Phoenix Wright / Naruhodou Ryuuichi

Age:  33
Gender: Male
Height: 176 cm (unless he got taller)
Occupation:  Pianist / poker player in the Russian restaurant "Borscht"
Official Art

Defendant of GS4 case 1. See his old profile here.

Personality: Different from before. Phoenix is much more laid back, and very cryptic in the advice he gives. His moral compass has also suffered since his days of practicing law. But he still cares deeply about those close to him and is as determined to find the truth as ever.

Misc Facts: Though Phoenix is hired as a "pianist" he can't play worth a damn and doesn't take requests.

Since leaving law, Phoenix has taken up a great liking of grape juice and drinks it all the time.

Spoiler: 4-4  
The badge Phoenix wears on his hat is actually a spy camera. He asked Ema to make it for him.

Friends and Family: Phoenix has taken in Trucy and thinks of her as his daughter. It's also lightly implied that he still keeps up some ties with his friends from the past.

Name Origin:
: "Phoenix" comes as a reference to his uncanny ability to turn around cases which were almost lost (as the phoenix comes back from the dead). "Wright" is simply a pun ("Is that right, Mr. Wright?").

Japanese: "Naruhodou" comes from the Japanese word "naruhodo," which means, "I see" or "Is that so?" Ryuuichi is simply a name the creator liked (though its use of the kanji for dragon is played upon in GS3).

Background: Phoenix first appeared as the protagonist of the first three Ace Attorney games, a rookie lawyer protégé to Mia Fey. For three years he kept up a nearly perfect record of wins in the courtroom and became quite famous for his ability to turn around desperate situations. But some time after the third game he stopped being a lawyer...

Spoiler: 4-4  
Only two months after case 3-5, Phoenix was called to detention one night by Zak Gramarye, a famous magician at the time. Zak challenged him to a game of poker, which Phoenix won. Zak then asked Phoenix to be his lawyer, as he was suspected of having killed his master, Magnifi Gramarye. He had just recently fired his previous lawyer, and the trial was the next morning. Phoenix was reluctant but agreed.

The next day in court, Zak's daughter Trucy handed Phoenix a piece of paper that seemed to have been ripped out of a journal. He took it into court with him, where he faced a young Klavier Gavin. Though Phoenix was able to show that Zak's stage partner Valant had opportunity and motive, it wasn't enough. In the end he presented the page that Trucy had given him, as it turned out to be a page from Magnifi's journal. But as soon as he did, Klavier pounced, and declared that the evidence was fraudulent. He even had a witness specially prepared to testify that it was a fake. When it turned out to be true, Phoenix was penalized severely for having presented fake evidence, and lost the case.

When Zak took the stand to receive his sentence, he disappeared into thin air, and no verdict was ever given.

Phoenix was then put before a hearing conducted by the other lawyers in his field. It was determined that he was responsible for the forgery and he was disbarred for it. Of the other defense attorneys only Kristoph Gavin stood up in Phoenix's defense.

In the aftermath, Phoenix took in Zak's abandoned daughter Trucy, and raised her as his own. He also made friends with fellow defense attorney Kristoph, and the two of them met often over the next several years. Though Phoenix had a sneaking suspicion all along that Kristoph was somehow related to the forged evidence, he had no proof. So he bided his time, continuing his investigation, preparing for the day he would eventually come to the truth.

It was through Kristoph that he met young Apollo Justice, the key to fulfilling his plan.