Winston Payne / Takefumi Auchi / Victor Boulay


Age: 61
Gender: Male
Occupation: Prosecutor
Official Art

The Rookie Killer himself is back in action!

Personality: Payne is as overconfident and easy to rattle as ever.

Misc Facts: Payne has added a devastating hair flip to his arsenal of intimidation tactics.

Friends and Family: It's hinted in the series that he's married and has a daughter.

Name Origin:
"Winced in Pain" was taken to match the Japanese name.

Japanese: The name "Auchi" is a Japanese Romanization of the English word "Ouch." It's also claimed he was named after a dentist of one of the staff members.

Background: Payne first challenged rookie defense attorney Phoenix Wright in Ace Attorney, and it's assumed he continued working as a prosecutor after Phoenix's disappearance. He has been looking forward to his chance to "pay his last respects" to his long time rival.

Shadi Smith / Kagerou Urafushi / Enzo Gomez


Age: ??
Gender: Male
Occupation: Professional poker player
Official Art

Victim of AJ case 1.

Personality: Supposedly a good man, but he takes his competitiveness in poker very seriously.

Misc Facts: None.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
: Comes from "shady".

Japanese: Comes from the word kage meaning "shadow."

Background: Unknown.

Spoiler: 4-4  
Shadi is actually Shadi Enigmar/Zak Gramarye, having spent the last several years in hiding. See his full profile here

Olga Orly / Masaka Sakai / Olga Orly


Age: 21
Gender:  Female
Occupation: Waitress at Borscht Bowl Club
Official Art / Spoiler

Witness of AJ case 1.

Personality: A timid young Russian woman devoted to her job. Her English isn't very good.

Spoiler: 4-1  
In actuality a loud, prideful woman who places a lot on her reputation, and goes by the name "Quick Fingers Orly". Plus her English is fine. Click her portrait above for her *actual* portrait.

Misc Facts: Part of Olga's job includes taking pictures, which she sells back to the customers as souvenirs.

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
: From the internet speak "o rly" (oh really).

Japanese: Masaka means, "impossible!" or "that can't be!".

Spoiler: 4-1  
Sakai comes from her nickname, Ikasama Sakai (a palindrome), meaning "Cheating Sakai."


Spoiler: 4-1  
Olga is actually a professional gambler, who specializes in cheating as a dealer.  She took the job as a waitress at Borscht a few days before the incident of 4-1 at the request of Shadi, who needed her help to try and bring down the poker legend that was Phoenix.