Souseki Natsume


Age: 33
Gender: Male
Occupation: Author-in-training

A Japanese exchange student studying English literature in London. Defendant of DGS-4.

Personality: Souseki is jumpy and overdramatic as a result of his travels; he isn't able to make English friends well, and prefers to stay cooped up in his room or scour old bookshops to pass the time. Quite a bit of his bluster seems to be a front for his loneliness in London and his recognition that he's not really that important in the grand scheme of things.

Misc Facts: Souseki is based off of a real person. Souseki Natsume (penname of Kinnosuke Natsume) was one of the Meiji era's most famous writers, known for works such as "I Am a Cat" and "Kokoro". He did indeed study in London, though the dates he was there don't quite line up with DGS' timeline.

Friends and Family: Has a pet cat, Wagahai, whom he dotes over.

Name Origin:
Japanese: It's his actual name!

Background: Souseki is a young exchange student from Japan who came to London about a year before DGS-4. He had something of a rotten time of it and frequently changed apartments, only renting out his current room a few weeks before DGS-4 begins.



Age: Pretty young
Gender: Female
Occupation: Cat

Souseki's beloved cat.

Personality: Friendly and cat-like.

Misc Facts: Yep, that's a cat.

Friends and Family: Souseki's pet, but gets on pretty well with basically anyone.

Spoiler: Extra
She's got at least one kitten, though!

Name Origin:
Japanese: From the real Souseki's most famous novel, "I am a Cat", or in the original Japanese, "Wagahai wa neko de aru." "Wagahai" is a very haughty first-person pronoun (Manfred von Karma uses it.)

Background: Wagahai's a cat. No, seriously, that's about it.

John Garrideb


Age: 46
Gender: Male
Occupation: Landlord

Souseki's landlord, and witness of DGS-4.

Personality: Garrideb is a former soldier, and still carries himself quite properly as a result. His house may not be much to look at, but he's quite proud of what he does have.

Misc Facts: It's difficult to tell from the above picture, but his hair is shaped such that his head makes a crescent moon silhouette, to match Joan.

Friends and Family: Landlord to a few tenants.

Spoiler: DGS-4
Joan is actually his wife, not just his maid.

Name Origin:
Japanese: From the Holmes story, "The Adventure of the Three Garridebs".

Spoiler: DGS-4
Also, "gari" means "flesh and bones", while "debu" means "fat", matching he and his wife's builds. (Thanks Ash!)

Background: John was a soldier in the British army until he suffered a war wound that made it difficult for him to walk. He now rents out the rooms in his home to get by.

Spoiler: DGS-4
John is actually married to Joan, but for the sake of keeping up high-class appearances they make it seem as though she's a maid (quite the status symbol).

On the night of the crime, John and Joan got into a tremendous fight when she found what appeared to be a love letter inside the (secondhand) book he was reading.



Age: 38
Gender: Female
Occupation: Maid

John's live-in maid, and juror of DGS-4.

Personality: Joan is a perfectly prim maid on the surface, but when provoked she shows remarkable fierceness and anger.

Misc Facts: Her maid outfit appears to give her head a sun silhouette, to match John.

Friends and Family: Familiar with the tenants in the building, as well as John.

Spoiler: DGS-4
Actually John's wife, not just his maid.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Chosen to match "John".

Spoiler: DGS-4
Like her husband, "Garrideb" comes from both Holmes canon and "gari"/"debu" (skin and bones/fat), referring to their physiques.

Background: Joan is the live-in maid of the Garrideb home, and has been keeping an eye on Soseki since he arrived.

Spoiler: DGS-4
Joan is John's wife, taking on the role of maid to make it seem as though they're of a higher social class than they really are.

On the night of the crime, Joan and John got into a tremendous fight when she spotted a love letter inside the book he was reading. Though John claimed it was secondhand, things quickly got out of hand. In her anger, Joan knocked over candles that set the carpet on fire, threw a book which went out the window (and landed in front of a paser-by, Viridian Green), and then a knife which also wound up out the window (and landed on top of a passer-by, Viridian Green.)

Patrick O'Malley


Age: 23
Gender: Male
Occupation: Patrolman

A London patrolman, and witness of DGS-4.

Personality: Pat does his best, but his job has clearly taken a lot out of him - he's constantly falling asleep at the stand and often seems only half-aware of what's going on around him. But he does take pride in his work, and he's just as in love with Lola as she is with him.

Misc Facts: Basically everyone calls him "Pat".

Friends and Family: Husband to Lola O'Malley.

Name Origin:
Japanese: "Pat" + "Lola" = "Patroller". "O'Malley" comes from "omawari", "police officer".

Background: Pat is Lola's loving husband of one year, who was planning to take her out for an anniversary dinner when they happened upon the crime.

Spoiler: DGS-4
Pat has been dreadfully overworked the past few months, and so when he happened across the crime and realized it was just barely inside his patrol beat - and therefore his responsibility - he couldn't take it anymore and sent Lola away so he could move the scene across the street.

Lola O'Malley


Age: 21
Gender: Female
Occupation: Housewife?

Pat's very lovey-dovey wife, and a fellow witness of DGS-4.

Personality: Lola is bubbly and enthusiastic, and madly in love with (and proud of) her husband. She really does believe that he's doing good work in keeping London's streets clean and dotes on him constantly. ...Even if said "doting" occasionally crosses the line into "slapstick".

Misc Facts: None in particular.

Friends and Family: Wife to Pat O'Malley.

Name Origin:
Japanese: "Pat" + "Lola" = "Patroller".

Background: Lola is Pat's doting wife of one year, who was off to see him for their anniversary dinner when they happened upon a crime-in-progress.

Viridian Green


Age:  ??
Gender: Female
Occupation: Unknown

The (not quite dead) victim of DGS-4.

Personality: Unknown.

Misc Facts: Unknown.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
Japanese: Both her names mean "Green", presumably in reference to her outfit.

Background: Unknown.

Spoiler: DGS-4
No, really, there's nothing to know - it was complete chance that she wound up with a knife in her back.