Trucy Wright / Minuki Naruhodou / Vérité Wright

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Occupation: Magician
Official Art

The new sidekick of GS4, and Phoenix's adopted daughter.

Personality: Trucy is bright, energetic, and a bit of a trickster. She seems to have inherited a questionable set of ethics from Phoenix.

Misc Facts: Trucy has a puppet she uses in her show called "Mr. Hat" (boushi-kun).

Trucy can use the "Perceive System" without an aide like Apollo's bracelet, which allows her to read a person's body language when they're nervous or lying.

Friends and Family: Trucy is living now with Phoenix, and runs the Wright & Co. Talent Agency. She's well known by Mugitsura, as she and Phoenix visit his noodle stand often.

Spoiler: 4-4  
 Her real father is a former member of the Gramarye Troupe, magician Zak Gramarye. Because of that she's also familiar with Valant.  Trucy's mother is Thalassa Gramarye, who is also Apollo's mother, making her and Apollo half siblings.


Name Origin:
English: May come from "truth" or "true". If you reorder the syllables it sounds like "see true / see through" like her Japanese name. Also, it sounds a lot like the Russian word for "panties."

Japanese: Comes from the word minuku, "to see through."

French: It means "truth."


Spoiler: 4-4  
As the daughter of Zak and Thalassa Gramarye, Trucy was raised as a magician. When she was seven years old, however, her father was arrested, accused of having murdered her grandfather, Magini. With Trucy's help, Zak was able to escape the court house before he could be declared guilty. He disappeared, and would not be seen for many years afterwards.

After that, she was taken in by Phoenix, who raised her as his daughter. Working out of his old law office, she created and still runs the Wright Talent Agency.