Romein LeTouse / Romaine Lettuce / Romain LeTouse


Age: 35
Gender: Male
Occupation: Manager /  Body Guard
Official Art

Victim of AJ case 3.

Personality: A stoic, honest man deeply moved by Lamiroir's music.

Misc Facts: He's the one that came up with the title "Siren of the Ballad."

Friends and Family: Unknown.

Name Origin:
Taken from his Japanese name.

Japanese: Quite literally, romaine lettuce. Takumi admits there's no greater reasoning behind it other than he happened to see it listed in a recipe.

Background: Three months ago, Romein became Lamiroir's manager/bodyguard.

Spoiler: 4-3  
Romein is actually a detective for Interpol, investigating the smuggling of the Borginian Cocoon out of its native country. He joined up as Lamirior's manager suspecting that she or Machi had taken it.




Age: 40
Gender: Female
Occupation: Singer
Official Art

Witness of AJ case 3.

Personality: Lamiroir is soft spoken and very modest when it comes to her talent.

Misc Facts: Her music is described as "Sight-Seeing Musique" - since she's traveled so far and has seen so many places, her singing makes you feel like you're seeing the world when you hear it. She is known as the Siren of the Ballad.

The design on her face mask is a hiragana "ra."

Lamiroir is from the Republic of Borginia, a made up country in northern Europe.

Friends and Family: Unknown. She lives now with the orphan, Machi, and thinks of him as a son.

Name Origin: According to the game, "Lamiroir" comes from the a word in Borginia meaning "goddess of song." It's actually meant to come from "mirror."

Background: Before becoming an international sensation Lamiroir used to sing in a small restaurant in the Republic of Borginia. It's there that she was discovered and propelled to international stardom.

Spoiler: 4-3  
Lamirior is actually blind. When she was scouted she hid the truth, with Machi's help: he pretended to be blind so that they had an excuse for always being hand in hand. She also has no memory past her time in Borginia, having no idea where she's from, who she really is, or why she can even speak Japanese.


Spoiler: 4-4  
 Lamirior is actually Thalassa Gramarye. See her profile for details here.


Machi Tobaye / Maki Tobaayu / Tomas Kashkash

マキ トバーユ

Age: 14
Gender:  Male
Occupation: Pianist
Official Art

Defendant of AJ case 3.

Personality: Machi is shy around strangers, and doesn't speak much (mostly because he doesn't speak any foreign languages). He's very devoted to Lamiroir.

Misc Facts: Machi is blind.

Spoiler: 4-3  
Machi is not blind, Lamiroir is. But he pretends to be blind to hide it from Lamiroir's fans.

In the script Machi was originally going to be a girl, but was changed to a boy along the way.

His pendant is meant to be the shape of a hiragana "ma".

Friends and Family: He's an orphan now in Lamiroir's care.

Name Origin:
: Some speculate it comes from the phrase "much to buy" though I'm fairly sure it's meant to be pronounced with a hard C, like his Japanese name, so I'm not entirely sure if this is accurate. (-Silverwind)

Japanese: Unknown.

French: May come from the French cache-cache for "hide and seek." (thanks TTH)

Background: Machi knew Lamiroir when she still lived in Borginia, and accompanied her singing on the piano.

Spoiler: 4-3  
When Lamiroir was scouted, he helped take some of the pressure off her by pretending to be blind, so that no one would wonder why they always walked hand in hand.

Before case 3 Machi desperately needed money, and while in Borginia was contacted by Detective Crescend. He agreed to help the detective smuggle an important item out of his home country.


Daryan Crescend / Daian Mayudzuki / Daryan Crescend


Age: 24
Gender:  Male
Occupation: Detective / Guitarist
Official Art

Witness of AJ case 3.

Personality: Daryan is usually very collected and serious, but when it comes to Klavier harping on him, the band, or anyone getting on his nerves, he turns into a jerk pretty quickly, and is quick to scorn others.

Misc Facts: Daryan specializes in international cases.

Daryan's overall design was meant to be shark-like.

Friends and Family: Member of The Gavinners rock band, and a close friend of Klavier especially.

Name Origin:
: Daryan sounds a lot like his Japanese name, Daian. Crescend probably comes from the musical term "crescendo." May also be a reference to his Japanese name, which includes the kanji for "moon" (-Junwei)

Japanese: Comes from mayu-suki, meaning, "likes cocoon."

Takumi says he picked Daian's name from a "List of Cool Names" that he had prepared previously when trying to come up with names for prosecutors.

Background: Daryan has been a member of The Gavinners ever since it started, and though he and Klavier don't always work together directly on cases, they get along well.

Spoiler: 4-3  
 That is, until Daryan decided he needed money. Through his connections as a detective he got in contact with Machi Tobaye, and they devised a plan to smuggle the Borginian Cocoon out of its home country. It was a big risk, but with the Attorney General himself Daryan's intended client, he figured he would be in the clear.