Kay Faraday / Mikumo Ichijou

Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height: ??
Occupation: Self Proclaimed Thief (for TRUTH)

Edgeworth's obligatory teen girl sidekick, aka Yatagarasu II.

Personality: Kay is energetic, upbeat, and a little bit reckless, but she's very determined and knows when to be serious when she has to be.

Misc Facts: She has a device, Little Thief (aka Nusumi-chan) which is supposed to be used by thieves planning their entrance/exit strategies, but doubles as a crime scene recreation tool.

Friends and Family: Her father was Byrne Faraday.  Don't know if her mother is alive.

Name Origin:
: May come from "Faraday cage."

Japanese: The kanji for Mikumo are "beauty" and "cloud".

Kay was raised by her father, and looked up to him as a hero of justice who put bad guys behind bars.

Spoiler: AAI-4  
 After her father's death, Kay went to live "far away" with her mother's family.  When she discovered her father's journal she learned that he was actually  Yatagarasu, and decided to live as he did, as a vigilante thief.  She kept the perfume of her father's killer as a reminder.