Miles Edgeworth / Reiji Mitsurugi / Benjamin Hunter

Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 178 cm
Occupation: Prosecutor
Official Art / Official Art Young

The young "genius" prosecutor of the DA's office, and main character of Ace Attorney Investigations.

Personality: Miles may have started his career as a "demon prosecutor" but he has since learned that the truth is more important than wins and losses.  Still, he is a sharp and unrelenting opponent in the courtroom, and his refined manners and professionalism has earned him many fans.

Misc Facts: Miles still has a deathly fear of earthquakes.

It was suggested (or joked?) by director Takumi that Miles has a "large" dog named Pesu (Pess). Miles's emotional state may very well hinge on Pesu's well being.  He's not mentioned in any of the games.

In Miles' original design he was going to be a 36 year old veteran prosecutor, but the staff decided that wasn't interesting enough as a rival. When Takumi saw the second Edgeworth version, he was struck with inspiration and created the back story between him and Phoenix.

Edgeworth was portrayed by voice actor Eiji Takemoto in the 2005 and 2006 TGS trailers. His other roles include Mitsunari Ishida in Samurai Warriors 2, and Orm in One Piece.

Friends and Family: Miles's father, Gregory Edgeworth, is deceased, and it is assumed that his mother is as well. He was raised by his mentor Manfred von Karma, and grew up with Karma's daughter, Franziska. Though Miles is 6 years Franziska's senior she refers to him as her "little brother."

Name Origin:
: "Edgeworth" probably comes from his Japanese name Mitsurugi, as in, "edge of a sword."

Japanese: "Mitsurugi," which contains the kanji for "sword," is a reference to his sharpness of mind, (and also the samurai-like imagery it evokes). The creator says on the Japanese main site that he wanted to convey a feeling of "stillness, which can cut you down if you show a moment's weakness." The name "Reiji" comes from the kanji for "cleverness."


Spoiler: 1-4  
When Miles was younger, he dreamed of being a famous defense attorney, like his prestigious father (Gregory Edgeworth).  In the fourth grade he stood up for Phoenix during a mock trial held by their class (see: Phoenix), and became fast friends with him and Larry Butz.  Not long later, he was transferred out of their school because of the DL-6 case.


Miles visited court with his father one day, on a case which was being prosecuted by famous prosecutor Manfred von Karma.  Though the resulting verdict was guilty, during the course of the trial Gregory managed to find a single flaw in Karma's chain of reasoning, which was enough to mar an otherwise perfect record of impeccable logic.  On the way out of the building, Gregory, his son Miles, and court bailiff Yanni Yogi were riding the elevator when a sudden earthquake put it out of commission.  Unable to stand being trapped in the small space, and also in part due to oxygen depravation, Yogi panicked, and got into a fight with Gregory.  In an attempt to stop them Miles threw the only object in his grasp at them - Yogi's pistol, which had slipped from its holster during the struggle.  It discharged once, accidentally, and immediately afterwards Miles fell unconscious.  When Miles awoke again, his father was dead, having been shot once in the heart.


In the court case that followed, both Miles and Gregory's ghost (via a spiritual medium) testified that Yogi had shot him during the struggle.  Under pressure from his lawyer, Robert Hammond, Yogi pled temporary insanity and was acquitted.  Miles suppressed the memory of having thrown the gun.


Just after the incident Manfred von Karma disappeared for six months, and when he returned took Miles in and raised him.  Miles learned all he knows about being a prosecutor from Karma (and also adopted some of his fashion sense).


Spoiler: AAI-4  
 7 years before the start of GK (2011) Edgeworth was called in to take over a case for Prosecutor Faraday, who had been compromised as the head of the investigation when the defendant implicated him in the murder.  Before Edgeworth could take to the prosecutor's bench Faraday and the defendant were murdered, and with Karma's permission Edgeworth joined with Franziska to investigate the case as "practice."  The first suspect for the murder was Dick Gumshoe, a recently promoted detective, whom Edgeworth ultimately cleared.  Gumshoe was so impressed with Edgeworth that he promised to follow him everywhere from then on.


Spoiler: 3-4  
Miles' first case, at the age of 20, was against Mia Fey in the case of State vs Fawles.  The case ended prematurely due to the death of the defendant.


Spoiler: 1-5  
Two years prior to PW:AA, Miles was involved in the SL-9 case (see: SL-9), in which he was given incomplete/faulty evidence to present during the case against Joe Darke.  His current rumors of evidence tampering and deception are a result of this case.