Taketsuchi Auchi

亜内 武土

Age: 51
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prosecutor

Proof that the Payne Train stretches back well into the annals of history. Prosecutor of DGS-1.

Personality: Like his descendants, Taketsuchi is all bluster and no bite. He's particularly prideful of his work and the Japanese government, and looks down not only on rookies but the young in general, believing they don't understand the finer points of politics.

Misc Facts: Carries a folding-fan with the kanji for "crime" on it.

Friends and Family: Ancestor of Winston and Gaspen Payne.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Like his descendants, "Auchi" comes from "ouch". "Taketsuchi" is quite visually similar to 武士, "bushi", meaning "samurai."

Background: Taketsuchi is a veteran, conservative prosecutor of the Meiji courts. While his skill is questionable, he seems to be trusted enough by the government to handle a top-secret trial.

John H. Watson


Age: 47
Gender: Male
Occupation: Doctor/Professor

A visiting professor from England, and victim of DGS-1.

Personality: Largely unknown, but by all accounts a good man.

Misc Facts:

Friends and Family: Friend of Yuujin Mikotoba, who invited him to Japan.

Spoiler: DGS-5
Father of Iris Watson and former partner of Sherlock Holmes.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Taken from Dr. Watson of the Holmes canon.

Background: Watson was invited to teach in Japan by his friend Yuujin Mikotoba. There he continued his medical research, working with domestic and exchange students alike.

Spoiler: DGS-5
Watson was once the partner of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, but a certain case caused him to leave England, leaving his daughter Iris in Holmes' care. While much of his past remains shrouded in mystery, Watson apparently drew the attention of the British government, being mentioned in a top-secret telegram from them to the Japaense government. Why was he killed? Looks like we won't know until DGS2 or DGS3...

Yuujin Mikotoba

御琴羽 悠仁

Age: 42
Gender: Male
Occupation: Professor

Susato's father, and a professor at Teito Yuumei University. Appears in DGS-1.

Personality: Yuujin is generally serious but not unkind. He's particularly pragmatic and down-to-earth, and well-aware of the power dynamics and politics of Japan.

Misc Facts: Nothing in particular.

Friends and Family: Father of Susato Mikotoba, mentor to Kazuma Asougi, and friend of John H. Watson.

Name Origin:
Japanese: "Yuujin" means "friend".

Background: Yuujin is a well-liked legal professor at Teito Yuumei University, and Asougi's mentor. In addition to being involved in the efforts to let Asougi travel abroad, Yuujin was the one to invite Watson to Japan to teach.

Satoru Hosonaga

細長 悟

Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Waiter

Waiter at the restaurant La Quantos, and witness of DGS-1.

Personality: Hosonaga is polite and courteous, and strives to do his best as a waiter and person. He views his thoroughness as a particular point of pride, and works tirelessly to improve his work. Still, he can be rattled surprisingly easily from time to time.

Misc Facts: From his constant coughing and the occasional bit of blood, it seems he has tuberculosis.

Friends and Family: None mentioned.

Name Origin:
Japanese: The kanji of "Hosonaga" mean "long and narrow", possibly a reference to his tall, skinny build.

Background: Hosonaga is a waiter at La Quantos, a western-style restaurant. On the day of the crime, he was the first person to apprehend Ryuunosuke and take charge of the situation.

Spoiler: DGS-1
Hosonaga is actually an undercover detective who was looking into a certain "incident" the restaurant was connected to. On the day of the crime, he not only apprehended Ryuunosuke, he contacted HQ and alerted them to Jezail's presence. When HQ told him to hide her lest there be an international incident, he pressured witnesses Taizou Uzukumaru and Sanmon Sonohigurashi into silence, and then escorted Jezail from the premises.

Spoiler: DGS-2
Hosonaga was later assigned to guard Kazuma Asougi during his trip to London, as the government feared he would be assassinated. To that end he signed on to the Alaclear as a sailor. Unfortunately, the fact he was new meant he wasn't let in on the crew's plans to bring aboard Nikomina and as such was drugged with the rest of the passengers, keeping him from discovering Asougi's murder until it was too late.

Taizou Uzukumaru

渦久丸 泰三

Age:  38
Gender: Male
Occupation: Soldier

A soldier who was dining at La Quantos at the time of the crime, and a witness in DGS-1.

Personality: Taizou is brash and confident, with no small amount of pride in his job and family. As a result, he tends to get a bit carried away and jump to conclusions, meaning he's not the world's most reliable witness.

Misc Facts: Seems to be rather a fan of beef cutlets, and he tends to just straight-up bite them rather than use knife and fork.

Friends and Family: Has an infant son, Koroumaru, who he carries on his back.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Possibly from "uzukumaru", "to crouch".

Background: Uzukumaru is your average soldier in Japan's imperial army, making ends meet for his family. On the day of the crime, he was dining with merchant Sanmon Sonohigurashi when they heard a gunshot and looked up to see Ryuunosuke standing over the victim.

Spoiler: DGS-1
More accurately, Uzukumaru isn't making ends meet for his family - a soldier's salary only goes so far. As such, he's turned to petty theft, especially from the upscale restaurant, to get by.

Sanmon Sonohigurashi

園日暮 三文

Age: 67
Gender: Male
Occupation: Antique salesman

A salesman who was enjoying dinner at La Quantos at the time of the crime. Witness of DGS-1.

Personality: Sonohigurashi is largely crochety and a bit unpleasant, with an eye for his business above all else. It also doesn't take much to shake him, but when provoked he can show surprising fierceness.

Misc Facts: Nothing in particular.

Friends and Family: None mentioned.

Name Origin:
Japanese: "Sanmon" means "three pennies", while "sonohigurashi" means "making a living day-by-day." The final impression is that of someone with a very poor lifestyle.

Background: Sonohigurashi is a somewhat grubby antiques seller who spends his days trying to hawk his merchanidse on anyone who'll buy it. The day of the crime, he was eating dinner with Uzukumaru when he heard a gunshot and saw Ryuunosuke standing over the victim.

Jezail Brett


Age: 24
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student

An exchange student studying under Dr. Watson in Japan, and a witness in DGS-1.

Personality: Jezail generally acts the part of the gracious English lady, preferring to speak in the "Queen's English" and cooperating with whatever's asked of her. However, when under pressure she drops the veneer and shows a much more vicious side, as well as a not-insignificant amount of prejudice against Japan and its people.

Misc Facts: Yes, that's a real bird on her hat.

We never see her without the mask or without her hat tipped to obscure her eyes. Very mysterious!

Jezail peppers her speech with English, to the point that her unique shout - "Shut up!" - is presented in English even in the Japanese version. The game files show she also has a Japanese voice clip for "Matta!" ("Hold it!"), but it's never used in-game.

Friends and Family: None mentioned, though she and Asougi seem to be acquaintances.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From "J. Brett", as in Jeremy Brett - one of the more famous actors to play Sherlock Holmes.

Spoiler: DGS-1
Also from "jezail bullet", the object that wounded Dr. Watson in the original Holmes canon.

Background: Jezail is a British medical student currently on an exchange trip to Japan, where she is continuing her studies under Dr. Watson.

Spoiler: DGS-1
Jezail specializes in the study of poisons. For reasons unknown, she wanted to kill Dr. Watson; to that end, she prepared a poison foreign to Japan and waited for an opportunity to kill him with it - namely, a late lunch at La Quantos. Unfortunately for her, just after she poisoned his drink, Ryuunosuke appeared to speak to him, and the plan had to change.