

A young woman working as a legal assistant, and Ryuunosuke's partner throughout DGS.

Personality: Susato is for the most part a perfect "Yamato Nadeshiko" - that is, she is graceful, polite, loyal, and dedicated to her work. But she also has both a more serious and a more playful side; the former tends to come out when she isn't satisfied a case has been correctly resolved, while the latter shows up when the topic turns to things like detective novels, of which she's a huge fan. That said, she takes her job perhaps a little too seriously, and seems to struggle with meeting her own expectations for what a "legal assistant" should be.

Misc Facts: Designer Kazuya Nuri describes her hairstyle as "kinda believable but not actually possible."

Susato's name became a bit infamous amongst the staff due to its tendency to trip people up when said aloud (eg. "Susato-san".) This was eventually worked into one of the promo skits for DGS, in which Ryuunosuke is on trial for mispronouncing his assistant's name.

Friends and Family: Daughter of Professor Yuujin Mikotoba, and assistant to both Ryuunosuke and Asougi.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Takumi has stated that Susato's name was mostly chosen because he liked the kanji, which include things like "honor", "feather", and "capitol".

Background: Susato is a legal assistant in training who works with both her father, a professor at Teitou Yuumei University, and Kazuma Asougi, a newly-minted lawyer. She is eventually chosen to travel to London alongside Ryuunosuke to study there.

Kazuma Asougi

亜双義 一真

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student/Defense Attorney

Ryuunosuke's closest friend, a prodigious student who recently became a defense attorney and who plans to travel the world.

Personality: Asougi is loyal and intelligent, with a keen sense of justice and progressivism. As an attorney, he aims to both protect the innocent and reform Japan's legal system, believing that modernization, transparency, and fairness are necessary to ensure just trials throughout the country. His confidence in his skills occasionally flirts with arrogance, but he's almost always able to back up his talk, even if he isn't always quite as quick to 'think outside the box' as some attorneys we know.

Misc Facts: Asougi has trouble with tongue-twisters, to the point that he wears a headband as a way of expressing victory over one that vexed him for months. (Unfortunately, he got the tongue-twister wrong to begin with.)

Friends and Family: Close friend of Ryuunosuke. Student of Yuujin Mikotoba and partner of Susato Mikotoba.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Takumi has commented that the name comes from Asōgi (阿僧祇), a word denoting the rather large number of 10^56 (from Chinese origin). The kanji of his first name can be read as "one truth", while his last name contains one of the kanji for "justice".

Background: Asougi is a skilled, well-liked student at Teitou Yuumei University who became friends with Ryuunosuke after a somewhat disastrous debate contest. After demonstrating the qualifications to become a defense attorney, Asougi was chosen to travel abroad to England as part of an exchange program.

Sherlock Holmes


Age: 34
Gender: Male
Occupation: Detective

The world's greatest detective, and a key ally to Ryuunosuke throughout DGS.

Personality: Unlike many adaptations of Holmes, DGS' leans on the "eccentric" part of "eccentric genius"; he's dramatic, prone to jumping to conclusions, and seems to follow a logic unlike anyone else. But that doesn't change the fact he has legendarily sharp skills of observation and a strong intuition, as well as the confidence to do as he pleases in order to solve a case. And though he may seem insensitive or unable to read a situation from time to time, he also has a surprising depth of emotional knowledge and cares deeply for his friends.

Misc Facts: Holmes is of course an adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective, given an Ace Attorney twist.

Holmes and the idea of "joint reasoning" had been knocking around in Takumi's brain as far back as the original trilogy; as such, when the Capcom executives asked him to make a "new" AA game, he decided to pull Holmes out of mothballs and give it a shot. To his surprise, the game was accepted, and development began, with Holmes' dramatic movements and rapid-fire reasoning shaping the style of the game.

Friends and Family: Roommate, partner, and friend of Iris Watson.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Taken directly from the Conan Doyle stories.

Background: Holmes is well-known around London and the world as one of the greatest living private detectives; he's said to have solved countless cases with his skills of observation and deduction. In particular, his adventures are serialized in "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", a set of short stories publised in the Randst Magazine and written by his roommate, the young Iris Watson.

Iris Watson


Age: 10
Gender: Female
Occupation: Novelist

A prodigious young girl, best-selling author of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", and Holmes' roommate and friend.

Personality: Iris is energetic, confident, and clever; in addition to writing as a novelist, she collaborates with Holmes on any number of inventions, and is happy to show them off to anyone interested (and anyone not.) She possesses skills of observation and deduction that rival even Holmes, to boot. But at the end of the day, she's still just a 10-year-old girl; her experience with Holmes' cases is generally secondhand, and she understandably loses her nerve to some degree when facing a murder firsthand.

Misc Facts: Iris was originally announced as being 8 years old. It seems somewhere in development they decided that was pushing it a bit much, even for Ace Attorney.

Friends and Family: Roommate, friend, and partner of Sherlock Holmes, and friends (after a fashion) with Gina Lestrade and Tobias Gregson.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Taken from Dr. Watson, Holmes' partner in the original canon.

Background: Iris has lived with Holmes for most of her life, and demonstrated almost genius-level skill at writing and invention from an early age. Indeed, living with Holmes has taught her not to overlook anything - which is both a blessing and a curse. Her adaptations of Holmes' cases have been serialized around the world, making him famous.

Barok van Zieks


Age: 32
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prosecutor

A legendary British prosecutor known as the "Death God of the Old Bailey", who has recently returned from a five-year absence. Main prosecutor of DGS.

Personality: Barok is largely cool and collected in the courtroom, demonstrating complete control over the trial and able to intimidate and coerce the jury with ease. However, he begins to show anger when pressed into a corner and gradually drops his 'apologies' for his more extravagant behavior as a trial goes on. Despite that, he is still a man devoted to the truth and justice, not simply finding every defendant guilty, and is capable of showing mercy to those who have committed honest mistakes.

Misc Facts: Coming up with Barok's name was extremely difficult for Takumi, taking the better part of a year. For a long time he was nicknamed "Prosecutor Rivaal", to the point where they briefly considered using that, but eventually saner heads prevailed. When the name was decided, the staff was gathered together for the announcement. Takumi admits there's a reason behind the name, but finds it too embarassing to talk about.

Character designer Kazuya Nuri designed Barok to be highly evocative of both England and of powerful creatures such as vampires.

Unlike some other rivals, Barok has no personalized "shout" - instead, his "Hold it!" and "Objection!" shouts use an entirely different graphical style designed to evoke a sense of "Englishness."

Barok shares a motion capture actress, Shuu Shiotsuki, with one of the case five witnesses. Takumi met Shuu during the production of the three Takarazuka Ace Attorney musicals.

Friends and Family: None mentioned.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Takumi has stated that he needed to think a lot about this name and that he was too ashamed to explain it. Banjīkusu might come from the saying banjikyūsu / 万事休す, which means “all is over”, or “nothing more to be done”. In-universe, it may refer to the fact that all defendants will eventually perish, whether they escape from Van Zieks in the courtroom or not. Barok probably comes from the Baroque movement. (Thanks Ash and JapaneseGIRL)

Background: Barok is known as the "Death God of the Old Bailey" due to a rumor that any defendant who he prosecutes will eventually lose their life - even if found not guilty. According to the rumor, those defendants would die in terrible "accidents" within a month or two of their verdict. Whether or not that's true, Barok took a five-year break from prosecuting, and his first trial back is also Ryuunosuke's first English trial.

Taketsuchi Auchi

亜内 武土

Age: 51
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prosecutor

Proof that the Payne Train stretches back well into the annals of history. Prosecutor of DGS-1.

Personality: Like his descendants, Taketsuchi is all bluster and no bite. He's particularly prideful of his work and the Japanese government, and looks down not only on rookies but the young in general, believing they don't understand the finer points of politics.

Misc Facts: Carries a folding-fan with the kanji for "crime" on it.

Friends and Family: Ancestor of Winston and Gaspen Payne.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Like his descendants, "Auchi" comes from "ouch". "Taketsuchi" is quite visually similar to 武士, "bushi", meaning "samurai."

Background: Taketsuchi is a veteran, conservative prosecutor of the Meiji courts. While his skill is questionable, he seems to be trusted enough by the government to handle a top-secret trial.

John H. Watson


Age: 47
Gender: Male
Occupation: Doctor/Professor

A visiting professor from England, and victim of DGS-1.

Personality: Largely unknown, but by all accounts a good man.

Misc Facts: Nothing in particular.

Friends and Family: Friend of Yuujin Mikotoba, who invited him to Japan.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Taken from Dr. Watson of the Holmes canon.

Background: Watson was invited to teach in Japan by his friend Yuujin Mikotoba. There he continued his medical research, working with domestic and exchange students alike.

Yuujin Mikotoba

御琴羽 悠仁

Age: 42
Gender: Male
Occupation: Professor

Susato's father, and a professor at Teito Yuumei University. Appears in DGS-1.

Personality: Yuujin is generally serious but not unkind. He's particularly pragmatic and down-to-earth, and well-aware of the power dynamics and politics of Japan.

Misc Facts: Nothing in particular.

Friends and Family: Father of Susato Mikotoba, mentor to Kazuma Asougi, and friend of John H. Watson.

Name Origin:
Japanese: "Yuujin" means "friend".

Background: Yuujin is a well-liked legal professor at Teito Yuumei University, and Asougi's mentor. In addition to being involved in the efforts to let Asougi travel abroad, Yuujin was the one to invite Watson to Japan to teach.

Satoru Hosonaga

細長 悟

Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Waiter

Waiter at the restaurant La Quantos, and witness of DGS-1.

Personality: Hosonaga is polite and courteous, and strives to do his best as a waiter and person. He views his thoroughness as a particular point of pride, and works tirelessly to improve his work. Still, he can be rattled surprisingly easily from time to time.

Misc Facts: From his constant coughing and the occasional bit of blood, it seems he has tuberculosis.

Friends and Family: None mentioned.

Name Origin:
Japanese: The kanji of "Hosonaga" mean "long and narrow", possibly a reference to his tall, skinny build.

Background: Hosonaga is a waiter at La Quantos, a western-style restaurant. On the day of the crime, he was the first person to apprehend Ryuunosuke and take charge of the situation.

Taizou Uzukumaru

渦久丸 泰三

Age:  38
Gender: Male
Occupation: Soldier

A soldier who was dining at La Quantos at the time of the crime, and a witness in DGS-1.

Personality: Taizou is brash and confident, with no small amount of pride in his job and family. As a result, he tends to get a bit carried away and jump to conclusions, meaning he's not the world's most reliable witness.

Misc Facts: Seems to be rather a fan of beef cutlets, and he tends to just straight-up bite them rather than use knife and fork.

Friends and Family: Has an infant son, Koroumaru, who he carries on his back.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Possibly from "uzukumaru", "to crouch".

Background: Uzukumaru is your average soldier in Japan's imperial army, making ends meet for his family. On the day of the crime, he was dining with merchant Sanmon Sonohigurashi when they heard a gunshot and looked up to see Ryuunosuke standing over the victim.

Sanmon Sonohigurashi

園日暮 三文

Age: 67
Gender: Male
Occupation: Antique salesman

A salesman who was enjoying dinner at La Quantos at the time of the crime. Witness of DGS-1.

Personality: Sonohigurashi is largely crochety and a bit unpleasant, with an eye for his business above all else. It also doesn't take much to shake him, but when provoked he can show surprising fierceness.

Misc Facts: Nothing in particular.

Friends and Family: None mentioned.

Name Origin:
Japanese: "Sanmon" means "three pennies", while "sonohigurashi" means "making a living day-by-day." The final impression is that of someone with a very poor lifestyle.

Background: Sonohigurashi is a somewhat grubby antiques seller who spends his days trying to hawk his merchanidse on anyone who'll buy it. The day of the crime, he was eating dinner with Uzukumaru when he heard a gunshot and saw Ryuunosuke standing over the victim.

Jezail Brett


Age: 24
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student

An exchange student studying under Dr. Watson in Japan, and a witness in DGS-1.

Personality: Jezail generally acts the part of the gracious English lady, preferring to speak in the "Queen's English" and cooperating with whatever's asked of her. That said, she doesn't make a secret of the fact she considers herself somewhat above the Japanese.

Misc Facts: Yes, that's a real bird on her hat.

We never see her without the mask or without her hat tipped to obscure her eyes. Very mysterious!

Friends and Family: None mentioned, though she and Asougi seem to be acquaintances.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From "J. Brett", as in Jeremy Brett - one of the more famous actors to play Sherlock Holmes.

Background: Jezail is a British medical student currently on an exchange trip to Japan, where she is continuing her studies under Dr. Watson.

Mitrov Stroganov


Age: 37
Gender: Male
Occupation: Sailor

One of the head sailors on the steamship Alaclear. Witness of DGS-2.

Personality: Mitrov is blunt and easily angered, and takes his job extremely seriously. While he does have a soft spot for those close to him, he tends not to show it.

Misc Facts: Those are tan lines on his face, not tattoos.

Friends and Family: None known.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From "meatloaf stroganoff", matching Dmitri and Nikomina's names.

Background: Mitrov has been a sailor on the Alaclear for several years, and while he's far from being captain, he's well-respected by his crew.

Grimesby Roylott


Age: ??
Gender: Male
Occupation: Unknown

A secretive old man traveling aboard the steamship Alaclear. Witness of DGS-2.

Personality: Roylott is stubborn and secretive, refusing to talk to anyone unless they're able to drive him into a corner first.

Misc Facts: Holmes thinks he bears a resemblance to Dmitri Demiglaski. Literally everyone else disagrees.

Roylott was one of the first characters developed for DGS; he was presented alongside Ryuunosuke and Holmes as part of Takumi's pitch for the game, then in a state no more developed than "a Russian man hiding something from the duo."

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Taken directly from the Holmes canon, though the Grimesby Roylott there was a significantly different character.

Background: Largely unknown. Roylott seems to have arrived on the ship without Ryuunosuke noticing, but refuses to explain how or why.

Nikomina Borschevitch


Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Ballet dancer

A young ballet dancer who recently fled Russia and is traveling aboard the Alaclear. Witness of DGS-2.

Personality: Nikomina is timid and a bit paranoid after her escape from Russia, and as such views most everyone with suspicion, particularly Ryuu. It doesn't take very long talking to her to realize that she's entirely out of her depth.

Misc Facts: Known as a 'fairy' of the ballet.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Her first name comes from "nikomi", meaning stew (matching Dmitri and Mitrov). Her last name appears to be drawn from "borscht" and "Bolshevik".

Background: Nikomina is a world-famous ballerina known for her performances with the Novovic Ballet, a famous Russian troupe. However, shortly before DGS-2, she fled the country and boarded the Alaclear to make her way to America.

Dmitri Demiglaski


Age: ??
Gender: Male
Occupation: Revolutionary

A Russian revolutionary said to have recently fled the country, and a background character in DGS.

Personality: Apparently surprisingly down-to-earth for a revolutionary and actually quite accomodating, particularly when the subject involves bullets or rebellions.

Misc Facts: Holmes accuses several people of being Dmitri throughout DGS-2. None of them look remotely like him.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From "demi-glace", matching Nikomina and Mitrov's surnames.

Background: Dmitri is a vicious revolutionary said to have killed dozens before fleeing Russia shortly before DGS-2. His whereabouts are currently unknown, but rumor has it he's traveling to London to bomb the Crystal Tower there.

Hurt Vortex


Age: 52
Gender: Male
Occupation: Chief Justice of London

The Chief Justice of London, and the man in charge of assigning Ryuunosuke to cases during his stay there.

Personality: Vortex is a naturally intimidating man who seems to command an audience wherever he goes. With an eye for efficiency, he's always keeping track of time (to the point that he makes references to exact periods of time down to the second) and wastes none of it on sentiment.

Misc Facts: Character designer Nuri had trouble deciding on his design; though it was decided from the beginning that he would be an intimidating presence, it wasn't until the idea of making Vortex focused on "time" came up that they were able to finalize a design.

Friends and Family: Superior to Tobias Gregson, though they aren't quite as close as, say, Edgeworth and Gumshoe.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Likely chosen just to sound intimidating.

Background: As Chief Justice, Vortex is in charge of managing the various trials that pass through London's courts; in particular, he assigns prosecutors and defense attorneys in the event none will take the case willingly. He also serves as one of the representatives of the Japan-London exchange program, and holds the power to approve or deny a student's claim to studying abroad.

Cosney Megundal


Age: 48
Gender: Male
Occupation: Businessman

A well-known London businessman and philanthropist, and defendant of DGS-3.

Personality: Megundal is genial and generous, with a proclivity for handing out "tips" and money almost without being asked. But he didn't get to the top of the business world through naivete, and he's by far one of the more cunning, capable defendants in the series.

Misc Facts: Character designer Nuri waffled back and forth on how trustworthy or how suspicious to make his design, seeing as he was to be Ryuunosuke's first foreign client. The end result was more "suspicious" than not.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
Japanese: A contraction of kozeni megundeyaru, "I'll spare you some change."

Background: Megundal is one of London's most famous people, known for his acumen in business and his generosity in life. His name is on all manner of parks and public projects, and the average person thinks well of him. On the night of the crime he boarded a carriage, fell asleep, and awoke to find the victim seated across from him, already dead.



Age: 62
Gender: Male
Occupation: Carriage driver

Driver of the omnibus where DGS-3 took place, and a witness in the ensuing trial.

Personality: Beppo's rather focused on getting by day-to-day; he's not particularly strong-willed or sharp, and mostly seems to just want the whole business done with.

Misc Facts: A member of the carriage drivers' guild, along with one of the jurors in DGS-3.

His carriage is named the "Phoenix Wright Omnibus". Yes, "Phoenix Wright", even in the Japanese version. This is of course never remarked upon by any of the characters in any way, shape, or form.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From the Holmes story "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons."

Background: Beppo is your average carriage driver working in London. On the night of the crime he picked up the defendant, victim, and witnesses along his usual route, but as he was focused on driving he wasn't aware of the crime until the other witnesses shouted.

Oscar Fairplay


Age: 34
Gender: Male
Occupation: Banker

A British banker who was riding on the top level of the carriage on the night of the crime. Witness in DGS-3.

Personality: Stodgy. Fairplay takes offense easily and believes himself to be in the right most of the time. But he does live up to his name and knows when he's beat.

Misc Facts: He's almost always looking to one side, for no apparent reason. Ryuu can even ask him about this.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From "fair play."

Background: Oscar is a fairly well-to-do banker who riding on the top of the omnibus when the murder happened. After having the driver stop the cab, he and Adam went to call the police.

Adam Ladyfirst


Age: 21
Gender: Male
Occupation: Hatmaker

A young British hatmaker who appears as a witness in DGS-3.

Personality: Adam doesn't seem to be the sharpest knife in the shed; he does his best, but he doesn't seem to have much of a stomach for rough goings-on, and he has a tendency to tell stories that start to veer into TMI territory. But when provoked, he gets fired up and ready for fisticuffs pretty quickly.

Misc Facts:

Friends and Family: None mentioned.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From "ladies first".

Background: Adam is a novice hatmaker who isn't yet ready to work with London's upper class. On the night of the crime, he was riding on the top level of the omnibus along with Oscar and witnessed the victim being stabbed.

"Thrice-Fired" Morta


Age: 54
Gender: Male
Occupation: Bricklayer

A poor bricklayer, and victim of DGS-3.

Personality: Unknown, but said to be dedicated to his work.

Misc Facts: "Thrice-Fired" is of course just a nickname.

Friends and Family: None known.

Name Origin:
Japanese: As in "thrice-fired" stone - a nickname meant to show his skill. "Morta" comes from "mortar", and possibly from "mort" (a latin root for 'death').

Background: Morta was a skilled but destitute bricklayer who lived in London's slums. On the night of the crime, he was stabbed to death during a carriage ride.

Gina Lestrade


Age: 17
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pickpocket

A teenaged pickpocket who Ryuunosuke runs into around London. Witness of DGS-3.

Personality: Gina is headstrong and cocky, putting her faith into her fingers and street smarts. Underneath the surface, though, she has trouble trusting anyone despite caring for the other orphans of London's east end, and holds a deep-seated dislike of adults.

Misc Facts: Gina once wound up in a sticky situation where she was stuck on top of an omnibus, surrounded by very angry passengers, and needed to make a quick getaway.

Friends and Family: Her parents abandoned her when she was young.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From G. Lestrade, the Scotland Yard detective of Holmes canon.

Background: Gina is an orphan who lives amongst other 'street urchins' in London's East End, picking pockets to get by. On the night of the crime, she was hiding inside the omnibus and heard the murder.

Tobias Gregson


Age: 44
Gender: Male
Occupation: Detective

A veteran detective of Scotland Yard, and DGS' answer to Gumshoe, Ema, and Fulbright.

Personality: Gregson is for the most part a no-nonsense copper who takes pride in Scotland Yard's acheivements and doesn't stand for lawbreakers. While he doesn't view Ryuunosuke and co. coldly, he also doesn't go out of his way to help them without good reason. The only exception to this is when Iris is involved, since her stories have made him something of a local celebrity; he's happy to do whatever she wants, as long as it doesn't involve him literally breaking the rules of his job. Tea parties are fair game, however.

Misc Facts: Like Holmes, Gregson is an Ace Attorney-fied take on a canon Conan Doyle character, albeit one much closer to Doyle canon.

Gregson is a fiend for fish and chips, and is eating them almost constantly.

Friends and Family: Subordinate to Hurt Vortex, and friends with Iris Watson.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From the Holmes canon.

Background: Gregson is a well-established detective of Scotland Yard whose abiltiies led him to cross paths with Sherlock Holmes several times, to his occasional vexation. After Iris began to publish the Holmes stories, in which he was portrayed as the only Scotland Yard detective capable of matching wits with Holmes, his fame around the department skyrocketed, and he began to be assigned more serious cases.

Souseki Natsume

夏目 漱石

Age: 33
Gender: Male
Occupation: Author-in-training

A Japanese exchange student studying English literature in London. Defendant of DGS-4.

Personality: Souseki is jumpy and overdramatic as a result of his travels; he isn't able to make English friends well, and prefers to stay cooped up in his room or scour old bookshops to pass the time. Quite a bit of his bluster seems to be a front for his loneliness in London and his recognition that he's not really that important in the grand scheme of things.

Misc Facts: Souseki is based off of a real person. Souseki Natsume (penname of Souseki Kinnosuke) was one of the Meiji era's most famous writers, known for works such as "I Am a Cat" and "Kokoro". He did indeed study in London, though the dates he was there don't quite line up with DGS' timeline.

Friends and Family: Has a pet cat, Wagahai, whom he dotes over.

Name Origin:
Japanese: It's his actual name!

Background: Souseki is a young exchange student from Japan who came to London about a year before DGS-4. He had something of a rotten time of it and frequently changed apartments, only renting out his current room a few weeks before DGS-4 begins.



Age: Pretty young
Gender: Female
Occupation: Cat

Souseki's beloved cat.

Personality: Friendly and cat-like.

Misc Facts: Yep, that's a cat.

Friends and Family: Souseki's pet, but gets on pretty well with basically anyone.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From the real Souseki's most famous novel, "I am a Cat", or in the original Japanese, "Wagahai wa neko de aru." "Wagahai" is a very haughty first-person pronoun (Manfred von Karma uses it.)

Background: Wagahai's a cat. No, seriously, that's about it.

John Garrideb


Age: 46
Gender: Male
Occupation: Landlord

Souseki's landlord, and witness of DGS-4.

Personality: Garrideb is a former soldier, and still carries himself quite properly as a result. His house may not be much to look at, but he's quite proud of what he does have.

Misc Facts: It's difficult to tell from the above picture, but his hair is shaped such that his head makes a crescent moon silhouette, to match Joan.

Friends and Family: Landlord to a few tenants.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From the Holmes story, "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs".

Background: John was a soldier in the British army until he suffered a war wound that made it difficult for him to walk. He now rents out the rooms in his home to get by.



Age: 38
Gender: Female
Occupation: Maid

John's live-in maid, and juror of DGS-4.

Personality: Joan is a perfectly prim maid on the surface, but when provoked she shows remarkable fierceness and anger. Like many Londoners, she seems to be a bit wary of the Japanese.

Misc Facts: Her maid outfit appears to give her head a sun silhouette, to match John.

Friends and Family: Familiar with the tenants in the building, as well as John.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Chosen to match "John".

Background: Joan is the live-in maid of the Garrideb home, and has been keeping an eye on Soseki since he arrived.