Wocky Kitaki / Takita Kitaki / Willy Kitaki


Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: None (punk?)
Official Art

Defendant of AJ case 2.

Personality: Wocky is your classic gangster punk. He's loud, easily angered, and lives for the gangster lifestyle. He thinks that being "bad" is cool and manly, and he likes girls that need protecting.

Misc Facts: Wocky's mother gave him a shiv as a birthday gift.

Wocky doesn't get along with his father, who has said lately that he wishes to take the family out of their traditional family trade and pursue an honest lifestyle.

Wocky has a "bad" Blue Badger on his shirt.

Friends and Family: Only son of the Kitaki Family (also known as the Kitakitsune Clan in the Japanese, which means "north fox"). His parents are Winfred and Plum.

Name Origin:
: Kind of a tongue twister that sounds like "walkie talkie" (walk the walk, talk the talk, maybe?)

Japanese: Kita means "north" (and is repeated 3 times, in the Japanese order of his name). May also come from "kita kita kita!"

Background: Wocky is totally absorbed in the gangster lifestyle, which includes getting involved in the feud between his family and the Rivales Family.

Spoiler: 4-2  
 So much so that six months ago, he got in a fight with a member of the family and was shot in the chest. The bullet stopped just short of piercing his heart, and he was admitted to the Meraktis Surgical Clinic for treatment. During his time there, he met Alita, who was part of the staff.

Wocky underwent surgery to have the bullet removed, and when he woke up asked Alita to leave with him when he was discharged. She agreed, under the condition that he would marry her as well. Thus, they were engaged.

However, six months later Wocky's family uncovered the truth--that Dr. Meraktis never removed the bullet after all. He simply stitched Wocky back up and told him everything was fine, leaving the bullet dangerously close to his heart. When Wocky was told he flew into a rage, and swore to get back at Meraktis. He took a pistol from his home and headed out to find him.


Alita Tiala / Minami Namina / Alita Tiala


Age: 21
Gender: Female
Occupation: None
Official Art

Wocky's fiancÚ, and witness of AJ-2.

Personality: Alita is a quiet, timid woman who is very concerned for the safety of her fiancÚ, Wocky. She appreciates him for his manliness.

Spoiler: 4-2  
 On the inside, Alita is a cold hearted woman willing to do anything for her own survival.


Misc Facts:  None.

Friends and Family:  Wocky's fiancÚ.

Name Origin:
English:  Probably meant to mirror the repetitive nature of her Japanese name.  Is also an anagram, and in Spanish means "little wing." (-Surskit)

JapaneseMinami means "south" ("nami" is repeated 3 times in the style of Takita's name).

The staff had a hard time remembering her name, and often mistook it as Nami Minami.


Spoiler: 4-2  
Up until six months ago, Alita worked in Dr. Meraktis' clinic. She assisted in Wocky's case when he was brought in with a critical gunshot wound. But the position of the bullet was such that Dr. Meraktis couldn't remove it without rupturing major arteries, which would kill the patient. Too frightened to tell the yakuza that he couldn't help their first born son, Meraktis stitched Takita back up, and he and Alita agreed not to tell Wocky the truth. The bullet was positioned so dangerously that he likely had less than six months left to live.

But Alita decided to use that knowledge to her advantage. She asked Wocky to marry her, and he agreed. Her plan was to get married as soon as possible, so that she could enter the Kitaki family and gain a portion of the family fortune upon Wocky's inevitable death. But of course, things didn't go as planned.


Guy Eldoon / Mugitsura Yatabuki / Guy Eldoon


Age: 46
Gender:  Male
Occupation:  Noodle cart vendor
Official Art

"Victim" of AJ case 2.

Personality: Eldoon is kind of grumpy, but he's a good man who says what he thinks. Since opening his noodle stand he's been searching for the perfect salty broth.

Misc Facts: Eldoon runs the 15th Eldoon noodle stand. It was the 14th Eldoon noodle stand that Phoenix and Maya visited so often after court (in the Japanese version, they always went for ramen instead of burgers). His noodles are supposedly super salty.

His dog is a female named Spoon (jp: Renge).

In the Japanese Eldoon plays a harmonica, but he calls it a charmela (aka a shawm), which is an old vendor's flute. Charumera is the name of a brand of instant ramen. In the American version he just calls it a whistle.

The mascot of Eldoon's noodle stand is Mr. Salty.

Friends and Family: Eldoon is friends with Phoenix and Trucy, as they visit his stand often. He comes from a long line of noodle-stand owners.

Name Origin:
: "Noodle" spelled backwards.

Japanese: If you squish together the two kanji of his first name, you get "noodle."


Spoiler: 4-2  
Eldoon started out wanting to be a doctor. He and Meraktis were acquaintances, in fact, and though Eldoon was able to start his clinic first, Meraktis' quickly overtook him in size and prominence due to connections Meraktis made to the city's criminal underworld. The clinic started making so much money that two years ago Eldoon was forced out of business, and now works as a noodle vendor.


Age: 42
Gender:  Female
Occupation: Housewife
Official Art

Witness of AJ case 2.

Personality: Plum is a pleasant, friendly woman with a good sense of humor, but she quickly grows serious when her family is involved, and has no problem flashing her hidden katana to make a point.

Misc Facts: She's often called "Little Plum Kitaki."

Friends and Family: Wife of Winfred, and Wocky's mother.

Name Origin:
: Taken from her Japanese name.

Japanese: Koume means "little plum."

French: Petit Ange means "little angel." (thanks TTH)

Background: Plum is a devoted mother, and that's all we know.


Pal Meraktis / Teruo Ukari / Paul Meraktis


Age: 46
Gender:  Male
Occupation: Surgeon

Victim of AJ case 2.

Personality: Unknown. But we can assume he's not a very upstanding citizen.

Misc Facts: Ukari was originally going to be Hamigaki, with hair that kind of looked like toothpaste. But then his name got pushed to the reporter in case 4, where the pun was expanded further.

Friends and Family: None.

Name Origin:
English:  A slightly mixed up "malpractice."

Japanese: Comes from the word ukkari meaning "carelessly."

Background: Dr. Ukari runs a a successful surgical clinic, which has some questionable connections to the yakuza.

Spoiler: 4-2  
He used to be a friend of Eldoon, but when he saw the opportunity to double his business by banking on yakuza fighting each other, he took it, and quickly overtook Eldoon's smaller, legitimate business.

Six months ago, he treated Takita for a gunshot wound to the chest. As soon as Ukari opened Takita up on the operating table, he realized that he was not a good enough surgeon to remove the bullet without killing him--it was too close to the heart, and surrounded by important blood vessels. But he knew he couldn't go to the yakuza and tell them that he could do nothing, as he feared retaliation from them for his failure. Since he and Minami were the only ones that knew, he stitched Takita up and the two of them hid away Takita's X-rays. He knew that Takita wouldn't last much longer with the bullet inside him anyway, so he didn't tell him, or his family.


Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki / Tsunekatsu Kitaki / Ken "Gros Gains" Kitaki


Age: 56
Gender:  Male
Occupation: Head of the Kitakitsune Clan
Official Art

Fourth head of the Kitakitsune yakuza.

Personality: Tsunekatsu is a stern, but level-headed man who is very protective of his family. He and Takita often don't get along.

Misc Facts: Looks an awful lot like Don Vito Corleone, from The Godfather, who was also a mafia boss.

The name of the Katagi Family, long time rivals to the Kitaki, was taken from a dentist office in Takumi's neighborhood.

Friends and Family: Married to Koume, father to Takita.

Name Origin:
English:  "Winfred" is an old fashioned name that probably refers to his "wins" nickname.


Japanese:  Possibly comes from the phrase tsune ni katsu, meaning "always wins."

Background: Tsunekatsu is a strong leader of his clan, but recently his decision to start running a clean business instead of the traditional yakuza dealings has surprised his underlings and family.

Spoiler: 4-2  
The reason for his change of heart was because of Takita--learning that Takita was shot and near death because of his immoral ways, he lost his taste for it. More importantly, he needed money to pay for a world-class surgeon to handle Takita's delicate operation. CLEAN money.


Wesley Stickler / Kyousaku Kawadzu / Edgar Tatillon


Age: 22
Gender:  Male
Occupation: Science student at Ivy University
Official Art

Witness of AJ-2.

Personality: Kawadzu comes off as haughty, proud, meticulous, and overly-dramatic in his research of life's mysteries.

Misc Facts: Kawadzu was originally intended to have been biseinen (a pretty man). You can kind of see how that worked out for him.

Friends and Family: Unknown. He claims he has friends.

Name Origin:
English:  A "stickler" is someone who pays an almost unnecessary attention to detail.


Japanese:  His name "Kawadzu" is close to the Japanese word kawazu meaning "frog."  It may be a reference to the old Chinese idiom "a frog at the bottom of a well", meaning that he is oblivious to the workings of the outside world.  (-Tuesday)

French: Tatillon is the French equivalente of a stickler. (-Noru-Da)

Background: Kawadzu is a student, and member of the science club.

Spoiler: 4-2  
Recently he saw Minuki's magic show, and was amazed by the apparently supernatural powers of her Magical Panties, from which she can draw almost any object. Driven by his quest for knowledge he became determined to learn their physics-defying powers!