Age: 65
Gender: Male
Height: 177 cm
Occupation: Prosecutor
Official Art

Prosecutor of PW case 4 - Miles' mentor and keeper of a perfect record.

Personality: Karma is a ruthless prosecutor, believing only perfection can be tolerated. He'll do anything to get a guilty verdict. Sometimes arrogant but never overly cocky, Karma never looses his cool and has even the Judge pretty much whipped.

Misc Facts: The GS2 fanbook confirms that Karma has two daughters, the elder married with a child. His granddaughter has a dog named Phoenix (Ryuu in the Japanese).

Karma's character design was taken from the original design for Edgeworth.

Apparently the script writer really liked the name Karuma, and was disappointed many people ended up reading the kanji as "Karima."

Friends and Family: Karma has two daughters, one of which is Franziska, and raised Miles from the age of 9. His elder daughter has a daughter of her own.

Name Origin:
English: "Karma" being the bad Karma he's built up over the years. May also be based on Manfred von Richthofen, the infamous Red Baron who was brought down by a single bullet (thanks Johan!)

Japanese: "Karuma Gou" can mean several things depending on if you look at pronunciation or kanji meaning.

Pronunciation wise, "Karuma" is the Japanese Romanization for "Karma." "Gou" may come from the word gouka, which could be "the effect of karma" or "fires of hell."

Kanji wise, karu ma means "a demon which hunts," and gou comes from erai, which means "great" or "excellent."

All of them are pretty fitting.

Background: Manfred von Karma has been a prosecutor for forty years, and in that time maintained a perfect record of guilty verdicts. Nothing is known about his possible wife, but his daughter, Franziska, was born when he was 48.

Spoiler: 1-4  
15 years ago Karma argued a case against famed defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth. Though he succeeded in getting his guilty verdict, Edgeworth Sr. was able to find a fatal flaw in his logic that nearly cost him the case, ruining his "flawless" record. After the trial's conclusion the courthouse was rocked by an earthquake, which left Gregory Edgeworth, his son, Miles, and court bailiff Yanni Yogi stranded in an elevator.

Karma happened to be standing in front of that same elevator just at the moment the bailiff's gun accidentally went off. The bullet passed through the elevator's glass window and struck Karma in his right shoulder, where it lodged. When power returned to the building Karma entered the elevator, and finding Gregory (and the others) unconscious, he picked up the discarded gun and shot Gregory in the chest, killing him instantly.

Fearing that if the bullet in his shoulder was ever discovered he would be investigated and found guilty, Karma left the prosecutor's office for a six month vacation, the only vacation he's ever taken in the course of his career. He did not have the bullet removed for fear of leaving a doctor behind who might one day testify against him. When he returned he took in the young Miles Edgeworth, and raised him to be a prosecutor in his footsteps, as part of his plan to get revenge on the Edgeworth family line. The bullet remains in his shoulder to this day.

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 158 cm
Occupation: Photographer / Photo Journalist
Official Art

A photographer trying to become a photo journalist, starting at the bottom - gossip magazines. A witness for PW and JFA case 4.

Personality: Lotta is a loud mouth with a short temper, but is as excitable as she is generous. She makes friends easily and is always on the go. Class A type personality.

Misc Facts: Lotta makes appearances in JFA, cases 2 and 4.

In the English, Lotta speaks with a southern accent. In the Japanese, she's from Osaka and speaks with a strong Kansai Accent. She also likes to make up words (Like "Mecharon" - mecha + mochiron = "of course for sure"). In the French version, she has an accent from Provence, a region located in the South of France.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
English: Lotta Heart = "a lot of heart."

Japanese: Oosawagi means "a great commotion."

French: Her full name is a pun for Elle va causer (des) soucis meaning "She’ll be trouble."

Background: Over the course of the series Lotta goes from specializing in occult to tabloid photography.


Age: 52
Gender: Male
Height: 173 cm
Occupation: Boat shop owner
Official Art

An old man who owns a boat rental shop at Gourd Lake.

Personality: Senile, but prone to mood swings.

Misc Facts: Thinks he's running a noodle shop.

Friends and Family: Unknown. But he seems to think Phoenix is his long lost son.

Name Origin:

Spoiler: 1-4  
English: His English name is Yanni Yogi. A few people suggest it comes from "Yami Yugi", referencing the duel-personality character from YuGiOh, but that's not officially stated anywhere.

Japanese: His Japanese name is Koutarou Haine (灰根 高太郎) , a combination of two poets: Takamura Koutarou, who grew ill after losing his beloved wife Chieko, and Haine, a poet who appreciated love and youth.

French: His French name is also Yanni Yogi.



Spoiler: 1-4  
Yanni Yogi was the court bailiff who ended up trapped in a court house elevator with the Edgeworths, due to an earthquake. Overly stressed by the lack of oxygen and enclosed space, Yanni began to panic, and got into a fight with defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth. After a single gunshot was fired, all three prisoners fell unconscious.

When Yanni awoke, Gregory had been murdered, and he was implicated. The state had strong evidence against him, including testimony from young Miles and psychic testimony from Gregory himself, and in the end his lawyer, Robert Hammond, badgered him into agreeing to a temporary insanity plea. He was acquitted, but the plea ended up costing him his reputation and his job. In grief his fiancé committed suicide.

For the next fifteen years Yanni plotted his revenge against the people that had ruined him: Robert Hammond and Miles Edgeworth. Just before the statute of limitations on the case had run out completely, he received an anonymous note telling him just how to best complete his revenge.


Age: 48
Gender: Male
Occupation:  Defense Attorney

A defense attorney, victim of PW case 4.

Personality: Unknown.

Misc Facts: None.

Friends and Family: Unknown. Used to work for Grossberg & Co. Lawfirms.

Name Origin:
French:  A very common French name in the same vein as John Smith (-Noru-da)


Spoiler: 1-4  
Robert Hammond was the defense attorney who represented Yanni Yogi, accused of the murder of Gregory Edgeworth. Due to the evidence against his client Hammond pushed for Yanni to take a plea of temporary insanity, which in the end he did.



Age: ??
Gender: ??
Occupation: Police Dog


Missile is the police department's new police dog. He loves Samurai Dogs (Tonosamanjuu)


Polly / Sayuri / Alice

Age: ??
Gender: ??
Occupation: Pet

Polly is the pet bird of the old man who runs the boat rental shop at Gourd Lake. She's good at repeating things and her master teaches her all sorts of important information to help him remember things.


Spoiler: 1-4  
Yanni named his pet bird Polly after former fiancé, who killed herself after the DL-6 case.