Klavier Gavin / Kyouya Garyuu / Konrad Gavin / Kantilen Gavin

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prosecutor / Rock Band Vocalist
Official Art

The main prosecutor of GS4 with dual vocations: district prosecutor by day, rock band vocalist by night!

Personality: Klavier is a rare, honest prosecutor. Though a lot of the time he seems really careless in how he conducts his job (he prefers to leave the investigative legwork to the police), he takes his band seriously, and honestly cares about making sure the right person is convicted. In court he's cool and confident, and he loves to tease.

Misc Facts: His band is called Gavinners (Garyuu Wave in Japanese), and was started just before he became a prosecutor. It has over 12 albums released, and every member is also employed in law enforcement.  Gavinners sounds like the German word for "the winners."

His theme song is one of his band's songs, Guilty Love (Love Love Guilty originally).

Not only is his necklace a "G" for his name, but it's also the shape of his hair, upside down.

Klavier likes to travel, and can speak a little Borginese (made up language in the game).

Klavier calls Apollo Herr Forehead (he calls Odoroki "odeko-kun" roughly meaning Mr. Forehead in the Japanese).

Friends and Family: Klavier is Kristoph Gavin's younger brother. He and Ema have a working relationship that mostly consists of him teasing her, and her being fed up with his rock star attitude. He's also very close with the members of his band.

Name Origin:
English: Klavier means "piano" in German. As far as I know, he does not actually play this instrument, so why he was named that is a mystery to me.

Japanese: Garyuu may come from a combination of "self taught man" and "a dragon's fang." The first kanji in Kyouya means, "to echo" or "to resound".

French: The last name had to be kept with a "G" to match his necklace. Other than that, not sure of the origins (other than it somewhat matches his brother). But it's spelled like a German name.

German: Comes from "cantilen".

Background: Klavier trained to be a prosecutor in Germany, and came to America to begin work at the young age of 17. 

Spoiler: 4-4  
  Klavier's first case 7 years ago was also Phoenix's last case.  After having been tipped off by his brother that Phoenix intended to present forged evidence, he spoke to Drew Misham, and had him testify in court.  Phoenix was disbarred as a result.

Klavier always wondered how it was that Kristoph knew about the forgery ahead of time, but he never questioned him.