Mia Fey


Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height: 168 cm
Occupation: Defense Attorney
Official Art

Head of her own criminal defense law firm, Mia Fey is Phoenix's boss and mentor.

Personality: Always cool under pressure, Mia Fey is smart, tenacious, a strict teacher and sometimes even coy. She has a great affection for her sister but is also very independent, and strives to uncover truth at all costs.

Misc Facts: She seems to have a problem with names, calling "Naruhodou" "Naruhodo" (there is a difference!) in the Japanese game, and Larry "Harry" (in the Japanese, Yahari becomes Yappari).

In the original script Turnabout Sisters was going to be the first case, but the writers changed their mind, so that Mia would be able to interact with Phoenix more as his mentor before that case occurred.

Friends and Family: Mia has a younger sister, Maya, who she's very close to despite their age difference. Her mother Misty has been missing for 15 years, but she has an aunt, Morgan, and a cousin, Pearl.

Name Origin:
: "Fey" was probably chosen as a last name because of it's connection to magic/spiritualism (as in, Morgan le Fey). Mia was probably chosen to go with Maya.

Japanese: The name "Chihiro" the creator describes as being a pun - the kanji together mean "1000 questions," meaning, "If I have to ask him 1000 times, I will!" The second kanji is also the first kanji in "Cross examination."


Spoiler: 1-2  
Mia Fey left her home in Kurain, several years after her mother's sudden disappearance.  She wanted know the truth of what had happened in that fateful DL-6 case (and also didn't want to have to fight her sister for leadership of their clan, as family rivalry continued far back into Kurain's history).  She joined a law firm under Mr. Grossberg, along with Diego Armando.


Spoiler: 3-4  
Her first case, State vs Fawles, ended prematurely when the defendant died as a result of poison.  The young woman responsible for the poisoning (not to mention several other crimes) escaped judgment due to lack of evidence.  That woman was Dahlia.


Spoiler: 3-1  
Sometime after this case, Mia started seeing Diego, though it's unclear exactly how far their relationship extended.  However, six months after Terry's case, Diego was poisoned while attempting to question Dahlia and passed away.  Determined to get Dahlia behind bars, Mia continued her law studies and finally had the chance to convict Dahlia of murder in the case of State vs Wright.

It is presumably after this case that Phoenix intensified his studies of the law and eventually joined Mia's law firm.