Ema Skye / Akane Houdzuki / Ema Skye

Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: ??
Occupation: Detective
Official Art

The new detective of AJ (see Ema's older profile here).

Personality: Ema still loves science with a child-like enthusiasm, but when she's not showing off her investigative skills, she's usually in a grumpy mood. She's very dismissive of people she doesn't want to talk to.

Misc Facts: Since returning from overseas Ema has developed an obsession with fried dough cakes (Japanese snacks, called karintou) and can often be identified from far away by the sound of her crunching on them. They make good projectiles as well.

Ema's not all that happy about being a detective, and complains often that she'd rather be working with science.

Friends and Family: Ema is Lana's younger sister. Their parents are deceased. She works a lot with Klavier, but because of his teasing, rock star attitude she spends more time complaining about him than anything.

Name Origin:
English: "Skye" is a reference to her Japanese name.

Japanese: The kanji in Houdzuki mean "treasured moon" or "jeweled moon." Her first name may come from the phrase akane sasu sora, meaning "a glowing sky."

Background: Because Ema's parents died when she was very young, she was raised by her older sister, Lana. She was first introduced into the series in PW:AA case 5, where she acted as Phoenix's sidekick (as Maya was absent). It was then that we learned of her involvement in an old case police investigation, and also her trouble with her sister. With Phoenix's help she was freed of any guilt and two important cases were solved (see SL-9 and case 1-5). At the end of PW:AA, Ema left to study forensics abroad.

She only just recently returned, and took up a position as a detective when she failed her proficiency test to work in forensics.