Franziska von Karma / Mei Karuma / Franziska von Karma

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 162 cm
Occupation: Prosecutor
Official Art

A young "genius" prosecutor who has been carrying on work in Germany.

Personality: Franziska is much like her father - striving for perfection. Always curt and precise, but she displays more smugness (and frustration) than Karma. She also goes to extreme lengths to preserve her record.

Misc Facts: Despite speaking formally most of the time, she sometimes breaks out into petty and redundant insults, mostly involving "fool". Example: "Only a foolish fool from a land of fools could think something so foolishly foolish."

In the Japanese version, she was practicing law in America instead of Germany.

Friends and Family: Franziska is Manfred von Karma's daughter, and was raised along with Miles (she thinks of him as her "little brother"). She also has an older sister who is married and has a daughter.

Name Origin:
: "Franziska" was probably chosen to match the German influence of her father's name.

Japanese: The kanji for "mei" means "dark." When the game came out there was some confusion as to whether she was Karma's daughter or niece, because the word mei means niece.

Background: Franziska was raised by her father, Manfred von Karma, and began her career as a prosecutor in Germany at the young age of 13. She is considered a genius in her field and, up until her appearance, never lost a case.

Spoiler: AAI-4  
 At the age of 13 Franziska came to witness Edgeworth's first case, but it turned into a murder investigation, and she happily joined in hopes of proving herself more ready to be a prosecutor than him.