Hakari Mikagami

Age: 26
Gender: Female
Height: ??
Occupation: Judge and member of the Prosecutorial Investigations Committee

Judge and "rival" of GK2

Personality: When you first meet her Hakari is well-spoken and endlessly polite.  She has a strong respect for the law and her position in it.  However, when challenged she is a fierce rival and extremely calculating--often with her serene smile intact.

Misc Facts: ??

Friends and Family: ??

Name Origin:
: ??

Japanese: Hakari means "scale" in reference to the scales of justice.

Background: ??

Yumihiko Ichiyanagi

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: ??
Occupation: Prosecutor

A young and newbie prosecutor.

Personality: Yumihiko is smug, arrogant, brash, and sometimes nonsensical.  He blurts out his opinions as soon as he has them and is easily flustered when proven wrong, often to the point of whining and sulking.  Most everyone finds him extremely unlikable.

Misc Facts: He strives to be #1 at everything he does, to the point where you can almost get him to do anything if you phrase it using "first" "#1" or "best."

He became a prosecutor barely one month before the start of the game.

Friends and Family: His father is Bansai Ichiyanagi, who has no trouble insulting Yumihiko to others and to his face.

Name Origin:
: ??

Japanese: The first kanji in his name is "1" which he makes mention of CONSTANTLY.  May also come from the phrase, ichi ya naki yumi wo hiku, meaning "to pull a bow without an arrow," in reference to his penchant for stating his conclusions without any evidence or even logic to back it up.

Background: Yumihiko may be a new prosecutor, but he graduated top of his class and has received a high position considering his age.

Spoiler: GK2-4
But then, in case 4 Bansai reveals that the only reason Yumihiko passed the bar at all is because he called in favors all over town to have his grades changed. Yumihiko has earned nothing for himself.


Tateyuki Shigaraki

Age: 36/18
Gender: Male
Height: ??
Occupation: Defense Attorney

A new friend of Edgeworth, who was once a friend of Edgeworth's father.

: Shigaraki is playful and laid back, often relying on sarcasm and jokes to handle tough customers.  He claims that spending time in America gave him an appreciation for hugging and he asks for one from just about every woman he meets, for whatever occasion he can think of.  But underneath his teasing he has a passion for truth, a sharp and clever mind, and a loyalty to his clients that any defense attorney would be proud of.

In his younger years, Shigaraki was much more open about his feelings, especially his adoration for Gregory Edgeworth, and his disgust for inequality and misconduct.  He was also easily flustered and even more playful than he is in the present.

Misc Facts: In his younger years Shigaraki would memorize things by writing them down in his notebook, and then crumbling and eating the paper.

Friends and Family: Former assistant to Gregory Edgeworth.  Also very close to Issei Tenkai and Tsukasa Oyashiki.

Name Origin:
: ??

Japanese: The first kanji in Shigaraki is the same as the kanji for Gregory's Japanese given name, Shin (it means "belief").  The tate in Tateyuki means "shield" (possibly pairing with the kanji in Mitsurugi meaning "sword").

Background: Shigaraki has held an interest in law since his teenage years, when he worked as an assistant to Gregory Edgeworth.

Spoiler: GK2-3
He was a great asset to Gregory during the investigation of IS-7, even though it eventually ended not only with Tenkai's conviction, but Gregory's death at the hands of Von Karma. For years afterwards Shigaraki sought to solve Gregory's case, supporting Tenkai and Tsukasa in the process, and eventually passed the bar exam and took over the Edgeworth & Co Law Office. When Miles Edgeworth became a prosecutor, and an especially dirty one at that, Shigaraki was at first very bitter at what he perceived to be a son's betrayal, but after working with Edgeworth he regained his faith and asked for Edgeworth's help to at last clear Tenkai's name.